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The Interview!

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The interview!


For a brief moment, Clarke wondered how many people actually applied for the same terrible job. At first, it was just her sitting in the waiting area in what she thought was smart wear, but every time the clock stuck another minute, more and more people seemed to be piling up beside her in much smarter clothes than herself. She didn't prepare for it one bit, and in fact found it absolutely pointless, how hard could it be to sort the mail out for each department before dispatching them to the right floor. See nothing to prepare for but as time was ticking on Clarke found herself feeling a little restless and bored.

"They know how to keep you waiting huh?" Clarke says quietly to the stranger on her left while noticing her holding a notebook and pen. The stranger merely looked at the blonde in disgust before sticking her nose in the air. "Serious much" Clarke grinned turning to face the person on the right. "Are you as serious as her?" Clarke questioned with an amused smile. With no response, Clarke smile grew even wider. "Take that as a yes" she muttered to herself before letting out a bored huff.

"Miss Griffin, if you would like to go in"

The sound of a ladies voice had Clarke jumping out her chair before stepping into a light grey comfortable room. The first thing she notices is two brunettes sitting at the desk in front of her with their piercing eyes studying everything.

"Good morning Miss Griffin. My name is Lexa woods and this is Anya we will be conducting your interview today" Her voice is strong and unwavering even when she reaches her hand across the table to give Clarke a solid handshake.

"Nice to meet you." Clarke says taking a seat with a gentle smile noticing the strong structure of both girls jaws. She liked to think herself an artist but if she really were she wouldn't be applying for this piece of shit job.

"Shall we get started?" Anya questions looking down at her papers before back to Clarke.

"Why not" Clarke says carelessly Clasping her hands together as her eyes aimlessly wander around the room, only when her eyes land back on Anya she's glaring while Lexa's smiling.

"What do you know about the company we run?" Anya questions eyeing the blonde carefully like she's some kind of secret service.

"Well" Clarke says eyes staring at the women in front of her. "It's very big"

"It's very big" Anya repeats looking into blue eyes with disbelieve before turning to her partner in crime. Lexa. She just shrugs with an amused smile having no idea what's going on herself. "Right. Anything else?"

"Hm. Nope, other than the fact you're hiring that's about it" Clarke says not at all bothered by the fact she knows nothing as she crossed her legs waiting for the next question to be fired at her.

"ok" Anya says jotting down notes, Clarke can't help but lean forward to try and catch a peek at what she could possibly be writing before Anya's glaring at her again and snapping her notebook closed. 

"Have you had any experience in this department before?" Anya questions turning to Lexa with a bored expression already but Clarke's either oblivious or not phased as she carries on like she normally would.

"Experience with mail?" Clarke asks. "Well I post my own, and sort my own out" Clarke says a little confused. "I'm not sure what kind of experience you would even need for sorting mail. I can read if that's what you're asking"

"That's not what I'm asking" Anya says sternly but Clarke's eyes fall on Lexa's lips who seems to be trying to hide a laugh. "Why are you even here again Miss Griffin?" 

"Because the pay is ok, and I need the money" Clarke says honestly because why else would anyone work. 

"Miss Grif-" Anya starts only to be cut off by her associate.  

"Ok next question" Lexa quickly interrupts drawing all Clarke's attention on her. "If there was a fire what steps would you take?"

"Big ones obviously" Clarke laughed but was deadly serious.

"Is this a joke to you?" Anya snaps while Lexa couldn't help but drop her gaze to the floor as she giggled to herself. It's only when Lexa looks back up with a warning glare to Clarke does she notice how well done her eyeliner is. She looks dark and mysterious yet her personality is the lighter out of the two women in front of her. 

"Not at all" Clarke says. "I'm simply answering your questions"

"It seems to me, Clarke is it? You're making a mockery of the company" She states crossing her legs while throwing the notebook pointlessly on the desk. 

"Mockery?" Clarke questions with a frown. "You're interviewing me for a mailroom job, this isn't an interrogation. I'm simply answering my questions honestly instead of feeding you the bullshit every one repeats" Clarke states. "What would you have me say?" Clarke questions facing Anya before turning to Lexa. 

At Anya's silence, you notice Lexa clear her throat turning away from Anya and look at you, her smile is barely there but its there. You give her a questioning look still waiting for what they would like to hear.

"There is no wrong or right answer Miss Griffin" 

"Clarke." the blonde says softer as she looks at Lexa in a black skirt and white shirt. 


"You can call me Clarke" 

"Clarke" Lexa finally says after a brief pause. "You can answer your questions freely, this is just a way to get to know you a little better" She explains before turning to Anya with a more stern look, one Clarke could only explain as demanding her to pick up the damn book from the table and continue professionally. Reluctantly Anya does, but Clarke pays no attention to her anymore and instead focuses on Lexa. 

"Your eyes are rather green I have to say" Clarke blurts out confidently. She's never been one to bite her tongue or get embarrassed she doesn't understand the point. 

"Pardon me?" Lexa says pushing a strand of hair behind her ear with a frown. 

"Sorry, it's just your eyes. They're very pretty" She says softly "Sorry I tend to notice these things. I draw"

"Right," Anya says shaking her head but more sternly "Let's get this interview out the way shall we?" she says looking down at the questions written down. Her postures given away and Clarke already knows this job isn't hers. She isn't surprised, most employers like to hear the same bullshit answers that no one ever means. Nobody wants a job because they want to advance skills, no one wants to work because they feel happier when doing so. It's bullshit and Clarke refuses to lie. 

"So tell me about yourself?" Anya questions with a rude heavy breath. 

"I think it's best I don't I kind of want this job" 

"Right, that's it!" Anya says standing up but Clarke's not bothered about her. "This interview is done" 

"Anya sit down!" Lexa orders and her tone takes Clarke to the point she's just staring at her. Surprisingly Anya does. 

"Miss Griffin do you really want this Job?" Lexa questions through her own frown. "Because quite honestly I've never had an interview quite like it" 

"Of course" Clarke nods. "Like you said this interview is about getting to know me if I tell you answers that aren't truthful like this is my dream job, that isn't getting to know me very well is it?" Clarke questions. 

"Well no" Lexa says honestly. 

"And how many people do you have come in here and tell you that?" 

"Most" Lexa admits her fingers fiddling aimlessly with the pen in her hand as she can't take her eyes of the mysterious odd blonde in front of her. 

"Would the mailroom be your dream job Lexa?" Clarke questions with a tilt of the head. 

"No." She says. 

"Well it's not mine either, and any person that says so is lying," Clarke says. "I'll be honest, I'm a hard worker. I set my mind to something I do it, I try to take on any task at hand and if you had asked me those questions I would have answered with that. If there was a fire, of course, I would get the hell out the building and what could I possibly need to know about the company to deliver mail to people I don't know anyway?" Clarke questions. "With me, you would get someone hardworking and honest. Temporarily hopefully." Clarke says as her eyes trail down Lexa's legs quickly before looking back into curious green eyes. "However, I see you have made your mind up" Clarke says standing up and straightening her own skirt before stepping closer to Lexa as she stands too. "It was nice to meet you both" Clarke says stretching out her hand. 

Lexa still remains silent with her eyes connected with blue in shock yet curiosity. She shakes Clarke's hand for longer than necessary as she's in another world taking in the interview that had just happened. 

"We will be in contact" Lexa says anyway finally pulling her hand back down while clearing her throat. 

"Yeah," Clarke says with a smile like she knows she won't hear from them at all. "Have a nice day." she says looking into green eyes one more time. "Anya" she nods before turning and leaving the room. 

"Complete nut case!" Anya says the moment the door Closes while Lexa remained staring at the door.

"You were rude!" 

"She was mental" 

"She was honest!" Lexa defends turning to face Anya with a glare. "I like her. Put her on the selection list" 

"You can't be serious" 

The glare Lexa gives Anya is enough to say she is. Anya reluctantly writes her name down before asking for the next person to be sent through. Only when the next young woman comes in Lexa listens to all her answers and thinks of Clarke. She's listening to the lies, the sucking up and smiling at all of it why she thinks she's answering well. Lexa finds herself crossing Katie's name of before the interview is even over while Anya looks at her like she's gone mad.