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The heels of her stilettos clicked loudly against the marbled floor, echoing through the room to illustrate its size. On the floor, on his knees with his mouth gagged, Bakugou glared at her, arms behind him as he watches her intently. Behind him was a bed larger than the one she normally used, pristine white sheets and the fluffiest pillows adorning it, neglected by both occupants of the room. To the left side, a large dresser faced them, the doors being full-length mirrors that take in the sight of the whole room. Yaoyorozu swallows, raising her chin to hide her nervousness as she takes a deep breath, eyes scanning his expression.

Petulant. Quiet. Unnerving.

She's used to this face though, the quiet, thoughtful way he analyzes, and she thinks that this side of him was much more dangerous than his usual temper. However, right now, she was the one with the upper hand, and she reminds herself of that as she stops right in front of him. A small, pleasant and almost polite smile spreads across her lips, even as she reaches over to caress his cheek lightly. That earns her a growl, even as she tuts, nerves kicking in.

"Bakugou-san. Good evening."

She speaks, and she drags her fingers up, gently sliding into his hair as he keeps quiet. He was dressed well, much better than she had ever seen him in. Not quite perfect, but it suits him. A deep, blue vest with orange buttons over a white button-up, and sleek brown slacks ending with red shoes. Classic, cleaner than she expected, since he tends to underdress. She herself was adorned in a simple red gown, the neckline dipping down to reveal the hint of breasts, and a slit much higher than necessary down her right thigh.

They make quite a beautiful picture together.

"You're looking rather handsome today, especially when you're so quiet." She murmurs, a bit of a tremble in her voice as she tries to push her unease. She's not normally this forward, this aggressive, but watching him glare even more, a muffled expletive probably being said behind the gag... It's exciting. That won't do though, and she grips his hair tightly, pushing his head back.

"Behave." She speaks up, more commanding this time, even as she tightens his hold. Again, he looks at her with a heated glare, growling at the words, and she feels her heart beating rapidly at the intensity of that. Intimidating, but exciting. She remembered being told that once about the young man on his knees, and she lets out another tut at the response.

"Behave, or I will be forced to punish you."

That only earns her a roll of his eyes, and she huffs-- pushing him back even further until he was just barely managing to keep his balance, the tip of his fingers lightly touching the ground as the handcuffs clink loudly, signaling they were still in place. This lets her relax a bit, even as she lifts one foot and digs it down on his crotch, eliciting a muffled curse behind the gag. She feels a light twitch under her foot, and a firmness that she didn't expect, gaze lowering to the space between his legs curiously.

Her eyes widen at that, a light blush tinting her cheeks as she watches his pinched expression. Oh my.


She feels her breath hitch, digging the platform of her shoe against his crotch again, watching his expression twist into something uncomfortable. However, judging by how hard it feels under her foot, it was probably not unpleasant.

"How long have you been like this? Since I came in? Even before that?" She asks in wonder, eyes shining as she starts to rub her stiletto along the length of his clothed erection, and Bakugou finally quiets down-- probably to hide his reaction. It's exhilarating, watching him struggle to keep quiet, even as his expression starts to change once more. Less pinched, less intense, and more relaxed as his eyebrows upon, eyes closing at the contact. She tuts, tightening her grip again and pulls him forward once more, up until he crashes against her lower body with a muffled sound of surprise. Like this, his face was directly pressed against her pelvic, and she pushes him a little lower, grinding his face against the material of the dress. It's a bit clumsy, not as confident as she'd like, and for a moment she wants to apologize for being so rough.

However, before she could even do so, he groans against dress, his breath pushing it up against her groin slightly, and she can't help but giggle as she tries not to loose her balance while she continues to drag the sole of her stilettos along his length.

"You like good like this. You should look at yourself." She says, awe in her tone as he groans, though she can't see his eyes as she forces his face against his groin, a bit disappointed that her own dress was in the way. She forces him to look a bit towards the mirror, watch himself be pressed against her in such a demeaning manner, and the heated look in his eyes doesn't fade.

"You like this... Yet this was your punishment. What should I do with you...?" She sighs, and finally lets go, pulling both her foot and her body away from him, earning a muffled protest as he leans forward, trying to chase that, before he realizes what he's doing and leans back again. It's hard to be intimidating like that, with his hair even messier than usual and his face flushed, but it doesn't stop Bakugou from trying to glare at her anyway, a raging hard-on definitely visible in his pants now. She takes a deep breath, the next step clear in her head, though actually executing it was another thing altogether. For a moment, she reaches towards the slit, fingers stuttering against her skin as she lightly lifts it. Almost immediately, Bakugou's sharp gaze cuts towards the action, and she unintentionally lets go in surprise. Embarrassment.

This is really not as easy as it seems.

She could feel her heart pounding, even when his eyes flicker with a bit of disappointment, before he could look at her accusingly, suspicious of her actions. She lets out a shaky breath, nerves kicking in, and the silence was too much now. Much, too much.

She moves forward, reaching behind his head to pull at the gag, loosening it and letting it drop to the ground. Almost immediately, Bakugou speaks up.

"Damn it, Ponytail. Stop fucking teasing."

He pretty much spits that out, already pushing himself up to a much more upright kneeling position. She grabs his hair, shaking her head, and keeps him in place once more. He uncharacteristically obeys, and she presses her lips together, watching him for a moment.

She hasn't really done much, not with him, and yet he looks like he's already on edge. It's... beautiful. He's beautiful, even if he needs to clean that mouth of his. Still, the fact that it's not as silent helps her relax, and she reaches down again with her free hand, flipping the flap of the dress over her opposite leg and resting her thigh against his shoulder, the smile forced on her lips as she wills herself to relax again.

"You're just too impatient, Bakugou-san. Now, then... If you would please."

He raises an eyebrow at the act, but she just chuckles, pressing her groin against his nose, nudging him. The black, laced panties were in the way, she knows, but that doesn't seem to stop him as he murmurs something that suspiciously sounds like Fucking finally as he grabs it with his teeth, pulling it away almost immediately. Her hands fly to his hair, stumbling a bit in surprise at the boldness of his action, and she squeaks a bit as he bites gently, teeth dragging against his skin before he tips his head down, tongue pushing out and against her clit. She lets out an embarrassed cry, shuddering against him as she presses his face even further against her groin, almost painfully so. He doesn't seem to care, simply shoves his mouth against her labia and sucks, and she lets out a loud wail as she shakes, eyes closing at the intense sensation. Sensitive, new, something she's never tried before, and she moans almost abashedly as he starts to suck, tonguing her clit relentlessly, before pushing lower, deeper, and it's too much-- too fast for her.

"W-wait, Bakugou-san. Wait a moment--!"

She says, and she tries to pull away, tries to get away, but then she hears the sound of metal against marble and feels his hands grabbing her rear. Her eyes are wide open again in surprise, staring down at the handcuffs that were now on the ground. When did he--?

She doesn't have time to question it though, doesn't have the chance to when he's already pulling her so close that she's practically sitting on his face. She squeaks, letting out surprised little moans as his tongue laps eagerly between her lips, pushing as deep as it can go, pulling back, then shoving forward again. One of his hands move lower, fingers pushing and shoving and making their way into her roughly and she cries ou even more, shaky on her feet as tears well up at the corner of her eyes before spilling over.

"Baku- Ah! B-Ba-ku---Nggh, s-slow d-d-dow--"

She squeaks, high-pitched and mortifying as the heat that continued to coil in her stomach finally feels like it bursted out. She feels herself spilling over, juices flowing out of her and wetting his face, as he tries to drink it all up as much as he can, with some spilling past his lips and down his chin. She shakes, grip still tight on his hair as she doubles over, gasping for breath. It was intense. Too intense. She couldn't even bring herself to stand up on her own.

Bakugou doesn't give her a chance to recover though, already shrugging her leg off as he pushes himself up from the ground, grabbing her by the shoulder and spinning her around to face her towards the mirror. She's shaky on her legs, almost falling down in an attempt to steady herself, but he's already grabbing her by her breasts, his hips pressing up against her backside so roughly that she can feel the outline of his erection just poking against her rear.

He squeezes her breasts tightly, earning a strangled cry from her, before slipping his hand into the arm hole so that he could touch the flesh directly. Gone was the defiant look he had earlier, and now the more familiar manic glint in his eyes was back, as well as the huge grin splitting his face.

She gulps.

"Fuck, you've been teasing me for ten fucking minutes, Ponytail." He growls, pinching her nipple between his fingers roughly as she lets out a quiet whimper, oversensitive from earlier. Her first orgasm, too much, too soon, and she squirms as his other hand goes back between her legs, slipping back inside her without preamble.

"B-Bakugou-san, I'm still--"

"Fuck, you look good like this."

She lets out a soft whine, head tossed back against his shoulder as she tries to regain her composure. He doesn't let her though, immediately bending her forward, enough that there was a clear view of his hand fondling her breast as his fingers plunge deep between her legs, eliciting a strangled cry.

"You look so fucking good, opening up for me like that. You think I didn't notice? You love this shit, don't you?" He whispers in her ear, and she shakes, hands reaching up to grab at him-- only for him to start thrusting against her rear. It's still too much, and she sobs loudly, hips grinding down against his fingers as she digs her feet into the ground in an attempt to keep herself steady. He seems pleased by that, eyes shining as the hand on her breast twists up, pulling the shoulder of the dress down, pulling his hand out and pushing the dress down even further so that one of her breasts was simply hanging out for them to see in the mirror. It was indecent, it was sinful, and she feels the heat coil around her center again as she sees herself practically riding his fingers.

"Where's the elegant lady now, huh?" He chuckles, dark and teasing, even as he lets go of her momentarily. She stumbles forward, hands pressing against the glass of the mirror to steady herself. She hears the sound of zipper, the rustle of clothes, and her eyes stares back at the mirror to see. However, she can't, not when her own debauched form was in the way. She tries to turn back to look, but Bakugou's already upon her, lifting her dress from behind and letting it fall forward, not letting her see.

She feels it almost immediately, the press of the tip, and she opens her mouth to speak but ends up letting out a strangled cry instead as Bakugou pushes her against the mirror, pushes deep inside in one go that she feels him filling her up almost immediately.


She sobs, the sensation of cold glass on one breast and silk on the other an odd, yet not unpleasant combo as he practically rams inside of her. She tries to find something to grip, something to keep her steady, but he doesn't wait for her to get used to it as he starts to slam his hips against hers, chuckling darkly.

"B-Bakugou-san, slow do--Ah! Ah--hnghh...." She moans out, clawing at the mirror as she feels herself get pushed up again and again, pressed up against it roughly with each thrust as she lays her cheek against the smooth surface, soft, embarrassing sounds leaving her with each thrust. He starts to mouth at her neck, dragging his tongue along the length of it as she shudders, trying to get some momentum back. It doesn't work, not when she's on her tiptoes, the stilettos giving her the perfect height for Bakugou to easily slam into her again and again on the mirror.

"That's it. Fuck, that's it." He murmurs against her skin, and she shudders, her skin feeling like it was on fire with how sensitive she still feels, with how roughly he treats her. She chants out his name, whimpering with each movement as he continues to pound into her, getting rougher and harder until he suddenly pulls out, spilling against her backside as she shudders.

She feels the warmth of his semen on her back, feels it trickling past her cheeks and towards the rim, but it's hard to appreciate it when she's still feeling on the edge, not quite as content this time when he stops so prematurely. She lets out a frustrated noise, fingers shakily making its way between her legs as she chases the sensation, clumsily trying to push them in as roughly. It's not as long, not as thick, and the way Bakugou seems to breathe heavily behind her without helping indicates he probably is enjoying that knowledge as she struggles to try to get herself off. It takes longer this time, but eventually she lets out a desperate moan as she finally finishes, collapsing to the ground once she's done.

It's wet, it's messy, and her dress was ruined. She lays on her side, dazed, even as Bakugou kneels down to look at her. Charming, really, if he wasn't displaying his limp penis right in front of her face with that same manic grin on his face.

"I'm never agreeing to your ideas again, Bakugou-san."

She moans, even as he cackles and falls back, looking at her curiously.

"Yeah? You liked it though." He points out, and this was probably the first time she's noticed that he's actually in a good mood. Huh.

"It was supposed to be an exercise in control." She sighs, and it was. The whole point of the cuffs, the fact that she was instigating. He had asked her to do it-- or well, demanded it, but she supposed it was counted as asking by his standard. Keep him in control, keep his impulsiveness under control.

"You have none of it whatsoever."

She huffs, and finally sits herself up to fix her dress, wrinkling her nose as she looks at him accusingly. He just shrugs.

"Controlled you, didn't I?"

She sputters, but doesn't deny it.