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Ashchu's Rape

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Discalimer: I do not own pokemon or any of its characters. This story is a complete work of fiction and I receive no money for writing it.

Aschu's Rape
By: Jbernady8

Chapter 1: Prologue

The prequel starts on a clear, sunny day in the world of Pokemon. Pokemon and humans living out their day like any other. Meanwhile, on his throne in his lair, Mewtwo hatched a sinister plan for a once human, transformed into a pokemon, Ashchu. Waiting for the right moment, Mewtwo chuckled evilly and sent out a message to each of six pokemon that he knew would want revenge on Ashchu.

Ashchu, being unaware of what was about to happen. Went through his day enjoying being a pokemon for a while, knowing it wouldn't last forever.

One by one, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard received Mewtwo's message while living their day in their natural habitats, except for Pikachu, who was at Ashchu's side like he always was. Being happy with Mewtwo's plans, they prepared themselves to be summoned by Mewtwo at a moments notice. Later that night, Mewtwo summoned the six rapers and his lair was quickly prepared to received their captive.

Ashchu went to sleep, not knowing what would be in store for him that night. Once he was sleeping, Mewtwo created a portal to Ashchu, and pulled him through and he was quickly shackled to the ground, which is when he woke up. He looked around and saw the seven pokemon giving him evil stares, making him scared out of his mind. He sees Pikachu and begs him to let him go. Instead, Pikachu began raping him.

In ones, twos, and threes, they raped him. They forced him to kiss and suck them, and get sucked and fucked by them. He was forced to swallow their cum. This lasted most of the night, eventually he threw up most of the cum he was forced to swallow.

The last to rape him was Mewtwo. They kissed and sucked each other, Mewtwo snowballing Ashchu after sucking him. Finally, after fucking Ashchu, it was time to put Ashchu back. He opened the portal back up and put Ashchu in his bedroom on the floor, still bloody, bruised, used, and covered in cum, then closed the portal.

Mewtwo then turned to the six rapers and asked if they wanted to do it again when he least expects it. They all agreed with loud cheers.

This is a sequel to that story. The prequel was not posted online and was commissioned by me years ago. In that time I have lost the original author's information, so I cannot obtain permission to post it, unless they see this and contact me.