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(You're My) Water, Earth, Fire, Air

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It was a truth universally acknowledged that Jimin hated Min Yoongi. With a passion.

It had all started one fine, crisp autumn day, when Jimin had been running late to one of their matches. He burst through the doors, violently jostling the duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

His eyes scanned over the waiting area, instantly finding his intended targets.

Taehyung and Jungkook pretended to be irritated that he was late, as usual, and playfully scolded him as Jimin took his seat. Jimin simply waved them off and ruffled Jungkook’s hair a little bit, much to the younger’s chagrin.

“Hey,” Jungkook said, clearing his throat slightly, “I heard the team we’re going against tonight is really, really good.”

“Well duh, they’re like, the third or fourth seed in the league, Kookie,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“Right, but this match is really important for us and our regular season record, and if we truly want to make all the way into eliminations, then we need to—”

“Play our absolute best,” Jimin finished. “Yeah, we get it. You literally say that before every single match we say.”

“Well, this time I really mean it.”

“You always say that too. It starts to lose its significance over time, you know what I mean?” Jimin yawned, absentmindedly glancing around and sizing up the other teams in the waiting room.

Jungkook looked like he wanted to say something before thinking better of it and simply shrugging. “Whatever. Just get your uniform on and then we need to talk strategy. We’re up in like ten minutes.”

“Sure thing, team captain,” Jimin drawled back before slowly hauling himself up and heading to the changing rooms.

He opened up his usual locker and set his duffel bag on one of the wooden benches. He rubbed at his face with one hand, as if trying to scrub the tiredness out of his eyes, before unzipping the bag and exhaling dramatically while pulling his uniform out piece by piece.

Jimin pulled on the baggy pants first, adjusting their length by rolling the bottoms into flat knee-length boots. As he was adjusting the knee and outer thigh pads into place, Jimin felt a pair on eyes on him.

He turned and locked eyes with a stranger, who was clearly ogling his half-naked body. Jimin vaguely felt like maybe he should cover his shirtless torso, but the reverent and appreciative look adorning the stranger’s face convinced him otherwise.

He raised an eyebrow suggestively. “Like what you see?”

The stranger shrugged. “Maybe,” he answered coolly. Jimin watched as the stranger carefully and deliberately stuck his tongue out to wet his lips slowly. He resisted the urge to giggle at the stranger’s obviousness.

Jimin thought for a moment about how to respond. “So...are you done eye-fucking me now?”

The stranger’s piercing, cat-like eyes immediately widened. “You’re more forward than I had assumed.”

“I’m a lot of unexpected things,” Jimin smirked, internally cringing at how cocky and cheap that line sounded. “I mean...uh, yeah. I’m full of surprises.”

The stranger sucked a breath of air in through his teeth, as if appraising Jimin’s answer. “I suppose so. I didn’t think pretty boys were probenders. Thought they would try to take better care of their faces.”

“I could say the same about you,” Jimin replied. “You’re not so bad yourself.” He allowed his eyes to roam and examine the features of the stranger, who was admittedly, very attractive and very, very pretty.

Someone yanked the door open and yelled something that sounded like You better get your ass out here right fucking now we’re going up in less than three minutes .

The stranger chuckled awkwardly, the tips of his ears turning slightly red, Cute and really hot, JImin thought to himself gleefully. “Well, that’s my cue to leave, I guess. I’ll see you around then. Good luck on the field.”

Jimin nodded back nonchalantly and listened to the sound of the changing room door opening and closing. He sighed to himself and pulled on the short tunic, tying a black cloth belt around his waist. He yanked his forearm-length and fingerless protective gloves on and shoved the visor onto his head before throwing all his street clothes into the duffel bag. He tossed the bag into the locker, slamming it shut before leaving the changing room.




“What took you so long?” Jungkook immediately asked as soon as Jimin sat down again.

“Long story,” Jimin answered, not really wanting to say something like well there was this super hot dude who was staring at my abs and flirting with me and he had a really pretty face so

Jungkook scoffed but didn’t press further. “Well, anyways, Taehyung and I were talking about how to take on the Terrifying Tigers. Their waterbender, Hoseok, and Taehyung are pretty much evenly matched. However, their earthbender, Namjoon, is kind of clumsy so we have a bit of an advantage there. We figured you could take him on and just focus on pushing him back a couple zones or knocking him out or something. The real issue here is their firebender. He’s good, like...really, really good—”

“Better than you kind of good?” Jimin asked.

“I mean…” Jungkook looked like it was seriously hurting his pride to admit it out loud. “He does have three or four years of bending experience on me. Plus, he’s a lightning bender too, and you know lightning benders are hella good.”

“I mean, Juwon was a metalbender but that didn’t make him a good earthbending opponent—”

“Right, but this is the Min Yoongi we’re talking about. The man is practically a firebending legend. I heard he’s part of the police task force too; they’re saying he’s their best officer and  the best firebender anyone’s seen since like, Fire Lord Zuko.”

Jimin paused for a moment. “No fucking way. If he’s really that talented, why would he still be in probending? Seems a little off to me…”

“I mean, probending pays pretty well, as we all know,” Taehyung cut in, gesturing around them. “Plus the sponsors and social connections and fame. It’s really not half bad.”

Jungkook nodded in agreement. “Yeah, the money is good, you gotta admit that, Jimin hyung. And besides, it’s fun .”

“I’m sure that watching you get your ass beat by Min Yoongi tonight is going to be real fun , Jungkookie,” Jimin deadpanned. “I just think it’s kind of a waste for him to be a probender, you know? He could, like, join the army or—”

“And what? Fight the nonexistent wars we have? The world has been at peace for years, Jimin! You’re living in Republic City, one of the most stable and peaceful and diverse places on Earth,” Taehyung interrupted.

“And he’s already a police officer so—” Jungkook cut in.

“But the police task force is really more suited for metalbenders and—”

“Daring Dragons and Terrifying Tigers! You guys are up next!” Someone yelled over the intercom in the wait room.

Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all got up from their seats and made their way to the starting platforms. The playing field hung several meters up above than them, and it was almost pitch black in the area, save for the lanterns being held by the earthbending platform operators.

“Okay so, Jimin, everything is kind of riding on you right now,” Jungkook said in a serious tone. “Focus on taking out their weakest player and we can worry about the rest later. Let’s try not to let Min Yoongi knock us out and get an automatic win. Three minutes guys, we just need to last three minutes…”

The booming voice of the announcer drowned out the last of whatever Jungkook had been trying to say.

“And up next, we have an exciting match for you guys to see! On one side, we have a rookie team, the Daring Dragons~” the announcer dragged out the last syllable as the platform beneath the trio’s feet shot up, taking them up to the playing field.

As always, Jimin was temporarily blinded by the bright lights of the arena and shocked by the deafening screams of the audience.

They had been getting popular lately, the shrieks of fans much louder than the lackluster whoops and claps they had gotten the first time they had ever competed. Jimin knew part of it was due to their looks (if the banners held by some of the female fans was anything to go off of) but he also knew that they were good, really good, especially for rookies. Their sponsors had been particularly pleased with their success throughout their first season, and Jimin knew that with practice, they could easily seed within the top ten next year.

“And in the other corner, we have the number three seed and returning semifinalists, the Terrifying Tigers~” the announcer boomed into the intercom.

If Jimin had thought the screams of their fans had been loud, they were nothing compared to the screams he was hearing as the platform on the other side rose and revealed three men in orange and black uniforms. Jimin looked down at his own red and black uniform and instantly decided that yep, they definitely had the better looking uniforms this time.

The screaming didn’t seem to stop as the commentator started announcing the standard rules and regulations.

“Remember, only waterbenders can make headshots. No ice or steam is permitted, only liquid water. Water shots cannot last more than one second; no hosing of opponents is permitted. Earthbenders are to use the clay disks provided on either side and only those disks; no metalbending is permitted. Firebenders may not use any elements except fire; no lightning bending is permitted. If all three players are knocked back a zone, then the opposing team may advance one zone. Whichever team has the least amount of players in zones two and three will be given the round win. Each round is three minutes long. If there is a tie, a coin will be flipped and the winning team may pick an element for the players to engage in a one to one duel with. The winner of the duel and their team will be given the round win. Best of three rounds. Lastly, all three players being knocked off the playing field will result in an instant match win.”

Jimin found himself yawning as the announcer droned on and on, only coming back down to Earth when the commentator said, “Alright, let’s get started in three, two, one!”

The referees blew a whistle and instantly, Jimin knew they were in trouble.

The opposing waterbender immediately took a headshot at Jungkook, their strongest player, disorienting the firebender and making it easy for the opposing firebender to launch into a sweeping kick, the resulting burst of flames knocking Jungkook off his feet and into zone two.

Fuck, Jungkook was right. They were fast, and they were good . Really fucking good.

Jimin tore his eyes away from his friend, who was scrambling to his feet and launching his own balls of fire towards the opposing team. Taehyung was engaged in a one to one battle with the waterbender, each of them dodging and attacking gracefully and fluidly in a never ending dance of sorts.

Jimin flexed his forearm muscles and felt two clay disks rise and come to rest at either side of him. He used one to help Taehyung dodge a particularly good shot of water from the opposing team and launched the other one at the earthbender standing about eight meters in front of him.

The earthbender anticipated the attack and swept the disk around himself in a circular motion, allowing it to crash into the ground and create a large cloud of dust around himself, making it impossible for Jimin to clearly see him. Jimin immediately bent his knees into a powerful stance, readying himself for whatever the opposing earthbender was about to hit him with.

Jimin felt a sudden wave a heat as a line of fire was launched at him. He instantly raised his arms up to form an X stance, but the force behind the fire was too strong and pushed him back two or three meters. The heel of his boot was dangerously close to the line between zones one and two, and Jimin quickly launched himself four or five meters into the air, summoning two more disks to launch as he landed softly on his feet back where he had started.

The opposing waterbender managed to hit Taehyung square in the chest and knock him to the ground. The earthbender took advantage of Taehyung’s moment of vulnerability and used a disk to push him all the way back to zone two. Jimin heard Taehyung’s groan and he pulled himself back up, with Jungkook shouting frantically in the background for them to regroup regroup regroup now now now while trying to fend off the opposing firebender.

The earthbender and waterbender appeared to be celebrating, and Jimin took the opportunity to launch his two disks at them, knocking both of them into zone two easily. The firebender looked taken by surprise too, and Jimin narrowed his eyes, face barely moving a muscle as he jumped into the air to summon and launch disks at the distracted firebender.

In midair, Jimin got a better look at the firebender. He had smoldering eyes and a certain twitch to his lips. It took only a moment for Jimin to gape in realization before he was landing on the ground again. His distraction caused him to land not too gently, and his knee joints ached from the impact as he tried to quickly recover from his shock.

Because that legendary firebender, MIn Yoongi , was the very same attractive stranger who he had run into only minutes before.




Jimin watched as Yoongi skidded back with the impact of the disk, digging his heels into the field to stop just short of the boundary between zones one and two. He swore he saw a glimmer of recognition flash in the other’s eyes before it was quickly replaced by ice cold determination

As soon as Yoongi had stopped skidding, he immediately perked up, jumping into the air to viciously launch shot after shot at Jimin, leaving Jungkook long forgotten.

Jimin summoned disks to shield him from Yoongi’s onslaught, but he wasn’t fast enough as several shots in succession hit his torso, knocking him to the ground and propelling him straight into the middle of zone two.

A bell dinged just as the Tigers were allowed to advance onto the Dragons’ side of the field. The three minutes were up and they had lost. Jungkook looked a little dejected as they returned to zone one to start round two.

Maybe the Tigers had been going easy on them the first time, or maybe his team had just been playing exceptionally well, but Jimin instantly noticed a change in the dynamic of the game. The Tigers were absolutely relentless and merciless, their attacks both extremely aggressive and accurate.

Jimin struggled to defend himself and found himself in zone two a little too quickly than he would have preferred. Taehyung and Jungkook joined him soon after and with over two minutes to go, the Tigers advanced onto their side of the field.

Jimin distantly thought that the Tiger’s teamwork and cohesion was amazing, as if they were able to read each others’ minds or something. Every time one paused to ready another shot, a different team member attacked, not allowing the Dragons to rest for a single moment.

They were completely on the defensive, Jimin realized, and struggling at it too.

He started to feel desperate once they were pushed all the way back to zone three. He started getting careless, just launching disks everywhere in hopes that they might hit or strike someone in their path. But the Tigers were excellent dodgers too, and Jimin’s disks never made contact with anything.

There was a strangled noise as Taehyung was knocked off his feet and launched off of the playing field and into the awaiting pool of water below. Jimin didn’t fancy taking a swim tonight, but it seemed like he would have no choice in the matter.

Jungkook was next, grunting as he slid back and off the platform, joining Taehyung and splashing unceremoniously into the water below.

Jimin felt absolutely terrified as the three probenders focused all their attention on him. He managed to evade their attacks for a while, dodging and using the clay disks as shields over and over again, but they gradually wore him down and he too found himself skidding towards the very edge of the field.

Yoongi delivered the final blow, and Jimin let out a small oomph as he fell from the platform, his arms flailing uselessly around him until he made contact with the water.

As usual, the water was freezing and he tiredly swam his way to the edge, where Taehyung and Jungkook were waiting with towels wrapped around their shoulders, looking completely and utterly defeated.

“And that’s it, folks!” They heard the announcer’s voice echo from above. “The Terrifying Tigers win in a quick knockout against the Daring Dragons!”




Jimin took the towel from Jungkook’s hands and frustratedly rubbed at his hair with it, drying his body as quickly as he could before grumbling in annoyance and stalking off to the changing rooms. Taehyung and Jungkook followed closely behind him.

Jungkook seemed at a loss of words as the trio eagerly peeled their wet clothes off their exhausted bodies. Taehyung kept opening and closing his mouth, incoherently babbling and gushing about how good of a waterbender Hoseok had been, how it had kinda sorta been an honor to have their asses handed to them on a silver plate by such a great team.

Jimin didn’t agree. It was absolutely humiliating, and the smug smirk that had remained on Yoongi’s face the entire second half of the game hadn’t made him feel any better. They were good , and just because they weren’t on the Tigers’ level yet didn’t mean that Yoongi had a right to look so cocky all the fucking time. (Although, Jimin did have to admit, Yoongi being all smug and cocky was kind of hot…)

Regardless, Jimin was still simmering in subdued rage as he shoved his damp uniform into his bag and bid farewell to his teammates. He slung the bag over his shoulder aggressively and pushed open the changing room door with a little more force than necessary, ramming into something outside...or rather, someone .

And of fucking course it just had to be Min Yoongi, the last person Jimin wanted to see at this moment.

“Hey!” Yoongi shouted, clutching at his shoulder. “Watch it when you’re opening the fucking door.”

Jimin glared at him.

“Oh, you…” Yoongi sputtered. “Uh...nice job out there?”

“Pfffft,” Jimin practically hissed at him, feeling especially eloquent. He almost felt steam pouring out of his ears as he started storming off.

He felt long, cold fingers wrapping around his wrist and gently tugging him back. “Whoa, I’m sorry—I wasn’t trying to like, rub it in or offend you or something.”

Jimin yanked his wrist out of Yoongi’s grip, his face flushing hot and mouth releasing an indignant huff. “Save it. You completely humiliated us out there. I hope you’re happy.”

Yoongi seemed taken aback for a moment, before his gaze hardened and he shrugged. “Well, I mean, it is probending. If you can’t handle losing, perhaps you should look for another profession, kid.”

“It’s one thing to lose, but it’s another to be made a fool out of in front of everyone , sponsors, fans, other probenders…” Jimin trailed off, too ashamed and angry to continue.

“Being salty isn’t going to help you, though. These kinds of things happen; you’ll get used to it, kid,” Yoongi replied dryly.

“Don’t call me ‘kid!’” Jimin protested resentfully, throwing his arms angrily into the air. Jimin downright hated how aloof and arrogant and condescending the firebender sounded.

Yoongi chuckled and Jimin crossed his arms over his chest irritatedly. “I really don’t understand what your problem is, kid. We won, fair and square. All I was trying to do was congratulate you on a match well played?”

“I don’t need your condolences,” Jimin spat out.

Yoongi seemed unfazed and simply hummed to himself. “You’re kinda cute when you’re all angry and bratty, you know that?”

Jimin felt his ears turn red. “Fuck—Fuck off!” Yoongi’s laughter only pissed him off more. “And stop fucking laughing! Shut the fuck up!”

“Is that any way to talk to your elders?” Yoongi mused, a smug smile resting on his face. Jimin kind of wanted to slap it off his face. “Such a shame to see such pretty looks wasted on such a disrespectful attitude.”

“Y-yeah? Well...I don’t give a flying fuck about your opinion anyways!” Jimin stammered back.

Yoongi grinned. “Feisty. I like it.”

“Quit being an asshole!”

“Quit being so goddamn bitter over a probending match. Newsflash, kid: Life goes on even when you lose pretty horribly.”

That was it. Jimin officially hated Min Yoongi and the shit eating smirk settled firmly on his way too fucking attractive face.

“F-fuck you!” Jimin struggled to form words with so much anger bubbling up inside of him. “Go fuck yourself.”

Yoongi’s grin only widened. “Sure thing, kid. And I’ll make sure to do it while thinking about you and those abs, too.” He winked suggestively at Jimin.

Jimin was at a loss of words as he sputtered out an enraged and indignant noise that sounded like hmphfuckurghhhh and finally stormed off, leaving an all too smug and chuckling Min Yoongi behind. His face burned as Yoongi’s infantilizing and patronizing words echoed in his mind.

Yep, Jimin definitely hated Min Yoongi.

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The Dragons kicked off their first match after their crippling defeat against the Tigers with a chip on their shoulders. Their sponsors hadn’t been too happy with how quickly and how pitifully they had lost and they had threatened to pull their support if the Dragons didn’t put on a good performance tonight.

Jimin was still bitter about the last match, how easy it was for the Tigers to outmaneuver and outmatch them like it was nothing, and how easily he had been pushed back and knocked off the platform, and how easy it was for Yoongi to get under his skin about it.

Speaking of Yoongi, Jimin had aggressively pushed passed the elder on his way to the changing rooms, ignoring the way Yoongi had been calling out to greet him.

Call him petty, but Jimin was not about to let what happened last week go.

Jungkook was unusually quiet this time, still telling them to try their best and that this match was important, but his demeanor was much too subdued and that absolutely disturbed Jimin. Taehyung grimaced slightly but didn’t chime in like he usually did.

It seemed like Jungkook was still a little hung up over how badly last week’s match had gone, and it was really rubbing off on Taehyung and Jimin.

It would probably suck if they went into their next match still looking so visibly defeated, so Jimin nudged the two of them and whispered a small, “Look alive. We’ll whoop those shrimps’ asses.”

“They actually go by the Lobsters…” Jungkook muttered.

“Irrelevant. We gotta show them up,but we won’t be able to do that if we keep on moping around about those asshole Tigers.”

“What was that?” someone called. “Asshole Tigers? I’m a little offended, kid.”

Jimin closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. “ Do not call me that . I swear to God—”

“You swear to God that we’re assholes?” Yoongi interrupted. There was an edge to his tone that told Jimin that Yoongi was definitely pissed off. “Last I checked, playing your best doesn’t qualify as being an asshole. Maybe if you tried it sometime you would know.”

“Tried what?” Jimin bit back sarcastically, equal parts angry and confused.

“Tried actually playing your best. Or maybe that was your best, although that would be kind of sad and pitiful…”

Jungkook and Taehyung looked absolutely floored by the confidence and casualness of Yoongi’s tone, as if he hadn’t just straight called them shitty in front of like, all the biggest probenders. Jimin felt the eyes of the entire waiting room on him as he struggled to come up with a response.

“I—See? You’re being such an asshole right now!” Jimin felt his cheeks flushing red from rage and embarrassment, and he quickly covered his face with his hands. “Just leave us alone! Haven’t you guys already done enough?”

Yoongi opened and closed his mouth, and any other time Jimin would have laughed at how fish-like and flustered the elder looked.


“Jeez hyung, why are you so bad at expressing your feelings?” a new voice cut in. Jimin glanced over and saw the waterbender from Yoongi’s team, who looked both amused and disappointed in his teammate’s behavior

“I—fuck off, Hoseok.” If Jimin didn’t know better, he would think that Yoongi was blushing a pretty light pink. “W-whatever,” he scoffed with a tone of finality at the Dragons before stalking off to rejoin his team across the room, Hoseok reluctantly following him a few moments after.

Jimin simply glared after them while Jungkook and Taehyung paused to look at each other before bursting into hysterical giggles.

“The fuck is so funny, guys?” Jimin whipped around to ask them.

“You—you and Min Yoongi—“ Taehyung gasped out. “Oh my god.”

“Oh man, I haven’t felt this entertained in years,” Jungkook finally said, a large grin plastered on his face. He turned to Taehyung, a semi-serious look in his eyes. “What’re you thinking, hyung? Two weeks? Two days maybe?”

“I’ll give it two months.”

“Give what two months?” Jimin cut in, only to be promptly ignored by the two of them.

“That’s a little conservative if you ask me,” Jungkook replied. “I say four weeks, tops.”

“How much are we talking, though?”

“A dinner at Seokjin hyung’s restaurant, maybe? I haven’t had good food in ages, Kookie!”

“You’re on.” The pair shook hands. Jungkook leaned back and smirked smugly. “Did you see them though? I got this in the bag.”

“Not necessarily. You know how dense Jimin can be-“

“What the fuck are you guys talking about? And I’m not dense , I just don’t have time for minuscule details and-“

“You’re dense, Jiminie,” Taehyung interrupted in a sing-song voice. “It’s okay; we still love you.”

“I-“ Jimin sensed that he wouldn’t be able to get anything else out of them. “Fine. Be that way,” he huffed indignantly.

“Lobsters and Dragons! Get to your starting platforms!” The intercom announced loudly.

Jimin heaved a sigh as he dragged himself out of the waiting room, ignoring the curious stares and muttering that followed as he prayed for this match to go better than the last one had.




“Hell yeah!” Jungkook screeched while pumping his fist into the air. “We fucking killed it!”

The match had been mostly a blur for Jimin as he let Jungkook and Taehyung take control throughout the rounds, his concentration an absolute mess.

“—Great! Jimin, you in?” Taehyung turned to stare at Jimin expectantly.

Jimin blinked a few times before awkwardly clearing his throat. “Um, what?”

“We were thinking about heading over to Kookie’s place to celebrate tonight. You wanna come along?”

Jimin bit his lip in contemplation for a moment. He shook his head slowly. “Nah, I think I need a break to relax tonight. I’ve been feeling a little bit out of it.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Oh? Alright; have a nice night, then.”

Jungkook, always the fastest at changing and packing his stuff up, waved with a small smile on his face as he grabbed his bag and left.

Taehyung leaned down and murmured in a soft voice. “Chim, are you okay? You’ve seemed kind of distracted all night? Is it because of what Yoongi said to you earlier?”

Jimin sighed heavily. “Tae...I don’t know. Like obviously we’re not the best of the best in the entire sport, but are we that bad?”

“No, we’re not. We literally just won a knockout today, Jimin. What are you talking about?”

“I just—I really don’t like the way he looks down on us. It just makes me so angry and feel so small and—”

“Look, Chim, he was just being an ass. Ignore him.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Jimin mumbled. He yawned and stared down at the uniform still plastered on his body. “We should probably get changed now.”

Taehyung hummed. “Way ahead of you, buddy.” He slid the strap of his bag over his shoulder, and Jimin furrowed his brows because had Taehyung really changed that quickly? Was he that unobservant? “See you around, Chim.” He smiled widely and waved while pushing the door to the changing room open.

Jimin groaned to himself. His nose wrinkled at the icky feeling of his sweat soaked uniform sticking to his body, and he reached down to pull off the gloves and boots quickly. He ruffled his hair and yawned again, back slumping against the wall.

“What are you moping around for?”

Jimin’s eyes shot up, settling on an all-to-familiar smug firebender. His eyes narrowed and he could feel annoyance bubbling up in the pit of his stomach.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” he spat out.

Yoongi gasped in mock hurt. “Rude. And my match just finished; you must’ve been in here for a while or you stayed to watch me play.” A grin found its way onto Yoongi’s face and Jimin felt his blood roar in his ears.

“In your dreams.”

“Speaking of dreams, I’ve been having some pretty vivid ones involving you lately. Mind helping me reenact a couple of them?” Yoongi bit his lip while looking Jimin up and down. “I feel like a mouth that pretty has some uses other than insulting me.”

Jimin sputtered. “I—Fuck off! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Yoongi opened his mouth as if to respond, but Jimin quickly cut him off. “And besides, I have actual standards so you can, quite literally, keep on dreaming.”

“Ooh, someone’s a little pissy today. Need someone to help you relax, baby boy?” Yoongi drawled out.

Jimin felt his face burn in anger as he seethed, “Just shut the fuck up. Please.”

Yoongi blinked, eyes narrowing and brows furrowing with what looked like...concern? Worry?

He shrugged a moment later before silently beginning to remove his gloves and belt. Jimin tried not to stare as Yoongi deftly pulled his tunic over his head, exposing an expanse of pale, smooth skin and lean muscle. He felt his cheeks flush with color as he tried to focus on getting out of his own uniform.

Jimin shoved everything into his duffel after adjusting all of his street clothes into place. They hadn’t exchanged a word in the past couple of minutes, and the tension was nearly palpable as Jimin tried to quietly sneak past Yoongi to get to the door.

“Hey, um, Jimin?” Yoongi called out suddenly when Jimin already had one hand on the door. His voice was softer than Jimin had ever heard before. “Are you alright? I’m sorry if I went too far earlier, um...I’m not too good with words.”

Jimin blinked in surprise. “Uh, yeah...I’m okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay...good. I’m glad to hear that.” Jimin risked a glance over to Yoongi’s direction, nearly choking on his spit when he was greeted by the older’s bare chest. Had he been shirtless this entire fucking time? What the fuck.

If Yoongi noticed Jimin’s staring, he didn’t say anything as he shrugged on a thin cloth shirt. Jimin gulped and cleared his suddenly dry throat.

“Uh, see you around...Yoongi.”

Yoongi waved and offered a small smile (which Jimin had to admit, was a really really cute and pretty smile) as Jimin pushed his way out of the changing room. He leaned against a wall and sighed to himself before groaning in frustration and finally walking out of the arena.




Yoongi and Jimin hadn’t exchanged a word after their second strange encounter in the changing rooms. In fact, the majority of the time they pretended the other didn’t exist, quickly brushing past each other while avoiding eye contact.

The Dragons had been doing especially well recently, with a nearly perfect record that had sponsors rolling at their feet. Jimin tried not to let it all go to his head, but the truth was that he firmly believed they would rank in the top ten at the start of next year’s season.

That didn’t mean the Dragons didn’t need to watch their back, however, which brought them to the present, huddling in the stands together with wide brimmed hats covering their faces in shadows.

Maybe it was a little extra, given that it wasn’t really that weird to watch your rivals’ matches from the stands, but Jungkook had insisted that they do it so that no one would recognize them and, God forbid, mistake them for fans of the Tigers.

The Tigers were slotted to play against the Polar Bears, the number one seed in the league. It was definitely a match that had everyone placing bets and eager to watch, since the Tigers had been the team to come closest to beating the Bears during last year’s semifinals.

Jimin peered over the railing, face still well hidden by the gigantic hats Jungkook had bought for all of them, eyes searching around the crowd. It was about an even mix of Bears and Dragons supporters, with several fan banners catching his eye (including one that looked suspiciously like “ Min Yoongi have my children ”).

The booming voice of the announcer echoed throughout the arena. “Up next: an exciting match between number one seed, the Polar Bears, and the number three seed, the Terrifying Tigers! Make some noise!”

The screams were deafening and Jimin winced slightly to himself.

“Please welcome...the Polar Bears!”

Jimin watched the starting platform rise and the forms of three men waving to the energetic crowd. Their uniforms, predictably, were white and blue.

“And their opponents...the Terrifying Tigers!”

The platform on the other side rose and Jimin saw the Tigers waving and bowing to the crowd. He could have sworn that there was a different vibe to them, and as he squinted he noticed that Yoongi’s hands were shaking slightly, although it could have just been a trick of the light.

“They seem kind of nervous and shaky,” Jungkook whispered. “Be real observant; I think we’ll be able to see all of their weaknesses tonight.”

The match started and the Polar Bears immediately took the offensive, pummelling the Tigers with wave after wave of attacks. The waterbender did continuous one second blasts at each of the Tigers while the earthbender and firebender simply supported them.

“That’s Sana; she’s the best waterbender in the league,” Jungkook filled in. “She does most of the work while the other two just figure out how to best compliment her.”

The Tigers seemed to finally break out of their defensive with Hoseok leaping out front, just shy of the boundary line, to push the opposing earthbender and firebender back a few meters. Sana seemed to take notice immediately, blasting Hoseok in the blink of an eye.

Namjoon and Yoongi tried to attack while Sana was preoccupied with Hoseok, but she was quicker than them, almost effortlessly dodging everything levelled at her and immediately firing back. Her earthbender and firebender teammates seemed to have recovered, quickly getting back into formation to protect Sana.

“So...that might be it...they have trouble breaking through tight formations like that…” Jungkook muttered. “Maybe we should practice formations for next time…”

Sana shot a particularly well-aimed blast at Namjoon, causing him to trip and just barely graze the line between zone one and two. A buzzer went off, and Namjoon dejectedly pulled himself up and walked into zone two.

Yoongi and Hoseok seemed to be struggling too in zone one, barely holding their ground against the Polar Bears’ relentless attacks. Hoseok was really light on his feet, Jimin noticed, almost dancing around on his toes to dodge everything, while Yoongi was more into ducking and turning to the side, his feet almost always staying in place the entire time.

The Polar Bears’ earthbender launched a disk straight at Hoseok. It was too fast for the waterbender’s tiring body to dodge and Hoseok hit square in the chest, which cleanly pushed him into zone two beside Namjoon.

“Hm,” Jungkook hummed softly. “It’s not like Hoseok to not see stuff like that coming. He’s usually their best at dodging.”

“I think the Bears are wearing them out,” Jimin whispered, feeling strangely anxious as he watched Yoongi almost desperately dodge and shoot fireballs back at his opponents.

Sana hit Yoongi in the abdomen with a spray of water, launching him straight into the middle of zone two. Another buzzer went off as the Polar Bears advanced on the Tigers, moving fluidly into the Tiger’s zone one.

“This really isn’t looking good for them right now…” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, and Jimin squeezed his hands into fists, his teeth worrying at his lower lip as he looked on.

There were about twenty more seconds of the Polar Bears attacking while the Terrifying Tigers helplessly dodged while trying to keep up before the bell went off, announcing the end of round one. The Bears grinned at each other as they took their starting positions again, while the Tigers seemed to slump, their stances less confident this time.

The bell sounded and the Bears immediately resumed their previous strategy of attacking mercilessly. The Tigers, undoubtedly worn out by the first round, were pushed back much faster this time, all three launched into zone two before the round was even halfway over.

“The Tigers aren’t learning,” Jungkook commented. “They should’ve tried to do a formation instead of the individualistic approach they usually go with. They can’t beat the Bears if they keep spreading out like that; the Bears are going to pick them off one by one.”

Jimin’s teeth sank harder into his bottom lip, still not quite sure why he felt like he wanted to throw up when he saw Yoongi take a particularly nasty hit to the chest.

His eyes shot over to the other players. Hoseok seemed to be somewhat in control. There was a rhythm to his movements that made it easier for him to remain on his feet while shooting well-placed blasts of water at his opponents.

Namjoon, on the other hand, seemed to be struggling. His bending was unsteady, and his aim was off. He was barely dodging, Jimin noticed, before he narrowed his eyes to observe the earthbender more closely.

“Guys...Namjoon’s’s all wrong. He’s going to hurt himself if he—”

Jimin watched in horror as Namjoon took an uppercut of water, launching him several meters in the air. He plummeted down just beyond the edge of zone three and straight into the cold waters below the field.

Jungkook and Taehyung gasped.

“Oh my god—Is he...Is he okay? That looked like it definitely hurt,” Taehyung said.

Jungkook was speechless, his mouth forming an “o” as he stared at the field with widened eyes.

Yoongi and Hoseok appeared to be in shock too, which caused the Bears to take the opportunity to push the two of them back into zone three with just under forty five seconds to go.

Jimin could definitely see a difference in the way the Tigers were playing now, probably since they were short a player. Hoseok was shaky, just barely making it past a lot of the blasts sent his way before his footing failed him and he landed in an awkward pose. Sana blasted him straight in the chest and Hoseok tumbled off the platform, unable to regain his balance.

There were twenty seconds left in the round, and the fans were starting to get anxious too, with some of them loudly chanting a countdown (which Jimin found more distracting than helpful).

Yoongi played almost maniacally, his body almost never pausing as he frantically dodged and attacked. However, he could only do so much when faced with three world class probenders and he slowly slid back, until his left food grazed the very edge of the platform dangerously.

“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six…”

Jimin heard his heartbeat pounding above the crowd’s loud chanting as Sana took one final shot at Yoongi, pushing him clean off the platform and spiraling down towards the water below.




“That was insane,” Jungkook said. “The Tigers are good , though. I don’t understand how they fell apart so easily against the Polar Bears like that.”

“Yeah, the Tigers haven’t been defeated in a knockout since like, their rookie year!” Taehyung burst out. “I knew the Bears were good; I just didn’t think they were that good.”

“Sana is...really something,” Jimin muttered weakly.

Taehyung looked at him in concern. “You okay, Chim? You’ve barely said a word since we left the arena.”

“I’m fine,” Jimin mumbled. He glanced around himself quickly. “I just, uh, have, I have a lot to do so I’m just gonna be heading out now! See you two around!”

He waved them off despite their protests and ran off, sneaking around the back of the arena to where he knew the changing rooms were.

Jimin took a deep breath before gently pushing the door open, peering around cautiously as he tiptoed inside.

“What are you doing here?” a voice growled out, making Jimin jump slightly.

“Agh! You scared me!” he screamed in a squeaky voice, covering his face with his hands.

“Answer the question.” Jimin opened his fingers to glance at the owner of the voice and yeah , Min Yoongi most definitely did not look impressed right now.

“I’m just...uh—”

“Here to rub it in, kid? Wanna see what it looks like after a top player is humiliated?”

“N-no, I just, um...I wanted to know if Namjoon-ssi was okay? He took a really nasty hit out there and I was, um, worried about him.”

“So you did watch,” Yoongi bit out accusingly. “I fucking knew it. You were probably taking notes, right? Trying to find our weak links and how to take us down next time and all that stupid ass rookie shit you guys do?”

Jimin’s face flushed. “You don’t need to be an asshole about it. I’m here out of genuine concern , okay? Not to fight with you or whatever.”

“Well forgive me if I don’t buy that bullshit,” Yoongi spat. “I know how you rookies work; I was one too, you know? You’re here to prob around and eavesdrop and see what else you can learn about our strategy and how to defeat us the next time we have to face off.”

“That’s not true!” Jimin exploded frustratedly. “Believe whatever you want, but I’m actually a decent human being, something you probably can’t relate to. All I know was that I saw Namjoon take a nasty uppercut and then plummet several meters into the water, and I just want to know if he is okay .”

Yoongi paused, pursing his lips in contemplation for a moment. “Namjoon was knocked out cold by the hit. Hoseok is with him right now and is going to stay there until he regains consciousness. I couldn’t stand to be in a room full of so many worried people so I’m here.” He spread his arms out wide. “In this room. With you. Unfortunately.”

“U-unfortunately? You—”

Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “I just came in here for some fucking peace and quiet after that fucking awful match, and here you are again, squabbling at me like some overgrown baby chick.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I was just genuinely worried about your friend , who you aren’t even watching over right now—”

“Do you really fucking think I don’t care about Namjoon?” Yoongi snapped, his tone as cold and sharp as a knife. His hands were clenched into fists as he took a threatening step towards Jimin. “Do you really think that?”

“N-no,” Jimin gulped. “I just—”

“What would you fucking know about my friendships?” Yoongi continued, taking two more steps closer to Jimin. “I’ve known Namjoon since we were fucking twelve years old! He’s closer than a brother to me, and you just fucking—” Yoongi took a deep breath as he let himself fume and seethe for a moment, jaw clenched tight with anger as he slowly stepped closer and closer.

Jimin kept retreating away from Yoongi until his back pressed flat against a wall behind him. “I wasn’t—I didn’t mean to—”

Jimin sputtered as Yoongi suddenly leaned in, their faces much too close for comfort. From his position, Jimin could see the soft freckles dotting the elder’s nose and cheek, and count the long, dark eyelashes brushing the against he firebender’s cheeks.

Something in Yoongi’s gaze softened for a moment. “Just—don’t imply shit like that. Namjoon and I...we’ve been through a lot together. If you don’t think I’m worried sick right now, it’s because you definitely don’t know anything about me or my character.”

“Y-yeah, um. I’m s-sorry,” Jimin practically gasped back, his breathing unbelievably unsteady due to his proximity with the firebender.

Yoongi’s breaths fanned over Jimin’s lips, and he found himself gulping for air as his heartbeat raced faster and faster. The firebender seemed to sigh before licking his lips and moving as if to take a step back.

Jimin’s body seemed to move of its own accord as his hands shot out to fist in the front of the material of the uniform Yoongi was still wearing. The firebender gasped before leaning his forehead to rest against Jimin’s.

Jimin panted harshly, shamelessly staring as Yoongi paused to bite his lower lip. His entire body felt like it was on fire, his mind dizzy, and his nose just breathing in a scent that was just so distinctive and pleasant that—

“Do you need something, Jiminie?” Yoongi whispered softly, his low voice sending chills down Jimin’s spine.

Jimin shook his head. Yoongi hummed before his hands reached up to gently tug at the hands clutching firmly at his shirt. His pink tongue shot out to wet his lips and that was it for Jimin.

Jimin pulled Yoongi down, pressing their lips together messily. Yoongi groaned before lightly placing his hands on either side of Jimin’s waist.

Yoongi tilted his head and parted his lips slightly, causing Jimin to involuntarily whine and tug harder at the elder’s shirt. Yoongi’s lips were soft, so soft, and they glided against Jimin’s just right . It was addicting and intoxicating as Yoongi urged Jimin’s mouth open as well, hands pressing the younger harder into the wall behind him.

It was Yoongi who pulled away, soft breaths escaping his swollen lips as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes were hooded as he looked down at Jimin, making the younger’s body heat up at the intensity of his gaze.

“Jimin…” Yoongi breathed out, eyes still dark and lips impossibly red and bitten.

“Yoongi! Are you in there?” a voice called out. “Namjoon’s awake if you wanna see him!”

“Shit, that’s Hoseok,” Yoongi whispered. “Sorry, I, uh...I gotta go. Um, wait for me here? I’ll be back soon.”

Jimin nodded, feeling unable to speak, and Yoongi dashed out of the room.

The warmth and heat slowly left Jimin’s body as he slid down the wall Yoongi had pressed him up against. It snapped Jimin out of his trance as he rubbed his hands over his face harshly.

“I—oh my fucking God, did I just—” he gasped out incoherently. “Holy fuck, I’m—oh my god.”

He took several deep breaths before running out of the room, only pausing once he was back on the lamp lit streets with cold night air caressing his flushed cheeks.

Chapter Text

Jimin couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. He and Yoongi had stopped talking again, and Jimin knew it was mostly his fault for running out of the room like a coward. He felt more confused than anything, still not quite sure what had pushed him to come onto Yoongi like that.

“Jimin hyung? You in there?” Jungkook waved a hand in front of his face. “Still zoning out a bunch?”

“Huh?” Jimin blurted out eloquently, snapping out of his daze.

“We’re up in like, three minutes, hyung. Get your head in the game.”

Jimin nodded his assent before lowering his gaze and playing with his fingers awkwardly.

“Don’t look now,” Taehyung whispered into his ear suddenly. “But Min Yoongi has been staring daggers at you all night. What the fuck happened between you guys? He looks like he wants to cut a bitch, or like, several bitches.”

Jimin tried to subtly peek around the room, but that just caused him to make eye contact with a very furious-looking Yoongi. He gulped as he saw the elder’s eyes narrow in annoyance and quickly turned to avert his gaze.

“Don’t wanna…I don’t really want to talk about it, Tae,” Jimin muttered. It had been about five days since the kiss, and Yoongi was still understandably mad about what happened. Jimin pretending he couldn’t see Yoongi and rushing out of any room the elder entered the last three times they saw each other probably didn’t help.

Taehyung shrugged. “Whatever. Just don’t let it distract you, okay? He’s not worth it.”

Part of Jimin wanted to vehemently disagree, since Yoongi really hadn’t done anything wrong in this case, but he kept quiet and stared down at his lap.

“Daring Dragons and Mango Manatees, get to your starting platforms!” a voice shouted over the intercom.

Jungkook snickered as soon as the three of them were standing on the platform. “Mango Manatees? What kind of team name is that? That’s cringier than the Super Shrimps!” Taehyung guffawed and covered his mouth with his hand at that.

Jimin wanted to argue that pretty much all probending team names were cringey as hell, but the platform began to rise and the three of them fell silent. Jimin adjusted his visor and blinked unsteadily at the bright lights of the arena as they were greeted by the passionate cheers of the crowd.

Jimin zoned out as the announcer began rambling off all the rules and only snapped out of it once the bell signaling the start of the first round rang loudly.

As per usual, Jungkook leaped out in front and took the offensive. The Manatees weren’t a very high ranking team, Jimin recalled Jungkook telling him in the waiting room, so this match shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for them.

Predictably, the Manatees seemed unprepared for Jungkook’s assault and within the first thirty seconds, Jungkook had managed to propel two of them into zone two, almost effortlessly. Taehyung and the opposing waterbender duelled for a few moments before Taehyung sent a well placed water blast towards his opponent’s legs, sweeping them off their feet and into zone two.

They advanced forward, but the Manatees seemed to have finally gotten a grip on themselves, matching most of their strikes and attacks. After another minute and a half of sparring, Taehyung slammed the waterbender into zone three.

Jimin mostly focused on defending Jungkook and Taehyung, as well as intercepting the opposing earthbender’s disks. Jungkook was like a machine tonight, whirling around the field while making sure most of his shots landed, and it wasn’t long before another player was forced into zone three.

The bell sounded out, and the announcer’s voice proclaimed the Dragons as the winners of round one. The Dragons and Manatees returned to their starting positions.

Round two was a stalemate. The Manatees had learned pretty fast and were changing up their original strategy, making it harder and harder for the Dragons to push them back.

By the time the bell sounded out again, it was a tie. A referee approached them, and Jimin internally groaned. Ties meant one-on-one duels, and those were never fun to play or watch.

“Heads or tails?” the referee asked Jungkook, a large gold coin resting in his fingers.

“Tails,” Jungkook answered quickly. The teams stepped up to the center platform as the referee tossed the coin into the air. It flipped several times before the referee slapped the coin onto his left hand.

“Heads!” he called out, his right arm moving out to gesture at the Manatees. They whispered amongst each other for a moment before their leader, the earthbender, announced their decision.

“We choose Earth as our element!”

Jimin tried not to groan out loud at that. He really, really wasn’t in the mood for a duel, but Taehyung and Jungkook simply clapped him on the back and he approached the center platform. The platform rose a few meters into the air, separating them from the rest of the players.

A referee blew a whistle, and his opponent was suddenly launching three disks at him. Jimin dodged quickly, using his foot to redirect two of the disks and his arms to block the last one.

He shot two disks at his opponent’s chest, which they easily dodged. He jumped and moved his foot in an arcing motion to launch another one at his opponent’s abdomen. They weren’t so lucky this time, and the force of the disk caused them to skid back a couple centimeters.

Jimin squinted out from his visor, making eye contact with his opponent. He could’ve sworn that he saw a dangerous glint to their eyes, but he brushed it off and summoned two more disks to his side.

They exchanged attacks for a few more moments, with both of them dodging and circling around the field.

Jimin swept his foot on in front of him in an arcing motion to launch a disk right at his opponent’s knees, but his opponent was already ahead of him, leaping up to dodge it and sending the disk right back at Jimin.

It was aimed at his head, and Jimin yelped as he tried to move to the side, but the disk still grazed roughly at the left side of his visor, knocking him off the platform and causing him to plummet several meters until his head to hit the ground below with a sickening crack! sound. The rest of his body slammed onto the ground after him, and his mouth parted in a silent scream of pain.

There was a ringing in his ears that quieted after a few seconds. There was a referee in front of him, waved his hand in front of Jimin’s face and asking him if he was alright. Jimin groggily shook his head and a couple people came onto the field to carry him to the infirmary.

His head pulsed uncomfortably and he shut his eyes, immediately finding himself spiraling into a swirling darkness as he lost consciousness.




“Jimin? Jimin! Oh god, please be okay I can’t—Jimin!” Someone was shaking his body harshly, jostling him awake. He blinked slowly as Taehyung’s face came into focus.

“Oh thank god, you’re awake!” Jimin tried to sit up, but Taehyung pushed him back down. “No, don’t move! I’m going to get a nurse to check up on you. Stay still; don’t you dare move, Park Jimin!”

Jimin heard a door click shut behind Taehyung and he blinked and groggily tried to take in his surroundings. Someone had removed his visor and the upper part of his uniform, leaving him shirtless underneath a thin sheet.

He squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to remember what happened. The match, the Mango Manatees, the duel... oh .

His hands reached up to feel at his head, but he didn’t hit any tender spots. One of the healing waterbenders must’ve treated him earlier. He lifted the sheet slightly and only saw a few yellowing bruises, so he figured he was given a full-body healing treatment.

“Jimin hyung?” Jungkook worried voice called out suddenly. “You’re awake? I’m here, hyung, I’m here.”

“What...happened?” Jimin groaned, voice still thick from sleep.

“That little motherfucker hit you with an illegal headshot, that’s what,” Taehyung muttered darkly.

“You were taken off the field immediately and the Manatees were disqualified and forced to forfeit the match to us,” Jungkook said. “Fucking assholes.”

“Hm...when are they gonna release me?” Jimin mumbled out.

“The nurse in gonna be here in a sec to inspect you one last time and if she clears you, the you’re free to go,” Jungkook answered.

The nurse came in a few minutes later and checked him over quickly, warning him to let his body rest a few days before competing again and telling him that he was lucky he had the visor on to protect most of his head from the fall. Jimin honestly felt pretty good, albeit a little sore from the bruises, and he was relieved to be released from the infirmary.

It was getting pretty late, so Jimin told Jungkook and Taehyung to head home without waiting for him. They fussed over him for a few moments before relenting and taking off, making Jimin promise to rest at home the entire next day.

Jimin waved them off and pushed his way into the changing room, his visor and tunic clutched in his hands. He shivered slightly at the feeling of cold air hitting his exposed upper body as he pulled out his duffel bag. He rifled around for his street clothes before he heard a throat clearing behind him.

“Hey uh, kid, you alright there?” a gruff voice called out. Jimin whipped around, eyes widening in surprise as he saw Yoongi standing a few meters away from him, a concerned look on his face.

“O-oh yeah. I’m f-fine,” Jimin stuttered out, already feeling his heart start to pound in his chest.

Yoongi bit his lip awkwardly. “You took a nasty hit out there. It didn’t look good. I saw that they had to pull you off the field.”

“Yeah,” Jimin replied in a high-pitched voice, “the other earthbender went for an illegal headshot earlier and just about knocked me out.”

“I saw that. Fucking asshole,” Yoongi muttered darkly, his tone eerily echoing Jungkook and Taehyung. “I’m glad you’re okay, though.”

“What? Were you worried?” Jimin teased, the corners of his lips turning upwards slightly.

Yoongi scoffed, a slight pink tint to his cheeks. “You wish, kid.”

There was a tense silence before Jimin opened his mouth again.

“I’m...sorry about running away the other day. It was really childish and immature of me; I should’ve told you…”

Yoongi hummed. “Yeah, it wasn’t too good of feeling to run back here and see you and all your stuff gone. I thought something might’ve happened to you until I saw you in the waiting room the next day.”

“S-sorry,” Jimin repeated. “I don’t know what came over me, I just—”

Yoongi waved him off. “Nah, it’s okay. We all make mistakes like that. I shouldn’t have kissed you back like that...I’m sure you regret it a lot.”

“N-no!” Jimin practically shouted. “Not at all! I—”

“Well, why else would you run off like that?” Yoongi spat out. “Don’t fucking lie to me; I know when I’ve been played, Jimin.”

“No, you have to understand—I wasn’t—I didn’t mean to—”

“What? You didn’t mean to kiss me and then run away like the biggest fucking coward on Earth?” Yoongi scoffed. “Don’t give me that bullshit. You fucked up and didn’t want to stick around to deal with the aftermath; I know how people like you are.”

“No, you don’t!” Jimin all but screamed. “You don’t know me at all! Don’t put words in my mouth!”

“Then you really shouldn’t have put your mouth on mine, then,” Yoongi answered curtly. “Whatever. Good talk. I’ll be going—”

Jimin crossed the room lightning fast, his right hand reaching out to grip Yoongi’s wrist tightly. “Shut up! Just fucking shut up for a moment, will you? You don’t know anything.

Yoongi seemed taken aback for a moment before his eyes hardened and he leaned closer so that their noses were practically touching. “ I know enough. Now, let go of me, Park Jimin.” Jimin shook his head and Yoongi raised his voice to a roar. “ Let go!

He tugged his wrist back harshly, and Jimin was completely unprepared as he lost his balance and fell towards Yoongi. Their lips brushed, and this time it was Yoongi that growled out and pressed their lips and bodies close together. One of his hands clutched at the hem of Jimin’s pants while the other ran across the younger’s exposed upper body, lean fingers tracing his abdomen and running up his sides slowly.

Jimin groaned loudly and leaned into Yoongi, letting his mouth fall open and licking firmly into the elder’s mouth.

His hands fisted into the back of Yoongi’s shirt as his body burned with the traces of the elder’s touch all over his chest, his abs, his back.

Suddenly, there was a hand on his chest, pushing him off harshly. Jimin immediately released his grip on Yoongi’s shirt in surprise and stumbled back. The two of them stared at each other for a few moments while breathing heavily.

“Fuck,” Yoongi finally said. “I can’t deal with this shit right now.”

And with that, Yoongi was wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, adjusting his clothes to appear less disheveled, and running out of the changing room, leaving a very confused and still very shirtless Jimin behind.

Jimin would be lying if he said he didn’t feel a little bit empty and cold as he heard the door hinges creaking after Yoongi’s rushed departure.




This time, Yoongi was avoiding Jimin. He had tried to catch the elder’s eye in the waiting room yesterday, but he had been brushed off and ignored. Jimin tried not to feel hurt by it since he had done the same thing to Yoongi the first time.

He was back on the field, three days after their last match, ready to play again. He rolled his neck and tried to remember everything Jungkook had talked about while they were in the waiting room. Take out their waterbender first, focus on attacking over defending, play a little more on the aggressive side .

Jimin’s concentration had been a mess lately, but thankfully, Jungkook and Taehyung either didn’t notice it, or didn’t want to say anything about it today.

The bell rang and the match started. Jungkook was definitely right about their waterbender being their strongest player by far. The firebender and earthbender on the opposing team were pretty clumsy and not very fluid in their bending, probably because they were rookies too.

Jimin halfheartedly shot a few disks at the opposing earthbender, which wouldn’t have landed on any well-versed probender, but somehow smacked straight into his opponent’s stomach and sent them straight into zone two.

Taehyung and Jungkook focused on the waterbender while Jimin mostly tried to entertain the other two. The firebender stumbled over their own feet a lot, and one disk to the shins was enough to push them back into zone two.

Taehyung and Jungkook eventually wore the waterbender down and launched them into zone two as well, and the Dragons advanced to their opponent’s zone one after just a minute or so.

The rest was a blur to Jimin, and before long, all three of their opponents were being knocked off the field and into the water below, earning them a knockout in the very first round.

“Well, that was fast,” Jungkook said nonchalantly while they were all changing back into their street clothes in the changing room.

“Yeah, I think we terrified them,” Taehyung added. “We weren’t very nice.”

“I tried to give them a chance,” Jimin mumbled. “I wasn’t even trying most of the time.”

“Do you think they’re going to drop out?” Jungkook asked.

“Hm, maybe. But some of the best teams used to suck ass back in the day, you know,” Taehyung answered. “Maybe during the off-season, they’ll train like crazy and come back as polished as the Polar Bears or something.”

Jungkook laughed. “Yeah maybe. Anyways, I gotta head out. Mom said something about the shop getting busy these days, so I’m gonna go help out.”

Taehyung grinned. “What a good son. Mind if I come with?”

Jimin narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he saw something that looked disturbingly like a blush bloom on Jungkook’s face. “Y-yeah, sure thing, hyung. Mom’s always saying we could use extra hands these days.”

“Cool!” Taehyung beamed, his face also looking strangely pink. Jimin made a mental note to question Taehyung in private about whatever was going on between him and Jungkook later.

“Well, you two have fun,” Jimin cut in. “I’m gonna stay back and watch a few more of the matches tonight.”

“Hm, see you around, Jimin hyung!” Jungkook called out as he left the changing room, an excited Taehyung in tow. Jimin smiled and waved back before sighing and continuing to pack all of his stuff into his bag.

His eyes shot up as the door swung open again. He held his breath until he noticed who it was.

“Y-Yoongi,” he sputtered out. “H-hello.”

Yoongi looked a little shocked before his eyes were narrowing and he was turning back around, making as if to leave the changing room.

“W-wait!” Jimin shouted after him. “I’m leaving anyways, you don’t need to—”

Yoongi cocked his head at him curiously, still not saying a word.

“I, uh, I know you have a match anyways that you need to get ready for—”

“You know our schedule?” Yoongi’s eyes narrowed again.

Jimin turned pink. “M-maybe?” He really hoped he didn’t sound like the stalker he felt like in that moment.

Yoongi glared a little harder. “Quit being all weird with me. Why do you have our schedule memorized?”

“Um.” Jimin really didn’t want to admit that it was because he was trying to figure out a time that it would be best to approach Yoongi. “No reason.”

“You’re being really fucking creepy, you know that?” Yoongi muttered before turning around again to leave.

“Don’t fucking do that again!” Jimin yelled, feeling strangely hurt and insulted by Yoongi’s words. “Don’t just fucking leave the room and pretend I don’t exist because I do , Yoongi. I exist and—”

“And you’re acting like some sort of deranged fan right now by showing up right when I’m supposed to be getting ready and trying to corner me or some shit!”

“I had a match earlier!” Jimin screeched. He lowered his voice slightly. “Is that really how you think of me? Some sort of deranged fan?”

Yoongi didn’t answer, so Jimin grabbed his bag and shouldered past the elder. “Whatever. I’m leaving, happy now?”

Yoongi grabbed his upper arm as he was about to push the door open. “Meet me here after my match. We should talk. If you chicken out again this time I’ll just assume that we’re dead to each other and pretend you don’t exist.”

Jimin wanted to argue that Yoongi already spent a lot of time pretending he didn’t exist, but he stayed silent and simply nodded before running off to the stands.




Predictably, the Tigers played spectacularly well and secured another victory. If Jimin hadn’t been feeling so anxious and distracted, he probably would have been in complete awe of just how cohesively they worked together.

His teeth worried at his bottom lip as he paced awkwardly outside of the changing room. He didn’t want to go in and creep out the other players, so he just stood outside of the door, waiting for the room to eventually clear out.

He kept his head down as more and more players left the room, desperately hoping that no one recognized him and wanted to ask him questions.

“Jimin? Why are you just standing out here?”

Jimin looked up, feeling his heart race and his eyes widen, but he relaxed as soon as he realized it was just Yoongi.

“I was just, uh, waiting…”

“Well, get your ass in here then,” Yoongi scoffed, opening the door wider for Jimin.

Jimin quietly padded into the empty changing room behind Yoongi, awkwardly leaning against one of the walls. Yoongi sighed and crossed his arms across his chest, looking at Jimin up and down before just simply glaring at him.

“So,” Yoongi started. “What the fuck is up with you?”

“,” Jimin gulped and tried to take a deep breath. “I could ask you the same thing.”

“Listen, kid, now is not the time for cryptic cliches,” Yoongi bit out. “You have something to say, just fucking say it. I don’t have time for any more bullshit in my life right now.”

“Why are you avoiding me?” Jimin asked softly. “I got so pissed at me for doing the same exact thing to you so why are you just…?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Because I can.”

“You literally just told me not to bullshit you,” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Just because I told you not to bullshit me doesn’t mean the same applies to me,” Yoongi shrugged again, infuriating Jimin even more. “I avoided you because I felt like it.”

“F-fine,” Jimin stumbled out, feeling his face heat. “If you wanna be that way, I’ll be on my way out.” He scoffed. “Clearly you’re not in the mood to act like an adult, so I’m not going to indulge you anymore.”

He turned and placed a hand on the door, but just as he was about to leave, Yoongi called out, “You know, I’m not stupid. I can tell when someone’s just messing with me.”

Jimin whipped around and gave Yoongi a strange look. “What?”

“I mean, let’s just look at the facts here. We meet and awkwardly flirt for a bit, then we play each other and my team crushes you guys—” Jimin sputtered out a protest, but Yoongi just kept going, “—then you keep on pushing me and insulting me and shit and before you fucking know if, you’re all over me and trying to suck my soul out or something—”

“Yeah, just conveniently leave out all the fucking times you tried to come onto me after insulting me right back!” Jimin snapped. “You fucking asshat.”

“Well, you’re the one who literally kissed the life out of me before running off!”

“And then you did the same thing to me a couple days ago!”

“Well, you grabbed my wrist and—”

“And what? You decided to kiss me and feel me up before taking off and starting to ignore me? Is that what this is? Some kind of twisted form of revenge or some shit?”

Yoongi growled in frustration. “God, you’re ridiculous. Look, I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re trying to do. Just because I flirted with you a couple times because of some misplaced attraction I felt—”

“Misplaced attraction? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“—doesn’t mean that I’m cool with you fucking around with me like this. Either tell me what the fuck it is you want or just go.”

Jimin swallowed hard. “Why don’t you tell me what you want? You make all those lewd remarks about me and I kiss you one time and suddenly I’m the bad guy here? You’re the asshole who treats me like I’m some child who can’t probend for shit! And then you turn around and say shit like ‘my mouth has other uses’ like it’s nothing! What the fuck do you want?”

He didn’t realize until after his tirade was over that he was slowly advancing on Yoongi, and he swallowed again when he noticed just how fucking close they were to each other. Again.

“I want you , hasn’t that been clear enough?” Yoongi growled in a low tone, leaning forward to rest his forehead against Jimin’s. “I just don’t know what you want from me .”

Jimin whined loudly and pulled Yoongi down onto him. He was still angry and still incredibly frustrated with the elder, and it showed through how he aggressively bit and tongued at the firebender’s lips and how he forcefully wound his fingers through Yoongi’s soft, dark hair.

Yoongi’s teeth tugged at Jimin’s lips and tongue roughly and the younger moaned loudly, feeling a fire simmer low in his belly. Everything was hot, too hot, and everywhere Yoongi touched him, his neck, his shoulders, his waist, burned almost painfully hot.

It wasn’t long before Yoongi was pulling away and tugging Jimin’s shirt up so he could have more access to the younger’s soft, tanned skin.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Yoongi practically moaned before bending down to allow his tongue to lap at and trace over the toned muscles of Jimin’s abdomen. Incoherent noises bubbled out of Jimin’s lips as he allowed Yoongi to maneuver him until once again, there was a wall digging into Jimin’s back. He pressed himself harder against it as Yoongi’s mouth nipped at a spot just above the hem of his pants.

“Lean against the wall for support; I have a feeling you’re gonna need it,” Yoongi muttered as he got completely on his knees. Jimin was too dazed to respond. “And for the record, you still can’t probend for shit.”

“Fuck—” Jimin stuttered out. “You—”

“We’re not quite there yet, kid,” Yoongi replied while tugging at the hem of Jimin’s pants.

Jimin panted and leaned against the wall for a moment before he was suddenly hissing at the feeling of Yoongi pushing his clothes down and wrapping a hand around the shaft of his dick.

“Oh wow, you’re super hard right now,” Yoongi mumbled in a disinterested tone.

Jimin opened his eyes halfway and scoffed. “As if you’re not, asshole.”

“This is your dick, not your asshole, Jimin,” Yoongi retorted. He pumped his hand almost experimentally and Jimin cried out. “That good, baby? Are you a screamer or something?”

“N-no, fuck—fuck you,” Jimin gasped out. Yoongi just hummed before pressing his lips to the tip, causing Jimin to bit down harshly on his lower lip to keep more involuntary noises from escaping him. He writhed against the wall as Yoongi’s tongue started lightly tracing circles all over.

Jimin tried not to give in, but he started to get impatient as he desperately breathed out, “Please, please...don’t—don’t tease…”

Yoongi pulled off in a flash. “Hm, I like the sound of you begging. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.”

Jimin barely registered the words “ next time ” before Yoongi’s mouth was sinking down on him, sending his mind reeling. He shoved the knuckle of his index finger into his mouth to muffle his cries and moans.

One of Yoongi’s hands snaked around him to grip at his ass harshly as the elder began to slowly bob his head up and down. Jimin found himself writhing around again, despite his best attempts to stay still, and Yoongi’s other hand reached up to press against Jimin’s abdomen to keep him from moving.

Yoongi’s tongue laved at the underside of Jimin’s dick, sending shivers up the younger’s spine. Almost embarrassingly fast, Jimin’s thighs began to shake and his abdomen tensed, his entire body completely overwhelmed with pleasure.

He pulled his hand out of his mouth to moan out, “Y-Yoongi, I’m—I’m going to—”

Yoongi hummed around his dick and the vibrations sent Jimin off the edge. He quickly covered his mouth with his hand as his mouth parted in a scream. Yoongi didn’t stop and swallowed until Jimin shoved at his head gently, aftershocks of his orgasm making his movements shaky and his arms feel shaky.

Jimin panted for a few seconds to catch his breath.

“Good?” Yoongi smirked.

“F-for the record, you’re still a fucking asshat,” Jimin replied, his voice wavering slightly as he sat down on the nearest bench and tried to recover.

“You alright there?” Yoongi asked, tilting his head to the right to stare at Jimin, his smirk still firmly in place.

Jimin didn’t want to respond with “ No I’m not alright I literally just almost blacked out from coming too hard so just give me a fucking moment ” so he just nodded.

“You—um, what about you?” Jimin finally asked. “What do you want?”

Yoongi suddenly blushed bright red. “Oh, um...I’m good. You can make it up to me next time.”

Jimin’s eyes trailed down to a stain soaking the front of Yoongi’s pants and barked out a laugh. “Oh my god, really? In your uniform too?”

Yoongi playfully smacked his arm. “S-shut up. You didn’t see yourself earlier; I already know I’m gonna jack off to the memory for weeks to come.”

“I’m that hot, aren’t I?” Jimin grinned.

“Yah, don’t be a brat. I literally just blew you, where’s my fucking ‘thank you, Yoongi’?”

“Thank you, Yoongi~” Jimin replied in a sing-song voice before bursting into giggles again. “I still can’t believe you came in your pants. Good luck cleaning that up.”

Yoongi managed to blush even harder. “Quit harassing me,” he mumbled while reaching for his bag, pulling out a, thankfully, clean pair of pants and some other comfortable clothes to change into.

Jimin didn’t care anymore about shamelessly staring as he watched the elder change, though he wrinkled his nose at the sight of Yoongi using his soiled uniform to wipe up the white streaks and other remnants on his thighs and hips.

Jimin carefully adjusted his own clothing too, running his hands through his hair to make it appear less crazy and disheveled.

Once they were both somewhat cleaned up, Yoongi cleared his throat awkwardly. “So um, I gotta go, but...see you around?”

Jimin grinned. “Yeah, see you around.”

Yoongi flashed a gummy smile before taking off, shouting “You’re still shit at probending!” as he left.

“You’re still an asshole!” Jimin shouted after him before giggling again and gathering his things to leave, feeling strangely warm and giddy as he skipped out of the changing room and back onto the streets of Republic City.

Chapter Text

Jimin really wasn’t sure what they were. Even as Yoongi panted and growled into his ear with Jimin’s hand wrapped around the elder’s member, something just felt...oddly intimate to Jimin.

But they totally weren’t. Intimate, that is.

“Fuck—” Yoongi hissed. “I guess those hands are completely useless. If you can’t probend properly, at least you can jack me off, you know.”

Jimin pumped him with a little more force than necessary as punishment. Yoongi just hissed again before releasing a satisfied groan.

“Just shut the fuck up for once, Yoongi. God, I really should just leave you hanging, you fucking asshole.”

“Ten minutes before my match? Not a good idea. Ah—just like that, baby.”

Jimin’s cheeks flushed red despite the completely inappropriate situation he was already in. “Don’t—Don’t call me that.”

“What? ‘Baby’?” Yoongi managed to smirk while leaning against the wall with a completely fucked out expression. “That turn you on, Jiminie? Getting called ‘baby’?”

“N-no,” Jimin denied hastily, even though he did kind of like the way the nickname sounded in Yoongi’s rough and low voice.

Yoongi chuckled before Jimin tightened his grip and the elder involuntarily released a loud moan. “Jeez, Jimin. Warn—Warn a guy. You kind of seem like a sadist or some shit.”

Jimin’s face heated up some more. “Just—just hurry up and come already. Your match is in like eight minutes.”

“Stop talking and maybe it’ll happen,” Yoongi grumbled. Jimin rolled his eyes and quickened his pace in retaliation. “Fu—fuck.”

It wasn’t long before Yoongi was spasming and coming all over Jimin’s hands. Jimin made a disgusted face, using an old sweat towel to clean up the mess.

“Don’t look so sour, baby. If you don’t like the mess, maybe you should consider eating it all instead.”

“Oh fuck off, you’re disgusting,” Jimin scoffed.

“That’s not what you were saying two days ago,” Yoongi smirked. “What was it again? ‘O-oh, Yoongi, please! Hyung—hyung!’ Didn’t think you’d be into calling people ‘hyung’ but you know, no judgement.”

Jimin hated how hot his cheeks were turning again. Only Yoongi could rile him up and embarrass him so easily. Fucking asshole.

“No response? Come on, I know you liked it~”

Jimin refused to dignify Yoongi with a response, instead throwing pieces of the elder’s uniform at him roughly before sitting down on a bench and glaring at him.

Yoongi grinned while putting on and adjusting his uniform. “You’re so cute when you’re pissed off, you know that?”

Jimin looked away, choosing to fix his death glare at the floor while pretending it was Yoongi’s stupidly smug face.

A few moments passed before there were long fingers underneath Jimin’s chin, tilting his face up to meet Yoongi’s gaze that looked...soft? What the fuck.

Yoongi pecked Jimin’s lips gently. “Thanks, Jiminie. I’ll see you around, okay?”

He left the room before Jimin could form a coherent response, his mind still short-circuiting from the feeling of Yoongi’s soft, pink lips on his.




“See, Jiminie, the situation you’re describing is called being friends with benefits, or as I like to call it, fuckbuddies,” Taehyung said in a bored tone.

Jimin smacked his arm. “Lower your voice. And don’t be so crude.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You’re the one asking me about sexy times without feelings and commitment and I’m the crude one?”

“It’s just the way you phrase things, Tae Tae.”

“Yeah, yeah. Why’re you asking, anyway?”

“ reason. Just curious.” Jimin hoped the slight rise in the pitch of his voice wasn’t too noticeable and that his cheeks weren’t turning pink.

Taehyung narrowed his eyes. “Sure.”

Jimin looked away quickly and was thankful that Taehyung didn’t press for further details.

Jungkook nudged Jimin. “Look, the Tigers are up next against the Charming Chameleons, the number two seed. Wish we could watch or something but our match is in an hour, so we can’t even leave the waiting room.” There was a pout on his lips and a sad look in his eyes.

Jimin shrugged. “I’m sure we can find the details of it later. You know the reporters are in there writing down play by play accounts of everything all the time”

He often forgot how much of a fan of probending Jungkook had been before he became a competitor himself. He knew Jungkook used to idolize the Tigers, especially their firebender...and maybe he still did, even after their humiliating loss to them. Jungkook always complained that the worst part of being pro was not being able to watch a lot of matches anymore.

“Yeah, but it’s not the same,” Jungkook sighed. “I wanna be there , you know. Plus, the Tigers and Chameleons are big rivals. The Tigers were the ones who made them drop from number one to number five a couple years ago, and then once the Polar Bears came in, it was pretty much all over for the Chameleons and they’ve never been able to reclaim their top spot in the league ever since.”

Jimin hummed. “Yeah, they must be pretty bitter about that.”

“It’s going to be an interesting match for sure,” Taehyung added. “I heard the Chameleons’ waterbender talking about how they’re going to ‘crush’ and ‘destroy’ the Tigers ‘without mercy.’” He used air quotes to emphasize his point. “Seemed pretty ominous to me.”

Jungkook furrowed his brows. “That is kind of weird...But I know the refs are trying to be harder on overly aggressive behavior on the field so we’ll see…”

Jimin pursed his lips as a silence fell over the three of them. He shifted around to get comfortable in his chair and waited.




At some point Jimin must’ve fallen asleep because someone was vigorously shaking him awake and calling his name in a desperate sounding tone.

“Jimin-ssi. Park Jimin-ssi. Please wake up, please,” they said. Jimin blinked sleepily at them until a familiar face came into focus.

It took a few seconds for Jimin to respond. “H-huh? Hoseok-ssi? Is there something wrong?”

Hoseok waved his hands around frantically. “Namjoonie almost got severely injured in our match and Yoongi locked himself into one of the private changing rooms and demanded that I go find you and bring you to him. I’ve never seen him this pissed off in years , I-I don’t know what to do or why he wants to see you, but he asked me and—”

“Where?” Jimin interrupted, feeling an uncomfortable aching sensation overtake his chest. “Take me to him, Hoseok-ssi.”

Jungkook and Taehyung looked beyond confused and Jimin knew he would probably have to give them a full explanation of everything later, but he pushed those thoughts away and pulled himself up. Hoseok wrung his hands in the air before scurrying off, with Jimin following him closely behind.

Hoseok stopped in front of the door to one of the private changing rooms, no doubt rented out for the Tigers’ exclusive use by their sponsors. It was a perk the Dragons, as rookies, had yet to experience.

Hoseok hesitantly knocked on the door. “Hyung? It’s, I have Jimin-ssi with me—”

The door opened lightning fast and a pale, veiny hand latched onto Jimin’s forearm. “Thanks, Hoseok. You can go now.”

Yoongi pulled Jimin into the room so fast that Jimin almost lost his balance. Yoongi slammed the door shut and locked it before turning around to face Jimin.

There was a glint to his eyes, rage as bright as the fireballs Yoongi produced burning deep inside them. “I’m sure Hoseok told you what happened...or as I should say, what almost happened today.”

Jimin nodded. “Yeah, he kind of mentioned it…”

“If I hadn’t locked myself in here, I would’ve already been out there hunting for those assholes to skin them alive and feed their carcasses to the fish,” Yoongi said in a flat, cold tone, his hands still shaking slightly from anger.

“Well,” Jimin swallowed awkwardly, his eyes downcast. “I don’t recommend that. I don’t think the police would take to kindly to that kind of behavior.”

“Precisely. So, Park Jimin, how are we going to get my mind off murdering those fucking bastards? I thought you might know just what to do.”

Jimin looked up and into Yoongi’s fiery eyes, still so bright and glinting, but with an edge of mischief in them, and he understood exactly what Yoongi needed.

“I’ll take care of you...Yoongi—”

“Hyung,” Yoongi cut in. “Call me hyung, Jiminie. Just for today, please.”

If it were any other day, Jimin would’ve mock kink shamed Yoongi, but instead he took a deep breath and said softly “Alright, hyung . Just relax. Let me do the work.”

He got on his knees and lightly traced over the seams of Yoongi’s cloth belt because of course, even though they were literally in a fucking private changing room, Yoongi still hadn’t bothered to change out of his uniform.

Jimin gently pulled apart the knot in the belt, the elder’s dark eyes watching him hungrily the whole time. He bunched up the tunic in his left hand and used his right hand to push Yoongi’s pants down, exposing the elder’s half hard dick.

He trailed his fingers lightly over the head and shaft and carefully watched Yoongi’s expression. It remained stone cold, but Jimin felt Yoongi hardening underneath him and he took that as a sign to hurry up and get started.

He pressed a chaste kiss to the side of the elder’s member, and Yoongi finally broke, releasing a soft groan as Jimin slowly wrapped a hand around the base. He pouted a little at the reminder that his hands were too small to wrap fully around the girth, but some things in the world were just not fair, and Jimin would probably never have the honor of wrapping his hands all the way around Yoongi’s dick.

Yoongi made a quiet tsk noise, something he tended to do when he wanted Jimin to “ quit teasing and hurry the fuck up, I’m fucking dying here what the fuck ,” so Jimin decided to just casually sink his entire mouth down onto Yoongi.

Fuuuuuuck ,” Yoongi hissed, almost sounding pained as he quickly pressed his lips together to hold in his moans.

That just wouldn’t do, Jimin thought. He tightened his grip on the base and immediately starting bobbing his head up and down at a rapid pace.

This time Yoongi couldn’t control himself and let out a guttural moan. Jimin smiled contently around the elder’s member, still bobbing up and down quickly.

“Jimin—fuck, baby,” Yoongi groaned loudly. Jimin moaned around his cock because yeah, he really did love the sound of baby on Yoongi’s tongue. It wasn’t his fault that like 95% of everything Yoongi did was sexy as fuck, okay?

One of Yoongi’s beautiful veiny hands buried itself in Jimin’s hair and tugged lightly. Jimin moaned again and Yoongi pulled harder on his hair.

Goddamn, Jimin didn’t think he’d be into that either, but Yoongi had coaxed out a lot of surprising turn ons for Jimin in the time they’d starting being...whatever this was. Fuckbuddies, Taehyung had said.

Yoongi gently pushed Jimin’s head back and the younger pulled off reluctantly, part of him already missing the taste and the weight of the elder’s member on his tongue.

“Baby…” Yoongi panted out. “Sit down on one of those cushioned chairs for me, will you?”

Jimin nodded, not quite trusting his own voice since he was kind of enjoying Yoongi’s commanding tone way too much...His voice coupled with the look in his eyes was probably enough to make Jimin come in his pants right then and there.

He sank down into a chair, awkwardly pressing his legs together as Yoongi approached with a hungry glint to his eyes.

“You know, Jiminie…” Yoongi said in a low, rumbly tone. “I love how hard you get for me.” He ran a finger over the growing bulge in Jimin’s pants. Jimin bit his lip to keep from gasping out loud. “And I love…” He suddenly gripped Jimin through his pants tightly. Jimin whined before slapping a hand over his mouth. “How fucking sensitive you are, baby boy.”

“Not—Not the uniform,” Jimin mumbled shakily. “I have a m-match after this.”

Yoongi hummed and clicked his tongue. “Then you better get that uniform off of you before I get started. I’m not feeling particularly patient today, either, so you should get to it, Jiminie.”

Jimin had probably never moved faster in his life as he practically tore the clothes off of him, flinging the pieces haphazardly at the door. Yoongi watched with a smirk on his face and an appreciative look in his eyes.

Jimin licked his lips in hesitation before slowly re-seating himself in the chair, anticipation and excitement buzzing throughout his veins.

“That’s much better, baby boy. Have I told you how fucking gorgeous you are? Damn .”

Jimin felt the tips of his ears turn red. “T-thank you...hyung. too.”

Yoongi hummed and began rubbing light circles into Jimin’s left thigh with his thumb. Jimin bit his lip again and tried not to squirm in the chair.

“Touch yourself, baby,” Yoongi whispered into Jimin’s ear. “I wanna watch.”

Jimin hesitated and turned his gaze towards the ground.

The hand rubbing Jimin’s thigh stopped. Yoongi fingers gently pushed Jimin’s chin up.

“For me?” Yoongi whispered pleadingly, and Jimin knew he couldn’t refuse.

He bit back the feelings of shame and embarrassment running through him as he slowly began massaging at the head of his member. He placed his other hand over his mouth to prevent any involuntary sounds from escaping.

“No,” Yoongi said in a demanding tone. “I want to hear you, Jiminie. Don’t hide from me.”

Jimin slowly lowered the hand from his face and closed his eyes, trying to get himself comfortable by imagining he was alone in his bedroom, just simply blowing some steam off like any other day.

“Can you look at me?” Yoongi asked, his voice more of a grumble than anything else. “I want you to be thinking of me, baby.”

Jimin wet his lips before opening his eyes again, locking his eyes onto Yoongi’s immediately.

“Go faster,” Yoongi demanded. “Please?” he added as an afterthought.

Jimin coated his hand in the leaking precome from his tip before he wrapped his hand around the shaft and started pumping. A high pitched whine ripped its way out of his throat, his nerve endings already far too sensitive and probably heightened by Yoongi’s presence in the room.

“Feeling good, baby boy?” Yoongi asked breathily and through his haze, Jimin noticed that Yoongi had a hand around his own dick as well.

“Y-yes, hyung,” Jimin mumbled, trying not to feel overwhelmed by the sight of Yoongi jacking off. Jimin felt kind of dirty for finding it so hot, but then again, he was jacking off in front of Yoongi too so clearly the elder found it hot as well.

“Go a little faster, twist your wrist some more,” Yoongi instructed. Jimin got some more precome on his palm to make the slide smoother before doing exactly as Yoongi said.

They didn’t speak for a few moments, the only sounds in the room their moans and heavy breathing, along with the slick sounds of their hands moving up and down almost in time with each other.

“Ji-Jiminie,” Yoongi called out, his rough voice cracking on the syllables. “Are you c-close yet?”

“Yes, h-hyung...I’m c-close...Let me—Please let me come, hyung. P-please.” Jimin felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes and he found himself closer and closer to that edge, the sensations and the pleasure overwhelming all his senses.

“Come for me, baby,” Yoongi said in a thick voice, and that was all it took to set Jimin off.

His whole body shuddered, and he swore he saw black spots form in his vision as he released all over his hand. Pitiful sounding whines and moans and watery gasps escaped his lips and he slowly came down from his high.

Jimin blinked a few times before everything came back into focus for his blurry and teary eyes. He saw that Yoongi had climaxed as well, if the disturbing mess on the floor was anything to go by. Jimin shuddered as he thought about the poor arena worker who would be in charge of cleaning this room.

Yoongi tossed him a towel and bent down to start wiping at the floor after cleaning off his own hands. Jimin’s breathing slowly evened out and his heart rate slowed back to normal as he wiped off his hands and got dressed back into his uniform.

“Thank you,” Yoongi said as he unlocked the door. “I really needed this today, Jimin. Thank you.”

Jimin nodded, feeling a blush rise to his face and a rush of giddiness run through his veins. “N-no problem, Yoongi hyung.”

He could’ve sworn he saw Yoongi grin at him happily as he dashed out of the private changing room, but he could’ve just been imagining things.




Jimin made it back just in time for the match, a fact that Jungkook was both relieved and pissed off about. As soon as the match was over (they had won again, the Ubiquitous Unicorns were literally the shittiest team in the league), he had given Jimin a lengthy lecture about responsibility and thinking about the team and the importance of timeliness.

Jimin felt kind of bad, so he didn’t tell Jungkook off for using informal language with his elders.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was more curious about the reason Jimin was gone than angry about him almost missing the match.

“So...Min Yoongi, huh? Why did he ask for you, hm? What happened? Spill the fucking tea, Park Jimin,” Taehyung said with a big dopey grin on his face.

“N-none of your business, okay?” Jimin stuttered, already feeling a blush creeping up to his cheeks at the memory of just what had happened when Yoongi had called for him.

“I’m gonna take this complete and random guess that this might, just might, have something to do with you asking me about having repeated casual sex with someone...or being fuckbuddies, as normal people call it…” Taehyung tilted his head. “Is that why you’ve been less pissy lately? Yoongi been giving it to you good, huh?”

“Shut-shut up!” Jimin sputtered, covering his face with his hands.

“I don’t hear a denial so I’m taking that as a yes!” Taehyung smiled widely before raising his voice. “Yah, Jeon Jungkook, where’s my meal from Seokjin hyung’s restaurant?”

“Not so fast,” Jungkook said with a smirk on his face. “It’s two months right now, but when exactly did it all start...You mind telling us, Jimin?”

Jimin blinked in confusion. “Um, I think it was like four or five weeks ago? It was right after we played the Mango Manatees…”

Jungkook’s grin widened. “And that was precisely four weeks ago from today, meaning that I’m the closest in estimating when they would bang, hyung. You owe me a meal!”

Taehyung’s face fell, a glum look in his eyes. “Fine. When should we go then?”

“How about right now? I’m kind of in the mood for a celebration. I mean, we crushed it tonight and Jimin hyung got laid, something I think is nothing short of a goddamn miracle, so—”

Jimin slapped Jungkook’s arm and the kid yelped. “Respect your elders, you brat.”

Taehyung seemed to brighten up. “Yeah, Jiminie did manage to get laid today, and by Min Yoongi too. Holy shit, let’s go. I’ll pay; who the fuck cares about insignificant things like money when Jiminie has landed himself a man!” He pressed a hand over his heart dramatically. “Ah, I’m so proud.” Taehyung wiped an invisible tear from his left eye.

Jimin made an indignant noise that sounded like iwillmurdereachandeveryoneofyouslowlyandpainfully before breathing out, “I really hate you guys...but I won’t turn down free food.”




The restaurant was bustling, probably since it was a Friday night and as Taehyung put it “ Friday night is the time all the broke ass hoes forget about their nonexistent bank accounts and just try to have a good time .”

And while Jimin and the Dragons, as probending rookies with sponsors who withheld a lot of their salary until the end of the season, kind of related to the “broke ass hoes” statement, he wasn’t exactly sure how that applied to the Tigers, who were laughing together and seated a few tables away from them.

Originally, Taehyung had practically screamed, “Jimin, that’s your mans!! Go say hi or go blow him in the bathroom or something!”

After telling Taehyung to lower his voice (for god’s sake, those poor women sitting at the table next to them looked scandalized beyond belief), Jimin quietly told both Taehyung and Jungkook that no, he was not going to say hi because 1. that’s awkward and 2. he’s pretty sure Namjoon and Hoseok don’t know about their...arrangement anyways and that’s probably a conversation Yoongi would rather not have over a meal of homestyle beef noodles.

Taehyung had deflated a little but quickly covered it up by enthusiastically ordering rice wine for them to share.

Jungkook was beyond excited, and that really, really showed through how he proceeded to order just about everything off the menu, leaving Taehyung sputtering and gasping “I’m gonna only be able to afford rice water for food for the next month, Jungkook! What the fuck!”

Jungkook shrugged, a wicked grin on his lips as he said, “I’m hungry,” in a way too nonchalant and unapologetic way to placate Taehyung and his now empty wallet.

The rice wine came, and Taehyung busied himself with pouring it into the little ceramic cups for everyone. Jimin accepted his cup graciously, knocking the rice wine back quickly before setting the cup back down onto the table.

“Whoa there, Chimmy; you might wanna slow down a bit and pace yourself,” Taehyung warned.

Jimin brushed him off. “It’s good rice wine.”

The food eventually came, and holy shit , it was the best meal Jimin had eaten in several months. Seokjin, the son of one of their favorite sponsors and the owner of the restaurant, came out to greet them and wish them well in the upcoming probending tournament.

The three of them chatted through the meal and stayed in their spots even after the food was cleared and the bill was paid (much to Taehyung’s chagrin).

Jimin drank a little more rice wine than he should have, and a little over an hour in, he started to feel really, really tipsy, a light buzz thrumming through his veins.

And perhaps if his mind wasn’t so impaired, he really wouldn’t have minded the unfamiliar man cozying up to Yoongi side at the Tiger’s table.

And maybe if he wasn’t so fucking pissed off and jealous about it, he really wouldn’t have stormed up to their table, ignoring the calls and warnings shouted by his friends as he went.

“Hyung~” Jimin whined out, a distinctive slur present in his voice. He leaned against the table for support before the dizziness faded for a bit and he could properly focus his eyes on Yoongi’s face. “You’re here too? What a—What a great coincidence!” He hiccuped before covering his mouth and giggling.

Namjoon and Hoseok looked completely speechless, while the good-looking guy sitting next to Yoongi made a confused face. “Yoongs, who’s this?”

“Uh…” Yoongi fumbled for words. “No one. Just someone I know from probending.”

“Oh, he’s a probender too? I thought public figures like that were a little better at conducting themselves in public,” the guy practically sneered at Jimin.

Jimin opened his mouth to reply with something sassy like, “Well, at least I don’t look like I’m fucking eleven years old with that stupid ass haircut,” or something intelligent like that, but Yoongi beat him to it.

“He’s just a rookie, Kihyun. Don’t mind him; let the kids have a bit of fun.”

Ouch .

Jimin wasn’t sure why it hurt, or why he had a sudden urge to both puke all over Yoongi and burst into tears (like the ugly, sobbing kind, not the pretty, gentle kind) right then and there, but fuck , his chest ached.

“I-is that how you see me?” Jimin said in a quiet voice, still hiccuping slightly. “A-a fucking kid? A useless rookie who doesn’t know how to a-act?”

Yoongi was silent, mouth parted as if he was searching for words, but Jimin knew the silence was answer enough to his questions.

“F-fine. I won’t b-bother you anymore then, Yoongi-ssi. H-have a nice evening, I g-guess.”

Jimin wanted to say more, to scream frustratedly or shout “ And you can say goodbye to anymore fucking blowjobs from me! ” spitefully, but he didn’t. Maybe he had always kind of felt this insecurity and inferiority deep down, probably ever since the Tigers had crushed them and Yoongi had talked down to him about probending, and it was just all rushing out, now that the veil of sex and false intimacy was gone between them.

He walked (more like staggered) back towards the table, before changing directions to go to the left, towards the back exit of the restaurant. He shouldn’t have approached Yoongi. He shouldn’t have let himself get drunk. He should’ve left when he saw the Tigers initially. Fuck.

They hadn’t even talked about any of it, had they? Jimin realized. There were no boundaries, no ground rules, nothing. Maybe if he had known Yoongi was ashamed to associate with him, he wouldn’t have been so bold earlier.

Taehyung and Jungkook called out for him, and a twinge of embarrassment began to take hold inside Jimin at making such a scene in such a nice restaurant. But the embarrassment only pushed him to move faster, to get out of there as soon as possible , not only because he couldn’t bear to be in the same room as Yoongi for any longer, but also because part of him just felt so ashamed of himself.

It was dark in the alley behind the restaurant, only distant lamps casting a dim, yellow glow over the area. Jimin leaned against a wall and tried not to cry. He didn’t want to; he didn’t want to be that embarrassing and improper rookie anymore.

He took a shuddering breath, not even really noticing when someone approached him from his right side.

A hot breath by his ear forced Jimin out of his trance, and he nearly jumped in his skin as a gruff and grubby looking man whispered, “You okay, sugar? Need someone to warm you up tonight?”

“N-no,” Jimin stuttered, trying to control the slurring of his voice and failing. “I’m fine; thank you.”

“Ooh, so polite. I like polite.” The man leaned in closer. “You wanna know what else I like?”

Jimin didn’t answer, an uneasy feeling growing and stirring in his stomach.

The man cackled sinisterly and the red flags in Jimin’s brain went off, and he immediately tried to walk away from the man, but the man grabbed his arm and whispered “Where do you think you’re going? You’re mine for tonight, honey.”

Jimin opened his mouth to scream but was interrupted by a sudden crackle of lightning. It struck the man’s arm, burning a hole into his muddy coat and and causing the scent of singed flesh to fill the air.

“Get away from him,” a cold voice said levelly. “Or else I will ruin you.”

The man was still screeching and writhing around in place in agony as Yoongi jumped into the air and sent another strike of lightning right in front of the man’s shoes. The man screamed and cowered pathetically behind a nearby box before Yoongi gave him a warning look that sent him scurrying away in the dark alley.

He approached Jimin slowly and placed an hand on the younger’s arm. “You okay there?”

Even in the dim yellow lighting, Jimin could see the care and concern in Yoongi’s eyes. It was written all over his face, really.

“Y-yeah. I’m alright,” Jimin muttered.

“What a fucking asshole,” Yoongi seethed. “I swear to God, if I ever see his good-for-nothing face again...I can’t be held responsible for what happens.”

That’s lowkey super hot , Jimin thought to himself.

“Jimin? Are you okay? That doesn’t seem like a normal response to this sort of thing…”

“Fuck, I mean...uh, thank you? I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t uh...swooped in and burned that motherfucker’s arm off with your badass lightning bending skills.”

Yoongi laughed and Jimin felt relieved. “No problem. Creepers like him sometimes need their arm burned off to really uh, learn their lesson, if you know what I mean?”

Jimin gave Yoongi one last giddy smile before promptly vomiting all over the place.

“Holy shit, Jimin, how much did you eat? That’s a lot of fucking puke what the fuck,” Yoongi said in a concerned voice.

If Jimin wasn’t in danger of like, choking on his own vomit, he probably would’ve told Yoongi to fuck off, but unfortunately, he was currently otherwise occupied.

Yoongi rubbed his back gently and in soothing circles as Jimin heaved his innards up. How lovely.

Jimin coughed and sputtered afterwards, still hunched over in the alley.

“You good there?” Yoongi asked.

“Y-yeah,” Jimin mumbled as his breathing slowly evened out. He wiped the drool off of his mouth with the back of his hand and gingerly straightened up.

Yoongi cleared his throat. “You really shouldn’t drink so much, you know. It’s not good for you.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “As if you care,” he retorted without thinking.

There was instantaneous change in the mood, and Jimin probably would’ve shivered at how frigid the air felt between them.

After a brief, tense silence, Yoongi finally spoke. “Why would you say that?” he questioned in an accusatory tone. “How could you say that?”

“Just—just forget it,” Jimin responded while running his fingers through his hair frustratedly.

“Jimin, I’ve told you before I prefer not to play games—”

“God, are you really this dense, Yoongi?” Jimin interrupted. “If you don’t understand, then just—”

“If there’s something wrong, you need to tell me right fucking now, Park Jimin,” Yoongi said threateningly.

“Oh just fuck off and go back to your friends and leave me alone! I’m ‘just a rookie’ anyways; you don’t wanna be seen with me,” Jimin seethed in a quiet, cold tone.

Understanding seemed to dawn in Yoongi’s eyes, but Jimin had definitely had enough. He stormed off back into the restaurant without waiting for a response, aggressively shouldering past Yoongi as he went.

Taehyung and Jungkook jumped up as soon as they saw him and started fussing over him, but Jimin pushed them away and told them that he wasn’t feeling well and that he was going home.

Once he was back home and curled into the safety of his bed, Jimin groaned into his pillow, a sinking feeling that he had fucked everything up tonight heavy in his chest.

Chapter Text

Jimin had spent the weekend moping around and snuggling any soft and clean object near him (no one was around to judge him for excessively cuddling his pillow anyways).

He arrived at the arena for their last match of the regular season while still feeling like shit, but at least he had mostly calmed down after a couple days of alone time.

“Hey,” Taehyung whispered into his ear while they sat together in the waiting room, “you wanna talk about it?”

Jimin sighed. “Not really. I’m just stupid, that’s all.”

Taehyung frowned. “You’re not stupid, Chim. I get that you don’t wanna tell me what’s going on, but I have a feeling I know what it is and just...please don’t put yourself down, okay? Shit happens and you didn’t do anything wrong…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin muttered darkly. “Whatever.”


“I don’t want to talk about it, Tae,” Jimin snapped. “It doesn’t matter.”

Taehyung appeared to recoil at that, and Jimin felt a twinge of guilt in his chest. He couldn’t seem to stop lashing out at people, it seemed.

“I just,” he began in a more gentle tone, “I don’t really know where to start, Taehyungie. Things are just really messy right now and I’m a mess too.”

“You know hyung, that’s what we’re here for,” Jungkook cut in. Jimin startled a little bit because he hadn’t noticed that Jungkook had been listening in earlier. “We’re your friends ; you’re supposed to come to us for these kind of things.”

“I know, I know,” Jimin replied quickly. “I just...I don’t want you guys to think any less of me.”

“We won’t pressure you,” Jungkook reassured him. “But just know that it’s okay to let us in, you know? You can talk to us whenever you’re ready.”

Jimin nodded, grateful for his young friend’s wise words. “I will. I promise.” He gave them a small smile that they both returned.

“Daring Dragons and Plump Porcupines! Please take your positions on the starting platforms!” a voice called over the intercom.

Taehyung got up and hugged Jimin quickly while Jungkook gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. Jimin took a deep breath. Everything was going to be just fine, right?




The Porcupines weren’t bad, but they were a lower seed than the Dragons and that showed in their playing style. They relied heavily on defense, which in theory, wasn’t bad, but they never attacked strongly which made it hard for them to get anywhere. As Jungkook liked to put it, the best defense was always to have a counterattack prepared.

Jimin summoned a couple disks to his side and watched as his teammates pushed back the Porcupines, only intervening every now and then to defend them. Jungkook landed a couple particular good shots and pushed two of the players back into zone two easily.

It wasn’t long before the third player joined them and the Dragons advanced on their opponents’ territory. Taehyung sent a clean shot of water towards the Porcupines’ firebender, causing them to lose their balance and fall on their ass.

If Jimin wasn’t feeling so disinterested and distracted, he might’ve felt a little bit bad for the Porcupines. Jungkook and Taehyung didn’t take mercy on them until the bell signaling the end of the first round rang and they returned to their starting positions.

The second round, the Porcupines seemed to get it together. Their earthbender started taking more offensive shots and making it difficult for the Dragons to overpower them the way they had during the first round.

Jimin tried to force himself to focus, dodging and defending to the best of his ability while Taehyung and Jungkook swirled around the field, trying to find an opening to push the Porcupines back.

Jungkook hit one of them square in the chest and knocked them straight into zone two. Jimin watched as Taehyung followed up by hitting the opposing waterbender with several shots in rapid succession.

In his moment of distraction, Jimin took his eyes off the Porcupines’ earthbender. Big mistake.

The opposing earthbender made a sweeping shot at Jimin’s legs with a clay disk and the disk slammed into Jimin’s left thigh with great deal of force. Jimin gasped as he tumbled backwards, his arms flailing at his sides in a desperate attempt to balance himself.

His ass hit the ground hard, and he had to raise his arms up quickly in an X motion to defend himself from more oncoming disks being sent his way. Thankfully, Jungkook seemed to have noticed what had happened and was rushing over to help Jimin.

That didn’t stop the earthbender from hitting Jimin one more time in the chest, causing him to let out a loud “oomph” noise as he skidded backwards. The buzzer sounded as he slid into zone two. Fuck.

Jungkook had finally engaged with the earthbender and Jimin hastily pulled himself up, ignoring the pulsating pain in his left thigh as he stood up. Goddammit, he was going to have a hell of a bruise after this match.

It was hard to do anything with all of his teammates and his opponents so far away, and Jimin watched in frustration as his friends and the Porcupines battled for the last minute of the round. They were in a stalemate, and eventually the bell rang and the announcer declared the Porcupines’ victory.

Jungkook called a quick team huddle before the beginning of the third round.

“Okay guys, we need to be careful with their earthbender. He’s pretty strong,” Jungkook said before turning to Jimin. “Are you okay, hyung? That looked like a nasty hit earlier.”

Jimin shrugged despite the lingering pain. “I’m okay. It was just a scratch.”

Jungkook nodded. “Okay. I’ll try to focus on keeping their earthbender busy. You guys just try to push back the other two and find their weak spots, alright?”

Taehyung and Jimin nodded, and the third round began.

Jimin was careful not to put too much pressure on his left leg and aggravate the bruise forming on his thigh as he sparred with the opposing firebender. They seemed a little shaky and insecure in their movements, their shots just a little too predictable and a little bit too slow.

Jimin narrowed his eyes and as the firebender began to take their next shot, he launched a disk right at their shoulder blade, throwing them completely off balance and causing them to land in a heap on the ground.

Jimin hit them with another disk before they could get up, and soon enough, the firebender was skidding into zone two with little resistance.

Jungkook and Taehyung worked fast, launching the other two Porcupines into zone two just a few seconds after Jimin. They advanced into the Porcupines’ territory and began doing everything to maintain their position.

The Dragons managed to hold on for another minute and a half until the end of the third round. The announcer congratulated them on their victory as they waved a few times at the crowd and moved to the side platforms to exit the field.




“Good job, guys,” Jungkook said with a large smile on his face as they walked back to the changing rooms. “I think this’ll help our rank going into the tournament next week.”

“Have the rosters for the tournament been released yet?” Taehyung asked while pulling off his gloves and visor.

“No, they won’t be out until tomorrow evening,” Jungkook replied. “But I bet we’ll be among the first teams to play, since we’re rookies.”

Jimin had kind of started to hate the word rookie lately, and he bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from scowling.

“Hm, I just hope we don’t get paired up with one of the top five seeds,” Taehyung hummed. “That would probably suck for us and you know our sponsors are counting on us to deliver if we want to still be a team next year.”

“Our record for this season was excellent,” Jungkook cut in. “I don’t doubt that we’ll be a team next year. We definitely surpassed their expectations, hyung; don’t worry.”

“Yeah…” Taehyung trailed off as they arrived in front of the changing rooms. “Anyways, we did pretty good today, guys.”

Jimin pushed open the doors and stifled a small groan as his left leg continued to sting while he sat down on one of the benches.

“Jimin hyung?” Jungkook questioned. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m alright,” Jimin practically hissed. “It’s just a bruise.”

“Well...make sure you stop by the healers or put a cool cloth on it later tonight, okay?”

“Yeah, I will,” Jimin muttered. “I’m okay, really.”

Taehyung furrowed his brows. “Just take care of yourself, Chim. You need to be in good condition for next week.”

“I know, I know. That disk just hit me a little harder than I expected,” Jimin lowered his eyes and undid the knot in his belt.

A silence fell over them as they all changed back into their street clothes. Jimin’s thigh throbbed and his eyelids felt heavy, but he shrugged on a thin white tank top and some loose pants without too much effort. He glanced down at his bare thigh and saw the telltale signs of inflammation and redness all over it. Yep, he would definitely have a big ass bruise there soon.

He pulled a shirt on over his tank top but didn’t bother to button it up. Jimin folded and shoved his uniform into his bag quietly before slinging it over his right shoulder, not wanting to put too much weight on his left side.

“I’m heading out,” he announced while Taehyung and Jungkook were still gathering their things. They waved at him as he left the changing rooms.

Jimin heaved a sigh as he slowly walked towards the arena’s exit. Despite his friends’ warnings earlier, he didn’t feel like seeing a healer or going to the infirmary. He could probably just place a cold, damp towel on it and rest for a while at home. He could use the distraction.

As Jimin limped his way to the exit, a familiar hand wrapped itself around his wrist and he only had time to let out a small yelp as he was pulled into a side room.

Jimin wrenched his hand out of the person’s grip and took a moment to regain his bearings. Yep, they were definitely in a private changing room of some sort. Great.

He sighed heavily again before turning around to face the person who had grabbed him. “What the fuck do you want, Yoongi?”

Yoongi bit his lip and fiddled with his fingers awkwardly. “Listen, Jimin, I didn’t mean what I said a couple days ago一”

“Save it,” Jimin cut him off harshly. “I’m not in the mood to hear your excuses. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I was on my way out一”

Yoongi gently grabbed both of Jimin’s hands, and Jimin hated the way his hands seemed to fit perfectly inside of Yoongi’s much larger ones.

Yoongi looked down as his thumbs traced circles over Jimin’s knuckles soothingly. “Please, just hear me out. I’m sorry, Jiminie. Baby, I’m so sorry…”

Jimin whimpered a little and hated himself for it. “Don’t一Don’t fucking lie一”

Yoongi bent down to kiss both of Jimin’s hands. “I shouldn’t have spoken so carelessly like that. You’re not just a rookie to me. You’re so much more than that and I’m so sorry that I made you feel like you were any less一Jiminie, please give me a second chance.”

Jimin bit his trembling bottom lip and inhaled deeply through his nose. Yoongi’s hands were so warm around his and Jimin found himself drowning in the sincerely of Yoongi’s dark eyes and the gentleness of his actions.

“O-okay,” he breathed out unsteadily. “I forgive you...hyung.”

Yoongi’s eyes light up and he exhaled a sigh of relief. Jimin avoided the other’s gaze shyly until Yoongi’s finger was tilting his chin up lightly. “Can I一Can I please kiss you, Jiminie?”

Jimin nodded and suddenly, Yoongi was everywhere. Jimin had always loved how soft and how wonderful Yoongi’s lips felt against his, and this time was no different. He sighed into the kiss, and Yoongi simply pressed against him a little harder and parted his lips to deepen the kiss.

Yoongi licked into his mouth and tangled his fingers into the hair at the nape of Jimin’s neck. Jimin moaned and pulled Yoongi closer by fisting his hands into the material of the elder’s shirt.

“Jimin,” Yoongi said breathily after they had pulled away for air, his tone almost reverent. “My Jiminie…”

Jimin felt his lips tremble at the words, too many emotions running through his head as he buried his face in Yoongi’s neck, inhaling the musky and slightly sharp scent that was so distinctly Yoongi that it made something in Jimin ache longingly.

“P-please, hyung,” he begged, not quite sure what he was asking for.

Yoongi seemed to growl at that and he pushed Jimin onto a nearby bench. “Let hyung take care of you tonight, Jiminie. I got you, baby.”

Jimin inhaled sharply as Yoongi began planting kisses all over his neck and collarbones, his hands pushing the shirt off of Jimin’s shoulders slowly. Jimin shivered as Yoongi’s hands ran up and down his exposed arms lightly.

“H-hyung,” he sighed out. “Hurry up. Please.”

Yoongi just hummed and licked a stripe up Jimin’s neck, causing the younger to gasp and shudder. He sucked on a spot underneath Jimin’s jawline and normally, Jimin would’ve pushed back and said “no marks” but something about him just wanted to feel claimed, even if for just a few moments tonight.

Yoongi’s hands wandered up underneath Jimin’s thin tank top, his warm hands gently caressing Jimin’s soft and tanned skin. Yoongi’s fingers lightly traced patterns on the skin for a few moments while his mouth sucked more marks onto Jimin’s throat and above his collarbones.

Yoongi bunched the material of the tank top up in his hands and Jimin lifted his arms up into the air so the elder could pull the damned thing off of him.

Yoongi paused for a second and stared at Jimin, his lips slick and a little reddened. Jimin felt suddenly shy under the elder’s intense gaze and looked away as a blush started forming on his face.

“Don’t look away from me,” Yoongi whispered in an almost pleading voice. “Baby, will you please look at me?” he asked softly while pressing their foreheads together gently.

Jimin looked up slowly, and his breath caught in his throat at how dark and how beautiful and blown out Yoongi’s eyes looked.

“You are,” Yoongi breathed out. “So, so beautiful, Park Jimin. The most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”

Jimin shivered. Their faces were so close he could feel the soft puffs of Yoongi’s breaths against his lips. “Hyung, I一I…”

“You mean so much to me,” Yoongi whispered. “Jiminie…”

“I know, hyung, I know…” Jimin whispered back. “Just please, kiss me.”

Yoongi closed the distance between them and gently connected their lips together. Jimin could feel the elder’s lips trembling slightly. It felt weird, so different from their normally rough and aggressive kisses from before.

Yoongi started to move his lips slowly and languidly, as if they had all the time in the world. Jimin exhaled shakily and leaned forward to press their lips together harder. He gently pushed the material of Yoongi’s shirt up so he could wrap his hands around the elder’s waist lightly, the skin incredibly smooth and soft against his hands.

Yoongi seemed to sigh as he tilted his head and deepened the kiss, still going at an almost agonizingly slow pace. Jimin whimpered slightly and tried to urge the elder to go faster by running his tongue roughly over the roof of Yoongi’s mouth.

Yoongi shuddered and pulled back to groan against Jimin’s lips. His breathing was heavy for a few moments before he chuckled, “Fuck. Jimin, stop being such a good kisser, I swear to God.”

Jimin gave him a small smile and mumbled. “You were going too slow, hyung. I had to take matters into my own hands.”

“Let me take my time with you, Jiminie,” Yoongi sighed while tracing patterns on Jimin’s chest. “I just, I want to savor these moments with you, okay?”

Jimin suddenly felt very choked up as he breathed out a small “Okay, hyung,” and swallowed down a growing lump in his throat as Yoongi bent down to kiss a trail down Jimin’s chest.

“Jimin...My Jimin…” Yoongi mumbled against Jimin’s skin as he kissed down the center of Jimin’s chest, leaving small bites and marks as he went.

He tugged the hem of Jimin’s pants down at the same gentle and slow pace he had been going at all night. Yoongi kissed and left marks all over Jimin’s thighs, and Jimin shivered from just how goddamn sensitive his body was feeling as Yoongi’s tongue laved over a spot on his right inner thigh before biting down lightly.

“H-hyung, oh my一oh my god, please 一”

Yoongi finally took mercy on Jimin and licked a stripe up the younger’s hard member, one of his pale, veiny hands wrapping around the base tightly. Jimin pressed his lips together to muffle the strangled noises he was making.

“Shh baby, don’t worry; no one will hear us,” Yoongi said in a soft tone and he loosened up his grip to slowly pump the younger’s dick. “Let me hear you, Jiminie.”

Jimin nodded and let his lips part open slightly. He let out a loud whimper as Yoongi pressed a light kiss to the head of his dick, already far too sensitive in Yoongi’s hold.

When Yoongi finally took all of Jimin’s member in his mouth, Jimin nearly screamed, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. Yoongi’s hands had started holding Jimin down after the younger had tried to buck his hips forward, and he kept bobbing his head up and down slowly, so fucking slowly, and Jimin felt like he was going insane.

“P-please, oh my god, just一just fucking…” Jimin pleaded desperately. “H-hyung, I need一”

Yoongi hummed around Jimin’s cock and fuck, Jimin could definitely feel tears running down the sides of his face. This was fucking torture.

“I can’t一hyung, please一” Jimin begged again.

Yoongi swallowed around Jimin’s member hard and Jimin jolted in the elder’s grip, a high pitched whine escaping his lips at the sensation.

Yoongi waited a few moments before repeating the motion and Jimin felt ready to combust.

“Hyung, I’m一I’m gonna一”

Yoongi looked up and made eye contact with Jimin. His pupils were dilated and his eyes seemed to darken at the sight of Jimin’s teary ones. He slowly and deliberately swallowed again, and that was it for Jimin.

He screamed when he came, and under different circumstances, Jimin might’ve felt ashamed about it, but holy shit, it felt so good .

Yoongi rubbed soothing circles on Jimin’s back afterwards as the younger kept shuddering and and breathing heavily for a few moments.

“You okay?” Yoongi asked quietly.

“Yeah, I’m...I’m great ,” Jimin practically panted out.

“So um…” Yoongi bit his lip hesitantly. “I didn’t want to point this out while I was going down on you, but your thigh is kind of fucked up…”

“I know,” Jimin groaned. “It’s stupid; I let someone hit me earlier during the match.”

“You need to be more careful,” Yoongi chastised. “What if you get seriously hurt? What will you do? What will we do?”

Jimin tried not to linger on how good the word “we” sounded coming out of Yoongi’s mouth, choosing instead to shrug nonchalantly. “It’s a part of the sport. Whatever.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Um...kind of? I mean, it’s going to bruise but一”

“Get up. We’re going to the infirmary.”

“What? I don’t need to go一”

“Well, you’re going,” Yoongi cut him off in a firm voice. “I don’t like hearing that you’re in pain. Let’s go see a healer.”

Jimin huffed. “I don’t want to go. It’s really not a big deal, you don’t need to一”

“I know, Jimin, I know,” Yoongi burst out in a frustrated tone. “I know you don’t want to, but please, just do it for me. I just一Fine, no healers, but just...let me get some ice for it or something. Please.”

Jimin pouted but still nodded at Yoongi. The elder muttered something darkly like “ no one hurts my Jiminie ” under his breath before instructing Jimin to lay down on one of the cushioned benches while he looked for some ice or cool cloths.

Some part of Jimin felt really warm and really elated by Yoongi fussing over him, but he tried to push down the growing butterflies in his stomach as the elder returned with a handful of ice and a towel.

Jimin sighed as Yoongi pressed the towel and the ice over his thigh, trying not to think about the fact that Yoongi was kind of straddling him in this position. He just focused on the fact that Yoongi was brushing the hair off of Jimin’s forehead with one hand while the other applied gentle pressure to his thigh. Yoongi playing with his hair was such a soothing and relaxed gesture that Jimin exhaled deeply and closed his eyes for a few moments.

Jimin laid there until Yoongi was satisfied with the fact that the swelling had gone down quite a bit and let the elder fuss over him some more, lecturing him to take good care of the bruise and of his body in the future. Jimin just smiled at Yoongi’s cute antics and nodded along until the elder was down ranting.

The smile didn’t leave his face until his body was settled into the sheets of his bed and he was closing his eyes. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been surprised that his dreams that night were all filled with a certain caring firebender.

Chapter Text

The next evening the Dragons were gathered outside the arena, other teams milling around them, while they all waited for the officials to emerge with the tournament’s bracket.

Several minutes later, a referee emerged and hammered a long scroll onto the door to the arena, and immediately people began to converge upon the bracket. The Dragons weaved through the throng of people, but Jimin could barely see anything, even while standing on the tips of his toes.

Jungkook let out a loud sigh of relief. “Ferocious Foxes. Seed number 27. We’re labelled as seed 11 right now, the highest for a rookie team on the roster.”

Taehyung cheered loudly and Jimin found himself smiling. Maybe this tournament wasn’t going to turn out to be so bad after all. There were only thirty-two teams total competing this year, so it wasn’t too ambitious for them to aim to finish in the top fifteen, especially since they were facing such a low ranking team the first round, Jimin thought to himself.

Jimin found out he was right exactly two days later, when the first match ended up being easy for them. It was their first time winning a match with a knockout during the first round. Jimin had felt kind of bad for the players and the looks of humiliation on their faces, but dragging the match out would have only made things more painful for both teams.

Jimin was currently seated at a table in Seokjin hyung’s restaurant, Jungkook and Taehyung sitting by his sides as they looked over the menu and tried to pick out “celebratory” foods.

The bell above the restaurant door jingled loudly as a new group of people walked in. Jimin looked up from his menu and felt his eyes nearly bulge out of his head.

The Tigers were headed towards the back of the restaurant, to the same table they had sat at last time. Without thinking, Jimin raised one hand to excitedly wave at them, garnering looks of confusion from Hoseok and Namjoon and a strange and faintly embarrassed expression from Yoongi, who didn’t wave back.

Jimin slowly put his hand down, telling himself over and over not to feel dejected because so what if he had really missed Yoongi? It had only been three days anyways, why was he acting like this? And they hadn’t even talked about being open and public about...whatever it was they were doing. Judging by the looks on Hoseok and Namjoon’s faces, Yoongi hadn’t told them anything about their arrangement, Jimin guessed.

He swallowed hard and lowered his gaze to stare at the table. Well, maybe tonight was a good time to get drunk and forget about things again. It wasn’t like Jimin needed Yoongi’s acknowledgement anyways; he just happened to wave to the elder out of habit. It wasn’t a big deal, right?

Taehyung nudged Jimin. “Um, you okay there? You seem a little lost in thought; no tablecloth is that interesting to stare at.”

“You never did tell us why you were so upset a few days ago,” Jungkook pointed out. “Does it have something to do with that?”

Jimin’s gaze unconsciously flickered over to the Tigers’ table, where Yoongi had his back facing to him. He couldn’t help but feel that Yoongi had probably done that on purpose, which was ridiculous, because Yoongi wasn’t like that, right? It was probably just a coincidence or something.

Understanding seemed to dawn in Taehyung’s eyes. “ Oh . Jimin…”

“It’s nothing, guys,” Jimin said in a tone that sounded unconvincing even to his own ears, “Don’t worry about me.”

“You should really talk to him, you know?” Taehyung whispered in a low voice so that Jungkook wouldn’t overhear. “Before you get really, really hurt or disappointed.”

“It’s nothing,” Jimin whispered back adamantly. “I’m just being stupid again.”

“Guys can you stop whispering like I’m not here?” Jungkook asked annoyedly. “I can literally see you two right in front of me, Jesus.”

“Shhh, Kookie, don’t get pressed,” Taehyung quipped affectionately, one hand reaching out to ruffle Jungkook’s hair playfully. Jungkook struggled in Taehyung’s grip  and quickly started fussing with his hair to make it fall back into place.

“I’m not a kid,” he muttered irritably. “You don’t have to keep secrets from me.”

“It’s really nothing, Jungkookie,” Jimin replied with a slight edge to his tone and a look to Taehyung that said drop it now. “There are no secrets here. Just some stupid stuff.”

“Sure,” Jungkook mumbled in an incredulous tone. “Whatever you say, hyung.”

Jimin looked away from Jungkook’s questioning gaze and stared deeply into his tea, desperately making sure his eyes wouldn’t wander over towards Yoongi.

It didn’t matter. He didn’t care. He shouldn’t care. It was fine. Everything was fine...right?




Ten minutes after the food had finally arrived, and Jimin had officially lost all appetite. Honestly, fuck this. Fuck Yoongi. Fuck emotions and human feelings because they’re fucking assholes who fuck everything up.

“Jimin…?” Taehyung asked in a confused voice, “You can’t fuck emotions?”

“Fuck them,” Jimin muttered darkly. “I fucking hate them.”

“You sound vaguely murderous,” Jungkook said around a mouthful of food. “Do I even want to ask why?”

Jimin glared at Yoongi’s back for a few more seconds. “I need a moment,” Jimin finally answered. He gave Taehyung and Jungkook an apologetic look. “Be back in a minute.”

And so that was how Jimin found himself alone in the men’s bathroom, hands gripping the sides of the sink so tightly his knuckles were white as he leaned over the sink to stare deeply into his reflection. A small frustrated groan fell from his lips.

“Fuck, what the fuck is wrong with me?” Jimin mumbled to himself, watching as his lips moved in the mirror and hating how sad his dark eyes looked. “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t fucking matter .

“...but why does it sting?”

How could Yoongi have gone from insisting on taking care of Jimin’s injured thigh and apologizing to him on his knees to ignoring Jimin and brushing him off so publicly?

The door to the bathroom opened, and Jimin scrambled to stand up straight and act like he was just simply checking his reflection in the mirror, hands hastily reaching up to fiddle with a few strands of hair awkwardly.

Then suddenly there were hands on his shoulders and a low voice whispering “Jiminie” against the shell of his ear.

Jimin froze before dropping his hands from his hair instantly and slowly turning around in place to stare.

“H-hyung…” Jimin began hesitantly. “W-what are you doing here?”

“I, um, saw you come in here earlier and you seemed kind of troubled so…” Yoongi trailed off awkwardly before coughing. “I’m here now.”

“Oh.” Jimin felt a faint flush rise to his cheeks and hated himself for it.

“What’s bothering you, baby?” Yoongi asked in a soft voice, his eyes searching Jimin’s face as his hands reached over to gently grip Jimin’s smaller ones.

You , Jimin wanted to say. Instead, he mumbled, “It’s nothing...just some stupid stuff.”

Yoongi raised one of Jimin’s hands to kiss the back of it chastely. “Okay. Is there anything I can do to help? I hate seeing you upset.”

Then why the fuck is looking at you so upsetting to me?

Jimin bit his lower lip and a swell of emotions rose inside his chest, almost suffocating him as he struggled to swallow down a growing lump in his throat.

Yoongi was still staring at him intently, waiting for a response, and there were so many, so many fucking things Jimin wanted to say, but a lingering whisper of uncertainty and doubt in the back of his mind made it impossible to get any of it out. He didn’t want to be the one to ruin things. Not when this thing seemed to matter so fucking much to him for some reason.

So instead, Jimin steeled his nerves and grabbed Yoongi’s collar to pull him forward, forcefully pressing his lips against Yoongi’s without warning. Yoongi let out a surprised gasp, and Jimin took the opportunity to aggressively shove his tongue down the elder’s throat.

Pent up frustration and anger and sadness was boiling and racing its way through Jimin’s veins and he hated it so much. No, he hated how much he loved the feeling.

Jimin’s chest felt hollow, but god, it ached so bad. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Yoongi had gotten over his shock and was kissing Jimin back with just as much ferocity. And it felt good , it really did, but Jimin felt so confused and conflicted on the inside that everything just felt...wrong.

He forced himself to push such thoughts away and let himself drown in the physical feeling of Yoongi pressing up against him, the sink digging into his lower back, of his hands gripping the elder’s shirt so tightly his fingers felt numb.

It didn’t matter how he felt on the inside, Jimin told himself, the only thing that mattered was that Yoongi was here now, Yoongi was acknowledging his existence now, Yoongi was taking care of him now. Whatever had happened twenty, thirty minutes ago out in the open area of the restaurant didn’t matter, because now Jimin had Yoongi with him. Everything was okay now.

Yoongi pulled away and quickly walked over to lock the door, playfully remarking in a husky voice, “We don’t want an audience, do we, baby?” with a small smirk on his face.

Jimin hated how his heart instantly started racing in anticipation.

Yoongi’s face broke into a smile and for a second, Jimin’s forgot how to breathe. And when Yoongi leaned over to gently kiss Jimin’s right cheek, Jimin hated how his heart flipped over in his chest.

“We need to be quick,” Yoongi said in a low voice, his breath still fanning over Jimin’s cheek. “And quiet too. I don’t trust these thin doors.”

Jimin nodded silently and wet his lips slowly, nervous for what was to come next.

Yoongi gingerly reached down and palmed Jimin through his pants, and Jimin gasped at the slight drag of the fabric over his half-hard cock. He remembered what Yoongi had said earlier about being quiet and hastily clamped one hand over his mouth and Yoongi continued stroking him through the soft fabric of Jimin’s sweats.

After a few more moments, Jimin was fully hard and running out of patience. He removed his hand from his mouth to gasp out a quiet, “H-hurry, hyung.”

Yoongi didn’t need any more encouragement as he quickly pulled at the waistband of Jimin’s pants, pushing it and Jimin’s underwear down to rest just along the center of the younger’s thighs. Jimin panted heavily as Yoongi finally gripped the base of his bare cock.

“How do you want to do this?” Yoongi asked casually while pumping Jimin.

Jimin could barely form a single word, let alone a coherent sentence. “ Ergh , I...don’t c-care. Ah , w-whatever.”

Yoongi just hummed and said, “Well, I guess we’ll figure it out as we go.”

Jimin was biting his lower lip again to muffle his noises, one of his hands blindly reaching out to stroke over the large visible bulge in Yoongi’s pants. The elder stopped pumping Jimin for a fleeting moment, letting out a choked noise, before recovering from his surprise and continuing his movements.

Through the haze of pleasure, Jimin located the waistband of Yoongi’s pants, and he tugged at it impatiently before finally managing to grip the damned thing and pull it down. He wrapped his hand around the elder’s dick and began stroking without warning.

Yoongi gasped again before pressing his forehead against Jimin’s shoulder, heavy breaths escaping his lips as they continued jacking each other off.

Fuck, ” Yoongi muttered under his breath. “Fucking hell.”

Jimin could feel something in his belly burn and tighten. “H-hyung,” he breathed out. “I’m—”

“Shhh, Jiminie, just relax. Hyung—hyung’s got you, baby. I-I got you,” Yoongi’s voiced cracked along a few of the syllables and Jimin couldn’t get over how beautiful and wrecked the elder sounded. “Just—just let go, baby. H-hyung’s here.”

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he came, his vision going blurry for a few moments as Yoongi stroked him through his orgasm. Yoongi managed to catch most of Jimin’s cum on his hands, and he quickly let go of Jimin to clean his hands off with one of the disposable towels in the bathroom.

Jimin leaned back against the sink for support, his legs feeling like gelatin as his hands shakily tugged his parents and undergarments back into place.

He blinked a few times to get rid of the cloudiness in his vision. Yoongi was still hard, Jimin noticed, and that just wouldn’t do.

“C-come here, hyung,” Jimin said, gesturing lazy with one hand at the firebender. “Let me take care of you.”

Yoongi tossed the towel to the side and slowly approached Jimin, thinly veiled excitement visible in his hooded eyes. Jimin sank to his knees and used one hand to grip the back of Yoongi’s legs for a moment while he positioned himself.

It was a familiar feeling for Jimin’s mouth to sink down on Yoongi’s cock, and it wasn’t long before Yoongi was tugging at his hair and whispering filthy praises for Jimin as usual. But no matter how much Yoongi praised Jimin for how nice his mouth was, how beautiful he looked while sucking cock, how good he was for Yoongi, Jimin didn’t...feel anything. Those weren’t the things he wanted to hear.

You are so beautiful , Jimin remembered Yoongi saying a few days ago, My Jiminie…

You mean so much to me ... Let me take my time with you .

Those words echoed in the chamber of Jimin’s mind as Yoongi finally came in his mouth. Jimin swallowed everything down, trying to ignore the growing emptiness gnawing away at his chest. What had happened to the Yoongi from three days ago? Had he ever really existed?

Yoongi sighed and slowly evened out his breathing. “T-thanks, Jiminie,” he mumbled in a sated voice. “You took good care of hyung today.”

Jimin nodded and looked away, feeling both ashamed and betrayed for some reason as Yoongi hastily adjusted his clothes and left the room, only stopping to pat the top of Jimin’s head gently before he went.

I don’t think I want this anymore was Jimin’s last thought as he splashed cold water on his face and left the bathroom a few minutes after Yoongi.




The next time Jimin saw Yoongi was after their second match in the tournament. It had been against the Unicorns again, who never seemed to improve no matter how much they lost (Jimin seriously wondered how they got so lucky as to have advanced to the second round, were other teams really that shitty?).

They were officially part of the top eight, quite an accomplishment for a rookie team, but not really surprising given their record during the regular season. Jimin liked to think they had a good chance of even making it to the top four this year, given that their next opponent wasn’t one of the top three seeds.

For the first time since their debut this year, Jimin decided to go to one of the open practice arenas to blow off some steam. He hadn’t really had a reason to train since they had started playing matches three times a week, but he figured a little extra practice before the quarterfinals two days from now wouldn’t hurt.

He stretched and massaged his arm muscles for a moment before settling into his usual wide stance, breathing deeply in and out to warm up his body while letting his mind go blank.

Jimin inhaled sharply and flexed his arm and hand quickly, feeling the pull of the clay tug on him hard as he summoned a disk to his side. He kicked his foot out nimbly, shooting the disk across the room, where it shattered against a wall.

He summoned and kicked a few more disks before switching to running while launching disks. It felt nice to just not think about anything for a while, to just focus on aiming and running and bending the clay disks with ease.

Jimin was so engrossed in his training that he didn’t notice that the door to the practice arena had opened. He startled when a finger tapped his shoulder gently while he was bending three disks into to the wall, the clay disks dropping to the ground a few feet away from him as Jimin lost his focus.

He whipped around in place, and perhaps he shouldn’t have been so surprised to be greeted by a familiar smirk.

“Jiminie,” Yoongi said cheerily. “Fancy seeing you here…”

Jimin blinked at him in confusions. “What are you…?”

“Oh um. I come here all the time after matches,” Yoongi quickly answered. “I promise I wasn’t stalking. This is usually my area actually.” He chuckled awkwardly.

“Why do you train if you’re—” Jimin gestured up and down at Yoongi.

“Sometimes I just need to blow off steam,” Yoongi shrugged easily. “You know, I can’t always take all my frustrations out on you.”

Jimin felt himself blush to the tips of his ears. “Shut—shut up.”

Yoongi smiled softly before stretching quickly. He opened the palm of his hand and a small flame appeared a few inches above his open palm a few seconds later. Jimin watched the tiny orange fire flicker while hovering above Yoongi’s hand for a few minutes before glancing away, sheepishly re-summoning the disks to his side.

“Want to see a trick?” Yoongi whispered suddenly.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows. “What?”

“Shh, just watch this,” Yoongi muttered with a wicked grin on his face.

The small flame flickered out in the air. Yoongi narrowed his eyes and inhaled sharply and loudly. Jimin watched in wonder as a sudden arc of bright blue lightning coursed through the air, the crackling electricity settling itself along Yoongi’s slender fingertips. It swirled around Yoongi’s fingers for a few moments before Yoongi flipped his palm over and made a small circular hand gesture to redirect the lightning back into the air, where it made a crackling sound again before disappearing.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Yoongi practically giggled, and Jimin was taken aback at seeing this more childlike version of the firebender.

“How do you do it?” Jimin found himself asking curiously. Lightning benders weren’t extremely rare, but it was an uncommon ability among firebenders, with only about ten percent of firebenders, usually royal or noble families, possessing the ability.

“I dunno. I was just kinda born with it, I guess,” Yoongi shrugged. “No one else in my family has it; I don’t really know how to explain it.”

Jimin nodded. “Well, you’re really lucky then.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty useful really. It’s good at making a lot of noise, powering the generators back home when the electricity goes out sometimes, and of course, scaring off dumbass motherfuckers who don’t know how to respect people.” He winked at Jimin.

Jimin felt a smile work its way across his face. “I think it’s really cool, hyung.”

Yoongi’s eyes lit up. “Really? I only did it to impress you, to be honest. I don’t normally do it that much because sometimes I fuck up and end up shocking myself and it fucking hurts like a bitch when I do that.”

Jimin giggled. “Why were you trying to impress me? Aren’t we already past that stage?”

Yoongi grinned. “Yeah, I suppose so. I impressed you from day one anyways, didn’t I?”

“We don’t talk about that,” Jimin quipped, a small pout forming on his lips. “You were so mean back then.”

Yoongi laughed loudly at that and Jimin glared at him indignantly. “It’s not funny! You were such an asshole, hyung! Stop laughing!”

Jimin’s protests only seemed to make Yoongi laugh harder, and Jimin found himself pouting and glaring for a few more moments while the elder giggled almost uncontrollably. Jimin faintly noticed that Yoongi’s eyes were shining bright, so fucking bright, and there was a big gummy smile on his face as his broad shoulders shook from laughter. Jimin would be lying if he said his heart hadn’t melted a little at the sight.

After a few moments, Yoongi stopped laughing, heaving several deep breaths with a wide smile still stretching his face.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry, you know that?” Yoongi said finally, his face still a little flushed from laughter. “It was so easy to tease you and rile you up back then; I just couldn’t resist. And you were so adorable about it too!”

Jimin crossed his arms over his chest. “I hate you.”

“You say that but don’t forget that you were on your knees sucking my dick just a few days ago,” Yoongi winked playfully. Jimin smacked his chest indignantly.

“Don’t be so foulmouthed,” he chastised Yoongi with a glowing blush forming on his cheeks.

“I can’t help it when you’re so cute when you’re all flustered and embarrassed,” Yoongi said with...fondness in his tone? What?

Jimin looked away and tried to crush the growing warmth inside his chest. He kind of wished Yoongi was pissed and angry and demanding; he could deal with that . But this, Yoongi being so soft and affectionate like this with him...Jimin didn’t know how to handle it. And he most certainly didn’t know why his heart kept fluttering every time Yoongi flashed a smile a him either.

“Alright, I’m gonna actually train for a bit now,” Yoongi grumbled after a couple seconds of silence. “You’re welcome to join me.”

And so Jimin and Yoongi practiced launching disks and fireballs at the wall for a couple of minutes before turning towards each other, playfully sparring in close range and giggling constantly. Several times, Jimin found himself distracted by Yoongi’s beautiful side profile, the soft slope of his nose, his pretty pink lips, his sparkly eyes that gleamed like starlight under the soft lights of the practice arena.

Yoongi giggled loudly again, and Jimin temporarily found himself so mesmerized by the sound and the breathtaking smile on the elder’s face that he tripped over his own feet and fell on his ass. His arms flailed on his way down and he managed to catch a fistful of the firebender’s pants as he fell.

Yoongi grunted before landing on top of Jimin, bracing his forearms on either side of the younger to avoid crushing Jimin under his weight. Jimin blinked hazily a few times, trying to recover from the shock of his fall, before his eyes widened and his heart started to race at just how close they were to each other now.

Jimin took a deep breath, and their noses brushed lightly. He could feel Yoongi’s small puffs of breaths fanning over his own lips, and as he inhaled slowly through his nose, he could smell something faintly musky and minty and very distinctly Yoongi .

Jimin tore his gaze away from the elder’s pouty pink lips, his heartbeat racing wildly in his ears as he locked eyes with Yoongi. As always, Yoongi’s gaze was piercing and intense, strikingly similar to the fire and lightning he bended and enough to send a searing heat through Jimin’s body.

Jimin swallowed harshly, and he watched Yoongi’s eyes flicker down to watch the younger’s Adam’s apple bob up and down. When Yoongi looked back up, Jimin licked his lips anxiously, unsure of why the firebender hadn’t just pulled himself up yet.

Jimin swallowed again and bit his lip before releasing it and running his tongue over it, an old nervous habit of his. Something in Yoongi’s gaze darkened and then suddenly, Yoongi was too close and Jimin could count all of the elder’s eyelashes and feel the body heat from Yoongi’s skin before soft lips were pressing down gently on his and Jimin felt his body go limp and his mind go blank at the sensation.

It was so much like the day Yoongi had apologized to Jimin that something in Jimin ached longingly. Everything was so soft, and gentle, and just so, so warm. The feeling of warmth in Jimin’s chest radiated throughout his body, stirring butterflies in his stomach and causing his toes and fingers to curl pleasurably.

Yoongi licked into his mouth languidly, as if trying to tell a story to Jimin through his lips and his tongue. Jimin lost himself in the sensations of it all and kept his eyes closed even as Yoongi eventually pulled away for air.

There was a sudden shiver that ran through Jimin’s body and Yoongi pulled himself up, a soft look in his eyes and he stared down at Jimin, who was still lying down on the ground.

But then something flashed in Yoongi’s eyes (was it panic?) and then the firebender was bolting out the door, not even saying a word to Jimin as he went.

For the second time in three days, Jimin felt a coldness settle into his bones and his heart as he watched Yoongi go, and he shut his eyes tightly as the all too sudden bitter rejection and sorrow overtook him again.




The next evening, Jimin was standing outside of the waiting room, Jungkook and Taehyung flanking either side of him as they waited to find out who their next opponent would be.

He still hadn’t talked to them about anything that had been going on. It was probably because Jimin himself didn’t quite understand what was happening either. Why his chest always felt funny around Yoongi, why the hairs on his arms stood on end and his heart would start racing from just a simple look from Yoongi, or why it hurt so much to watch Yoongi turn his back on him…

It didn’t make sense. Nothing really made sense anymore.

“Jimin hyung,” Jungkook nudged him, snapping him out of his daze. “I see some officials walking around in there with a scroll in their hands. I think they’re coming our way.”

Jimin nodded and fiddled with his hands anxiously while they waited on an official to come by to talk to them.

“Congratulations,” one of them was saying to Jungkook. “You guys have made it really far in this year’s tournament and you’re only rookies right now. It’s very impressive and you guys should be proud.” Jungkook smiled and nodded politely, clearly only interested in finding out who their opponent would be tomorrow evening.

“The winner of today’s match was the Terrifying Tigers, so you guys will play them tomorrow in the first match of the quarterfinals. Good luck!”

It took a moment for the words to register, before Jimin’s eyes were widening and his mind started racing. He’d always known he would have to face Yoongi’s team again some way or another; they were in the same league for crying out loud!

But he really hadn’t expected this. At all.

He wondered if Yoongi already knew about it. He wondered if Yoongi was as nervous about it as Jimin was. He wondered if Yoongi felt as worried as he did.

“Fuck,” Jimin whispered to himself while running his fingers through his hair harshly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck .”

Chapter Text

They hadn’t spoken since the day Yoongi had run out on him while they were training. It would be a lie to say that the fact Yoongi wouldn’t even remotely look his way anymore didn’t hurt Jimin.

He didn’t understand. Why were they back to avoiding each other? Why couldn’t Yoongi just make up his fucking mind about whether he wanted Jimin around or not?

Jimin sat anxiously in the waiting room with Jungkook and Taehyung by his side. He could tell that they were nervous too; the Tigers had seemed to have only gotten better and better as the season went on, with a nearly perfect regular season record to show for it.

“So, Tae Tae hyung,” Jungkook was saying. “Just make sure to keep Hoseok and Namjoon as occupied as you can. Jimin and I will focus on Yoongi. Without him, their cohesion and teamwork will be all off and—”

“And we’ll be able to secure the victory, blah blah blah,” Taehyung finished for him, annoyed that Jungkook was repeating himself for the umpteenth time. They had gone over the strategy over and over, and frankly, Jimin was starting to get sick of it too, but he knew Jungkook only meant well and that the poor boy was nervous as hell.

Jimin patted Jungkook’s shoulder soothingly. “Calm down, Kookie. We’re all going to do our best tonight, and regardless, we did amazing this season. We’re still rookies, you know. We have a lot of time to grow and improve.”

Jungkook seemed to visibly relax at that. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Let’s just chill out and what happens will happen. Yeah, be chill…”

Taehyung and Jimin giggled as Jungkook stared off into space in a trancelike state, the way the boy always did when he was lost in his own thoughts.

“You okay?” Taehyung whispered to Jimin. “You’re not like...really upset or scared about fighting your uh, fuckbuddy, are you?” Jimin didn’t answer. “Did I use the wrong label?” Taehyung pressed on. “Are you guys something else right now? Did something happen?”

“It’’s complicated,” Jimin muttered, hating how cliche it sounded out loud. “I mean, it’s kind of a really long and weird story. We haven’t really like...talked about it.”

“About what?” Taehyung questioned with furrowed brows. “The match? Or your relationship status?”

“...both,” Jimin said in a shuddering whisper. His lips quivered as he slowly realized what a large fucking hole he had dug for himself by getting so invested in Yoongi. “I—we’re really playing it by ear right now…”

“That doesn’t sound good,” Taehyung replied in a gentle tone, placing his hand on top of Jimin’s as if to say I’m not trying to judge you, I’m just really worried about you . “Communication is key to all healthy relationships, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jimin huffed. “I’m just—I’m scared, I guess. I’m worried about what he’ll say to me, and his reaction to it all.”

“We should’ve had this conversation sooner,” Taehyung lamented. “Chim, there’s not enough time now that we have less than ten minutes before the match, but afterwards, I really think you should find him and talk to him. I can tell you’re really bothered and troubled right now, and instead of avoiding it, just be direct and honest. That way you’ll avoid a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary frustration and suffering.”

Sometimes Jimin was floored by how wise his carefree and outgoing best friend could be. This was definitely one of those times. “You’’re right, Taehyung. It’s going to happen sooner or later, so I should probably just get it over with...Before things go too much further.”

“Forgive me if I’m pushing too hard right now,” Taehyung said in a softer tone. “But how do you feel about him, Jimin? I know you keep telling Jungkook and I that it’s purely physical, but the way you’re reacting and the way you’re talking about this makes me think it might be more than just sex between you two. What happened in the last week?”

“I—I really don’t know where to start,” Jimin mumbled back, taking deep breaths to calm his racing heart and the panic coursing through his veins. “I don’t know, Taehyung. I just know I’m not happy with the way things are right now.”

“Here, tell me what happened at the restaurant,” Taehyung instructed quietly. “Or tell me what made you realize you weren’t satisfied with the arrangement.”

“I don’t think there was an exact moment, it was more a slow realization that being physically intimate was not enough and—”

“Jimin,” a voice suddenly cut in.

Jimin jolted in his seat as he looked up into the eyes of none other than Min Yoongi.

Thankfully, Yoongi seemed to have not overheard much of his conversation with Taehyung as he simply said, “I wanted to say good luck. I know you guys are going to play really well tonight and I’m looking forward to the match.”

“I—uh, yeah. Thanks!” Jimin stuttered back, a little breathless at the sight of a soft gummy smile forming on Yoongi’s face. “You guys too…”

He patted Jimin on the head lightly, and Jimin felt his cheeks burn as Yoongi turned and walked back to sit with the Tigers on the other side of the room.

“Well, that was a little weird,” Taehyung muttered. “You said you guys hadn’t talked in a few days?”

“Yeah...the last time we saw each other he kissed me and ran away right after…” Jimin replied, his brows furrowed and eyes narrowed in confusion.

“Daring Dragons and Terrifying Tigers, get to your starting platforms!” a voice loudly announced over the intercom, cutting Jimin off.

“I’ll tell you about it later,” Jimin promised Taehyung as he straightened out his gloves and boots slightly. Taehyung nodded in response.

The Dragons stood on the platform, and Jimin could faintly see Jungkook’s form trembling in the semi-darkness. He reached out to place his hands on the boy’s shoulders, silently trying to tell him that everything was going to be okay; it was just one match.

The platform slowly began to rise, and Jimin hated the way his stomach churned during the ascent. It was just one match; he could get through it. It wasn’t that big of a deal; this was only their first tournament.

The screams of the crowd greeted them as they stepped off the platform and onto the game field. Jimin swallowed back the growing butterflies and lingering nervousness in his stomach. Everything was going to be just fine .

Jimin looked over and saw the Tigers huddled in a loose circle, talking about something jubilantly with wide smiles on their faces. His eyes zeroed in on Yoongi again, who looked as energetic and radiant as he always did before a match.

The commentator droned on and on, complimenting both teams for making it this far into the tournament and going over some new rules again. Jimin just tried to focus on steadying his heartbeat while waiting for the commentator to finish up and announce the start of the match.

The Dragons tensed as the commentator introduced the officials and referees for the game, itching to hear the bell finally ring and for the game to begin. When the bell finally sounded out, Jimin exhaled deeply before positioning himself by Jungkook’s side, as planned.

Taehyung did a good job of holding off Namjoon and Hoseok for the most part, rapidly taking turns attacking both of them while Jungkook and Jimin concentrated on sparring with Yoongi.

Jungkook shot a fireball at Yoongi first, which the elder swiftly dodged before launching a slew of his own fireballs back at Jungkook. Jimin used a couple of disks to defend Jungkook, his stance wide as his summoned the clay disks to block the fireballs.

They seemed evenly matched this time, with Taehyung holding Namjoon and Hoseok at bay while Jungkook and Yoongi faced off, with Jimin occasionally pitching in to defend Jungkook every now and then. Honestly, there had been a few openings for Jimin to attack and hit Yoongi, but he held himself back. He just...couldn’t really bring himself to attack Yoongi, even if it was just for the match. Besides, Jungkook would probably be able to handle it on his own without Jimin’s help.

The first round ended in a tie, and when the referee tossed a coin into the air, it landed in the Dragons favor.

“Earth, water, or fire?” the referee said while looking expectantly at Jungkook.

“You feeling up to it?” Jungkook asked Jimin.

He shook his head. “Not this time.”

Jungkook nodded before saying, “Water.”

Taehyung grinned as he stepped onto the center platform along with Hoseok. Jimin zoned out as the platform rose up and the two waterbenders dueled, only snapping out of it once the bell was ringing again and Taehyung was named the victor of the duel.

Jungkook seemed pleased that they had won the first round, a little bounce in his step as they retook their positions in zone one.

The second round was a blur to Jimin. He vaguely registered the sound of the buzzer going off as Taehyung was forced back into zone two, but his mind was preoccupied with not getting fucking burned to pieces as Jungkook and Yoongi dueled on the right side of the field.

Jimin still mostly stuck to helping Jungkook out, especially since Yoongi was a formidable opponent who was excellent at dodging attacks and launching fireballs at the same time with scary precision. Under other circumstances, Jimin just might have been a little turned on by the elder’s amazing bending form and technique.

Yoongi smirked as he launched a fireball at Jungkook’s knee level. Jimin gulped and forgot to counter the attack with one of his disks like he normally would. Fuck, now he was definitely a little turned on.

Jungkook leaped into the air to dodge before landing and continuing to fire away at Yoongi. The bell sounded after a few moments, announcing the Tigers’ victory for that round, and Jimin finally let himself breathe. God fucking dammit, he really needed to get his shit together for the third round. This would make or break them.

“Jimin hyung,” Jungkook was saying as the referees were just about to blow their whistles to signal the start of the last round. “We really need to take Min Yoongi out. Otherwise we’ll either lose or tie again, and I don’t think we’ll get lucky enough to tie and pick an element again.”

Jimin nodded. “Don’t worry. I understand.”

The shrill sound of the whistle cut their conversation short, and the Tigers didn’t waste any time from there, taking shots at their chests and legs almost instantaneously.

Jimin narrowed his eyes as he forced himself to really, truly focus. Yoongi was like a fucking machine this time, whirling around and barely giving Jungkook any room to breathe as his fireballs seemed to rain everywhere.

From the other side of the field, Taehyung seemed to be struggling too. Jimin summoned and launched disks from his position in the center of the field to try to defend both of his teammates, but it didn’t appear to be helping much.

Jungkook leaped a few meters up into the air, swiping his foot out to send a line of fire at Yoongi. To Jimin’s surprise, Yoongi didn’t dodge it, and he practically heard the elder groan as he tumbled off his feet and onto his back.

There was a disk at Jimin’s right side, all he had to do was flex it and he could slam and push Yoongi into zone two, maybe three if he put enough power behind it.

Jungkook landed and quickly moved to strike again as Yoongi struggled to his feet. Jungkook’s fireball hit Yoongi square in the chest, causing him to fall over again.

Jimin’s hand wavered as Jungkook pressed forward to launch more fireballs at Yoongi. Yoongi was still lying flat on his back as he weakly blocked Jungkook’s onslaught. Yoongi eventually pulled himself onto his feet again and was completely distracted by Jungkook.

For a split second Jungkook turned his head to stare imploringly at Jimin, as if to say Hit him now, hyung!

Jimin’s hand trembled even more as he widened his stance and flexed his arm muscles, leaning all his weight onto one leg before launching the disk right at Yoongi’s stomach. He felt his stomach sink as he watched it go and everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

He saw a look of panic appear in Yoongi’s eyes and something inside of Jimin twisted as he suddenly flipped his arm over, completely changing the course of the disk. It crashed and shattered on the field a few meters away from Yoongi.

Jungkook locked eyes with Jimin, his mouth starting to form words that Jimin couldn’t hear. He squinted so he could read the younger’s lips better.

Jimin made out the words “ Why did you—LOOK OUT HYUNG!!” before a searing heat slammed into his side and knocked the wind out of him.

Jimin ungracefully fell onto his side and skidded backwards. Another final ball of fire hit Jimin on his ribs and propelled him all the way into zone two.

The buzzer sounded, and Jungkook quickly flipped around to fend off the Tigers, who were quickly ganging up on him.

Jimin groaned as he sat up, his limbs and back aching from the impact and the friction of sliding back so far. Fuck, they were really done for now, unless Taehyung and Jungkook could pull off a miracle with only thirty seconds left in the round.

Had Yoongi really just...hit him?

Jimin forced himself not to think about it as he leapt to his feet, gingerly slipping back into his usual stance as he tried to survey what was going on from such a far distance.

Taehyung and Jungkook were barely holding on, and Jimin felt his shoulders sag as the crowd began counting down the final ten seconds of the match. This was really it.

The bell rang and then the announcer was excitedly declaring the Tigers’ victory. Half of the crowd was screaming and cheering while the other half, their fans, clapped politely.

Jimin felt his heart sink as the Tigers jumped up and down in celebration from across the field.




From an objective standpoint, it had been a good and close match, and Jungkook tried to be very positive as the side platform lowered them back down to the main level.

“All in all, we did really well this season, guys,” Jungkook was saying as they entered the main changing room. “It’s almost unheard of for a rookie team to make it into the quarterfinals, you know.”

Taehyung nodded. “Yeah, we did good. We’ll be even better next year.”

Jimin silently hung his head. The loss had been his fault, but Taehyung and Jungkook were too kind to just outright say it. Part of Jimin wished they would just yell at him and get pissed at him instead of being so...nice about it.

He had really fucked up this time. Why did he let his stupid feelings get in the way of his team’s success? It was pathetic, and Jimin had never felt so ashamed.

“I’m sorry, guys…” he finally mumbled. “I messed up.”

“Hyung, it’s okay!” Jungkook replied in a too loud voice. “It happens and we’re not mad at you, okay?”

Taehyung slung his arm over Jimin’s shoulder. “It’s nothing, Chim. Don’t worry about it.”

He leaned down to whisper. “We still need to talk about everything though, Chim. Don’t think that I’ve forgotten. What I saw out there is only confirming my current theory…”

Jimin nodded, unable to shake the dejection laced throughout his body language.

Jungkook gave Jimin a worried look before hastily changing out of his uniform. It was clear that no one really knew what to say.

Jimin tried to move as quickly as possible, unable to bring himself to meet the eyes of his overly gracious teammates as a thick veil of shame and remorse coated his heart. He bit his lip to hold back the embarrassed and frustrated tears that were starting to form.

Why had he done that?

Jimin kept repeating that question to himself over and over. Why, why, why…

Why did the thought of striking Yoongi disturb him so much?

Why was he so scared of hurting Yoongi?

And why had Yoongi chosen to hit him earlier?

Some logical part of Jimin’s mind tried to supply the answers he so desperately craved. You were just distracted, it didn’t mean anything...Of course you were taken aback, he was making a weird face at you...He hit you because it’s a fucking sport and he’s supposed to hit you if he wants his team to win, because he’s not a fucking idiot like you who’s too infatuated to even think about—


This was bad, really fucking bad. Jimin’s body completely stilled, his hands stopping mid air as he paused in packing his bags. He swallowed hard as his mind spun.

This was the first time Jimin was really admitting to himself that whatever it was he felt for Yoongi wasn’t just primal lust. It was...affection? Care? Just some emotion that made it unbearable for him to even imagine the elder in any sort of pain.

You love him , a small, evil part of his mind whispered tauntingly. You’re in love with him .

“I don’t,” Jimin said aloud. “I don’t...I can’t

“Chim, are you okay?” Taehyung asked concernedly. “Are you just talking to yourself right now or…”

Jimin felt his eyes fill with fresh tears. “I think Taehyung, I think I might be…”

His breath caught and Jimin shook his head as he struggled to get the words out while his throat seemed to tighten suddenly.

Taehyung rushed over and was by Jimin’s side in a heartbeat. “Chim, are you alright? You’re scaring me…”

From the other side of the room, Jungkook’s eyes were big and round as he observed what was happening in complete and utter confusion.

“Taehyungie…” Jimin breathed out. “I think I’m in love with Yoongi hyung. Help me, what do I fucking do?”

“Oh Chim…”

Jimin felt a tear run from the corner of his eye. “Please, Taehyung, what am I supposed to do now? I don’t I don’t understand it…”

“Shhh…” Taehyung whispered as Jimin inhaled deeply a few times to calm his heart and to stop the flow of tears. “I know you’re scared, but it’s going to be alright. Trust me.”

“Y-yeah,” Jimin choked out, barely holding back a fresh wave of tears as Taehyung rubbed his back soothingly. “O-okay.”

“Just breathe, Jimin…”

Jimin nodded and started counting his inhales and exhales to distract himself. There was a hollow ache building inside his chest that he didn’t quite understand, the pain dull yet somehow very fresh at the same time.

When he finally felt calm enough to speak, Jimin stuttered out, “Can you guys give me a m-minute? I’ll be out there in a s-second.”

Taehyung nodded and motioned across the room at Jungkook, who was already slinging his bag over his shoulder and swinging the door to the changing room open.

When the door softly thudded shut after them, Jimin curled into himself for a moment, trying to quell the racing thoughts in his head as he focused on breathing in and out, in and out…

The door swung open again and Jimin pressed his forehead onto his knees as he opened his mouth to tell Taehyung that he was coming on out before a voice suddenly whispered, “Jiminie?”

Fuck, Jimin was not in the mood to see him right now.

“Oh my god, Jimin, are you okay?” Yoongi was saying, practically running over to stand by Jimin. He quickly cupped Jimin’s face gently and moved it left and right as if to check for injuries. “I don’t see

Jimin harshly pushed Yoongi’s hands off of him. “I’m fine, hyung. Stop fussing.”

Yoongi seemed taken aback at that. “But you’re curled into a ball and looking like

“Like what? Like shit? I fucking know . Fuck,” Jimin sighed deeply, wrapping his arms more tightly around himself. “Just leave me alone.”

And then Yoongi was kneeling beside Jimin, long fingers reaching out to gently brush strands of hair off of Jimin’s forehead, and Jimin just fucking hated how he instinctively leaned into Yoongi’s touch like some kind of fucked up magnet.

“Are you upset, baby? You know you can talk to me about it…”

“Sure, as if you didn’t flat out ignore me for three days after fucking running away from me,” Jimin muttered darkly. “I don’t need your pity right now.”

“It’s not pity, Jiminie; it’s concern . I’m sorry about that, by the way, I was just

“You’re a fucking asshole sometimes, you know that?” Jimin cut him off, not sure where all this pent up anger and venom in his voice was coming from. “Sometimes I tell myself I hate you.”


“But I can’t. I wish I could hate you though. It would probably be easier that way…”

Yoongi cleared his throat, his brows furrowed confusedly as he replied, “Well, I guess I’m glad you don’t hate me? For the record, I don’t hate you either...far from it, actually…”

“Why did you do that?” Jimin asked suddenly, the question burning in the air for a moment.

Yoongi immediately went still at that. “You mean on the field? During the match? Oh my god, are you hurt? I thought I was being gentle…”

“Why?” Jimin repeated icily. “Answer my fucking question, Yoongi.”

“I ” Yoongi stared at Jimin strangely. “I mean, I don’t know. I thought I was supposed to, since it’s uh, you know, pro bending match…”

How come he’s okay with hitting me when it tore me apart to think about hitting him with that goddamn disk?

Yoongi grasped one of Jimin’s hands lightly. “Look, Jiminie...I’m really sorry if I hurt you. I was just trying to win, you know? I wasn’t trying to like, injure you or cause you great pain or anything, I promise. I would never do that…”

“Are you sure about that?” Jimin breathed out shakily, hating the way his mind whispered he’s hurting you right now, isn’t he? What a liar .

“Y-yes? I would never purposefully hurt you; I thought you knew that…”

“Are you ashamed of me?” Jimin questioned, hating how weak his voice sounded as it cracked on the last couple of syllables.

“No, no, of course not, baby!” Yoongi exclaimed. “Why would you even think that?”

“You know, sometimes it feels like you are...You don’t want to even look at me when we’re in public, you don’t tell your friends who I am, you run away and ignore me for days at a time...Sometimes it feels like I don’t even matter to you at all…”

Jimin tried to ignore the hot trails of tears running full force down his cheeks. He needed to know, he needed to hear what Yoongi had to say for himself.

“I I didn’t know you were that bothered by it, I swear. I thought you didn’t want people to know about me , honestly, so I didn’t want to tell anyone or reveal it without like, checking with you first,” Yoongi let out an awkward chuckle, still not quite noticing the tears on Jimin’s face yet. “You know, we can tell them right now, Jimin, I promise. If it makes you feel really uncomfortable or upset, then I swear I’ll

“Do I matter to you, Yoongi?” Jimin whispered in a watery voice. “Do I?”

“Of course you do! You matter more than ” Yoongi cut himself off, as if he didn’t know what word to use to fill in the space. His brows furrowed even further as he took note of Jimin’s tears, worry lines appearing on his forehead as he struggled to find the right words.

“Don’t lie. If you cared about me, you wouldn’t have hit me like that,” Jimin finally breathed out.

“Jimin, it was just a match, please don’t blow this out of proportion

“No, it wasn’t!” Jimin practically screamed at him. “Stop being so casual and flippant about this! It wasn’t just a match...not to me at least.”

Yoongi went silent for a moment before speaking again in a very low, gentle voice. “Look, I don’t know why you’re upset with me, but I think it’s something beyond just what happened on the field earlier.”

“You’re right,” Jimin replied. “It’s more than just the match. It’s everything! I can’t I don’t think I can do this anymore, Yoongi.”

“You can’t do ‘this?’ You mean like, sex or like

This ,” Jimin repeated. “Talking to you. Pretending everything is perfect. I can’t do this .”

There was another silence as Yoongi soaked in Jimin’s words.

“You know, I couldn’t bring myself to hit you out there,” Jimin said flatly. “Maybe you should think about why that is.”

Yoongi blinked at him in confusion. “What? But it’s a match? You’re supposed to hit me whenever you can…? What are you trying to say here?”

“Maybe some things are more important than winning matches.”

“I kind of feel like you’re being a little immature about this whole thing,” Yoongi said in a voice with a slight edge, as if he was growing tired and irritated with their conversation. “Our teams are rivals, we were put up against each other, we played a good game, and now it’s over . What exactly are you agonizing over?”

Jimin let out a small, humorless laugh. “You wouldn’t understand. Of course you wouldn’t.”

“Jimin, please, just tell me what’s going on. You’re right, I don’t understand. If something is wrong, you really need to just let me know. I can’t play these mind games of yours,” Yoongi sighed.

“‘Mind games?’” Jimin scoffed. “Just leave. We’re not gonna get anywhere with this conversation anyways. You really don’t get it. At all.”

Yoongi’s face twisted with...was that hurt in his eyes? It faded quickly and was replaced by a muted anger.

“Yeah, I don’t get anything, do I?” Yoongi responded annoyedly with his eyes narrowed. “Maybe some other day we can act like actual adults and talk about whatever problem it is that you have with me, but until you can stop being so dramatic and condescending...well, it’s like you said: we’re not gonna get anywhere.”

Ouch . Jimin felt a small pinch in his chest. He swallowed the lump in his throat and willed all tears forming in his eyes away. He’d done more than enough crying for tonight.

He forced himself to lower his eyes so he wouldn’t have to watch Yoongi turn his back and leave him. Again. The door made a soft thudding noise after Yoongi. Jimin exhaled shakily, feeling the ache inside his chest grow.

Why was it that every time Yoongi left again, it only seemed to hurt more?

Chapter Text

Jimin missed Yoongi. A lot. And he really hated himself for it.

He was sitting in the practice area, trying to distract himself and blow off some steam. Honestly, he had kind of started to feel dehydrated from how much he’d been crying lately, and so he had forced himself out of bed for the first time in two days and dragged himself all the way to the arena to do some training.

He took a long pull from his water flask, brushing sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes and panting lightly, as he slid down one of the walls. Jimin rested his arms on his knees and tilted his head back to stare at the bright lights on the ceiling.

Thankfully, this was a different practice area than the one he and Yoongi had made out in, but that didn’t mean there weren’t little things around the place that reminded him of the firebender.

He lowered his eyes to stare at the wood flooring stretching out in front of him, so similar to the floors that he and Yoongi had tumbled onto just a week or so ago. It didn’t help that it had been storming outside as Jimin had made his way over to the arena, the boom of the thunder reminding him of the softer sound of crackling lightning emerging from Yoongi’s fingertips.

Against his will, memories were quickly bubbling to the surface of his mind, achingly beautiful ones as well as painful ones. Memories of how they had first met, the petty arguments and bickering, their first kiss…

And then Yoongi’s last words to him echoed in his mind. I can’t play these mind games...stop being so dramatic

Guilt and regret punched him right in the gut, making it hard to breathe as Jimin suddenly dropped his flask of water to wrap his arms around himself. He hadn’t been fair to Yoongi, he knew that, but what else was he supposed to do? Continue with the arrangement and hurt himself further? Just accept the fact that Yoongi clearly didn’t care about him the same way he did for the elder and stay in a one-sided relationship?

I really messed up, didn’t I? Jimin thought, pressing his trembling lips together and taking a shuddering breath. He wasn’t going to cry again. It was okay. Everything was going to be okay.

Yoongi didn’t love him anyways, so this was for the best, wasn’t it?

But that didn’t exactly make it hurt any less.

Jimin stayed curled into a ball on the floor of the practice area for several more moments, just focusing on breathing in and out and telling himself that everything was fine, just fine, and that eventually it wouldn’t hurt anymore.

Some small part of him felt compelled to go seek Yoongi out, maybe apologize and beg Yoongi to forget all the things he’d said. He squeezed his arms tighter around himself.

It really was over, that much seemed clear to Jimin, and there was no use beating a dead horse. He’d caught feelings and Yoongi hadn’t; it was really just that simple. Now he just needed to find a way to get over it.

Jimin heaved a sigh and slowly pulled himself up again. He had been in here for hours; he thought it must be past midnight by now.

He ran his fingers through his damp hair again before packing up his duffel bag and leaving the practice area.

As Jimin walked through the hallways, he saw a someone familiar emerging from one of the practice areas adjacent to his. He opened his mouth to instinctually call out—

Jimin snapped his mouth shut in an instant, which, in hindsight, wasn’t a very good idea, as his teeth made a loud clacking noise in the otherwise silent hallway.

Yoongi whipped his head in Jimin’s direction instantly, and Jimin just fucking froze on the spot. Fuck, fuck, FUCK—

Yoongi quickly turned back around and began briskly walking towards the exit. Although it kind of stung, Jimin mostly just felt really pissed off about it all and against all reason, he started chasing after Yoongi, jogging lightly behind the firebender as the elder picked up his pace, as if sensing that Jimin was coming after him.

Jimin was running by this point, which was like, kind of pathetic but Yoongi was running too so they were probably even. Yoongi practically mowed down the doors as he pushed his way out and not long after, Jimin burst through the doors.

He glanced left and right to see where Yoongi had disappeared to, but it was still storming and the rain combined with the darkness of the night was making everything blurry to Jimin.

Jimin slumped against the door. What had possessed him to literally run after Yoongi like that? Why did Yoongi run away? Was he ever going to actually tell Yoongi how he actually felt?

The heavy rain splattered against the top of Jimin’s head, creating a violent and loud pitter-patter rhythm as his hair and clothes became soaked through. He shivered and took a deep breath while wrapping his arms around himself protectively. A boom of thunder echoed in the distance as he glanced out at the streets and sidewalks.

He could barely see through the thick curtain of rain as he squinted at the dim streetlights in the direction that Yoongi had disappeared off into, wondering if his miserable and heartbroken mind had just imagined the whole thing.




Two days had passed, and Jimin was starting to get used to the perpetual silence and emptiness of his life without probending eating up almost all of his time.

He still hadn’t really talked to Taehyung or Jungkook any further about what had happened between him and Yoongi, hadn’t mentioned how miserable and shitty the whole thing was making him feel, hadn’t really told anyone about his realization or how terrified he was feeling because of it.

Which is how he found himself here, in the stands of the main arena packed with thousands of screaming, adoring fans. Jungkook had said it would be fun and good to watch the semifinals and finals, saying that they could observe and learn a couple things from the more experienced players and teams.

So yeah, Jimin was sitting in a VIP room, reserved by Seokjin’s family for them, waiting to watch Yoongi’s match. He had already forgotten which team they were playing, but it didn’t matter because fuck , he was going to watch Yoongi’s match in a few minutes and fuck no , he wasn’t ready.

“You okay there?” Taehyung nudged Jimin, jolting him out of his panicked thoughts. “You seem like you’re zoning out a lot again today.”

“I—” For a moment, Jimin contemplated just playing it off and lying about being tired or something, but he was sick of not being honest, with himself and the people around him. “I’ve been feeling really shitty lately. Yoon—Um, Yoongi and I had a fight about a week ago and we’re uh, not really talking anymore. I don’t know…”

Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Holy shit, why didn’t you say something earlier? Look, Chim, we don’t have to stay. We can leave right now actually.” He raised his voice slightly. “Jungkook! Come here, I—”

Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s arm to cut him off. “It’s fine, Tae. Um, I think Jungkook was really looking forward to watching the Tigers play, since he’s kind of been their fan for a while. I’m—I’m okay. I think just watching his match won’t be...that bad. I’ll just stare at the other team the whole time or something.”

Taehyung furrowed his brows. “You sure? You really don’t have to, Chim. Your comfort is more important and—”

“We booked this section and I know you’re excited about the match too, Tae. It’s fine. Really…” Jimin really didn’t want to be the reason they wasted their sponsors’ money and he didn’t want to ruin Taehyung and Jungkook’s night either.

Taehyung didn’t look convinced, but he nodded his head reluctantly and said, “Okay, I believe you. But if you want to leave—at any time—just say the word, alright?”

Jimin gave a thumbs up. “I will. Don’t worry.”

Taehyung opened his mouth as if to speak again, but their conversation was cut short by the booming voice of the announcer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thirty-sixth annual Future Industries Probending Tournament! Tonight we will be watching an exciting match between the Terrifying Tigers and returning champions, the Polar Bears!”

There was a loud round of applause and some screaming and cheering from the crowd.

“The winner of tonight’s match will advance to the championships, which will be held at this arena three days from now! Congratulations to both teams for making it this far into the tournament and for excelling this season.” There was a crinkling noise as the announcer flipped through his notes.

He cleared his throat before using a deliberately loud and slow tone to say, “And now, please welcome...the Terrifying Tigers!”

Jimin’s ears were overwhelmed by the sounds of screams from passionate fans. Sometimes he forgot just how popular and well known the Tigers were in Republic City.

“And their opponents...the Polar Bears!”

Even more cheering and screaming erupted and Jimin’s eyes darted around the stands, seeing several fans standing up, jumping up and down, and enthusiastically waving banners around to cheer their team on.

Jimin let his eyes linger a little on the Tigers. Their VIP section was positioned just above the Tiger’s side of the field, and low enough that Jimin could perfectly make out each of their faces behind their visors.

Yoongi looked...troubled? His face seemed set into a permanent annoyed frown and the posture of his body screamed that he really didn’t want to be there.

It was probably because the Tigers were such big rivals with the Polar Bears, Jimin thought, resolutely pushing away any passing hopeful thoughts that perhaps Yoongi had been feeling just as miserable as Jimin all along.

The announcer droned on and on about rules and referee changes and Jimin just found himself staring at Yoongi the whole damn time, because he was weak as hell and because part of him really liked the way his heart pinched and ached as he looked at the beautiful firebender.

The bell rang out suddenly, snapping Jimin out of his lovesick trance, and the first round commenced.

Just like the last time, the Tigers and Polar Bears seemed pretty evenly matched at first, sparring back and forth for the first thirty seconds and dancing around each other carefully, as if trying to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite team.

As expected, the Polar Bears’ waterbender, Sana, made the first attacking shot. Yoongi dodged it easily and fired back, quite literally, with a couple fireballs of his own, one of which actually hit Sana and threw her off balance for half a second. Jimin felt a strange surge of pride.

Hoseok and Namjoon were facing off with the other two Polar Bears players, leaving Yoongi and Sana to battle it out alone. In contrast to the last time the Tigers played the Polar Bears, their strategy seemed to be working. By the end of the first round, neither team had been able to gain the upper hand and it had ended in a tie.

Jungkook was practically vibrating in excitement. “What element do you think they’re going to pick? Who do you think is going to win the duel?”

Jimin didn’t answer, but he exhaled a sigh of relief when the Tigers won the coin toss, picking fire as their element almost immediately.

It was no contest. Jimin almost felt sorry for the Polar Bears’ firebender as Yoongi pummeled him with fireballs and swept his feet out from underneath him, knocking the poor bender off the platform and winning the duel in less than thirty seconds.

“Did you see that last shot?” Jungkook was shouting. “Oh my gawd , what a legend!”

Under other circumstances, Jimin might’ve laughed at Jungkook’s fanboy tendencies.

The tables seemed to turn a bit during the second round, however. The Polar Bears had figured out the Tiger’s new strategy and weren’t going to let Yoongi distract Sana the whole time anymore.

The other two players had made a sort of protective formation around Sana, standing slightly in front of her and they blocked almost all of the Tiger’s shots. Sana stood back and happily let her teammates handle most of the work, only occasionally striking and attacking when there were slight openings.

This continued for two minutes, the Tigers unable to break through the defensive formation that the Polar Bears had formed. Jimin could tell they were getting frustrated, their shots more and more off-aim and erratic. Not good.

In a moment of distraction, Namjoon was hit with a stream of water and thrown into zone two. The buzzer sounded obnoxiously as the Tigers seemed to panic, making more and more desperate shots to no avail. In the final twenty seconds, Hoseok was hit by Sana too, landing hard on his back before he scrambled back onto his feet quickly to avoid being hit again and possibly pushed into zone two with Namjoon.

The bell rang and the round was over. The Polar Bears were celebrating on their side of the field while the Tigers were huddled tightly together, quickly trying to find a new game plan.

As the Tigers were pulling away from each other and getting back into their starting positions for the last round, Yoongi glanced up at the stands for a moment, waving to a few fans who were screaming to get his attention.

He smiled as he bowed and nodded at fans, but it looked forced to Jimin. Jimin felt his heart rate start to pick up as Yoongi turned to face the stands on his right side. The firebender waved amicably a few more times while Jimin held his breath. Please don’t, please don’t, please

Jimin wanted to curse out whoever had decided to pick a section so close to the field as Yoongi’s eyes landed on him. The fake and pained smile on the elder’s face fell away immediately, replaced by a look of shock and then...was that sadness in his eyes?

Jimin felt his eyebrows pinch together but didn’t have any more time to process what had just happened as the starting bell suddenly went off. Yoongi whipped around in place to begin the third round.

This round, the Tigers seemed to get it together. They now had a formation of their own, spaced apart from each other in a loose, rotating circle.

The two teams sparred for the first minute again, almost idly and flippantly taking shots at each other while scanning for weaknesses in their opponents’ formation and stances.

Then Yoongi struck. He leaped into the air and swept his foot out in front of him in a circular motion, creating a rapidly moving line of fire. It hit the Polar Bears’ earthbender right across the chest, making the bender trip over his feet and fall to the ground.

That seemed to piss Sana off, who swiftly tried to send an uppercut of water back at Yoongi, but the firebender was to fast for her as he leaped out of the way and made another shot, this time aiming for the Polar Bears’ firebender.

The opposing firebender had seen the shot coming and broke from formation almost instantaneously, sending balls of fire right at Namjoon’s stomach.

The Tigers broke their formation too, and it seemed like all hell broke loose on the field. Jungkook was on his feet, clutching the railing as he watched the teams go back and forth. It had been a long time since Jimin had seen a match so aggressive and intense, and he could feel himself getting a little nervous too while watching the whole thing.

There was only a minute left in the match, and now Taehyung was out of his seat too, one hand resting on Jungkook’s shoulder as he observed the nail-bitingly close match.

Jimin remained in his seat, but he had scooted forward to the very edge of the cushion, head craning to see every detail of what was happening.

Things were getting out of hand. Both teams were practically pressed up against the bordering line, as if trying to engage in hand to hand combat as they took close range shots at each other. Jimin could practically feel the frustration and desperation radiating off of both teams as they whirled around the field, looking for openings to attack.

Yoongi and Sana were back to dueling, and Jimin was mesmerized by them. It was almost like a dance. It was insane how fast they were moving across the field, almost like bending machines as they both repeated a cycle of running, jumping, bending, and attacking over and over again.

Eventually, Sana grew tired of it. Jimin saw her take a peek across the field at her teammates as the announcer yelled that there were only thirty seconds left.

She flew across the field, making some sort of hand signal at the Polar Bears’ earthbender before summoning a large ball of water.

Jimin’s eyes darted back to Yoongi for a second. At some point, Jimin had leaped up from his seat and now his shoulder was pressed against Taehyung’s as he leaned over the railing to watch, his face in full view of Yoongi, who was...staring at him?

Jimin had thought that Yoongi had glanced at him a couple times throughout the last round, but he’d brushed it off, thinking that Yoongi was probably just looking up at the clock or something. But this...Yoongi was definitely looking at him right now. Jimin couldn’t quite make out the expression in those soft dark eyes as he stared right back at the firebender for what felt like an eternity.

In reality, less than half a second had passed, and before long, Yoongi had his head back in the game, darting across the field back to where Sana was.

Jimin squinted and furrowed his brows at them. Sana still had the large ball of water in front of her, but it looked...muddy? What the hell?

Then Jimin saw the Polar Bear’s earthbender summoning disks and breaking them into fragments before pushing them into Sana’s waterball. They were mixing their elements, an illegal move that would get them automatically disqualified if they were caught.

Jimin glanced worriedly at the referees, who still looked oblivious to what was going on, just as Taehyung and Jungkook let out gasps. They had noticed to. And then Sana was separating the ball into three separate spheres and aiming—

Jimin opened his mouth to scream at Yoongi to back away, but it was already too late. The waterball hit Yoongi right under his chin, launching his body into the air.

Only waterbenders were allowed to make headshots for a reason. The fragments of the clay disk mixed inside the water slammed into Yoongi’s jaw and Jimin heard himself screaming distantly as he saw Yoongi’s limp body land on the far edge of the field.

He wasn’t making any move to get up. In fact, he wasn’t moving at all. Jimin felt his heart drop down to his stomach, an uneasy feeling bubbling there uncomfortably.

The match had stopped and the final bell never went off. It took Jimin a moment to register that paramedics and healers were flooding the field, hovering over Yoongi’s body as the commentator was announcing the disqualification of the Polar Bears. The referees had actually noticed, it seemed.

Mixing elements like that was extremely dangerous and Jimin didn’t know what had compelled the Polar Bears to do that. The commentator was reminding everyone that probending was meant to be a sport conducted in a safe, civilized manner, and that Future Industries was going to review this match to determine the Polar Bears full punishment. They would probably be banned from competing for a couple years.

The commentator ended by awkwardly congratulating the Tigers and asking everyone to come back in a few days for the championship, but no one was listening to him because everyone was staring at Yoongi’s limp body.

Jimin felt his ears start to fill with a ringing sound as more and more healers, waterbenders who knew how to manipulate the healing properties of water to expedite recovery from wounds both internal and external, rushed onto the field.

Taking a hit like that to the head was...not good. Yoongi still wasn’t moving, and through his hazy vision, Jimin saw Namjoon and Hoseok appear at the firebender’s side, clutching his hand and shaking him slightly.

Eventually, the whole fiasco was over when the team of healers and nurses lifted Yoongi onto a stretcher and pulled his unconscious body off the field.

Something snapped in Jimin, and he felt worried tears well up in his eyes as he pushed his way out of the VIP section, his legs already running towards the infirmary.




Hoseok was the first person to spot Jimin. The earthbender was panting heavily from rushing over as Hoseok jogged up to him.

“Oh, thank god you’re here,” the waterbender was saying. “It’s not looking good, Jimin-ssi. I can’t—I can’t look at him right now.”

Hoseok’s voice was cracking and Jimin felt his chest pinch tight with pain. “Is he...Is he going to be okay?”

“Y-yeah,” Hoseok breathed out unsteadily. “I think s-so. The healers said that he’ll probably be unconscious for a little while though, because of how hard t-those, those bastards hit him. His helmet and visor took the brunt of the hit, but his head still got jostled and impacted pretty hard. They said there’ll probably be no lasting damage though.”

Jimin bit his lip and looked down at the ground. “Oh my god…”

“Can you stay with him, Jimin? I know you guys aren’t on good terms right now but...I think he needs you by his side right now,” Hoseok said in a soft voice.

Jimin blinked at him in confusion. “He told you everything? When?”

“Um, we had a heart to heart about a week ago,” Hoseok answered. “He really cares about you, you know. He may not be the best at showing it but...Okay, don’t tell him I told you this, but he cried about you last week. Like, ugly sobbed on my shoulder. Granted, he was kind of drunk, but he kept saying shit like ‘I really fucked up’ and ‘Oh my god, I’m never going to be with him again’ and ‘I don’t think I can lose him’ over and over.”

Jimin’s mind was reeling. “W-what? Really?”

“Like, he really does care about you. I don’t know all the little details or the full extent, but please give him a chance. It seems like you two are good for each other.” Hoseok patted Jimin’s shoulder reassuringly. “He’s in the room at the very end of the hall if you want to see him.”

Jimin took a deep breath and nodded. “O-okay. Thank you, Hoseok-ssi. I’m gonna...go now.”

Hoseok waved kindly and walked off. Jimin stood there in silence for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts while processing all the information Hoseok had just dumped on him.

He pushed open the door to the infirmary room hesitantly. Yoongi was lying across a hospital bed, chest rising and falling steadily as if he were just peacefully sleeping. There was a chair beside the bed and Jimin slid into it quietly.

He grabbed one of Yoongi’s pale hands, cradling it between his own.

“Hyung,” he started. “If you can hear me, please...please just be okay. I know the nurses said that you’ll be fine, but—”

He stopped himself as soon as he heard his voice crack. Fuck, he didn’t want to sob over Yoongi’s unconscious body. The healers had said that there wouldn’t be any lasting damage, right? So why was he so worked up about it all?

He sighed and placed Yoongi’s hand back on the bed before standing up to leave. Jimin didn’t think he could handle staying in that infirmary room with Yoongi.

Jimin had one hand on the door knob when he heard a weak voice call out, “Jimin?”

He paused instantly and whipped around.

Yoongi’s eyes were still half-closed as he whispered, “Come back, please…stay here with me.”

Jimin took his spot back in the chair by the bed immediately. “Hyung? You’re awake?”

“I missed you, Jiminie…” Yoongi murmured softly before his eyes closed again and he was drifting out of consciousness once more.

Jimin called out to Yoongi a few more times but didn’t get an answer. Yoongi was definitely out cold now, but Jimin still remained anchored to his spot in the chair for the rest of the night, just in case the elder called out for him again.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke up to someone shaking him gently.

“Jimin-ssi,” Hoseok said in a soft voice. “You should probably head home for a couple hours. You’ve been here since last night.”

“Huh?” Jimin replied groggily. It was only once he looked to the left and saw rays of sunshine peeking through the curtains, that he realized it was daytime. He’d been here for at least eight hours then. He wiped some drool away from the corner of his lip and sighed faintly, realizing that he probably looked like shit right now.

“I’ll watch over him, don’t worry,” Hoseok said reassuringly as Jimin slowly began to nod.

“I’ll just go home for a bit and then come back in a couple hours,” Jimin answered. “If that’s okay?”

“Take as much time as you need,” Hoseok smiled. “Thanks for staying with him last night, Jimin-ssi.”

“Just Jimin is fine.”

“Oh? Okay. Thanks, Jimin,” Hoseok’s grin widened a little and Jimin forced a small smile in return. Why the fuck was this so awkward?

Jimin sighed as he packed up his things and slowly trudged his way back home, where he splashed some cold water on his face and layed in bed for several minutes, staring at the ceiling in silence.

A million thoughts ran through his mind, almost all of which where about Yoongi. God, he felt so fucking worried, despite how many times the nurses told him nothing was wrong or damaged.

When he finally came to his senses, Jimin pulled himself out of bed, changed his clothes, and then dragged himself back to the infirmary to see Yoongi.




He pushed open the door to the room slightly, quickly stifling a gasp at the sight that greeted him. Jimin quickly pushed himself behind the door, using it as a barrier as he observed what was going on inside the room.

Yoongi was sitting up in bed, speaking to Hoseok in an emphatic, hushed tone. His hands were gesturing wildly and he just looked frustrated . Hoseok seemed like he was just trying to calm the firebender down, but Yoongi just wasn’t having it.

Jimin hid behind the door for a couple moments, but he couldn’t quite make out what Yoongi was saying, what he was raving on and on about. He pressed his lips together and pressed his ear against the edge of the door to listen.

“I just can’t believe you would just—” Jimin heard Hoseok mumble something to cut Yoongi off. “No, that still doesn’t make sense. You know how I feel about him, and you just decided to invite him back here when you know I’m not in the mood to deal with all of that? We have championships in less than two days! I really don’t want to see Jimin right now!”

Jimin tripped over his own feet and the door creaked open slowly. Shit.

Yoongi locked eyes with him immediately. Shit shit shit

“Um, Jimin,” Hoseok started awkwardly. “You’re back.”

“Y-yeah…” Jimin stuttered. “Should I g-go or something?” He hoped he masked the note of hurt in his voice well enough as he stared down at the floor, suddenly feeling so, so small.

“No, I was just leaving,” Hoseok replied, and Jimin looked up in time to see Hoseok give Yoongi a hard glare. “I’ll let you two talk .” He paused before adding, “You better be civil” to Yoongi.

Yoongi grumbled before Hoseok was brushing past Jimin and softly closing the door behind himself, leaving Yoongi and Jimin...alone. Just fucking great.

“H-how are you feeling?” he asked hesitantly.

“I’m fine,” Yoongi muttered.

“Does anything hurt?”

A wide, sarcastic smile stretched over the firebender’s face. “‘Does anything hurt?’ Excellent question! Do you happen to mean physically or emotionally? Because goddamn, I have a lot to say to you if—”

“I get it,” Jimin cut him off, shutting his eyes tightly while another pang of hurt welled up inside of him. “You hate me. Whatever.”

Yoongi was quiet for a few seconds, and Jimin was debating on whether or not he should just pick himself up and leave. He clearly wasn’t wanted here.

“No, I don’t hate you,” Yoongi said finally. “I don’t really think I could ever hate you. I’m just pretty pissed off right now because Hoseok told me that he talked to you and I have a feeling that little fucker told you a whole slew of things about me—”

“Were they untrue, then?”


“So what Hoseok said was true?”

“I mean, I doubt he would lie to you…”

“So they’re true?” Jimin repeated.

“I don’t know, what exactly did he say to you?”

“That...uh,” Jimin fumbled for words. “That you weren’t doing so hot lately…”

“And? Anything else?” Yoongi pressed.

“That it’s my fault.”

“Hm,” Yoongi pursed his lips in contemplation and leaned back against the pillows of his bed. “Those are all pretty true.”

Jimin’s mind whirled. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why...why have you been so upset lately?” Jimin already had a sneaking suspicion about the answer, but it was one thing to hear it from Hoseok and another to hear it straight from Yoongi.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Uh, no?”

“You. You’re the reason I’ve been upset lately.”

Jimin narrowed his eyes. “ you do hate me…?”

“No. Not at all.”

Jimin sighed. “I can’t believe you got angry with me for speaking cryptically. Can’t you just—”

“It’s the opposite, Jimin. Do you really need me to spell it out for you?” Now Yoongi definitely looked ticked off, more than when they had started talking.

“ you don’t hate me...does that mean—”

“Christ, you’re so dense,” Yoongi sighed dramatically, shifting slightly in bed so he didn’t have to look at Jimin anymore. “I—I fucking love you, Jimin. But it’s really damn obvious to me that you don’t love me, okay? Fuck, I don’t know why Hoseok thought it was a good idea to ask you to watch over me and come back to check up on me like this. I just—fuck, it really hurts to even look at you right now. Just go home, Jimin; you’re not obligated to watch over my pathetic ass just because Hoseok asked you to.”

“It wasn’t like that!” Jimin protested quickly. “I ran after you as soon as it happened! No one told me that I needed to come see you!”

Yoongi shifted more until his face was almost completely hidden from Jimin. “Jesus fuck , that just makes it worse…”

“M-makes what worse?”

Jimin heard Yoongi sigh. “It feels like I can't fucking breathe when I'm around you and it just intensifies when you do that."

"Do what?"

"Pretend to care."

Jimin sputtered. "But—But I do care!"

"You don't need to lie just because you pity me," Yoongi mumbled into the sheets.

Jimin was starting to get frustrated. "Would you quit being so dense?"

"Would you quit being so patronizing?" Yoongi mimicked back.

"I didn't come here to argue with you!"

"Yeah. Whatever." Yoongi turned on his side so that his back was facing Jimin.

"Stop doing that,” Jimin sighed.

"Doing what?"

"Brushing things off. Just tell me what's going on? You, uh...l-love me?" Jimin felt his breath catch on the words.

Yoongi seemed to curl in on himself at that. "Yeah, I know. It's pathetic of me, isn't it? Go ahead and laugh. Fuck it all to hell."

"But I...I have feelings for you too?"

There was a heavy silence in the room for two slow heartbeats.

“What—” Yoongi began, his voice sounding just a little choked up. “What the fuck—”

“Hyung,” Jimin said gently. “I think I—I think I love you too?”

He heard a small, shuddering inhale come from Yoongi’s body, which was still turned away from him. “I thought you hated me. When we argued back in the changing room...I was so sure that you never wanted to see me ever again.”

Jimin reached forward and gently nudged Yoongi’s arm, trying to get the firebender to turn back over to face him. “Hyung, I would never hate you. I can’t, and I—I don’t want to.”

Yoongi finally flipped over. His face was a little red and his eyes were slightly watery, but Jimin figured it could have just been the bright lighting of the infirmary room playing tricks on his imagination.

“ don’t hate me,” Yoongi slowly repeated.

“No, I don’t. I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you, though.”

“Does that mean I can do this ?” Yoongi hesitantly reached over to tangle their fingers together.

Jimin inhaled sharply. “Y-yeah. That’s...nice.” Yoongi hands were really warm, and soft, and his fingers fit around Jimin’s smaller ones almost perfectly. Jimin’s insides felt all mushy and he held in a couple breathless giggles as Yoongi absentmindedly played with his fingers.

“We’re kind of stupid, aren’t we?” Yoongi finally said.

“Hm,” Jimin hummed in agreement. “I was convinced that you didn’t see me as anything more than a convenient fuck every now and then…”

“Never,” Yoongi replied adamantly. “It was never like that. I—I think I liked you from the very start, not in a shallow ‘oh wow he’s super hot and I’m really gay’ kind of way, but in a ‘I really want to take him out for street food and feed him a ridiculous amount of food and then cuddle together for hours on end and also kind of hold his hands and kiss him softly and all that’ kind of way…”

“From the first day?”

Yoongi lowered his head to hide his rapidly reddening cheeks. “Y-yeah. Kind of. I kept pissing you off because I thought it was the only way to get you to pay attention to me, and you were so adorable when you were mad so I just—I don’t know. I’m an idiot.”

Jimin giggled. “Hyung, you’re the cute one here, what the hell…”

Yoongi’s fingers tightened around Jimin’s as the firebender blushed even harder. “God, stop it. I don’t even know why I’m telling you this…it’s embarrassing.”

“When did you know for sure?” Jimin asked. “That you cared about me genuinely and stuff…”

“I mean, I always cared about you but I think the moment I realized it was beyond just like, caring for a friend or something was probably right after you got angry with me about hitting you during our match a little while ago. Part of me already knew it was there, but when you just completely dropped out of my life, it was kind of like a slap to the face for me. I was miserable and I, uh, basically realized that I sort of like my life better when you’re in it?”

Yoongi’s face at this point kind of resembled a tomato. A very cute, good-looking tomato.

Jimin probably would have screamed if he didn’t have any self-control. “That’s...I’m glad then. It was kind of similar for me I guess.” Jimin looked down shyly. Yoongi had just opened up to him about everything, surely he could return the favor? “I guess the more we, uh, hung out with each other, the more attached I got? And I started looking forward to seeing you just because, not know…”

“The sex,” Yoongi interrupted bluntly.

“Yeah, it was more than just physical attraction. I don’t know. When we had the match, I just couldn’t bring myself to hit you in any way because I—I got so scared, you know? I was scared of seeing you hurt, and then scared about the reasons behind why I felt like that...I was in denial for a while…”

“I’m sorry, baby,” Yoongi said while rubbing circles onto the back of Jimin’s hand. Jimin squeaked. “I didn’t take the time to really take note of how you were feeling and although I sort of noticed that there was something off about you the past couple of weeks, I just forced myself to ignore it.” He lowered his voice slightly. “I’m really scared too. You remember when I ran out on you back at the practice arena? That was the first time I kissed you for no real reason at all, and it made my insides feel all funny and it just terrified me. Actually, just thinking about it right now makes me want to curl into a ball and disappear forever…”

Jimin laughed. “I guess I must be a really good kisser then.”

“Eh, I don’t know about that. It’s been a little while,” Yoongi replied teasingly. “Maybe you should refresh my memory a bit?”

Jimin giggled before leaning over to peck Yoongi gently on the lips.

Yoongi pouted. “What the fuck, I pour my whole heart out to you and you don’t even kiss me properly, what kind of sorcery—”

Jimin shut him up by wrapping his arms around Yoongi neck and pulling the firebender close to kiss him long and deep. Yoongi sighed and reached out to hold Jimin’s waist lightly as they kissed. Jimin titled his head to change the angle and wow , this was so much better and—

The door clicked open and Jimin heard a choked gasp.

They immediately pulled apart and Jimin whipped around to make eye contact with Hoseok, who had a rather scandalized look on his face.

“S-sorry!” Hoseok practically shouted, face tinted a light pink. “Don’t mind me! I’m leaving! You two...continue with...whatever. I’m just—”

Hoseok whirled around and slammed the door shut behind him.

After a few beats of silence, Yoongi and Jimin burst into laughter together.

“Oh my god, that’s going to be weird to explain to him,” Yoongi said in between giggles. “Holy shit, I think we probably just traumatized him.”

Jimin nodded in mirth before bending forward to pull a surprised Yoongi back into him for a few more kisses.




Yoongi was discharged from the infirmary in the evening, and Jimin was preparing to say goodbye to the firebender after spending several hours with him in the little private room, talking and giggling and most importantly, kissing the life out of each other.

Jimin struggled for words as he kept his eyes averted from Yoongi’s, an inexplicable sadness tugging slightly at his heart. “Um—I guess I should g-go...Today was nice and—”

Yoongi sighed. “Oh my god. It’s only like five thirty and you already want to leave? Come on, let’s get dinner.” And with that, Yoongi grabbed a very confused Jimin’s hand and dragged the boy along after him in the crowded streets of Republic City.

“Where are you taking me?” Jimin asked while falling in step beside Yoongi, their hands still firmly intertwined.

“I told you I wanted to feed you an excessive amount of street food. Let me live this fantasy out.”

Jimin could feel his heart swelling at his words. “Is this—Is this a date?” he questioned with a hopeful note in his voice.

Yoongi’s cheeks reddened. “Yeah, and the sky is motherfucking blue. Yes, this is a goddamn date.”

Jimin suddenly felt very bashful as he squeezed Yoongi’s hand gently. “G-good.”

They kept walking for a few more minutes before eventually Yoongi came to a stop in front of a small street food cart a couple blocks away from the arena.

“Two pork buns please,” Yoongi ordered, holding up two fingers with his free hand. Jimin reached into his pocket to grab some money, but Yoongi was faster than him, pressing a couple bills into the vendor’s hand in the blink of an eye.

Jimin pouted as the vendor handed Yoongi the buns and his change.

“We could’ve split the cost! I can pay for myself!”

“I’m older than you,” Yoongi replied simply. “I can’t have you paying for me. Besides, I sort of asked you to come with me, so it’s only right that I treat you. And anyways, I have a lot of prize money and sponsorships coming in because of the tournament and upcoming championship.”

Jimin opened his mouth to argue some more before Yoongi swiftly cut him off. “I really like spoiling you. Can you just let me do that? I just um—I’ve kind of been dreaming about this moment for months? And it makes me happy to know that my money is being spent on someone I really care about? Is that o-okay with you, Jimin?”

Jimin was speechless.

Yoongi’s face was completely red again as he fumbled around with the food in his hands. He laughed nervously, “Anyways, these buns are still hot so you should eat up—” Yoongi insistently pressed the pork bun to Jimin’s lips. “I promise they’re really good. I go here all the time and oh man, the pork is just so high quality and the pastry the vendor uses is super fresh hahaha I really hope you like pork buns and stuff because this idiot didn’t bother to ask you about your favorite foods.” In a very jittery and almost panicked manner, Yoongi smushed the bun even harder against Jimin’s mouth. “So yeah, just please eat it and—”

“Hyung,” Jimin interrupted, the word coming out muffled from behind the pork bun. “I can feed myself.”

Yoongi immediately dropped his arm. “Oh yeah, i didn’t mean to imply that you couldn’t or anything! Oh my god I just thought I like totally freaked you out earlier so I thought food would be a cool distraction plus your cheeks are so adorable and I bet they’d look even cuter stuffed with food? I may or may not have thought about it a couple or a thousand times or so hahahaha,” Yoongi holds the bun out to Jimin. “Anyways, please accept this bun and my undying love and affection; wait no, I mean uh—”

“Shhhh,” Jimin hushed him by placing a finger over Yoongi’s lips. The firebender’s eyes widened comically as he jaw snapped shut. “Stop being nervous. It’s okay.”

Jimin finally pulled the bun out of Yoongi’s hands and took a small bite. Yoongi rubbed his neck sheepishly and avoided eye contact.

“You’re cute,” Jimin finally concluded after munching on his pork bun for a few moments. “I didn’t peg you as the flustered type but it somehow really fits you? Who knew the cool famous firebender dude was such a softie inside?”

“I’m not—” Yoongi choked out.

“Yes you are,” Jimin giggled. “Who else fantasizes about spoiling and feeding people? You’re soft like a marshmallow.”

Yoongi groaned while burying his face in his hands. “Gah, I’m so embarrassing. Why did I even say those things? It’s like I can’t process what I’m thinking until it comes out of my mouth whenever I’m around you.

Jimin smiled. “Well, I like it. It’s cute. Like you.”

Jimin could have sworn he heard a small squeak escape Yoongi’s lips but it could have just been the screeching of cars and chattering of the people passing by them.

“Um, anyways,” Yoongi said while he finished his own pork bun. “We have a lot of places to hit up tonight. You’re not going home until you’re stuffed to the brim with amazing street food.”

And so Yoongi dragged Jimin from cart to cart, buying more food than either of them could possibly eat in one night, before eventually, they found a peaceful bench on the side of the street to sit down and snack.

They made easy conversation between bites of delicious street food (Jimin might have moaned a couple times throughout the meal) and really, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

When it really came down to it, Yoongi was very talkative and very, very adorable. Jimin had never really felt so endeared before as the man continuously asked him questions, about everything from his favorite color to his family to his journey to becoming a probender. He always gave Jimin his complete and undivided attention and it made something inside of Jimin squeeze affectionately.

After they had stuffed themselves as much as they could, Yoongi batted Jimin’s hands away to collect and throw away all the trash. Jimin’s cheeks hurt from smiling because wow, he had really not expected for Yoongi to be such a gentleman? And he hadn’t expected Yoongi to be like, perfect boyfriend material right off the bat?

Yoongi insisted on walking Jimin home and they held hands the whole way. Jimin wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to how perfectly their fingers slotted together.

They stood outside of Jimin’s door in silence for a few seconds.

“T-thank you, hyung,” Jimin finally said while shyly avoiding eye contact and staring at the ground. “Tonight was super nice. Maybe we this against sometime? If that’s okay?”

Yoongi smiled softly in return. “Yeah, I’d like that. Um, I guess I should go now. Thank you for tonight, Jiminie…”

Yoongi’s feet shifted awkwardly as his upper body turned hesitantly as if he was reluctant to let go of Jimin’s hand and go home.

Jimin ignored it and pulled Yoongi forward using their intertwined hands, pressing a soft, chaste kiss to the elder’s lips.

“You weren’t about to leave without a goodnight kiss, were you?” Jimin whispered breathily, a giddy smile playing on his lips.

The apples of Yoongi’s cheeks were tinted pink. “R-right, uh—a goodnight kiss...”

Yoongi leaned forward, and this time the kiss was decidedly less short and innocent.

Jimin felt breathless as Yoongi pulled away. “Goodnight, Jiminie. See you tomorrow night for the championship match.”

“Y-yeah,” Jimin replied, unable to form any other coherent thoughts. “See you.”

Yoongi grinned widely before stealing one more kiss from Jimin. Afterwards, he headed back out onto the street and Jimin watched the man’s form disappear in the distance under the glow of the gentle moonlight.




The next night, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung were sitting in a VIP section again, anxiously awaiting the start of the tournament championship game. Thankfully, Yoongi had gotten cleared by some healers to play.

Unsurprisingly, the Charming Chameleons, the number two seed in the league, had made it all the way to the championships as well, and Jimin knew this was going to be a tough match for the Tigers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year’s Future Industries probending tournament championship match!” the announcer’s voice boomed throughout the arena. “Tonight we have an exciting matchup between the number two and number three seeds! Place your bets, I have a feeling this is going to be a close one!”

Jimin clenched his hands into fists to stop the urge to bite his nails. “In this corner, we have a team with a nearly perfect regular season record, known for their tight-knit and nearly unbreakable defensive formations! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...The Charming Chameleons!”

Jimin watched the platforms carrying the Chameleons rise up from the sides and winced as several fans began screaming hysterically, their enthusiastic cries echoing in the crowded arena.

“And in the other corner, we have this year’s number three seed, known for their excellent offense and fast and graceful bending style. Please welcome...the Terrifying Tigers!”

Jimin couldn’t believe that somehow the crowd in the arena cheered louder as Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok waved to them and stretched a little on the field.

The announcer babbled on about sponsorships and about the rules, making sure to emphasize that mixing elements was illegal and dangerous and that unnecessary aggression would be harshly penalized by the referees.

The Chameleons and the Tigers took their starting positions, and the bell rang to signal the beginning of the match.

It was intense right off the bat, and Jimin found himself clutching at the railing anxiously as the Chameleons quickly circled up into their trademark defensive formation.

The Tigers had created a loose formation too, with two people out front and one in the back. It was a smart move, as the person in the back could focus on defending, and the two people in the front could focus on attacking without worrying about retaliation from the other team. Jimin took note of it to make sure to suggest using this formation next season to Jungkook.

The Chameleons and the Tigers traded shots for about a minute, neither team making much progress since they seemed to be evenly matched. Jimin could hear Jungkook and Taehyung tittering amongst themselves about the match, but he tuned their voices out to focus on what was happening on the field, and more specifically, what Yoongi was doing on the field.

A minute and a half into round one, the Chameleon’s suddenly broke formation, their earthbender swinging wide shots at each of the Tigers and the Chameleon’s firebender and waterbender showered them in blazing fire balls and streams of water.

The Tigers were thrown off guard, falling out of their own formation rather quickly to shield themselves from the onslaught.

From that point forward, it was clear as day who would win the round. The Tigers were unable to really keep up with the Chameleon’s continuous assault, and it was obvious that they were starting to tire from dodging and defendings themselves so much. It was really only a matter of time before one of them slipped up and got themselves launched into zone two, Jimin thought helplessly to himself.

Sure enough, Hoseok didn’t see an oncoming fireball headed his way, too busy fending off three separate clay disks and Jimin squeaked nervously as the fireball made contact and Hoseok was forced to slide into zone two.

Yoongi and Namjoon managed to hold their ground for the last forty-five seconds, but it was a hopeless round, with Hoseok in zone two and the speed and ferocity of the Chameleon’s attacks not slowing down for a single moment.

The bell rang twice and the announcer declared the Chameleon’s as the winners of round one.

Jimin felt a cold sweat breaking out across the back of his neck as the second round commenced. Now the Tigers would have to perform extremely well for the next two rounds if they wanted to win that trophy.

Now that they had an idea of the Chameleons’ strategy, the Tigers were able to adapt their own formation to prevent a repeat of the first round.

This time the Tigers spread themselves across the field, so that the Chameleons wouldn’t have a steady target the entire time and so that they could attack their opponents’ defensive formation from all sides.

Yoongi was front and center for the Tigers, and he was especially light on his feet as he quickly summoned balls and streaks of fire from the air to launch at the Chameleons. Namjoon and Hoseok kept a steady flow of attacks from their respective sides as well, and in less than a minute, the Tigers had worn the Chameleons down.

The Chameleons were forced to break formation, overwhelmed by the Tigers’ new relentless and aggressive tactics.

The tables had turned and this time, it was the Chameleons who were unable to keep up. Jimin watched as the Tigers whirled around the field, their strikes and attacks almost omnipresent as the Chameleon’s struggled to hold up against them.

With less than a minute left, one of Yoongi’s particularly well aimed fireballs slammed into the chest of the Chameleon’s waterbender, forcing the poor player to, ungracefully, roll into zone two.

The Tigers didn’t let up until the second round was over and the announcer declared their victory. Jimin might’ve squealed just a little. He hoped Taehyung and Jungkook didn’t notice.

“Jimin! Earth to Jimin! Oh my god, you’ve literally been ignoring me for like five straight minutes! What is going on?”

Jimin snapped out of whatever trance he was in as Taehyung roughly shook his shoulders. He hadn’t even noticed that he’d zoned out so much. Taehyung had tried to get his attention earlier? When had that happened? Maybe he was a little too absorbed in this match…

“Sorry, guess I got really caught up in the match and stuff…” Jimin bowed his head apologetically at Taehyung.

“Oh? Really?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow as if he definitely knew something was up.

“Yeah, um...actually…” Jimin pressed his lips together as he tried to find the right words. “I sort of...made up with Yoongi hyung? Like we’re cool and stuff now?”

“‘Cool and stuff,’” Taehyung repeated blankly. “Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?”

Jimin felt himself blush up to the tips of his ears. “We talked while he was resting in the infirmary.”

Jungkook snorted under his breath. “Fucking called it. I hope for the sake of hygienic purposes that you two didn’t do anything overtly nasty and unsanitary in there because you know, there are other people who use those beds…”

Jimin reached over to slap Jungkook’s arm indignantly. “S-shut up. Nothing like that happened. We just talked—”

“‘Just talked?’” Taehyung mocked, and amused grin covering his face. “Sure. Like we haven’t seen the way you two look at each other.”

Jimin snapped his mouth shut, his face feeling incredibly hot. “W-we didn’ was fairly innocent, okay?” he sputtered out. “Stop being so dirty-minded.”

“I think ‘fairly innocent’ is a subjective term, but whatever you say, I guess,” Jungkook muttered.

“He bought food for me!” Jimin blurted out.

“So what you’re saying is that you two went on a date?” Taehyung questioned. Jimin shyly nodded as Jungkook and Taehyung burst into fits of laughter.

“About goddamn time!”

“Yeah, I thought they were gonna keep being oblivious idiots for another couple of months! How the hell did they manage to get their shit together?”

Jimin was about to bark out an indignant response when they heard the bell go off. Fuck, he had been so absorbed in their conversation that he hadn’t been paying attention to the actual match.

He felt a swirl of nervousness attack his insides as he glanced over at the referees. He noticed one of them was holding a coin up in the air, indicating that the Tigers and Chameleons had tied in the last round. Holy shit.

The leaders of both teams stepped up, and the Chameleons picked heads while the Tigers picked tails. The coin was tossed in the air, and it seemed like the entire arena was holding its breath as the referee silently glanced down at the back of their hand.

“Tails!” the referee called out loudly, and Jimin exhaled shakily as Yoongi turned to talk briefly with his teammates before stepping up to the center of the field.

“We choose fire as our element of choice,” Yoongi said simply.

Yoongi and the Chameleons’ firebender stepped up onto the center platform and fell into their starting stances. Jimin could practically see the tension in Yoongi’s shoulders as the referee blew the whistle to signal the start of the duel.

The Chameleons’ firebender started off with a quick shot to Yoongi’s knees, which Yoongi dodged fairly quickly before returning the attack with a couple streaks of his own fire.

The Chameleons’ firebender was much better than Jimin had thought, and he heard Jungkook whispering to Taehyung about their bending technique and unique stance transitions. The Chameleons’ firebender followed a bending style much more fluid than the traditional powerful and aggressive firebending stances. Their style seemed much closer to waterbending to JImin, and although it made their attacks weaker, it also allowed them to move in a way that was a little faster and more unexpected.

Yoongi seemed to take it all in stride, adjusting quickly to match the speed of his opponent and making sure to balance his weight in the balls of his feet, something most water and airbenders did to move more quickly, so he could easily dodge and leap across the platform.

They seemed stuck in a stalemate for several seconds, but Jimin could tell that Yoongi was holding back a little, probably so that he could better observe his opponents and analyze them for weaknesses.

As the Chameleons’ firebender stepped forward to summon another fireball, Yoongi struck as fast as the lightning he liked to play with. He quickly launched a shot of fire underneath his opponent’s outstretched arms, aiming right for their ribs. Jimin felt entranced as the world seemed to slow down as he watched the fire race from Yoongi’s wrists all the up to the tips of his fingers before flying through the air to hit its mark, exactly on target.

Yoongi’s opponent didn’t stand a chance, and Jimin swore he heard a surprised yelp from the opposing firebender as they lost their balance and toppled from the center platform.

The crowd broke out in wild screams and cheers almost instantaneously. The Tigers had done it. They had won the championship.

Everything was a blur for a moment as Jimin felt pure joy and relief overtake his body and when his mind finally came back into focus, he saw the Future Industries CEO presenting the second place trophy to the Chameleons, who bowed their heads respectfully towards the Tigers.

Even from several meters away, Jimin could see all three of the Tigers’ bright smiles. They had removed their visors and tucked them underneath their arms as the Future Industries CEO brought out the large first place trophy.

“And now,” the CEO announced into his microphone. “I am honored and proud to present this trophy to this year’s probending tournament champions, the Terrifying Tigers!”

Jimin felt like would probably go deaf from the erratic, high pitched screams by the end of the night, but he felt himself break out into a wide smile as Yoongi bowed before gently accepting the trophy.

The Tigers crowded around the trophy in a circle as the audience kept applauding and cheering. They shared a group hug before Yoongi kissed the trophy and hoisted it into the air.

They posed for a few photographs on the field for the Future Industries publicist before bowing towards the audience one last time.

Jimin felt his cheeks start to ache from smiling and his hands start to hurt from clapping too forcefully, but he didn’t care because wow, Yoongi looked super good when he was smiling that brightly and honestly, Jimin felt kind of attacked and very breathless at the sight.

Suddenly, Yoongi was shoving the trophy into Hoseok’s chest and whispering something to Namjoon, who shook in laughter before nodding. Jimin felt his brows furrow in confusion before he saw Yoongi step onto two disks summoned by Namjoon and then Yoongi was floating up over the wide moat that surrounded the game field and towards...Jimin?

Jimin nearly choked as Yoongi leaped down into the VIP section just a few feet away from him. The firebender looked around hastily before locking eyes on Jimin.

Jimin could hear the audience whispering and pointing at the scene Yoongi was causing, and more than a few people in the sections near them were staring open mouthed as Yoongi made his way to Jimin.

Jimin looked over in panic at Jungkook and Taehyung, who were in the middle of having laughing fits. He gave them a confused look before suddenly two warm arms were wrapping around him and spinning him around.

Yoongi’s smile was beyond radiant and Jimin felt slightly blinded by the beautiful twinkle in the man’s eyes.

“Yoongi hyung,” he whispered awkwardly. “What are you—”

Jimin didn’t get a chance to finish as Yoongi’s hand fisted in the collar of his shirt to pull him forward and kiss him deeply. Jimin saw the flashes of cameras going off from the corner of his eye, but he paid them no mind as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s torso.

Yoongi pulled away after a good thirty seconds, and Jimin felt his cheeks flush at having just put on a less-than-innocent show in front of thousands of people.

“Sorry, Jiminie,” Yoongi mumbled into his ear lowly. “Hyung was too excited and just wanted to show you off to the world. Now that we’ve caused a bit of a stir, do you wanna get out of here?”

Jimin giggled before accepting Yoongi’s outstretched hand and racing out of the arena with the firebender.

He didn’t think he’d ever felt happier.

Chapter Text

Nine Months Later

The new season had kicked off with a bang for the Dragons. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung had trained hard over the break and managed to win their first three matches in knockouts, breaking some sort of long held record in the probending association.

Their next match was scheduled to begin in about twenty minutes, and so naturally, Jimin found himself entwined with Yoongi in the changing room for those final minutes. Old habits die hard.

“Fuck, we don’t have the time for this,” Jimin swore as Yoongi fumbled with the knot in Jimin’s belt, struggling to undo the damned thing with his teeth since apparently Yoongi had lost all patience with his shaking fingertips. “I literally need to get myself into my uniform in 10 fucking minutes.”

Yoongi made a strangled noise, unable to really answer Jimin as he continued trying to gracelessly tear apart the knot holding Jimin’s pants in place.

Jimin lightly pushed Yoongi’s head away from him. “Fuck, let me do it. Why are you so fucking stubborn?”

As Jimin finally pulled his belt loose, Yoongi pouted. “But babe, I thought you liked it when I used my mouth to undress you?”

“Not when I have to be on the field in—” Jimin glanced up at a nearby clock, “—eighteen fucking minutes!”

Jimin’s petulant tone seemed to only make Yoongi pout harder as the firebender practically tore off Jimin’s pants. “Always an impatient one, weren’t you?”

“I prefer the term responsible , thank you very much.”

Yoongi hummed. “Sure, baby. Whatever you say.”

Jimin let out an indignant squawk which turned into a soft gasp as Yoongi took all of him inside his mouth without warning.

“Jesus fuck,” Jimin breathed out. “Why are you like this?”

Yoongi’s mouth was pretty occupied, so the firebender simply responded by humming around Jimin’s cock, making Jimin whimper loudly and grasp the side of the one of the nearby lockers for support.

Yoongi pulled away to breathe after a few moments. He panted through swollen, glistening lips as his free hand wrapped around Jimin and began pumping.

“Why am I like what?” he asked while Jimin’s vision started blurring at the edges.

“Wha—?” Jimin gasped out.

“You said ‘Why are you like this?’ to me earlier, baby. What is that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t think—” Jimin cut himself off with a moan. “Not—Not the time, hyung.”

“On the contrary, I think this is the perfect time. I always did think people were more honest when they were horny.”

Jimin’s cheeks flushed uncomfortably. “See? This—This is exactly w-what I mean! You say some of the most r-ridiculous shit while you’re trying—trying to get me off!”

“Like what?”

“You insulted me earlier! W-who the fuck does that before blowing someone?” Jimin exhaled sharply at a particular forceful twist of Yoongi’s hand. “And—and you didn’t even give me a c-chance to respond! You—you just—”

Yoongi had the nerve to laugh. “Aw, baby. Don’t act like you don’t get off on arguing and exchanging insults. You love it; isn’t this how we started out, anyways?”

Jimin hated how composed Yoongi sounded. “Hmph!” he huffed indignantly.

He opened his mouth to speak again but Yoongi, who was feeling far more cruel than Jimin had anticipated, had resumed blowing Jimin, his tongue laving slowly at the underside as Jimin held in a small scream.

Jimin decided not to speak again, at least not for a little while.

It was all over almost embarrassingly fast, but in Jimin’s defense, Yoongi had spent a lot of time in the past nine months finding ways to drive Jimin’s mind and body insane in short amounts of time. And besides, Yoongi had always had a rather gifted mouth.

Yoongi harshly wiped at the back of his hand before addressing Jimin in a gruff voice. “Better now, baby? Feeling a little less tense?”

Jimin nodded in agreement, his eyes still a little glazed over and unfocused.

“F-for the record, you’re an asshole,” Jimin panted out lightly. “But you’re my asshole,” he added as a pleasant afterthought, feeling unreasonably giddy about proclaiming such a statement, even after nine months of dating.

Yoongi grinned impishly. “I love you, you know?”

“Of course I know,” Jimin huffed indifferently, trying desperately to ignore how his face was quickly starting to heat up at Yoongi’s words. “Why else would you give me such incredible blowjobs and not ask for anything in return? That is true selflessness right there.”

Yoongi wrinkled his nose. “Who said I didn’t want anything in return?”

“I did,” Jimin made sure to give Yoongi an exaggerated pout. Yoongi narrowed his eyes immediately.

“Stop it.”


“Jimin, seriously—”

“I’m cute, aren’t I, hyung?”

“Fuck,” Yoongi hissed, and Jimin gleefully noted the pink tint on the apples of Yoongi’s cheeks. “You’re gonna be the death of me, baby.”

“But you love me.”

“I do.”

There was a brief silence as Jimin started changing into his uniform, now with eight minutes left to go.

“You know, baby, usually when people say ‘I love you,’ you’re supposed to say it back.”

“I know.”

Yoongi gazed at him expectantly.

Even after all this time, Jimin felt his heart start racing at the intensity in Yoongi’s eyes as he quietly stuttered out, “L-love you too.”

“What was that?”

Jimin covered his face with his hands, feeling shy under Yoongi’s amused gaze. “I love you, too, okay? There, I said it!”

Yoongi broke out into a blinding smile and reached over to adjust place Jimin’s visor on his head and straighten out his uniform with nimble fingers.

“Go knock ‘em dead, baby,” Yoongi whispered before lifting up the visor briefly to press a quick kiss to Jimin’s lips.

Jimin ripped off his visor and decided to steal a few more kisses from Yoongi. The firebender had tempted him; Jimin couldn’t be blamed for his actions.

Jungkook and Taehyung raised their eyebrows as Jimin came running into the waiting room with two minutes to spare, his lips swollen beyond belief and hair disheveled from Yoongi threading his fingers through it while they were making out less than thirty seconds before.

“Goddamn,” Taehyung commented. “You two are disgusting.”

“Every time I think, ‘Oh it’s been months now; they’ll find their chill,’ you two somehow manage to prove me horrendously wrong,” Jungkook said dryly. “At least this time you made it here on time.”

Jimin face was still red when they were called to the field, and he chose not to respond to Taehyung and Jungkook’s remarks at all.

The match went by fast, and each of the Dragons played hard to achieve their fourth knockout victory in a row.

Jimin liked to think that he’d managed to play just a little more vigorously when he’d heard a familiar voice shout “Go Park Jiminie!” in the audience, but he would never admit that out loud to anyone.

Yoongi had woven himself into Jimin’s heart seamlessly over the past few months, and Jimin knew it was ridiculous to still be so sappy and still so completely infatuated at this point in their relationship, but he couldn’t help it.

And he was pretty sure Yoongi couldn’t either.




“Have I ever told you that you’re the best boyfriend ever?” Yoongi breathed out, body slumped against the wall as he struggled to steady his breathing after a particularly powerful orgasm.

Jimin let out a small giggle as he wiped his hands off on a spare rag. “You’re ridiculous, I swear to God.”

“No, I really mean it, Jiminie,” Yoongi insisted. “Who else would show up an hour before my match with some amazing street food and give me like the best blow of my life? Wow, top notch boyfriend material.”

Jimin felt his cheeks heat up as he threw a clean towel at Yoongi’s head. “Shut up and start cleaning yourself up, you heathen.”

Yoongi grinned. “You’re the best. I really mean it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin muttered, pretending to sound annoyed even though inside he was feeling just a little shy and flustered. “I’m starting to think that somehow your definition of a good boyfriend is very closely correlated with sexual prowess.”

“Nah, it was really the food that won me over,” Yoongi replied. “Food is way better than blowjobs.”

Jimin shrugged, sitting down on a bench so he could subtly ogle his boyfriend as Yoongi changed into his uniform. “I get it. Food and blowjobs: that’s all I am to you.”

Yoongi burst into laughter, only halfway dressed as he rushed over to kiss the fake pout off of Jimin’s face. Jimin giggled and wrinkled his nose as Yoongi began peppering butterfly kisses all over his face and down the hollow of his throat.

“That tickles!” Jimin shrieked as Yoongi nipped at a spot right above his collarbone.

He felt Yoongi grin against his skin before suddenly the firebender was pressing featherlight kisses all over Jimin’s nape, making sure to nuzzle his nose into the sensitive spots to force more giggles out of Jimin.

“H-hyung! Stop! Oh my god!” Jimin nearly screamed, trying to squeeze away from Yoongi’s grip, but the firebender had wrapped his arms firmly around Jimin’s waist to hold him in place.

Eventually, Jimin wove his fingers through Yoongi’s hair and lightly tugged at the strands to get Yoongi pull away for a moment.

Yoongi looked up expectantly as Jimin cupped his face gently, their heavy breaths intermingling in the air between them. Yoongi’s eyes were so dark and slightly curved into crescents, a small smile playing at his lips as something inside Jimin’s chest squeezed. Adoration.

Jimin allowed himself a moment to just take it all in. The perfect slope of Yoongi’s nose, his lovely, entrancing eyes, his soft cupid’s bow, the roundness of his cheekbones, his sharp jawline, the pouty and plump quality of his pink lips…

And it was all his now, wasn’t it?

Jimin felt an impossibly wide smile stretch over his face and a tiny, giddy giggle escape his lips before he leaned in to press a gentle kiss onto Yoongi’s lips.

Yoongi’s grip on Jimin’s waist tightened as Jimin slowly applied more pressure, his tongue lightly running over the seam of Yoongi’s lips. Jimin let out a small gasp as Yoongi pressed closer and closer, his tongue laving over the roof of Jimin’s mouth over and over. Jimin pushed back a little and let their tongues and lips battle for control while tugging more insistently on Yoongi’s hair.

Both of them were panting when they pulled away for air after what felt like an eternity.

Yoongi let out a deep sigh. “All this time, all these months, and you still manage to leave me breathless every time.”

Jimin smiled before glancing down. “I love you, hyung,” he replied while playing with Yoongi’s fingers, refusing to meet the other’s eyes.

“And I love you so fucking much, Park Jimin,” Yoongi whispered, using one of his fingertips from his free hand to tilt Jimin’s face up. “You’re my everything, you know that?”

Jimin could feel his heart brimming with too much emotion. Sure, they had said “I love you” to each other hundreds of times by this point, but this...felt different. The look in Yoongi’s eyes, the tone of his voice, the absolute, unquestionable sincerity of his words…

“Y-yeah,” Jimin breathed out finally, feeling himself get a little choked up as he continued, “I—you’re everything to me, too. Hyung—”

“Shhh,” Yoongi hushed him. “You don’t have to say anything more, baby.”

He pulled Jimin in for a long embrace and Jimin leaned his head against Yoongi’s neck to listen to the steady beating of his lover’s heart. Yoongi rubbed small circles into Jimin’s back and dropped kisses onto the top of Jimin’s head.

Jimin swore he could feel something wet drop on top of his hair, and that Yoongi’s eyes looked a little red when they finally pulled away from each other, but he didn’t say anything.

Jimin pecked Yoongi’s lips once more, whispering a breathy Good luck, hyung before Yoongi broke into a wide smile and left the room, shouting a silly “I love you more than anything else in the universe, Jiminie!” as he went.

Jimin felt his cheeks flush again and hugged himself. He didn’t think he’d ever felt so warm before. Or so whole. He felt himself sigh dreamily as he dragged himself to the stands to watch Yoongi’s match later.

Perhaps Jimin was just a little in love with the way Yoongi loved him.




It was bound to happen at some point, Jimin had said to Yoongi when they got the news.

Yoongi still worried like hell over it, probably remembering what had happened last time. Jimin wasn’t upset with him or anything, but he wished Yoongi would just...chill a little about it. Things were different now. They were different now.

“Seriously, hyung, relax! It’s just one match, and it’s not even for the tournament!” Jimin laughed.

“But I just—I don’t wanna like fuck up or anything, Jimin, because last time—”

“Last time I was an idiot and didn’t communicate with you properly and I overreacted.”

“No, baby, your feelings and emotions are always valid and important; don’t say that—”

“I was so childish about it though—”

“No, you weren’t. I was too oblivious and inconsiderate and I was avoiding you at the time so I didn’t even give you a chance to talk to me about it before the whole thing, which was literally the dumbest thing —”

“Oh, hush; I was overly emotional and super melodramatic—”

“Jimin, I swear to god, you’re never too emotional for me—”

“Let’s just make an agreement about it, hyung,” Jimin cut Yoongi off. “Like, I won’t fight you or hit you and you won’t come for me, okay? That way we aren’t like holding ourselves back while playing each other  or fucking up the game or something. We’ll just avoid each other and let our teammates take care of it. Deal?”

“Deal.” Yoongi paused, exhaling shakily. “But if I ever cross a line or anything, pl—”

Jimin pressed a finger over his boyfriend’s lips to shut him up. “Shhh. It’s okay. It’s really not a big deal, hyung. Stop worrying about it.”

Yoongi slowly nodded before grasping Jimin’s hand in his and pressing featherlight kisses across the younger’s fingers and knuckles. “Alright, baby,” he murmured. “I won’t worry anymore.”

Jimin grinned. “Good. Now can you hurry up kiss me for real?”

Yoongi muttered something like “ impatient brat ” before doing exactly as Jimin had asked, kissing the poor earthbender breathless and making Jimin’s head spin pleasantly.

This was definitely something he would never get used to.




Perhaps it was ironic that Jimin’s team had won this time. More than ironic really.

Yoongi had stopped by during the Dragons’ training sessions several times to visit Jimin (as it turned out, Yoongi was clingy as fuck sometimes) and it had eventually morphed into a weird sort of mentorship between them. Yoongi would sit and watch for about one to two hours every day, giving them pointers and suggestions here and there.

And Yoongi had paid special attention to Jungkook, and he had even basically trained Jungkook for good chunk of time. Jungkook had still been rather starstruck at first, but the more they worked together, the tighter a bond and friendship they formed.

Jimin admittedly had kind of been jealous the few times Yoongi had told him that he was going to privately train with Jungkook, and had nearly thrown a fit one time when the two firebenders had gone out for lamb skewers afterwards (“I didn’t realize you were this passionate about food, Jimin! Please don’t be so mad; hyung will buy you a whole truck of food, okay?”). Jimin had gotten even more annoyed at how Yoongi-like it was for his boyfriend, the oblivious mess, to think that Jimin was upset for missing out on food.

But Jimin had forced himself to be honest, having learned his lesson long ago about the power of truthfulness and communication, and Yoongi had seemed floored by it all.

“You know Jungkook is taken, right? I caught him like, sucking Taehyung’s soul out of the poor dude’s mouth the other day.”

“What?! When? How? Why?”

Yoongi had shrugged. “Maybe you should ask yourself; they’re your best friends, baby.”

It had turned out that Yoongi had caught them during the beginning stage of their relationship, and that the two of them had been planning to talk to Jimin about it soon, anyways. Regardless, Jimin’s two best friends were now dating. Each other.

Okay , Jimin had thought, I suppose weirder things have happened. Like fucking around with your enemy and then falling in love…

Jimin clapped Jungkook on the back after the match. “Great job, Kookie!”

Jungkook grinned. “Thanks! I dunno, do you think, um...will Yoongi hyung be—”

“Nah, he’ll probably laugh it off,” Jimin reassured his friend. He gave Jungkook a wide smile. “Oh, how the tables have turned. The student trumps the teacher, huh?”

Taehyung was grinning too. “Look at my talented boyfriend, everyone! Out here beating the Min Yoongi in a tiebreaker duel!”

Jungkook flushed deeply. “Hyung, it wasn’t—”

“Yeah, it was , kid,” a voice suddenly said from behind Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin whipped his head around as Yoongi wrapped his arms around Jimin in a loose back hug. “I’m real proud of you, although my pride is just slightly wounded. I’m getting too old for this or something, I guess.”

“Never, hyung,” Jungkook replied. “I just got lucky out there tonight—and besides, I had the best mentor, didn’t I?”

Yoongi laughed. “Yep, the very best. I should start charging for private training session; I’m a goddamn genius.”

Jimin giggled. “Oh my god, hyung; you could at least pretend to be humble and modest—”

“I am! I said ‘genius,’ not ‘the firebending master of the century’—”

“I swear, you’re cr—”

“Okay, lovebirds, break it up,” Hoseok announced. Jimin blinked at him in confusion. When had Hoseok gotten here?

“Good job and good game to you all,” Hoseok said while bowing his head slightly at Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin. “As for Yoongi hyung, I was gonna ask if we were still on for that weekly team dinner we agreed on at the beginning of the season—”

“Of course,” Yoongi replied easily. “I’ll never pass up an opportunity to go to Seokjin hyung’s restaurant, especially since he’s not charging us anymore…”

That was another new thing fro this season. Seokjin’s father’s company had started sponsoring the Tigers as well, and so the Tigers had started spending more and more time in the restaurant, leading Seokjin to just say that they might as well consider all their meals on the house just a few weeks ago. Yoongi suspected that the announcement had something to do with how charmed and taken Seokjin was with both Hoseok and Namjoon, as the three of them got along famously every time they went to the restaurant.

Namjoon finally showed up their little circle. “Hey, guys. Are we heading out for food now?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi answered. “I was just gonna ask the Dragons if they maybe wanted to tag along with us?” He turned to look at Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.

Jimin saw the way Taehyung and Jungkook’s eyes had lit up at the mention of food and quickly agreed. “We’ll never turn down free food,” he said while grinning.

And so the six of them found themselves crowded around a round table in a private room inside Seokjin’s restaurant.

As usual, Jimin was had pulled his chair as close as possible to Yoongi’s so that they could hold hands under the table. Yoongi didn’t seem to mind eating with his left hand anymore.

Jimin noticed that Yoongi was going out of his way to scoop a lot of meat onto Jimin’s plate and was instantly and suddenly endeared by the beautiful man beside him. It was always these little things: a little note wishing Jimin good luck when he couldn’t go to one of the younger’s matches, buying too much food because he wanted his “baby” to feel full and happy, a reassuring touch here and there to let Jimin know he was there whenever Jimin needed him.

Jimin swallowed a growing lump in his throat and made sure that Yoongi saw him eating well; he knew it made the firebender so, so happy.

After everyone was full and sated, the six of them just sat around and talked, Seokjin occasionally stopping by to chat with them all between checking up on customers and asking them about their food.

Taehyung was telling some story that Jimin had heard before, something about when he’d inadvertently broken every bowl in a ceramics shop and got himself banned from the shop for life. Jimin wasn’t really listening, to be honest, all of his attention fixated on Yoongi, who happened to be licking his lips a lot .

Was he doing it on purpose?

Knowing Yoongi, probably not. Jimin knew Yoongi had a habit of exhibiting a lot of weirdly attractive mannerisms when he was bored or nervous, like rubbing his thighs, adjusting his belt, rolling his neck, running his fingers through his hair, and of course, biting and licking and just doing extremely sinful things with his lips in motherfucking public .

Jimin swallowed and looked down at their still entwined hands. Goddammit, he was so whipped.

He looked over again, just in time to catch a glance of Yoongi’s pink tongue darting out to wet his lips. Fuck .

Jimin felt his cheeks flush bright red against his will. Well I’m a mess , he thought to himself while trying to discreeting fan his face after taking a long sip of water.

He distangled his hand from Yoongi’s once he realized, to his horror, that his palms were getting weirdly sweaty again and no one wants to hold hands with someone who’s hand is wetter than the fucking ocean. Yoongi turned sharply to give Jimin a confused look, to which Jimin tried to shrug casually and forced a sheepish smile. Uh…

“You okay, baby?” Yoongi leaned down to whisper into his ear. Jimin shuddered involuntarily. “Are you cold? You wanna put on my jacket or something? I don’t want you getting sick, baby.”

“It’s—it’s nothing, hyung,” Jimin replied. “Just...a little tired, that’s all.”

Yoongi gave him a sympathetic look before he reached over and fucking rubbed circles into Jimin’s thigh. If they hadn’t been surrounded by their friends, Jimin probably would’ve screamed.

His entire body tensed up and he quickly pushed Yoongi’s hand off, which caused the firebender’s eyebrows to pinch together in confusion.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Jimin?”

Jimin coughed. “Yeah, um. You hit a pressure point.” And fuck, Jimin what the hell were you thinking? Now he’s not gonna touch you for the rest of the dinner or something Jesus fuck—

“Ah, really? Sorry, babe. Won’t happen again.” And then Yoongi was turning to face the table again and Jimin felt himself pout at the loss of attention before he caught a grip on himself and forced himself to stare forward again, pretending to listen to whatever the others were chattering on about this time.

Then an idea lit up inside Jimin’s mind. There was another way he could get his boyfriend’s attention and hopefully convince Yoongi to leave early with him…

Jimin let his left hand trail up Yoongi’s thigh lightly, a rather innocent gesture that was more affectionate than anything else. Yoongi didn’t bat an eye. Jimin let a small smirk fall across his lips as his fingers continued their trail up his boyfriend’s leg.

He stopped at the juncture between Yoongi’s thigh and pelvis, letting his hand fall flat against the area. He furtively glanced up at his boyfriend, who’d barely noticed the action and was still completely engrossed in whatever conversation the table was having. Perfect.

Jimin slowly began applying pressure on the area with his palm, making sure his fingers were angled such that when he curled them, they would brush lightly over the side of Yoongi’s cock.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jimin saw Yoongi’s shoulders go rigid before he relaxed again, one of his large, veiny hands moving to grip Jimin’s wrist in warning.

Jimin giggled internally, wiggling his hand slightly so that it could inch forward to firmly lay across all of Yoongi’s member. Yoongi promptly choked on his water.

“Jimin,” Yoongi hissed under his breath. “Quit it. We’re in public.”

Jimin shook his head slightly, feigning confusion by widening his eyes innocently. Yoongi glared at him, seeing right through his act. Jimin didn’t care; he just looked right into Yoongi’s darkened eyes and squeezed .

A little gasp escaped Yoongi’s lips, which he quickly covered up with a coughing fit. Jimin had to hold back his laughter at the hot blush starting to cover his boyfriend’s cheeks. Yoongi’s hand tightened around his wrist, but he made no move to remove Jimin’s hand.

Jimin was having fun, still tuning out everything going on around him as he debated on what to do next. He’d gotten Yoongi’s attention, but now he needed to make his boyfriend desperate to leave the place.

And so Jimin waited, his hand still resting limply over the curve of his boyfriend’s dick.

Jimin held a smile in as a plan slowly came together inside his head. Oh, this was going to be really fun .

Taehyung and Hoseok, always the most talkative out of all of them, were going on about something or other and Jimin forced himself to nod along while keeping closely watching Yoongi from the corners of his eyes.

Then it happened. Hoseok had asked Yoongi a question, and Jimin could hear Yoongi’s low, grumply, slightly dreamy voice speaking in response. Jimin swallowed before stroking firmly over Yoongi and then giving a somewhat gentle squeeze.

It had the intended effect on Yoongi, who stuttered and choked on his breath mid-sentence before clearing his throat awkwardly to continue speaking. His grip on Jimin’s wrist at this point was so tight it was almost painful, but Jimin loved it and made sure to squeeze his boyfriend again after he’d finished speaking.

“Behave,” Yoongi muttered lowly at Jimin, sounding furious. Jimin would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel a little excited at the prospect.

“Why should I?” Jimin replied in a breathy voice. “What are you going to do about it?”

Yoongi’s eyes darkened even further and Jimin internally celebrated. This was it; they were definitely going to end up leaving soon.

But Yoongi was stubborn, and he seemed to know exactly what Jimin wanted. He wasn’t going to give in easily.

After another five or so minutes of talking, Jimin decided to take it up a step further.

Yoongi’s grip on his wrist had loosened, enabling Jimin to wiggle his forearm around a little underneath the table. While Yoongi was talking and was thoroughly distracted, Jimin darted his hand forward and slipped it under the band of Yoongi’s sweats to palm at his boyfriend’s half-hard cock through his thin undergarments.

Yoongi let out a sudden, loud hiss. Jimin grinned silently.

Everyone was staring at Yoongi, who’s entire face was red (from arousal, embarrassment, or anger, Jimin didn’t know). “Um, my back is killing me,” he said lamely. “Sorry.”

“Are you that old already, hyung?” Jungkook teased. “Back problems? What’s next, your knees?”

“Probably my whole fucking body, kid” Yoongi snapped. “Every fucking thing.”

Jungkook looked visibly shocked at the aggression in Yoongi’s answer. “Hyung, are you okay? Do you need some ice or—”

“I’m fine!” Yoongi interrupted, his voice a little higher than normal because Jimin was stroking him at full speed at this point. “I think I’m just going to head home early today. Lie down and relax and all—all that.” He gasped out the last part as Jimin gave him a particularly firm squeeze.

“Oh?” Jungkook questioned. “Alright, I hope you and Jimin hyung have a nice night then!”

“Yep, it’ll be just fucking great,” Yoongi muttered under his breath, quickly prying Jimin’s hand out of his pants. He shot Jimin a furious glare as he adjusted his clothes to look somewhat decent and to hide his bulge a little.

“See you guys!” Jimin shouted pleasantly as Yoongi practically dragged him out of the restaurant.

They didn’t speak as they walked. Jimin could almost see the steam pouring out of Yoongi’s ears as his boyfriend strode ahead in quick, long strides, one hand wrapped tightly around Jimin’s wrist as he dragged the younger behind him.

Jimin struggled to keep up as Yoongi moved with increasing urgency, and at one point, Jimin almost lost his balance as he allowed himself to be lugged along.

When they finally arrived at Jimin’s home, newly christened as their home when Yoongi moved in a month and a half ago, Yoongi fumbled with the keys and tried to shove them into the keyhole four times unsuccessfully before it finally clicked and he twisted the lock open.

“Oh thank fuck,” Yoongi swore as he shoved the door open roughly, pulling Jimin in after him.

Once the door was shut and locked again, they stood in silence, their slightly labored breaths the only sound in the room.

“You,” Yoongi pointed accusingly at Jimin. “You’re trying to send me to an early grave, aren’t you?”

Jimin pouted. “You weren’t paying attention to me.”

“Are you really that needy, baby? Won’t even let me talk to other people without deciding to shove your hands down my pants to get me to ‘pay attention’ to you?”

Jimin gulped. “Um…”



Jimin looked down to avoid eye contact with Yoongi, but then all of the sudden Yoongi was striding over and gripping Jimin’s chin to force him to look his boyfriend in the eyes.

“You want me to pay attention to you? You have my full attention right now, baby boy. Tell me what you want.”

Jimin swallowed, unable to form words. “I——”

Yoongi hummed patiently, one of his thumbs brushing over Jimin’s bottom lip, pressing down on it and making Jimin whimper pitifully.

Jimin knew he probably couldn’t speak right now, so he silently reached over to grip Yoongi’s still hard member through his pants.

Yoongi stilled his movements immediately. “I see.” He grabbed one of Jimin’s hands and dragged him into their bedroom.

Yoong looked at Jimin expectantly. “Alright, now what?”

“L-lay down,” Jimin commanded softly.

Yoongi shrugged before doing exactly as he was told. Jimin hesitated before climbing onto the bed and crawling over his boyfriend to straddle Yoongi’s hips.

He tugged Yoongi’s sweatpants and undergarments down his thighs to expose his now fully hard dick. Yoongi’s eyes were ablaze and blown out as he watched Jimin reached down to stroke and palm at his member for a few moments.

Jimin’s hands shook as he shimmied his own pants down. He crawled over to fetch a bottle of lubricating solution from the nightstand, shucking his pants and undergarments all the way and throwing them across the room.

Yoongi was licking his lips again and Jimin could feel his frustration building as he struggled with the cap of the solution. Yoongi started laughing and Jimin growled before harshly pressing his lips onto Yoongi’s to shut him up.

“Stop fucking biting and licking your lips like that in public,” Jimin muttered under his breath as he finally popped the cap of the tube open. “It’s disrespectful and rude as hell and frankly, rather inappropriate. Please stop. For the sake of my sanity.”

Yoongi was shaking underneath Jimin in uncontrollable laughter. “W-what? Where did all this come from, baby? You don’t want me to lick my lips in front of you anymore?”

“Hmph,” Jimin pouted. “You’re so mean and you don’t even know it. The entire time at the restaurant you kept—kept doing things with your fucking lips and it was distracting as fuck and so I—”

He cut himself off, feeling too flustered and embarrassed to continue.

Yoongi bopped his nose with the tip of his finger affectionately. “You’re so cute, you know that?”

Jimin narrowed his eyes. “‘Cute.’ Sure, we’ll see about that.”

Jimin squeezed some of the solution onto his hands and thoroughly coated himself in it, breathing shakily and releasing a couple involuntary moans.

He reached down to stroke Yoongi a few more times, and he watched as the elder’s eyes fell closed and his lips pressed together. Jimin pursed his lips in concentration before squeezing more of the solution onto his hands and rubbing it all over Yoongi’s dick.

When Jimin hesitantly brushed their members up against each other, Yoongi let out a hiss while Jimin pressed a hand to his lips to muffle a small moan.

Yoongi’s hands reached up to grip Jimin’s waist. “Jiminie,” he breathed out. “Hurry up.”

Jimin obliged by gripping both of their dicks, Yoongi’s in his left hand and his own in his right hand and quickly starting to stroke up and down.

Yoongi sighed at the sensation, and when Jimin tightened his grip, he let out a choked moan.

“J-Jimin,” Yoongi stuttered out. “Oh—Oh my—”

“Yoongi h-hyung,” Jimin mumbled between moans. “P-please—”

Yoongi moved his hands downwards so that he could thumb at the head of Jimin’s cock firmly. Jimin let out a strangled noise and bucked into Yoongi’s hand.

“Shhh, it’s okay, baby,” Yoongi said soothingly as Jimin whimpered.

Jimin nodded and then tightened his grip on Yoongi further, determined to get both of them off soon. Their heavily breathing and the harsh sounds of Jimin’s hands working along their dicks.

“J-Jimin, I’m—I’m gonna—” Yoongi said in between choked moans.

“I’m c-close too, h-hyung,” Jimin replied shakily.

Yoongi came first with a shuddering gasp and Jimin followed him soon after, releasing all over Yoongi’s chest and stomach. He collapsed onto the bed beside Yoongi and they laid there together for few moments, trying to catch their breaths.

Yoongi was the one who got up, fetching some towels and cloths to clean themselves up with.

He tossed one at Jimin before wiping cum off of his chest and stomach. Jimin didn’t feel like moving, but he forced himself to wipe off his body to get rid of the remnants of cum and sweat that seemed to layer over his skin.

When he was done, Yoongi collapsed back onto the bed. Jimin sat up and repositioned himself so that he could curl up against Yoongi’s side, his head resting on the elder’s shoulder. Yoongi let out a small laugh before wrapping an arm around Jimin, who hummed contently in response.

“That was kind of like old times, wasn’t it?” Yoongi finally said. “When we would randomly fuck while we were angry to let off steam.”

Jimin giggled. “Yeah. It was exactly like that.”

Yoongi smiled and turned his head to face Jimin. “We’ve really come a long way, haven’t we?”

Jimin kissed Yoongi’s nose. “Yep.”

“You know I really, really, really, really, really love you, right?”

“Of course.”


Jimin sighed in mock annoyance. “I just might kind of love you too, I don’t know.”

Yoongi pouted. “You’re always so mean to me. I’m just trying to be good, loving boyfriend here.”

“You’re mean too. You were ignoring me at the restaurant and—”

“But I gave you all of my attention as soon as we got home, right?” Yoongi paused. “I gave you all of my attention and a little more.”

Jimin blushed. “Yeah. I did all the work though. You just laid on your ass the whole time.”

Yoongi scoffed. “Rude. I just did what you told me to do, like a good boyfriend who’s patient enough to not try to give you a handjob underneath a dinner table with all your friends around, for fuck’s sake—”

Jimin hit Yoongi’s chest playfully and pouted petulantly. “See? You’re so mean.”

“Only for you.”

“Only for me,” Jimin repeated.

“Because I’m yours.”

“All mine,” Jimin mumbled, yawning a little as he settled himself more firmly against Yoongi’s side. “Only mine.”

Yoongi leaned down to press a chaste kiss to Jimin’s lips. “And you’re mine, aren’t you?”

“Yep,” Jimin replied sleepily, closing his eyes and pressing an ear against Yoongi’s chest to listen to his boyfriend’s heartbeat.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Can I kiss you?”

“Yes fucking please. I’m dying over here waiting on you.”

Yoongi laughed before rolling onto his side to pull Jimin to him and kiss him again, this time with much more intensity and emotion. This seemed to wake Jimin up completely as he tangled his fingers in his boyfriend’s hair and let Yoongi’s tongue work over his mouth.

They giggled as they pulled away from each other.

Yoongi held out his palm, a little orange flame appearing above it almost immediately.

“You’re my fire,” Yoongi said to Jimin. “The life and vitality that runs through my veins. The light that keeps my days bright and safe. The warmth inside my heart and soul.”

Jimin just dropped another kiss onto Yoongi’s lips as the fire vanished into thin air. “And you’re my everything, Yoongi hyung. I love you so much.”

Yoongi smiled softly and hugged Jimin closer to him, and they fell asleep together underneath the slices of moonlight peering between their curtains, their breaths and heartbeats in sync as their souls entwined together as one.