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Harry is laying down on the couch from last night’s concert in a hotel room, he have a steampunk top hat and matching goggles on his forehead, black unzipped tights, and a pair of steampunk gloves. His eyeliner is ruined and black lipstick is ruined as well.


He’s topless with tattoos, a stag and a doe kissing on his left upper arm. A werewolf hugging a normal wolf on the right upper arm, a pair of socks on the forearm. On his right shoulder is Jack Russell Terrier and the left is an Otter. The letter F and G are on the back on his neck. On his left upper back is an Hare in a crescent. The other side is a remembrall in behind the gryffindor sword. There is a smiling black dog between the two above the white doe on the lake. Next to that doe is a phoenix holding pair of half-moon glasses in its beak. On the other side of the doe, is a tabby cat sitting down on a stack of books. On the front of his hand is a roadkilled toad in a ruined pink dress, on his other hand is a crushed beetle with jeweled glasses. On the chest where is heart is, is a lovely horse.


A pair of leather boots with several buckles are laying down on the floor along with the dirty steampunk-style trench coat and a dress shirt covered in beer stains.


He feel a poking on his head and hears laughing. He gets up with a pounding in his head as he put on his goggles to see... He smiles weakly at the little boy smiling at him while a middle-aged woman give Harry a stern look and a young man glared at him.


“Good morning Ted, Jackie and Roberto” he said weakly as he slowly gets up.


“Oh bloody hell...” Harry said softly winching from his hangover as he vomits in the trash can.


“Hi Daddy” said the kid happily, innocent of what’s happening to his godfather.


“Did you had fun last night, sir?” said Roberto, Harry’s servant and an American wizard, sarcastically.


Harry rolled his eyes.


“You should be more careful next time young man” said Jackie, Ted’s nanny & witch from USA as well angrily.


Jackie gives Harry a potion to cure his hangover, he drinks it and a minute later he feels much better.


“Sorry about that ma’am...the concert was really crazy last night and in the backstage, I didn’t remember what happened after drinking that my special juice with the dancers and those girls I’ve bring backstage...” said Harry as he laughs.


Roberto facepalm while Jackie rolled her eyes.


“Can I have some your special juice?” asked Ted.


“When you’re older Ted” said Harry laughing.


Jackie and Roberto sighs.