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Transformers Prime| The Gifted

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    A bright and sunny day cast upon the small town of Jasper. Many birds flew across the clear sapphire sky accompanied by the clouds around them. A middle-aged woman stared off her office window for quite awhile now; she had completed evaluating her papers that were now scattered across her desk. She then adjusted her glasses, which had a visible crack on the edges but were surprisingly in good conditions. Her maroon hair shimmered upon the sun's rays, her short; yet, straight hair covered most of her neck as her bangs were straight covering her eyebrows. Rikona let out a soft hum as she continued staring off out her office window.


A soft knock caught her attention as she now faced the door. "Come in." Her gentle voice replied to the foreign knock as the door handle began to twist.


The door swung open revealing a young worker; her long wavy hair reached down to her rear end covering most of her bottom, her soft colored ash brown hair gently swayed around. Her slightly pale face was slim, yet, delicate, around her cheeks and across her nose. She had light brown colored freckles and other places throughout her body.


The young worker's lilac eyes landed on Rikona who was smiling warmly at her. "You called me."  She had a thick British accent, and the dottiness of her voice made her sound innocent, though, some could easily mistake her for being delusional, but that wasn’t the case.


Rikona walks over to her desk and picks up a biology book and then approaches to the young worker. "Lucy, would you be so kind and deliver this book to a young boy for me?"


She handed over the book to Lucy who took hold of the book. "Sure."


"The boys' name is Rafael. He's in one of the private study rooms, my dear." A soft chuckle escapes from her lips. "His hair is quite remarkable when you see it." And with that Rikona walked off leaving a confused girl behind.


Lucy made her way down the stairs and began to head towards the private study rooms. It consisted of four rooms; each of them had four chairs, air conditioning, and a whiteboard with an eraser and a single black marker.


She noticed that room three had its light on and she approached the glass door. Inside the room was a young boy with brown spiky hair. He was writing something down on his notebook and had his laptop on the circular table.


A smile formed on her lips and gently opens the door; the cold air greeted her face. She knocks on the glass announcing her presence. His head shot up and his eyes met hers.


"Rafael, right?" The boy nods.


Lucy approached the table and gently places the book next to his laptop, "Miss Rikona said you need this book. From the looks of things you are quite into your studies." He blinks. 


She smiles apologetically. "Woops. I must've been rambling there, haven't I? Sorry, it's a force of habit." 


"N-no, that's alright. It's just that..." Rafael rubbed the back of his head. "You sound different. I--I mean, the way you speak of course!"


She tilted her head to the side with a hint of amusement. "Well, I'm not from here. I was actually born in London."


Rafael's' eyes widen, "Really?!"


She pulled a chair over and sat down, resting her arms on the circular table, "That's why my accent sounds different than that of Americans. My pronunciation of certain words is very different." He was fully intrigued by this and was listening intently as she rambled on.


"Oh! Silly me, I haven't introduced myself properly." She fiddled with her fingers for a moment before speaking again, "My name is Lucy." She gestured her hand towards herself.


Thirty minutes had gone by, Lucy and Rafael had gotten along quite well. Their conversations were simple but enjoyable for the both them. Suddenly, Rafael's phone rang.


"Oh...uh - - I have to take this." Lucy simply nods as he answered his phone.


"Hello? - - Oh, hey Jack! - - uh huh - - wait really?! Tell him I'm at the library for me - - See ya!" He hung up his phone and then began to pack up his belongings.


"Leaving?" Her soothing voice made him flinch, but at the same time, it made him smile and turns to look at her.


"Yeah, a friend of mine will be picking me up shortly." He grabs his laptop and before he got the chance to grab his backpack from the table Lucy grabbed it for him.


"Let me help you with that besides, your hands are quite full at the moment. I'll escort you outside." She tilted her head to the side with a smile.


Rafael's cheeks heated up and shyly muttered out a 'Thank you' to her.


Lucy walked beside him and opened the front doors for him. There stood a black and yellow muscle car that was parked in front of the many steps of the Library, its windows were extremely dark and the person driving couldn’t be seen.


Raft spun around with a smile on his face. "Well, I have to go. It was nice meeting you, Lucy!" he chimed, cheerfully.


Lucy's expression softened and handed over his bag. "I should be saying the same to you. I'm glad I got to know you, Rafael. Also…" She handed over the book to him.


He stared at it, unsure of what to do. "Um… are you sure?" He raised his gaze at her and was greeted with a smile.


"Positive. Make sure to return it in three weeks, all right?" She winks and his eyes sparkled with joy, taking the book from her grasp.


"Thank you, Lucy! Take care." Raf hurried down the steps and entered the sports car.


She waves at the vehicle and watches it drive away until it disappears from her sight. She stared off into the distance, resting her hand on her chest. ‘Rikona was right, his hair is quite bizarre. I hope we get to see each other again.’ Lucy pivoted and walks inside the library.


What she did not realize was that a peculiar crimson and sapphire colored semi-truck had been watching her from afar. 






Three months had passed since she last had seen Rafael and strange things began to occur in Jasper.


A week later she stumbles across Raf again only this time she was out on the streets while walking her way to the library. That day an intriguing looking semi-truck had been sighted where ever she went. It was strange, yet she continued her routine as usual. Lucy and Raf had got along so well that they kept in contact ever since and he would often visit her during work hours to keep her company. 






A cool breeze gently brushed against her skin, and the rays of the sun warming up around her skin. She was wearing a long sleeves gray and white striped sweater. The sleeves were so long that it almost covers her hands and it covered her collarbone as well. The sweater also had a small pocket on the left side of her breast, along with some light colored jeans with gray colored boots.


She was calmly walking down the sidewalk when suddenly; she heard a teen speaking rather mockingly to someone. Lucy turned her head to the side and saw a ginger-haired teen towering a smaller boy with spike-like hair, it was Raf.


"What's the matter, nerd? Are you waiting for your mommy to pick you up?" The teen began to laugh at him.


Raf stood there silently ignoring their unwanted insults. "Leave me alone, Vince," 


Suddenly, the teen known as Vince grabbed the collar of Raf's shirt and lifted him up in the air. The now irritated Vince glared at the boy. "You want a fight? Then it's a fight you will get!" Vince was ready to swing his fist directly at Raf's face when his wrist was held back by someone and the stranger's grip tightened on the teen's wrist.


"Didn't you hear him? He said to leave him alone" The teen looked over his shoulder and was now staring at a displeased-looking Lucy.


A smirk spread across his lips. "Or what cutie?"


Without hesitation, she twisted his arm and moved it behind his back which made him drop Rafael. Lucy proceeded to hold him in place for a couple of seconds before forcefully smashing his face hard against the bark of the tree and he grunted loudly.


"Vince, is it? I'm absolutely disgusted for what you said to Raf and If I EVER cross paths with you again insulting to him. Well, I can assure you that pretty face of yours won't be the same." She twists his arm further. "Do you understand?"


Vince whimpered fearfully and repeatedly nodded before she lets go of him and watches him scramble on to his feet and then fled the scene.


Lucy approaches Raf where he was sat on the pavement. She kneels down and offered him her hand. "Are you all right?" She asked a concerned look on her face.


Rafael raised his head to look at Lucy, smiling nervously. "Yeah, I'm fine." Raf grabs her hand and she hoisted him from the ground on his feet.


"Raf, you shouldn't let him insult you that way. That's considered to be bullying. You know that, right?" She rests her hands on his shoulders.


Raf lowered his head in shame. "I know…"


She held his chin and raised his head to look at her. "Don't worry. The important thing is that you weren't hurt." Lucy stood up with her hand hovering behind his spiked maroon hair. "Why don't you come with me to the library and wait until someone picks you up, alright?"


They walked side by side on the sidewalk and at that moment a red and blue semi truck passed by. A strange sensation filled her chest and underneath her sweater was a glass necklace shaped like an orb; it had a galaxy shade of cyan, aquamarine and sapphire colors. It radiated a warm glow and this caused her to glance at the passing truck before it disappeared from her line of sight.


Rafael followed her gaze and tilted his head to the side. "You all right, Lucy?" 


Lucy gaze drifted down onto Raf. "I'm alright, Raf. I drifted off into space for a second there." Raf raised his brow questionably but shrugged it off.


They arrive at the library and were now sitting on either side of a rectangular wooden table. She placed his book bag on the table, not realizing that his eyes caught a glimpse of a silver chain that hung neatly around her neck.


"Is that a necklace?" Raf suddenly asked.


She blinked a few times before finally comprehending what he meant. "Oh, this?" She pulled out the necklace from underneath her sweater. "My mum gave it to me when I was young. It's a special artifact that's passed down from generations to generations of our family. It once belonged to my sister and now it’s mine." Lucy stared intently at the necklace with a smile on her lips.


"Wow...uhm, where exactly is your family? Are they living here in Jasper?" 


Her smile soon faded and now stared blankly down at the necklace. "No. My family lives in Europe, remember? I was born in London; they live there." Her voice wavered and Rafael didn't notice the sad look in her eyes.


A sad smile forms on her lips. "They inspired me to become what I am today... and for that I am grateful."


"You miss them, don't you?"




Rafael's phone began to vibrate from inside the pocket of his pants and the music echoed throughout the place the quiet air. He fumbled to get his phone from inside his pocket almost dropping it at one point before finally answering it.


His voiced hushed, yet loud enough for the person on the other end to hear. "Hello?"


A modulated voice could be heard from the other line. "Raf, where are you?" The person asked with concern hinted in their voice.


Raf smiled sheepishly at Lucy before standing up from his chair and walks away to stand nearby a bookshelf. "Jack? Oh...uh, I'm at the library with Lucy."


"Who?" He replied confusedly.


"OH - -right… she's a friend of mine. Anyways, why did you call me?"


"Raf, Bumblebee was waiting for you at school, but you never showed up."


Raf laughed nervously while rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, about that...uh, I had a bit of a problem when I was waiting for Bee - - but its fine now!" He said relieved at the fact that Lucy practically swooped in to defend him from Vince.


"What happened?" His voice became low and filled with concern.


"N-nothing! Look I- - I'll call you later." Before Jack could respond, Raf hung up the phone and walked back to the table.


He took his seat letting out a deep sigh. "S-sorry about that. One of my friends just called me." Raf rubbed the back of his neck.


Lucy shook her head and smiled. "I understand Raf. I'm sure they had a reason to call you."


Suddenly, a loud honk was heard outside and then Lucy chimes in. "Looks like someone is already here to pick you up."


She stood up from her chair and accompanied him outside where the muscle car waited patiently for him.


"Lucy." A soft hum vibrated from her vocal cords and was staring down at him.


"Thank you for defending me from Vince." Raf smiled while he took the bag from her hands.


"What are friends for, right?" He chuckles and sprints down the steps before turning around and waving at her as he entered the muscle car and drove off. 


The heat that emanated from her necklace lingered for a while, leaving her to ponder for the rest of the day.



Meanwhile, at the Autobot base, Rafael was explaining his unfortunate encounter with Vince. The others who overheard his story were absolute shock and horrified. The fact that Raf was almost harmed caused Bumblebee to be furious and was buzzing with irritation. Miko, on the other hand, was impressed while Jack was relieved.


"How long have you known her, Raf?" Jack asked, curiously.


"Three months." Raf adjusted his glasses.


The young Japanese girl scooted closer to the spiky haired boy. "Have you asked her out on a date yet?" She blurted out with a grin forming on her lips.


Rafaels face began to flush uncontrollably. "N-no! Besides, she's much older than me, Miko!" The girl's grin widens more, being mischievous as ever.


"Miko," Jack warned the girl, who stuck her tongue at him.


"I was just messing' around! You take out all the fun." She whined throwing her arms in the air while Jack simply crossed his arms whilst shaking his head


A subtle electronic tapping could be heard from the main monitors of the room. The Autobot medic stood there, clearly trying his best to locate any energon mines. Although, with little progress and his concentration was being constantly interrupted by the three young human's constant chatter. The medic grumbled irritatingly as he silently tapped away.


Then a loud engine echoed throughout the base a red and blue color scheme semi-truck stopped and began to shift, transforming into the well-known Leader of the Autobots; Optimus Prime.


"Tell me everything! How does she look like? Is she from our school? Oh! Maybe she's a famous singer!" The girl exclaimed as she continued to rant to herself.


Rafael shifted his seat while fiddling with his fingers. "Umm…I don't think she's a celebrity, Miko. She works at the library."


"What...? You mean she's a bookworm?" Her pigtails lowered with less enthusiasm.


Jack chuckled in response. "You know people who read are considered to be smarter you know?"


Miko glared at Jack taking it as an insult. "Pff, I can be smart!" She shrunk herself on the sofa with a pouty face.


Optimus overheard the children's conversation from the med bay while he held a large data pad on his servos. It amused him that they were speaking of this girl to whom he kept observing for some time now and yet... he didn't know why.


As the children's conversation progressed, and one peculiar topic caught his attention.


"Du-u-de, I still can't believe that girl beat-up Vince. I like her!" Miko pumped her fists in the air, wishing she could have been there to see the event that had taken place.


"She didn't necessarily 'beat him up', Miko, but she did scare him off." Raf pointed this out, but still, Miko was grinning to herself like an idiot.


Optimus was quite surprised by this fact. This girl - - a complete stranger - - the same one he had been observing for some time now had defended Rafael from a boy named Vince.


He glances over to the children while the three of them conversing with one another. Secretly, he's glad that Rafael was unharmed. His optics soon averted towards the medic, who was actually listening to the children's conversation. Of course, he would never openly admit it but the medic sometimes enjoys hearing their conversation.


A shadow of a smile appeared on his lips before he walks off into the empty halls of the base.