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Satan in a V-neck, Lucifer in a Cardigan

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Harper was more than a little tipsy as he stumbled his way out of the packed house with a half-empty bottle of honey jack in hand.  The crisp night air felt amazing on his sweat coated skin as he leaned against the brick of the back patio wall.  He tilted his head back and grinned giggling as the rough texture of the house scraped his arms and back.

“Well, you look like you're having fun.”  An amused voice drawled beside him.

 Harper slowly opened his eyes and glanced down at the person speaking to him.  A youthful-looking teen stared up at him from his seat in a patio chair.  His eyes were a bright baby blue and held a light of mischief.  His pouty pink lips were pulled into a charming grin.  His short hair was boyishly tousled and fit the teen's overall attractive demeanor.

“Not fun so much as trying to get fucked up.”  Harper sighed out as he slid to the ground against the house.

"Why would a slip of a thing like you want to do that?"  Peter purred approaching him.

 Harper snorted before taking a large swig from the whiskey bottle before holding it out toward the other teen.

“Caught my shitty boyfriend getting into some girls pants upstairs.”  Harper chirped sweetly.

  The teen’s brow rose in confusion as he accepted the bottle and took a drink from it.  He looked over the willowy figure before him in appreciation.  He was pale with one violet and one grey eye.  His inky black hair was short and just shy of being a buzz cut.  A small gold nose stud stood out against his pale milky complexion.  There was something warm about the boy’s distressed sweater-clad form despite his sharp features.

“Why don't you get back at him?”  The older teen suggested.

  Harper didn't reply at first, but eventually, his head snapped to the other teen.

“Holy shit I didn’t even think of that.”  he murmured before slowly getting to his feet.

  He turned toward the house and opened the back door.  He yelled to the closest person to tell his boyfriend to come outside before slamming it shut.  He turned to face the older teen with a large grin before tugging him out of his chair and into a harsh alcohol flavored kiss.  His hands clutched at the dark locks at the back of the elder's head to deepen the kiss.  The older teen was shocked before giving in and returning the kiss.  He wrapped his arms around the younger's thin waist.

 The sound of the backdoor opening did not stop the two who were now in the middle of a full-on makeout session.  There was shouting and threats from his cheating boyfriend but Harper just flipped him off and nibbled at the elder's lips.  They both hear the boyfriend stomp away, but they do not pull apart.  Several minutes later they finally do.

 Harper panted and grinned up at the other teen before confusion flashed across his face.

“Wait what's your name?”  Harper asked.

“Peter.”  The other smirked.

“Oh, cool I'm Harper.”  He replied with a grin before jumping into another kiss.