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Lydia Chalmers' Thesis on William the Bloody

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This thesis is based, in its entirety, in the universe of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Its creators, Joss Whedon and ME, own all rights to the universe, the characters, the plots, and everything else, and we are grateful to them for creating the Buffyverse and allowing us to play in it. No monetary or other gain will accrue to any of those involved in the production of this thesis, except the pleasure of thinking about an exceptional series, and of doing our best to show our respect for it in this work of fan fiction.

This thesis is based on Lydia the Watcher's line in the episode "Checkpoint" (Buffy season 5). On first meeting Spike she says in awe, "I wrote my thesis on you!"

We submit this collaborative effort as the thesis Lydia wrote. We have given her the last name Chalmers. Since we imagine this thesis to have been completed in May of 1998, any information about Spike or Sunnydale which has appeared since then will not have been available to her.



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