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Bzzz, bzzzz
I startle awake from the vibration of my phone and instantly wince in pain. I look down to see Jack's arm wrapped around me, I risk a quick glance at him to make sure he's still asleep. He looks so peaceful, like he has no cares in the world, and I feel a pang of hatred towards him for it, wishing I could feel like that.
I slowly slide out of his embrace in hopes not to wake him. I sigh with relief when I'm free and head towards the bathroom to get ready for the day. I quickly shower trying to ignore the pain coming from my ribs and quickly get dressed for work. I glance at the mirror and make sure all evidence is hidden with my clothes. I sigh thinking how this has become my norm and want to cry but I can hear movement from the bedroom. He's awake. I quickly get my emotions under control and rush to the kitchen to get his breakfast ready. When he finally saunters into the lounge/kitchen in nothing but pyjama bottoms, his coffee, toast and eggs are ready and waiting at his usual spot at the breakfast bar and I'm busying myself with cleaning up. He hates a mess.
"Morning" he utters as he slides his arm around my stomach from behind. I instantly stiffen at his touch.
"morning" I say meekly putting on a forced smile not looking at him. I continue to wash up as he nuzzles my neck and his alcohol and cigarette drenched breath cascades down on me making me want to throw up. But I hold my smile as if it doesn't affect me and he finally releases me and sits down to his breakfast. I can still feel his eyes on me when I have finished cleaning. I turn to him and I know he's thinking of something to do with me. Shit! I was hoping for a quiet morning, especially after last night. I need time to heal a bit before I can endure anymore. Please let my rest I silently pray.
"soo I think y…" he slurs
The doorbell rings and cuts off whatever he was about to suggest, and I sigh with relief as he frowns at the front door
"err. That'll be Kate." I explain as I hurry to get my coat and purse to leave. "my lift to work. I'll see you later." I mutter as I head past him to the door.
He grabs my wrist and pulls me into his arms and kisses me. I stiffen and hide my revulsion behind a smile "DON'T be late" Jack sneers as he grabs my arse and slaps it. I jump at the touch and he release me when the doorbell rings again.
I rush out the door of the flat and down the stairs before Kate can ring the doorbell again as I know it will only annoy Jack. I'm out of breath and in pain from ribs when I reach her.
"Hey," she smiles "what happened to you?" she asks as she takes in my panting and pained look.
"I ran down the stairs." I smile "I think I got a stitch." I smile at her hoping she believes it and she laughs and heads back to the car. I follow sighing with relief.
Kate chats happily away on the drive to work and I smile happily at her, grateful for the normalcy. Helping me forget about what Jack might have instore for later. Kate's my best friend, we've been friends since Junior high. She is so carefree it's refreshing. Her parents are very well off and Kate gets whatever she wants and doesn't have to work for anything. She says she got this job to help her stand on her own two feet, but I have a feeling it's because of me. Since Jack it's the only time we get to see each other because Jack doesn't like to share. I know Kate is concerned about mine and Jacks relationship, but thankfully she doesn't know the truth about it. She would be so ashamed of me. I know I am, but I'm too scared to leave. What if he finds me? I shudder to think what he'd do. I wince at the pain of my ribs and that was because he didn't like my cooking last night.
Kate and I work as waitresses at a quaint little bistro in the centre of Seattle. It's a beautiful little place, when the weathers nice like today we bring some tables outside so the customers can enjoy the sun while they eat.
It's been a busy morning and I'm grateful as it leaves little time for me to think about later. I head outside to clear the tables when it all happened so fast. One minute I'm clearing the table the next minute I'm being pulled out of the way of an eccentric cyclist riding too fast on the pavement. It takes me a few seconds to realise I'm being held up by someone.
"Are you OK?" the voice brings me back to reality, I look up into the most beautiful grey eyes I have ever seen.
"Err. Y... yes thank you." I say shyly as I steady myself. He's holding me close to him by my elbows. I step back, and he releases me. I take a steadying breath and wince instantly regretting it as a sharp stabbing pain lashes out across my chest.
"You're hurt." He says full of concern as he grabs his phone out the pocket of his hoody. "I'll call for some help."
Suddenly panic hits me "NO!" I yelp at the thought of being taken to hospital. Jack would kill me! I remember the last time I got taken to hospital for a broken arm and how much worse it was when I got home. Panic obviously, all over my face. The man walks me to one of the chairs and sits me down.
"If you're hurt you need to see someone." He says gently, bringing me back from my memories. I glance at him properly for the first time. He's in running gear, headphones hanging loose at the top of his sweater, his dark copper coloured hair dishevelled from his exercise, but he still looked so hot, with those beautiful grey eyes gazing at me with nothing but worry. He is kneeled in front of me with his hands on the arms of the chair. His phone still in his hand. I need to make him think I'm ok, I can't go hospital.
"I'm fine honestly." I say putting on my fake smile. "I was just shaken up" I finish as I go to stand up, he stands with me, arms ready to catch me. "Err. Thank you for helping me" I say bashfully as I smile at him before I go back to recollecting the plates onto my tray that is now all over the floor. He bends down and helps me, I can feel his gaze on me, but I can't bring myself to look at him.
I stand trying to hide the pain coming from my now throbbing ribs with the tray in my hands.
"Thank you." I smile again as I give him a quick glance.
"You're welcome. I'm Christian Grey." He smiles the most breath-taking smile as I glance at him. I turn towards the entrance of the bistro and he grabs and holds the door open for me.
"Thank you, Mr, Grey" I smile not looking at him and head back into the restaurant, dazed by what had just happened. I reach the kitchen door before I glance back, he didn't follow me in.
I head into the kitchen to get rid of the tray and the now broken plate. Kate is in there grabbing a new order, she sees the broken plate and frowns at me questioningly, I shake my head and go back to work.