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Wild Flower Tattoos

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Down the middle of Arthur's chest.

Two Poppies


Along his spine, low enough to hide beneath his collars.
An osmunda regalis fern, to be specific, for the Slavic mythological meanings.



Down his whole left side, underneath his arm.

Cherry Blossom Branch


Multiple versions on right side, underneath his arm.

Wildflower Bunch


Starting on left shoulder blade, wrapping around to front of left shoulder and stretching down across left pec.

Hydrangea Blossoms


Over right pec, near inside of pec.

Flower Bouquet with Poppy


Up left and right front of ribs.

Ribcage Blackline Bouquets


Around belly button, with the following words floating between other small flowers.

Pansy Wreath


These words (minus "Cancer") floating between the following small flowers.

So Much and So Little Distance


Small flower number one, over words on stomach.

Small Flower


Small flower number two, underneath words on stomach. 

Small Poppy


Small flower number three, stretching over and under words on stomach. 

Vibrant Flower


Small flower number four, just the blossom, buds, and a bit of stem, over words on stomach. 

One Carnation


Small flower number five, underneath words on stomach. 

Washed Out Flowers


Small flower number six, weaving between words on stomach. 

Raspberry with Blossoms


Over right hip bone with the words from the next picture in the same color around the petals.

Water Lily


These words (minus "Pisces") around the above water lily petals.

Crisp Winter's Day

One blossom over left hipbone.

Queen Anne's Lace


Connecting hipbone and stomach tattoos. 

Grass Sprays


Just the rose, hidden on Arthur's right inner thigh.
This was his first one, because he figured that if someone was seeing his junk, they would either not be in dream share, or probably be distracted enough to miss the tattoo.
Eames is incredibly distracted by it, for entirely different reasons.

Tiny Traditional Rose




Eames got this one a few years before Wild Flower.
He got the heart done as a favor, on the bottom of his left foot.
He did the lettering himself, poked it into the bottom of his right foot.
Because we all know he's been in love with Arthur for years. 

Nice Heart


This is one Eames definitely got since meeting Arthur, under his left pec, hidden in chest hair.
It reads "Massive Hangover"  (lit: Ale Has Killed Me) in Irish Ogham.
No way he's dealt with that much unrequited love without hangovers.
Eames crosses his arms and rubs it when Arthur is being especially tedious.
Or especially lovely.
Ever notice how much he crosses his arms?

Ale has Killed Me


Arthur and Eames


 Tiny, on their right wrists, one white poppy each to represent sleep, where they spend so much time together.



Tiny, on their left wrists, one peach blossom for each of them with a miuscule peach at the end of the stem.
The blossom means, "I am your captive" and the peach means, "Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled".



Minuscule peach to go at end of above tattoo's stem.

Unequalled Charms


Arthur uses skin paint and rolls his sleeves up a lot.
No one else can figure out why Eames and Arthur keep disappearing whenever this happens.