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The Breaking Point

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He had reached his breaking point.

The city stretched out before him, the sun reflecting off the windows of various houses. Maybe he should’ve gone somewhere with a better view, but did that truly matter now? He had just gone to the nearest tall enough building to ensure that…

Izuku hugged himself, shivering when the wind got stronger. From up here he felt even smaller than he already was, even more insignificant. Even more pathetic.

If his mother saw him now she would get a heart-attack. She would be yelling and crying, telling him to step back and go home. She would ask him why he was even contemplating this. There was a chance that she was already getting a bit worried about him. A quick look at his phone told him that he was normally home by now. But today wasn’t a normal day. No. Today was the day he had had enough.

All his life he had tried to kid himself into thinking he could make his dream come true. He had been lying to himself, trying to make himself feel better. Everyone had accepted it, hadn’t they? They had all accepted the fact that he was Quirkless and treated him accordingly. So why couldn’t he? Why couldn’t he just accept the fact that he didn’t have a Quirk?

Izuku continued staring at the city. Life wasn’t fair. He had known that for years now, but only today had he realized how true it was. Only today had someone’s words truly opened his eyes.

If you wanna be a hero that badly, there’s a quick way to do it. Believe that you’ll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a last chance dive off the roof!”

He disliked him. Hate wasn’t a word that was part of Izuku’s vocabulary. Every person had some good in them, every person deserved a second chance, a third chance, a…

However, he had given his childhood friend – maybe friend was the wrong term here, more like classmate – enough chances. Too many in fact. All it had done was further strengthen his belief that Kacchan truly despised him. He despised him for something he couldn’t change, even though he wished to. Izuku couldn’t change the fact that he was Quirkless, that he didn’t have a cool power like everyone else. Statistically speaking around 20% of the world population were Quirkless and yet he didn’t know anyone in his social circles who was like him. No one at school was in the same position as he was. Were the statistics wrong? Or maybe there were just more people with Quirks in Japan?

This wasn’t important right now anyway. The point was, Izuku didn’t like Kacchan all that much. He admired him, because how couldn’t you? Kacchan was smart, he had an amazing Quirk and plenty of determination to make his dream come true. Izuku had no doubt that he would pass the entrance exam and get into U.A.. He admired him for all of those things, but without him Izuku’s life would be a lot easier. The constant humiliation and bullying only made the ache in his heart grow stronger.

Izuku took out his slightly burnt notebook and smiled sadly. All of his work had been for nothing after all. Even if he analysed every hero he came across, found out their weaknesses, strengths and whatnot, without a Quirk he couldn’t be a hero. Without a Quirk he couldn’t get into U.A. and make his dream become reality. Without a Quirk all you were in this world was a second-class citizen.

Kacchan was right, wasn’t he? There was nothing for him here in this life. Everything he wanted was out of reach. He didn’t want to live like this any longer.

When another gust of wind blew by he let go of the notebook and watched it get blown away. This was it then. This was how his story ended.

The fear he had expected wasn’t there when he took another step towards the edge of the roof. Under normal circumstances he would probably be crying out of fright, but today that wasn’t the case. He didn’t feel like crying. All he wanted was to finally let go and end this misery that was his life.

Izuku looked down at the street below him. If he jumped he would be dead upon impact, there was no other way. Good. He didn’t want to fail and either die painfully or have someone save him. He didn’t need a hero saving him. Even though he was usually obsessed with them, today he didn’t need one. He had had enough of them.

There was no note waiting for his mother in his room. Why write a note and explain himself when his mother surely knew why he was doing this? He truly loved her with all of his heart, but even her love couldn’t make him stay. She didn’t know the extent to which his whole life pained him, but that was alright. He didn’t blame her. All she had ever done was support him and give him love. She had always…

I’m sorry, Izuku! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

He was sorry, too.

The wind blew by stronger again and Izuku closed his eyes. If there was another life after this one he hoped it would be better and if there wasn’t…that was okay, too. Anything was better than this.

And so he took the final step forward, hearing the wind rushing by as he fell and in those few moments he felt more alive than ever before. With his eyes still closed he let himself forget all his troubles, all his disappointments and simply felt without any thoughts running through his head. In that moment, he simply felt at peace.

And if Izuku had opened his eyes, he would’ve seen a large man rushing towards him in panic, arms stretched out to catch him before he hit the ground.