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The night he came home. Alone. That was the worst night of his life. He had just lost her. Forever. She was gone and there was no bringing her back. He didn't get there in time. If he'd just only didn't stop to save that cat then you'd most likely be alive.

"So what do you think we'll be doing today?" Tsuyu asked as she sat down in her seat in Class 1-A.
"We'll probably be doing some more training!" Ochako replied as she placed her school bag down.
"I heard Aizawa-Sensei was fighting a villain last night so he might be really tired. I don't think we'll be training today" Mina added as she walked over to the two girls.
"Damn I was hoping for some good training" Kirishima hardened up his fist, showing off.
"I don't think you need training, your quirk is really good in combat!" Izuku stated.
"Thanks Midoriya!"

"Attention everyone! Take your seats! Aizawa-Sensei is on his way!" Tenya told everyone as he ran in. Everyone sat in their seats and waited for Aizawa to enter.
When he entered, the class could tell there was something off, something wasn't right about Aizawa. One student raised their hand to get his attention. "What is it, Hagakure?"

"You don't look yourself today, is everything alright?" Toru asked.
"Yes. Today you'll be-"
"Did you fight a villain last night?"
"Which villain was it?" Questions about last night filled the classroom as Aizawa tried to start the class. At least all the questions where not about her. Until Ochako spoke. "How is (Y/n)?"

Aizawa stayed silent but you could see the sadness in his face. "I will not say anything about last night" he told them has he looked at the paper he had in his hands. "Did something happen to (Y/n)?" Tsuyu asked.
Aizawa ignored Tsuyu and tried to get on with the class be he just couldn't. "I'm going to get someone to cover this class.." Aizawa walked out, hands in his pockets and his head down. "Is he going to be ok?" Mina asked.

It was after a few minutes the Pro Hero, Present Mic also known as Hizashi Yamada walked in. "Where's Aizawa-Sensei? Is he ok?" Tenya asked moving his hand about.
"He's ok! Just a little sad about what happened!" Hizashi replied.
"Sad? What's happened?" Tsuyu asked. All the student thought the same question. Why was he sad? What has happened? They wanted answers.

"He hasn't told you?? He couldn't get to the villain on time and they killed (Y/n)" Hizashi announced to the class. They all fell silent. The realisation. She was dead. The reason why Aizawa seemed different. Was because he lost her. "Aizawa barely told us about (Y/n) and I feel sad, really sad" Momo broke the silence.
"Where did they first meet?" Denki asked.
"Right here in this school!" Hizashi replied.
"Here? Really?" Ochako seemed a little happier that she found out that Aizawa met (Y/n) right here in U.A.
"I was there too! I can tell you all about it!" Hizashi added.

You were cornered by some other students who attended U.A. They were more powerful than you from what you could tell. Their quirks were a lot more better than yours. They didn't have a tail. What kind of tail? A cat tail or cat ears. "What type of hero will you be with just cat ears and a tail?" One of them asked.
"Hey! I can do more too!" You told them, trying to defend yourself.
"Oh yeah like what? Purring like a pussy too?" You were about to say something back until your tail got pulled quite hard. "Ow! Please stop! It hurts!" You told them squinting at the pain.
"You're living up to your nickname 'Pussy'" That was your nickname.

Everyone saw you as a weak little girl with a cat quirk so they called you Pussy. You hated it. "Please go away!" You begged but they would not leave. You saw someone walk over with their head low and hands in their pockets. "Not another person!" You thought.
"Please go away! I just want to be left alone!" You begged.
"We are not going anywhere" the students announced.
"I think you should listen to her" someone said from behind the male in the middle. He turned around to look at the young one who walked over. "You sticking up for this girl?" The male laughed as he raised up his hand, with some sort of energy forming around it. The male had a quirk which could make energy blasts. The longer he concentrates the larger the blasts.

He was about to shoot a blast at the young male who walked over but the energy from around his hand had gone. "Hey what happened? My quirk! It's not working! What the fuck?!" The male held his hand.
"Dude use your quirk!"
"I'm trying to you dickhead!"
The young male punched the other male right after a blink so he couldn't get his quirk going again.

"Leave her alone, she hasn't done anything to you" he said. You held your tail close to you as you watched the students walk away from you. "T-thanks for that" you told the male who got rid of the other students.
He just looked down and put his hands back into his pockets. "I'm (Y/n) (L/n)" you introduced yourself with a small smile and your cat ears twitching a little. The male looked at your ears. "Can I touch them?" He asked.
"What?" You didn't hear him as he spoke a little quiet, even for your good hearing.
"Your ears. Can I touch them?" He spoke a bit louder this time around.
"Oh um ok, no one has asked me that before" you replied leaning forward a little so he could touch your cat ears.
"They are very soft" he told you as he gave them a gentle little stroke. You smiled a the feeling.
"I'm Shouta Aizawa"
"Nice to meet you Aizawa-Kun"

"Awwe! He stuck up for her! That's so adorable!" Ochako commented on the memory.
"Why would someone bully her for her cuteness?" Toru added as a rhetorical question.
"What else do you know about Aizawa-Sensei and (L/n)-San?" Izuku asked. The classes agreed with this question, wanting to know more.
"Lemme think!.......ah! Want me to tell you about their first time eating together at lunch? It's a short memory!" Hizashi suggested.
"Ok!" The whole class answered.

The bell rang and it was time for lunch. You sat down alone at a table in the back of the hall and put your Bento on the table. No one sat at your table, you was always alone. But today you wasn't. It has been about a week and a half since the first encounter with Aizawa and you haven't really spoken with him since. When you walk past him in the halls you give him a wave but he just gives you a simple little nod.

You sighed and began to eat your Bento until the sound of a tray being placed on a table set you free of your thoughts. You looked up and you saw a male about your age with blonde hair and triangular glasses. "Umm hello?" You said trying to be cautious.
"Hello!" He was rather loud but at least it was some company.

"Wait, wait, wait! I thought this was between Aizawa and (Y/n) not you and (Y/n)" Kirishima stated as he was confused.
"Just wait and listen!"

"Who are you?" You asked the loud male opposite you.
"I'm Hizashi Yamada also known as Present Mic!" He announced standing up and pointing at himself.
"Present Mic?" You asked with a confused look on your face.
"It's his hero name that he chose" someone else replied before Hizashi could say anything. You looked up, only to see Aizawa placing him down next to Hizashi.

"Oh hello Aizawa-Kun long time no see" you told him. He just replied with a little hum. "I see you've already met Eraserhead!" Hizashi pointed at Aizawa who had started to eat his lunch.
"Is that your hero name?" You asked. Aizawa gave a simple nod as he ate his food.
"He can erase the quirk of anyone he looks at! They get their quirk back once he looks away!" Hizashi told you like he was doing commentary on something. "That is a cool quirk!"

"He didn't really talk much did he?" Stated Mina.
"Not really but they were really cute together!" Hizashi mentioned as he tried to think of something to tell the class.
"When did he confess to her?" Asked Ochako. "I want to know because the seem so cute together!"
"I think I remember how it went! By the way I wasn't spying! Shouta told me!"

Music came from the band onstage as many couples were up on the dance floor dancing with each other. But you were sat down playing with a little bell that was on your choker. You didn't have a date to go with to prom, no one asked you. You weren't surprised though as you knew most people didn't like you. A sigh came out of your mouth as you rested you head on your palm. You were nearly consumed by sleep until you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You slowly turned to look behind you. Who was there was Aizawa. He was dressed in a normal black suit with a black tie. He looked like he was shaking a little...was he nervous? He opened his mouth slightly but then closed it again and walked off. "Aizawa-Kun?" You got up off of your chair and followed him. "Aizawa-Kun where are you going?" You found him with Hizashi talking but they didn't notice you were there so you quickly hid to listen to what they were talking about.

"I can't do it!"
"Why not?"
"I'm too nervous! I've never done this before and you know it!"
"It's not my fault you fallen for her! Just go up and say 'care to dance' it's that simple!"
"If it's that simple you go and ask her for me!"
"I will"

You quickly ran back into the hall and sat back in your chair, pretending you didn't hear that conversation. "Has Aizawa-Kun really got a crush on me?" You thought to yourself.
"Hey (Y/n)!" Hizashi shouted using his quirk to get your attention. You jumped and nearly fell of your seat. "Be quiet will you! What do you want?" You readjusted yourself and looked up at Hizashi.
"Will you dance with Shouta? He's too afraid to ask you!" He asked.
"Ok" That came straight out of your mouth with no control.
"Plus he has a crush on you" Hizashi whispered causing you to blush.
"So he really does have a crush on me!" You thought to yourself as you stood up. Hizashi brought you over to Aizawa and waved bye as he made his way back over to the table.

"Hello Aizawa-Kun" you greeted him with a slight red on your cheeks whereas him on the other hand had very red cheeks and it was very hard to hide. "You wanted to dance with me?" You asked him. He took your hand and intertwined it with his, his other hand being on your waist. Your free hand went on his shoulder and you began to dance.

You had just barely learned how to dance it Aizawa was amazing. His footwork was smooth and it was tough keeping eye contact with him without blushing. When the slow dance had ended your cheeks where completely red as well as his. "I'm sorry that I wasn't good..." you told him as you looked down at your shoes. You may of accidentally stepped on his foot a couple of times but he'll be alright. Hopefully....

"You were amazing" Aizawa showed a small smile then looked out the window.
"I stepped on your feet though a couple of times! I'm sorry" you apologised hoping Aizawa would accept it.
"It's ok. It was bound to happen"

Silence fell between them for a little while, as they both looked out the window at the moon. "The moon is nice and big tonight" you stated in awe.
"Yeah. I feel sorry for anyone who has a werewolf like quirk which is affected by the moon"
"Same. Imagine if there was some in the room now. There would be werewolves all other the place" Aizawa let out a small chuckle.

"I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time" Aizawa was finally going to confess.
"What is it Aizawa-Kun?" You asked.
"I-I've...I...have a...crush on you" Aizawa quickly turned around so he had his back facing you.
"I know. Hizashi told me" you told him. Aizawa quickly turned back around.
"What? He told you! That's it" Aizawa ran over to the table where Hizashi was sat.

"That wasn't very nice. I think she should of found out on her own that Aizawa-Sensei had a crush on her" Momo intervened.
"Yeah!" Ochako agreed with Momo.
Hizashi sighed then tried to think of another memory to tell the students.

"Aizawa I heard what happened, I'm really sorry" Toshinori sat down next to Aizawa on the sofa in the staff room of U.A.
"It's ok, I just didn't get there in time" Aizawa had his head buried in his hands, thinking off all the times he saw you smile. He misses your smile the most. Every morning when he wakes up your smile will be there. When he comes back your smile will be there, but now, it's gone. Forever. "Who's covering your lessons?" Toshinori asked, taking a sip off his coffee out of his All Might cup.
"Hizashi" Aizawa replied, sitting back on the sofa. You could tell he had been crying a little.

Toshinori put down his cup and gave Aizawa a hug (Awwe!) to cheer him up a little.

"How about first kiss?" Asked Toru
"Why to the girls get to pick the what we want to find out about Aizawa and his partner?" Kirishima asked.
"What would you like to hear then?" Hizashi asked.
"How about the first time they had sex?" Asked Mineta. The whole class went silent including Hizashi. Tsuyu slapped Mineta with her tongue.
"Lets just go with the kiss"

The wind blew calmly through your hair as you looked up at the sky. You were sat down on the grass, the sun shining down on you and Aizawa. It was your second date and since it was a sunny day you two decided to spend it outside. The breeze brushed against your cat ears making them twitch a little. You were too busy looking at the sky to notice that Aizawa was looking at you, smiling and thinking how lucky he is to have you. "It's so nice and warm today!" You said leaning back to lie down on the grass. Aizawa looked down at you. "You can lie down too you know" you told him with a smile as you pulled him down next to you.
"I'm lucky to have you" Aizawa told you as he stroked your cheek, causing you to blush a little. "I'm lucky to have you too Aizawa-Kun" you smiled. There was a little bit of silence until you sat up and kissed Aizawa on the cheek, looking away afterwards. He sat up and gently took hold of your chin, to then slowly turn your head so you were now facing him. Both of you had bright cheeks as lips connected into a soft, gentle kiss.

"That's so sweet!" Mina commented as Hizashi finished up telling the memory.
"What was the most recent memory Aizawa-Sensei had with (L/n)-San?" Izuku asked as Hizashi tried to think of another memory to share.
"Please be a—"
"Don't say it!"

"There was one where he was going to get a ring!" Hizashi replied to Izuku ignoring Mineta.
"He was going to propose?!" Most of the girls shouted out.

Aizawa spent about five minutes looking in a shop window which had rings on display. You two had been dating for years now and Aizawa thought it was time to go up to another level. He wanted to propose. You were currently at home playing with the pet cat you got Aizawa for his birthday. The cat reminded you of him as it was sleeping nearly all the time. Since Aizawa was out on his own he could get a ring without you knowing.

After contemplating whether to get a ring or not he finally made up his mind. He walked into a shop and got a ring for you. It was silver with the jewel being your favourite colour. He put the tiny box in his pocket and made his way home, thinking of where to hide the small box where it was out of your sight.

"Did they get married??" Most of the girls asked in unison.
"No, she got killed before I could propose to her" Everyone looked at the doorway and there stood Aizawa.
"We're sorry for asking questions about (Y/n) and we're sorry about what happened to her, we didn't know" Ochako told Aizawa as he walked over to the front of the class.

"What did you tell them?" Aizawa asked Hizashi.
"Oh we got told about when you first met (L/n)-San!"
"And the first time you had lunch with her here at U.A.!"
"Also where you confessed at a dance!"
"We mustn't forget the first kiss!"
Aizawa turned to look at Hizashi with a bit of an annoyed expression. "You told them nearly everything?" He asked.
"We wanted to get to know (Y/n) as you barely told us about her, but now I feel bad about what happened" Toru spoke up. "Especially hearing that you was going to propose to her too!"

"I don't need the pity" Aizawa told everyone.

He knew that she was gone and he couldn't get her back. She's gone. Forever and there is no getting her back. She will always be with Aizawa, in his heart and in his memories