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People are born unequal. Izuku knows this.

Sometimes he’s bitter over it. But All Might always smiles on the screen of the computer, and it makes Izuku feel like everything will be all right. So he can smile, too.

“You don’t even have a Quirk!” Kacchan shouts, and his friends (Izuku’s friends, once upon a time) laugh obnoxiously, Kacchan basking in their admiration.

“B-but the doctor s-said-“ Izuku begins, voice wobbly, snot and tears muffling it, “-My toe joint is f-fine so-“

“You’re just quirkless trash!” Friend-on-the-right shouts, and immediately looks to Kacchan for approval but only gets a menacing scowl. It doesn’t stop him from adding, “Even if you got a Quirk, if it doesn’t show, then it’s worthless! You’ll never reach our level!”

Izuku winces. Bad choice of words there. Poor Friend-on-the-right.

“Hah?” Kacchan growls, as Izuku knew would happen. “Ya think you’re on my level?! You’re just a fucking extra!” Explosions go off on his palms, loud and scary and bright, and so so beautiful. Izuku could watch Kacchan use his Quirk forever.

Friend-on-the-right does not think that way and runs away. Friend -on-the-left starts sniffling. “I’m telling Kaa-chan you used a bad word!” he whimpers.

More explosions. There’s a big word to describe how they look to him, Izuku tries to remember it. Hyp-no-tah-zing. Something like that. Kacchan would know the word, he’s way smarter than anyone else even at age six. “The fuck you will,” Kacchan tells Friend-on-the-left, who starts nodding frantically.

“I gotta see someone bye!” And with those words, Friend-on-the-left runs away as well. This leaves Izuku alone with Kacchan, which is both great and terrifying. Mostly great, though. Kacchan’s hands are still sparking.

“Fucking coward,” Kacchan sneers after the running boy.

“U-Uhm, Kacchan?” Izuku speaks up timidly. “Your pants are on fire.”

“The fuck’re you saying, shitty Deku?” Kacchan growls. “Those shitheads were right, y’know? You’re fuckin’ worthless!”

“But your pants are really on fire,” Izuku repeats. Indeed, Kacchan’s sparking hands had set his clothing on fire.

Kacchan squawks and starts petting at the flames. They’re small, much less bright than his explosions, but they seem to scare him. Izuku jumps forward - it’s up to him to save his friend! Except Kacchan doesn’t really like getting tackled to the ground by Izuku and punches him in the face, and they end up rolling in the dirt, Izuku frantically trying to smother the flames while Kacchan attempts to violently get rid of him.

Izuku does back off when the pants aren’t aflame anymore.

“This shit was supposed to be fire-resistant,” Kacchan complains, glaring balefully at the charred holes in his pants. “Stupid Mom got ripped off.”

“Oh no,” Izuku mumbles. “What if that happens again, what if that’s normal, what if heroes can’t rely on the labels of their clothing, that would be terrible, hero outfits rely on materials so much, if a fireproof suit isn’t fireproof than there’s no telling what might happen-“

“They’ll burn, obviously,” Kacchan sneers. “You’re so- holy fuck, Deku.”

“Huh?” Izuku asks.

“Your face,” Kacchan says, staring blankly. “Holy shit, you have a Quirk.”

Now Izuku is the one staring. “I have a Quirk?” He starts patting at his face for anything - scales, maybe, or horns? “I have a Quirk?!” He stares at Kacchan who holds the answer to the question that he’s asked himself his whole life. “What is it, where is it, what do I do, is it something amazing like yours, is it maybe like All Might’s but no, that would be too great for someone like me, Kacchan, do I really have a Quirk?”

“Would I lie about this?” Kacchan demands, jumping forward and grabbing Izuku’s wrists, dragging them away from his face. “Stop pawing your face, you idiot, I gotta see this!”

“But what is it?” Izuku whines.

“Shut up!” Kacchan pokes his cheek, turns Izuku’s head this way and that while examining his face. His eyes are gleaming, and Izuku remembers that Kacchan is just as interested in cool powers as Izuku is. “This is some sick shit,” he says.

“But what does it do?” Izuku asks desperately. “Kacchaaaaan!”

Kacchan grabs Izuku’s hands and turns them over. There are blisters on his palms from when he’d tried to smother the flames on Kacchan’s clothes. And as he watches, the blisters just - sink into his skin and disappear. It itches, he notices. His face itches, too. He wants to scratch himself, but that would mean moving his hands, and he’s too busy marvelling at the miracle - he has a Quirk.

“Mom, mom! I have a Quirk!” Izuku barrels into his home, his mother whirling around, completely startled.

“Izuku?” she asks. “What was that?”

He throws his arms around her, bouncing up and down. “I have a Quirk, mom! See, we were playing and then Kacchan’s pants caught on fire, and then I got blisters and stuff trying to put it out-“

“Oh no!” his mother exclaims, “I’ll get the first-aid kit, then we’ll go to the doctor-“

“No, look!” Izuku beams as he holds out his hands. “No blisters! They all healed, isn’t that great? Mom,” he breathes. “I have a Quirk.”

Tears fill his mom’s eyes. “Oh Izuku,” she breathes. “That’s - that’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you!” Her arms wrap around him.

All is well in Izuku’s world.

Self-healing. That’s Izuku’s Quirk. All of a sudden, most of his problems - if they could be called that, it’s not a problem if everything is fine, Izuku thinks - disappear. No more pitying looks or mocking whispers follow him around. Kacchan is nice again, for some interpretations of the word. He doesn’t push Izuku away so much, and he’s almost as interested in Izuku’s Quirk as Izuku himself.

Kacchan is also the one who stops him when he tries to test his Quirk by hurting himself. That’s just fucking dumb, he yells at Izuku and calls him some awful things. He’s right, Kacchan is always right, and when he doesn’t talk to Izuku for a whole week - he never did that before, no matter what he’s never outright ignored Izuku - Izuku can’t stand it. He never tries to test his Quirk that way again.

The Quirk counsellor tells him his is a passive Quirk - a Quirk that activates when a certain set of circumstances is met, without the user having to do anything. Izuku know that already, the hero Aegis has a passive Quirk that makes a force field appear around him when he’s in danger.

Sometimes Izuku is a little sad that his Quirk isn’t flashy, that there’s nothing for him to train there, nothing he can do to improve it because it’ll mean getting hurt and Kacchan will get met again if Izuku hurts himself, intentionally or not.

But then Izuku thinks about how blessed he is that he has a Quirk at all, thinks about how much he likes the thought that he won’t ever come home to Mom while covered in bruises and scrapes that make her sad, that he doesn’t have to be scared of getting hurt anymore. He’s glad, then, that this is the Quirk he received.

Izuku is much happier at school now. No longer an outsider, no longer the target of jokes and mockery. Teachers suddenly praise him again, students ask him for tips in studying. He can go to Kacchan’s house again without getting in trouble later, and sometimes Kacchan will even come home with him to eat his Mom’s cooking together and do group projects and homework - even Kacchan has to admit that Izuku is the only one who can come close in matching his academic scores.

Life is good.

Sometimes, all those good things feel empty, though. Izuku never tells anyone that he has nightmares of losing his Quirk, and with it all those good changes to his life. That sometimes he feels he’s only worth something because he has a Quirk.

To be honest, he doesn’t feel different from Quirkless Izuku, whom nobody but his mother could look at without sneers or pity.

(He’s living a lie, isn’t he?)

(What’s so great about a Quirk, anyway? He’s still Izuku.)

He blocks those thoughts out. Better to fit in, better to be happy and smile. Mom is happy, Kacchan accepts him (sort of, anyway), Izuku’s no longer useless. He’s got a group to hang out with. They’re not always nice, and a lot of the things they say Izuku doesn’t agree with, but it’s fine. It’s still a group he can fit into and that accepts him.

(What does it matter if it feels like a lie sometimes?)


When Izuku is ten, he realises that it’s not exactly that wonderful. And that it goes a little beyond simple healing.

He and Kacchan have taken to seeking out hero fights. They’re both aiming to become heroes, after all, and learning from professional heroes’ examples makes sense. Izuku has filled eight notebooks with data and observations so far.

Ironically, they’re not at the site of a fight when it happens. Rather, they’re on the way to one. Some villain has issued a challenge of some sort and taken a few people hostage. Izuku and Kacchan are on the train, hoping to make it in time to see the heroes’ response.

The train rolls on - and there’s no warning at all. No villain, no sign of disaster. Later, Izuku will find out that there was something on the rails, remnants of a hero fight far away that had been blasted up and carried by the wind. But in this moment, all he knows is the horrible screeching noise as the train slips off the rails, the screams of the passengers, the lurch in his stomach when the train slams into some kind of hindrance and begins tipping over and then falls on its side completely, the windows shattering, people screaming and falling and Izuku along with them. He’s distantly aware of Kacchan blasting a hole in the floor-now-wall and others following his example, yelling to get people out of the still rapidly sliding train. But Izuku has just seen a little girl about to be buried under a large man falling over, and his body moves on its own. He lunges forward and scoops the girl up, then runs for the hole Kacchan made. They’ve got to get out of the train, if it collides with a building-

He jumps, curling his body around the girl so she won’t get hurt. The impact with the ground is harsh, pain explodes along his side when it hits the asphalt. They roll and tumble, and Izuku shields his charge as best as he can. It hurts, he knows it’s bad, something cracks every time he hits the ground. He can’t move when they come to a stop. The girl is sobbing and screaming, tiny fingers clenching in his shirt. Izuku can’t check if she’s hurt, his eyes are pressed shut and he doesn’t know how to open them anymore. Doesn’t know how to move at all, in fact. Everything hurts. Warmth drips down his head, his arms, and he can’t feel his legs.

“You should have died,” Kacchan tells him later, when Izuku is back from the hospital and finally allowed outside from under his mother’s teary eyes.

Izuku flinches. “K-Kacchan, that’s a terrible thing to say-“

“Are you a fucking idiot?” Kacchan demands. “I didn’t fucking mean that I wanted you to die, I meant that you should have fucking died. Your head was half splattered across the damn street, your side was crushed, and I don’t even know what the fuck was up with your legs.”

“Oh,” Izuku says weakly. He doesn’t remember too much of the incident, it’s all a haze. The doctors hadn’t been able to even tell all that was wrong with him because he’d started regenerating (regenerating, not healing, he needs to update the information in the Quirk register) even before the ambulance came. All they did after was pump him full of sugar solutions to give his body and Quirk energy to work with.

“Oh? That’s all you have to fucking say?!” Kacchan snaps. “Are you making fun of me, Deku? You’re a fucking Zombie! You were dead!” He punches Izuku’s shoulder, except the fist stops before it connects, his fingers instead curling in Izuku’s shirt. “You died,” he says, and his voice is wobbly - but that’s impossible, this is Kacchan, Kacchan is always so strong, he never cries. “Don’t ever fucking do that again.”

“Okay,” Izuku says in a small voice. “Sorry, Kacchan.”

“Don’t say you’re fucking sorry!”

There is the matter of the little girl Izuku saved. Her name is Nami, she’s three years old. After the disaster with the train, she’s become an orphan.

Now she lives with him and Mom, because she’d clung to Izuku in the ambulance and his mom had later managed to calm her down and she’d started screaming and crying the moment someone tried to separate them. Mom had seemed to need someone to fuss over while the doctors were taking care of Izuku.

She’s clingy, the moment Izuku is nearby she’ll grab onto his clothes and hide her face in them. At night she’ll sneak into his room and sleep in his bed, her little body burrowing into his.

He doesn’t mind. She’s a sweet kid, and she needs someone. His mother likes her. The thought of sending her to an orphanage is enough to make him nauseous.

Nami is also quirkless. The doctors had mentioned noticing the double toe joint when they examined her after the disaster.

Izuku knows that there’s little chance of anyone ever adopting a quirkless girl. She has no other relatives, either. The Midoriya family is all she has. When his mom shows him the adoption papers, he is honestly surprised that it took so long.

And thus, Izuku gains a little sister.

It doesn’t take long for Izuku to figure out that his not-death triggered something in his Quirk.

In PE, he throws the ball well over a hundred meters. His grip strength is off the charts. He jumps further than anyone else. Of course he gets sent to the principal for using his Quirk in a test, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it - passive Quirks can’t exactly be consciously controlled. So Izuku has to sit out PE in the future.

It doesn’t make him popular in his class, of course. They laugh at him for not being able to control his Quirk. The mocking stops pretty quickly when Kacchan blows up at them and tells everyone to shut their fucking traps.

Kacchan has gotten clingy. He sticks to Izuku’s side and snaps at everyone who so much as looks at him wrong. It’s weird, and in a way it makes Izuku happy, but it also makes him feel weak. Like even Kacchan doesn’t trust him not to be useless anymore.

His mom makes him go to Quirk counselling again, which is usually reserved for kids. It’s kind of useless, but Izuku likes the group sessions - he knows a lot about Quirks and can help the kids with theirs, giving advice and ideas. It’s fun, feeling appreciated. He can also talk to the more problematic children, the ones who’s Quirks are dangerous - Izuku doesn’t fear them, doesn’t flinch, it’s not like he’ll get hurt permanently - and it helps them immensely to talk to someone who accepts them as they are.

If the hero thing doesn’t pan out, he could become a Quirk counsellor, he thinks. Maybe he can do that after he retires.

(If he even manages to become a hero. But he will. He will.)

“It’s - you know how the brain has safety switches?” Izuku tries to explain. “I think my Quirk , when I g-got injured, it turned them off.” He swallows dryly.

His reflection in the mirror offers no commentary. He’s pretty sure that he won’t manage to tell Kacchan this. Izuku’s one and only friend gets angry whenever the incident is mentioned.

Izuku hasn’t even managed to tell him about the second incident.

(Sirens, the villain’s Quirk going out of control, the hero trying to stop it and being swallowed up in the noxious fumes, Izuku’s heart hammering in his chest as he jumps in to get the hero out, the burn in his lungs, the weakness in his legs, the protest of his muscles when he drags the far too still form of Kamui Woods out, later collapsing in an alley on his own unable to simply breathe-)

He knows why Mom made him go see a therapist now.

Izuku’s Quirk is scary.

You look tired, Izu-nii, Nami signs.

She doesn’t talk most days. The Midoriya family all learned signing to communicate for the times when spoken words are beyond her.

(So did Kacchan, though he claims it’s just because it’s a useful hero skill, not anything to do with Izuku’s quirkless little sister. Yeah right.)

It’s my aesthetic, Izuku signs back, tickling her. She giggles.

Tell me about All Might again, Nami requests, brown eyes gazing at him imploringly. Izuku smiles at her and opens his notebook on the right page, the drawing of his favourite hero, his inspiration, grinning up at them.

All Might is the Number One hero in the world. He debuted in a natural disaster, saving hundreds of lives in a matter of minutes with a smile on his face and the announcement that he’d make everything all right… Do you want to watch the video?

“Teach, don’t lump me in with these extras!” Kacchan’s laugh is loud and confident. Izuku wishes he were the same. Alas, his laughs come rarely these days, and even his smiles have been called creepy. It’s because of the dark shadows under his eyes and the pallor of his skin. Izuku never seems to tan in the sun. And even after a good night’s sleep, the eye bags won’t vanish.

Not that he gets much sleep these days. Izuku just seems to attract trouble, and he can never help jumping in when he sees someone in need. It drives Kacchan insane, except it also gives him opportunities to fight assholes, so while he yells about Izuku’s stupidity, he never does try to stop Izuku anymore.

Besides, Izuku’s not half-bad at fighting anymore. Sparring with Kacchan is one of the few joys in his life, rare opportunities for Izuku to truly feel alive.

It’s hard to find life meaningful when he just can’t seem able to die, after all. Kacchan once asked him if he was fucking dead inside. Pretty much, yeah, Izuku had answered after a few minutes of consideration. That was the beginning of the sparring sessions because his answer had pissed Kacchan off.

“Kacchan, don’t be mean,” he says in the blandest voice he can muster. “You’ll hurt our fragile feelings.”

“Shut up, Deku!” Kacchan rounds on him. “You’re all just fucking stepping stones for me!”

Izuku pokes Kacchan’s nose, which is scrunched up in the oddest manner. Explosions go off near Izuku’s face. “Temper, temper,” he drawls.

“Just fuck off! I’ll kill you, you braindead zombie!”

“Promises, promises.”

The teacher laughs nervously. “Oh yes, Bakugou-kun is aiming for U.A. High, isn’t he?”

Excited whispers break out among the class. “Seriously?” Izuku deadpans. “Do you have to do that every time this is mentioned? He’s literally said it every day since he was four. I’d know, I was there. Every. Day.” He yawns. Kacchan’s hand leaves a burning print on his desk as he starts yelling at him again, Izuku simply ignores it. “By the way, I’m going to U.A., too.”

That makes half the class laugh at him. Izuku’s grades are only average since he doesn’t do a lot for school tests anymore. Why should he? As far as he’s concerned, he’ll study for high school entrance exams and everything before that is kind of meaningless. Other than that, he’s known as the creepy hero and Quirk nerd. His reputation is kind of terrible.

“You all shut up!” Kacchan shouts. “You wanna fucking start something, huh?”

Good ol’ Kacchan, always reliable.

Whoops, he said that out loud.

“Just jump off the damn roof and hope you’re reborn with a brain! Stupid Deku!”

Izuku shoots a considering look to the window. Hm. Better leave his notebook upstairs with Kacchan, if he hits the pond on the way down it’ll become illegible.

Kacchan’s hand clamps down on his shoulder. “Fucking don’t,” he forces out between grinding teeth.

“Okay, Kacchan.” He pats the hand on his shoulder easily. Smoke is coming up for it. Izuku doesn’t feel much of anything though, his pain receptors have been kind of messed up after the poison gas incident. “I won’t jump off the roof because you told me to.”

You piss me off! I’ll kill the shit out of you, you brainless shitstain and feed your corpse to the-“

“I love you, too.” Kacchan rears back. “Alas, you married my little sister last Sunday-“

“You bloody-“

“And I cannot get between your love. She’d kill me.” Nami-chan had started taking martial arts classes along with Izuku. Who ever knew his little sister was that scary? They grow up so fast.

‘t was such an adorable ceremony, too. Auntie Mitsuki had insisted on being priest and even made Kacchan dress up. Nami-chan herself had been utterly cute in her white sundress. So had Izuku in his pink bridesmaid dress.

(Kacchan wishes all the photographic evidence got destroyed, but their mothers are evil geniuses and the moment Kacchan wants to get married for real Izuku will show all the pictures to his intended.)

“Uh, Midoriya-kun,” the teacher interjects. “Not to discourage your… ambitious dream, but you may want to look at alternative options for your further education.”

“I actually have no choice,” Izuku confesses.

“He’s gonna fucking do it, and if it’s the last thing he does!” Kacchan’s just about breathing fire. If anyone can develop a second Quirk just by being angry, it’d be Kacchan.


On the way home, Izuku looks at the news feed on his phone and curses.

“What,” Kacchan grunts.

“All Might caught some thief two streets away and we missed it,” Izuku whines.


“But he’s been showing up in the area a lot, lately,” Izuku adds and slams a fist into his palm. “Eventually, we will meet him.” Long-coveted All Might autograph, here he comes.


“So Nami-chan wanted to go shopping,” Izuku changes the subject. “And I’m supposed to convince you to come with. Because apparently I have no fashion sense.”

Kacchan gives him a look that speaks volumes, if Izuku could be bothered to decipher it. “What’s the brat want?”

“Sweaters. She gets chilly so easily. I gave her my old unicorn sweater, but for some reason-“

“Shut up, I’ll go.”

“We’re home!” Izuku shouts at the top of his lungs. Nami-chan appears and barrels toward them, completely ignoring him and glomping Kacchan. Izuku snaps a picture at just the right tiny split moment in which Kacchan’s murder-face softens and he pats Nami-chan’s head. At seven years old her cuteness is too high for Kacchan’s Kacchan-ness to defend against.

“Brat,” Kacchan says.

“Kacchan-nii.” Nami’s voice is muffled and tiny, but she’s talking today. That’s a good thing.

Izuku is actually pretty sure that she talks to Kacchan more than anybody else, for whatever reason. Just goes to show that Kacchan is amazing, really.

“Kick any ass today?” Kacchan asks.

She shakes her head. “Sleeping.”

“Always a good use of time,” Izuku says sagely, ruffling her adorable green curls. She’d dyed them last week ‘as a surprise’.

“Your brother’s a fucking idiot,” Kacchan tells her.

“I know,” she mumbles. Then she signs, But at least I’ve got you, and Kacchan just about melts. So does Izuku, for that matter. His sister is adorable.

His mom comes bustling in at this moment, immediately hauling them off to eat and chattering about the day.

It’s a good day.

“The fuck is this,” Kacchan says flatly.

“I present to you!” Izuku imitates one of Present Mic’s dramatic gestures. “Our new training ground! Since you got us kicked out of the gym. The third gym we tried, may I add.”

“It’s a fucking junkyard,” Kacchan states incredulously.

“I know, isn’t it amazing?” Izuku beams at him. “It’s actually public space, and nobody’s here who can kick us out! You can blow up stuff to your heart’s desire.”

“It’s ass o’ clock in the fucking morning. You climbed into my room through my fucking window.” Kacchan gives Izuku the Bakugou Death Glare™. Lovely explosions go off in his hands. “I’ll start by blowing up you!”

…Izuku may have miscalculated.

Ah well. There are worse ways to start his morning.

This is terrible. And awkward. Terribly awkward. Awkwardly terrible.

Izuku is frozen, which is already quite out of the ordinary ever since he realised that he has few things to fear. Kacchan is also frozen, this is almost completely unheard of in non-Izuku related incidents.

All Might is standing before them on the roof of a trashed SUV, the sun going up behind him and also in Izuku’s heart. Izuku has died and gone to heaven, clearly. Except Kacchan is next to him, and he’s been called a demon on occasion, so it might not be heaven after all.

(Though Kacchan is actually a cinnamon roll. Just a little awkward, that’s all.)

“Hahaha! All is well. For I am here!” All Might sounds exactly like he does on television. Izuku could cry. “But, may I know what two youths are doing here in his place at this hour?”

“A-All Might,” Izuku whispers reverently. “Oh my god, you’re All Might.”

“Haha! That I am, young man!” He gets a thumbs-up from the All Might. Izuku can die in peace now. Except one thing is still missing from his having lived an accomplished life.

“W-will you sign my notebook, please?” he asks, pulling out the item in question. A gust of wind and a blur of yellow, and it is done. “Oh wow,” Izuku breathes.

Now he can die in peace. Well, he’s got to become a hero first. Kacchan will kill him otherwise. Wait, there’s a mistake somewhere in that train of thought.

“Now, what are you two doing here?” All Might looks upon them, Izuku with his notebook, the petrified Kacchan. Around them the shreds of metal, the trash in varying states of damage due to Kacchan’s Quirk practice.

Yeah, Izuku’s got no defence and he’d like to sink into the floor now, please.

“Cleaning,” Kacchan grunts. “Got a fucking problem with it?”

“Cleaning?” All Might brightens. It’s blinding. The light of inspiration shines down on Kacchan and Izuku. “Wonderful! I misinterpreted the situation when I heard explosions. My bad!” He laughs.

“That’s my Quirk,” Kacchan growls, raising a hand and demonstrating. “It’s a fucking amazing Quirk and I’m gonna take you down with it!”

Just kill Izuku now. Kacchan is mouthing off to All Might. His heart is torn between helping Kacchan, his best and only friend, and throwing himself at his idol’s mercy.

“We’re gonna be heroes,” he says,which he hopes does both.

All Might gives them a thumbs-up. “Wonderful!” And then he holds a speech about how being a hero starts with small things like cleaning and how what they’re doing is an inspiration and will also be great training, and Izuku’s brain is just about short-circuited.

Then All Might is gone, the sun has come out, and he and Kacchan just stand there.

“So,” Izuku says numbly. “You do realise we have to clean all this now.”

Kacchan explodes. “And we’re gonna fucking do it, this place is gonna be fucking spotless once we’re done! You fucking shitstain Deku, if you slow me down I’ll rip you into fucking pieces!”

Kacchan complains about cleaning the entire time. Izuku is pretty sure he thought they’d be done within a day. But no, the days drag on, months pass. Come rain, come snow, they go to the junkyard and carry tires, fridges, drag trashed cars away (after raiding them for parts to sell because come on - free money.)

In between they improvise fitness workouts. Izuku bench presses SUVs. Kacchan does chin-ups with a car tire hooked to his feet.

It feels good, doing these things together. The strain of muscles to the utmost limit, the competition. The unspoken camaraderie.

Early mornings they do homework together and last-minute cramming for tests. Then afterwards they’re in school, trying not to fall asleep and to take in as much lesson content as possible. Afternoons and a good part of the night are for training and cleaning at the junkyard, with interruptions to spend time with their respective families and mandatory rest days that neither of them respect.

There are days when they don’t talk to each other at all. Just push themselves to their limits next to each other.

Few things make Izuku feel truly alive anymore. Sparring with Kacchan is one of them. Pushing himself until even his messed-up body aches is another. Reaching beyond his limit.

(Plus Ultra.)

(He’s gonna be a hero.)