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All Your Glory

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Tonight’s party is important, hence why Jeongguk is dressed to impress.

He feels stiff in his new Prada suit, the collar taut against his neck and his blazer slim-fitting over his waist. Everyone here is dressed in luxurious, expensive brands and they all reek of affluence. Everyone here plays a significant role in their individual empires, in the cumulation of their wealth. Where Jeongguk should feel grateful for their contributions and their hard work, he feels budding resentment instead.

Jeongguk stands on the staircase, assuming a position so he can overlook everybody else in the ballroom. He sips from his champagne flute, swallowing down the pleasant bubbly substance that helps him slip away from a restless mind.

From up here, he can see everything. He can see who’s interacting with who, if there’s any unfamiliar faces and whether his associates are keeping in check. Jeongguk’s been put on duty by his father, a mission to collect any suspicious information and report back to him.

Jeongguk fumbles with his necktie that’s pressing up against his windpipe, cursing under his breath. He despises formal wear and yet, he’s expected to adorn in three-piece suits more often than not. Nearly everyday of his life.

His father stands in the middle of the ballroom. No doubt, he’s demanding all the attention to be diverted towards himself. He’s gesturing in the air with his hands, animatedly explaining an unloyal associate that made one of their business deals fall through.

Jeongguk smirks bitterly to himself, busying his expression with a sip of the champagne. That man who claims to be his father, who stands upon his followers and preaches about loyalties is the same man who is guilty of fraud. Tax evasion. Infringement.

He has to deflect his attention before the fury threatens to boil over. It’s been growing under his nerves, travelling vividly through his veins. He can’t have a breakdown over his father amidst an important party.

Instead, Jeongguk looks in the other direction. He finds the man he’s been potentially looking for, subconsciously seeking out for. Jimin.

Jimin is standing next to his secretary, Yoongi. They normally attend these events together, sticking by each other’s side so they never have to communicate with other people. Yoongi is muttering under his breath, leaning right into Jimin’s personal space.

To exert a force of dominance, to demand Jimin’s attention on him - he keeps his eyes fixed on Jimin.

Eventually, Jimin receives the hint.

He looks away from his secretary, up towards Jeongguk. His gaze halters and his intense, gleaming orbs burn into Jeongguk’s for a long moment. Neither of them move as they stare at each other from across the ballroom, considerable distance between them.

Jimin looks breathtakingly alluring tonight. He’s wearing a velvet royal blue suit with embellished jewels, they sparkle underneath the dull lighting of the party. He’s wearing a matching collar, snug against his neck and no doubt, Jimin’s probably struggling to breathe properly. He’s garnished with makeup, the hints of glitter evident on his eyelids and his eyeliner smoked in his waterline.

It’s unfair, it’s cruel that Jimin’s been granted with such grace. He’s provocative and yet, he holds such elegance with the way he walks, he talks. He masters both extremes, making him an attractive, desirable man. Everyone’s eyes turn to Jimin at events.

Jeongguk swallows down the lump growing in his throat, washing down his sinful wandering thoughts with a sip of his drink. There’s a time and a place for everything and a public event that demands Jeongguk’s presence isn’t a wise idea.

But Jimin’s keeping their contact intact, his lips quirk upwards with a purposeful look painting over his face. He has the nerve to tease even amongst important figures.

He has the nerve to look haughty even he knows Jeongguk can drag Jimin’s name through the mud and back, he can cause their entire business and empire to go extinct if he tried to do so. They own 20% of Park’s business, after all. 20% of the Park’s fortune is all the Jeon’s.

Jimin raises a brow, suggestively biting his lip.

Jeongguk finds himself chuckling in disbelief, shaking his head as he starts to walk down the stairs. He breaks their eye contact, focusing on somewhere else in the party. If his father is aware that they’re interacting, it’ll cause a disruption that Jeongguk’s not prepared to deal with. He’ll never be prepared to deal with.

He walks towards the open bar, itching for another champagne. He needs to intoxicate himself if he wants to get through this event till the end merrily.

Jeongguk’s barely made it to the bar before there’s a finger tapping him on the back, drawing him out of his self-depreciating, spiralling thoughts. He doesn’t even need to turn back around to know it’s Jimin.

“What do you want?” Jeongguk questions, looking over his shoulder to look at Jimin in all his glory.

Jimin’s smile grows when they resume eye contact. “Get me a drink.”

“Get your own drink.”

The older man pouts a little, his plump lip jutting out as he steps closer. The proximity immediately envelopes Jeongguk with fervor, making goosebumps erupt on his skin underneath his blazer. The last time he had Jimin was a few nights ago in the safety of his penthouse, when he had Jimin pressed up against the wall facing out the city of Seoul, pounding him from behind.

Whilst the mere thought, the closeness is making his arousal pinge again - he’d rather not cause a scandal.

“Oh, c’mon, darling,” Jimin elongates the words, amusement dripping in his sweet tone. “One drink and I’ll reveal my surprise to you.”

Jeongguk pauses, twisting his torso to face Jimin properly. He narrows his eyes carefully upon the older man, licking his lips. Once Jimin realises he has his undivided attention, he only seems to take advantage and steps closer. He leans his weight against the counter, their chests flush together.

Jeongguk should be cautious of who can see but instead, he’s asking.

“What surprise?”

“Ah.” Jimin shakes his head, smirking. “It wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it? One drink.”

“I fucking hate you.”

Jeongguk turns to the bartender waltzing around behind the counter and deliberately requests one glass of champagne for himself.

Jimin doesn’t seem the least bit offended when he realises his wish hasn’t been fulfilled, only giggling and leaning in as he whispers.

“That’s just too bad.” Jimin tuts. “You can’t see these lace panties I have on for you, then.”

He knows what he’s doing. Jimin excels at being a tease, using his charisma and his good looks as his lethal weapon. As quick as that, he’s withdrawing himself and attempting to wander off into the swarm of bodies in the ballroom.

Jeongguk’s quicker though. He reaches out, grabbing ahold of Jimin’s forearm and gently but firmly tugging him back.

It’s a risky act to commit to in a crowded party where everything’s on the line but his body has already heated up, there’s a fire starting in the pits of his stomach. He’s consumed by want, want, lust. Jimin falls back into his embrace, pleased with himself.

“Lace panties? At this party?” Jeongguk clarifies, sounding a little choked up at the visual in his mind. “You were so sure you were gonna get laid, at our event?”

“Damn right I was.”

“What colour?”

Jimin giggles. “Red.”

Jeongguk’s eyes flutter shut as he inhales sharply, his imagination just doesn’t suffice. He needs the physical picture. He can imagine Jimin’s perky ass adorned in red lace panties and he knows, immediately, that he needs to see with his own two eyes.

Without thinking through his actions, he begins to pull Jimin towards the bathroom.

Jimin catches on quickly and he seems ecstatic about getting his own way. He follows without a complaint, pliant under Jeongguk’s hold and allows the other man guide them around the event discreetly.

As soon as they enter the ornate, massive bathroom - unnecessarily luxurious - Jeongguk’s pushing him into a cubicle, slamming the door and locking it.

Jimin turns to look at him and opens his mouth, assumingly about to speak, but Jeongguk clamps the palm of his hand over him.

“Don’t speak,” Jeongguk tells him seriously. He’s only being cautious for the both of them, considering that if anyone finds them here, they’ll be in trouble. “Just take what you came here to get.”

Jimin’s eyes grow under his voice being muted, swallowing audibly so that his Adam’s apple bops in his throat. He nods, turning to brace himself against the door. His hands grip onto the door, presenting his ass to Jeongguk in his tight slacks.

“You wanted to get fucked so bad that you’re willing to risk our lives?” Jeongguk says cruelly though he intends no malice. He’s here as well, after all, completely consensual from both parties because he wants Jimin just as badly. He pulls Jimin’s trousers down harshly. “Such a fucking slut for it.”

They’ve been fucking for years. They know each other’s buttons, hard limits and turn-on’s. Jeongguk knows how to treat Jimin’s body at any given occasion, knows him inside out. He knows what he’s doing right now is more than okay but he stills waits.

Jimin purrs at the degrading name, moving his hips backwards some more as if he’s growing more and more eager for it.

The red lace panties are revealed. They’re sexy and gorgeous, filling out Jimin’s ass splendfully. There’s a heart cut out in the panties, giving access to Jimin’s hole and on top of the waistband, there’s a ribbon. It’s all lace, not much material and it suits Jimin perfectly.

When Jeongguk reaches down and spreads Jimin’s ass, he has to suck in a breath when he realises Jimin has a glass plug pushed inside of him. It looks thick in width, nestling against his prostate without a doubt.

Jimin mumbles under his breath, barely audible. “I’m prepared. Just fuck me.”

Jeongguk has to compose himself for a minute, reeling in his encircling thoughts. He wants to devour Jimin and he wants to make Jimin feel it. He leans in, his mouth travelling over the nape of Jimin’s neck as he nips down harshly. His hand grip the side of Jimin’s waist, pulling him back.

Jimin gets the hint as he exhales shakily, beginning to rub his ass against Jeongguk’s crotch. The movement causes Jeongguk’s cock to stir to life, hardening as he lets out a guttural groan.

The motion must be making the plug to press against Jimin’s bundle of nerves relentlessly because he keeps whimpering, broken and needy sounds escaping his mouth. He’s way too loud and whilst that’s appreciated when they’re alone, he can’t keep releasing the obscene sounds.

Jeongguk sighs as he rips off his necktie from his collar.

“Open your mouth.”

Jimin obliges and he stuffs the necktie into Jimin’s mouth, tightening it behind his head before pushing him back against the door. Jimin attempts to gasp but this time, the sound is considerably muffled.

Jeongguk starts to concern himself with his own erection now that Jimin’s ready. He pulls his trousers down, the material pooling around his ankles as he uses his pre-come to stroke over his half-hard and growing cock. He reaches forward, holding onto the glass plug and gently easing it out of Jimin’s hole.

The plug clings on as Jimin clenches around the length, his fingers tightening where he’s attempting to hold onto the door.

Shit,” Jeongguk breathes out, swiftfully removing the plug. He delivers a harsh spank to Jimin’s ass unexpectedly, relishing how the man jumps at the contact. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Once Jimin’s empty, he starts to wiggle his ass impatiently as he awaits for more. He’s still wet from the excessive amount of lube he used to adjust for the plug, still opened up from the girth. Jeongguk doesn’t give him any time to adjust.

He thrusts into Jimin in one smooth motion, bottoming out with no preamble.

Jimin immediately chokes on a broken gasp, hands writhing to find purchase and hold onto something. Jeongguk takes pity on his vulnerable position, grabbing ahold of his hands and pinning them behind his back as he starts to fuck Jimin mercilessly.

He pounds into Jimin like it’s the first time when they were back in the boarding school and all they knew was pure hatred for each other. He fucks Jimin like it’s the last time, like he’ll never be granted his few minutes of safe haven when he’s alone with Jimin. He’s unforgiving with his thrusts, angling upwards to hit Jimin’s prostate dead-on each time.

Jimin’s struggling, evidently. He’s trying to meet back the thrusts by moving his hips backwards, moaning under the gag that falls onto deaf ears. In the bathroom, all that can be heard is Jeongguk’s skin slamming against his.

Jeongguk reaches out, tugging at the lace panties and feeling the rough material between his fingers. There’s been many instances where Jimin wears lingerie. His fascination had started in boarding school, when he had surprised Jeongguk with women panties he had picked out and wanted to try on.

They’ve never talked about it. They don’t need to. It turns Jeongguk on and Jimin looks good in it.

“I wonder what people would say if they knew what a slut you are, for me.” Jeongguk skims along his jawline with his nose, whispering the words. “Park Jimin… taking dick from his one and only rival.”

Jimin squirms under Jeongguk’s hold, trying to free his hands and mutters a curse under the gag that sounds like ‘fuck you’.

“Shut up. You fucking love this,” Jeongguk spits out.

As Jeongguk continues to fuck him, and his orgasm starts to approach him embarrassingly quick, the bathroom door opens. Two men walk in, their conversation loud as they stand by the urinals.

They both freeze their action. Jeongguk’s still bottomed out all the way, breathing harshly as he attempts to stop his noises by biting down on Jimin’s shoulder. After a few seconds, he resumes to thrust.

Jimin’s head falls against the cubicle door, shutting his eyes painfully tight as he focuses on not letting out any sounds. Jeongguk’s concentrates on fucking him just as thoroughly as before, just quietly. The men leave minutes later, blissfully ignorant to the sinful acts taking place metres away from them.

Once the door closes once again, Jeongguk picks up the pace.

Jimin comes first, untouched from the constant pressure against his prostate. He’s whimpering by the time he’s done, spent of his orgasm as he shudders and slumps against the door. Jeongguk keeps going though he barely lasts a few minutes longer, coming deep inside of Jimin.

They take a few minutes to recover, just remaining in their positions as they focus on their breathing.

Jeongguk reaches over, taking his necktie out of Jimin’s mouth and wincing when he notices the man’s drool all over the material. He has to wear this again and reappear in the party, he has to face hundreds and make a speech.

“This was Prada, bitch,” Jeongguk mumbles angrily, pulling out of Jimin slowly and taking a clear step back.

Jimin immediately pulls his hands back, rubbing against his wrists to bring blood back to the area.

“Fucking deal with it,” Jimin says in return as he pulls his trousers back up, reaching for his plug and slipping it into the front pocket of his blazer. The audacity. Doesn’t Jimin have a single ounce of shame? “Asshole. Who said you can gag me?”

“You had no complaints. You take everything I give you.”

“Right.” Jimin rolls his eyes though he doesn’t protest against Jeongguk, adjusting himself.

Jimin unlocks the cubicle door, stepping out as he approaches the large framed mirrors. He tuts at his own appearance, hands moving fervently over his hair to smooth out the frenzy strands.

“See you around.” Jimin giggles, offering a wave before he opens the bathroom door. He pauses, looking back around. “Oh, and… congratulations, we’re officially business partners.”

“I still own your fucking ass!” Jeongguk reminds him though it goes unnoticed, Jimin’s already left and Jeongguk’s alone in the bathroom.


When Jeongguk re-emerges in the party, he finds Jimin plastered by Yoongi’s side again. He’s managed to retrieve the glass of champagne he had so eagerly wanted and now, there’s a certain glint in his eyes. Probably the satisfaction that he got what he came looking for, sex from Jeongguk.

It’s what their boundaries always have been, from the beginning: sex.

Even when they were angsty, developing teenagers, stuck in a prestigious institution - they resorted to each other for sex. A release, a way to fuck their frustration away about life and about each other. Jeongguk’s been groomed, since the very beginning, to despise Jimin with every inch of his life.

If you drill something into someone for long enough, it’ll stick. The thought will linger and create a place of home within the person’s mind. Jeongguk believes that’s happened because despite their long years of history, he feels nothing but resentment

Seokjin and Namjoon appear by his side during his trance of thoughts, Seokjin pushing a glass of champagne into his hand.

“Drink up,” Seokjin guides, sipping from his own flute. He’s newly dyed his hair blonde and the change is still disconcerting, no matter how much the older man suits the look and owns it. “Mr. Jeon’s about to make the speech and you’re going to be required to make a statement, you already know.”

The mere thought of having to stand amongst the group of people that crowd around the ballroom and speak to him makes his stomach twist. He gulps, taking the glass off Seokjin and washing it down in two quick sips.

Namjoon’s hand finds Jeongguk’s back, patting reassuringly. “You’ll be fine, Guk. You’ve done this hundred times over.”

Which is true. Jeongguk has. He’s seen enough aristocratic parties, consisting of shallow, narrow-minded businessmen who’d bury Jeongguk into the ground if they knew he was pansexual. That he likes to fuck with other men, specifically one named Park Jimin that’s supposed to be their long-time rival.

But this isn’t just any other announcement. Tonight, they’re going public with their deal with Kia motors. Two of the biggest motor vehicle companies, Jeongguk’s family and Jimin’s family are joining forces and they’re going to be working together to produce a vehicle with both of their resources.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk mumbles absentmindedly, attempting to remain unbothered. “It’ll be fine. Whatever.”

Jeongguk’s grateful for the presence of his two friends, his sectaries. His father had hired Seokjin and Namjoon for Jeongguk so they could handle his business, his finance, to take the load off Jeongguk and place the burden onto the other two men. He had warned Jeongguk not to form a bond with them, that they were strictly here for work and they were getting paid for their time.

Yet, Seokjin had immediately acted like a concerned older brother.

He barely knew Jeongguk and he had swooped in, took over the role of a close relative. With his subtle ways of showing that life never has to be uptight, that they can have fun and laughter amongst impossible situations - Jeongguk has matured.

Seokjin taught Jeongguk the meaning of life.

Without Seokjin and Namjoon, Jeongguk knows for a fact that he would’ve become a mirror of his father. Corrupt, arrogant and only concerned with gaining profits and that’s the last person he ever wants to follow down the path of.

Seokjin seems to notice his apprehension, though. He reaches over to rub Jeongguk’s shoulder as the lights come back up, spotlight in the middle as Mr. Jeon makes his way to talk into the microphone.

“We rehearsed, remember?” Seokjin arches a brow at him. “Just gotta repeat those words back into the microphone then we leave. We have no business staying here afterwards, yeah? Just a few more minutes.”

Namjoon also offers a nod, his smile warm and encouraging. The three of them fall silent as Mr. Jeon taps into the microphone, causing static noise to fill the room and turn everyone’s attention towards him. Mr. Jeon has always been a man of tremendous power, a billionaire due to the line of generation that had developed Hyundai motors. The most successful motor company that runs in South Korea. The second biggest company in the whole of South Korea, after Samsung.

When Mr. Jeon’s speaking, everyone resumes the utmost respect. Conversations are immediately halted and everyone’s eagerly awaiting for the man to speak.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” Mr. Jeon speaks into the microphone, voice smooth and without a hiccup but also lacking any depth. His expression is schooled into stern and not a single emotion present. He’s a void, an empty shell. “Thank you all for attending tonight to Hyundai’s event. I recognise most of you all and upon walking around and talking to you all, I have come to meet new people. For that, I am grateful. May we all make great business bonds together and hopefully, contribute to our success.”

Jeongguk walks closer towards his father, preparing to step-in where the man finishes. He clenches his fists to his sides, taking deep breaths to avoid interrupting his father’s speech and discrediting his words. That’d be, most definitely, his death wish.

“We have invited you all here tonight to announce our newest business plans, and our new partner. Hyundai motors has been working alongside Kia motors for years as we own twenty percent.” He reminds everyone, not letting anyone forget his upper-hand. “Tonight, we’ll join together in an phenomenal business plan that I hope you all will anticipate from us. Kia motors approached us with a business plan, one that they wanted us to distribute due to our popularity. Together, we will work upon the plan and form our greatest creation yet.”

Mr. Jeon pauses and everyone erupts into applause, pleasant and impressed looks fixed over everyone’s faces. Jeongguk has to scoff under his breath.

He scans across the ballroom, finding Jimin tucked into a discreet corner of the room. There’s a certain bitter look evident behind his dark orbs, lips pursued and overly callous as if he doesn’t want to be associated with the deal.

Regardless of what he wants or doesn’t want, the fact is that they’ll be joining together after this. They’ll have to work alongside each other for the better half of the upcoming years and then continue through with their growing partnership. Something that had started as simply out buying twenty percent of Jimin’s company to keep them afloat, to maintain healthy competition has become more serious.

“I will stop talking now and hand it over to my son, Jeongguk.”

Mr. Jeon turns to look at him expectedly, his features remaining completely still and scant. Jeongguk swallows under the hard, unforgiving gaze of his father before he’s stepping forward to take the microphone off him. He stands under the spotlight, feeling the eyes of hundreds focused in on him.

The palms of his hand sweat over the microphone, making the hold sticky and uncomfortable. His leg shakes and he tries to conceal this fact, moving his right leg in front and keeping his weak one behind him. He glances out across the crowd, finding Seokjin’s face who nods at him. It gives him the courage to finally raise the mic, speaking into it.

“Good evening,” Jeongguk runs through the formalities, bowing a little as he introduces himself. Unlike his father, he knows how to address a crowd and attempt to sound even the slightest bit sincere even if it’s fake. “As my father has already said and addressed, tonight we’re launching the start of our important project with Kia motors. For many decades, we have been quietly working alongside Kia and tonight, we will unite in the most significant deal of our careers thus far. I am honoured to be working alongside Park’s family and specifically, I look forward to sharing my ideas and knowledge with Park Jimin too, of course.”

He pauses, only to hear the murmurs that spread across the people. Jeongguk smiles, looking over to his right where Jimin’s standing. Jimin, himself, looks a little surprised at the mention of his name but he doesn’t let any emotion slip through. Within a few seconds, he’s returned back to his impassive expression. Unaffected.

“That’s all I have to say for now as I wouldn’t like to give away any details of our intricate business plans. Sooner rather than later, we’ll be holding a conference as we launch our plan and introduce it to everyone. Anticipate the plan, anticipate the future that is to come.” Jeongguk raises his glass of champagne, finding himself smirking as he stares directly at his father. “To Hyundai and Kia motors.”

As they did for his father, they repeat the motion for Jeongguk. They clap him and applaud him for his efforts of addressing the crowd before the microphone is passed onto Mr. Park, making his own speech.

Jeongguk takes a step back, joining Seokjin and Namjoon’s side again but his eyes seeking out for Jimin.

He doesn’t miss the way Jimin scowls as soon as his father speaks out, talking about how the alliance between the two companies will accumulate the utmost wealth. He doesn’t miss the way Yoongi’s hand reaches out, resting on the small of Jimin’s back as if he’s trying to silently comfort him.

There’s many questions that Jeongguk has. When they were in boarding school together only two years ago, Jimin seemed to be in constant admiration of his father. He’d often loudly, and boastfully, talk about his father during lunchtimes amongst his peers. Taehyung and Hoseok, Jimin’s friends from boarding school, seemed equally entranced by the remarkable qualities Jimin’s father shows.

Often, Jimin would disappear for days on end from boarding school. He’d only later return to claim that his father had come to visit and they were spending time together, granting him leave from lessons and their fuck sessions.

It’s a startling change to how Jimin treats his father now. Like a stranger, like the presence causes him to shrivel up and want to disappear. Jimin’s completely spiteful about his father and the fact is obvious to anyone in the room. Even when he approaches his father, snatches the mic off him and starts to talk - his father barely bats an eyelash.

What happened to them?

Jeongguk wonders and he creates his own answers but he doesn’t dare ask. They’ve never breached the topic of deep conversations, of their deeper, inner secret thoughts and their feelings. They’re strictly sex and Jeongguk has to remain within the boundaries. He merely thinks from afar, comes up with his own conclusions so he doesn’t dwell on the thought for too long to torment him.

Jimin’s speech is short and brief, barely displaying any enthusiasm before he steps away. Yoongi’s leading him away, towards the exit and the presence of Jimin disappears from the ballroom.

The rest of the event follows in the same manner. More refreshments are passed around as people start to filter out one-by-one, exclaiming their excitement for the new project that looms over their heads.

Jeongguk knows that now, he’ll be overworked even more. He already struggles with jam-packed schedules, with remaining locked within the offices and behind closed doors with his father till the early hours in the morning as they work over their business affairs and their profits. With a new project, and conjoining with their long-time rivals, it’ll only grow in intensity.

He bids farewell to their associates at the exit, bowing at each man of importance and their women attached to their arms. Once the party starts to grow quieter and the cleaners have began their job, Seokjin’s tugging on his arms.

“We’re driving back with your father. C’mon. The limo is waiting for us.”

Jeongguk hums with a short nod, fixing the necktie around his collarbones as his cheeks flush at the reminder where it had been merely less than an hour ago. Namjoon leads them out of the ballroom, towards the sleek black limo awaiting them.

Mr. Jeon and Jeongguk’s mother are already seated inside. Jeongguk enters the car, avoiding both his parents gaze as he sits down in the opposite far corner. Seokjin and Namjoon aren’t far behind, a constant and consoling companionship.

“Seokjin,” Mr. Jeon addresses, eyes narrowing at the man. “How did you think the event went, then?”

Jeongguk remains quiet, resting his head against the leather seats as the door is shut for them. The driver rolls the partition up, separating himself from the private affairs between the five of them in the backseat. The engine purrs to life, peeling off the pavement and heading back to their mansion.

Seokjin clears his throat, a look of trepidation washing over him. He’s always been troubled by Mr. Jeon, intimidated and trying to keep a clear distance from him, as Namjoon does.

“Good, sir.” Seokjin nods a little, keeping his gaze diverted downwards and refraining from making direct eye contact. “How did you think it went?”

There’s a long pause before Mr. Jeon smacks his lips together, humming thoughtfully.

“Good, I guess.” He gestures in the air half-heartedly, seemingly unconcerned and already resigned for the night. He turns to his wife, offering a grin before back at Seokjin. “I don’t really care for this deal, we’re just making profit here, after all. Aren’t we?” He waits for a confirmation from Seokjin who can only offer another curt nod. “But… but that Park Jimin, he’s really something, isn’t he?”

Silence ensues across the five of them. Jeongguk inhales, keeping his eyes closed and not moving from the seat he’s buried himself into even when the smell of the leather is unpleasant.

Seokjin sounds concerned when he speaks. “I guess.”

“Just… so unbothered about his own business. Disappointment. That Park family, I’m telling you, are a fucking plague.”

At this, Jeongguk finds the courage to raise his head. “Then why are you entering an alliance with them, Appa? Why are you forming a partnership with them?”

Mr. Jeon doesn’t even blink. “It’s not a weakness to join with your enemies. Rather, it’s a strength. I’ll still defeat them.We’ll defeat them, son. Us two, together.”

His father’s definition of ‘partnership’ is clearly inaccurate. He’s going to be thoroughly disappointed.


The tone is barely met with any emotion, whatsoever. Rather, Jeongguk sounds tired and he craves the luxury of his bed in his own penthouse. Even though, he knows he’ll be stopping at his parent’s tonight.

“But,” Mr. Jeon continues, even though everybody in the backseat is growing agitated with his voice. “I want to make one thing really clear, son. Look at me.”

He holds no protest in his voice, not giving Jeongguk much of a choice. Reluctantly, Jeongguk looks up and faces his father square in the eye. Their contact is unwavering, filling the back of the limo with profound tension.

“You are not to associate with Park Jimin besides business, do I make myself clear?” His voice has slipped into firmness, a sense of threat lacing through his vicious tone. “Besides strictly business, you are not to talk to him, form a bond with him. You are not to even look in his direction. Do I make myself clear? We may be partners by name but we’ll never be close, we’ll never be family. Okay?”

Jeongguk wonders what his father would do if he knew the extent of the reality. The fact that Jeongguk’s done more than just associate himself with Jimin. He’s known Jimin since a teenager, spent four years with him in boarding school. He knows what Jimin looks like when he’s riding Jeongguk’s cock or when he’s face down into every surface imaginable. They’ve christened Jeongguk’s apartment. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the gym are all tainted with Jimin.

“All clear, father.”

His father seems pacified by the answer because he doesn’t question it any longer, simply changing the subject. He turns to his wife instead, talking to her mutely. Jeongguk notices how his mother’s expression turns sour and he has to resist the urge to act out, turning to Seokjin and Namjoon instead.

Guilt swims through his veins. He knows one day, sooner than later, he has to end his bond with Jimin before his father finds out.


The next morning, Jeongguk wakes up to a broad lick across his face. Followed by two more.

He groans a little under his breath, opening one eye to peek at the family dog that has jumped onto the bed and invading Jeongguk’s personal space. He finds an instinctive smile spreading across his face at the Golden Retriever greeting him early in the morning. His hand reaches out to stroke Haru’s fur.

“Morning, baby,” Jeongguk mumbles under his breath, scratching under his chin as the deep voice rumbles out of him. “Why’re you waking me up so early, huh?”

Haru doesn’t answer, just panting loudly as he nuzzles into Jeongguk. He sighs under his breath when he realises he has a long day in the office today as he works through documents that need checking and authorising before he can return home to the safety of his penthouse. He reaches down, kissing Haru’s head before coaxing him off the bed.

He’s still disturbed, still coming around from his deep slumber as he rolls over and observes the time. It’s barely nine in the morning and he knows, for a fact, that he’s running late. He runs himself a shower, the water hot enough to burn off a layer of his skin before changing into a new Alexander McQueen suit.

His mother is waiting by the dining table for him, a fluctuating smile spread across her lips.

“Morning, my honey,” she greets him, patting to the seat on the massive, opulent twelve-seating dining table. It’s been decked out with endless options of breakfast food with no one to feast on. “I made breakfast.”

Jeongguk feels shame slamming into him all at once when he realises that despite his mother’s efforts, he can’t stay for breakfast. He’s already running late and knowing his father’s habits, the man will only call him out for his irresponsibility and his punctuality. He doesn’t spend enough time around his mother who works endlessly to treat Jeongguk the way he deserves to be.

She doesn’t deserve any of this.

Jeongguk walks over to the other side of the dining table, pressing a chaste kiss on her cheeks.

“Sorry, I can’t stay.” His voice leaks with remorse, genuinely apologetic as his eyes scan across the numerous plates of food. He reaches forward, grabbing the egg sandwich - his favourite. “I’m running late and you know what father is like. I must go.”

The smile immediately falls from her face but she seems to understand, not bothering to force him. She reaches over, fixing Jeongguk’s necktie before nodding.

“Eat that on the way. The driver is waiting outside.”

Jeongguk’s body aches with the fatigue and the lack of sleep, disordered and unorganised this morning which is unusual for him. His bones feel heavier as he makes his way through the lavish mansion, out through the double doors and by the Mercedes car that awaits for him. The driver holds the back door open for him as Jeongguk slides through, adjusting his blazer and getting comfortable.

The driver barely addresses him, just greeting him good morning and rattling off the schedule for the day before they’re driving to the Hyundai headquarters.

Jeongguk rests against the leather seats, closing his eyes as he attempts to catch a few more minutes of sleep. He knows if his father saw him like this, he’ll claim that Jeongguk is weak and not enough to handle an entire empire after him. Jeongguk doesn’t want this empire, he doesn’t want to take after his father but he knows he has no other plausible option.

His phone buzzes in his pockets a few times and he sighs under his breath, withdrawing his phone.

It’s Jimin.

'Coming to Hyundai headquarters. Think we can fuck in your office?’

‘Just joking. Except, not. Bend me over your desk.’

Jeongguk rolls his eyes as he ignores the messages, not even bothering to reply with an appropriate response. He’d never be senseless enough to follow through with the plan of fucking Jimin somewhere public as his office, where his family and well-known associates have access to.

Not to mention, his office is glass doors. People can look through and in, they’d be able to see Jimin spread across his desk. Then again, that’s probably a kink of his.

When he arrives at the headquarter, he mutters out his thanks to the driver before he’s guided into the building by Seokjin. It’s not Seokjin’s job to escort him but he still musters to the task, sticking close to Jeongguk’s side throughout the whole day and he’s oddly thankful for his presence wherever he goes.

“You’re late,” Seokjin drones, handing a cup of coffee to Jeongguk. He accepts it gratefully, groaning when the first swallow of the bitter, strong black coffee goes down his throat. Maybe, it’ll make him feel more awake. “You have some documents to work through but I can help you with that.”

“Any other plans for today?” He asks as Seokjin hands over two folders to him, flicking through the papers with disinterest before closing the pages.

“Besides the Park family coming for a visit, no. The meeting for the business plan is tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” Jeongguk repeats, still completely unbothered. “Cool. What’s your plans for today, hyung?”

Seokjin shrugs. “Following after you and making sure you behave.”

“Namjoon hyung?”

“He’s working with other business associates for today.”

“Okay.” He’s satisfied with the answers, though he knows he’ll long for Namjoon’s presence as well as the duo of Seokjin and Namjoon is what helps him get through the day. “Does father require my presence, right now?”

“Nah. He’s busy.”

“Good. I can’t stand him in the mornings.”

They walk into Jeongguk’s office and close the door behind them as they immediately settle down into work. Seokjin, being the ever-gentle, supportive person that he is, starts to work through the documents and guides Jeongguk to drink his coffee and prepare for another long day rather than jumping headfirst into work.

Hours pass tormentingly slow whenever Jeongguk sits behind his desk, checking through documents, going through spreadsheets on his laptop. But with Seokjin around, it starts to feel somewhat bearable.

They’re only drawn out of their deep headspace of vigorous work when there’s a knock on the door.

Jimin stands behind the glass door, offering a sheepish wave. He’s adorned in another suit today, looking every bit luxurious that he is. The suit is Gucci, Jeongguk immediately recognises, and he’s filling out the material effortlessly with his body frame. He’s wearing smokey makeup, his hair glinting with the sleek shine.

Why does he always look so good? Even in the early afternoon?

“What is he doing here?” Seokjin hisses.

Jeongguk shrugs but nonetheless, he beckons for Jimin to come through. Jimin grins as he opens the door, only sticking his head through the corner of the door.

“Just wanted to make my appearance known,” Jimin says, voice velvet and smooth as he waves at Seokjin. “I’m around. Can we talk later?”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “No. Not here.”

“When, then?” He pouts, assumingly wanting to take up the offer he had texted about earlier on. He really does want to get fucked over the desk.

Jeongguk does a quick job of glancing around Jimin, making sure there’s no one loitering around the hallway near his office. His father would question him adamantly if he knew that Jimin’s around for a reason besides strictly business.

“I didn’t reply to your text because it’s a no,” Jeongguk replies, barely batting his eyes up to the man. No matter how desirable he looks. “It’s a stupid idea.”

“It’s just fucking.”

“Which is a no from me.”

Jimin pouts, not accustomed to not getting his way. Regardless, he sighs and he doesn’t prod upon the topic any longer. He runs a hand through his blazer, feeling over the material under his fingertips before nodding.

“Are you free tonight, then?”

“I’m not bending you over the desk at home, either.”

Seokjin seems a little disturbed by the topic of conversation, busying himself with the papers before him and ignoring the back and forth between the two of them. He seems horrified, eyes wide and lips tugging downwards with how unimpressed he is at the unprofessionalism they’re both displaying.

Jimin groans out loud. “You’re no fucking fun. I’m going to find some other rich businessman to fuck me.”

“Go on, then.” He shrugs, feigning nonchalance. “You’ll still come running back to me.”

After all, they’ve both attempted to move on and find other people to immerse themselves within. Jimin had been insistence that he didn’t want this anymore - the constant bickering, the hate sex, the uncertainty of who they are - and he had actively scavenged out for a real relationship, a partnership.

Jeongguk had never tried to stop him, despite the yearning of knowing he’d miss their dynamic, and encouraged him to find someone else.

He, himself, had attempted to seek out other fuck partners. It’s considerably harder with his heightened status, his fortune because people are either intimidated by him and keep a clear distance from him or they simply use him for his money. In the end, they both find themselves coming back to each other.

In an unconventional way, they both understand each other better than anyone else. Despite their dynamics.

Jimin shakes his head. “Don’t be so fucking cocky. I can get dick anywhere.”

“Then do that. Don’t come to mine tonight.”

“Fine, I won’t.” Jimin sounds positive about this fact, sticking his chin high in the air before he glances to Seokjin apologetically. “I’m sorry, Seokjin-ssi. How are you doing?”

Jeongguk nearly laughs out loud at the sudden topic change. Seokjin looks up, cheeks flushed but he simply nods.

“I’m good, thank you, Jimin. You should go before someone sees you, yeah?”

Seokjin has a soft heart, it hasn’t been hardened by unforgiving circumstances in his life. He still respects and treats everyone with the utmost consideration. He still greets Jimin ordinarily, not letting the bias of the Jeon family differ his opinions on any other person.

There’s a smile that grows over Jimin’s lips, heartfelt and sincere.

“Of course.” He hums, taking a clear step back and out of the office. “Take care of yourself.”

The sentiment is clearly directed towards Seokjin only before he’s closing the door, withdrawing and wandering off away from the office. Silence ensues between the two of them in the office before Seokjin turns to him.

“You need to stop.” His voice is harsh, authoritarian. “Now that we’re working alongside the Park family, it’ll only be scrutinised.”

“No one will know anything,” Jeongguk excuses.

“You’re fucking!him. You have been for years, Guk. Your father is a sly, clever man who has conned his way through life. You think he won’t realise?”

Jeongguk shudders at the mere thought. He knows his father can figure out anything, he has a cunning mind that works too fast for his own good. He knows he’s in considerable amount of trouble and he knows he has to stop this dynamic with Jimin.

But Jeongguk doesn’t want to.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” He decides on shrugging it off for the meanwhile.

The longer Jeongguk thinks about it, the more it begins to make him feel hazy with the unrelenting thoughts. The consequences begin to filter into him, one by one and all he can imagine is his father banishing him from the city, from the empire, freezing his assets and leaving him to fend for himself.

He despises his father with every fibre of his being, with every cell within his body. But he’s young and he’s not prepared to be disowned.

Seokjin seems inattentive, the frown that he displays whenever he has deeper thoughts lurking but he’s not voicing them out loud. Instead of speaking, he holds his breath and then resumes his attention back to the papers he’s working on, numbers scribbled all over.

Jeongguk doesn’t bother bringing up the subject again.


Jeongguk’s lazing on his cream leather couch, a glass of whiskey in one hand and his blazer hanging off his shoulder. His necktie has been removed, strewn somewhere across his penthouse. The TV is playing the news but he’s not focusing, disinterested in any business affairs that doesn’t concern him.

When he glances to his right and gazes out of his windows, the city of Seoul is alive tonight. The high-rise buildings are clear on display from his view, lit up and spread out across. The sky is dark and the crescent moon is evident, hiding behind the buildings. It’s a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind view that only select few people have the entitlement to come home to everyday.

Outside on his balcony, he has created his own little garden. His interior of his penthouse is chic, state-of-the-art and brand new. His mother had insisted he kept up with pretences, only brought furniture from the best department stores and everything matched. It’s a beautiful penthouse but it’s empty, doesn’t hold a single thing that’s close to Jeongguk’s heart.

But out on the balcony is his own little safe haven.

There’s vines that grow along the walls, plants he’s gardened and flowers he’s grown outside. He’s added a hammock and he even brought a hot tub. It’s where he goes when he needs a well deserved break.

Before he can unwind down from the busy day and take a dip in the tub, his bell rings. He frowns as he walks over to the phone, picking it up.

“Hello, sir,” the receptionist from downstairs speak, his voice a little timid. “Park Jimin is here to see you.”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes and despite it all, their conversation earlier today, he feels a shot of satisfaction shooting up his spine. Followed by thrill. He knows Jimin can’t resist and he craves Jeongguk as much as he does back. They can’t go no longer than a few days before returning to each other, both of them needing a dose of the drug they receive from each other.

“Of course,” his voice drawls. “Let him up.”

Jeongguk hangs up before he flings the blazer off his shoulder, placing it down on the couch. He glances around the penthouse, deciding whether he should clean or not before realising the place is spotless and one of the cleaners must’ve been here beforehand.

It barely takes Jimin a few minutes before there’s quick, urgent raps on the his front door. He smirks, licking his lips as he walks over to open the door.

Jimin looks up to him as soon as the door is opened. His eyes are blown, already looking eager with his buttons halfway undone. His bare chest is revealed, tanned and smooth. He takes a step into the penthouse and shoves Jeongguk.

“You gonna bend me over your damn desk or not?” He demands to know.

“Demanding much.”

“You want this as much as me,” Jimin’s breathing out cockily, knowing exactly what the both of them are thinking. His finger reaches out to trail down Jeongguk’s shirt, feeling over the expensive material. “So, stop playing hard to get and take me.”

Jimin’s not lying. Jeongguk does want this and he’s never tried to deny the fact, either.

“Tell me what you want, Jimin. You can have it.”

The door is slammed shut as Jimin walks right in, crowding into Jeongguk’s space. His lips linger close to Jeongguk’s and the younger man’s breath hitches, hands gripping Jimin’s waist warningly. It’s an area they haven’t breached yet, haven’t touched lip-on-lip. For some reason, it feels more intimate. They’re not intimate. They don’t need to kiss.

Instead, Jimin tilts his head as he starts to drag his lips down his jawline. He doesn’t press down, he doesn’t kiss nor does he bite. He just feels over Jeongguk’s skin under his lips, drifting up to his ear once again.

“You know what I want.”

“No. Say it with your words.”

Jimin shudders, his voice weak when he finally speaks. “I want you to… bend me over your fucking desk, for fuck’s sake. I want you to fuck me like you fucking mean it, Jeongguk.”

“How bad do you want it?” Jeongguk’s hand reaches up, fisting in Jimin’s hair and tugging backwards harshly. Jimin’s mouth falls open as his eyes shut, keening under his touch. “Beg for it, Jimin.”

“So fucking bad. Please, please give it to me, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk’s had enough waiting around. Jimin’s right here and he’s pleading with his words, he’s already pliant and his lips are sinful and plump. Jeongguk eyes them for a minute before he’s dragging Jimin into the office at home. He pushes Jimin into the room, slamming the door shut behind them. He walks over to his desk, removing the papers and bending Jimin down over it.

Jimin goes down without a fight, clutching onto the sides of his desk as he pushes his ass out.

“You’re always so desperate for me,” Jeongguk snickers as he spanks Jimin’s ass over his clothed slacks, twice over just to hear the addicting sound as the way Jimin flinches with each hit but still moving back for more. “What happened to finding a new businessman to fuck you, huh?”

Jimin doesn’t respond for a minute, still and unmoving. He glances over his shoulders, narrowing his eyes.

“Do you ever shut the fuck up?”

Well. It’s clear that Jimin wants. Who is Jeongguk to deny him a single thing? This beautiful man with a lascivious body that’s too good to be true, his ass perky and on display for Jeongguk and his slim waist and his pronounced abs.

The sex is quick and merciless, like always. There’s no romance involved and there’s no sweet words, no hand holding or kisses.

Jeongguk opens Jimin up with three of his fingers, taking his time to scissor him and waiting till he’s no longer met with resistance. He doesn’t want to hurt Jimin, after all. They may be enemies and they may have a generation of hatred connected to their names but Jeongguk’s not immoral.

When Jimin’s loose, he fucks Jimin like he always does. Fast and relentless, pounding into him as his hand tightens around Jimin’s hair and he spanks Jimin’s ass. He waits until his handprint is embossed into his skin, red and heated to touch. He presses Jimin’s head back into the cold glass of his desktop, bottoming out and keeping his cock nestled deep inside of Jimin as he delivers slow strokes.

Jimin groans, overwhelmed with the pleasure and clutching onto the desk as he looks for purchase.

“F-fuck,” he stutters over his own words, broken whimpers escaping him. “Yeah. Fuck. Just like that, Guk.”

He comes deep inside of Jimin when his orgasm overtakes him, pressed up against his prostate as he attempts to come down from his climax. It seems Jimin’s panting even harder than Jeongguk, his cock neglected and blue from the desperate need for relief. He’s still pressed down against the desk, quietly waiting for his turn.

“C’mere.” Jeongguk pulls out carefully, easing his cock out before turning Jimin around. The man’s cheeks are flush red, lips bitten raw. “Come down my throat.”

He sinks down to his knees in one smooth motion, hands clutching onto Jimin’s thighs. The older man seems to choke on his saliva when realises what’s happening, eyes widening comically but his hand settling in Jeongguk’s hair, regardless.

He fucks Jeongguk’s throat like he’s in a rut. Each thrust is erratic and ruthless, only concerned about chasing his own orgasm and ignoring the sounds Jeongguk makes when it hits the back of his throat repeatedly.

Jimin’s orgasm comes quickly, barely minutes later, but it’s long and Jeongguk milks him through it. He keeps sucking, swallowing each drop of the come he’s granted before he stands up and wipes the sides of his mouth gingerly.

“Remind me to never let you fuck my throat, you animal,” he mumbles, disgruntled.

Jimin chuckles a little, still in a daze. He stands up to walk away from the desk, rubbing at his reddened ass cheeks.

“I let you spank me. Shut the fuck up.”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes as he opens the desk drawer, pulling out two cigarettes he has stored there along his lighter. He hands one over to Jimin as they wander to the couch, sitting down completely naked and smoking in silence.

Neither of them have the sufficient conversation starter. They share nothing in common except a history in boarding school that started their dirty affair that still occurs today, and the fact that they’re rivals amongst a competitive, ever-growing industry.

Jimin looks miles away as he smokes, a distant glint in his eyes that’s empty from his usual sparkle. He exhales the smoke out, curling his legs underneath him and getting comfortable.

Regardless, though, he’s beautiful.

Jeongguk diverts his attention elsewhere, focusing on the TV that’s still playing reruns of the news. It doesn’t concern him so he reaches for the remote, switching the channel to a foreign movie that neither of them know.

Finally, Jimin breaks the insufferable quietness. “Do you remember the first time we fucked, in boarding school?” Is what he decides to ask.

Jeongguk stills, waiting a beat. He takes another drag of the cigarette, blowing out the smoke before he turns to look at Jimin. The older man seems to be reminiscing, a yearning expression painted over his face that almost looks melancholic. He’s beautiful.

“Why do you ask?”

Jimin shrugs. “Was just thinking about it, to be honest.”

“You still feel just as good,” Jeongguk says nonchalantly.

It seems to appease Jimin though because a grin shines out on his face, breaking out from his forlorn look.

“Too bad I can’t say the same about you,” he replies cheekily.

“Fuck you.” Jeongguk grabs one of his cushions, sure that his mother had it imported from overseas and costs a fortune. He doesn’t care, though. He flings it in Jimin’s direction who narrowly avoids it, bursting into giggles. “You fucking love this cock.”

Jimin hums half-heartedly, neither confirming nor denying. “Can I stay tonight?”

“No,” he declines immediately.

“Why the fuck not, asshole?”

“We have a business meeting tomorrow,” Jeongguk reminds him, taking another drag of his cigarette as his lungs inflate and the warmth overtakes his organs. “We can’t show up around the same time or leave from the same building.”

“We can organise the times right.”

“You’re not sleeping in my fucking bed, Jimin.”

Jimin starts to laugh but this time, he sounds genuinely elated.

“Okay, okay. Shut up. I was fucking joking,” he mutters as he puts out his cigarette in the ashtray, getting up. He collects his clothings that’s thrown around the penthouse, in various different places. He emerges from the office minutes later, only wearing his button-down top and boxers. “Where’s my slacks?”

Jeongguk’s mouth feels dry all of a sudden as he looks over Jimin. He stands before him with nothing but his top, his thick thighs exposed and he looks glorious. He looks… soft, something unexplainably innocent.

“I… uh,” he stutters, faltering. “Shit.”

Jimin narrows his eyes. “What?”

“Get over here, right now.”

Jimin seems confused but he follows the orders regardless, skeptical. “What’s your fucking problem?”

“You look fucking hot is what.”

Jimin doesn’t leave for another hour. They end up fucking again, Jimin riding Jeongguk’s cock right there on the couch before he flips them over. Jimin face down in the couch getting fucked from behind. They share another cigarette together before Jeongguk’s calling for an Uber for Jimin, ensuring he gets back home safely and waiting for Jimin’s text to confirm this fact.

Once he’s alone, it’s nearing past midnight. He exhales. Jimin’s going to be the death of him.