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Down the rabbit hole

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Magnus was walking between the cribs. Next to him, an animated nurse was avidly talking about all the little baby boys and girls they’d gotten that week. She was smiling brightly and gesturing this way and that while she talked, but Magnus only had eyes for the babies.

Each cribs was built like an incubator with a glass top and closed off glass walls. The nurse – Amy, he remembered – had told him that was to keep the narcosis inside to keep the babies asleep until they were adopted, and he had to admit: they looked pretty cute like this. No. who was he kidding? They looked adorable. Every baby was swaddled up tightly in an blue or pink blanket, each of them with a pacifier strapped in and a plushy placed next to their head.
His heart melted more and more with each crib and baby he inspected.

“Who’s this little girl?” He cooed, looking down at a pale, blonde girl. Her hair was cropped short – as were all girl’s in the adoption centre – but it was shiny and sleek.

Amy picked up the card hanging at the bottom of the crib.

“This is little Em. She was brought in only two days ago and used to live in Los Angeles. Only seventeen when she was rescued, so probably pretty easy to fully regress.”

“She’s adorable.” He smiled down at the little girl, who seemed so content sleeping in her pink blanket. She reminded him of what he’d seen in Camille, first up in their relationship. Innocence and beauty, all wrapped up and ready to take home.

“Would you like to adopt her? You can also hold her first, if you want to try?”

“I want to have a look at all of them, but she’s my number one up until now,” he cooed the last part down at the crib, and Em turned her head as if she could hear them, a small lock of hair falling over her forehead.
She was so cute.

“Bye cutie!” He whispered before walking further along down the aisle, Amy at his side.

There were about six more cribs, but none of them captured his attention like Em had.

That was, until he came to the last crib on the boy’s side. In the incubator was a baby boy with a shock of black hair which stood out against the soft colours of the blankets and his almost translucent skin. His high cheekbones jutted out of his face, giving him a handsome look, if he hadn’t been a baby.

“And who’s this young man?” He crouched down next to the crib so he was on the same level, holding on to one of the bars to keep his balance.

“This is Alexander,” Amy told him, “brought in at the same time as Em. Twenty-one years old when rescued and is from New York, so not too far away from here.” As they were talking, Alec scrunched up his brow, turning his head a little bit, before relaxing again.
A surge of protectiveness washed over Magnus at the sight.

“Can I hold him?” He asked on instinct, looking up at Amy questioningly.

“Of course you can, mister Bane!” She exclaimed happily, pulling an electronic tag from her pocket which she swiped along the lock on the side of the incubator, allowing the top to open and the flow of narcosis to stop. Then, she reached in and wrapped Alec up in her arms, one behind his back and supporting his head while the other held onto his long legs.

“He’s a pretty big boy, but with a steady diet and enough formula, he’ll lose all of that bulkiness pretty soon,” she said while handing him over. When the babies are saved by the warlocks, a spell is placed on them to make them easier to carry, so even though he could see and feel she was right – Alec’d obviously been tall and muscled – he weighed no more than a normal baby would.

Holding him tight to his chest, he could feel Alec’s slow breathing. The baby’s head rested against his shoulder, long legs wrapped up and slung over his arm in a position approaching that of a foetus.

A low whine escaped from behind the pacifier now that he was breathing clean air, and he turned his head into the crook of Magnus’ neck and shoulder as if hiding from the world before settling again.

Magnus’ heart melted into a puddle of goo right then and there.

“I want him. He’s perfect,” he told nurse Amy, gently rocking the little boy in his arms.

“Perfect! I’ll prepare all the paperwork for you. You can take your little boy to one of the bonding rooms down the hall. I’ll show you!” With that, they walked out of the main room to a cosy bonding room, where Amy left him and his new baby alone. The room was filled with every piece of furniture a nursery would need: a changing table, a crib with a closable top, a dresser and a rocking chair. Amy’d told him there were bottles in the fridge hidden beneath the changing table: blue cap for regular and yellow for sleep.

Taking place in the rocking chair, he held Alexander close to his chest. The baby was still hiding his face in his chest, but had stayed still on the way over there. He kept on gently swaying the both of them, and after a few minutes, another small sound escaped the little boy in his arms.

“Hey there sweetie,” the warlock whispered. Alec buried his head in further, before slowly pulling back and looking up at Magnus. A pair of baby blue eyes which matched his blanky in a way that was simply unfair stared up at him, and Magnus felt himself falling even further for the boy that would very soon officially be his son. “I’m your daddy.”

At that, the boy furrowed his brow, looking around the room before looking up at him again.
Then, he began struggling.

He tried to wriggle his arms free from the confines of the blanket, but it was strapped too tightly for it to work, so he started kicking his legs, throwing his body from one side to another in an attempt to escape the other’s hold. However, Magnus – being a warlock – simply held on to him, not even bothered by his ministrations the least. This was what mommies and daddies were told to expect the first few days or weeks. Their baby would struggle, try and move against them, but they’d settle eventually in their new life. Alec would settle down wonderfully, Magnus knew.

“I know it’s a little bit scary right now, but you don’t have to be,” he cooed, making the baby look up at him with wide, fearful eyes. “I’ll take such good care of you. I love you already, my perfect baby boy!”