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I Need Control

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Oh, dawn on a Monday morning, how you could be so dreaded. Isabella awakened in her bed with her sheets covering her, even as she was completely naked. Her boyfriend, Phineas, was right beside her. He had his arms wrapped around her as he lay face down, also naked.

Isabella stroked his face as she watched him sleep. He seemed to have taken a shower while she was asleep, he looked very freshened up despite being nude. They had made love just last night, and Isabella cherished every second of it.

As Isabella stared at her love as she moved her hand onto his back, she thought about the state of them and their sex life. Getting to be with Phineas was most certainly a dream come true, never mind actually getting to make love with him. However, she couldn’t help but desire more.

Isabella pulled herself out of bed and started to get herself ready for the day. She turned on the shower, and continued to think about a thought that just wouldn’t go away.

Isabella had yet to admit it to Phineas, but she was actually rather kinky. Their sex was never boring at all, in fact the love she felt from Phineas was exhilarating in its pleasure. Yet she had deep, dark desires on what she wished she could do with him. She wanted to be controlled.

No, she wasn’t simply considering BDSM. She wasn’t sure she wanted something too physically rough, even if she admittedly liked some aspects that weren’t overtly violent. She was usually dominant in bed, but she felt the idea of extreme submission to be very alluring. She always imagined Phineas pinning her down or restraining her to be at his mercy, but she wanted more than to physically submit to him. She wanted to mentally submit to him too.

Isabella was perplexed at how she found the idea of having her mind be controlled by Phineas attractive to her, but she couldn’t shake off the feeling. Something about him taming the beast inside of her was just so sexy to her. He could certainly build something to do this, but why would he? I mean, there were so many bizarre facets to this. If she wanted it, then what was the point of total control? To simply remove certain inhibitions? To feel the thrill of doing things she wouldn’t normally do? To do everything asked of your boyfriend?

That didn’t even get into the moral implications. Isabella wanted this, and yet if she admitted this to anyone they would at the very least be weirded out, or at the very most call her insane and wonder if she had an unhealthy relationship with Phineas. Plus, isn’t it messed up to want to give up your free will like this, even if it’s just for a bit of kinky sex? If she wanted it and Phineas still did it, would he be violating her despite how much she wanted it?

These questions and more had been eating away at Isabella ever since they started having sex. She felt like she desired something morally wrong and forbidden, yet if she trusted Phineas more than anyone she could get him to thrill her in ways she thought she could only dream of.

Realising she had been pondering her desires in the shower for a while, she finished up and got out to dry herself. She wrapped a white towel around her head and put on her light lavender bathrobe. As she walked back to the bedroom, she saw Phineas just starting to wake up.

As cute as the sight of a nude Phineas looking relaxed was, she had to get him up. She pulled off the bed sheets, completely exposing his body. Phineas looked towards her, simply giving a hazy eyed smile as he watched her.

               ‘Was I so good that I actually made you feel tired in the morning?’ Isabella said with a chuckle.

               ‘I guess I did shower at night too, that only made me even more exhausted. Wanted to be extra prepared since we’re starting to wrap up some of my assessments for this year,’ Phineas said.

               ‘Well, I’m not complaining, if it means I get to see you like this.’ Isabella pat his left butt cheek twice.

               ‘Say, why don’t you help me get up? I think I really am tired.’

               ‘Well it was worth it, since you made your girl feel as happy as ever.’ Isabella grabbed Phineas and held him up by the waist. Phineas wrapped his legs and arms around her as she carried him.

               ‘I’m never going to get tired of how strong you are,’ Phineas said as he kissed her. ‘If it weren’t for the fact that it was Monday morning, I’d probably be the one dragging you back in, I want that strength to ravage me.’

               Isabella gave a sheepish smile as she felt Phineas’ dick harden as he clung to her waist, returning some passionate kisses of her own. ‘Oh, believe me, I wish I could get back in bed and fuck you too. I want to be ravaged by you, I want to be controlled by you, I want the beast inside of me tamed and to completely submit! Uh, I mean, I want you to, uh, have control over my pussy and give it all to you.’

               Phineas looked at Isabella and let himself come down, who went red in the face. ‘Isabella, are you okay?’

               ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Just a shame it’s a Monday morning, I guess.’

               ‘Okay but really, if something’s bothering you, I don’t want to make you feel awkward. Or worse, do something without your consent.’

               Isabella looked down and to the side. ‘Sure. Anyway, I guess we better get dressed.’

               ‘Yes, yes we should.’ Isabella groped Phineas’ right butt cheek before the couple had one last kiss, before pulling away and getting ready for their day.

               As Isabella put on her clothes, she thought about what Phineas had said. She once again was lost in her thoughts.

He doesn’t want to violate me, Isabella thought. Just imagine if he knew what I wanted, would he feel like he’s always at risk of doing so? I hope I don’t say anything so stupid later.


It was a few days later. Isabella painted with her watercolours on a new piece of art. She was sitting in the living room, adding the final touches to her latest piece. Another piece was almost ready for her personal folio.

The painting she did featured a background consisting of dark purple and crimson swirls, each moving from the edge of the paper until they got as close to the centre as possible. The centre featured a girl that clearly resembled Isabella, naked in a light blue colour, with a darker shade of blue for secondary and distinguishing features like hair, lines and her open mouth, which looked as if it was expressionless. Smacked onto the chest was a bright pink heart, and her eyes were large, round and glowed the same colour, as was her vulva. The girl looked as if she was floating in space, and surrendering to her helplessness.

Isabella used a paint drying tool Phineas made to finish what she had created, and after signing her name in the bottom right corner put it into her folio. When in its sheet protector, she stuck a label saying ‘Trance’ on it. She then flicked through other pieces she had done over the year, and all appeared to be of a similar nature, containing abstract titles and visuals. They all seemed to show the same woman surrendering herself to greater forces, and said woman feeling strong feelings of love and lust. Sometimes another figure would appear, one vaguely resembling Phineas, one that joined the overpowering forces that made her submit.

Isabella then turned back to the piece she just finished and started at it. Unbeknownst to her, Phineas walked up to her.

               ‘Hey, Isabella, what’cha doin’?’ Phineas said.

               Isabella jumped and let out a small gasp. ‘Oh my gosh, you scared me.’

               ‘Oops, sorry. I like what you painted here.’

               ‘Uh, thanks.’ Isabella then turned the piece around to show Phineas while covering the title with her finger. ‘You know me and my abstract art, heh. It means whatever you want it to mean, I guess.’

               ‘You mean you just painted it without knowing what you meant to say?’

               Isabella hesitated for a moment. ‘Yeah, I guess so.’

Phineas moved to sit next to her on the couch, wrapping his arms around her. Isabella put her folio away and closed it, and moved to cuddle Phineas in return.

               Phineas kissed Isabella on the cheek. ‘Isabella, I’ve got some ideas I know you’re going to just love.’

               Isabella turned to Phineas, smiling. ‘What kind of ideas?’

               ‘Basically, I was thinking about our sex life, and ways we could make it more exciting. I can’t believe it only dawned on me just now: what if I create things to make our sex even more fun? They don’t even have to be huge like a lot of my ideas, but I’m willing to try anything out.’

               Isabella raised her voice and smiled. ‘Wait, really?’

               ‘Yeah, really.’

               Isabella gave Phineas a slow, tender kiss on the lips. ‘I was waiting for you to suggest something like this, I wondered when it would finally occur to you. Making love while being enhanced by your genius is pretty much a dream come true for me.’

               The couple kissed for a bit longer, before Phineas pulled away. ‘Oh, you’ve wondered yourself? Do you have any ideas? I’d love to hear them, I’d do anything to make my favourite girl in the Universe happy.’

               ‘Ye- uh, I mean, tot- sorry, I’m kind of stuck on ideas. Guess this is why I didn’t bring the idea to you sooner.’

               ‘Aww, that’s a shame. Guess I better think of something then, I definitely would like to make our next night of lovemaking something experimental.’

Isabella and Phineas remained silent for a while, both contemplating what was just discussed. Isabella leaned her head onto Phineas, and he felt his hand go through her hair.

               ‘You seem tense, Isabella. I mean, come to think of it, you’ve seen kind of absent minded this week, not to mention you don’t usually get scared when I surprise you like I did before.’

               Isabella paused for a moment. ‘No, no, I’m fine. I promise I’m fine.’

               Phineas raised his hand to her face, ready to caress it. ‘If you say so. I just want to make sure you’re okay, I know it’s still not easy for me to pick up on all of these nuances.’

               Isabella blushed. ‘I’m fine, I promise.’

Isabella then kissed Phineas, wrapping her arms around the top of his back just under his neck. Phineas returned the kiss, also holding her by the back.