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Transformers Prime The Gifted

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She was one of the few children to ever witness her family members tragic deaths, at the age of seven she was taken care of by her grandparents. But the girl hasn't lost faith about how wonderful the world could be. Always looking forward and never turning back, little Lucy never allowed negative things get the best of her. One day, she made her decision to leave her hometown: Abbey Wood. Her grandmother was understanding about her decision, she happily assisted her until Lucy was ready to depart from the airport.


The trip from London to the United States was a long one. After stopping on multiple airports, she had finally reached her destination: Jasper Nevada. It was quite a different environment than where she had previously lived, the rocky terrain was the most common nature around this city. Large mountains surrounded outside of the city, along with dead tree trunks sprouted amongst the sandy floor. It was a place where she had to be accustom to while she begins her studies in one the most finest Universities of Jasper, specializing in science-related careers, as well as, achieving a masters degree and much more. This intrigued her and she began her journey, three years later she had finally graduated and soon she began to apply job opportunities as a librarian.


Many other places had rejected her until one of the facilities had finally accepted her: Jasper Nevada Library. A kind middle-aged woman by the name of Rikona Nomusa was delighted to have her. The kind woman helped her settle into one of her previous home that was currently empty. Lucy was extremely grateful for her kindness and both became close friends.


Three years had passed, Lucy has settled herself in Jasper quite well. Always working and is currently studying to be a doctor someday, life had it easy upon her. Although nothing will be normal for long, her life would turn upside down and experience a whole new world around her. Nothing will be the same, her life will be constantly be monitored by foreign machines guarding her and keeping others from any harm. But, will she tell them what she is capable of? Or will she soon regret not telling them the truth?