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    “Kid, you’re lucky you ended up here, nobody else would put up with your shit.”


    Parker's latest foster family is just like all the rest. Maybe they're right, maybe no one will put up with her. Fine. Fuck families. Parker doesn’t want one.

    New York City is far enough away and big enough to get lost in, and Parker knows how to survive on her own. And then she runs into the strangest thief she's ever met. Archie Leach has a plan for Parker that for once she's happy to go along with. She's going to be the best thief ever.

  2. 12 Jul 2018

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    Parker makes it to the end of the first week before Megan figures out something’s up.

    “Where’ve you been sneaking off to?” she asks, sitting next to Parker on the broken couch, both of them eating bowls of cereal for dinner. “You’ve been gone a lot.”

    Parker shrugs, stirs her Froot Loops to make rainbow-colored swirls in the milk. “I met this guy, he’s teaching me stuff.”

    Megan’s whole body freezes. “Parker,” she says. “What do you mean? What kind of stuff?”

    “Thief stuff,” Parker says, around a mouthful of cereal.

    Megan closes her eyes, lets out a deep breath. “Nothing hinky?” she asks.


    “He’s not…fucking around with you?” Megan’s watching really carefully, like this is important. Like she cares what some guy does to Parker.

    The problem is, “fucking around” can mean too many different things. But the way Megan says it it’s clearly one of the bad ones, and everything she does with Archie is fun, so Parker shakes her head. “He showed me how to spot motion sensors today,” she says. “I couldn’t fool ‘em today but tomorrow I will.”

    Megan relaxes against the back of the couch. “You know what to do if he gets handsy, right?” she asks, but it doesn’t sound so important now.

    “Kick him in the balls,” Parker says. They’ve been over this before.

    “Damn straight,” Megan says, and digs back into her cereal.

  7. 20 Dec 2017

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    great character piece, with OCs i wish i could see more of

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    Good origin story for Parker.