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Bonnie Bennett and Kai Parker had shared everything since they were toddlers. The same town, same schools, same parks, same friends.. the list goes on. They had been present for each other's birthday party every year since they were four years old. They're parents were close friends, so by default they were close friends too, right?




Despite all of this, Bonnie and Kai despised each other.


No one knows when it started. Perhaps, it was a push too hard on the playground, sand thrown in hair... who knows? But sometime during their early youth, they had declared war on each other. They were constantly trying to outdo the other in any and everything they could compete on. Whether it be grades, sports, movie trivia, hell they even once fought about who was the better competitor.


When they were little, their parents thought it was cute, their friends thought it was funny...but now?


Bonnie and Kai tearing at each other's throats had became the norm for anyone who knew them. It was just they way it was. They were those best friends who hated each other like enemies. Frenemies, is what they called them. It was normal for everyone. However, ever since they hit puberty...things weren't so normal anymore.


They childish little arguments over who listened to better music turned into something much more intense and almost unbearable. It seemed the older they got, they more outrageous their long-time feud got, making it hell for their friends and anyone misfortunate enough to get entangled in the middle.


But along with that puberty, came some changes. Physical changes that not even sworn frenemies could ignore.


It about the time Bonnie's boobs began to grow into C-cups did tension begin to really rise. Now, Kai initially noticed when her body began to transform from that of a girl to a woman's, he was of course a hot blooded male raging with hormones. He found himself discreetly staring over the years. He told himself it meant nothing. That boobs were boobs no matter who they belonged to. He was always able to get away with it but when they turned sixteen, and Bonnie was parading around in small bikinis everywhere...his gaze became less subtle. And Bonnie called him out on it one day.


They were eating lunch by the pool. Nora, Mary-Louise, Beau and Enzo were splashing each other about in the water, meanwhile Kai was practically drooling. Him and Bonnie were always the last to finish eating, leaving them to sit silently across from each other at the picnic table. Also, giving Kai a perfect view of her boobs nestled nicely in her black bikini. She looked up from her burger with furrowed eyebrows.


"Are you staring at my chest?"


His eyes shot to her accusatory ones. Panic filled him at being caught, so he said the first thing that came to his mind.


"What chest?"


Her nostrils flared as she stood. She grabbed her cup, tossing the remains of her beverage into his face before stomping away. Now, was her reaction a bit overdramatic? Extremely. But she didn't care. Something about the way Kai's now grown out hair hung in his face and rippled six pack pissed her off. So in her mind, it was all justified.


Nora watched the exchanged from the pool with nervous eyes as everyone jumped around her. Kai was glaring heavily after Bonnie, wiping his face. She groaned internally. They had been doing so good. For two weeks, they're arguments never spanned past on what movie they should go see. But looking at that familiar look in Kai's eyes, she knew that was over with. The tolerance between each other had ran thin again and they were back on a warpath that no one could stop.



Bonnie and Nora were at the mall when they spotted Kai with an unknown girl, making out by the water fountain. They had invited him to hang out but he said that he had too much to study for and couldn't make it.


"So much for having to study." Nora muttered as begin to walk only to be pulled back by Bonnie.


"So..he blew us off."


"Bon..." Nora warned, practically seeing Bonnie's clogs turning in her head. "Let's go."


"I want to go say hi to his new girlfriend."


"No you don't."


"I do, plus it's not like he's going to introduce us himself. I'll be back." She says cheerily, before slipping out of her grasp.


Nora bit her lip as she watched the brunette make her way over to the oblivious couple. This will not end well.


Bonnie practically skipped over to them, clearing her throat. The two broke apart, a blush rising on the blonde girl's face.


"Oh, hi Kai." She greeted with a fake smile. He grit his teeth, already recognizing from her demeanor that she was up to no good.


"Bonnie." He forced out with a fake smile of his own. They fell into an intense staring match, daring the other to blink first. The blonde looked between them confused.


"Um.." She said. Kai blinked making Bonnie smile victoriously.


"Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friend?" She says with a smirk.


He narrows his eyes at her. "Bonnie, this is Kate. Kate, this is Bonnie."


She almost laughed at the cliche name. "Hi, Kate."


"Hey, nice to meet you." The blonde said sweetly, grabbing Kai's hand and leaning into him. For some reason, that irritated Bonnie.


"So, I assume it cleared up?" She asked, turning to Kai. His eyebrows furrowed together.


"What are you talking about?"


"Well, I had to assume, since I saw you two sucking face over here. You mean to tell me, you're still contagious?"


The blonde girl looked alarmed, untangling herself from him. She turned to Bonnie with wide eyes. "What do you mean contagious!?" She demanded.


"Oh, sweetie he didn't tell you about his mono?"


The blonde's head whipped to him. "WHAT!?" She screamed, bringing her fingers to her lips. He tried to come to her.


"No, she's lying-"


"Get away from me!" She said with a disgusted expression, backing up before turning away.


"Kate! Come on, she's a liar!" He yelled after her. When the blonde continued to walk faster, he sighed in frustration. He turned around back to see Bonnie smirking in amusement. He stepped into her personal space. "What the hell was that for!?" He hissed, eyes blazing. A lot of kids were intimidated and even scared by Kai's sometimes cold, ruthless gazes, but never Bonnie. They were her favorite sight.


She stared back up at him just as coldly. "Because I can." She whispered smugly, before flipping her hair in his face, making her way back to where she left Nora. She grabbed the arm pulling her in the direction of their favorite store, not before sending a wink in Kai's direction. Nora sighed, shaking her head as she followed.



Bonnie's been trying to land a job for the past couple of months and she finally got an interview in one of her favorite boutiques in the mall. Well, Kai made sure he just so happen to be at the mall around the same time and day. He'd gotten there fifteen minutes earlier, walking around eating a soft pretzel. When he saw her across the way, he almost dropped his soda. She looked hot. She usually dressed up but today she had her hair curled and...Kai wanted to punch himself for even admiring. He was here on a mission.


When she went inside the boutique, he started moving. He got to the entrance, peeking inside. Bonnie's back was to him as she talked to animatedly to the manager. He slipped inside, ducking behind racks of clothes. He got close enough to where he could hear their conversation.


"I love talking to people! And I'm extremely responsible and always reliable." An evil smile came to his face, this was the perfect time to make his entrance.


"Bonster! Is that you!?" He yelled obnoxiously, coming into view.


He saw her stiffen, making his insides tingle with anticipation. She turned with warning eyes. "Kai."


"I thought that was you! I can't believe you look this good! Last night, you were a trainwreck at the party! And damn, those lapdances you gave everyone..."


Her emerald eyes widened in horror.


"Anyway, I gotta run! See you at the next party, bad girl!" He winked, before turning away. He could feel her heated gaze burning a hole in the back of his head and it felt good.



Her friends wouldn't consider her a cynical person. No, not at all. It wasn't weird for Bonnie to laugh or smile. In fact, that's what really draws most people into her. Her smile. But when she's leaned up against her locker smirking behind a cup of seemed off.


"Hey, Bon. You're here early." Mary-Louise greeted as Nora, Beau and Enzo followed behind her.


"I know." She said smiling mischievously. Nora narrowed her eyes.




"I'm waiting."


"For what?" Enzo asked confused.


"Patience." Came her giddy reply. He was about to respond, when their phones chimed. They looked down, eyes enlarging. Nora stared at the phone.


" didn't."


"Oh I did."


Enzo laughed. "He's going to kill you."


"Guys, it's a Monday." Mary-Louise whined.


"BONNIE!!" A familiar, livid voice boomed from down the hall. She felt a jolt of energy shoot through her as she bit her lip. He sounded pissed.


Freshmen scattered as he stalked towards her. His hard eyes were solely trained on Bonnie, ignoring their friends' nervous greetings. He walked up to Bonnie, forcing her to back against the lockers.


"Are you fucking kidding me?"


"Good morning to you too." She said causally bringing her coffee up to her lips. He grabbed her cup.


"Don't patronize me! You posted the church play video!?" He snared through clenched teeth. When they were around the age seven, their church had a Christmas play that the children were to participate in. Well, somehow Kai got off lucky, not getting role. That is, until Bonnie didn't show up the day of the play, leaving him the only kid available to fill in her role.




"Do you know how embarrassing this is!?"


"You're the one who's dressed like Mother Mary." She chuckled.


"That was your fault! You were supposed to be Mother Mary but you somehow conveniently got sick." He seethed, never believing she was really sick.


"I was sick." She shrugged nonchalantly.


"You're gonna regret this." He warned in a husky voice, eyes piercing down at her.


"I bet." He stared at her again, before backing up a little. He looked around at everyone, walking away.


Bonnie watched him go, feeling something stir inside her.



Kai had a way with words. It was why he was head of the school newspaper. No one really cared about it before he took over. In fact, everyone became so taken by his daily articles that his word practically became gospel. So, when a certain brunette showed up at his house unannounced, he knew exactly why. Him and Nora were hanging out in his room when Bonnie bursted in.


Nora looked up surprised. "Oh, hey Bon. I didn't know you-"


"Seriously, Kai!?" She screeched, throwing the paper at him. Nora's eyes darted between them with a frown as she grabbed the paper. Her frowned deepened as she read.


"You know how hard I worked on that play."


"Well you should have worked hard on not sucking."


"It did not suck." She said heatedly.


"Actually, it did. Big time."


She glared at him for a moment til she let out a frustrated scream. "Fuck you, Kai!" She snatched her keys off his desk, stomping out the room. He was smirking to himself, when he felt a hard punch in his left arm. He winced in pain, grabbing it.


"What the hell was that for?" He asked incredulously.


"You loved that play." She accused with crossed arms.


A smile came to his face. "I know."



Kai Parker wasn't someone who people immediately took a liken to. Most people, besides his friends, didn't understand nor like his twisted and sarcastic humor. Sure, he could be extremely charming when he wanted to be, but other times he was just an ass. One of his most defeating qualities, is he doesn't know when to shut up. So, when Bonnie stumbled upon him toe-to-toe with a guy in the mall parking lot, she wasn't surprised. Kai most likely insulted the guy and refused to back down when he was confronted. She rolled her eyes and almost kept walking, when she caught sight of some more guys crowding around him. She turned fully, when one of them pushed him. Began walking towards them when one held his arms behind his back. But when the one of the guys punched into in the face, she took off running.


"Hey!" She screamed, garnering their attention. "What the hell are you doing!?" Her hand going into her purse, wrapping around her pepper spray just in case.


One of the guys, patted the other's shoulders. "Let's get out of here, man." The guy pushed Kai to the ground, as they all took off running. Bonnie got to him, leaning down to help him stand.


"Those assholes were really going to jump you? That's not a fair fight." She huffed, looking in the direction they ran off.


He rubbed his jaw, looking down at her curiously. She glanced at him.


"Why are you staring at me like that?"


"Why'd you stop those guys?" He wondered.


"Because, they were going to kick your ass." She said as if it were obvious.


"I thought you loved when bad things happened to me." She cracked a smile, that familiar mischievous twinkle in her eye.


"Yeah, only when I'm the one causing it." His eyes darkened.


"You know, Bonster, you're pretty sadistic." She laughed.


"If anyone is sadistic between the two of us, it's you."


He smiles.



Something had changed in their relationship. Like some unspoken truce. Everyone was a scared and nervous, convinced that this friendliness wouldn't last very long and a explosive blow up was just around the corner. However, that wasn't the case. Kai and Bonnie seemed to somewhat bury the insane hatchet they were harbouring. Of course, they still told themselves they still hated the other, it was just a matter of not being dead-set on destroying each other's lives at every moment. They even got to the point where they were hanging out alone. Again, their friends and even parents, didn't know what to make of it. It was a strange sight to see Kai and Bonnie laughing with each other, rather than at the other's misery.


But nothing was stranger than the day Kai came over study with Bonnie for their A.P Bio test.


"God, you think you know everything."


"Who knows, maybe I do?" She snorted, flipping through her book.


"You wish."


"You wish!" He mocked in a high-pitched voice. Her eyes cut to him sharply. Mocking her was a favorite past-time of his during their youth. He hadn't done it years, so he isn't sure what possessed him to do so. Though he's definitely glad he did.


"Don't you dare start that up."


"Don't you dare start-" She pushed him onto his back, covering his mouth with her hand. She looked down at him warningly, not yet noticing the compromising position she put them into. But he did. He looked up at her with hooded eyes, the weight of her body already having an effect on him. Finally sensing the change in energy, she slowly removed her hand from his mouth, trailing it down to his chest. Eyes darting back to his, she felt a pull in the pit of her stomach. That same pull was having her lean down to capture his lips into a hot kiss. His hand reached up, threading into her hair. Shock-waves transmitted between them, making the kiss even hotter. He flipped them over, pressing his body down onto to her. She moaned, gripping his lower back. He pulled back, lips bruised, eyes hazing with dark eyes. "I still hate you."


She looked deep into his eyes, chest heaving. "No, you don't." She breathed. Looking down her body and back to her, he shook his head in agreement.


"No. No, I don't." He swooped down, claiming her lips.



After hooking up in her room that day, they couldn't keep their hands off each other in private. That initial kiss had completely awoken all the buried attraction they possessed. They were having 'study sessions' more frequently, which wasn't totally outlandish as they were both serious, top students. But, as far as hanging out at the mall, going to the movies, bowling and sitting next to each other at lunch?


That was bit suspicious. Nora being the closest to both Kai and Bonnie, as well as the most observant one out of the group, spotted it first.


They were at lunch, Bonnie was eating a Jell-O cup with whipped cream and Kai couldn't take his eyes off of her. His gaze seemed to always find her mouth every time she brought her spoon to her mouth. At one point, she had gotten a little cream on her upper lip and from the look he was giving, you'd think he was seconds away of licking it off.


But that was nothing compared to the dazed look in Bonnie's orbs when Kai came out of gym sweaty and shirtless one day. Nora swears she saw him send her a wink. There was obviously something brewing between them and she couldn't believe no one else had seen it. Despite her curiosity, she decided to let it be and let them come to them on their on terms. Besides, if they were kissing instead of trying to ruin each other, then who could really complain?



Hooking up in secret had been fun for a while but Kai was growing tired of it. He wanted more with Bonnie.




"I have to ask-


-want to tell you something."


They both laughed a little. Kai gestured for her to continue. She shook her head.


"No, you go first." He nodded, clearing his throat, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.


"Look, I know things between us haven't always been great but...I like you a lot. And I want to try to be something."


"You do?"


"Yeah..I mean, is that something you want or am I just making an ass of myself right now?"


"No, no no. I do want that. I do want you." She whispered, looking into his eyes. He licked his lips with a grin before leaning down to her. Their lips pressed together in a bruising kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against him. She pulled back from his lips.


"You know this is going to be disaster, right?"


"Yeah, but it'd be worth it."