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His eyes were wide, staring, staring at the flattened city.

Not a person, not a bug not a Skrugg to remain.

Joey was horrified. He could hear his heart beat in the void. There wasn't any sound around him but that.

So empty.

He fell to his knees, staring and staring, not knowing what else to do. even if he did know, he didn't think he'd be able to avert his eyes to the task.

Did anyone escape?

Lina... Psy?

Grandma- anyone?

Slowly, he managed to avert his eyes, letting them fall on Heroman. Something wet slid down his cheek. There was no rain.

"H-Hero... man..." He couldn't string a sentence together. Blue eyes met his and Joey realized how lifeless they were.

He went back to the destruction.

He did that.

He pushed the button.

He allowed Heroman's power to burn and burn everything.

His fault.

Being alive was no consolation. Heroes didn't flatten cities and people.

Joey wasn't a hero.

This is war- there will be more fights.

A voice in his head?

More death.


Soldiers are revered as heroes- they kill. You're a soldier, Joey.

Killing didn't make you a hero.

You killed Skrugg and thought nothing of it. What's the difference?

Skrugg are evil.

Says who?

Maybe he was crazy...

Blue eyes back to the patriotic robot.

Joey could blame him. He was the one with the power.

But Joey pulled the trigger.

He felt- was sick.

He threw up and tried to stop shaking.

Cold, hollow... he wasn't depressed yet.

Or maybe he was. Is this how it felt? He'd never been that sad. Not because of his parents, not Will, not anything. Dejected? Yes.

This? No.

He wanted to be a hero- not this.

Never this.

The remains of his city burned into his eyes and he knew it would never leave him. The skeletons of cars, stray building supports poking out of the ground so often... the dust and cracks in the earth. The river that flowed brown.

Welcome to heroism, Joey Jones. Someone always has to die.