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Don't Judge Me

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Atsushi didn't know when this happened, when they got so… close.

It was a familiar feeling, almost a comforting one, pressing himself against Akutagawa so his back was to the wall, lightly thrusting against him and hearing his soft gasps for breath against his ear.

He liked the feeling, craved it, because this was him having power over the other man, controlling him with only his feather light touches and his gentle words. He wanted to hear more.

Pressing his lips against Akutagawa's, Atsushi trailed his hand down the mafioso’s body, feeling every curve and stretch of his muscles as a whimper escaped his lips.

“You're so beautiful,” Atsushi whispered, as his hand disappeared under the black haired man’s shirt and left him breathless and shivering at the touch. “Shut up,” Akutagawa replied, craning his neck so his kiss swollen lips were pressed into the weretiger’s neck, biting into the soft flesh.

Atsushi's breath hitched slightly at the feeling of teeth on his neck, but he didn't stop his movements, thumb lightly brushing over a pert nipple. Akutagawa shivered, his bony fingers clawing at his sides and his breath shortening rapidly.

This is it, Atsushi thinks as his hands come down to rest on Akutagawa's hips, resisting the urge to tread lower and grab at his ass. Soon Akutagawa would push him away, collect himself like nothing happened, and walk away, waiting for the day they would be like this again without anyone knowing.

Dazai probably knew already, or at least had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that his two underlings were up to something when they were alone. Atsushi never had the guts to ask about it, and even if he did, Dazai might actually not know and talking about it with him will be like handing the knowledge to him as a gift.

Atsushi was prepared for Akutagawa to stop, he would just have to take care of himself when he was alone in the dark. He was pretty sure the other was doing the same, he could almost see the bulge between his pants.

But Akutagawa wasn't stopping, he wasn't even making any moves or giving him any signs that he was done. He continued to suckle at his neck and grind himself against him, and Atsushi was quite frankly confused. What was he doing?

And then Atsushi felt a hand sliding down his pants, and he began to freak out because they had never gone this far and he never stopped to think about it. He never bothered to tell Akutagawa about the problem between his legs, because he figured that he would never see it.

And now Akutagawa was about to find out, because of course the mafioso would want to shove his hands down Atsushi's pants now. He waited too long to leave and now it was too late, they were far too deep in their lust.

Atsushi squeaked as he felt cold fingers brush above the outline of his boxers, and he wanted to tell Akutagawa to stop because what would he think of him then? Like he was some kind of freak or weirdo? He began to shake a little as Akutagawa pushed past the last article of clothing hiding himself from the world, and Atsushi closed his eyes and prepared for the inevitable-

The weretiger gasped at the foreign feeling between his legs, Akutagawa was touching him there and he hadn't said a word the entire time. Atsushi exhaled a breath he never realized he was holding, and he heard Akutagawa chuckle beneath him. He was so skilled at what he was doing, and Atsushi briefly wondered if he had done this before with someone else, but then Akutagawa was angling his fingers just right and making the weretiger a gasping mess.

Akutagawa noticed that Atsushi had stopped his movements, his hands latched onto the mafioso’s hips and his head leaning on his shoulder. He grunted and kissed the weretiger harshly, driving out a needy whine. “Don't stop, Atsushi,” he murmured against his lips, and dear god, Atsushi knew right then and there that he was head over heels in love with this man.