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Disaster Strikes (A Be More Chill group chat fanfic)

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JeremyQueer added Gayming101, Pinkberrygurl, ImLohstInYourEyes, #GossipQueen, Bich, Totally_boss, and Whatisthequestion? to a group chat

JeremyQueer named the group chat SQUIP squad

WhatIsTheQuestion? renamed the group chat Friends ^w^

Gayming101: Christine you are precious

#GossipQueen: Wtf??

Pinkberrygurl: Yea what the hell guys

JeremyQueer: What?

Bich: The chat, you dumbass

JeremyQueer: Well, I mean, I guess we just haven't talked much lately??

Totally_boss: dude we talk like everyday

JeremyQueer: w/ever, I guess that I just wanted a group chat of all of us? Idk

#GossipQueen: anyways, what the fuck's up with these nicknames? Mine's obvious ^w^

Totally_boss: I'm totally boss. Is there anything else to say?

Bich: You sure are~

Totally_boss: >////< chLOE YOUR TURN

Pinkberrygurl: Hell no, I wanna see this shit!

ImLohstInYourEyes: Can I go?

Totally_boss: PLEASE

ImLohstInYourEyes: Ok! Chlo normally seems lost in my eyes, and my last name is Lohst, so I thought it fit! ;3c

Pinkberrygurl: ;3c

Gayming101: you girls are so gay

ImLohstInYourEyes: like your one to talk.

Gayiming101: it's **you're, and you've got a good point. Christine, your turn.

Whatisthequestion?: Don't you get it?

Bich: No

Totally_boss: No

ImLohstInYourEyes: No

Pinkberrygurl: No

#GossipQueen: No

Heereishere: No

Gayming101: yep

WhatIsTheQuestion?: Help me out, Michael.

Gayming101: "To be, or not to be; that is the question." She's making a joke by saying that she forgot the question.

JeremyQueer: Oh ok

#GossipQueen: that makes sense

#GossipQueen: hey Jeremy, what about your name?

Totally_boss: Jeremy, you're Queer?

JeremyQueer: Yea

Bich: Why didn't you tell us this?

JeremyQueer: I thought you already knew??

JeremyQueer: Anyways, Rich's turn

Bich: Bisexual + Rich = Bich.

Totally_boss: that's not.. That doesn't make sense.

Bich: Yes it does

Gayming101: OMG!!

ImLohstInYourEyes: He's gonna blow in 3,

Bich: 2,

JeremyQueer: 1.

Gayming101  renamed the group chat  IM SO PROUD OF US!!!