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I See an A in Your Future (sequel to Look What the Storm Drug In)

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Friday Night - Homecoming Dance
Spencer, Hanna and Aria stumbled their way through the darkened halls looking into class rooms looking for Emily who had disappeared with Toby quite a while back. Hanna had come back from the psychiatric office not with Jenna Marshal's, but Toby Cavanaugh's and what she had found in it had her running back afraid for Emily. When she got back to the dance she didn't even care that she was supposed to be on stage as Melissa Hastings, filling in for last year’s homecoming queen who was unable to make it crowed this year’s winner. Sean stood there alone and embarrassed as Lucas back to his yearbook duties snapped pictures of the homecoming court.

" I told you he was guilty," Spencer was saying, "and now we have proof. I just hope we aren't too late to save Emily" her voice was shaking with fear and worry. Hanna was agreeing, while Aria was saying nothing thinking that while it looked bad, that file proved nothing except that Toby had some issues and that he had a reason to hate Alison just like so many others did. They hear a crashing sound coming from further down the hall and took off running when they got to the classroom broken glass everywhere and Aria tripped and fell. When she got her bearings, it was only to realize that she had tripped on the unmoving body of Toby Cavanaugh. "You guys!" She called and the other to came over. Aria felt a pulse but he was unconscious and bleeding profusely from a deep gash above his brow. There was no sign of Emily anywhere. Aria was starting dialing 911 when the text came through,
'You want here come and get her, were playing Hide and seek my way bitches.' - A

Aria quickly dialed 911, Spencer and Hanna telling her to just leave him once the call was made, but Aria couldn't do that. Emily cared about him and would be upset if the just left him alone. Aria sent a text and instantly received a message and the girls left the room continuing the search for Emily, before they made it out of the hall. Aria head strips running toward the lab to stay with Toby until the ambulance arrived. A had been on the warpath this week and having a broken heart had done nothing to save Aria or Spencer from her wrath.

Spencer was trying to deal with A setting her up that resulted in losing her boyfriend breaking up with her and now A was taunting her with Melissa's renewed relationship with Ian. Not only about the kiss that she had never told Melissa about, but was also hinting at the possibility of Ian being involved in Alison's death, but then A was also hinting the Toby killed her as well. Melissa new that Wren had kissed her, after all since the engagement had been called off, but Melissa didn't Wren had kissed her since he left or her response had been immediate and passionate and A knew about it and had the pictures to prove it.

Poor Em didn't need A taunting her to keep her on edge, that was her natural state anyway. Even if she wasn't dealing with feelings for two different people, either of them would having potential ramifications for her and somehow. A had gotten hold of incriminating pictures of her with both. Emily now knew who had the pictures she had taken with Maya in the photo booth, but A also had so a picture of Emily and Toby, it was a completely innocent picture, but the look on their faces said something completely different. Emily had the same look on her face in the pictures from the photo booth just before she and Maya had kissed.

Hanna's Mom had "borrowed" money from a bank customers Aria had received numerous threats safety deposit box. A had somehow found this out and found the cash Ashley had stashed in a pasta box and had taken it. A was forcing Hanna to do any number of humiliating "jobs" to get the cash back if she refused then A would turn Hanna's mother in.

And finally, A had a picture of Ella and Ezra, it was innocent, but could cause a lot of problems. Also, there were the not so innocent pictures she had of Aria and Jason, very compromising and were exactly what they looked like. She and Jason had talked a few times since that Saturday three weeks earlier. Then Wednesday Jason called to tell her trying to have a long-distance relationship wasn't working for him and thought it was best to end things. He said it wasn't fair to her, she was in high school and she should be able to date and be a normal high school student, not wait around for him to have a reason to happen to be in Rosewood. Aria had stayed in bed crying telling Byron she didn't feel well and thinking it was female problems. he did push it and called the school both days letting them know his daughter was sick in bed.

On Saturday Spencer, Hanna and Emily staged an intervention forcing Aria to get out of bed, change out of the Pajama pants she had been wearing since she had talked to Jason two days earlier and shower. They thought her parents break up was finally hitting her, not having a clue that her meltdown was over Jason. The intervention had helped, but even if she did think he had used her, she still missed Jason. But, she had her friends.