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nighttime daydreams

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There is a certain charm about tattoo parlors, Taehyung thinks. Especially about this one that he’s standing in front of. BDKA tattoo parlor is made up by a big glass front full of sharpie drawings by the tattoo artists, some impressive, intricate drawings, but some comicky, sillier stuff as well. While walking by, Taehyung spots a small pikachu drawing next to the door.


Nestled between old wood-fronted houses, the parlor with its almost contemporary look, makes for a lonesome appearance, standing apart by its dark exterior. The entrance is illuminated by a neon sign showing a deck of cards being pierced through with a dagger, and under it the name of the shop in a glowing metal print. It’s located a bit off the more popular streets, but still well visited, a group of smoking teenagers standing out front.


Taehyung had stumbled upon it some weeks ago when he’d fallen asleep on the bus by accident and had frantically scrambled off the vehicle as soon as he’d woken up, already late to finish his essay that was due in a few hours. He had passed by the parlor in the late afternoon, lost on streets he hadn't been on before.


There was something he had liked about the shop, something that made him book an appointment. Even though he could practically hear his wallet scream in terror at him spending even more on tattoos. Taehyung was, literally, a starving student and his measly meal of chili cup noodles was already waiting for him at home.


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧


“That ink,” someone voices from somewhere above Jeongguk, where he’s bent over his workplace, “is so sick.”


Jeongguk jolts a bit, but drags the pen down the last line of the intricate design of a tiger he’s drawing, then he looks up— and promptly does a double take.


Leant on the counter before him is a guy with fiery red hair (probably dyed) and a way too picturesque face, so symmetrical Jeongguk’s first thought is Klimt; that's how pretty he is. His nose bridge is high and straight, lips full and almost as red as the hair that's falling down his forehead in perfectly messy strands. His shiny and pink lips slope into a softly curved jaw, not as prominent as Jeongguk's, but he's still in awe as his eyes trail over thick and expressive brows over big, doe eyes.


Frankly, he has way too many lashes for Jeongguk to handle (he’s always been a sucker for pretty eyes) so he can't really look away. Luckily, his decent manners get the best of him as Jeongguk realizes he’s staring and quickly averts his gaze when the guy lifts his gaze from Jeongguk's drawing to his face.


“Is that for you?” The guy asks, eyes wide and inquiring, motioning to the tattoo design.


Jeongguk nods, before registering the actual question and backtracking quickly, stuttering. “No! Uh, no.” He clears his throat, kind of wanting to die.


The guy lifts an eyebrow.  


“It’s for my coworker, Hoseok,” he says, a little choked up at the attention. He juts a finger over to the curtain that leads to Hoseok’s studio if pulled to the side before he realizes that this special information was totally unrelated to the guy’s question, and he lowers his hand, a little flustered.


The red haired guy looks at the curtain for a moment, before leaning in  more, even if it’s just by the tiniest bit. The movement makes his shirt fall forward and Jeongguk can suddenly gaze deep down his collar, catching sight of too much golden skin and a dusky nipple. He tears his gaze away, and feels his cheeks heat up even more.


“How come you’re designing it, though? Does the other guy not know how to draw?”

He’s sure the question was with no malicious intent, judging by the other’s wide honest eyes, but he still can’t help but snort, imagining Hoseok’s reaction if he heard this.


“No- No, Hoseok can draw, it's just that he’s better at photorealistic and colored tats, and this client asked for one in japanese style and that’s, well,” he scratches his head a bit shyly. “It’s one of the things I kinda excel at. So I offered, ‘cause I only have one appointment later today.”


He stops, kind of embarrassed when he notices he’s rambling. He never rambles.

Jeongguk’s eyes trail down to the vibrant flower he can see peeking over the guy’s shirt collar. Not a first timer then. He should’ve gotten that from how relaxed the guy was walking into a tattoo studio. First timers are usually the fidgety ones.


He clears his throat. “What about you, though? Are you a walk-in or do you have an appointment?”


“Ah! Yeah, sorry- I have an appointment with Suga in-” the red-haired boy pulls his phone out to check the time, even though Jeongguk's eyes had already caught on the wristwatch he’s wearing, gleaming in the afternoon sun. Jeongguk wonders if this guy– attractive as he might be— is one of those.  “–about twenty minutes!”


The watch looks expensive, Jeongguk admits, golden and engraved, probably an heirloom. The wristband closes gracefully around the other man’s delicate forearms, in some way even enhancing his thin and elegant wrists. Jeongguk feels his neck get a little hot. Since when the fuck does he find wrists attractive?


Jeongguk hums. Yoongi is another tattoo artist working in the shop and at the same time one of his oldest friends. Yoongi was known mostly by his alias Suga, and his particular forte in new school tattoos.


Funny, Jeongguk thinks, from the flowers Jeongguk had seen on this guy's skin he’d deemed him for more of the photorealistic type.


“I love your tats,” the guy says suddenly, eyes earnest and a little dreamy, before sighing. “Then again, sleeves always look nice when you have arms like that.”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen, flustered at the obvious way the other man admits he’s been staring at Jeongguk’s arms. (Jeongguk finds he really doesn't mind.)


He can’t help puffing up his chest a little, before pulling out the timetable for appointments, searching for Yoongi’s name, his cheeks feeling like they’re blazing fire red.


“Yoon– Suga isn’t here yet. You’re his first appointment today, so you can have a seat if you’d like?” He sounds uncertain, motioning to the old swedish designer leather sofas they’d scavenged on the landslide, feels his cheeks stain further under the other’s unwavering gaze.


Customer service, right.


The man hums, lips curling up in a very cattish way, lids drooping lower. Jeongguk swallows drily, the other looks really good and Jeongguk has a feeling that he’s highly aware of it.


“No, it's fine,” the other boy drawls, “I think I already found my favorite spot.”


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧


Jeongguk doesn't know if he’s blessed or cursed meeting Taehyung right now.


Never would have Jeongguk thought that the time he’d meet Taehyung again would be about 13 minutes to midnight in the frozen foods aisle of the grocery store five blocks away from his home.


Well, he tells himself, fate plays in ways that are hard to understand.


Also, in all the days since Taehyung had visited the shop and turned Jeongguk’s mind into a carousel of red hair, red flowers, red lips,— never did he even imagine Taehyung in comfortable looking jeans cut off right above the knee and a sweater so big on him it swallows his hands whole. He’s a stark opposite to the suave outfit and character he had been wearing the last time Jeongguk had seen him.


In fact, he’s so caught up in taking in how soft Taehyung looks that he doesn’t even notice Taehyung perking up as soon as he recognizes him, shuffling towards him excitedly.


“It’s me, Taehyung, the tattoo guy– remember?” Taehyung points at himself, staring hopefully up at Jeongguk. Asking if Jeongguk remembers is an understatement. Of course he does– how could he not when nimble fingers and long lashes have been the only thing on his mind since then.


Taehyung . Jeongguk let’s the name resonate in his brain, finding that he enjoys it more than he should. Jeongguk is glad he can finally put a name to his obsession.


Taehyung is still staring up at him. Taehyung still has very long lashes.


Jeongguk swallows drily, feels like somewhere on the other side of the planet a giant squid with both it’s giant fucking eyes is staring right into his soul. Maybe he also feels like he’s in fifth grade again and his notoriously bad-mooded math teacher is looming over him as he hands out his math test, the red F a blaring sign.

But right now it's just Taehyung staring at him, pretty, doe-eyed Taehyung.


Jeongguk has to admit he's always been easily intimidated by beautiful things.


“I- I, yeah, I remember,” he rushes out, smooth. Taehyung probably sees right through him, realizing the reason Jeongguk’s nervous is himself, but he prays he doesn’t.


“How did your tat turn out? Are you satisfied?” Jeongguk stutters out as a diversion.


Normally, Jeongguk is a cool dude, okay. He’s chill and he’s confident and he has tattoos, so he likes to think that he looks intimidating. But Taehyung seems to take all that off of Jeongguk and turn it inside out. He stutters and blushes and he forgets every single word he could say.


Because Taehyung is talkative and shameless and confident and terribly, terribly infatuating.


Instead of answering, Taehyung pulls his shirt up to show the matter of their conversation, and Jeongguk doesn't really think, his profession temporarily erasing his shyness as he places his hand on the exposed skin of Taehyung's waist. He steps closer and bends down to take a look at the ink Yoongi had done on Taehyung. It’s good, no question, the rose stem follows the line of Taehyung's body nicely and the flower disappears under the pulled-up fabric of Taehyung’s sweater, any irritation of the skin gone away.


His fingers shift and he feels and hears the hitch in Taehyung's breath, only then realizing the promise of their closeness and he flushes, removing his hand and stepping back. “It looks really good, healed well,” he croaks, clearing his throat to cover his mishap.


Taehyung’s gaze doesn't lift towards his, suddenly more interested in shifting stuff around in his cart after letting his shirt down again. “Thank you,” he stutters, and there's a pink blush blossoming on his cheeks and ears, suddenly turning shy.


Taehyung, Jeongguk realizes with a blooming sensation in his stomach, is after all capable of losing his cool.


He swallows down the terrible attraction he has towards Taehyung, averting his gaze. His palm burns remembering the heat of Taehyung's honey skin, the hitch in his breath when Jeongguk put his hands on him replaying in Jeongguk’s mind.


The hairs on Taehyung’s arms are standing up, Jeongguk registers unwillingly, and then feels a drop of heat low in his stomach when he realizes that Taehyung had gotten goosebumps from his touch, not the cold.


Taehyung pulls down his sleeves when he sees Jeongguk’s gaze lingering, eyes cast down, leaning down to take a package of mochi ice cream out the freezer.


“I love it a lot, actually,” he confesses, voice still a little shy, and the heat in Jeongguk’s stomach doesn’t vanish when he sees the adorable blush still remaining high on Taehyung’s cheeks. Jeongguk’s mind reels for a second, forgetting what their topic of conversation had been.


“Really? That’s great, I’ll tell Yoongi hyung that you like it,” Jeongguk says and Taehyung nods encouragingly.


“I’ll definitely come back to your shop when I got enough money saved up.” Taehyung says excitedly, before his shoulders sag in discouragement. “That's going to take so long, though,” Taehyung adds to his words. At Jeongguk’s questioning glance, he rushes to explain. “Art student, basically all the money I get, I have to spend on supplies for my projects,” he pouts.


Art student? Jeongguk doesn’t know why that fact suddenly seems to make the most sense in the world in his mind.


“That’s cool,” Jeongguk says, brows raising  in admiration.


“What, that I just told you I’m constantly broke?” Taehyung deadpans.


Jeongguk’s mind screeches to a halt. Great, now he looks like a snobby asshole. He backtracks quickly, “No, no- please don’t– I didn’t mean it li–” He promptly stops in his excuse, mouth snapping shut when he notices Taehyung’s smirk, his eyes glinting in a mischievous way. The change of character Taehyung is able to do throws him for a loop.

He narrows his eyes at Taehyung. “You little—” he threatens.


He can’t even stay mad for more than 30 seconds, because Taehyung looks too happy when he throws his head back in a barking laugh, hand covering his mouth and eyes crinkling up in mirth. “Chill,” he giggles out and Jeongguk swears he feels his dick twitch with the sound.


“You know, I’ll make sure to give you a tattoo for free when you got some more done at our shop,” Jeongguk says, a little jokingly.


Taehyung casts him a side glance, appraising him. “How many is ‘some’,” he asks, wary.


Jeongguk snorts. “Maybe I can make a deal with eight or something.”


“This,” Taehyung sighs, pointing a finger in the general direction of Jeongguk, “is capitalism.”


“Hey, man, I gotta stay afloat some way too.”


“And for what do you need all that money for,  Mr. Big and Buff,” he questions, raising an eyebrow.


Jeongguk smirks cockily and reaches into the ice cream shelf Taehyung still has open. He grasps two packages of the sort mochi ice cream that’s three dollars more expensive than the ones Taehyung took. “For this,” he finishes, feeling a lot more in his element when he’s not reduced to a flustered mess.


Taehyung narrows his eyes for a second, and then snorts. Jeongguk watches as he reaches into the shelf himself and also takes out one of the more expensive ice cream choices, smirking competitively. “I’ll see you around, Jeongguk,” he says, and saunters away in the direction of the sweets aisle.


It’s only later when Jeongguk is ringing up his groceries at the register, that he realizes that he never told Taehyung his name.


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



It’s Taehyung– the tattoo guy again when Jeongguk bumps into him at a random party. He’s drunk this time, still undecided whether to curse or to thank the string of fate that seemed to pull them together every time again.


Slightly tripping, he almost spills his drink as he stares at Taehyung talking to Jimin. How the fuck did Jimin know a guy like Taehyung and didn't introduce him to Jeongguk? Fucking traitor.


Taehyung looks downright sinful tonight, jeans tight and ripped, a printed shirt tucked half into his jeans with the collar open down so low Jeongguk expects to see a flash of his nipple any time he moves. The fabric of the shirt is so sheer that most of Taehyung's tattoos become visible. There is a snake curling over his lower arm, moulding seemingly perfectly with the golden honey of his skin, with the vibrant flowers around his wrist.


It might be the alcohol, but he swears he feels the hairs on his neck stand up when Taehyung catches his gaze, sees him standing there just looking at him– and suddenly Jeongguk feels like some kind of voyeur, like he should be embarrassed about being caught staring, but Taehyung only lifts a brow at him before gazing back at Jimin.


Even though his cheeks won’t stop feeling like they’re burning, Jeongguk keeps staring. He doesn’t see a reason to pretend that he wasn’t staring at Taehyung before, and now that he’s caught, and Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind, then he’ll keep on looking. The pleasant buzz of the alcohol makes him bold, unembarrassed about things he’d usually be.


There is something very pleasing about watching Taehyung do whatever he’s doing, something fascinating about how captivating his movements are. There’s a grace to him, to the bend of his neck and the shifting of his bones under the skin of his wrist and his collarbones. Jeongguk’s eyes linger on those, how they catch the light of the party and seem to rise like hills from the meadows of his throat.


At the same time there’s a childlike innocence about him, in how bright his laughter sounds, a certain innocence in the way he bumps his knee against the wall and gasps, a little ah spilling from his lips. There’s an almost unnoticeable pout and a little furrow in his eyebrow in the following minutes as he rubs his aching knee as the pain fades just as quickly.


Every so often Taehyung’s eyes flicker over to him, sometimes holds his gaze for a few seconds. It’s playful at first, the way he quirks up a corner of his mouth, or the way his eyes crinkle up in a smile. With every gaze though the tension seems to grow heavier, stares lingering on lips instead of eyes and Jeongguk watches how Taehyung cocks his chin up to make his neck look long and slender. His collarbones become more prominent by the movement and the subtle muscles under his golden skin seem so tempting, Jeongguk’s throat runs dry. He almost hates how susceptible he is to Taehyung.


Taehyung looks at him one last time, gaze heavy when he tips his head back to swallow the last of his drink, before he turns around and threads into the crowd, long legs taking long strides.


Jimin throws him a greasy grin when Jeongguk, looking like a starstruck puppy, follows in the direction where Taehyung went. He glares at Jimin in passing, trying to convey the message of what the fuck, how do you know Taehyung and I don’t?


He’s pretty certain Jimin doesn’t receive his mental wavelength because his nasty grin only widens at Jeongguk’s scowl, winking at him sleazily.


He’s lost on the dancefloor for a second, his bottle of beer swings with the movements he does, trying to avoid the people dancing. His vision impaired because of the strobing and flickering lights from above, but still, he’s able to make Taehyung out in the crowd in a second, zoning in on him, clear like a vision.


It’s like his eyes are glued to him. He’s beautiful head to toe, flowing lines of slim limbs and feathering lashes over glowing skin. Jeongguk has a hard time wrapping his mind around Taehyung.


Taehyung smiles when he pulls Jeongguk in by his belt loops, smiles while he turns Jeongguk’s brain to complete mush and would probably still smile when he steps into the puddle that Jeongguk is close to dissolving into.


Although Taehyung’s movements tend to be flaily sometimes, he’s in utter control when he dances. He seems to know exactly how good he looks, seems to know exactly how to drive Jeongguk’s mind into a wall. He’s all hands on Jeongguk’s body and twists of his hips into Jeongguk’s groin, just to step away the second after and dance by himself for a few seconds while looking mischievously at him, mouth pulled into a lazy smirk, before stepping back in.


See, Jeongguk can dance, can dance well actually, but right now he's fine with just looking at Taehyung while swaying and cooperating with Taehyung’s dance moves, until Taehyung draws close again.


“Do you remember my name?” Taehyung whispers, as if he’s telling a secret, arms slung around Jeongguk’s neck after dancing together for a few songs. Their faces are so close that Taehyung’s hot breath hits Jeongguk’s lips with every exhale he does, making him dizzy.


His hand curls hot over Taehyung’s hips. “Yeah,” he answers, unable to form any long sentences. He loves how Taehyung presses against his touch, like a cat, like he wants him to press down just a tad harder.


“Then say it,” Taehyung whispers, maybe a bit desperate, a little bit urging and playful, but mostly just so arousing it makes Jeongguk’s heart drop into his stomach. A smile dances around Taehyung's lips. Strobe lights paint his face in flimmers of red and blue, some kind of divine with his lips screaming sweet death when he licks them, watching as Jeongguk falls in deeper.


For a second, Jeongguk just stares at him, feels how Taehyung twists his hips in tiny figure of eights and it drives his mind successfully further into the wall. Unasked, his alcohol-muddled mind supplies him with images of how good Taehyung probably looks taking cock, lips plump and ribcage lifting in rapid gasps, unable to voice how good he feels because he’s so overwhelmed. A quick thought flits through his mind of his hands on Taehyung’s thin waist, driving into him harshly and swallowing the moans he tries to muffle into the pillow.


He tightens his hold on Taehyung’s hip, draws his other hand under his flimsy blouse and settles on his waist, breathes a rough, “Taehyung.”  


He’s looking into Taehyung’s eyes, and so he sees how his lids flutter just the tiniest bit at hearing his name, back arching at Jeongguk’s touch and his lips parting in the tiniest sound.


And that’s that. Jeongguk grins a bit triumphantly.



The night ends in the morning, and Jeongguk and Taehyung end with each other, push and pulling like waves and wind. It ends with Taehyung muffling his whimpers into Jeongguk’s neck instead of his pillow, his brows pulled up tight and lips slack when he’s not biting them into vivid red.


The night is pitch black tar, drowning them in heavy, molten desire when Jeongguk’s fingers drag over countless images put on Taehyung’s skin. Red flowers inked deep into Taehyung's skin, a lilac flower with a hastate top curling over his ribs on his left side. ‘Snapdragon and amaryllis,’ Taehyung rushes out when he feels Jeongguk’s eyes and hands linger on them, voice breathy and urgent.


Jeongguk finds himself addicted to the sound Taehyung makes when he presses down on his stomach, holding him down while his hips press as deep as he can, and how Taehyung starts to shake with Jeongguk’s teeth on his inner thighs, biting down in rough crescent moons.


At the end of the night and the middle of the morning Jeongguk’s hands do leave prints on Taehyung’s hips and waist, and Taehyung leaves before the sun is awake enough to draw shadows on the floor of Jeongguk’s room.


So while the morning sun searches for spots to warm on creaky floorboards, a little note with jaunty digits scrawled on crumpled paper flutters lightly on the pillow next to Jeongguk’s head.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



The next few days are weird for Jeongguk. He goes grocery shopping and thinks of a low and melodic voice when his hand grasps the cheap filter coffee for their little coffee machine in the back room of BDKA. He thinks of ruby flowers on tan skin when he sees a woman in a red dress walk by. He thinks of vibrant colors on gold when he opens his browser to the discover page of netflix and a random anime shows up. He goes showering and thinks of breathy moans and vibrant gasps, desire pooling low by his spine.


His hands start having a slight tremor whenever he catches a whiff of artificial rose scent while he’s in public. Even the paper he draws on reminds him of Taehyung’s pearlescent white teeth and the note pinned to his fridge.


He takes longer to respond to his hyungs, puts more sugar than ever in his coffee and Yoongi makes fun of him for suddenly drawing flowery designs, calls him ‘soft,’ and Jeongguk doesn't like it, but can't deny it either.


Suddenly all of Jeongguk's thoughts are somehow tainted by a red haired boy with sunny smiles and flowers and art curling over the insides of his wrists. Jeongguk is sure Taehyung put him under some kind of spell, and he doesn't really know how to get rid of it and is too shy to call him.


He’s caught himself staring at the little note countless times the past few days, now pinned to his fridge from where he’d found it first, groggy and confused.


Multiple times he’s started typing out a text to the number, just to delete it at all again and throw his phone to the other side of his bed. It plagues him, that he is so caught up in Taehyung, while Taehyung might've even forgotten who Jeongguk is. What if the number left was just out of pity? Even if Taehyung was interested, he wouldn’t have left so silently, would he?


Jeongguk sighs deeply, Taehyung is out of his league anyway. He was probably only looking for a friday night lay and not a friendship, relationship, anything per se.


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧


“Okay, listen, Jeongguk,” Hoseok says, both hands propped on his slender hips, standing in the entry room of the parlor. “I don't know what's going on or-” he interrupts himself unwillingly with a sneeze, scrunching his nose afterwards, “ -who got you so whipped you turned into a cliché pining and longing teen, but can we stop -” another sneeze, “–putting up flowers everywhere in this damn shop– you know I’m allergic!”


Jeongguk doesn't turn around from where he’s setting up the sixth bouquet of snapdragon and amaryllis and more flowers. He hums, unfazed by the sniffling in the background.


“No,” he says, finally.


Hoseok warbles for a second and throws his hands up. Jeongguk, for a split second, is reminded of the white valentino bag vine.


“This shop has an image to uphold, Jeongguk, we can't call ourselves badass if all our counters are decked with flowers! This isn’t a flower shop for fucks sake!” Hoseok accuses but notices quickly that Jeongguk isn't paying attention to him. With a resigned huff he leaves the entry room and tries to throw the curtain to his studio behind him dramatically.


Emphasis on tries.


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧


In a twist of celestial bad humor, Jeongguk sees Taehyung for the first time after the unspoken of hookup when he’s on a serious mission of getting shitfaced.


Originally he’d come here with Jimin and Hoseok, but they had abandoned him at the bar little after ten minutes to go on the dancefloor. And here he is, nursing his drink and looking good (he hopes) but feeling a little miserable (he knows).


He senses another person near him from movement out of the corner of his eye, the person coming close to the bar counter.


He doesn't really understand how he knows immediately that it’s Taehyung beside him, but somehow, as soon as Taehyung leans down on the bar, he knows; he knows by the increase of his heartbeat, or his sudden clammy hands that it’s him before he even lifts his eyes.


Taehyung’s shirt has the holes for the arms cut down deep, exposing his inked rib cage when he leans forward on the counter. Jeongguk looks away; he doesn't think about how Taehyung's chest rises and falls rapidly when Jeongguk was hilt-deep inside him. He doesn't.


Taehyung looks beautiful and also scary because he probably counted on Jeongguk to call him and he didn't. Only stared at the note and thought about texting but never actually doing it because he’s shy.


“You know, from the way you fucked I really didn't peg you for a coward,” Taehyung says, casual, as if he’s used to ripping away the floor beneath people’s feet. Jeongguk swallows, unsure. Should he apologize? Should he fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness? He kinda feels like doing that.


Taehyung waves down the bartender and orders a blueberry margarita. Jeongguk didn’t even know that existed. He keeps his eyes on the tumbler stood on the bar, his fingers curled around the bowed glass, desperately thinking of a way to react.


“So,” Taehyung says, leaning sideways to look at Jeongguk, obviously expecting an answer, and— Jeongguk’s mind completely blanks.


“I–I’m sorry, I-” he stutters.


“It’s chill,” Taehyung cuts him off and waves his hand reassuringly. “If you didn’t wanna call, that’s fine, just—” he smiles at Jeongguk briefly, tilting his head in his direction, “I didn’t leave my number for no reason, you know.”


“It’s not that I didn’t wanna call, I-” Jeongguk fiddles with his own fingers, before breathing out heavily. “I was just really nervous, I guess,” he admits, head ducking low and already preparing himself for the ridiculing comment he might receive. Big and tattoed guy like him, let’s many people think he discards feelings like nervousness and shyness.


“Oh. Oh, well,” Taehyung says, surprising Jeongguk by the positive tone of his voice. Taehyung stares at his drink for a second before smiling just slightly and righting himself into an upright position. “Nice, wanna grab something to eat?”



So they end up in a dingy and low-lit parking lot, cheap fried noodles and spring rolls spread out between them on the pavement of the curb.


The conversation is carried mainly by Taehyung, who even with his mouth stuffed full of lo mein is shameless enough to just keep talking. Jeongguk hums agreements every now and then, dipping his spring rolls into chili sauce.


Even with Taehyung’s rather... unconventional ways of holding a conversation, Jeongguk can’t help but be completely entranced and entertained by him. The way Taehyung speaks is like a hundred dark red rose petals falling in heavy, inky air. His voice is deep, melodious and although he’s quick to stumble over words it’s more a thing to adore than to laugh at, like a young calf. He’s got a bit of a dark humor, but Jeongguk finds that he enjoys that more than he thought, having to interrupt eating multiple times because he has to laugh so hard.


He gets lost listening sometimes, too distracted by trying to recognize each of Taehyung’s tattoos. He can’t help but naturally be curious about what images other than flowers Taehyung might have on his body.


His arms are bared by the low cut sides of the top, so Jeongguk’s eyes have more than enough skin to explore. He can’t make out what each of the images are, but he thinks he recognizes one of the EVA-Units from neon genesis evangelion on Taehyung’s forearm.


Most of the tattoos he sees are colored ones, an orange heikegani crab, and lots of pop culture related ones. There’s also some images and motifs from some artworks Jeongguk recognizes thanks to his failed career as an art student. He had dropped out of college pretty quick; he’d mainly gone just because his parents begged him to at least get some kind of degree before pursuing his dream as a tattoo artist.


That hadn’t worked out so well.


Taehyung’s tattoos, Jeongguk comes to realize, are just as diverse, pretty and confusing as Taehyung himself is. Honestly, they’re kind of a clusterfuck, but Jeongguk can’t help but be weirdly endeared by that.


“Let’s do this again,” Taehyung says after silence stretches between them because of Jeongguk's noisy munching. “Also-” he stretches out his hand to Jeongguk, motioning to his jacket pocket. Bemused, Jeongguk pulls out his phone, unlocking it before handing it to Taehyung.


“Can’t have you ghosting again, you know,” Taehyung explains as he shoots a quick text to his own number and winks.


He sees Taehyung typing something and leans over to see what he’s doing. Taehyung’s saving his contact, saving him under Guk with the eggplant, tongue, sweat, and biceps emoji.


“Hey,” Jeongguk complains, “what’s that supposed to mean!”


“It means you’re a fuckboy, Jeongguk,” Taehyung snickers. “Self-awareness is always the first step in the right direction, you know.”


Jeongguk replies by raising an eyebrow incredulously.


“I mean look at you! You’re head to toe all that ‘skate fast, die young, eat ass’ attitude,” Taehyung laughs, gesticulating to Jeongguk’s… everything ?


“Am not!” Jeongguk protests and snorts, amused despite Taehyung being a real mouthful. He doesn’t mind, though. It’s been awhile since he had laughed so much.


“If that’s what you think…” Taehyung trails off, shrugging a shoulder and turning towards his phone again, looking very smug.


Taehyung lifts his fountain cup to his mouth, licks his lips all the while holding eye contact but somehow tilts the cup too fast and spills the liquid all over himself.


“Aw, bitchass,” Tae complains, and drags his now wet shirt from his body, the originally white fabric now soaked with a big brown stain. He looks so miserable Jeongguk can’t help but cackle loudly, hand flying to his stomach. It almost hurts that he’s laughing so hard because of all the food he stuffed into his belly. He can’t quiet up until Taehyung punches his bicep so hard he chokes on a spring roll and has to cough it back up.


“Serves you right, you pig,” Taehyung mutters, lips in a pout.


Jeongguk snorts and stands up, offering Taehyung a hand.


“What?” Taehyung asks, wary, looking at him as if he’s being suspicious.


Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “I have my gym stuff in the car. The shirt is probably gonna be smelly, but it’s better than a wet one,” he explains.


“I bet it is,” Taehyung mutters while Jeongguk pulls him up and starts trotting behind him. He unlocks his car and gets out his gym bag, digging through it.


Taehyung wags his eyebrows obnoxiously when Jeongguk hands him the shirt, white and oversized. He moans exaggeratedly when he takes a sniff of the fabric, and Jeongguk feels a low pang of arousal in his stomach at the sound. He had been trying to ignore the hook up, the way he knew how Taehyung's body moved, how he felt underneath him, but by now it felt like a game that Taehyung had too much fun playing.


“Man, this smells like man, ” Taehyung says, grinning at a scowling Jeongguk.


“Shut up,” Jeongguk mutters, stuffing his smelly sweatpants back in his backpack, ignoring Taehyung's little laugh from behind him.


“Testosterone as fuck, ” Taehyung whispers, sounding very satisfied with himself.


Jeongguk flushes when he turns around and is greeted by the sight of Taehyung's naked torso, slim stature and miles of skin on display. Taehyung's shoulders are broad, but skinny, and they taper down into a temptingly small waist (Jeongguk knows his hands look good spanned around Taehyung's middle), and slim but supple hips and thighs that are hidden beneath tight denim. He swallows drily when the fabric of his shirt falls over Taehyung’s belly, covering up the skin he’s only had the chance to touch once.


Taehyung sends him a knowing glance at his muteness, before stilling.


“Jeongguk—” he starts, before he’s gasping at the cold metal of the car side against his back, that gasp swallowed by Jeongguk’s lips on his.


He moans at the contact and parts his lips more, giving Jeongguk access to his mouth. Jeongguk bodily pushes Taehyung into the side of his car, tongue on the roof of his mouth. One of Taehyung's hands lift to Jeongguk's bicep, moaning at the feeling of strength, tensed muscle, Jeongguk’s body covering him so nicely. Jeongguk pushes a thick thigh between his, and Taehyung goes limp, the display of strength and Jeongguk’s warmth covering him making him feel so good, so nice. He moans again, and suddenly, Jeongguk pulls back, staggering almost.


“I— I’m sorry, I,” he stutters, hand seemingly disagreeing with what he’s saying, still lingering on the side of the car next to Taehyung. Taehyung can see the uncertainty and panic rise in Jeongguk’s eyes, suddenly looking very small.


I’m not.” Taehyung pulls him in by his lapels and onto the passenger seat, sliding onto his lap and lips meeting Jeongguk's again.


Their lips slide together heatedly, Taehyung's hands on Jeongguk's jaw and Jeongguk's hands under his shirt, hot and big, sliding over soft skin and flowers and watercolor drops.


“Didn't know you had this one,” Jeongguk murmurs, fingers over the design on Taehyung's lower back, blue and yellow and red.


“There’s a lot you don’t know,” Taehyung answers, and Jeongguk’s stomach twists uncomfortably at the truth. “But we can change that,” he adds, hand curling over Jeongguk's cheek, eyes soft, so Jeongguk pulls him back into a kiss.


Their lips stay interlocked, soft moans and groans shared between them. Taehyung sighs when he grinds his hips down on Jeongguk's groin, meeting hardness similar to that trapped in his own goddamned skinny jeans. It’s desperate, an obvious attraction between both of them. Jeongguk already sobered up a long time ago, but his mind feels fuzzy all over again and his insides warm.


“God,” Taehyung moans. “Wanted to do this since I saw you at the bar.”


Jeongguk groans, tightening his hold on Taehyung's ass. “Yeah?” He asks and Taehyung answers with a moan at his rough voice.


“Yeah, you looked so good, did me so good last time we fucked.” Taehyung whimpers when Jeongguk bites down on his neck and tilts his head more to the side so Jeongguk can leave more marks. “Just wanted you to bend me over right there and then.”


“Yeah,” Jeongguk grinds up then, enjoys how the rest of whatever Taehyung wanted to say ends in a whine. Taehyung squeaks when Jeongguk grabs his hips to pull him down more forcefully, moving him in time to his own thrusts. “So damn pretty, you know that, right?” He murmurs, and Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, falling forward to bury his face in Jeongguk’s neck.


“Please just, ah-” Taehyung’s hips stutter with Jeongguk's strong grip. Taehyung feels so pliant underneath his hands, skin soft and smooth and so supple that Jeongguk can't get enough of it.



The thing about summer nights is that everything seems different, almost warped somehow. The stoplights flicker in what looks like a seemingly important conversation between them, and the few stray dogs hanging around the street corners look bigger, bulkier, eyes glinting. It’s as if the constant heat of the last few weeks has melted everything into something new.


Although summer nights are varied, some better than others, Taehyung in all forms and moods Jeongguk has seen until now are good, perfect, something that he wants to explore until Taehyung doesn't want him to anymore.


But just Taehyung next to Jeongguk on the passenger seat, lips swollen and shirt ( Jeongguk’s shirt) crumpled from Jeongguk's hands underneath it, with one of his hands on Jeongguk's thigh is probably his favorite, and he can’t help smiling a little stupidly when Taehyung knows every word to Gee when it comes on shuffle.


“I really had fun,” Taehyung says when they arrive at his home, puts his hand on Jeongguk’s chest, stares at him through his eyelashes, sensual and so, so close, waiting for an answer, but Jeongguk is left mentally gaping like a fish at the proximity. For a second, Jeongguk is scared that Taehyung will feel the way his heart beats out of his chest, but then seconds later the touch is gone and so is Taehyung, the car door closing resounding in his mind.


Jeongguk blinks a few times, long lashes still flashing before his eyes. He sighs loudly because he didn't even manage to answer. The streetlamp above Jeongguk blinks in pity of his social skills.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Jeongguk and Yoongi are lounging around in Seokjin’s kitchen, nursing their drinks from the party going on inside the apartment, when Taehyung ambles into the room. Jeongguk straightens his posture and does a little wave with the hand holding his bottle. Taehyung smiles back and Goddamn , Jeongguk thinks, he is so beautiful .


Jeongguk had already seen him earlier, but Jimin had dragged Taehyung away for best friend time . Yoongi, though, as soon as he recognizes Jeongguk’s awkward behavior and connects two and two, as well as a situation for him to embarrass Jeongguk, he pounces.


“So, Taehyung,” Yoongi asks, making big bravado and asking questions like he’s Jeongguk’s dad and Taehyung is his first boyfriend. “Since me and Guk had just been talking about Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts video, what would you say are your best qualities?”


Taehyung frowns, “Isn’t the Pretty Hurts video the one with what is your aspiration in life?”


“No,” Yoongi says, before frowning as well, thinking it over. “Okay, it might be but that doesn’t matter. Answer the question.”


“Be nice,” Jeongguk mumbles, audible enough for Yoongi, but hopefully not Taehyung. That doesn’t seem to be the case though, because he sees Taehyung lips pull up in a small smile, his eyes flicking towards him.


Taehyung, now bent over the fridge, hums, seemingly deep in thought. Fishing out a new beer bottle, he straightens up. “I think I’m pretty unbeatable at giving head,” he says, smiling so innocently even Yoongi is thrown for a loop, eyes so wide they almost look comical.


Jeongguk promptly chokes on his drink, coughing and staring at Taehyung incredulously through a veil of unshed tears.


Taehyung, apparently unfazed by their reactions, points to his own throat, shrugging almost nonchalantly. “No gag reflex,” he continues, as if he needed to explain that.


He waves his beer and smiles, looking very happy with himself before exiting the kitchen.


For a moment, it’s deadly silent in the kitchen.


“What the fuck,” Jeongguk says, before turning to Yoongi, staring at him intensely. “ What the fuck ,” Jeongguk scream-whispers, “I think my fucking dick is hard–”



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



The thing about Taehyung is that he makes everything so easy.


Jeongguk has had partners that would petulantly take at least the amount of time he’d taken to answer messages before they messaged him back. He hates that, this I won’t text first thing.


Taehyung isn't like that, he shows up on his doorstep or picks him up to go for food and messages Jeongguk without shame and doesn't expect him to answer for every single one.


Taehyung makes it all so nice .


So just like that, Taehyung becomes a part of his life, a part of his friends circle, and that’s just after two weeks of hanging out with Jeongguk. Namjoon and Seokjin take quickly to him and his loud, friendly attitude. He becomes Jeongguk’s biggest rival in Overwatch and is more often than not found in BDKA, helping design tattoos or manage the front desk.


Jeongguk makes sure to bribe Hoseok to always slip Taehyung a bit of cash whenever he helps out. It’s not a very difficult feat, Hoseok and Taehyung get along immediately with their bubbly personalities, and even Yoongi develops an alarming soft spot for him.


It also happens that Taehyung finds Jeongguk waiting on campus for him to finish his classes, longboard under his arm, and one of those disgustingly sweet bubble teas that Taehyung loves in his hand.


They fall into this weird nonverbal agreement that they’re friends with benefits, or at least that’s what Jeongguk assumes is closest to what they’re doing. Just with emphasis on friends , because there’s more days of the week that they do something together than not, and then also the benefits , because even more often than that, just like tonight, they find themselves in each others’ beds, hands gripping skin and Taehyung most of the time having to muffle his moans because of his roommate (Taehyung’s a screamer) (or, at least, enjoys being vocal).


Half an hour later, Taehyung runs his fingers over the flushed skin of Jeongguk’s chest, over the thick black lines down the side of his ribcage, eyes focused and intense.


Jeongguk watches him discover each tattoo anew, how his eyebrows knit together staring at the wolf, multiple arrows standing out from its body down the side of his chest, watches his gaze linger on the angel in pointillism-inspired negative space on his arm.


“I love this one,” Taehyung says finally, dragging his fingers over the grim reaper laid over Jeongguk's left side.


One night, he sucks a ring of hickeys around the head of the reaper, giving him a mock-halo. “Dude, this is so edgy,” Taehyung laughs breathily, enjoying his vandalism on Jeongguk's body.


“Edgy?” Jeongguk repeats, half laughing, half snorting. “Gonna get that fishnet tights under ripped jeans aesthetic next?” Jeongguk asks, just to snort again when Taehyung pinches his belly and narrows his eyes at him.


“Don’t get an attitude with me when you’re literally the consensus of every fuckboy on this planet thrown into a tube and heated to 200 Celsius.”



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Jeongguk’s at a party thrown by Namjoon, his nose prickling from the alcohol, and it’s just when a girl comes dangerously close to knocking over his vodka and coke with her elbows, it happens that his phone vibrates, showing a text from Taehyung, saved as honeybabycakes by the man himself.



r u thinkbing about me right now


The text says, spelling errors indicating that Taehyung is probably just as drunk as he is. He’s stumped for a second, then laughs a little, alcohol making his fingers sluggish when he types out his response. Then, just before he can hit send another message appears on the screen.


cos i have hiccups


And it might be the alcohol that’s getting to him or it just might be the fact that he’s so whipped for Taehyung that makes warmth spread through him and a stupid smile on his lips, just because Taehyung is so cute .



always baby


He texts back, simple, smiling over how cringy (and cheesy) they are. He thinks about how flustered Taehyung usually becomes when he uses pet names.

Calling him baby is a running gag Jeongguk especially entertains when he's drunk. It originates from Jeongguk getting way too drunk at a party he was with Taehyung once and when he’s drunk he’s always teetering on the edge of getting clingy.

Well, Taehyung had been especially sociable that night and Jeongguk had felt neglected, and so a come here, baby had accidentally slipped out. He’d had played it off as a joke but now it stuck, because maybe he likes how it gets Taehyung's ears glowing when he pulls him in just to seat him down on his lap just a tad too much.


His fingers hover over the rim of his now half-empty plastic cup, waiting for an answer. He lights up with a laugh when his phone pings again, showing Taehyung's reaction.



well sto p, the hiccups are annoying


“Dude, hate to interrupt your little mental speech of how cute and amazingly hot Taehyung is, but Namjoon started a beer pong tournament and I still need a partner,” Yoongi says, suddenly next to Jeongguk. “Preferably one that does not completely lose every last sense of motivity with one beer, like Hoseok.”


Jeongguk has to interrupt his mental speech he had going on about how great Taehyung's ass is, actually, before nodding.


Yoongi is balancing a tower of red plastic cups in his hands, but somehow still manages to look mildly bored, an ability Jeongguk finds himself admiring.


Later, when Jeongguk is happily drunk and also happily winning his match against Namjoon and Seokjin, he proceeds to lovingly mention multiple times how Taehyung had made him come in his pants like a teen last week and sighing happily, thoroughly enjoying Yoongi’s regret over asking Jeongguk to become his partner.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



It’s on a sunny, peachy Wednesday that smells like pine trees that Jeongguk decides to take Taehyung out of the city. He’d barely seen Taehyung over the last week because the other had to finish a project that had taken a heavy toll on him. Jeongguk had driven over to Taehyung’s dorm yesterday, just to get the door opened by someone that had resembled a zombie more than the Taehyung he knew.


Wincing at Taehyung’s appearance, he’d ushered the other inside and sat him down at the table, despite Taehyung’s complains that he had to continue painting. Taehyung had eye bags that were deep purple, his clothes were stained and he had paint splatters up to his elbows.

It was stuffy and hot in Taehyung’s room, and it only helped slightly to open the windows because it was almost just as hot outside. He’d shoved Taehyung in the bathroom to go take a much needed shower, and went to clean the countless empty cups of coffee and cans of energy drink strewn on the floor of Taehyung’s room.


A little while later, Taehyung came out the bathroom, looking a little better but still pretty bad in general. He had leant against Jeongguk’s chest, sighing. “I don’t wanna do this anymore,” Taehyung had whined, and Jeongguk felt his heart break the tiniest bit at how resigned Taehyung had sounded.


That’s how Jeongguk decided to take him to the nearest national park. The next day he stops by a grocer and picks up a bunch of freshly made sandwiches, snacks, coffees and iced tea, and drives by Taehyung’s place to load him into the car as well.


The day is more than nice. He does things like tucking Taehyung's hair behind his ears, slips a hand in his back pocket just to cop a feel, pulls Taehyung in at the water dispenser at the information center just to give him a slightly wet and warm kiss. He does things like staring at Taehyung's lips when he talks, giggling as he rubs sun lotion on the slight sunburn Taehyung gets on his nose because even when wearing a cap, it's a little too prominent to stay in the shadow, and then kisses it just because he can. In the end, they do almost everything friends by common definition shouldn't do.


But still, in Jeongguk’s humble opinion, this is one of the best days of his entire summer.


With them in the rundown jeep Jeongguk owns, Taehyung is still the littlest bit out of breath from how much he ran, how much they laughed, when he speaks up again. Bruce Springsteen halts in his longing for a woman taken and eases into a smooth guitar solo.


“The sky is so much bigger out here,” is all that he says, turned to the window. Jeongguk can’t see his face, can’t decipher the emotion behind this statement, Taehyung's voice quiet and private. Taehyung turns his face toward Jeongguk, “Don't you think so?”


“What do you mean?” Jeongguk asks, a tiny bit bewildered. For a few seconds Taehyung doesn’t show any indication that he heard him, then he turns around again slightly, head lolling against the headrest, leaving Jeongguk confused.


At some point during the drive, Taehyung falls asleep, small breaths puffing out his slack lips. Jeongguk’s hand gets a little bit sweaty on the steering wheel, and his legs stick to the leather of the seats. He takes a break from looking at the endless pavement ahead to turn his head to look at the sky.


Nearing sundown, the clouds tower up high into the sky, dipping their white fingers in hazy pinks and peach and sunburn red. They wind around each other like playing children, chasing across the sky driven by a wind that's unnoticeable in the dry summer heat two young boys are caught in underneath.


The clouds truly do look bigger, seeing them whole, not scissored apart by the usual skyscrapers or houses. High above him, a lonely airplane pulls a train of white into the sky, blinking in the sun.


Jeongguk pretends he doesn’t look at the sky more than he usually does while he drives, seemingly understanding Taehyung’s observation. After a while Taehyung turns his head, eyes fluttering open when Jeongguk changes the song to something else, something softer. Jeongguk smiles at a sleepy Taehyung who blinks a few times, mouth tugging upwards at the Blood Orange song softly whirring out of the speakers.


Taehyung wonders silently if Jeongguk knew that this was his favorite song, before moving one of his hands on Jeongguk’s thigh, eyes falling shut again.


Next time Jeongguk turns to look at Taehyung he’s softly mouthing along to the words, smiling just the tiniest bit. He radiates content and Jeongguk feels fuzzy, warm and happy, and silently makes a note in his mind to take Taehyung out in the open more in the future, where he seems to bloom in twenty shades more vibrant than in the city.


i can be the only one

i can be the best to you



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Jeongguk is somehow really fond of streetlights, their fluorescent blinks dripping down on Taehyung. They make him shine like a drunken vision you’d might have around 5am, induced by a heavy dose of sleep deprivation and high off on the scent your ex lover left on the sweater you just found again in the back of your closet, three months after the breakup.


Taehyung seems to notice him staring– always so perceptive, always so in tune with each other. A cigarette dangles from the corner of his mouth, teetering in the air whenever Taehyung's talking. His face is expressive, especially so his eyes while he discusses something about naruto with Seokjin.


He looks like he should star in a story of his own, like he should have a whole world revolving around him.


Tonight he’s wearing a red bandana (Jeongguk's pretty sure he’s gagged Taehyung with that once already) and one of Jeongguk's Stüssy sweaters over some jeans that are so tight they’re basically painted-on, and a hell lot of confidence. His hair is a light-wash grey, violet tones underneath. He dyed it a few days ago, past midnight and bleached through his favorite red towel, calling Jeongguk and whining for twenty minutes.


“You like what you see, Buckaroo?” Taehyung asks teasingly, smile playing around his lips, blooming like a rose in timelapse, pink petals unfurling with wicked intent. Look like the rose, all that jazz. Thing is, Jeongguk could really stare at Taehyung for hours, so he won't even pretend that he wasn't doing it. So he just smiles apologetically and smacks Taehyung's ass (for good measure).


Taehyung laughs. “Go on, Big Boy, I don’t mind being admired,” he says, cocky, and makes sure to keep eye contact with the next drag of the cigarette he takes, winking. Jeongguk feels the blood rush to his head now, roaring in his ears like a goddamn plane landing next to him.



They tumble into Jeongguk’s apartment a few hours later, sweaty and giggling.


“Playstation?” Jeongguk asks, a bit breathless.


“Let’s do things more fun than that.” Taehyung says, pulling Jeongguk to the sofa by the loops of his belt. Jeongguk gets pushed down with a small oof sound, before Taehyung slides into his lap. His hands automatically grasp Taehyung’s waist, and still– Jeongguk needs to let the image of that sink in. He doesn’t know why, but as Taehyung peels off his (Jeongguk’s) shirt, Jeongguk’s eyes remain glued onto his hands spanning Taehyung’s delicate waist, something so downright sinful about that.


Taehyung is beautifully built. He’s got the prettiest face sitting on a long neck and broad shoulders. He’s soft, his stomach a bit pudgy, but toned muscles appear in his thighs. His shoulders slope into this small, pretty waist and then his hips and ass flare out. He’s got the most ‘grip’ around this area, thighs meaty and squishy, ass plush and soft.


No point in denying it: Jeongguk loves Taehyung’s ass. It’s soft and giving at the same time, skin smooth and supple. The skin of his ass almost marks up as nicely as his thighs, and Jeongguk loves doing that more than anything.

“Hmm, you know,” Taehyung muses, and Jeongguk jerks out of his mental monologue. “Fucking me must feel so much nicer than just staring.” He’s got this challenging look in his eyes again, and Jeongguk feels his ears turn red with how embarrassed he is.

“Sorry,” he says, tightening his hands on Taehyung’s waist. Would he be crossing borders if he just admitted that Taehyung was one of the prettiest things he’d ever seen?


“I thought you said you didn’t mind being stared at,” Jeongguk smirks instead, brow jumping up deviantly.

Taehyung levels him up for a moment, then he slips out of Jeongguk’s grasp to the floor, pushing Jeongguk’s thighs apart in the process. “I don’t,” he says, coy.

He’s got this cattish look in his eyes again, and Jeongguk holds his breath. Palming his already hardening cock, Taehyung nuzzles his face into Jeongguk’s crotch, mouthing at the thickness. “I just like it best when you’re the one doing it,” Taehyung says, staring up at him through his long lashes, eyes locked with Jeongguk’s. “Should I give you a show if you’re so into staring?” he asks, lids drooping low and Jeongguk exhales heavily.

His fingers clench in the couch pillow when Taehyung drags his tongue over his apparent hardness, hotness seeping through the fabric and making his cock twitch. Taehyung notices that and smirks, fingers tracing the damp spot on his sweats. Jeongguk couldn’t be bothered to wear anything fancier than that today, since he initially just planned to spend the day lounging around with Taehyung.

“I just love having your eyes on me the most,” Taehyung confesses, voice smooth like silk. “Feel so pretty when you look at me like that.”

Jeongguk’s voice is raspy when he replies, heart fluttering. “You are,” he replies.
Taehyung’s lips close around the side of his shaft through the fabric. “The prettiest,” he adds, and watches as Taehyung’s lids flutter.

Taehyung pulls his sweats to mid-thigh, the elastic band tight against Jeongguk’s muscular thighs. The moment Taehyung wraps his delicate fingers around him, he knows he’s done for. His palm is warm and soft, curling around Jeongguk with certainty.


Taehyung hums, eyes fixed on his cock. “Remember when I told you I’m good at giving head? Did you believe me back then?”

“I guess you’ll just have to prove it,” Jeongguk smirks back, pulling off his shirt. It’s too damn hot for that.


Taehyung stares up at him from his kneeling position, eyeing Jeongguk’s bare skin appreciatively. “I guess I do,” he hums, flicking his wrist on an upstroke.


“F-Fuck,” Jeongguk stutters out, shoving his hips up into Taehyung’s grip. Taehyung smiles, and does it again. “If you keep- keep doing that, god, I’m gonna come before you even get your mouth on me.” It comes out as a hiss, breathing already labored, trying to tamper down the heat in his muscles.

“Ah, and that would be such a shame, wouldn’t it?” Taehyung fake-bemoans. He smoothes a hand up Jeongguk’s abdomen, eyes following the movement. Hot air from Taehyung’s mouth washes over Jeongguk’s cock when Taehyung speaks up next, smirking that awful smile of his again. “Luckily,” he teases, “you’ve got a nice dick.”


With that he licks the head of Jeongguk’s cock past his lips, swirling his tongue around the heavy weight in his mouth. Jeongguk’s hand clenches into a fist, and he curses. Taehyung’s mouth is wet and hot and he looks up at him in a way that makes the heat in Jeongguk’s muscles unfurl like flames. Taehyung has the audacity to wink when he wraps a hand around the space that’s still left of Jeongguk’s cock, head bobbing up and down on Jeongguk’s cock, taking a little more down each time.


Jeongguk is transfixed, groaning occasionally. Taehyung looks so into it, messy, and making these little sounds of excitement. Jeongguk gets a feeling that Taehyung might even be enjoying this more than he is himself. His hand finds its way into Taehyung’s grey shock of hair, the bandana that was wound around his forehead has fallen down to his neck, dangling around his collarbones, wet from where Taehyung’s spit drips down on it.

He tightens his grip in Taehyung’s hair, tentatively, ready to let go immediately if Taehyung displayed any signs of uncomfortableness. But there’s none. As soon as his fingers grip the soft, messy strands tight enough for Taehyung to feel it, he whines high in his throat. Encouraged, he tightens it further, Taehyung’s tongue swirling around the head and he curses, hips jerking up.

Taehyung chokes the tiniest bit, eyes watering. Panicked, Jeongguk makes to pulls out, but Taehyung pats his thigh in a way that says don’t.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” Taehyung tells him. Then tacks on a little, “Please.”

Jeongguk lets his head fall back for a moment, chest heaving, staring at his white ceiling and feeling like he doesn’t deserve this. The words send a current up his spine, so arousing they make him feel lightheaded. Not at all was he prepared for Taehyung to say stuff like that, say please, like he has to beg Jeongguk to give him his cock, like he wants to earn it.

“Yeah,” he says, gruff voice caused by the sinful beauty by his knees, the one that’s smirking when Jeongguk’s voice wobbles. “Yeah,” he says again, steeling himself.


He buries a hand in Taehyung’s hair again, pulling him towards his cock. Taehyung’s lips fall open, soft and pink tongue peeking out. He looks like a kitten, begging for milk. The moment before Taehyung’s lips touch Jeongguk’s head, shiny with saliva and precome, he tightens his grip in Taehyung’s hair, stopping him in mid-air.


Taehyung goes pliant, and with a surge of confidence Jeongguk utters his next words.


“Beg for it,” he says, voice rough, and Taehyung whimpers.


“Jeongguk– I, please, ” Taehyung whines, and his cheeks go the loveliest red hue, embarrassment tinting his ears a cherry pink.


“Come on, baby, I thought you were gonna give me a show?”


For a second he gets worried that Taehyung might not be into this, but then Taehyung palms his own cock, sighing and hips twitching, before he continues and erases all doubts from Jeongguk’s mind.


“I- want it, please, want you to be rough with me, just use me, Guk,” he rushes out, voice airy and tongue wetting his shiny lips.


Jeongguk, liking the look on Taehyung’s face too much, decides to be a little mean. “Want what, Tae, use your words,” he says, smile playing around his lips when Taehyung shudders.


“Your cock– I want your cock,” he says, eyes wide and beautiful as he gazes up at Jeongguk. With a look from Jeongguk he scrambles, adding a little, “Please.”


Jeongguk, grasping his cock with his free hand, taps the head against Taehyung’s slack lips, smearing shiny pearly precome across the soft cherry colour of his mouth. Taehyung’s tongue darts out again, trying to get a taste, but brushes against Jeongguk’s cock instead, and moans.


Slowly, Jeongguk eases his length into Taehyung’s mouth, groaning at the feeling of the hot and wet tongue sliding under his cock again. Taehyung tries to swallow, moving his head, but Jeongguk tsks, gripping his hair.


“Easy, baby, you take what I give you,” Jeongguk says, voice rough. How pliant Taehyung is at the moment, how demure and pretty... It gets Jeongguk punch drunk on power. Eventually, he’s pushed in until the hilt, Taehyung’s nose almost brushing the skin of his abdomen. His eyes are teary, shiny and twinkling.


“Can I?” Jeongguk asks, because it’s kind of hard to communicate for Taehyung right now, but Taehyung tries to nod anyway.


Jeongguk starts by rolling his hips into Taehyung’s mouth, letting the other get used to the sensations. Taehyung tries to keep his eyes open, but his lids flutter shut with every thrust that brushes up against the back of his throat, eyes watering even more.


Taehyung laps at Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth, smoothing his tongue around the hot head. He loves this, loves pleasuring other people so much that it makes heat blossom between his hips so strongly he feels as if he could come at any moment. Squeezing his eyes shut, he palms himself again, smoothing over the damp spot he’s created.


Messy , he thinks, and his thighs shudder needily where they’re spread apart on the floor.


Jeongguk groans at Taehyung’s ministrations, cursing lowly. “So pretty,” he murmurs, thumbing at the tears that have collected in the corners of Taehyung’s eyes. “So good at taking cock, hm?”


Taehyung whimpers, vibrations of the sound unable to escape rolling up his throat. Slowly, Jeongguk picks up the pace, thrusts becoming swifter. He fucks Taehyung’s mouth faster, nudging the back of his throat every time. The pleasure in his groin becomes hotter, and he feels that he’s getting close.


He tilts Taehyung’s head back slightly, wiping his finger through the spit that’s collecting around his mouth, dripping down his neck. He’s messy, lips wet with spit and red as tulips.


“You’re so,” Jeongguk’s breath halts, thrusts faltering. “You’re so filthy, look at you.”

Taehyung’s eyes squeeze shut, a moan vibrating deep in his throat. Taehyung’s back bows, hips shoving his cock in his palm. He whimpers, and tries to swallow around Jeongguk’s cock needily.


“You like that, huh? Like being called messy when you’re on your knees taking cock like a champ?” He’s babbling, but the situation gets his mind so heady that he can’t seem to string together any coherent thoughts anymore. Besides, Taehyung seems to like it, sounds working up his throat and tears streaking down his face. Taehyung’s hips jerk once, twice, and then he becomes slack, jaw falling open pliantly.


With a heavy jolt of heat, Jeongguk realizes that Taehyung just came. In his pants. Just from getting his face fucked and being talked down to.


The realization gives Jeongguk the last push, the knot in his muscles tightening. His hips thrust a few more times, until he pushes Taehyung’s face down to the hilt again, doubling over when he releases himself inside his hot mouth, cursing gruffly.


He almost blacks out for a moment, coming down from cloud nine– or rather, some satellite. That’s how good this blowjob was; stellar.


Taehyung hums when he pulls off, licking up Jeongguk’s softening cock to clean off any  remaining come and saliva. It’s so filthy, pretty-pretty doe eyed Taehyung, with his delicate fingers and soft tongue lapping up the last remainders of cum he can get. Happily, he lays his head on Jeongguk’s thigh, chest rising up and down.


“So,” Taehyung says, voice raspy as if he gurgled gravel. “Do you believe me now?”


Jeongguk, spent, only lifts his head once to stare down at Taehyung, still out of breath, lips slack, and lets it fall back over the back rest.


“Alright,” Taehyung says, sounding very satisfied with himself, “I guess that speaks for itself.”



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Taehyung returns to the shop multiple times, if not for managing the front desk or loitering around Jeongguk’s workspace, then to get more tattoos done. In the weeks he and Jeongguk befriend each other he gets a shooting star, a sailor scout wand, and various place fillers by Hoseok, a crystal ball and more flowers by Yoongi. But never by Jeongguk.


Granted, Taehyung whines and begs and tries to change Jeongguk’s mind but Jeongguk always denies him, resisting even his best puppy eyes. One time he answers that he’ll do Taehyung’s eighth tattoo, for free, as he promised that one night in the grocery store, but with how fast Taehyung is catching up Jeongguk is getting increasingly queasy.


It’s not that he doesn’t want to touch Taehyung. Something about putting his hands on Taehyung as the whole artwork that his body with the tattoos creates, putting something under his skin that’ll stay forever makes him second-guess his every design. He usually has that barrier of being, well, basically strangers with his clients, and that’s protects him of feeling guilty about potentially fucking up, or creating something that might not fit their every character aspect.


But he knows Taehyung, and he ideally plans on knowing him for a long time, so Jeongguk just somehow can’t bring himself to do it. He knows he’d never come up with a design that he himself would deem worthy to be on Taehyung’s skin forever.


Of course, it’s Taehyung’s decision of what to put on his skin but Jeongguk just doesn’t feel ready to be involved in that– yet .



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



It’s half past twelve on a Thursday night when Taehyung waltzes into Jeongguk’s apartment, startling him from where he’s watching a playthrough on the couch, clad in only his boxers and a pair of socks he has been wearing for three days.


“Worry not, I brought food.” Taehyung explains, as a cheap way of justification for his break in, before he halts and stares at Jeongguk, or rather, Jeongguk's body.


“You know, now I’m not just hungry, but also thirsty, ” Taehyung says, his smile turning greasy.


“You are despicable,” Jeongguk says and frowns, fetching a pair of sweatpants from last week he threw over a stool before pulling them up, Taehyung barking out a loud laugh.


“You only like me for these guns,” Jeongguk accuses and steps in front of Taehyung to flex, humor dancing in the other’s eyes. Taehyung was going to say something but his eyes still catch on the muscles of Jeongguk’s biceps and Jeongguk grins triumphantly and turns to go look for a decent shirt as well.


“Hey,” Taehyung says, and pulls him back, just to peck him on the lips and then vanish into the kitchen. Jeongguk freezes for a moment, eyes wide, before following Taehyung, knees wobbly. That had been terribly… domestic.


He sidles up to Taehyung, knowing he’s blushing from ear to ear and begins pulling out pots, receiving a quick thankful smile from Taehyung before the other turns and walks out the kitchen.


“What food were you thinking?” Jeongguk asks, volume raised so Taehyung can hear him, trying to peek into the plastic bag that had been deposited on the counter.


Before his brain successfully gathers what dish Taehyung could’ve planned based on the ingredients he can see, his hand gets slapped away and Taehyung tsks. He sets down the bluetooth speaker he got from Jeongguk’s room on the counter, fiddling with his phone for a second and puts on a playlist.


“Jajangmyeon,” he says finally, smiling at the pleased expression on Jeongguk’s face. He starts emptying the grocery bag, setting down ingredients on the counter. “I also brought you some stuff, big boy, so you can remain being swole and happy.”


Jeongguk snorts, flicking Taehyung on the nose. “Like what?”


“Like…” Taehyung rummages through the bag, “This!”


Jeongguk squints at the package dangling from Taehyung’s hand, “What’s that.”


“It’s a new protein shake powder for you, ‘cause I saw that yours was almost empty last week, and-“ suddenly he seems to get a bit shy, “-and I thought you could try a new one. Jimin recommended this so I thought the big boy could try it.” He pauses shortly, “It’s not cherry flavored like the one you’re using, but I thought banana flavor would work too, so, yeah. ” His cheeks glow pink after finishing, and honestly, Jeongguk has such a hard time not kissing the shit out of him right now.


He feels all sorts of fuzzy and happy and a little bit embarrassed because it was just really, really, really nice noticing how much attention Taehyung paid to him. Kissing Taehyung out of thanks would be weird, right? Would he be allowed to do that?


“Thank you, I’m sure I’ll love it,” he says finally, voice soft as he watches Taehyung being so flustered he pretends he’s way too interested in the groceries to look at Jeongguk.



Taehyung ends up making the dish way too salty to be delicious, but somehow it’s still the best thing that’s come out of his kitchen in the last three months.


In the middle of his second round he notices Taehyung staring at him, his plate only minimally touched. He halts in the middle of raising another bite to his mouth. “Is there something on my face?”


Taehyung shakes his head, gaze fond with something Jeongguk doesn’t dare to name yet. “You know you don’t have to eat that, Gukkie,” he says, almost whispers. His cheeks have taken a red hue again, embarrassed over the ruined dish.


“I know. I want to, I like it,” Jeongguk says, resolute, while reaching for his fourth glass of cold water. Taehyung adverts his eyes, cheeks pink, a quiet smile on his face that Jeongguk returns over the rim of his glass.


They settle down on the sofa after they cleaned the table, Jeongguk’s kitchen a mess like usual. Before Jeongguk can ask what game he should get, Taehyung pulls him into a kiss, warm lips on his.


“Thank you,” Taehyung whispers, pressing his smile right back against Jeongguk’s lips. Taehyung tastes salty and wonderful, lips warm and smooth from the oil in their dinner. Taehyung has both of his hands on Jeongguk’s cheek and neck, warm and soft like the rest of him.


Mmpfh, Jeongguk asks, only barely catching himself on his hands propped up next to Taehyung’s head when he’s pulled down. He separates from Taehyung with difficulty, repeating his question right this time. “For what?” He murmurs, pressing right back into Taehyung’s lips.


Taehyung’s hair is fanned out on the fabric of his sofa, his cheeks are still tinted a pretty rose and his eyes are fond, smiling. He radiates happiness and while Jeongguk is infinitely content just having a happy and glowing Taehyung, he doesn’t really get what got him like this all of a sudden, giddy and content.


Jeongguk’s overwhelmed, and he wants to say it so bad, can almost feel the three words on his tongue.


“Thank you for eating my terrible dinner,” Taehyung says, pressing a last kiss to Jeongguk’s lips. And then another one.


“I’m uhh-“ he presses another against Jeongguk’s smile, “I’m feeling like Alien Isolation.”

Jeongguk snorts as Taehyung pats his chest, urging him to get the game set. Taehyung doesn’t even like horror games.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



“I tell you, there is actual xenomorph porn fanart.”


“No. I don’t believe it,” Jeongguk says, batting away Taehyung’s hands, who’s trying to reach for his phone and pull up a new tab.


“No! I wanna show you, if I had to see it, so do you,” Taehyung protests, making grabby hands at the device Jeongguk had fished out of his hands.


“...Okay, I believe it! But I don’t wanna see that fucked up shit, I’d actually like to keep my faith in humanity.” Jeongguk winces, already getting intrusive thoughts.


They’re at the front desk of BDKA, Taehyung managing customers once again, his sketchbook propped up against the side for when there’s a lull in time. Jeongguk, in between customers, decides to keep him company. Even if he’s thoroughly regretting that right now.


Any possible answer of Taehyung is stopped by the door chiming as it opens, both their head turning towards the direction of the noise.


In comes a girl, hair dyed white and clad in only black. Jeongguk, in the span of two seconds, decides he likes the look of that, and that he also would like to see Taehyung with hair bleached a silvery white.


“Hi,” the girl says tentatively, coming to a standstill in front of them. “I, uh, have an appointment at three?”


“Hey,” Taehyung smiles back, charmingly, and pulls open the appointment book, scanning for the time. “Hmm,” he drags the sound out. “One appointment for the big beef!”


Jeongguk, until then silent, jabs an elbow into his ribs.  The girl looks mildly confused, but also slightly amused, gaze flitting between them two. “That would be me,” Jeongguk supplies, throwing her a friendly look. He reaches a hand over the counter, taking hers and shaking it. “Linda, right? Here for a dead rat?”


“Exactly that one,” she shoots him a genuine smile, her eyes scrunching up in a way that remind Jeongguk of Taehyung.

“Nice! I’m excited for this one,” Jeongguk smiles back.

“Can I give you some advice?” Taehyung asks the girl, leaning over the counter, lowering his voice. The girl nods, looking mildly bemused. “Don’t have high hopes for him, he’s a scallywag,” Taehyung smiles. “Try to get the best out of the session by staring at his biceps, though.”

She holds up her hands in a placating way, shrugging a little. “Probably won’t help, I don’t really swing that way.”

“Aw man,” Taehyung says, pulling his lips down in a sad frown, empathetic. “Looks like you’re gonna enjoy none of the next hour, then. He’s not a particularly charming conversationalist either.” Taehyung turns to Jeongguk, patting his arm, already having that teasing glint in his eyes.

“Maybe you can try giving her a decent tattoo?” He smiles, “For once, I mean.”

“You son of a bitch,” Jeongguk murmurs, shaking his head at Taehyung’s antics.

The girl laughs, covering her mouth with the sudden sound. Jeongguk still scowls, reaching a hand down to pinch the back of Taehyung’s thigh out of viewing range of the girl. He cracks a smile when Taehyung yelps, slapping his hand away.

Jeongguk collects his sketches from the desk and rights them by letting the paper drop against the wood once, directing a charming smile at the girl. “Alright, let’s leave the reception lady to his work, and you can follow me.”


He ignores Taehyung’s squawk of disbelief.


He leads her to his room and directs her to the tattooing-chair, sorting through his utensils. he gets out the ink and tightens the screw on his machine, testing it out a few times, before pulling on the thin gloves.

“You’re so cute together,” she says when he sits down, adjusting his chair to the right height. “It’s nice seeing people in love.”

Jeongguk’s head whips up to stare at her, incredulous.

“It- it, uh. It’s not like that,” Jeongguk stutters out, feeling his cheeks flush with heat.

The girl gives him a long knowing look. “Ah,” she says. “Not like that, sure, ” she repeats his words, winking.

Jeongguk’s neck burns, and he can’t meet the girls’ gaze. Fumbling, once he’s cleaned down the area, he applies the blueprint to the bow of her elbow. He can still feel her eyes on him, and he acts extra focused on the thin paper.

“Okay. Like this?” He asks, removing the blueprint.

The girl snorts, her amusement obvious. he feels so embarrassed his ears burn a steady red.

“Yeah. Like that,” she approves, smiling mischievously.


♡ ♢ ♤ ♧

An hour ago, Jeongguk had thought this pool party was a waste of time, but then Taehyung had shown up and now, with Taehyung sitting opposite him in obscenely short shorts, t-shirt wet and see-through, Jeongguk really doesn't regret coming – and honestly, who is naive enough to wear a white shirt to a pool party . (Taehyung is.)


It’s past midnight, but the outside air is still warm, a feathery touch on the sweat accumulated on Jeongguk’s temples. It’s pleasant now, but the midday heat had been so stifling and humid he almost fell asleep on his bathroom floor just to get a touch of coolness of the tiles.


With warm, bubbly water splashing against his ribs and his mind hazy, thoughts in serpentines Jeongguk imagines this: The sun would be low, enough not to burn his eyes, but still strong enough to add a vibrant orange glow on the rippling surface of the ocean that's otherwise a turquoise blue, except for where it fades into the sky, into uncertain blurriness.


In this scenario of his Jeongguk might be the sea, Taehyung might be the sun; but that misses the point of it.


The thing about this scenario doesn’t take much explaining, actually. It isn’t about the sun, nor the ocean; it isn’t about the reflections on the water or even the color of the clouds either, although Jeongguk’s thoughts lingered on details like that. In the end, the simplicity of his thought is almost boring. It’s the line, the uncertainty where they start and where they end, the vertigo of knowing the horizon is, well, horizontal but feeling as if you’re falling in a constant whirlwind. They're all caught up in each other, fell not for each other but more into one another.


Their relationship is just that, blurry. Blurry because none of it is set in stone or set borders for, and Jeongguk doesn't want to be the first one to want more and ask .


In the pool, space between him and Taehyung is impalpable, hovering somewhere between the shimmering and gently moving surface of the swimming pool, laying somewhere at their gazes crossing— somewhere between the translucent fabric of Taehyung’s shirt and his wet, tempting skin. Everything between them is diffused, like the part where sky meets water when you’re standing on the beach in front of the wide plane of ocean, clear lines vanishing between shades of red, purple, peach, the gold of skin on skin.


That was at the bottom of this entire scene overlooking the ocean. Jeongguk doesn’t know a silver lining, a clear and simple differentiation between the two of them, but that’s how they are.


There never was the question ‘do you want to be together,’ never the label of ‘boyfriend.’ He can’t even be 100% sure they’re exclusive to each other but he doesn’t believe Taehyung would do that (but the possibility is there, nagging at the back of Jeongguk’s head, a tiny insistent voice telling him what if).


The entire situation of the swimming pool scene is so sensual, more so that someone even put a stupid soft 80s song on, Jeongguk recognizing it as Baby by Donnie & Joe Emerson, which is in the end just a gentle crooning and a recurring repetition of the word ‘baby’ as a refrain.


It’s so cliche Jeongguk almost cringes.


Still, even when he laughs (a little bit fake, a little bit nervous) at something his friends say before leaving, Taehyung is the centre of his attention, of his universe; always kept in the periphery of his sight. Taehyung is intoxicated, at least to an extent, Jeongguk recognizes that by his blown pupils and the sluggish way he blinks.


It’s dark, and the only source of illumination are from the pool lights, customized to a soft pink, mediocre for a non-sexually tinted situation at best. Even with the glimmering from the water’s surface on his skin and the haze of alcohol, Taehyung is bright and clear.


He’s choking on the atmosphere, tension so thick it feels like a vice around his throat. Taehyung’s lashes are wet, clinging to each other with every lethargic blink Taehyung makes, lashes sweeping over his cheeks in long bows. His eyes are half lidded, shuttered and thrown into strange shadows by the hazy pink light of the whirl pool, gaze never straying from Jeongguk’s, one arm propped up on the railing of the pool, head resting on his palm. The rest of his body is slouched on the bench underwater, water almost reaching up to their ribcages.


There’s less than an arm’s length of space between them, and Jeongguk is glad, already feeling like he can sense every inhale and exhale Taehyung does on his skin; glad he’s seated here so he can take in more.


Everything about Taehyung is pretty, beautiful, somewhat alluring in his own way. But tonight even more so. Jeongguk had thought he was used to it by now, knowing Taehyung was pretty, but well that isn’t the case. Almost drunk on the sight, his eyes latch onto the curve of his waist shown starkly by the wet shirt clinging onto his frame, the visible outline of Taehyung’s tattoos on his hipbones.


In the end it’s not the fact that he can see Taehyung nipples through his shirt, or the way he can see Taehyung’s other hand glide down his own thigh underwater (he feels a surge of want deep in his stomach), it’s how his ribcage lifts with every breath, the valleys he knows are laying between each of his ribs, and the fact he knows how it feels to have his fingers fit in right there.


That’s what Jeongguk thinks, but it might as well be everything from above, everything that flitted just barely through his thoughts, things like registering the dip of his collarbone but storing it away immediately. The thought is familiar to his mind, the realisation like a stone you’d find on the edge of a lake, worn to a softness that lays in your hand like it belongs there, like it’s made for touch.  


Jeongguk’s fingers twitch.


“Come here,” Jeongguk whispers, watching Taehyung’s lips flicker into a tiny smile, bitten into color (red like tulips, his mind supplies, red like a wailing siren in the dead of the night).

Then there’s this split second, the tangible moment of everything halting in its steps, a microscopic breath where absolutely nothing happens, Taehyung keeping him suspended in air like a fish on a hook. Then he sets his body into motion, fluid lines of water breaking against his slim figure until he settles in Jeongguk’s lap.



“You look so freaky right now,” Jeongguk confesses to Taehyung, smiling a little. “Freaky but pretty.”


“It’s the light, right?” Taehyung asks, eyes wide, searching for affirmation, for a thought shared, arching slightly when Jeongguk winds an arm around his waist and nods to confirm  Taehyung’s question.


Jeongguk hums, “You look like you’re straight out of an 80’s space movie, like some extraterrestrial, here to eat my heart out and all.”


Taehyung grins impishly, red and shiny lips stretching happily. He winds his lanky arms around Jeongguk’s neck and cocks his head to the side. Jeongguk mouth waters at the sight of the smooth expanse of Taehyung’s neck, but especially at the sight of a fading hickey at the base of it. He knows he left that there.


“Might just be,” Taehyung murmurs, face awash with the faint pink light.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Jeongguk wakes up to his room bathed in soft and lazy summer afternoon orange. The light is warm and dives Taehyung in a soft warm hue. It’s humid in Jeongguk’s room, so that the light reflects on the slight sheen of sweat on Taehyung’s shoulder, where Jeongguk’s eyes linger. The almost unnoticeable reflections of the light make it look like Taehyung is glowing, subtly, like a constant hum in the back of his mind, almost like a diamond in the rough.


Taehyung had come over earlier, fatigue written in every line of his face and even though he had assured him he was fine and he just needed some stress relief, he had fallen asleep the minute Jeongguk tugged him into his bed. Just a quick nap, Jeongguk had said, then we can do whatever you want.


Taehyung’s breaths are slow and even, fitting in the lull of the song that’s playing on Jeongguk’s tinny iPhone speakers. He hums along to the Glass Animals song he recognizes, the light in his room shifting with the tree caught in the humid summerbreeze outside his window. The leaves of it paint shadows and sunspots on Taehyung, who’s slowly waking up.


Taehyung rises and stretches, face puffy and lips swollen, looking so soft Jeongguk feels his chest get warm. There is one exact beam of light that hits Taehyung, gives him a sleepy hand-me-down halo in shades of honey, coating Jeongguk’s insides.


Taehyung yawns and the movement of his arms stretching upward exposes a strip of his tummy, as soft as the bedsheets they’re laying on, as soft as Jeongguk is feeling for Taehyung right now. Taehyung fully opens his eyes, noticing Jeongguk’s gaze on him, yawn turning into a sleepy, radiant smile. The beam shifts its intensity with the rustling of the leaves outside, changing into a dim red. Jeongguk’s attention shifts to the dust specks that are illuminated by the ray of light, dancing lethargically around Taehyung like a thousand little stars. Taehyung, Jeongguk thinks, looking like the center of Jeongguk’s own little universe.


His moon, sun and stars.


Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung.


“What,” asks Taehyung, voice scratchy but gentle. His arms are still in the air, fingers winding around each other over his head, and his smile is still in place. He hums happily, before sagging down and scratching his nose in a sleepy way.


“Nothing,” Jeongguk answers, smile tinting his words with affection. “Come here,” he says and pulls a still sleepy Taehyung in his arms. Taehyung sniffles, pressing a kiss to Jeongguk’s jawline as an answer to Jeongguk’s lips lingering on his hair. He throws a leg over Jeongguk’s hip before burrowing his mess of limbs deeper in the sheets and around Jeongguk.

Jeongguk feels his chest tightening uncomfortably at that, Taehyung’s soft breath puffing against his skin, the words burning on his tongue again. By now he knows they’re just waiting for him to slip up, to fall out as a confession. There was a time where he could swallow them down every now and then, but now they seemingly linger on his lips at all times, desperate to bubble over.


Taehyung, Jeongguk knows, is always so willing to give, to offer up physical contact, affection and skinship like it is the most natural thing. Jeongguk wasn’t– isn’t like that- but he certainly does enjoy Taehyung’s willingness to show it without asking questions. Jeongguk feels himself warming up to public affection and touches slowly, but he knows that it’s needless, because nobody before has ever been as good at Taehyung at tearing Jeongguk’s walls down fast.


If Jeongguk is like those cooling packs for wounds, bumps and the tears of 5 year old children who scratch their knees while skipping over stones, then Taehyung’s a warm touch by sunbaked hands of a loved one, softly stroking your hair; or the spot of sunlight pets follow around the room to curl up in.


Taehyung’s slowly melting Jeongguk’s constant hesitation away, peeling away layers of his walls with a single touch of his warm hand to Jeongguk’s exposed arm when he sees the furrow in Jeongguk's forehead deepen in stress, when he discards the fifth idea of a tattoo. Taehyung’s touch is soft, and he points Jeongguk's gaze to the white trail of a plane in flight a hundred miles above them. “Look,” he just says, and smiles when he sees Jeongguk’s shoulders loosen up. “I bet someone on that plane is on their way to meet the love of their life,” he says, eyes shiny and a little bit dreamy.


Jeongguk tears his eyes down from the pillowy line of the plane to Taehyung. He smiles, softly.


He’s glad that he doesn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to meet his.


Sometimes, Jeongguk really wants to tell Taehyung how sure he is that Taehyung is the best person in this world. He wants him to know that he still can't believe that Taehyung willingly spoils him with so much of his attention and affection, how Taehyung chose Jeongguk to be able to touch him whenever he wants, that he's the one to be able to make him tremble and gasp almost every week.


Still, even if he was brave enough to say something, what would he say?


I think you’re so special?


I think no one really deserves you? Least of them myself?


Even though those questions whirr around Jeongguk’s head at almost any given time of the day, he feels content, so in undeniable love with this starcluster of a human that he feels as if he could suffocate on the flowers Taehyung makes bloom inside of him.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



Jimin comes over unasked in a moment where the birds outside suddenly start singing louder. Today Jeongguk is in the kitchen in basketball shorts and an Aliens are Neighbors shirt.


“I do own a bell!” he exclaims, exasperated as Jimin takes an unoffered seat, just like he invited himself into his apartment.


The windows are open and Jimin drums his fingers on the table in Jeongguk’s small kitchen in a rhythm that seems to speed up Jeongguk’s heartbeat.


He’s at the stove, chopping up a pepper for fried rice when Jimin speaks up for the first time in minutes.


"Since when do you cook," Jimin asks, sounding genuinely confused. Jeongguk feels his neck heat up. He can't possibly admit the reason he's trying to get better at cooking is because Taehyung has been coming over so much. He has to keep some of his dignity in front of Jimin.


It's silent for a few moments.


“Jeongguk,” Jimin says, a meaningful pause. “I’ve been wondering, are you actually falling in love?”


As soon as Jimin speaks the words, there is a slight tremble in Jeongguk’s hands, like the earthquake that came over his hometown while he was in math class about ten years ago. It had been a weak one, but still, something about the tables rattling and the ceiling groaning as if in pain had left him with a fearful jab in his then young heart.


This is what he feels right now, his insides rattling, his hands shaking and throat dry as if he inhaled the dust that was falling from the ceiling all those years ago. Because yes, yes he is, and he’s already almost let those words slip.


And while it shouldn't remind him of natural disasters to fall in love, it scares him. It scares him how his mind suddenly is all taken up by hair as red as poppies and shameless grins and everything else about Taehyung he wishes he didn't know or never noticed. Despite that wish, he still treasures those little things like clovers found by luck or accident.


It scares him because he’s been in love, been in lust, been through heartbreak. But that had been a while ago, last breakup messy just like the one before that and the one before that, and he can’t help but think that it’s him, his fault and that he’s just massively unfit for relationships.

It’s an ugly feeling but he can’t shake the thought of ruining the thing between him and Taehyung as well. And then he’ll have nothing left, not even a friendship. Taehyung could leave his life in the same whirlwind of eccentricity and loud laughs he fell in it with, and all the butterflies Jeongguk feels in his stomach would be torn in the wind.


He tries to laugh it off but it sounds forced and choked and it’s only a split second but the next thing he feels is a jarring pain in his fingers.


He’d slipped and cut himself with the knife. “Ah-” he gasps, pulling his fingers into his mouth and sucking the blood off.


It’s funny, he thinks, when he stares at the single drop of blood on his cutting board.


It’s as red as poppies.



♡ ♢ ♤ ♧



come over Jeongguk texts to Taehyung, no frippery. He throws his phone down to the general direction of his knees where he’s sprawled over his couch and groans, hand covering his eyes. He’s had the shittiest day at the shop. A customer kept complaining about the tattoo design they’d approved of a week before, until they had walked out of the shop, unsatisfied with the tattoo and refusing to leave any tip.


He winces at the light flooding his sight when he lifts his hand from his eyes, fiddling with the band-aid around his finger. His head pounds with a headache and he still feels his tense neck and back muscles, aching with every movement. Normally when he’s frustrated he’d go to the gym, likes how he can pour all of his pent-up anger into pushing his body beyond the  limits of comfort. He usually finds comfort in how exercising his body empties his mind, erases all need to think.


But he doesn’t want that today, he craves something else. Or rather, someone.


He craves Taehyung right now, craves Taehyung to work out the knots in his back and to bury his face in Taehyung’s soft strawberry hair and maybe fuck Taehyung so good his stress and tension vanish from that alone.


He doesn't need Taehyung for Taehyung’s sake, is what he tells himself, he just craves a stress reliever.


His phone pings by his thigh, and he’s left scrabbling for it blindly for a second, before barely getting to grab it and throwing a look at the message.


Give me 10 min :-) Taehyung responds.


Twelve minutes later, there’s knocking at the door and Jeongguk yells a vague come in before he hears the front door open, familiar steps trotting into the living room.


“What’s the damage, T-bone,” Taehyung drawls teasingly, smiling and obviously in a good mood.


Jeongguk doesn’t pay the new nickname any attention, he’s long given up trying to understand the logic Taehyung swears he follows with these. He just keeps coming up with more and more stupid nicknames and honestly there’s no end in sight. Jeongguk remembers his idea of Taehyung just going through a rolodex of stupid words he staples together and desperately conjures up a senseless connection to Jeongguk.


Jeongguk whines, not above being babied right now. “I’m not made for customer service jobs,” he complains from the sofa, voice griping.


Taehyung smiles, shrugging off his hoodie and Adidas slippers and joining Jeongguk on the couch by sliding on his lap. It’s not that there's any space left anyhow, Jeongguk taking up the whole couch when he’s laying sprawled like he is right now, feet dangling off the edge.


“Oh, poor baby,” Taehyung coos, indulging Jeongguk, pampering him with attention. “Was someone mean to you?”


“Yeah,” Jeongguk grumbles, headache long forgotten. He rubs his thumbs into the soft skin of Taehyung’s belly, appeasing them both. “Massage me?” He asks, eyes big and pleading, jutting out his lower lip when Taehyung starts laughing at his shamelessness. He does gesture him to turn over, though, taking a seat on the thickness of Jeongguk’s thighs.


“Ohoh, someone's tense,” Taehyung says, deft fingers digging into the knots in Jeongguk’s shoulder muscles. Jeongguk groans, appreciative of the pressure Taehyung is working with. “You wanna tell me what happened?” Taehyung asks after a minute, cracking a smile at Jeongguk’s noises of appreciation when his thumbs dig particularly deep.


Jeongguk grumbles something, but it’s lost in the way his face is completely pressed into the couch fabric. Taehyung pats his ass, getting him to turn over before settling on his lap again.


He smoothes his hands over Jeongguk’s pecs, eyes suddenly looking a bit dreamy. Jeongguk raises an eyebrow, but it’s still a few moments before Taehyung even notices Jeongguk looking at him, flustering a bit.


“What?” He demands, voice defensive, but the blush on his cheeks betrays him. “You wanted to tell me something.”


“Yeah, but I felt like I would be interrupting something just now,” Jeongguk smirks, enjoying Taehyung’s scowl.


“Shut up, you big goof,” Taehyung insults, slapping his chest lightly. “I just, uh.”


“Just what.”


“I wanna, just,” Taehyung sighs, frustration dripping from his tense shoulders. “I,” he sighs again, fingers unclenching on the fabric of Jeongguk’s shirt before he just deflates, his head thudding on the soft muscle of Jeongguk’s chest.


“Soft.” Taehyung grumbles, voice muffled, cheeks pressed against the squishy muscle of Jeongguk’s pectorals. He makes no effort to get up again, just huffs and wiggles his hips a little.


Jeongguk stares at him for an entirety of two seconds before he dissolves into laughter, loud and shameless.


When he’s quieted down he runs a hand through Taehyung’s hair, pulling his lips onto his own softly. Taehyung sighs quietly, hands moving up to cup Jeongguk’s neck. Their lips move slowly together, Jeongguk’s own drier than Taehyung’s.


It’s when he softly tugs on Taehyung’s plush lower lip that the kiss turns heated, Taehyung biting down on Jeongguk’s lower lip in turn, playful but firm, smirking at the moan he gets in retaliation.


Jeongguk’s hand in Taehyung’s hair tightens, tilting his head for a better angle. His other hand sneaks down, travels down Taehyung’s back and making him arch under the weight of his palm. Jeongguk whines when Taehyung’s tongue travels over his teeth, hand grabbing one side of Taehyung’s ass.


“Fuck,” Taehyung swears at the heavy touch, gasping. His hips jump with another squeeze from Jeongguk, grinding down onto his lap. They both moan at their hardnesses rubbing against each other, so Taehyung pushes his hips down again.


This time Jeongguk is the one that’s swearing, his dick fully hard and trapped in his stupid sweatpants, and the heat of Taehyung above isn’t helping either. He smoothes a hand up Taehyung’s thigh, dragging his loose shorts way up. If there’s one thing that Jeongguk had learnt this summer, it’s that Taehyung’s thighs are the most sensitive on his body. And Jeongguk exploits that shamelessly.


He digs his fingers deep into the back of Taehyung’s thigh, so close to where his thigh dips into his ass, and grinds up simultaneously. “Ah–” Taehyung gasps, cock twitching visibly in his shorts. “You fucker,” he hisses, before he covers Jeongguk’s lazy smirk with his own.


It’s hot in their clothes, and with every urgent push of Taehyung’s hips a sharp bolt of pleasure zips down his spine. He lays one of his hands just over Taehyung’s tailbone, feels the muscles shift with every thrust.


Slowly he nudges his hand between the waistband of Taehyung’s shorts and his skin.  “Don’t tease,” Taehyung warns, pinching Jeongguk’s nipple a little meanly.


Jeongguk scowls at the pain. “I should tease you even more now,” he says, stretching the waistband of Taehyung’s pants back and letting it snap against Taehyung’s honey skin.


“You wouldn’t dare,” Taehyung gasps, grinding his dick against Jeongguk’s. “I could make you come inside your pants again so easily,” he says breathily.


“What makes you think I couldn’t do the same,” Jeongguk smirks as an answer to Taehyung squinting his eyes at him. Taehyung’s lips are swollen, red and shiny, and Jeongguk really wants them back on his own really fast. If possible right now.


Taehyung’s cheeks are flushed the usual pretty pink, and his hair is a mess. Jeongguk loves it, especially because he’s the cause of all of it. Taehyung has perfected the art of looking like everyone of Jeongguk’s wet dreams personified. (Maybe because lately he’s been the only one starring in them, but that’s whatever.)


Instead of giving Taehyung time to further rile him up, he nudges his hand on Taehyung’s tailbone down, the other spreading his ass cheeks apart, and presses against Taehyung’s hole. Taehyung throws his head back, a sinful moan escaping his mouth. He tilts his hips up for more pressure needily, and something deep inside Jeongguk purrs at the display of Taehyung becoming a mess by his hands. His back is arched so prettily and face so needy Jeongguk can’t take it anymore.


“Off, take them off,” Taehyung rushes out, fumbling with the hem of Jeongguk’s shirt. Taehyung pushes himself up on Jeongguk’s chest and Jeongguk pulls the hindering fabric off.


Taehyung moans at the display of Jeongguk’s toned abs, fingers tracing over the ridges between the muscles of his stomach. He bites his lip needily, and Jeongguk groans. Seeing how much just his body turns Taehyung on is a feeling he can’t explain, but he feels how it spreads the arousal up his spine in a zap.


"God, you’re so hot,” Taehyung whimpers, and the next kiss is full of so much desperation Jeongguk gets dizzy. He bites down on Taehyung’s lip before pushing him up, flipping them around. Taehyung moans at Jeongguk’s broader form over him, and Jeongguk smirks.


“I know,” he says, grinding down against Taehyung’s groin. Taehyung scoffs, but whatever he wanted to retort get’s lost in a helpless moan. “Luckily,” Jeongguk murmurs, leaning down to bite at the skin under Taehyung’s jaw, “you’re just as hot.”


When he leans up, there’s a cocky grin adorning Taehyung’s face, and Jeongguk is confused for a second before he feels Taehyung’s warm hand palming him through his pants. He curses, hips jumping unwillingly.


“I know,” Taehyung says, and closes his hand around Jeongguk’s cock through the fabric.



Jeongguk fucks Taehyung like that, face down on his squeaky couch, muffling his moans into Taehyung’s sweaty neck. He sucks bruises into the soft skin over Taehyung’s shoulder blades and behind his ear. He ends up collapsing on Taehyung when they’re both spent, exhaustion getting the best of him. Taehyung starts complaining at him after two minutes because it’s too hot, Gukkie! So he rolls off of Taehyung, tying up the condom and throwing it into the nearest trashcan.


He groans in satisfaction when he stands up and stretches, bones in his back popping. He feels spent, a little lethargic but relaxed, the irritation under his skin chased away completely. Jeongguk grabs his basketball shorts off of the couch and pinches Taehyung’s little toe.


Taehyung swats at him and groans, “I think you broke me.”


Jeongguk laughs and slaps his still bare ass. “Don’t complain, fat ass, I’m gonna treat you to pizza.”


When Taehyung moves, he winces at the pain in his lower back, pressing a hand down on his tailbone. “Massage me too,” he whines, pouting up at Jeongguk. Jeongguk nods an agreement, unable to say no to Taehyung’s big puppy eyes. With that Taehyung is up in a second, always so easy to bribe with food and attention.


Taehyung strolls back into the kitchen a little while later, hair damp and towel slung around his neck. His hair is even longer like this, covering his eyebrows and casting soft shadows on his red cheeks. He’s is wearing one of Jeongguk’s Stussy shirts and black boxers, because even at dusk it’s too hot to wear anything that’s longer than knee length.


Jeongguk swallows drily at the sight of Taehyung in his clothes, even though his own are lying pretty accessible on the living room floor. Taehyung acts as if it’s a given that he is allowed to wear Jeongguk’s clothes, because why shouldn’t he be? Well. He shouldn’t because Jeongguk’s heart is really close to going into cardiac arrest just because of it.


Jeongguk is almost embarrassed at the primal satisfaction he gets just from Taehyung smelling like his body wash, wearing his clothes and looking so soft, but at the same time, he’s marked up with at least three hickeys visible on his neck– yeah, it does something to Jeongguk. And he’s pretty sure Taehyung is complete aware of it.


“I ordered you pineapple pizza,” Jeongguk croaks out, flushing at the sound of his voice. “Even though I had to fight with my morals a little bit because of it,” he jokes, and he swears he can feel his smile looking lopsided and awkward.


Taehyung breaks out into a smile at that, his full lips stretching into that almost boxy shape that Jeongguk lov– likes so much.