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While Stiles and Co. were Drifting, other Earths in the OMNIVERSE were in the process of being attacked!!!



An Earth just barely surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

The laws of nature and physics being broken on another Earth.

Another Earth destroyed because something from another Earth impersonated and influenced important people from every country into a World War that ended with every single living thing dying in very slow agony and the whole world being irradiated until the end of time.

A group of androids unleashing legions of monsters and nightmares, both mythical and man-made, onto a world that had known peace for 5000 years.

False mega-emergencies on two very different worlds that led to the maiming, torture, and deaths of the entire roster of the Justice League and the Avengers. 

And on and on it went...

20 more

53 more

86 more 

119 more

152 more

185 more worlds as dying husks, shattered, conquered, enslaved and/or happily working for the Demon Battle God that started this all.

"Look, brother. Look at what I, my generals and slave soldiers, have done to our side of the Omniverse. I have never felt this powerful before! I am now feeding off the pain, anger, and hatred from the last 50 worlds, my troops are conquering or have already conquered as I speak. I am just overflowing with power and energy!!! Maybe soon, I will call off my forces from invading so I can digest this and see how much more powerful I am before I accidentally destroy some of my soldiers and loyalists. Wouldn't want that, would we? But you would, wouldn't you? Since it took 5000 of my army to wear you out and capture you. A real pity only 500 came back alive, more or less ---"

Chains rattling, grunting, groaning, and muffled speaking made Shao Kahn turn around. "What was that you said?" More muffled speaking. "Oooh, that's right. I sealed your mouth because last time you vomitted lightning at me. Rather desperately, I might add. You can speak now." He snaps his fingers. 

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME BROTHER!!!" screamed Raiden. "By all the gods, why have you done this?! How?! I thought you were dead all these years. You shouldn't have any kind of power that enables you to conquer and control these countless worlds let alone one."

"Well, that's a secret I'll take to your grave and anyone else brave and stupid enough to try and stop me, too." Raiden started to sense something as his "brother" kept talking; a portal opening somewhere close to them. The kind of portals Shao Kahn and his army had been using was evil and negative powered but this one was in the positive energy spectrum. That's why it piqued his interest because every other portal opening he had felt had been powerful blows straight to his soul. Those portals' energy and his "brother" were the only things keeping him from even thinking about any escape attempts and trying to warn every hero and superhero team he came across that was left standing or not yet conquered in the Omniverse. He vaguely saw in his mind's eye the 6 beings that exited the portal before it closed on them. Raiden kept struggling and cursing at Shao Khan but also watched his face and body language, too, just in case he had also noticed the intruders, their arrival, and that they might be his would-be rescuers.

Unbeknownst to Raiden the people who exited the positive rainbow portal were Danny Phantom, Stephen Jameson, Ben Tennyson as ULTIMATE Big Chill, Gwen Tennyson in her LUCKY GIRL form, Black Widow, and Cyborg. They had been asked and tasked by Professor Paradox to try to rescue Raiden, set free any other heroes captured by Shao Khan's allies and monsters, and take back with them or destroy any technology they have used to create their portals and conquer whole worlds. They knew before they split into their mission pairs that anything they did was just going to slow them down not stop them completely.