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Sweet Sunshine

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Jason Grace was a nerd through and through, he wore the geeky looking black glasses, the shy attitude, and the braininess. He never dressed like a nerd though, he wore skinny jeans, muscle shirts but covered it by baggy hoodies, and converse sneakers. He had a worn out book bag from his older brother Tantalus, and a bracelet around his left wrist from his sister Thalia. He was bullied for being too smart, to nerdy, not joining an athlete team, not having many friends, and probably the most that gave him the pain he is currently facing was the fact that he was gay. Not many people liked the fact that kids were gay, but they had four members of the football team who were gay, the captain of the swim team was gay, the president of the school was gay, but it seemed that Jason was the only one who was targeted because he was a nobody. Jason was currently curled up next to his locker, holding his ribs after his bullies kicked him for being in their way.

“Jay?” Jason looked up when he heard the sweet voice of his only friend Leo. Leo was in a relationship with the head cheerleader and quarterback. Leo was the second youngest football player who was gay. Jason tried to smile, but it came out as a grimace of pain as pain shot up his left side and spine. Leo quickly helped Jason stand delicately and move slowly towards the infirmary. Leo gently laid Jason on one of the beds and went about getting him pain meds. Jason watched Leo fuss over him.

“Leo, it’s alright. You don’t have to help me.” Jason muttered weakly. Leo gave Jason a small glare and continued fussing over him. Jason sighed and let Leo do what he wanted. By the end of Leo's fussing, Jason had Arnicare on his ribs and back as well as having them wrapped. Leo had also made him eat some crackers and drink water so he was able to take pain meds. Jason smiled when Leo kept checking him over until Leo's boyfriend and girlfriend, Frank, and Hazel, showed up. Leo smiled up at them, but he still went and looked Jason over once more.

"Leo, is there where you have been?" Hazel asked softly. Leo smiled and nodded, Smiling proudly when Hazel went and checked Jason over as well. Jason felt himself blush when Hazel looked him over. He felt Frank's stare, but he wasn't glaring, more like smiling like a proud husband or lover. Once Hazel was finished inspecting Leo's work she sat back and looked at Jason.

"What happened?" Jason looked away and took off his glasses so he could gently rub his temples. He felt really embarrassed for bothering them with his troubles. He sighed and looked up at Hazel with shy eyes.

"I was in the way is all." Jason mumbled. Hazel felt her eyes harden and turned to look at Frank who nodded and then at Leo who looked like he was about to cry. Hazel kissed Leo's forehead and turned to look back at Jason who had his eyes locked onto the floor, not looking up at them. Hazel felt her heart tighten when she realized that he was right there.

"Jason, would you like to come over to my place tonight?" Hazel asked softly. Jason looked up at her and then to Frank, silently asking if he was okay with that. Frank smiled down at Jason and walked over to him. He gently cupped Jason's cheek and smiled at him.

"It's all right Jason. You don't need my permission to come over if Hazel invites you." Jason swallowed and nodded. He turned to look at Hazel and nodded his head shyly. Leo smiled and squeezed his way between Frank and Jason and hugged Jason gently. All three knew what happens at the house of Zeus and Hera and they always tried to get Jason away and to eat something. Jason smiled gently and hugged Leo back. Jason felt how warm Leo was and instantly fell asleep. When Jason next woke, he was laying in a comfy fluffy bed that had little lions running around it on a light blue background. Jason sat up and had to keep his mouth shut or he was gonna yell in pain. Tears began to form in his eyes as the pain in both his ribs and stomach were getting really bad and he let out a little yelp of pain.

"Jason?" Jason looked up with tears falling down his cheeks when he looked up and saw Hazel at the door. Hazel smiled slightly and walked over to him. She pulled Jason close to her and pulled his head onto her lap. Jason felt his cheeks heat up when he head and felt his stomach growl.

"Sorry." Jason murmured. Hazel sighed softly as she petted Jason hair softly and gently. Jason tried to snuggle closer to Hazel but ended up hurting himself and twinging his already bruised back.

"Come on little one. Let's get you something to eat, and no arguing with me, I'll get rank to carry you down if you don't come down with me." Hazel murmured softly against Jason's ear. Jason nodded and let Hazel hold his hand softly as she led him to the kitchen and sat him down at the island table. Hazel went to work making toast with marmalade and scrambled egg. Jason felt guilty for eating the food but he knew he was supposed to but he just felt like he wasn't worth it. Hazel knew Jason felt unworthy of food or of anything but she knew otherwise. While Jason was eating, Hazel grabbed Leo and Frank and pulled them away from their football friends and near the living room.

"We need to get Jason away from that house. He's eating less and less and I had to drag him away from the room and force him to eat." Hazel whispered in Frank's chest. Frank sighed and kissed her on her forehead, and Leo was curled in the middle of the two.

"What are we gonna do?" Leo murmured, he always felt guilty when Jason would come over with more bruises than he got from just school. The three were so caught up in there thinking they didn't notice four people walking towards the kitchen before it was too late.

"How the hell did you get into this house loser?"