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Scorpions, Mummies, and Love Triangles

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Five thousand years ago, a fierce warrior known as the Scorpion King led a great army on a campaign to conquer the known world. After a vicious campaign which lasted 7 long years, the Scorpion King and his army were defeated and driven deep into the sacred desert of Ahm Shere. One by one, they slowly perished under the scorching sun, until only the great warrior himself was left alive. Near death, the Scorpion King made a pact with the dark god Anubis that if Anubis spared his life and let him conquer his enemies, he would give him his soul. Anubis accepted his offer and spared his life. Anubis gave the Scorpion King command of his army, and like an evil flood, they washed away all that lay before them. When his task was done, Anubis forced the Scorpion King to serve him for all time. His army was returned to the sands from whence they came, where they wait, silently, to be awakened once again.

Years later, one could only say that what was left of the Scorpion King's existence was the golden Bracelet of Anubis that rested within the sands of Egypt, lingering for its much anticipating discovery. And it was. Thebes, a crown jewel to the Pharaoh Seti, was where it was discovered and put away just outside from there to be protected. The people of Egypt knew of the tale of the Scorpion King's voyage, of his defeat and banishment to the desert. But all they were given was the Bracelet. It is said that only a chosen one could see the secret of the Bracelet, that being rumored, that it served as a map to the legendary oasis of Ahm Shere where the Scorpion King and Anubis' Army rested. That was known throughout Egypt and beyond to lands overseas. Many kings searched for the place, hoping to find what they were looking for, but Ahm Shere was an invisible paragon. It was never seen or touched, and if so, no one could vow for it. No one returned as tales have told. Armies of men came in, but never came back out.

Who knows as to why could only remain a mystery, a cold hearted blinded myth passed on for ages through families and friends. And as it stayed just that, fate stayed within the background, rewriting what shall be a rumor to a truth.

 Year – 1934, Place - Egypt

It was dark, dingy, and way too dusty for him. It made him more well aware to his surroundings within the temple. After the incident from eight years ago, he had every right to be. He had gone on many expeditions after that, and so far no occurrence of the 'accidentally summoning of the world's end'. But one can never be too careful.

With a torch in one hand and a gun in the other, he moved slowly, cutting his crystal blues to any and little thing that moved. He whipped around when he heard distant growling that within seconds became louder. He stepped closer to where the source may be, not noticing a shadow move behind him.

"Hm. Maybe it was nothing."

"Hey, D-"

"Whoa! Whoa!"

Rick twisted around panicky, ready to shoot whoever or whatever the hell touched him. He exhaled, relieved that the threat was no more than his own eight-year-old son.

"Alex, what are you doing scaring me like that?", the brunet asked. His answer had started with a tug on the leather wrist guard on his right arm. "I saw your tattoo! There was a cartouche and it had the same symbol on it that looked exactly like your tattoo!", the small, blond boy exclaimed. Rick watched as he turned his arm and took off his leather brown wristband to show the said tattoo. "The pyramid, two kings, the eye and everything!"



Blue eyes could only blink at the answer. "Um… well… I'll be up to take a look at that in a minute. In the meantime, go wait at the temple for me and your aunt like I told you to."

Alex went to retort but Rick stopped him. "No 'buts', Alex. Pick up your stuff and I'll see you up at the temple, okay? Go.", he demanded, turning the young boy around. The blonde pouted. "Then what should I do? Gets boring."

"That's not my problem, now is it?"


"Surprise me. How about that? Build a better mousetrap."

"Alright. But don't take so long."

"I won't. Now go."

Alex nodded and went back in the direction he came from. Rick smiled to himself, watching the boy go in his happy glee.

He remembered back when he first saw Alex. He was only a newborn baby at the time. Rick wasn't feeling like himself for a while after the whole mummy incident at Hamunaptra. His visions of his past had come to a halt, but he still felt weary. Evelyn and Jonathan had went about going on trips to the many places in Egypt and found out what they can about its history. The ex-soldier had stayed home at their new mansion in London during the time, noting he should stay away from ancient places for a while.

But of course, staying at home alone got… tiresome. Evelyn and Jonathan would be gone for who knows how long and the curator, Terence Bey, was still in Egypt. He did have a library to run still. Ardeth was there, too, doing his duties of the magi.

That left Rick to do whatever. He would either read, go hunting and even started taken naps. That went on for such a long time that the siblings started to notice. They sat Rick down one afternoon and had quite a lecture. The three concluded that Rick needed a pet, something to take care of since he couldn't be persuaded to go on their once in a while journeys. That following day, they went out to the pet store, but Rick somehow felt… linked when they passed an orphanage. He turned them around and ran in. The moment he did, he spotted a small blonde baby, sitting in a crib while a woman read to him.

Before anyone could blink, Rick was asking about the baby, finding out he didn't have a name, was just about two weeks old and was dropped off the week before. A few minutes later, the thought of buying a pet was abandoned and the brunet was walking out with a baby.

None of his now proclaimed family questioned him, just went with it.

Within days, Rick was a proud father, caring for the baby he decided to call Alex. He was more content with himself, appearing happier than he had before. And he wasn't the only one. With the new addition to the group, everything was a bit more chipper. With Rick being Alex's father, and some on occasions his mother, the siblings were like his aunt and uncle. Evelyn taught Alex everything she knew when he got older. Jonathan was that uncle that let you anything you want and no matter how many times Rick scowled on it, it didn't change. Ardeth, too, served as an uncle when he met with the baby. At first, he was a bit indifferent since he never actually been around babies like that, but he got used to it. He was more so that uncle that protected you when your parents wasn't around and told stories to entertain the youngster. The curator was his surrogate grandfather. He commented how with Alex around, he felt older than ever. He admitted he was shocked that Rick of all people adopted a kid. Rick was, too, surprised he did such a thing, but he felt he should. He had grown a connection with Alex the moment he saw him.

Truth be told, the blonde reminded Rick of his past growing up. Rick never knew his parents and grew up in an orphanage in Cairo.

He didn't want that for Alex. Rick was alone in that orphanage without much a choice. The kids were distant and the adults were apathetic and weren't all that nurturing. Rick pretty much raised himself until he was adopted at nine. His adopted parents were rich and only adopted him for appearance. So he was neglected. But all that time, he grew a hard shell.

By his adult years, he was the Rick O'Connell we all know and love.

In addition to that, he became a father and has been now for eight years.

It wasn't an easy task, but Rick fought in wars and almost a decade ago, mummies and saved the world.

This was nothing he couldn't handle.

Rick headed further down the hall and rounded a corner. He was blessed with quick reflexes when a snake was suddenly kicked his way. He dodged it, and watched as the creature slithered away like nobody's business.

He then turned to his now close friend and proclaimed sister, Evelyn who had been busy dusting off a wall to read the hieroglyphs. "Those are poisonous, you know.", he sassed. Evelyn gave him a small smile before turning back to her task at hand. "Only if they bite you."

"And let's hope on that."

The ex-soldier approached the librarian, yes she still worked as one on some occasions, carrying a chest to her. "Was that Alex? What was that about?", she asked, going through their tools. Rick sighed. "He just wanted to show me something. I swear he hangs around you too much."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, he acts more and more like you every day. He's driving me crazy just how you do."

Evelyn playfully punched his arm. "You know you love me. Without me or Jonathan, your life wouldn't be as exciting."

"I didn't have much more of an option, did I?"

"Nope. Now help me with this."

Rick had rolled his eyes as Evelyn turned for a brief moment before turning back around with a tiny pair of a hammer and chisel. The ex-soldier just stared at her in silence. Noting what Rick was saying through his blue eyes, she exhaled in defeat. "Alright, we'll go with your approach."

"Yay!", the brunet grinned as Evelyn passed him a crowbar. He used it to prop the secret door open, knocking it down in the process. Rick ignored Evelyn's quick side glance and peeked into the room. Dust was everywhere, dead bodies were laid into various spaces in an ordered fashion, it ranked like crazy, and scorpions and huge fucking spiders were scattered among the sandy ground.

He whistled. "Wow. Crazy, isn't it?"


The duo entered the room, Evelyn watching her step while Rick just stepped on the creepy critters without a care. "Ever since I had that dream… this place is all I could ever think about.", the brunette muttered. Rick nodded. "Right, right. And ever since you had that dream, nobody hasn't had a decent night of sleep. Your… thing with the dreams is crazy."

"Oh like you haven't had visions and dreams before. It's just… it's like I've been here before."

"Evy, no one has been here for over 3000 years… except these guys.", Rick lightly chuckled, gesturing to the dead bodies. Evelyn noticed an unlit torch and grabbed it. She pulled it down and a secret door slid open. She smirked at the other brunet. "Then how come I know exactly where I'm going?"

"Don't sass me."


Alex sighed for the tenth time within the five minutes he's been waiting. He watched as a rat… mouse… he really couldn't tell… scattered over to the cheese laid out on his trap. Unlike the other rodents, this one managed to avoidgetting into the trap. It just jumped and grabbed for the cheese before running off. The blonde blinked, getting off his stomach and on his knees. "Wow. Maybe I should build better mousetrap."

He suddenly heard voices coming from the entrance of the room.

They didn't sound like his dad or aunt.

"Oh damn…"

Three men walked in, baring guns and evil smirks. Alex hid behind one of the wooden pillars, eying the men carefully. The chubbier one had went into the direction his dad just left in. Alex could only pray for the best.

"Be careful, Dad."


Evelyn and Rick found another hallway, which led to a massive dusty door. The ex-soldier was slowly following, careful as ever while the librarian looked about. She suddenly stopped, feeling something come over her. Her eyes closed briefly before opening again. Instead of a dark, dingy hall, it was golden, decorative and lit with warm fires. The door was more visible, golden like the walls with a large knob. She watched as it opened with a rumble before it revealed another room. Out came a woman, who she couldn't identify her face because she never got a clear glimpse out it. The woman moved, allowing Evelyn to see two guards standing on each side of a small platform that held a chest on top of it. The woman had then closed the door, locking it with a twist of the knob in a certain pattern before turning to walk away. The gold then faded back to darkness.

The hallway was back to its dusty interior, and the smell of it was back. Eh.

Rick had walked in front of Evelyn and headed for the door. He propped a crowbar in the crack of it, trying to open it. His attention was sudden broken when the librarian started to wave her torch back and forth. He stopped, blinked at her and watched her do that at least five times.

"Um… you know, if you move that fast enough, you can almost write your name.", he voiced before trying again with the door.

Evelyn chuckled nervously, feeling slightly embarrassed at her silly antic. "Heh. Sorry. I just had a vision. It was… it was like my dream, but it was real."

"I would know from experience, huh?", Rick teased, giving up on the door now.

"I guess you would. But you haven't had a dream or vision in the past eight years."

"Yeah… I haven't…", the ex-soldier muttered. It has been that long. Rick was a bit baffled that he had visions that suddenly stopped after defeating Imhotep. He never had them before, and he hasn't had them in forever now. It's as weird as his tattoo. "So what did you see, sis o' sis of mine?"

"The door opening, the walls, fires lit. Just… it was like I was actually here in ancient times."

Rick pointed to the door. "Well, if you actually were here, could you show me how to open this thing?" Evelyn nodded and handled over her torch. Rick held it as she turned the dust and web covered knob. Remembering how her vision showed her, the brunette turned the knob in a coordinated pattern before pushing it in. Rick's blue gaze widened as the door opened with ease. "Alright, Evy. Now you're starting to scare me."

"I'm starting to scare myself.", Evelyn admitted.

Now she knew how Rick felt when he had his visions. She was grateful that she didn't drop face down to the ground like he did though.


"All this is rubbish. Rubbish, chintz, garbage. Nothing worth value. Do they really think we'll find that bracelet here? In a dump like this?"

"Shut up and keep digging, Spivey. That bracelet could be anywhere in a place like this. Could be right under our noses. The Egyptians were cautious about their treasure."

Alex's blue gaze stayed glue on the two men, listening to their words to catch anything. It struck him how they mentioned a bracelet. From their tone about it, it was extremely important. Could it be the very bracelet his aunt was looking for?

"We can't have that. Maybe I can scare them off or something.", the young boy whispered to himself. He picked up his slingshot that laid beside him and a random sized pebble. He aimed it, snickering quietly to himself as it flew and whacked the blond guy's neck. Spivey shouted in pain, a hand landing on the now aching spot. "Ow! Jacques, something just hit me!"

Jacques held up a hand to silent the other. "Quiet!", he ordered before lowering his own voice, looking around suspiciously. "This place is cursed. We don't want to wake the gods."

'Yes, you do.', Alex thought teasingly before picking up another pebble and shooting it again. This time it struck Spivey right in the ass when he bent over to continue to dig though the dusty pottery. "OW! MY ASS!"

"Spivey, quiet!"

"But my ass!"

"Alright, I heard you the first time."

Alex had to hold back his laughter with both his hands covering his mouth. He couldn't give away his position. He was having so fun now. Now, hopefully so was his dad if he caught the third guy. He would be in a world of hurt.


Rick was now leaning over the mantle, watching as Evelyn removed webs and dust. She became amazed when she spotted a scorpion imprint on a golden circle above the mantle. "That's the emblem of the Scorpion King. He's supposed to be pure myth. No trace of him has ever been found before. No artifacts, no archival evidence."

"Not until now. Maybe they didn't want anybody to find him. And from the looks of these dead guys…", Rick voiced, pointing to the said dead skeletons of bodyguards, "… this chest was being protected. And for a very good reason. Evy, remember what happened last time."

Evelyn stared at Rick for a brief moment before picking up a crowbar with a grin.

"Let's open this!"

"No! Evelyn, remember what happened last time. I don't have a really good feeling about this.", Rick protested, trying to pry the crowbar from the woman's hands. Evelyn dodged him before sticking the tool within the chest to open it. "It's only a chest. No harm ever came from opening a chest."

Rick gave a dry chuckle, rolling his eyes. "Right. And no harm ever came from reading a book. Remember how that turned out?"

"Oh. Are you recalling the time when those were killed and suck dry of their life essence?"

"Yeah, from… oh, what you do know? Opening a chest!"

"Yeah. Which helped regenerate the mummy we found?"

"Who not only went after those that opened that chest, but went after me. And don't laugh. That wasn't funny.", Rick warned seeing that Evelyn was about to laugh. The brunette turned back to the chest. "Well, we can't stop now."

Seeing that, like before, there was no getting through to Evelyn, Rick crossed his arms and stepped back. "Fine. Just remember I was the voice of reason here. And not for the first time."

Unknown to either one, a third person had appeared, hiding behind a pillar. He listened in to their conversation and from the sounds of it, they found something worthwhile. A chest. And hopefully it was the chest he and the other two came for. It had better be worth it, too. He almost got his ass bit up by large ass spiders and damn scorpions.

He aimed his gun, ready to shoot, but quickly hid when Rick looked back with a questioning look in his blue eyes. He turned back and glanced back at the dead bodyguard, noticing something hanging around his neck. He took it, wiping dust of it and familiarize it as a key. It looked like a miniscule version of the key they possessed years ago. Jonathan was still sore about losing it, but that was quickly forgotten with the gold they gotten.

"Evy, let's do it your way.", Rick suggested, handing over the key. Evelyn took it and shrugged before sticking it the chest's lock and opening it.

She lifted the lid, revealing a golden fancy piece of jewelry. Rick recognized it with ease just as Evelyn did with amazement.

"Isn't that…?"

"The bracelet of Anubis."

While the two, mostly of Evelyn's part, ogled the bracelet, the man took aim with his gun again. He was just about to shoot when suddenly there was a rumble. "Nope. Not worth it.", he decided before running off, knowing whatever that was coming wasn't good at all. He wasn't losing his life today.

Evelyn had squeaked in shock as the rumbles continued. She closed the chest, figuring it had something to do with that. Rick blinked at her, then the chest and back at her. "It's a bit late for that, isn't it?", he sassed. The librarian just grabbed the chest with a groan and shoved it his way. "Put it in your rucksack." Rick shook his head and pushed it back to her. "Uh-uh. I got a better idea. Let's leave it here!"

"I think it's a bit late for that!"

She pointed at an inscription on the chest which Rick growled at. "Don't tell me… You just noticed this?! What does it say?"

It wasn't good. That's guaranteed.

"Um… 'he who disturbs this bracelet shall drink from the Nile.' That doesn't sound too bad."

Rick just grabbed the chest, stuffed it in his bag, and grabbed Evelyn by the arm. "Yeah. Anything that sounds like that means something verybad, Evy. We got to get out of here!"

The duo then hauled ass.

They ran, avoiding some of the torches falling down before rounding a corner and spotting rushing water. Rick glared at Evelyn. "See?! This is why I hate these expeditions!", he growled as they headed the other way to avoid the water.

Alex had heard the rumble the moment he shot another pebble. Being distracted by it, he didn't notice Jacques catching it and the two men glaring at him. When he did, he got up on his feet and proceeded to back away as the slightly darker of the two approached him.

"Jacques gonna make a nice fillet out of you.", Spivey threatened. Alex chuckled nervously. "I'm not very tasty."

"Spivey! Jacques! Let's get the hell out of here!"

The third of the trio had ran out, looking as petrified as ever. The others followed, for Jacques, not before kicking a pole down to knock the platform Alex was on out of balance. The youngster shouted, trying to stay on his feet. "Now I know why Dad doesn't agree on taking me on these things!"


"This why I don't like taking Alex on these things, Evelyn! You better hope we get out of this alive!"

"Stop threatening me and keep running, O'Connell!"

"Don't you 'last name basis' me!"

"Stop 'full first name basis' me or whatever!"

The two had halted at a dead end, knowing it was definitely the end. The two turned and saw the water getting closer before grabbing onto each other and screaming like little girls once the water hit smack onto them.

It sucked because the water was really cold and it was already up to their heads. Rick had spotted some bars and reached for them, trying to breathe while water clouded his vision. "This is bad, Evy! Really bad!", he whined, feeling the other grip his shirt while holding onto the rucksack with the chest in it. "We had bad before!", she retorted, her hair sticking to her face and covering it like an annoying blanket.

"This is worse! Let's hope Alex is doing better than we are!"



The platform had finally given up and starting to sway back and forth before colliding with a large decorative pillar. Alex jumped on it, whimpering as the force sent it crashing into another and then that one into another. The pillars fell domino-style, the last one whacking into a wall.

Alex slid down the pillar safely, a frown etched on his face. "Oh damn. Dad's gonna kill me.", he cursed before running to stop it from breaking the wall as cracks formed on it. But let's be honest. That was a total dud since Alex was just a tiny little kid and the pillar itself weighed tons and had others pushing up on it.

Realizing it, labeling himself stupid, Alex moved in time as it crashed down, destroying the wall. Water came out and so did his dad and aunt.

The two spurted water out their mouths, taking oxygen back in their systems. They looked up and saw a guilty looking Alex. "Alex?", Rick questioned, still spitting out water and wobbling to his feet. He handed Evelyn the rucksack who hugged it to her chest. "Oh boy. We were almost goners."

"Yup. No thanks to someone, no names given.", Rick sassed before taking Alex in his arms and hugging him. "Are you okay? What happened here, Alex?"

"Um… well… there was these guys and… one tried to kill me… falling pillars…"

Rick blinked as his son trailed off. "Well… okay… maybe we should head home now."


In another part of Egypt, not too far actually, men had dug away at the sand at the commands of other men within scarlet red robes, holding guns. The site was the once standing Hamunaptra, where treasure and dead bodies once rested until the defeat of High Priest Imhotep eight years ago.

Now it was his resting place, where they hoped to find him soon. Where she hoped to find him.

A robed, dark skinned man had walked up to a table, placing a black book down on it. "The Book of the Dead, gives life."

A woman, sharp beautiful features and smile that spoke wit had held a golden replica of the other book. "And the Book of Amun-Ra, the Book of the Living. Which takes life away."

"I thought that was my job.", the man teased darkly. The woman grinned at him before her eyes turned to the men below. "We're getting close." She watched as a car pulled up before parking and revealing Spivey, Jacques, and Red. Hope and anxious anticipation filled her chest as she went down with the man following her. She took a spot next to an older man, who lead the digging. He walked up to the trio, impatience already in his tone. "Did you acquire it?"

Before they could answer, there was a sudden tremble from the ground. The men gathered around a growing pile, curious as to what was happening. The woman had a hint and smiled, seeing she was right as scarabs, those damned flesh eaters popped out and began torturing the poor men. "We're getting very close.", she grinned.

On the other side, in another digging area, a man shouted as the robed men took way to firing at the frightening, black bugs.

The elder man had apprehended what the shout was about. "We've found him! We've found him!", he cheered as they went over in a hurried manner.

The woman sighed in relief seeing a golden-yellow granite mold raise from the ground and then settled back down carefully. She stepped closer, a bubbling feeling easing in her stomach as her hand waved over the part where a face was. The elder man took her side, looking at the mold in awe. "It's him. Imhotep, Meela."

"Yes, it is.", Meela nodded, her eyes still glued onto the mold.

The other man had retrieved a blue gold trimmed vase from one of the diggers. "Now we must raise those that serve him.", he claimed as Spivey, Jacques and Red walked up, pushing through the diggers.

"Out of my way. Get out of my way or I'm gonna shoot you in the face.", Red threatened, waving his gun to emphasize his point. Spivey nodded. "He means it. He's done it before."

"It wasn't pretty.", Jacques muttered, indifferent about everything. Honestly, who in the hell thought any of this was a good idea?

Meela had turned away from the golden cast to see the robed curator walk up to the men. "Give it to me.", he demanded, now ready for everything to go as planned. All they needed was the bracelet.

Red winced at the remembered failure. And how he ran away like a little bitch.

"The uh… opportunity passed us by."

The elder man stared with shocked, wide eyes. Did he just say…? No, he's kidding, right? They didn't get it?! Don't they know how important this was?!

"We need that bracelet!"

"And we need it before it opens!", the darker man growled, unsheathing his sword. There was a rush of swords and guns being aimed. Meela groaned, knowing this was only a dimwitted battle of macho. But she even questioned that when she caught Spivey's gun being moved before he accidently shot Red in the back of the head. Yup, dim-fucking-witted.

"Enough.", she hissed. Meela placed a slender hand on the elder's shoulder. "My dear Hafez, I told you I should have handle it."

Hafez turned and patted her hand, concern in his tone. He didn't want anything to happened to Meela. Not before Imhotep was awakened.

"I don't want your past history to cloud the issue.", he admitted.

"Look, we know where the damned bracelet is. We'll take care of it.", Red claimed. Hafez crossed his arms and shook his head. "No. No, no, no and no."

"What? Come on!"

"No. We'll take care of it. I have a different chore for you."


"No buts! Now where's the bracelet?", Meela scowled, now getting impatient herself. Jacques rolled his eyes. "It's on its way to London."

"How you know that?"

"We just do."

"Who has it?"

"Some woman and man. A kid was there, too."

Meela and Hafez exchanged glances. "Do you think it's them?", the woman asked. Hafez nodded. "For certain. That will be a problem. We must go to London."

They then began to gather everything, not noticing one black clad individual heading in the opposite direction.


A sigh was heard for the umpteenth time that evening. Rick couldn't take any more of Evelyn's rambling about the bracelet, her visions, and now some place called Ahm Shere. The ex-soldier had already been familiar with Ahm Shere and the bracelet, since he does indeed do his research. He wasn't as dumb as people thought. He liked to be prepared and aware.

"I think the bracelet's some guide to the lost oasis of Ahm Shere.", Evy claimed, turning to Rick who took off his coat once he settled down his suitcases. He already knew what Evelyn was up to the moment he caught the gleam in her eyes.

"Evy, I know what you're thinking. Trust me, Iknow. And before you say anything, the answer is no. We just got home. And Alex has schoolwork to catch up on."

There was a faint "No, I don't!" from somewhere within the house. Rick just rolled his eyes.

Evelyn grinned, skipping happily over to the other and pinched his cheek in an adorable manner. "Oh you know Alex already is ahead. And we're already packed!"

"Give me one good reason why I should listen to you this time. One very good reason."

She mustered the most innocent face that she could, putting in puppy eyes for good measure. "It's just an oasis. A beautiful, exciting, sincere oasis."

Rick crossed his arms, looking at Evelyn with a look a mother would give her child. Like he would fall for her puppy eyes. Nope. He fell for it before, he'll admit that, way too many times. "Mhmm. The kind with the white sandy beach and palm trees? The cool, clear blue water? Oh, we could also have some of those big drinks with the little umbrellas, huh?"

"Yup! Wouldn't you like that? To actually relax? A vacation? You deserve it for raising Alex. He's a brilliant boy, Rick, but I know he can be a handful at times."

"Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn.", Rick sighed, placing his hands on her shoulders. "He can be a handful, but I have you and Jonathan. Also…" He pushed her back a little, a hard glare planted in his blues. "… that sounds way too good. What's the catch?"

"Supposedly the oasis is the resting place of Anubis' army.", she answered without missing a beat. Rick let her go, exhaling sharply. "See? I knew there's a catch. There's always a catch."

Evelyn shrugged, a bit satisfied that Rick didn't yell at her and that she did try. "Well, yeah."

Rick had started to head up the balcony, her following. "So let me guess. It was commanded, the army, by the Scorpion King guy?"

"Yes. And he only awakens once every 5000 years.", the librarian informed, placing her own coat in one of the wardrobes. Rick had leaned on the railing, a pout on his lips. "Right! And if someone doesn't kill him he's gonna wipe out the world."

"How'd you know?"

"I didn't. But that's always the story.", he smirked. He did know about that piece of information, since he read up on the Scorpion King when Evelyn mentioned the bracelet before they went off to find it. Again, be prepared and acknowledged. Though, he was right. That's always the story.

"The last known expedition to actually reach Ahm Shere was sent by Ramses the Fourth over 3000 years ago. He sent over one thousand men."

"And none of them was ever seen again."

Evelyn blinked. "How did you know?"

"I didn't. But that's always the story."

He was having fun now.

The brunette had picked up one of her bags and propped it on a chair, opening it and pulling out a book. She placed it on the shelf and turned back to the ex-soldier. "Did I mention there was a pyramid of gold?"

"Yup! Twice!", Rick answered, emphasizing his point with two fingers. "But I bet Jonathan would be glad to hear about that."

"Believe he would be. Everyone that knows about the pyramid seems pretty enchanted by it. Alexander the Great sent troops in search for it."

"Hooray for him."

"So did Caesar!"

"Yeah, and look what happened to his career. Now he has great salads."

"And Napoleon."

"But, Evelyn, we're smarter than that. And taller, too."

By now, Rick sensed that Evelyn was pushing the information to persuade him to embark on the journey to Ahm Shere. She was failing miserably though. All the guys she mentioned failed. What makes her think they won't either?

"Exactly, Rick. That's why we're gonna find it!", she claimed, reaching up and ruffling Rick's short locks. The brunet growled, shaking his head so his hair fell back into place. "Because we're taller…?", he lightly teased. "Maybe. Come on, Rick! It will be fun!"

"Nice try, sister. Nice try. But I'm still saying no. The last time we ever went in search of something we awaken a walking plague, people died, and my soul was almost combined with another's. Oh and did I mentioned the sexual harassment I went through?"

"Oh you know you liked it. Admit it, you felt faltered."

Rick blushed a little. "Eh. Maybe a little. But that doesn't matter now! The answer is still no!"

Just below them, Alex was carrying the bracelet's chest, grumbling about it. "This sucker weighs a goddang ton!"

His father suddenly leaned down over the balcony, catching his words. "Alex, watch your language!"

Alex chuckled a bit, sparing the older male an apologetic look. "Rather weighty, this."

He settled the chest down on a table and turned to walk away from it. His attention, however, was snagged back when the chest suddenly clicked open. Blues widened, realizing that the chest did so without a key. Okay…

"We should go in this way."

"Why? I can't climb through a window. Let alone in a dress and heels."

"No one told you to put on a dress and heels, did they?"

"Oh just shut up and go open the back door for me."

"Hey, Evy, that first weird dream of yours happened six weeks ago, right?", Rick had questioned, eying through a book in his hands. Evelyn had glanced his way, nodding. "I think so, yes. But what's that got to do with anything?"

"I think I know why you're so determined to go to Ahm Shere. Your dreams just so happen to coincide with the Egyptian New Year."

To prove his point, he revealed the pages of the book he was reading, showing a scorpion on it with ancient Egyptian writing. Evelyn mouthed an 'oh', amazed. "Year of the Scorpion. I forgotten about that. Huh. That is a coincidence."

"Yeah. Maybe it is. Which proves we should be cautious this time around.", Rick pressed, placing the book down to put his hands on Evelyn's arms. He looked her straight in the eyes, seriousness, but a hint of fright within them. "If anything happened to you, I'd never forgive myself."

With the two talking, they didn't notice that their youngest family member had found interest in the now revealed golden bracelet. Alex had picked it up, debating on putting it on before it had seemed to have automatically did so itself. He felt a strange tingle in his body before the bracelet glow gold and then flashed a translucent picture of a temple then whooshing through the desert to a place he familiarized as Karnak. It then disappeared, freaking out the youngster.

"Oh my damn…", he whispered before trying to get the bracelet off.

Rick haven't noticed yet.

"You are family to me, Evy. You, Jonathan and Alex. I haven't known the feeling of a family until I met you eight years ago, and I be damned to lose it. You matter to me very much."

"I know. I guess I got carried away with the whole Anubis' army and bracelet thing. It just sounds so exciting! But I guess I should hold off from the adventures for a while. Bembridge scholars have been begging me to run the British museum.", Evelyn voiced. Rick patted her arms before letting her go. "I say accept it. I think you'll do a very excellent job at being the curator. Besides, there not that many women who are one. So this is a major opportunity."

"Very major indeed. Can I have a hug?"

Rick rolled his eyes, but complied anyways with a small smile. "I swear you remind me of a little kitten sometimes."

"Because I'm adorable?"

"I was going to say a bit bratty, but that, too."

"Oh whatever."

"And speaking of which, I better go find Jonathan. I haven't heard from him yet. Think you can watch Alex for me?"

"Of course! My favorite nephew!"

"He's your only nephew, Evy." Rick then looked down at Alex, who was sitting on the table with an innocent smile on, but sweat running down the base of his neck. Oh he was going to be in trouble. "Alex, behave yourself for five minutes, okay? And get off that table!"

"You betcha, Dad!", Alex squealed, jumping down to his feet as his aunt came down the stairs.

"Hey, Alex. Happy to be home?"

"Couldn't be happier.", he chuckled, feeling his left wrist become heavier with both the bracelet and shame. Something told him not to do it. But it was just so tempting! He really was his aunt's nephew. Despite not being blood related.

"So uh… what were you and Dad talking about?"

"Apparently it's the year of the Scorpion. Neat, isn't it?"

"Very much so."

"Thought you might like that."

Upstairs in another part of the O'Connell-Carnahan household, a door to a bedroom opened, revealing another member to the family. Jonathan was just leaving his room, dressed to go out for the night with a golden slender object in his hands. It was one of his favorite items left from the treasure they had gotten and he practically kept it on his person at all times. It was his… don't judge!

"Hm… I wonder if Rick and them are back yet. Maybe found more treasure or something.", he muttered to himself before two men came out from hiding in one of the rooms. Jonathan halted in his steps and gulped. "Um… I think I'm in the wrong house?", he chuckled nervously, stepping back. The robed duo exchanged glances. "Um… I thought this was the house?"

"It is."

"Okay then."

They then grabbed Jonathan and pulled him into the room, forcing down into the chair as Hafez appeared, taking a stand in front of Jonathan. "Um… you're… you're not Shelia's husband, are you?", he asked, scared. "I told her I didn't make any pass at her and I'm not interested in her."

"No. I'm not Shelia's husband.", Hafez deadpanned.

"Well, if you work for Johnny-"

"I don't know any Johnny! We're looking for the bracelet of Anubis."

"I haven't seen it."

"You're lying. Where is it?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about! I haven't got any bracelet!"

"Mr. O'Connell, you're trying my patience.", Hafez hissed. Jonathan blinked. "What? I'm not Mr. O'Connell… nor am I married to him."

"You're lying!"

"No I am not!"

"Yes, you are!"

"I'm not him or do I have the bracelet!", Jonathan protested, pointing the golden rod towards Hafez. The curator had taken offense to that, but that quickly washed away when he had seem amazed by the golden item Jonathan held. He snatched it from the younger man, ogling it in its glory. "No, it can't be!"

"Hey, give that back!", Jonathan protested and tried to get up to retrieve it, but a knife was jolted in front of his neck and he was forced back down into the chair.

Meela had then emerged into the room, holding a basket with only who knows what in it.

"Hello.", she greeted sweetly. Jonathan gulped, not taking a liking to her mischievous grin. "Um… hello?"

"So where is she? Your wife?", the dark clad woman questioned, setting down the basket.

Jonathan frowned. "Evy? You mean Evy? Mysister? Well… um… I think she went off to Baden-Baden or Tibet or something. That girl is a free spirit after all. Oh, did I mention that I'm not married to her or Rick?! Or am I not him either?! How did you even assume that?! Isn't there a picture or something you could have seen?!"

The group glanced at each other, sharing baffled looks. "He's right."

"Whatever.", Hafez scoffed just as Meela opened the basket and pulled out a long black snake. It hissed as she kissed it gently, her smirk still plastered on her face.

"Alex, I mean it about the key! You better not have lost it! Your father will be very disappointed in you.", Evelyn scowled, checking Alex's pockets. The blonde rolled his eyes. "Aunt Evy, I didn't lose it. I just can't find it. There's a difference."

"No there isn't. I'm serious though."

"Why give me the key anyways?"

"Honestly? I don't know."


The duo turned as Lock-Nah walked into the room. Being as intimidating as usual. Alex and Evelyn exchanged looks, blinking and turning back to the robed man. "Um… know him, Aunt Evy?", Alex asked.

Evelyn scoffed. "Does it look like I know him?"

"N-no. Maybe Dad knows him."

"I doubt that."

"Look, cut the chit-chat of whether or not you know me. Now I'm looking for the bracelet."

Alex immediately grabbed onto the chest while Evelyn retrieved a sword from the wall. She spent her time reading hieroglyphs, dusting, and watching out for traps. She be damned if someone is going to take it from her. "Get the hell out of my house!", she demanded.

Lock-Nah crossed his arms, not feeling the least bit scared.

"I won't hurt you if you pass over the bracelet."

"Um, no."

"Want to do this the hard way?"

On cue, other men walked into the room. Evelyn and Alex gulped. "Uh… is there another option?"

"No. No, there isn't. Now hand over the bracelet!"

"All be damned, no."

At the sound of a familiar voice, Evelyn and Alex looked to their right to see Ardeth walk in, all in his fine warrior glory. Dark isn't always evil, but be damned, it was sexy.

"Hi, Uncle Ardeth!", Alex greeted happily. Ardeth patted his blond locks before scowling at Lock-Nah.


"Ardeth Bay. Surprised to see me again?"

"Not really. But I can't say I'm happy either."

"Same to you, old friend."

"Never friends."

"Whatever. Now look, are you going to hand over the bracelet?"

The sole woman in the room shook her head. "Uh-uh. I have been through hell and back getting this bracelet. Do you know how hard it is not to cry when you're being lectured by your proclaimed brother/Mother Hen? Do you? It's not pretty!"

"Oh yeah. Dad can get a bit hysterical when yelling at you for being stupid or something. Makes you want to curl up in a corner and think about your life.", Alex agreed.

Lock-Nah blinked. How… how were these the people who defeated Imhotep?

"Never mind that! Hand it over!"

"Nope! Alex, get the chest and run!", Ardeth demanded, blocking the starting sword swing.

"No! No! No! Please, don't! I told you I don't know about any damned bracelet! Please let me go!", Jonathan sobbed, as Meela brought the snake closer to his throat. He was praying, praying hard to any gods right now.

"Just tell us where it is.", Hafez shrugged.

"What's the point of killing me then if I never tell you where the bracelet is?! And I'm not lying about that!"

"Oh, it's what bad guys do.", Shafek, one of the robed cronies, voiced shyly just as the doors burst opened.

"Jonathan! Are you… hello…", Rick trailed, entering the room and noticing the red robes, a familiar curator and a woman dressed in black with a snake in her hands. Rick crossed his arms, a stern glare on, and looking like bit of a sassy woman. "Jonathan, what did I say about wild parties?"

"Well, when you're popular.", Jonathan chuckled nervously, trying to be comfortable with the blade to his neck.

Meela stood up straight, feeling every bit of weary of Rick, recognizing him from somewhere. He looked her way and their eyes met with a rivalry spark. All the visions from eight years ago came back rushing into his mind. In an instant, they realized they were once again standing face to face after many, many years.

"YOU!", they both scowled. Rick stepped back, now feeling anger within his chest just as Meela was.

"Now I have certain rules within this household about dismemberment and snakes! And I certain have rules about evil reincarnated women! Let him go and leave!"

Meela threw the snake, aiming for Rick's face. It looked as if she got him, too, but he stood back up with the snake, holding it like an expert and grinning like one. She huffed in disappointment. "Damn."

"Second time in the row I've been attacked with a snake. Let's see how you like it!" Meela ducked with a yelp when the snake was tossed back. The black creature landed on one of the cronies, immediately biting him from being suddenly thrown. It was scared really. Another crony tossed a knife Rick's way. He dodged it with ease, some of his ancient reincarnated instincts coming in, and catching with just a pinch. He threw it back, only for it to be dodged by Shafek who looked at him in fright and amazement and the weapon to land in the chest of someone else. Jonathan was released in the midst of it and ran over to Rick. "Jonathan, what the hell is going on? Who are those people?", Rick hissed as the two took shelter in a nearby bathroom. Jonathan shrugged. "I don't know. They came asking about some bracelet."

"Damn. It's probably the bracelet Evelyn and I found."

Bullets were then flying through the door. Rick ducked in a corner while Jonathan took cover in a tub already filled with bubbles and water. Why it was being anyone's guess.

"Go, Aunt Evy! Go!"


Evelyn skillfully dodged a sword, kicking back the man with a grunt. Alex was hiding next to a bookshelf as he watched his proclaimed uncle and aunt fight effortlessly. "Seriously, where did you learn to fight like that?" The woman whacked another on the back of his head, blocking an incoming blade with her own. "I have no idea. But…" She head-butted another man. "… that I learned from your father."

Lock-Nah and Ardeth were going back and forth with their swords, the smaller of the two ducking and dodging. "Honestly, why so mean?", the magi questioned as Lock-Nah gave him a cut on his arm. The taller smirked, grabbing Ardeth and holding his sword to his neck. "Because it's fun. Now are you ready to die?"

"Nope! Yoink!"

Ardeth stomped on Lock-Nah's foot, making him jump in pain and letting him go in the process. Alex laughed. "Ha! He got… Aunt Evy, watch out!"

Evelyn turned, just as a crony hit her, knocking her out. He caught her before she hit the floor and slung her over the shoulder. Ardeth went to chase after him, but Lock-Nah grazed his arm again, pushing him back in the process. The magi fell back against a wall, holding his arm. He looked up and dodged in time before a sharp small weapon went into his eye, imprinting in the wall. Lock-Nah and the bad guys quickly exit the room, chest also at hand. Quite dramatically, too. Alex ran to Ardeth's aid. "What was that about?"

"I'll tell you, but first, let's go find your father."


Rick had emerged from the corner once the bullets had stopped. Apparently, they had to reload to start shooting again. He knew. "Jonathan! Jonathan!"

From the sound of his name, said man popped up out the tub, bubbles covering him and now soaking to the bone. Rick grabbed him by the collar, pissed now. Truly, it was about the damaged door and unwanted visitors. "What the hell did you do this time?!", he demanded, now sounding like a very angry woman. Jonathan gulped. "I-I didn't do nothing to anybody! I swear! I just… hey!"

Jonathan leaned down and grabbed the rolling golden rod that came from beneath the door. Apparently, on the other side, Hafez dropped it and it was accidentally kicked.

Rick rolled his eyes. "Come on!"

Gunshots were being fired again then. The duo jumped out the window, landing on the balcony below. Rick dizzily got up. "Whoa. Thank goodness there was a lounge chair there."

"Rick! Bad guys! Guns!"

The gunslinger jumped over the balcony, Jonathan following quickly, narrowly missing being shot.

The two ran across the yard, dodging the bullets. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!", Jonathan squealed. The two came to a halt when they spotted a car driving away. When the car was closer, Evelyn popped out from the back window. "Rick! Jonathan! I'm being kidnapped!", she screamed in alarm before being pulled back into the car. Rick and Jonathan went to make chase, but then another car came as did more bullets. The duo hid behind a statue to avoid being shot. It soon stopped, allowing the two to catch their breaths. "I swear! This is all the way f-"


Alex and Ardeth came across the yard, the youngest running into Rick's arms and hugging him. "Oh my god, Alex. Are you alright? Did they hurt you? If they hurt you, someone's getting a bullet up their-"

"I'm fine! I'm fine! But they got Aunt Evy!", Alex interrupted a second time. Rick nodded. "I know. She just informed me of that."

His blue eyes then glimpsed up at Ardeth, not paying no mind to the way he was looking at Jonathan, who was blushing under the stare. "What are you doing here, Ardeth? Actually, scratch that. I don't care. I'm more curious about who in the hell are those guys and where are they taking Evelyn?"

Ardeth took his eyes off of Jonathan for a moment. "Hm? Oh, right. Um… I'm not sure, but wherever this man is…", he started, taking out a picture of Hafez. "… Evelyn surely will be."

Alex then snatched the picture. He gasped, recognizing the man in it. "Hey, I know him. He's the curator of the British Museum. Mr. Hafez! Dad, he's a bad guy now?"

"Maybe, Alex."

"Yeah. He had a knife at my neck.", Jonathan added in as the four began heading to Rick's car. Ardeth had placed his hand on Jonathan's shoulder, following the father-son duo.

"Okay, you're here. The bad guys are here. And Evy's been kidnapped. And I just so happened to have come across a woman from my ancient past. Let me guess…", Rick sassed. He knew what… or actually who was about to be risen again. This time it was going to be intentional.

The magi nodded. "Yes, they once again removed the creature from his grave."

"I don't mean to point fingers, but isn't that your job to make sure that doesn't happen?!", Jonathan asked in bafflement. How did the Medjai let this happen a second time?

"I know, I know. We're terrible. But that woman who was with Hafez, she knows things that no living person could possibly know."

"I reckon. She recognized me.", Rick agreed.

"She knew exactly where the creature was buried. We were hoping she would lead us to the bracelet. She obviously did and now they have it.", Ardeth finished as they stopped at Rick's car.

Alex chuckled nervously. "Yeah… I wouldn't get too nervous just yet."

The older three watched as the boy roll up his jacket sleeve and reveal the Bracelet of Anubis attached to his wrist. Jonathan's eyes widened. "Is that gold?"

"When I stuck it on, I saw the pyramids at Giza. Then whoosh! Straight across the desert to Karnak!", Alex added. He glimpsed at his father and saw the glint of seriousness in his eyes. Oh no. Ardeth winced. "By putting that on, you have started a chain reaction that could bring about the next apocalypse."

Alex gasped. "Really?!"

Rick smacked the back of Ardeth's head. "OW! O'Connell!"

"You, lighten up."

He crossed his arms and glared at Alex. "You, big trouble." Then to Jonathan. "You, get in the car."

The four piled in, Rick getting in the driver's seat and taking off once everyone is settled in.

Down the road, Ardeth spoke again. "I'm sorry if I alarmed your son, but you must understand. Now that the bracelet is on his wrist, we have only seven days before the Scorpion King awakens."

Rick groaned. "Oh, damn. Another big bad? And what a coincidence! The very bracelet Alex has on his wrist is his and the fact it is the Year of the Scorpion!"

"I know it sucks. If he is not killed, he will raise the Army of Anubis."

"I take it that's not a good thing.", Jonathan winced.

The brunet turned and nodded at him. "Oh, he'll wipe out the world."

"Ah, the old 'wipe out the world' ploy."

"Familiar, isn't it?"

"I bet there's also some 'unrequited romance' as well."


Ardeth rolled his eyes, even though he found the small talk amusing. "Anyways, whomever can kill the Scorpion King can send his army back to the Underworld. Or use it to destroy mankind and rule the Earth."

"So that's why they dug up our old friend, Imhotep.", Rick concluded.

"In your case, 'boyfriend'.", Jonathan teased as Alex blinked. "Boyfriend? Dad, you had a boyfriend?"

"No! Shut up, Jonathan! Although, he's the only guy tough enough to take out the Scorpion King."

"That's their plan.", Ardeth added with a shrug. Rick sighed. The last thing he wanted was to see him again. For the past eight years, Imhotep never crossed his mind, not even for a second. He wanted to forget him and bury that with his ancient life. He was still uneasy about being the reincarnation of a training Medjai who was also the pharaoh's right hand man, a Seer apparently, someone people of Egypt thought was cursed, and Imhotep's first love. He admitted to himself that he felt sorry for Imhotep, hell gave him a kiss to show it, but he didn't… he didn't want to become his lover. And honestly, Rishid seem resisting in his visions at first.

Either way, Rick didn't care to or even had the nerves to tolerate this again. And by any means necessary, if Imhotep decides to kiss him again all hell shall be released!

The car was soon parked in front of the British Museum. Rick turned around and glanced at his son. "Alex, I got a big job for you."

"What is it?", Alex asked, hoping it was something exciting.

"Stay here and protect the car."

A frown. Jonathan piped up. "I can do that!" He honestly didn't want to go in there, guns blazing and whatnot. Not really his forte. But Alex seem to be into that. "Protect the car? Come on, Dad. Just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I'm stupid.", he deadpanned.

Rick gave a small smile. "I know, Alex. I just don't want you hurt." He ruffled Alex's blond locks before kissing his forehead. "Dad!"


Jonathan sat back, a pout on his lips. He had the feeling he was going to be forced into shooting and dodging mummies… again. "Alex, if you see anyone coming out screaming, it's just me."

Rick quickly turned back around. "Maybe you should stay here and watch him."

"Yes, now you're talking!"

Ardeth chuckled. "Yes. We don't need another Carnahan in distress."

"No. No, you don't. But I expect you to come and rescue me, huh?", Jonathan teased lightly, leaning forward to Ardeth who was turned in his seat to look at him. The magi leaned in closer as well. "You could count on it." The two engaged in a silent staring contest. Rick and Alex exchanged puzzled, blue glances and then back at the other two.



"I know, son. I know. I'm confused, too. They seem to be… oh!" Rick's confused pout formed into a Cheshire Cat grin. "Oh, I see."

"What? What? I want to know, too!"

The gunslinger ruffled his son's hair again. "I'll tell you when you're a bit older. Ardeth!"

"Huh? What?", the magi voiced, snapping out of his trance. Rick grabbed onto his shoulder, shaking him slightly. "Come on. We got a trouble magnet to save. You can make goo-goo eyes at Jonathan later."

Ardeth grumbled under his breath as the two got out the car. Rick skipped around to the trunk and opened it, revealing the many weapons he had there. Ardeth looked at him, the weapons and back at him. "You're always prepared for situations like this?"

Rick twirled a knife in his hand before sticking it in a case. "Can't always be too prepared. Want a shotgun?"

"I actually prefer the Thompson."

"Suit yourself."

The two started prepping the guns, placing bullets in guns and arming themselves for the rescue. In the midst of it, Ardeth's dark gaze caught sight of the brunet's uncovered tattoo. "Hm."


"I have a question. If I were to say to you, I'm a stranger traveling from the east, seeking that which is lost..."

Rick looked up, finishing off the riddle that seem familiar to him. "… then I would reply that I am a stranger traveling from the west. It is I whom you seek. How… how…"

"You really are Rishid's reincarnation. It is true." Ardeth gestured to the tattoo. "You have the sacred mark."

The brunet looked at his marking. "What, this? No, that got slapped on me in an orphanage in Cairo."

"Believe that if you want. That mark means you're a protector of man, warrior for God, a Medjai. Just as Rishid was."

"You know, when Imhotep was buried underneath all that rumble, I buried that with him as well. Ardeth, I may be a reincarnation of Rishid, but I don't want to follow into that path anymore."

"I know it's all overbearing for you, but fate wants you to embrace it. You can't forget that even if you want to."

Rick pouted. "Apparently not. It's almost as if I'm living in a shadow."

"No. You're living in a light. Rishid's light. Imhotep fell for him for a reason."

"Don't remind me."

Ardeth shrugged. "Well, it happened."

"Uh-huh. Now let's go."

The duo, armed and loaded, quietly entered into the museum, guns pointed and ready to shoot at anything unusual. Rick spoke up again. "So what's the deal with you and Jonathan?"

Ardeth halted in his steps. "Um…"

"You like him, don't you? Don't deny it. How long?"

"For a while."

"That seem like more than 'a while', Mr. Magi."

Ardeth bit his lip, clearing his throat and then mumbling something. Rick placed his arms around the magi's neck from behind, a mischievous kitty grin on. "Hm? What was that? I didn't hear you."

"Since Hamunaptra."

"Eight years?! Are you crazy?! You could have been married by now!"

"Shush! You might alarm someone. Also, Jonathan doesn't feel the same way about me."

"Oh please. That guy wants you. He desires you, my friend.", Rick scoffed, getting back into a defensive stance. "We'll be talking about this later. We got bad guys to kill and a librarian to save!"

Just not too deep into the museum within a large room, a waking ritual was just getting started. Many of the red robed men were bowing in sync while Lock-Nah walked into the room with two lines of men walking behind him, a few of them carrying an unconscious Evelyn who was indeed tied up and laying on a board. Apparently, Lock-Nah had his shirt off for this which is beyond anyone's guess as to why and probably for a dramatic effect. Or it could be that it was hot. There was a lot of candles lit anyways and a huge fire going on. So it could be that. Not that the man had a bad body because he didn't but… okay. Okay, back to it!

Anyways, just in the center of the room was Imhotep's golden granite mold, Hafez standing in front of him chanting while he read from the Book of the Dead. He was doing fine really, doing a great job at the chanting, not missing a beat and really put some effort into it. But props have to go to the man kneeling down, holding the book on his shoulders and upper back like he was some pedestal. Award him, please!

Evy was settled down abruptly, jolting her out of her unconscious state. She moaned awake, opening her eyes and realizing she was tied up as she sat up. "What in the hell? Is this some cult stuff or what?", she teased, looking about her surroundings. She spotted the curator of the museum and was a bit taken back. "Mr. Hafez?! You're a bad guy now?! My nephew knows you! Shame on you, Hafez! Shame!"

Hafez just ignored her and continued with the chant. Evelyn's attention was averted to the golden prison casting in the room. Her eyes widened when she realized what was going on. "Oh. They found him."

Down the darkened hall, Ardeth and Rick crept, listening to the distant chanting. The gunslinger suddenly gasped, tumbling back a bit just a bit as a dizzy spell resurfaced from years ago.

"O'Connell? Are you okay?", the magi asked, helped Rick back to his feet. The brunet exhaled sharply as he felt some spark in his body. "We're getting close. He's-"


"Whoa! Whoa!"

The duo quickly backed away as several of the mummies woken up, shrieking shrilly. Luckily, the majority of them were in glass castings and had no idea how to get out. Rick laughed at the predicament. "Ha! Silly mummies…"

Hafez was now getting louder with the chant, raising his hands, shaking them as the mold began to break. Evelyn propped her arms up on her thighs to plant her chin within her palms, completely out of patience of the cliché of the situation and boredom. "Just get out of that thing already."

On cue, Imhotep, mummified, broke out completely, roaring at being woken. He looked around, noticing the red robed cronies and how they were bowing to him. Evelyn winced. "I take it back. Please go back in the little granite cast thingy."

"What year is it?", Imhotep asked in his native tongue.

"My Lord, it is the Year of the Scorpion.", Hafez answered, the mummy's focus now on him. It freaked him out, honestly it did, but he pledged to serve the mummy and help him control the Army of Anubis and defeat the Scorpion King. It wasn't so easy being a bad guy just as much as it was being a good one.

Imhotep looked almost shocked at the information. "It is true?"


The mummy chuckled, grateful that he was awaken in time for it. Oh, how he wanted revenge now. He only wanted to raise back his dead girlfriend! Well… boyfriend since she was forgotten the moment Rick was seen.

The doors to the room suddenly opened and everyone turned to see Meela walking down the aisle in her fancy, glitz and glamour getup on. Evelyn had gotten a brief chill and saw Meela's features change to gold, black and jewelry. She appeared as an Egyptian royal for just a while before looking more modern. The slightly darker woman stopped in front of Imhotep, who easily recognized her. Okay, let's toss Rishid out the window now! She seems more accepting! Hafez stepped up just a bit. "Do not be frightened.", he advised. Meela gave him a questioning look. "Do I look every bit of frightened? Nope!"

She turned back to Imhotep, love glittering in her dark eyes. "I am Anck-su-namun reincarnated."

Imhotep, enchanted by her beauty and feeling the love for her once again, approached her, fingers lightly gripping her hair as he began circling her. "Only in body. But soon I shall bring your soul back from the Underworld and our love shall once again be whole.", he promised, staring at her with an adoring look that she gave back. He wished that eight years ago Rick would have done the same. Then again, he wasn't the one the mummy was cursed for.

And speaking of whom…

Up on a balcony, hidden, Ardeth and Rick stood. The gunslinger sighed. "You know, a couple of years this all would've seemed really strange to me.", he sassed, feeling another spell now that the awaken Imhotep was in his clear view. Although he already despised the woman, he was glad Meela, the reincarnated Anck-su-namun, decided to return Imhotep's love. He was still iffy about being the said mummy's reincarnated first lover.

Ardeth patted his back softly. "My friend, it is still strange."

"You said it. At least I'm not having… oh! Spoke too soon."

Rick unexpectedly leaned forward, almost falling over the bars if Ardeth didn't pull him in time. His unconscious body was settled down behind a large box where the two hid from site just as Hafez looked up. He saw no one, shrugged and made his way over to Lock-Nah.

The magi mapped out Rick's face and saw that he was in a deep trance. "Crap. Great, perfect time to have a vision, O'Connell."

The sun had just risen in the sky, making whatever that laid before him glow a bright gold, almost blinding him. Covering his eyes, he mapped out his surrounding and realizing there was a large pyramid, a golden pyramid. It stood proudly within the middle of what seem to be a forest.

"What… where…"

There was a sudden, harsh pain from within the pit of his stomach. He looked down and saw a knife embedded within him. He slowly looked up and caught the smirking, sinister visage of Meela, who looked more like Anck-su-namun than ever. She pulled out the knife walking away as he fell to his knees just as a shout was heard.


Rick was taken by surprise by the hand covering his mouth, but quickly noting where they were, he settled down. Ardeth removed his hand. "O'Connell, I know you just woken up from a vision, but do not give away our position."

"Sorry. It was sudden."

"What did you see?"

The brunet glared down between the bars, his icy blues targeting Meela. "Her."

Down below, the evil doers, because that's what they were, stayed clueless to the duo and more focused with the task at hand. Hafez stood next to Lock-Nah, still shirtless, who was opening the chest with a syringe of acid. "Lord Imhotep will be much pleased.", the curator assured as the chest opened. The two gasped, expecting the bracelet, but finding just a small statue of what looked to be some baseball player. "The hell?!", Lock-Nah growled.

Hafez winced, knowing that they were all in deep shit now. "Where is it? Where could the bracelet be?!"

Lock-Nah's mind clicked, a clue as to where the ancient bracelet just be resting. "I think I know."


"At the very top…"

"You know you really shouldn't be sitting on your father's car."

"He won't know if you don't tell."

Back outside, Alex, sitting on Rick's car, and Jonathan standing beside him had continued to wait for the others and decided to chat to pass the time. It felt like forever.

"At the very top of the gold pyramid, there is a huge diamond.", Alex informed, having Jonathan's complete attention at the mention of a diamond and gold. "Huge? How huge?"

"It's so big, it would reflect the sun and wink at distant travelers, beckoning them to their deaths."

Jonathan's eyes got real big. "R-really?"

"Yes. It is said that any man who has seen it has found themselves within Ahm Shere where they never return from."

"How does anyone know any of this?"

Alex shrugged. "I don't know. It's written in the books for all I know."

Back to the inside!

"I have a gift for you.", Meela cooed, gesturing over to Evelyn who looked now on the defensive when the mummy noticed her. Imhotep glared at her, remembering that she was the one that read the spell that put him to his second death. He thought it was a little unfair since she was the one to awaken him. How in the world are you gonna awaken someone and then put them back? Who does that?


"Hey, I can still understand you, Imhotep!", the librarian hissed, feeling a bit offended. He had the right to hate her, but geez. Be a bit subtler about it.

"I knew it would please you to watch her die."Meela snapped her fingers. Evelyn jerked in surprise when she was suddenly lifted. She tried getting off the board but she was grabbed and forced back down. "NO! GET OFF! BACK! BACK, HEATHENS!"

"No use, Mrs. O'Connell!", Shafek shouted. Evelyn scoffed. "I'm not married to him, dimwit! He's like a brother! And a mother on some occasions… but you catch my drift!" Hearing the crackling of fire, Evelyn slowly turned as if she was in a horror movie and stared wide eyed at the flames within a large bowl. Oh… slow death? Wow, Imhotep really did want his enemies to know how he felt. Yet… he didn't know about this. Dude just woke up.

"The Underworld awaits you.", Imhotep chuckled. Evelyn glared at him.


Hafez stepped up to her once the men stopped in front of the fire. "Our thinking was, not if we put you in your grave first."


"Burn her!", Meela commanded.

Evelyn shouted as she was lifted and was about to be tossed within the fire.

By a miracle, Rick sprouted from over the flames and grabbed her, throwing her over his shoulder. "YOINK, BITCHES!" The men fell back as Rick landed on the board, jumping off and quickly taking cover as Ardeth began shooting like a maniac. Imhotep glanced about, trying to make of the sudden turn of events and only came to the conclusion that he was very much pissed.

"Oh damn! It has happened!", Jonathan shouted, trying to open the car door in panic. Alex started freaking out, too, hearing the distant gunshots and hoping the best for the others. "Open it! Open it!"

"I'm trying! I'm trying, Alex!"

"Try harder!"

"I'm the adult! Don't shout at me!"

"Well, you're being a baby!"

"Argh! Shut up!"

While bullets were now being shot back and forth, Hafez was trying his best not to get shot. He didn't need any bullet up his ass today. Meela and Lock-Nah were shooting at Ardeth, who was wishing that Rick would hurry up already. Behind a crate, said gunslinger was cutting Evelyn's restraints, giving her a gun. "What is with you and making yourself the trouble magnet?"

"Hey, it's not like I'm trying to win an award for it."

"You had me fooled."


"Thank you."

Both Evelyn and Rick stepped from behind the crate and began shooting at the cronies, stepping back in the process for their escape. Shafek had ducked in time as some of the bullets hit a flammable chemical, setting the others on fire, resulting two of them flying off as if they were like birds. More small explosions happened, making the whole scene seem chaotic. Ardeth served as cover as Evelyn and Rick made their way up the stairs. Halfway there, the brunet halted as wooziness transcended through his body. He turned and stared wide eyed just as his blue gaze met Imhotep's dark one. "Oh God…", Rick whimpered, realizing that the two were once again face to face as they were eight years ago and thousands before then.


"Look, Imhotep, I know you're upset before I not only rejected you, ran from you many times, and then killed you, but at least you got your girlfriend, Anck-su-namun. She loves you. Now you can have what you always wanted."

"I wanted you!"

"I know! I know! But-"

"Rick, you're not going to hold a conversation with him again! We have an escape to make!", Evelyn reminded from behind. "Right! See ya!"

Imhotep was just about to approach him, but Rick shot him in the shoulder before running off. The mummy was displeased with this. Alright, he wanted to play like that, he fucking got it.

He turned around, pushing some of the robed men out the way.

Alex and Jonathan were now in the car, both giddy with fright and unable to sit as the older of the two tried to start the car. But that was hard to do when you had some kid screaming at you. "Come on! Come on! Come on!"

"Alex, shut-"


The two stilled as they realized that the key broke… meaning not only the car now couldn't start without it, they were pretty much fresh out of luck since neither didn't know how to hotwire a car. And also… Rick was gonna be pissed. "You broke it! You broke it! You broke it!", Alex shrieked, knowing his dad was gonna be kicking asses later. Jonathan flicked his forehead. "Quiet, Alex! If there's gonna be hysterics, they'll come from me!"

"Dad's going to kill us both! Oh man! We should go down to the cemetery and dig out plots now!"

"Alex, let's not think about that."

"It's hard not to when you know it's going to come. His anger is like a plague descending upon all of Egypt! You witnessed plagues, haven't you?!"

"Yeah! You're right! Rick is going to kill us!"

The two jumped out the car, hyperventilating from the near limit of pissing their pants. "What are we gonna do?! What are we gonna do?!"

"You're asking me? I'm only eight years old for cripes sake!"

"You're in much trouble as I am!"

"You broke the key!"

"Only because you were shouting in my ear making me panic!"

"Hope you can explain that to Dad!"

"I'll be throwing you under the bus as well!"


The two looked forward, a light bulb clicking on.

Rick and Evelyn hurried went up the stairs, meeting up with Ardeth who looked pleased at the number of guys running around on fire. "Ardeth, I got your sister-in-law!", the reincarnation shouted. Ardeth stammered as Evelyn looked confused. "Quiet!"

The trio's attention was on sudden alert at the sound of Imhotep growling. They watched as he picked up an urn, starting up a chant that they knew meant bad news. "Collect your bones! Gather your limbs! Shake the earth from your flesh!" Dust flew out, forming into four piles.


Those piles… became mummies. The trio groaned, now angry. "Not these guys again!", Rick hissed.

Imhotep pointed at them. "DESTORY THEM!"

The three immediately hauled ass, ignoring the still awake mummies trying to come out of their glass castings. Some looked as if they actually gave up, too. "I officially hate my life!", Rick shouted as they came out the museum and back to the outside. Evelyn had halted and backtracked to the door, pulling a bench in front of it. The gunslinger ran back to her, pinching her arm. "Ow!"

"Evy, what are you doing? These guys don't use doors!", he reminded, pulling her along as they started to run again. They rounded the corner, spotting Rick's car only to find it wasn't in motion to go and it was empty. And the trunk was opened?

"Where the hell is Jonathan and Alex?!"

On cue, a horn was heard. The trio was baffled seeing Jonathan driving up in a…

"Double-decker bus, Jonathan?", Evelyn questioned, climbing onboard. She cared less really. They needed to go and they needed to go now. But Rick wanted to be dramatic. "What's the matter with my car? And why is the trunk open?"

"Well… we were forced to find an alternative means of transportation.", Jonathan answered while Alex popped up, holding a large bundle. "And we thought to grab the weapons at last minute."

"Alex, put down the weapons. You could hurt yourself. But really… a double-decker bus?!"

"It was his idea!", the older Carnahan sibling accused, pointing at Alex.

The blonde scoffed. "No it wasn't!"

"Was to it was!"

"Who broke-"

"Um… it was my idea."

Alex crossed his arms, smirking. "Thought so."

Rick rolled his eyes. "Just drive!", he demanded, landing on the back platform. He hung off the pole watching as the mummies broke through the wall of the museum. "See, Evy? Told you they don't use doors!"


The mummies spotted the escaping group and made chase. They decided to be jerks in the process and jumped onto Rick's car, smashing it to bits with their strength. Rick whined. "No! Not my damn car! All that space where you could have run and you chose to be jerks and waste time ruining my car! You asses!", he scowled before getting into the bus and glaring at the four mummies through the back window. "Oh I hate mummies.", he hissed, glaring at the four mummies who chased after the bus. Ardeth smirked, cocking the gun in his hands. "Glad to see me now?"

"You bet I am! And I'm sure Jonathan is, too!"

"What about me?", said man asked. Ardeth glared at Rick who giggled before heading up to the upper deck of the bus. "Nothing, Jonathan! Just drive!"

Rick took a seat in the back at the opened window of the bus. He began shooting at the mummies, getting one in the ankle, but the bastard did a twirl and then jumped onto a pillar of a building, the other three following his example. The gunslinger sighed, rolling his eyes. "You got to be kidding!"

He spotted one of the mummies jumping off the wall and into the lower part of the bus. He peeked down and caught Ardeth shooting like a maniac again and then pieces of the mummy falling onto the road. "Great job shooting, Ardeth!", he teased. Ardeth waved him off.

Another mummy pounced onto the bus, about to climb into the window, but Rick blew him to bits in one shot. The brunet blinked at the unexpected result of the shot and looked down at the shotgun in his hands. "I love this gun!" THUMP!

Rick spotted a dent within the bus's roof, made by the third mummy's foot. He cocked his gun, realizing it was out of bullets just as the mummy started punching holes in the roof. "No! No! Please not now!", he whined, starting to load the gun. The mummy ripped the roof off and jumped down just as Rick had gotten the gun loaded. He knocked the weapon out of his hands and pushed Rick down. "Ow! Way to treat your master's ex-lover!", he hissed as the mummy pulled him by his ankles down the aisle. Rick flipped onto his back and kicked the mummy, freeing himself before getting up to his feet. He rushed back to grab the gun, but just as the bus made a harsh turn, it fell through a crack. Rick groaned, his arms falling to his sides. "Damn it, Jonathan."

Back down below, Ardeth was taken by surprise of the upper half of a mummy who used the bars as his transportation. "What kind of crap is this?!", the magi questioned harshly in disbelief when the mummy knocked his gun out his hands. The magi ducked and dodged, avoiding the mummy, but it was kind of hard to do with it being so damn fast. Alex and Evelyn stood close to the driver seat, both also in disbelief at the situation now. "Aunt Evy?!"

"I know, Alex. I know."

"Jonathan, turn the bus! Turn it!", Ardeth commanded. Jonathan did so, rounding a corner and narrowly missing a car. "Eep! Move out the way, idiots!", he shouted as people screaming and ran out the road to avoid being flattened like a pancake. When the bus almost went flying, hitting a fire hydrant, there was a girlish scream up top and a thump. "Sorry about that, Rick!"


Ardeth had fallen back in a seat, the half of a mummy who was fighting him loomed over him and his fingernails grew out into dangerous killer claws. The magi gulped. "Damn."

It sliced his chest, leaving three gashes. "OW! I HAPPEN TO LIKE THIS ROBE!"

The mummy was just about to attack again but Evy charged forward, a sword in hand from the bag of weapons, kicking him in the chest. The mummy was in shock and a bit frightened of her slightly maniacal look of crazy. "Fight me!", she hollered and charged forward again, forcing the mummy onto the ground before slicing it multiple times. Eventually, the mummy became just a pile of rubble which was thrown off the bus through the back window, breaking the glass.

Evelyn stood straight back up and planted her hands on her hips. She caught the looks her nephew and the magi was giving her. "What? That thing was about to kill you. I had to do something."

"You're crazy.", Alex wheezed. The librarian shook her head. "No. I'm combative… at times. Picked that up from your father!"

"I bet!"

"Low bridge!", Jonathan announced just as he went through it. The four could hear the wreckage above, praying that Rick was in the clear. Hearing his girlish screams gave them some bit of hope. The bus continued down the road until it hit the middle of the bridge, coming to a stop of the side. Jonathan and Alex exhaled in relief as Evelyn settled down in a vacant bus seat across from the panting Ardeth. "Great driving, Uncle Jon.", Alex commented just as Rick came back down. "Great driving, my ass." He turned to the magi. "You okay?"

"This was my first bus ride!", Ardeth answered.

Evelyn blinked. "Then-"

"I know what a bus is!"

"Alright! Alright!"

She then met Rick's serious gaze, said brunet in a stance of crossed arms. "Are all librarians this much trouble?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

"You shouldn't get kidnapped again."

Alex walked past his father, giving him a brief hug before heading to the back of the bus, checking out the damage caused. Suddenly, a hand gripped him, pulling him off the bus. He shouted, alerting the adults. Rick was the first off the bus, running after Lock-Nah who held Alex and jumping into a car. "NO! GIVE ME BACK MY SON!", he hollered as the car sped before stopping and picking up one of their cronies who raised the bridge and driving off again. Rick didn't care and continued to run, at the moment only caring for his son. "NO! ALEX! NO!"

By the time he got halfway, the bridge was completely up. He held onto the edge, peering over and catching the car drive off with his baby boy. "No… Alex…"

Dark eyes scanned over the scenery of London, a malicious smirk etched on thin lips. Behind her, he walked up, taking her waist within his arm.

"I shall go to Ahm Shere and kill the Scorpion King.", Imhotep voiced, looking down at Meela. The woman glanced up at him with an adoring gleam in her eyes. "And with his army we shall rule the world together."

"My Lord, there is something you should know."

The couple turned, seeing it was just Hafez, Shafek standing behind him with the black book in his arms. Imhotep crossed his arms, a bit displeased at the interruption of the romantic moment. "What is it?"

"They have the Scepter of Osiris. I have seen it."And truth be told, the curator was upset that he dropped it, now empty handed without it. All be damned. Imhotep just exhaled, not caring for said item. He wouldn't need it. "By the time we reached Ahm Shere, my powers will have regenerated. And I will have no need for the Scepter."

"What if you did?"

"I won't though."

"But what if you did?"

"Do you want me to kill you?!"

"No. No, I don't… sorry."

Satisfied, Imhotep turned back to Meela. The woman stepped back until her back hit a wall. The moment it did, her surroundings shifted to that of gold and lit fires. She looked around and saw that Imhotep looked like himself just as he did 3,000 years ago. Meela then examined herself, seeing the golden jewels embedded within her hair and that decorated her skin. She wasn't Meela for that moment. No, she was Anck-su-namun.

Her eyes met Imhotep's, a spark of undying love between them. Closer they became, their lips meeting halfway.

"Rick, calm down. You gotta stop crying."

"Evy… A-Alex… kidnapped…"

"We know, we know. Calm down."


"That is one ugly cry. Rick, please calm down."



Rick, tears in his eyes, looked up at Ardeth who approached him, Jonathan behind him. Evelyn was trying to calm the gunslinger down, hugging him and rocking back and forth since he was really freaking out about losing Alex. He was his son, his baby boy! And now he was kidnapped by killer bad guys! Worst, they served Imhotep! Who knows what he was going to do to him?! But the magi's next words gave some hope and relief. "Please do not fear for your son, O'Connell. They cannot harm him for he wears the bracelet."

Evelyn blinked at the new bit of information. "Wait! Alex is wearing the bracelet?!"

Jonathan nodded. "Yup. When he put it on he said he saw the pyramids of Giza then the temple of Karnak."

"Yes, and when they reach Karnak, the bracelet will show him the next step of the journey.", Ardeth added.

Evelyn crossed her arms. "I found that bracelet and now my nephew has it on. What a turn of events."

"Agreed.", Rick whined, settling down just a bit. Though he was still pretty upset.

"But never mind all of that. We have to reach Karnak before them, otherwise we won't have any idea where to look for them next."

At that, an idea clicked in the gunslinger's head. "Hm. Seems to me, we're gonna need a magic carpet."

Seeing the look on Rick's face, Jonathan turned to Ardeth. "We're in trouble now."

Many people were in disbelief how a whole train was brought out, which indeed had many red robed men sitting on top of it as it pulled away, but hey! If you have the money for it, do with it what you please. In this case, it was a service to an ancient mummy who will in no doubt and without hesitation kill you.

In the inside, where people didn't have to worry about hanging onto the train, Hafez and Meela were in one of the booths. The curator was standing by the window for just a moment before he turned to the reincarnation of Imhotep's second lover. He was still in shock at that when he found out about that. He wasn't completely clear as to who his first lover was and he really didn't care.

"When Imhotep first encountered the O'Connells, they sent his immortal soul to the Underworld. As powerful as he will become, he is still vulnerable. Only with the Army of Anubis will he be invincible. He will need your help, Meela."

"I know, I know. He's my man. Of course, I'll help him. By the way, it's O'Connell and Carnahans. Didn't that one guy mention how he wasn't married to O'Connell? And then the woman mentioned the same thing?"

He waved her off. "It was just easier to say, alright? They're one big happy family anyways. Besides, that boy is his son, right? It would be O'Connells and Carnahans then."

"Yeah, yeah. You're right."

Hafez gestured over to Shafek who handed him the Book of the Dead. He got it and passed it to Meela. "Keep this with you always. Always. You never know when you have to bring back a soul."


"Let me go, jerk! Let me go!"

The duo turned to see Lock-Nah carrying in Alex, who was struggling like a maniac and was just about to bite Lock-Nah before he put him down on his feet. He glared up at the man, straightening his jacket. "Why are you so mean?"

"I don't like annoyance.", the man deadpanned. Alex crossed his arms. "Hey, if you lightened up, maybe you and I could get along and this could be a lot easier for you. Trust me, keep mistreating me and I'll give you all hell."

"Hm. I'll take your word for it then."

The blonde huffed before looking over at Meela and Hafez. He gasped, recognizing the item in Meela's hands. "Hey, that's the black Book of the Dead!"

Meela stood, smiling at him. "What a bright little child. Your mother must be missing you terribly."

Alex rolled his eyes. "I love how bad guys… and girl… keep mistaking our relationships with each other. She's my aunt!"

"So… that means… um… the guy with the guns… is who?", Shafek questioned.

"My father!"

"Then who is your mom?"

"I'm adopted."

"Oh. Okay, makes sense now."

Meela went over to Alex's side, bending down to his level. "Well, your father must be missing you terribly. If you wish to see him again, you'd better behave.", she suggested as the thought of Rick crossed her mind. She really did hate him just as much as her incarnation hated his.

Alex scoffed, rolling his eyes the way Rick would. "Lady, I do wish to see him again, but do you honestly think I'm gonna behave for you? Half of the time I'm not even on my best behavior for him, my aunt, grandfather, or uncles."

The woman just chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Because your father wouldn't slip poisonous snakes in your bed… while you were sleeping." Blue eyes widened at the statement. Maybe it would be best if he behaved. "O-Okay."

"What is with her and snakes?", Shafek mumbled just as three men entered, two of them carrying a chest. Lock-Nah had long led Alex out the coach into another so Imhotep could officially meet him.

"Nice.", Red commented as Jacques and Spivey placed the chest down. He glanced at Meela and added a smirk. "Very nice." Not really patient at the moment, especially involving these three men, Hafez stepped up, quickly asking, "Did you acquire what we asked?"

Red nodded. "Oh, we acquired it, alright. And you know what? We-"

"Killed two of those guards at the mausoleum to get it.", Jacques deadpanned. He wasn't really patient either.

"Hey, I was supposed to say that."

"Don't care. Anyways, why do you need the chest? You do know it's cursed, right?"

Meela nodded. "We know."

"It mustn't be opened. There's an inscription on it to prove that."

"I bet there is."

"Yes. It says that there is one, the Undead, who will kill all who opens this chest…"

"Yes, yes! And the creature will suck them dry, then become whole again. We've all heard this story before, man.", the curator reminded edgily. "It's nothing new to anyone of us." Shafek raised his hand, about to retort to that. "Shut up, Shafek."


"I doubt it's just a 'story'. I heard that the Yanks who found the chest eight years ago all died. Horrible, horrible deaths they were. So with that in mind…", Red started.

"We want ten.", Spivey finished, placing his foot on the chest. Jacques karate chopped at his ankle. "Ow! Jacques!"

"This is an ancient artifact. Don't put your foot on it!"

"Alright! Alright!"

"The agreement was for five thousand.", Hafez scowled, crossing his arms. Red frowned. "Yeah, well, we want ten. Or we'll take it elsewhere."

"I dare you. See what happens. I promise you'll rue that decision! Rue it!"

"Hafez.", Meela voiced, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Ten will be just fine." She smirked for just a moment, Hafez catching it. He nodded, knowing what she planned to do. She turned to the trio. "Follow me, gentlemen."

They did so, very much clueless to what was coming for them.

"Rick, are you feeling well?"

At the question asked by his proclaimed sister, blue eyes averted to the worried face. Rick turned back to the road with a nod. "Just fine. Why?"

"Well… I admit… I've been wondering if… since Imhotep's been awakened again… have you…"

"Had any visions?"

Rick sighed. He knew this was coming. Evelyn could hold in so much questions for such a short period time. That and she easily worries, maybe not as much as him though. He's just a big brother/Mother Hen with weapons galore.

"Just one since we rescued you. But unlike before… it wasn't… something from the past. It was more so like the future."

From the back seat, Jonathan leaned up, pushing one of the bags out of his way. "Well, what did you see?"

The gunslinger shrugged. "Honestly, I can't say so myself. All I know there was a pyramid, a jungle, a knife and that… woman." Just remembering her gave him a bad taste in his mouth. There was no doubt that she was the reincarnation of Anck-su-namun, the woman who hated Rishid because he was the one holding Imhotep's affections first. And even though it wasn't clear as to who poisoned Rishid, ending his life, remembering how Anck-su-namun treated the Seer gave him a clue… no, a definite answer that the mistress was indeed his killer. And honestly? She just might do it again in this life. But something in his gut told him that he wasn't the only target. Someone else besides Imhotep had connections to their ancient past. Someone who could practically feel Egypt run through their veins. Someone who knew the past as if they've been there. Someone who… oh.

"Evelyn, speaking of visions, how's yours?"

"They're real composed now. They still happen once in a while."

"Alright. Um, another question. With these visions… do they feel almost like a memory?"

"Rick, where are you going with this?"

"Answer me."

"Well, yeah, they do. Why?"

"Isn't that what I felt when I started having visions before I found out I was a reincarnation?"

Silence. A pregnant pause of silence. Jonathan looked back and forth between the two. Rick was still looking at the road, but the small grin on his face told him that he just unlocked something new. His sister appeared to be every bit of baffled, collecting her thoughts. "Um… yes. Are you saying that…?"

"You might be a reincarnation as well, yes, that is what I'm saying."

"You could be right, too.", Jonathan agreed, processing the theory as well. It could be possible. Evelyn had visions just as he did and when they were at the resting place of where the Bracelet of Anubis was found, she even mentioned that she felt as if she been there before. Only question was now being who was Evelyn in ancient times?

Alex grunted as he was pushed into the coach by the command of Lock-Nah, who he knew hated him just to being hating him. The blonde spotted a dark clad figure in the back of the room. He turned the moment Alex stopped, revealing the black hole less mask he wore. The boy had a clue who this was. "You're that mummy my Uncle Ardeth mentioned, huh? Imhotep?"

Imhotep stepped closer, bending down to his level. "I know you can understand me, little one."

"I can. My Aunt Evelyn taught me."

"I bet she did. Now, you must listen carefully because…" Then Imhotep switched to English. "… it is you who are the chosen one. You will take me to Ahm Shere."

The blonde did a back track. "Hold it! Why did you just speak Ancient Egyptian… or Arabic… and then switched over to English if you knew I could understand you?"

Imhotep shrugged. "Don't know. Just listen."

"Now you're sticking to English."

"For now. Back to the matter at hand."

"Alright, alright. So what if I get lost? What if I don't lead you to Ahm Shere?", Alex sassed, crossing his arms.

The mummy chuckled, recognizing the tone of someone who had a piece of his heart. "You have strength, little one. You are your father's son."

"Yes, yes, I am. Even if I'm adopted. I don't care for that. He raised me. Loved me like I was his own flesh and blood."

"You know, if he chosen to not reject my love all those years ago, we could have raised you together."

"Is that something you should be telling me?"

"Don't know.", Imhotep admitted, shrugged. He flicked Alex's forehead, which the blonde yelped at, rubbing the sore spot. "Rude."

"I know something about this bracelet that you don't." The boy was taken by surprised as his left arm was lifted by Imhotep's will. "This bracelet is both a gift and a curse." Blue eyes followed Imhotep's other hand which picked up an hourglass and flipped it over. Sand began to pour into the bottom half and somehow, Alex could feel the time that wasted into the bottom go through him. "Already the sands of time have begun to pour against you."

Alex placed his hands on his hips. "Yeah, yeah. I already know that the minute I put the bracelet on, seven days do I have before the Scorpion King wakes up."

Behind the mask, Imhotep smirked. Yup, this boy was his first lover's son. He had that same smart-alecky attitude. "You are correct. But are you aware that if you do not enter the pyramid before the sun rises on that very morning, that the bracelet will suck the life out of you?"

Blue eyes went wide eyed and filled with fright at the statement. "T-that part I missed…" He then grasped just how much time he had left. "Hey, wait a minute! That means I've only got five days left!"

Imhotep gave a dark chuckle behind his mask. "Then I believe it would be best for you if you don't get lost, don't you?"

Alex glared at the mummy. Ooh, how he was pissed, knowing the guy was right. Butt. No wonder his father 'dumped' him years ago. And no doubt Rick was at a hair pulling rage that he had the gall to kidnap him. "My dad is going to kick your arse.", he promised. Imhotep scoffed. The younger stepped back just a bit as the mummified priest went to take off his mask. He yelped, seeing the mummy's face for the first time. "I don't think so."

Lock-Nah grabbed Alex and led him out the door, leaving the mummy alone in the booth. Imhotep stood back up, thoughts going through his mind. The boy was so much like his father, Rick O'Connell. The reincarnation of Rishid, his first lover. It made Imhotep slightly unsure if his heart is in the right place. He loved Anck-su-namun, or Meela in this case. But how much did he love her? He loved her enough to be cursed for her sake. Hell, he loved her enough to want to rule the world with her. He wasn't going to Ahm Shere for his sake. He was going for her. For Meela. For his princess. She was the one who found his imprisonment after all, just in time of the Scorpion King's awakening. She loved him back. Rick didn't. But one could guess it came with the cause of not being cursed for him. After all, like Rishid was, at first, Rick was very impassive to the priest's love. Meela was embracing it.

Speaking of whom…

"In here, gentlemen."

The door opened again, revealing that is was Meela who opened it, letting in Red, Spivey and Jacques. The men carried in the chest with them. "Here you shall receive your just rewards."

"No tricks now, woman. We're not, I repeat, notgiving up this chest till we're satisfied.", Red warned. Meela just gave him a cheeky smile. "Don't worry. There's much satisfaction to be had.", she replied, stepping out the door before slamming it and locking it with a hurry. The trio turned, shocked at her actions before whipping back around, hearing wind in the coach. "Was… was that wind?", Spivey questioned in disbelief. They pulled out their guns when there was a low growl from somewhere. They looked about, finding nothing but the feeling of pure creepiness in the coach.

"This place is cursed.", Jacques voiced. Red glared at him. "What is with you and curses, huh?"

"You're not happy without a good curse, are you? It's 'this is cursed' and 'that is cursed'.", Spivey added.

The lightly darker man hissed at him. "No, I'm cautious. You can never be too careful, alright?!"

"Hey, you two give it a rest!"

As if on cue, Imhotep jumped out, roaring and scaring the crap out the men. Almost literally in Spivey's case. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!"



Imhotep stopped for a moment to laugh. This was actually pretty funny.

Meela opened the door's opening when Spivey started banging on it like a scared little kid. Jacques and Red was doing their best to rid of the mummy priest, but bullets had no damn effect on him. Pity, pity them. "HELP US! HELP US!", the man cried, tears going down his face. His pants were almost about to be just as wet. "Just open the chest. One of you can just open the chest. He wants you to open the chest. He'll spare you.", she assured, crossing her fingers behind her back. Hafez had spotted it and scoffed. "There's no need to do that."

"I can't be too sure now."

Not caring if the woman was lying or not, Spivey rushed to the chest, flipping the lid of it open and making dust fly from it everywhere.

It got quiet in the coach. Red and Jacques glanced from the chest and then to Spivey who paled under their harsh looks. "She… she told me to."

"And you believed it?! Now we're all doomed! DOOMED!", Jacques scowled.

"But I was the only one to open the chest, right?"

"We're in the room with you! We're near the chest!"

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry!"

Just as those words were spoken, Imhotep revealed himself, crawling on the ceiling and hanging upside down. He grabbed Spivey and starting suck the life out him. The remaining two screamed in terror and tried going to the windows. Of course, the windows were shut very tightly as if someone nailed the window pane down. "All be damned!", Red whimpered, now knowing that none of them weren't getting paid.

Rick parked the car once they arrived to their destination. The trio got out the car, Jonathan with his golden stick in his hand. Evelyn took a quick glance at the sign outside the place. "Hm. So this is the Magic Carpet Airways?", she asked, glimpsing at Rick with a curious, and contemplating stare. The gunslinger waved her off. "It'll be fine, Evy. He's a professional. I worked with him before."

The door to the stone gate then opened, revealing a dark toned man, dressed in light tan and white clothes, a pilot helmet and an eyepatch over his eye. He was humming, clueless to the recent arrivals until he looked up with a gasp. "…"

"Izzy!", Rick greeted. Said man shouted in shock and horror, twirling his ass back on the other side before locking the door. Rick pouted, feeling offended at the action. "Hey!"

"Oh, he definitely a professional, alright. And he definitely remembers you.", the librarian teased. Rick glared at he briefly. "He's just a little shy. Jonathan, get our bags."

Said male stopped short and crossed his arms. "Ask nicely. Don't demand me."

With a roll of his crystal blues, the brunet huffed out the sweetest he can, "Can you please get our bags, Jonathan?" Though it was strained.

"Hm. My hands are full."

"ARGH!" Jonathan yelped when Rick snatched his golden item away and bonked him on the head with it. "NOW!"

"Okay! Okay!"

While Jonathan turned to the task at hand, Evelyn watched as Rick pulled out one of his guns and shot at the door. "Rick, maybe you should try being subtle."

"Ain't nobody has time for that, Evelyn. And you know I'm not a subtle man. Especially when it comes to Alex.", he retorted before kicking the door open. Izzy quickly made more distance between him and Rick, almost tumbling to the ground. "No, no and no."

"He doesn't seem too happy to see you, dear o' aggressive brother of mine.", Evelyn noted as Izzy took a couple of rolled up papers from a desk, pushing a sleeping man out the way. Rick looked back at her and continued pursing the pilot. "He hasn't turned me down yet. And he's not going to either.", Rick assured, a deadly gleam in his crystal blues. "Izzy, come here! I'm not going to hurt you!", he added, hands on hips. Izzy shook his head. "Uh-uh. Whatever it is, whatever you need, forget it! I don't care, O'Connell."

"But Izzy-"

"No! Every time I hook up with you, I get shot!"

By now, Jonathan had appeared, two bags in his hands while one was on his back. Two kids were helping him, seeing him struggle with the luggage before, holding a bag each themselves. "Every time?", he questioned, pondering Izzy's claim.

"Yes! Every time! Last time I got shot in the ass! I'm in mourning for my ass!"

"That… that was an accident and I apologized even though I wasn't the one to shoot you!", Rick reminded with a pout, arms crossed. Izzy glared his way. "Doesn't matter! I always get shot! Remember that bank job in Marrakesh?"

"Bank job?", the Carnahan siblings repeated, both blinking at Rick.

"It's not like it sounds."

"Ah, it's exactly how it sounds.", Izzy protested, now standing beneath a small shaded area with another desk and a couple of dressers, globes and other stuff. "I'm flying high, hiding in the sun, white boy here flags me down, so I fly in low. The next thing you know I get shot! I'm lying on the road with my spleen hanging out and I see him waltzing up with some belly dancer girl."

"Belly dancer girl?", Evelyn questioned while Rick blushed, looking every bit of guilty. "Ooh, I bet Imhotep would be every bit of angry to hear about that."

"Shut it." Rick took a bundle of money out his pocket and tossed it to Izzy. "You, quit your whining. You're gonna get paid this time."

Izzy crossed his arms. "O'Connell, look around here! What do I need money for, huh? Where the hell am I going to spend it on?"

Jonathan gestured over to the random man in the bathtub, having the nerve to read a newspaper, too. "How about buying the tub from that guy over there?"

"You're real funny.", the pilot sassed.

"So I've been told."

Rick stepped closer to Izzy, eyes narrowed and the golden stick he snatched from Jonathan earlier in his hand. "I'm going to keep this short. My little boy's out there and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get him back.", he claimed, keeping the rod close to Izzy's face as if threatening to stab him in his other eye. Though Izzy muttered no word as he stared at the golden item. The gunslinger took noticed and moved it from side to side, noticing how the pilot followed it. "Hm."

"O'Connell, if you give me that gold stick there, you can shave my head, wax my legs and use me for a damn surfboard."


"Rick!", Jonathan whined.

"Jonathan, for Alex, please."

The smaller man pouted, upset that his golden item was taken from him in the first place. But if he had to give it up for the sake of his nephew. "Fine. But you owe me, damn it."

Rick tossed the stick to Izzy before following him. "By the way, Izzy, didn't we do that in Tripoli?"

"I don't remember. Most of that trip we were drunk off our asses."

"Our Rick? No!", Evelyn mocked. Rick pinched her arm. "Quiet. By the way, when did you lose your eye?"

Izzy stopped, tucking the golden stick in his jacket pocket before lifting his eyepatch, revealing that he indeed had both his eyes. "I didn't. I just thought it made me look more dashing.", he chuckled. Rick just stared at him, deadpanned in the eyes. A second later, he grabbed Izzy and snatched off the eyepatch. "Hey!"

"You're going to need both eyes to steer! Now come on, let's get to work."

The group then continued walking, stopping when they spotted a collective group of dark clad men on horses. Izzy gulped. "I knew it. I'm gonna get shot.", he guessed before going off to ready their transportation.

"Ardeth, buddy! Glad you made it!", Rick voiced as Ardeth dismounted his horse and approached the group.

"Of course. I'm in debt to you. That and I adore Alex as my nephew."

"I bet. Also…", Rick leaned in closer and whispered, "… to keep your little love interest out of trouble, huh?" He wiggled his eyebrows for emphasis which made the magi blushed.

"We're not going to talk about this."

"When are we then?"


Ardeth turned and gestured to the men. "These are the commanders of the 12 tribes of the Medjai. Horus!"

At his call, a mostly white bird flew to him off another's arm. He landed on Ardeth's gloved arm. "Ah, pet bird. So cute.", Jonathan cooed. Ardeth smiled at him for a moment, turning back to Horus and petting down his feathers. "My best and most clever friend. He will let the commanders know of our progress. If the Army of Anubis arises, they will do all they can do to stop it."

"And the bird's name is Horus?", Evelyn questioned. Ardeth nodded. She giggled. "Oh, how cliché. A bird named Horus, a god with bird like qualities and the god of the sky."

"I've been told I'm full of clichés."

"I bet you're a cliché romantic, too.", Rick joked. He received a glare from the magi.

"O'Connell, we're not going to talk about this.", Ardeth press harshly, blush back on his cheeks.

Rick placed his hands on his hips. "When are you going to talk about it?"

"Talk about what?", Jonathan asked, curious. Before Rick could answer, Ardeth quickly spoke up, raising an arm to the commanders. "HALA HU MANA!"

They repeated it before riding off. Rick nudged his side playfully. "Don't think you can dodge this forever. He's going to have to know."

"I'll tell him on my death bed.", Ardeth deadpanned, the four of them… and two kids still carrying luggage… heading off to find Izzy. "Rick, are you sure Izzy's reliable? He doesn't seem like Winston was.", Evelyn recalled. Rick nodded. "Yeah, but at least he doesn't want to die, so he'll do his best to not have us all die in a plane crash. He's reliable-ish.", he noted just as they stopped. Izzy approached them, leaving a zeppelin. "Isn't she beautiful?", he sighed happily, looking at the aircraft and back to Rick. He caught the death look he had. "O'Connell?"

"A balloon, Izzy?! A balloon?!"

"It's a dirigible, thank you very much."

"Where's your airplane?!"

"Airplanes are a thing of the past."

Rick sighed. He looked up and gave Izzy a small smile. "Izzy, you were right."

Izzy blinked, stepping back a bit. That smile looked like a warning to a death sentence. "I… I was?"

"Yup! You're gonna get shot!" The brunet pulled out one of his handguns, ready to shoot Izzy in the foot before the pilot stopped him. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

"I'm gonna kill you!"

"Hey, let's not be rash now! Let me at least reason with you!"

Still with his gun out, Rick nodded. "Alright."

"She's faster than she looks, and she's quiet. Really quiet, which is great for sneaking up on people. Unless of course, we go with your approach. Marching in face first, guns blazing and getting your friends shot in the arse!"

Rick just snarled at Izzy before putting his gun away. "Alright, I'm convinced. Let's go."

Ardeth groaned. "Why can't you people keep your feet on the ground?"