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You Are My Sun

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JUNE 5TH 2001

Daisy and Jay: 19
Nick: 16
Tom: 20
Jordan: 17

James Gatz sat awkwardly next to Daisy Fay. Once upon a time he was hopelessly in love with her. Now he was just happy to be her friend. She was being incredibly ansty. He raised an eyebrow at her. She smiled wide at him.

“I’m so sorry Jimmy! I am so excited! My cousin Nick Carraway is coming to visit and he is staying the whole summer!”

Great. Another probably stuck up rich guy. Not like I had trouble with Tom. This is going to be terrible. Daisy noticed his dark look.

“Calm down Jimmy. Nick is an absolute sweetheart. He isn't anything like Tom. Your going to love him. I can guarantee that.”

“I guess.”

At this she gave a bell like laugh.

Daisy was correct. He did like Nick. Hell he loved Nick. Nick was about three years younger than both of them. Wide eyed and innocent. Maybe just maybe a touch naive. Blue eyes that seemed to be like the sky. Black hair that was neatly combed to his head. He saw James and gave a wide smiled.

For a second his heart stopped. For a second he forgot what his name was. For a second he felt his body heat up.

In that second James knew. He had falling hopelessly in love with one Nick Carraway.

“Hi! I take it your James Gatz? It's nice to meet you. Daisy is always talking about you.”

“All good things I hope. Your Nick Carraway. I wish I could say the same but Daisy only told me about you today. Which isn't so surprising considering just how handsome you are.”

At this Nick gave a loud laugh. With the occasional snort of laughter. Flushing red he slammed a hand over his mouth in embarrassment. James smirked at this.

At this point James swore he would do anything to keep Nick comfortable in life. This would prove to be an interesting summer.

2011 New York City

Waking up I rested a hand upon my heart. I was having another dream about Nick? How odd it had been years since I had. The summer I met Nick had been intestine and continued until I was twenty three and he twenty at which point we had went our separate ways.

I still aspired to see him again of course but I knew the chances were slim. It didn't stop me from hoping, however.

I had raising myself high in the world of the rich. Granted from less than savory ways. The point stood I got here. All for Nick.

I heard knocking on my door. Ah I was getting a new neighbor today wasn't I? My neighbor probably wanted to introduce themselves. No time like the present I guess.

I took a leisurely pace to get to the door. In that span my new neighbor only knocked threw times. How odd.

Normally a person would knock on my door repeatedly until I opened or they would leave in frustration. Already I was starting to like my new neighbor. They were patient. A trait most people lacked now a days. Swinging the door open I froze. Standing at my door, older of course, but undoubtedly one Nick Carraway.