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stealing kisses (under the mistletoe)

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“Tae, I will actually punt your sorry ass into the fucking s-”

Before Jeongguk could finish his most likely gory statement, Taehyung already had leaned in to steal a kiss from Jeongguk. He pulled back while grinning, the smug fucker. One of Taehyung’s hands were pinning Jeongguk to the wall while the other was holding the goddamned mistletoe, or what was currently known as the bane of Jeongguk entire existence.

“Hey, it’s not my fault. The mistletoe was just there, and you know I have to abide by tradition.” he said, and with the smirk and the cocky tone he had to him he wanted nothing more than to wipe that grin off his pretty face.

“The god Loki used the bundle of shit as a weapon to kill someone, and I swear to god I will do the same if you keep following me around and kissing me for no reason.” Jeongguk might have a bite to his voice, but Taehyung knew better. He knew that Jeongguk would always say no more than yes if he wanted something. It was cute honestly, and Taehyung loves to indulge Jeongguk.

“Aw babe, you’re always so mean to me…” Taehyung pouted. He still had the mischievous glint in his eye as he walked off to do something else that Jeongguk really couldn't worry about at that moment.

Jeongguk sank down onto the floor and hid his red face in his hands. Yeah he was supposed to be the muscle pig and benchpress like 4 tons, but was a total softie. The first time they kissed Jeongguk refused to look at Taehyung for about 10 minutes.

Jeongguk was in the crossroad of strangling Taehyung or kissing him softly until the end of time. He’ll find a way to fit both on to his schedule hopefully.

They were out on a date later that day, and Jeongguk was off-guard. He hadn’t expected Taehyung to reach over the table in the cafe to hold the mistletoe over their heads and kiss him. He wasn’t even looking all that attractive, with his mustache of hot chocolate and fluffy unkempt hair that he hadn’t even bothered to put in a cap. To Taehyung, he looked absolutely adorable.

Luckily no one had noticed the affection of the two, but Jeongguk was absolutely embarrassed. He shrunk down in his seat and hid his face in his hands, refusing to make eye contact. Adorable.

“Someone could have seen what were you doing hyung, why are you like this ohmygod-” Jeongguk kept blubbering away, and talking was doing something to ease his embarrassment.

Taehyung just laughed and if possible, he got even more flustered. His chuckle wasn’t loud, just a soft little giggle and made Jeongguk want Taehyung to scoop him into his arms and just kiss the day away. Yeah, he loved him.

“Babe don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“Are you really going to carry around the stupid mistletoe all day?” Jeongguk’s words were rather muffled by his hands still guarding his face to make sure he doesn’t bust an artery from more embarrassment.

“I dunno, am I?”

Jeongguk just let out a groan in response.

Jeongguk was getting rather annoyed. The embarrassment was something he could deal with because rule one of dating Kim Taehyung is to be ready for constant PDA (something Jeongguk still wasn’t used to). It also wasn’t that Taehyung was carrying around a literal stick like a 4 year old who saw something at the park. It was how short the kisses were. On their date, Taehyung kept leaning over the table nearly dipping his long scarf in the coffee and pastry between them during their little pecks. Now Jeongguk had self-control, but it was wearing thin. He wanted to pick up Taehyung and just kiss him until the sun went down and up again.

Their date had taken them to a quaint little movie theater, where the popcorn wasn’t overly expensive and had a homely taste and the seats were reclining. Ah, this is great. Due to Jeongguk whining (“C’mon, I wanna go watch the new movie!”) they were watching some movie that was trash since come on, it was like the fourth installment of some superhero movie. And Jeongguk didn’t take into account that Taehyung would take the dimly lit movie theater to his advantage.

About half an hour through the movie, Taehyung leaned over. He didn’t make contact, just hovered over Jeongguk’s lips. Jeongguk didn’t move, just stared into his eyes. God, he loved him. The little mole on his nose. The homely smell. The bangs that nearly just fell into his deep chocolate brown eyes. His caramel skin tone and near perfect skin.

This time there wasn’t a mistletoe. Nothing to even think about. Jeongguk slowly leaned forward and touched his nose to Taehyung’s, not caring about what other people think. Fuck the people who think that this is wrong. He’ll be damned if he stops loving Taehyung. “I really love you.” And he let out a little giggle. With him, came Taehyung’s soft laughter. It was really perfect, and with that perfect little moment came a perfect little kiss.

It was actually magical for them. No fireworks or dancing girls with glittery obnoxious suits came out of the theater screen. It was perfect in a different way. There was no lust in this kiss, no hunger. It could hardly be considered a kiss, they were just pressing their lips together, no tongue or movement. This was better than anything else. His hunger for Taehyung from earlier from before had been forgotten, and he was just content. Once they ran out of air, the hardly pulled back, their noses still presses together. Just breathing into each other’s mouths.

It was perfect.

Until they heard a hushed quieted voice. They both jolted and Taehyung quickly went back to his seat. “Sirs, I’m going to have to ask you to leave for causing a disruption in the theater. Parents are complaining.”

Jeongguk’s face went very red at the statement. Before he could say anything stupid, Taehyung took his hand and their shared popcorn and left the theater. Once they got outside, they both started laughing like idiots.

“Oh my god, did you see the look on your face babe, oh my god you looked like you were going to piss your pants from being so embarrassed!” Taehyung choked out between laughs.

“You were the person carrying around a stick like a fucking dog all day, holy shit-”

They continued their mindless banter until they reached their old beat-up car. The trio had gone through alot together, including a minor crash and their first time (they were both horny and they were in the middle of the woods, no one could hear or see them). While giggling, Taehyung fumbled with the keys and opened the door of the car and plopped down. Jeongguk had stopped laughing when he stepped in the car, because of how content he was. Taehyung’s hand had kept the mistletoe on the dashboard as he was trying to start the car, and Jeongguk had an idea.

He leaned over, grabbed the mistletoe, put it over their heads, and kissed him fiercely. He tried to put as much love as he could into the kiss, as much emotion as one can portray through their lips without speaking. Despite the rather messy nature, it was a pure kiss. Nothing but pure love. Jeongguk dropped the mistletoe and decided to wrap his arms around Taehyung’s neck (as best as he could through the divider between the passenger and driver seat anyway).Taehyung grabbed Jeongguk’s shoulders and kissed him even deeper if possible, and Jeongguk let out a little sigh of happiness into the kiss.

After a few minutes of kissing, they pulled back from the emotion filled act of love and just smiled. “Damn Jeongguk, acting all toppy aren’t you, little punk-”

“I can’t do anything in this household without being called names, this is bullying and harassment I will honestly tell the police-” Jeongguk said. Was he laughing again? He had laughed a lot during this one date. Disgustingly, all of their dates were this sugary sweet and filled with love.

They just looked at each other. No words can really tell how much they care for each other. Their bond goes greater than love, with each of them helping each other all throughout the journey of life ever since they were kids.

“I love you Tae.”

“I love you too.”

Yeah, he really loved him.