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Bonzi Days

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Bonzi Buddy was in his home one day. It was currently a rather uneventful time for the strange purple ape guy. He was just waiting for his kettle to go off because he was preparing some tea for himself and his best friend, Expand Dong.

Bonzi then received a vague text from his good pal.

From: Expand Dong
Message: It's been nice gnawing you.

He thought nothing much of this at the time because he thought it was only a reminder of an old joke he told to Expand Dong. Presuming this was a fatal mistake.

From behind Bonzi a man brandishing a knife came through the door, this man was in fact, his friend Expand Dong. The ape turned and greeted him, however today wasn't the day for a conversation. Expand Dong thrust the knife into him repeatedly, over and over and over again. Blood splattered everywhere and then the ape had been decapitated.

The culprit escaped the scene, carrying their victims head in a bag. They boarded a boat and sailed off in the direction of the sun. Nobody quite understood the motives behind such an act.

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That is if anybody actually read this garbaggio

twohundred word minimum