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RIP Little Soldiers

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RIP Little Soldiers

"Yamato... The doctor says that I'm completely able to have a healthy pregnancy." Makoto muttered, rubbing her belly. Beside her, her husband had his arm around her, pulling her close.

"It's not like, uh... we haven't been... trying..." Yamato said awkwardly, still not used to talking about sex, even with the love of his life.

"... I don't think it's me."

He stared at her. The hell did that mean? Things seemed to be working down there.

"Yamato... I think it's you."


Horror, so much horror. Was he never gonna have kids? It was his dream to have kids with Makoto! Raise a happy little family with her and all that!

"Agari-san, the results have come back from the lab."

Yamato held his breath. Was it him?

"... There's bad news." The doctor took a deep breath, "You're sterile. The tests read that it was from extreme trauma over the process of years. Is there anything that could've caused that?"

And it all hit him at once.

Hibari Oume was going to die.