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A Vampire Comes to Hongdae

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Min Yoongi loved having graveyard shift at the Lotte Hi-Mart by the Hongik University Station on Thursdays. For one, it meant that he had all the following Friday free to sleep in and fuck around. For another, the Hi-Mart was always dead this late on Thursdays, so Yoongi was basically just on store-sitting duty for seven hours. It was boring, yes, but it was peaceful. Relaxing, if you will.

Every week he and his good friend Kim Taehyung, who also took night shift with Yoongi at the Hi-Mart, would chill in the entertainment center where all the state of the art tv sets and sound systems were, and put in whatever video game they felt like, grab a few snacks from the food section, and kick back until morning shift came in to work. Yoongi and Taehyung had had an easy friendship, he’d come from the same hometown and his bright and charming personality offset his own quieter and reserved one quite well.

Yoongi never really thought that in the year after his graduation from university while he waited on acceptance letters from the music graduate programs he’d applied to, he’d be spending his nights basically having glorified game nights with the theoretical physics major, but well. Such was life.


Such was life, or so Yoongi thought.


He was single handedly the most beautiful man Yoongi had ever seen. And Yoongi was friends with Taehyung, who looked like he was crafted by the hands of the greatest renaissance sculptors that ever lived, so the superlative was nothing to sniff at. Yoongi, who spent most of his time during the day sleeping or working away and only really going out at night, was paper white, but this guy…

He was almost transparent. But like, an alluring, porcelain kind of transparent. Like he had been frozen in time for centuries, the elaborate system of purple and blue veins that webbed under the surface of his skin making him look almost delicate. His eyes, were wide and large and a striking grey color, and when they met Yoongi’s, he wondered distractedly what store he’d bought his contacts from.

Yoongi watched him from the corner of his eyes, feigning interest in the television screen playing the cutscene that came after his player character died. He’d nudged Taehyung to go take care of him; people were more his thing, Yoongi much preferring to just hover and wait politely until someone approached.

Taehyung had gone up to him, wide smile set on his face as he asked the curiously beautiful man wearing strangely formal clothes for a Thursday night how he could help him.

He was content to leave Taehyung to cover it, and restart the game from his last save when he heard the man speak,

“Yes, uh I would like one of everything of interest here.”

Maybe Yoongi had spent too much time hunched over his laptop with music editing software open, but he could quite literally hear the record scratch play in his mind…


“So-sorry? One of… what?”

Yoongi was watching them openly now, both in interest, and to make sure he didn’t need to call the police. The man seemed alright, but one could never know at odd hours like these.

At Taehyung’s question, the man seemed less sure of himself, looking confused as to what he’d said to get such a reaction from him,

“One of- one of everything? Of interest, of course.”

Taehyung and the man stood staring at each other in a slightly tense silence for two beats before Yoongi saw his coworker nod to himself and gesture at the man to follow him. He turned on his heels, walking passed where Yoongi sat reclining on an armchair.

He looked at him significantly, as if silently begging him to come help, so Yoongi sighed, shutting off the game and putting the bag of seaweed chips he’d opened down to go follow after them. Taehyung had taken out a notepad and was rattling various questions off to the strange customer,

“Could you, um, be more specific on what you would like, sir?”

As Yoongi drew nearer, he noticed how much younger the man seemed up close. He couldn’t have been older than Taehyung who was already three years his junior. Yet, he spoke with a kind of aged, almost antiquated superiority that he’d usually heard from people Yoongi’s grandfather’s age.

“Yes, I- I had hoped… I could purchase… some of these… fascinating… gadgets? That you have for sale?”

Taehyung nodded, scribbling away on his notepad.

The man offered up helpfully,

“I was told I could, um, find… a… what’s it called again… a handphone? Smart… smartphone!”

He snapped his fingers as the word came to him, smiling encouragingly at Taehyung.

So, it was confirmed.

The poor attractive young man was a total head case.

What a pity.


“A smartphone?”

“Yes, the girl earlier said that I could get one of those, and a…” He trailed off, looking off into the distance as if trying to recall something then smiled as his eyes widened in recognition, “Flat-screen TV! And A Gaming Console!”

Taehyung put down the notebook, staring at the man in disbelief. Yoongi figured he should step in,

“Excuse me, sir? If you’ll follow me, I’ll take you to the electronics section so we can take a look,”

The man turned to him as if noticing him for the first time and his eyes widened slightly as he scanned his face, facial expression suddenly going grave.


He stared at him intently and Yoongi began to feel uncomfortable under the intensity of his gaze, he seemed to have remembered him from somewhere, but Yoongi knew he’d never seen him before,

“Sir? If You will?”

He shook his head, seeming to regain his focus and his smile was back on his face, albeit slightly more tentative. He nodded and gestured for Yoongi to lead the way.

Yoongi began explaining to him about the smartphones they had available, telling him about different deals and plans and contracts and the such, but the man was very obviously occupied with something else. He finally interrupted Yoongi to ask whatever it was he’d had on his mind since first seeing him; Yoongi almost sighed in relief, having been held in suspense all that time.

“Is your… family name… Min, by chance?”

Yoongi’s chest fluttered in surprise. That was not what he was expecting the strange man to ask him. A stray thought went through his mind wondering if this bizarre turn of events was the universe’s way of doling out karma for Yoongi slacking so much at work the past few months.

“Yes… sir? Have we… met?”

The man’s eyes widened impossibly further and everything about his expression completely changed, as if Yoongi had confirmed something he’d been suspicious of for some time.

At this point, Yoongi was very ready to call the authorities.

“Yes, and no.” He looked wistful, “Um, you were saying about the… what did you call them? Data plans? What’s data?”

Yoongi continued to explain everything to him, watching in careful bemusement at the odd young man that seemed disproportionately excited by modern technology and somehow had recognized him from somewhere. He seemed mostly harmless, far too genuinely excited by the things in the store to be much of a threat to him even if he was a little strange. Yoongi decided he’d humour him and run up his bill for him before letting him down easily that he most probably couldn’t afford to purchase the whole store.

He handed off the order list to Taehyung, who took the man’s delivery address, as Yoongi calculated his final bill.

“That will be 6 million won, sir.”

“Oh, great! Um, here, I got this thing yesterday, it’s really quite interesting, they said at the bank you can use this instead of actual money?”

He took out his wallet from his pocket, a sleek, expensive looking leather cardholder, and slid over a black card. Yoongi swallowed.

A VIP Bank Card.

Only the one percent of the one percent carried those things around; Yoongi’d only read about them in lifestyle magazines, he’d never actually had the chance of knowing someone rich enough to have one.

He picked it up, the card itself evoking luxury, thick and solid and a fancy matte black. Even the register seemed to know the card he’d put through it was of another level, stalling for a moment before running the transaction.

He handed it back in a slightly trembling hand.


He wasn’t just eccentric.

He was rich and eccentric.

And beautiful, his mind offered up unhelpfully.


Taehyung finished up taking the man’s details for the order, smiling charmingly at him. It looked like they’d already struck up a kind of friendship, and an entirely irrational part of Yoongi felt… jealous? Like he’d somehow managed to develop a kind of attachment to the ridiculous wealthy customer in the few minutes he’d spent teaching him about tech. He shook the thought away.

The man deliberated for a moment, not making much of an effort to leave.

“You really are two very nice young gentlemen.”

Yoongi felt his cheeks heat even though the compliment was absolutely bizarre in its own right. Young gentlemen? He spoke like an old man.

He took out his wallet again, before sliding two sets of bills to Yoongi and Taehyung,

“For your troubles,” he smiled then, and turned on his heels, making his way to the door.

Yoongi and Taehyung stood dumbfounded, staring at the bills on the counter, completely at a loss.

When the front door chimed to signal the man had exited, Yoongi was spurred into action, grabbing the money and sprinting after him,

“Uh, sir? You can’t- we can’t accept this,”

The young man stopped before turning back to him, eyebrow raised in curiosity,

“Why not? Is it not enough?”

Not enough. He’d given the two of them enough to cover both their rents for a year.

“No, sir we can’t- this is way too much, it’s against the store policy,”

Ah. Well, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“No, you don’t understand, you can’t just give-”

The man smirked at him,

“Are you telling me what I can or can’t do with my own money?”

Yoongi paused,

“Well, no, but-”

“Throw it out if you want, or donate it, I don’t care, but I’m not taking it back.”

What in the entire-


“Okay, how about this,” the man, smiled to himself, “Consider it… payment? I’m quite new to this area and I don’t know many people, and it would be nice if you two could show me around,”

Yoongi should have said no.

He should have said no, thrown the bills in the guy’s face and run in the other direction, screaming for his life.

“Oh- okay. I’ll um, ask Tae.”

“I know where to find you.”

He smiled pleasantly, bowing his head slightly in farewell, walking off. Yoongi nodded dumbly, totally confused by the recent turn of events and before his brain could catch up to him to tell him to go after the man and insist he take back his money, he was gone.

When he’d stepped back into the store, Taehyung was standing by the door, watching him,

“Uh… what the fuck?”






Min Yoongi loved having graveyard shift at the Lotte Hi-Mart by the Hongik University Station on Thursdays. For one, it meant that he had all the following Friday free to sleep in and fuck around and stay in bed with his boyfriend. For another, the Hi-Mart was always dead this late on Thursdays, so Yoongi was basically just on store-sitting duty for seven hours. It was boring, yes, but it was peaceful. Relaxing, if you will.

Every week he, Taehyung, and his boyfriend, who would visit them during their hours at the Hi-Mart, would chill in the entertainment center where all the state of the art tv sets and sound systems were, and put in whatever video game they felt like, grab a few snacks from the food section, and kick back until morning shift came in to work. Yoongi would admit that his boyfriend was a little bit strange, being so pale that he looked like death warmed over, voice so twinkly and bright it sounded like bells, so inhumanly beautiful that it often took his breathe away, and having the manners and speech affectations of a centuries old man, but,

he was still Yoongi’s one and only.

Of course, there was also the fact that he was a 2000-year-old vampire, but Yoongi was taking that in stride. His mother had always said he had been great at compartmentalizing as a child.

Jeon Jungkook had blown into his life like an autumn breeze and settled into it like a layer of permafrost on a mountain top in winter. Yoongi was enamored.

Such was life.


After their initial meeting, he’d returned to the Hi-Mart the next week, dressed in a new suit and full of questions about his new gadgets, specifically enthralled by the personal assistant software on his new smartphone,

“So,” He began, leaning over Yoongi as he reclined in the arm chair he usually occupied on their game night Thursdays, “how do I get the little voice inside to speak to me?”

He gently tugged the controller out of Yoongi’s hands, poking at it curiously before setting it aside and replacing it with his brand-new phone, the case he’d chosen for it, (per Yoongi’s helpful suggestion) a sleek reinforced black carbon fiber with a privacy screen. He handled the phone with the reverence and care one would use to hold a new born child and Yoongi absently wondered what this attractive weirdo’s deal even was.

He crowded into his personal space to peer over his shoulder at the screen, straining to follow Yoongi’s directions on how to set up the Siri application on his phone. Distantly, Yoongi hoped he hadn’t noticed the tremor in his voice or the way he’d had to clear his throat twice from the sudden proximity. He smelled faintly of cherry blossoms, like a stroll through Hangang Park on the third day of spring.

From where Yoongi was glancing covertly out the corner of his eyes, he could see his lips were a plush bubblegum pink at the outer corners and a deep blood red at the center, like he’d just bitten them. Yoongi did not entertain a random thought about what it would be like to kiss them.

Okay, he did. But Yoongi could hardly be blamed, the man was a living meal, delectable from head to toe, even if he was as weird as they come.

Composure, Min Yoongi.

It had only been their second meeting, but Yoongi felt inexplicably drawn to him, and his bright-eyed fascination at all things millennial.


Much later, when the cat had been let out of its proverbial bag, Yoongi learned that Jungkook’s enthrallment by the fancy whose-it-whats of the modern age was because he’d just woken up from a centuries long nap, only to find the Joseon he’d left had been completely changed and turned upside down.

“It’s so exciting! Did you know, when I was last awake, we’d only just got word that the westerners had developed this machine that allowed you to hear the voice of someone from miles and miles and miles away as if they were right beside you? Now, look!”

Yoongi’s phone vibrated in his pocket, and when he picked it up, he noticed it was from a video call from the man sitting in his lap.

It was adorable.

He was adorable.


Ultimately, the truth had come out under very amusing circumstances. After two months of hanging out with the strange chaebol that never seemed to have anything to do but bother Taehyung and Yoongi during their Thursday night shift at the Hi-Mart, they finally could handle the suspense no longer, bristling under the man’s use of overly familiar speech when he so clearly looked to be years junior.

“Hey, how old are you anyway that you speak to your hyungs in Banmal?”

They’d both been speaking to him formally, calling him sir, still in customer/employee relationship mode, but he’d ruffled Taehyung’s hair fondly at something he’d said, mumbling about “the young kids these days,”

and suddenly Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore.

Jungkook looked at the two of them wide eyed, the peaks of his cheeks turning a subtle rose color.

“I, um… Who are you calling my hyungs, I’ll have you know, I was there when your grandmother’s grandfather’s grandmother’s grandfather’s great-great grandmother was but a babe! I saw this country founded with my own eyes!”

Taehyung met Yoongi’s eyes for a moment, and there was a beat of silence before they both burst out in hysterical laughter.

Right, our Jungkookie is so old!

He pouted at that, huffed at that, crossed his arms over his chest at that.

Yoongi half expected him to stomp his foot at that.

“I am! I should be…” He paused, eyes glaring at the ceiling in thought, “2021 years old this fall!”

Yoongi and Taehyung laughed harder.

“No, seriously. I’m not human. I’m a 2000-year-old vampire.”

“Of course, you are, Jungkookie.”

Then his eyes flashed, the crystalline grey becoming almost silver, the blue and purple veins under the surface of his skin seeming to grow more pronounced, and he bared his teeth, his canines transforming, growing razor sharp right before their astonished eyes.


It was all Yoongi could offer up.

Some part of him, a tiny part that was largely inconsequential, had been startled, terrified even, but for the most part, all he could do was feel like,


that he knew something was weird about the man.


Taehyung’s deadpan response only served to confirm the feeling.

Jungkook stared at them almost in disappointment, retracting his canines as his eyes returned to their normal color,

“You’re not-” he took a breath, “You’re not scared?”

Yoongi paused, thought for a moment.


He ruffled his feathery black hair, messing up the careful coiffing and returned his attention to the video game he’d paused.

In the periphery of his vision, Yoongi could see the man pout.

It was adorable.

He was adorable.

Adorable vampire.


Yoongi had fucked Jungkook before he’d even gotten to take him to see a movie, and he would find it somewhat backwards but,


this was a relationship with a 2000-year-old vampire, so some things were bound to go a little bit against the usual grain.

Jungkook lived in a large, elegant hanok located only a bus stop away from the base of Namsan mountain. Yoongi had stopped by out of concern when neither he nor Taehyung had heard from him for the better part of a week and a half. He rang the bell at the gate, once then twice before Jungkook responded, a disembodied voice that came through the security system speakers,

“Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out this damned fancy door technology, give me a second, oh Yoongi-yah is that you?”

Yoongi hummed, rubbing his hands together to warm them in the cool autumn evening air. He smiled to himself at Jungkook’s insistence on speaking to him informally to reinforce his position as the eldest. It was cute.

“Let me in?”

“Oh yes, one moment, let me see if I can- here!”

The gate buzzed and clicked and Yoongi pushed it open. He looked around at the front courtyard of the large estate, surveying the neatly manicured lawn with pretty cherry blossom trees planted off to one side.

He made his way to what appeared to be the main door, craning his neck to admire the traditional Korean architecture of the building. He’d only had a moment or so to marvel at it before the door opened slowly and Jungkook peeked his head out.

His hair was disheveled and messy, his skin glowing with a youth and vigor Yoongi had never seen on him before; his usually extremely pale skin a soft milky pink in the moonlight.

Yoongi stood by the door feeling awkward, feeling like he was intruding. He’d half expected the vampire to be curled in a ball suffering from starvation or something with the way he’d dropped off the grid, but he looked fine, well even, so Yoongi was at a loss. It seemed he’d just grown bored of his and Taehyung’s company. The thought stung more than he expected it to.

“Yoongi, is everything alright?”

“Um, I came to ask you the same thing, you kind of disappeared on us, and…”

He scratched at the back of his head helplessly, unsure how to explain the reason for his visit.

Jungkook’s eyes narrowed mischievously, his lips curling into a smirk,

“Were you two worried about me? Did you miss me?”

He peeked his head out further from the door as if to get a better look at Yoongi’s embarrassed blush as he avoided eye-contact.

“Not- not worried per se just- well yeah, worried.”

Jungkook deliberated for a moment then stepped back, opening the door wider for Yoongi to enter. The ground heating system that was typical of the hanok house style instantly warmed him, making him feel cozy. He looked around at the foyer. It was homely, decorated with what had to be centuries old artifacts and art pieces. Just from the small bit of Jungkook’s house that he’d seen, he could already tell it would be an anthropologist’s wet dream. Was that-

“Is that Ming Dynasty?”

Jungkook followed his alarmed gaze to the vase he had set on a bookshelf and nodded, smiling casually and waving his hand,

“It was a gift from when I used to recite poetry at a tea house.”

“That’s so- that’s so cool,”

Jungkook smirked,

“If you think it’s so cool, then call me hyung, you upstart.”

Yoongi stared at Jungkook who looked at him expectantly.

He laughed.

Jungkook frowned.

“This is why I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Oh, so you were avoiding us?”

Jungkook huffed. Then he shook his head,

“No, it’s um, actually a little bit embarrassing…”

Jungkook shifted from foot to foot and Yoongi curiously looked him up and down and-


He… had he always been in this advanced state of undress or…?

Yoongi tried valiantly not to stare at the silk black button up pulled askew and undone four buttons down the top and three from the bottom to reveal inches of milky pink pale skin and the distinct lack of pants and the-

“You have a tattoo?”

Jungkook looked at him startled, as if he’d interrupted a very difficult train of thought,

“Hmm? Oh, that’s- that’s a story for another time. I- you see the thing is…”

He stalled, seeming like he wasn’t sure how to proceed,

“I’ve just recently, um, fed.”

Yoongi stiffened.

Two thoughts, seemingly disparate in their trajectories, went through Yoongi’s mind at that moment. The first, a more logical and pragmatic one, was alarm at the sudden reminder of Jungkook’s nature, of the glaring fact that he was not entirely human. It was brief and passing and immediately overtaken by a far more irrational feeling of… jealousy. Had he found someone willing to offer up blood to him? Something deep inside Yoongi did not like the idea that Jungkook could be sharing that kind of intimacy with someone. Someone that wasn’t… him.

A third, stray thought crossed his mind, quiet but nagging all the same, that Jungkook might have had to kill, but it was extinguished as soon as it came. Yoongi may not have been familiar with vampires and the like, but Jeon Jungkook was no killer. He had too much of a lingering respect for life to kill; he’d scrunch his nose disapprovingly if Yoongi even thought to hurt a fly, ordering him to just “let the poor thing out the window, it’s not its fault it was born as such,”

Ultimately, it was the jealousy, ridiculous that it may have been, that decided to linger in Yoongi’s mind and he’d wondered disjointedly how he could find it in himself to muster such strong emotional responses to someone that was only recently little more than a peculiar stranger to him.

Jungkook didn’t give Yoongi much time to steep in it, however, because he continued,

“Before I went to sleep, I had arranged to have someone look after my affairs for me, they’d passed the responsibility down to their children and so on, and so on, and they’d secured me a contract with the blood bank, so you don’t need to panic uselessly. I haven’t drunk from a person in centuries.”

“I wasn’t panicking,” Yoongi mumbled the reply unconvincingly, a pout tugging at the corners of his lips.

Jungkook ignored him,

“The, um. The thing is, after feeding, we vampires tend to get a little… um… excited… and it takes some time for it to pass so I stayed at home, hoping to get it out of my system before seeing you again. I wouldn’t have wanted to… proposition you or anything.”

 “Proposition… me?”

Jungkook sighed, eyes fluttering about, looking anywhere but at Yoongi.

“I’m… drawn- attracted to you, and… I didn’t want to make things strange by confessing to you… under these circumstances.”

Yoongi snorted,

“A little late to worry about things being strange,”

Jungkook looked at him and for a brief moment, he looked hurt-

No, that wasn’t- that wasn’t what he-

“No, that’s… that’s not what I meant to say, I, uh, I’m attracted to you too, I mean fuck, look at you. But also, um, it’s cute you were worried about things being strange, Mr. 2000-year-old vampire.”

Jungkook stared at him, then laughed, airy and sounding half relieved, half indignant.

“Well, now you know… so you can… um.”

He waved at the door shyly.

Yoongi smirked, raising an eyebrow,

“You sure you want me to leave? Not still feeling… how did you put it? Excited?”

Jungkook’s eyes screwed shut and he swallowed, fingers twitching at his side and Yoongi watched his skin glow an even healthier rose color.

Fuck how was someone as old as dirt this fucking adorable?

Yoongi continued,

“You don’t want me to help? Help you feel better? Must be driving you nuts like an itch you can’t scratch, why don’t I take care of it for you, Jungkookie?”

Before he knew it, he was slammed against the front door.

Jungkook’s eyes were silver suddenly and he let out a sound that perhaps should have been a growl but was closer to a purr as his lips curled menacingly and his sharp canines flashed.

Yoongi struggled against his hold, testing it, and found he was totally pinned. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

“You want to take care of me, Yoongi-yah? You’d do that for me?”

His eyes fluttered closed as he inhaled, ducking to nuzzle against Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi suppressed a groan, feeling his jeans begin to tighten uncomfortably.

“You,” Yoongi shuddered as Jungkook licked a stripe along his pulse point with his velvety tongue, “smell amazing, Min Yoongi.”

Yoongi’s skin tingled where Jungkook had touched him.

Suddenly Jungkook pressed a smooth bare thigh between his legs, grinding against his crotch and the growing bulge there.

He pulled away, quirking his head to the side and raising an eyebrow,

“What’s this, Yoongi-yah? You’ve been keeping this secret all this time?”

Yoongi gulped. Jungkook rubbed his thigh against his bulge again.

Heavens, what I wouldn’t do to have this inside me right now.”

Jungkook traced a finger along Yoongi’s bottom lip, and hesitated. He bit his own bottom lip, his sharp teeth catching on the plush skin leaving a small cut at the corner. His pupils grew two sizes and he glanced up to meet Yoongi’s eyes. Something flashed across his face… Uncertainty?

Yoongi smirked. He took Jungkook’s moment of hesitation to raise a hand to his face, taking his cheek in his. He purred again, pressing his cheek into his palm, inhaling at the veins at his wrist. Yoongi used his thumb to rub the tiny droplet of blood at the corner of Jungkook’s mouth away, the color smudging and staining his already silken lips a darker red. Jungkook’s eyes returned to normal, his canines retracting.

It was in that moment that Yoongi trapped a foot behind Jungkook’s heel, shifting his weight to throw him off balance and switch their places.

Jungkook let his head fall back against the door and his eyes rolled to look up at the ceiling. Yoongi returned his hand to his cheek, tilting his head then leaning forward to press his lips against his.

They kissed like that, mouths giving way to tongues, tastes intermixing into a heady mix.

When they pulled apart, Yoongi rested his forehead against Jungkook’s, panting against his lips. He trailed his hand down to the milky skin on his neck, marveling at the way his own pale hand looked against it. He gripped around the column of it, and Jungkook’s eyes flashed again, lips twisting into a smirk. He huffed a laugh, baring more of his neck to Yoongi, daring him to squeeze.

So, Yoongi did.

The vampire’s eyes shut again, and he moaned, the noise vibrating against the pads of Yoongi’s fingertips.

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to play with your food, Yoongi-yah?”

Yoongi squeezed again, eyes watching intently as Jungkook’s jaw fell slack.

He was so beautiful.

He was so beautiful.

Yoongi could turn cartographer and map every inch of his flawless skin, every dip and divot on his body, every curve and plane and angle. Jungkook whined softly, and Yoongi licked his lips.

“Unless you want me to bend you over against this door, you might want to take me to your room.”

His voice had come out rough, thick with arousal, and he hadn’t missed the way Jungkook’s eyes settled back to grey, hadn’t missed the flush crawling up his neck.

Jungkook tugged him along, through cozy and dimly lit corridor after corridor until he stopped outside two sets of sliding rice paper doors. He winked at Yoongi before gently sliding them open behind him, backing into the spacious bedroom behind, pulling Yoongi in after him.

They fell together in a tangle of limbs onto a large bed with soft silken sheets.

Yoongi took a moment to enjoy the tableau before him.

Jungkook arched his back, hair fanning out around him on the bedsheets.

“Hot… ‘m so hot. Touch me, Yoongi-yah,”

The ‘please’ was silent and hung in the air between them, enticing Yoongi, offering him control.

“Do you trust me?”

Jungkook looked up at him, eyes heavily lidded, lower lip tugged between teeth. He nodded; pulled lightly at Yoongi’s jacket. Huffed and pushed at it until he shrugged it off.

Yoongi kicked off his shoes, then returned his attention to the man lying sprawled out beneath him. He leaned forward to unbutton the last buttons on his shirt before running his hands over smooth, firm, glowing skin. Jungkook rose into his touch slightly.

Yoongi smiled at how responsive the vampire was to him. How much he seemed to crave his touch, like it gave him a relief of sorts from the need buzzing below the surface of his skin.

Jungkook practically melted into it.

It was intensely erotic.

Yoongi hooked two fingers under the waistband of his black briefs, satisfaction curling in his gut at the appearance of a dark spot on the front.

“Look at you. Are you gonna be a good boy for me?”

Jungkook growled, threatening him with his fangs,

Not a boy. Not good.”

Yoongi would take him seriously if he didn’t cant his hips up as he ghosted a hand over his cock and whine pitifully, face going soft again with desire.

Jungkook’s cock was a sight to behold. It was by far the prettiest he’d ever seen, long and curved and rosy red around the base. His mouth watered.

Yoongi was almost overwhelmed with all the things he wanted to do to the beautiful body laid out before him,

but first,

He stroked a hand across the side of his face before pressing his wrist over Jungkook’s cherry lips.


Jungkook grabbed his wrist and rubbed his nose against his pulse point, but did nothing else. He looked up at Yoongi alluringly through his lashes,

“Not now, another time. Not yet.”

Yoongi nodded, instead falling forward to kiss a trail down Jungkook’s chest and abdomen.

He loved how his body twitched and trembled under his ministrations.

When he reached his cock, he settled between his legs, kissing the head delicately and watching Jungkook ball his hands in the sheets.

Yoongi traced a finger around the puckered rim of his hole and Jungkook’s hands flew to his hair, tangling in the strands.

“This,” Yoongi traced again at his hole, “is mine now,”

Jungkook moaned, pitched and breathy.

“This,” Yoongi licked along the underside of his cock, “is mine too,”

He gritted his teeth, tugging softly at his hair.

“I get to decide when this comes, and when this gets to have something inside it now.”

Jungkook thrashed his head from side to side,

“Y-yes, Yoongi, yes. Fuck, just-”

Yoongi swallowed around his cock then, humming at its weight and warmth in his mouth.


That night Yoongi learned that Jungkook’s voice sounded how a sky full of stars on a clear night looked when he came.


It became like this,

Yoongi was there to ease his need and restlessness after every feeding. He memorized every centimeter of the vampire, knew every strand of hair, every freckle, every birthmark.

He could trace the tattoos, one of a dragon on his back and one of a lotus around his thigh, in complete darkness. He’d found he would often doodle them when his mind went drifting, when thoughts of Jungkook crowded it. Filled the empty spaces in his chest.

He was consumed by him. Completely.

It was torture.

Yoongi was practically drowning in affection for Jeon Jungkook about a month into whatever thing it was they had but the vampire remained steadfastly aloof.

Still cute,

still beautiful,

still brilliant,

but aloof all the same.

Yoongi knew he was probably being melodramatic, that if he approached Jungkook with his feelings that everything would be resolved one way or another but he couldn’t help the trepidation he felt at bringing them up with the millennia old vampire.

What was he going to say?

“Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. You’ve been alive for longer than this country has existed but anyway date me I’m a real catch I’ll write you songs and will still play video games with you even after you win relentlessly, again and again.”


On second thought…


The fact of the matter was, Min Yoongi, university graduate and all-around adult who never thought he’d have to find himself in a situation like this after high school,

had a crush.

In every sense of the word.

He had fallen into the trap of unrequited love so deeply and so quickly, it was almost shameful.

When Jungkook had discovered that he could send Yoongi nudes via text message and he’d immediately and shamelessly come running at his beck and call,

he probably thought Yoongi saved the pictures to beat off to or something.

The truth was much worse.

The truth was: Min Yoongi had an album on his phone titled, Baby Boy <3 <3, that he was ready to disavow at the first sign of trouble, just filled with screenshots of conversations and pictures of the ridiculous vampire.

Yoongi had never?  Related? So much? To Drake? Before in his life.

He was in despair.


At one point, Yoongi had just lost all his patience:


bbvamp: r u free

you: r we ever rly free

bbvamp: u kno what i mean human

you: do u ever

do u ever think

to ask

how I’m doing

how my dog is

did u know my dog’s name is Holly?

i know ur favorite color is red

which is so unoriginal by the way

but anyway thats not the point

the point is

am I just a dick to u

do u just want me for my body

is that what this is

bbvamp: lol

that’s how u use that right


tell holly i said i lov her



bbvamp: lmao

(i learned that yesterday)


im sorry u kno im getting older

my memory isn’t what it used to be


r u free

[photo attachment]



be there in 30


It was torture. Sweet, sweet torture.


"You should really call me hyung in public, you know."

"Why, I'm your hyung by like-"

"Okay, when were you turned?"

"2000 years ago, you know that."

"No, like, how old were you?"

"20 years of age-"

"I'm 24."

"Min Yoongi, shut up."

"Actually, it's hyung, shut up."


Yoongi broke his silence a week later, tracing along the lines and curves of the elaborate dragon adorning Jungkook’s back as he lay, naked and sprawled across his lap, tapping excitedly at his new iPad,

(he’d just discovered webtoons and manhwas)

“Are you ever going to buy me dinner? Keeping up with your sex drive really works up an appetite.”

Jungkook rolled around and smirked up at him before leaning up to brush their lips together. He pulled away before Yoongi could press further and deepen the kiss,

“Just say you want to be in a relationship already, the suspense is killing me. Not that you haven’t been really adorable trying to court me all this time; I would have said something earlier but it was just too cute watching you flounder.”

Yoongi was at a loss.

“You- you knew

“Hey now, don’t get angry at me, I never said I didn’t like you, in fact if memory serves correctly I confessed first, it was your turn.”

“If memory- Aren’t you the one always claiming that your memory is going, old man?”

“Oh, so now you want to acknowledge that I’m older?”

Min Yoongi, the 24-year-old Pisces with a Bachelor’s degree and a cozy 1 bedroom apartment near Hongdae market,

(prime real estate for the Korean millennial)

and full blown, responsible adult,


But at least, now he had a boyfriend. And a very handsome one at that. The fact that he was richer than should have been humanly possible was also an added bonus, even if Yoongi hadn’t much care for such Bourgeois interests, if he could say so himself.

Not just any boyfriend either.

Jeon Jungkook. Very possibly the love of Yoongi’s relatively short human life.




So, the story returned to where it began:

Min Yoongi loved having graveyard shift at the Lotte Hi-Mart by the Hongik University Station on Thursdays. For one, it meant that he had all the following Friday free to sleep in and fuck around and stay in bed with his boyfriend. For another, the Hi-Mart was always dead this late on Thursdays, so Yoongi was basically just on store-sitting duty for seven hours. It was boring, yes, but it was peaceful. Relaxing, if you will.

Every week he, Taehyung, and his boyfriend, who would occasionally visit them during their hours at the Hi-Mart, would chill in the entertainment center where all the state of the art tv sets and sound systems were, and put in whatever video game they felt like, grab a few snacks from the food section, and kick back until morning shift came in to work. Yoongi would admit that his boyfriend was a little bit strange, being so pale that he looked like death warmed over, voice so twinkly and bright it sounded like bells, so inhumanly beautiful that it often took his breathe away, and having the manners and speech affectations of a centuries old man, but,

he was still Yoongi’s one and only.

Of course, there was also the fact that he was a 2000-year-old vampire, but Yoongi was taking that in stride.

Life was as such.

It was the day after Yoongi received his first acceptance letter to join the Music Therapy Graduate Program at Sungkyunkwan University. Yoongi had made the executive decision along with Taehyung that Jungkook should meet the rest of their circle of friends. Seokjin had graduated from Hongik the year before him, and Hoseok and Namjoon would be graduated that spring and Jimin was a Junior with Taehyung. They’d all dormed together on the same floor and Seokjin had been their RA and the six of them had gotten into all kinds of trouble that year but managed to forge an exceptionally strong bond that lasted even after they’d stopped living together on campus.

Everyone gathered at Hoseok and Namjoon’s duplex, deciding that although Seokjin’s apartment was nicest, theirs was biggest and best suited for a party.  

Jungkook was restless and buzzing with nervous energy.

“What’s wrong, did you just feed?”

Jungkook glared at him,

“You know I didn’t. I’m just…”

He trailed off.


Jungkook huffed.

It was adorable.

He was adorable.

Yoongi’s adorable vampire.


But he had no reason to be nervous. Yoongi and Taehyung had broken the news to their friends a long while ago, and while the responses varied from disbelieving to intrigued to terrified and disapproving, they all eventually came around. At this point, everyone was curious to meet Jungkook. Namjoon and Hoseok, both Classical Eastern Literature majors were through the roof at the opportunity to speak with him, to hear about what he’d seen.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get along with them fine,”

Yoongi whispered it quietly into the skin of his knuckles as he laced their fingers together and brought them up to his lips.

Jungkook smiled, sighing.

I really shouldn’t be the nervous one.”

It was Seokjin who opened the door. He bowed deeply to Jungkook before flicking Yoongi on the nose and calling him a troublemaker. Jungkook smiled at him angelically, introducing himself before smirking at Yoongi, gloating when Seokjin playfully called him “Hyungnim,”

“You look like the maknae but it seems I have to call you hyung,”

He bowed again, teasingly, and Jungkook placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling him up.

“I’m glad to see that at least some of the young people in this generation have good Confucian values.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Please. You hated the Confucian system,”

Jungkook merely flashed his canines at him teasingly before following along as he was ushered away to meet the rest of the guys.

Jungkook made easy friends. But, of course he did.


Later, much later, after they had all said their goodbyes and Jungkook had made his promises to hang out another time,

when Jungkook had looked at him that way, the special way,

when Yoongi was punch drunk with affection and fondness,

and had gotten Jungkook back home and out of his clothes,

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Jungkook stared at him, then his face just crumpled like he was going to cry,

Oh, shit.

“No, no baby, don’t cry, I didn’t um, I didn’t mean it? Please just don’t cry.”

Jungkook just stared at him, eyebrows creased and lower lip wavering and eyes big and shiny with unshed tears.

“I’m sorry, fuck, I- I don’t know what I said wrong?”

“Min Yoongi,”

Yoongi stopped his rambling; Jungkook brought both hands up to cradle his face,

“You- you love me?”

Yoongi nodded, hands falling helplessly at his sides.

“I- yes. Yes, I do.”

Jungkook crushed their lips together with a fervor Yoongi was not sure he’d ever seen from him before.


Yoongi had made love to Jungkook before he’d even gotten to take him out to dinner, and he would find it somewhat backwards but,


this was a relationship with a 2000-year-old vampire, so some things were bound to go a little bit against the usual grain.

It wasn’t like all the times before they hadn’t had something going on between them,

but somehow,

this time was just different.

Jungkook looked at him like he’d been drowning and Yoongi had just pulled him to surface.

He’d gently pushed Yoongi down to lie on his satin bedsheets, had crawled between his legs, had-


Yoongi’s hands found purchase tangled in his feather soft black hair, ruining the careful coiffing and leaving a little cowlick to fall over his forehead. He nudged him gently to swallow him down further, to push his fingers further.

Yoongi’s toes curled.

“Don’t- I want to-”

Jungkook pulled away, eyes dark,

“I want- yeah, me too.”

Jungkook spared only a few moments to scissor himself open, and slick Yoongi’s length with lube before sinking down on him, and Yoongi’s hand flew to his hips, guiding his pace.

He wanted it to last forever.

Jungkook’s eyes screwed shut as he swiveled his hips, gasping and panting prettily as he ran his hand through his hair, pushing it out of his face.

Yoongi leaned forward to kiss and lick at his bared chest, to nibble at the pebbled flesh of his nipple

(which seemed awfully sensitive for an undead vampire, but what would Yoongi know)

His breath hitched, and Yoongi brought his hand to his pretty flushed cock, wrapping it easily around the length.

Jungkook’s voice sounded how a sky full of stars on a clear night looked when he came.


The bookshelf had caught his attention when he’d been playing with Jungkook’s hair as they lay tangled together in bed, tucked into each other’s arms.

There were scrolls and scrolls and books and books, all looking like they ranged in age from centuries to almost a thousand years. Of course, off to the corner was his newer assortment of graphic novels and set upon set of mangas, but it was the older stuff that interested Yoongi.

“These must be ancient,”

Jungkook nodded, from where he still lay on his bed still naked with the sheets draped over him all too enticingly for Yoongi’s comfort, but that was for later.

Yoongi trailed his fingers along the tops of them, they were in pristine condition for what they were, and Yoongi felt something like awe at the vast collection of literal history before him.

He picked one up, curious to see what old text Jungkook would have saved from the past. Maybe some Moxi, or Galileo, or art from the Gogoryeo period.

Yoongi’s hands trembled slightly. He pulled the scroll apart, then,

“Jungkook-ah. Really.”

He glanced at the vampire from over his shoulder who was clicking away in interest at his new laptop.


Romance of a Hundred Beauties.”

“A classic!”

“Jeon Jungkook. Don’t tell me all of these are erotica.”

Jungkook smiled at him slyly,

“Why, did you think I had philosophical texts in there or something?”

Yoongi felt his neck heat up,

“Shut up.”

Jungkook chuckled as Yoongi looked through them, rolling his eyes at Jungkook’s gathering of ancient pornography. How Yoongi could even have found it in himself to be surprised, he did not know.




“Jungkook-ah, what’s this?”


He was by his side in a second.

Oh. I thought I’d put these all away.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

He sighed, tugging at Yoongi’s wrist and pulling him to sit with him at the foot of the bed. He rose, moving to his closet and pulling it open. He then pushed his clothes aside to reveal a vault, and something made Yoongi hold his breath as he unlocked it and pulled out a small box.

Returning to his side, he offered the box to Yoongi who took it and pressed his hand against the lid, too wary to open it immediately.

Jungkook took the box and opened it for him. Something caught in his throat at what was inside.

He sighed, picking the first scroll up and looking at it wistfully,

“It’s you. But it’s also not you. I- I’ve been waiting for you for two thousand years, Min Yoongi”

Yoongi couldn’t find any words to speak, so he remained silent. Jungkook continued,

“I first met you in the year 17 AD,” Yoongi blinked, “I hadn’t fallen in love with you yet, but I would soon. I was a lord’s son, and you were the firstborn of another. We… couldn’t be together. But then, a plague had come to our land and everyone in our families had been wiped out. We were left behind, traveled far looking for a cure. Both of us had fallen sick by the time we’d found a shaman… My… creator.”

Jungkook put the scroll down and Yoongi picked it up, looking at the painting of the man that looked like him but also didn’t.

“He could only save one of us,”

Jungkook sniffed, eyes glassy.

“We had agreed that neither of us would take the cure, we’d die together. That night, we drank, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Only one of us woke up the next morning. You- you’d arranged with him behind my back. I hated you for years. I hated him. You’d cursed me to wander through hell without you, condemned me to an eternity of killing and bloodlust.”

Jungkook laughed mirthlessly. He took the box gently from Yoongi’s hands, picking up a smaller, different looking portrait.

“I saw you again three centuries later, but I was too late and you were already married.”

He picked up another portrait,

“I missed you by two centuries here.”

He picked up another,

Yoongi held his hand still, taking the picture from him as well as the box and setting them aside. He took Jungkook’s face in his hands, wiping at the crystalline tear that fell down his cheek.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jungkook sniffed,

“It’s not like I wasn’t going to.”

Yoongi nodded.


Then, that was enough.


“Did you really wait two thousand years for me?”

“I recognized you immediately, at the mart.”


Of course.

“Is your… family name… Min, by chance?”


Jungkook sighed, tracing at the tattoo of a lotus on his thigh.

“You used to call me a lotus before. You’d say I was resiliently beautiful like one; the way they grew from the murkiest of waters.”

“You are.” Jungkook’s face crumpled again, and Yoongi worried he’d said something wrong again,

“Hush, no, no don’t cry.”

He dropped his head to Yoongi’s shoulder, who brought a hand up to stroke at his hair.

“You found me, right? That’s what matters.”