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Getting Even

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Their mutual infatuation had started with him accidentally barging into their shared bathroom while she was in the shower. And it might not have been so bad, if he hadn’t chosen clear shower curtains. She couldn’t look at him quite the same after that. Despite her angry shrieks that he needed to get the hell out, Malfoy had lingered. His eyes roamed over her wet body that was only blurred partially by the steam on the curtain.


Then it had continued when she barged into his room in the same fashion to demand her notes on Charms. Draco’s eyes had widened as she stood in the doorway frozen. There was a towel slung around his waist that dipped too low for her to not look. Ron was athletic, but Ron didn’t possess the same chiseled abdomen that Malfoy did. She’d escaped as quickly as possible, fully understanding her body’s reaction and knowing she wasn’t about to indulge her thoughts.


The pair were even. All she wanted was to forget the image of him standing in his bedroom, and forget how he looked at her now. Whether they were surrounded by classmates, or even in class, he was undressing her with his eyes, eyebrows knitting together as if he were trying to imagine exactly what she looked like beneath her robes.


Perhaps they weren’t even, since she had a better idea of what he looked like under his robes, and that made her smirk.


Three months went by since the awkward conversation with Ron of how Malfoy had walked in on her. As her boyfriend, even though it was laughable to even call him that, he’d believed himself correct in his anger that Malfoy was going to embarrass her. And after that Ginny had been the one to suggest that maybe Malfoy just thought she was hot.


Ron’s laughter shouldn’t have hurt her as much as it did.


Funny how that bit had hurt her more than walking in on Ron and Lavender. It had been awkward; there had been screaming. Hermione may or may not have cursed them so they were stuck by their connected pelvises.


She wasn’t in love with her best friend, but merlin, if the blatant disrespect didn’t make her blood boil. Ron could be an outright prat, not to mention a complete pig, but she’d honestly thought more of him than to cheat on her.


He could have just dumped her and been done with it.


Malfoy stumbling upon her in the restricted section of the library was the last thing she wanted, but of course that’s what fate handed her.


“Go the fuck away, Malfoy.” She growled, wiping her face with the bottoms of her palms. He sat in the spot next to her on the floor and leaned against the bookcase.


“I assume you found out about Brown and Weasel.”


She gaped. “You are such an arsehole!” Hermione hissed and punched him in the shoulder, only to receive a laugh in return. “You knew he was sleeping around and didn’t bother to rub it in my face? Fuck you.”


“Forgive me for not wanting to bully you.” He rolled his eyes. “I found out on the way here since they’re snogging in the hallway. He cheated on you? I assumed you just found out that he was on the rebound and picked her.”


She stared at the carpet. “Yeah. He cheated. I walked into his room to see them fucking.” She spat. “I couldn’t care less about being his girlfriend, and he knows it. He could have just been decent and dumped me before burying his cock in Lavender.”


“My, my, Granger. Quite the mouth you have there.” He tsked. “Weasley is the same idiot he’s always been. He wants instant gratification, and he’s not going to concern himself with the long term.” His thumb slid across the skin beneath her eye, wiping a stray tear away. “Honestly, you’re being ridiculous.”


“How so?” She scoffed, slapping his hand away.


“Because you don’t care about him as your boyfriend. You’ve been going through the motions of being his devoted girlfriend. Is that what you want? Something so dull? Something lacking passion?”


“Yes, because I’m sure you know so much about passion,”


“You’ll find I’m well versed in the subject.” He interjected.


“But I don’t think you know anything about being in a relationship. I doubt you’ve cared about anyone but yourself.” She crossed her arms across her chest. “That’s not true. I shouldn’t have said it. You care for your mother, and I’m sure you have friends you care for.”


He laughed. “You don’t need to take your opinions back. I’m a selfish prick, something you should try sometime.”


“I’m not like you.” She bit out. “Ron cheated because I wasn’t as pretty as the other girls at Hogwarts. My hair is atrocious, as he tells me. Or that I’m too boring, and concerned in my studies.”


“Weasley actually said this?”


“Maybe not in those words, but he made his point.”


“Well, he’s not entirely wrong.” She huffed, her eyes narrowing as she glared at him. The library around them was quiet. “You’re quite invested in your studies. Weasley was probably jealous. You’re not boring. Swotty is a much better word to describe you.”


“You’re such an arse.” She hissed. “Is this supposed to make me feel better?”


“I’m not done, swot.” He unfolded his arms, and stretched his legs across the floor. His were so much longer than her own. “You’re not ugly.”


“Oh, and hearing that from you just makes everything better now!” She grumbled angrily, moving to stand to her feet. Malfoy grabbed her by the elbow, pulling roughly into him. Her eyes shot to his. “What do you think you’re doing, Malfoy?”


“I wasn’t finished. As for your hair, it’s not atrocious. A bit wild, perhaps.” He tugged her closer, leaning his head down to whisper in her ear. “Everytime I see it, I want to slide my fingers into it just like this,” True to his word, his fingers burrowed into her hair, bringing her face close to his. His hot breath fanned across her face and her eyes were wide. “It’s good to hold onto.” He whispered, his lips nearly brushing hers.


And then he released her, looking as if what he’d done didn’t affect him in the slightest. As if her heart wasn’t hammering in her chest. “Don’t cry anymore over Weasley anymore. He didn’t deserve you and he wouldn’t have been able to keep up with you intellectually. See you around, Granger.”


Somehow he’d taken her by surprise with his oddly comforting words. Not to mention the look in his eyes when he nearly snogged her in the middle of the library. Even more surprising, she’d have accepted his advances if he had.


What the fuck had just happened?