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Hearth Fires

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Midoriya has been launched in the air by many things in his lifetime. His own quirk, a villain's attack, an explosion. Kacchan alone could probably account for about twenty percent of the times Midoriya has been sent flying, and considering they're supposed to be allies, Midoriya knows he should be alarmed by that. He's felt concussive force and gravity ricochet off each other against his body to launch him skyward more times than he can count.

The flight Todoroki sends him on is nothing like the others. It starts off like a challenge, crowed by Kacchan as he launched himself through the air. He calls Todoroki a coward, crawling low to the ground, only where his ice can catch onto concrete and rip through the pavement. Todoroki frowns and then goes into a corner with Yaoyorozu, discussing something in low tones that only fuels Midoriya's curiosity.

He doesn't find out until late evening, when he stares out the dorm windows and sees some collapsed tarp on the field. Todoroki greets him knowingly when Midoriya approaches and gestures at the makings of a hot air balloon. He and Yaoyorozu had rigged up something unbelievably high level and Midoriya gapes a little.

Todoroki's left hand ignites and he offers Midoriya his right to pull him into the basket.

"I thought Bakugo was nothing but hot air, but even hot air has its uses." Todoroki says as they watch the balloon fill out above them. Midoriya stifles his laughter in order to let Todoroki concentrate. The fire wreathes around his outstretched arm before he constricts it into a thin torch. Without much fanfare, hardly a wobble, Midoriya and Todoroki leave the earth and begin to rise into the sky.

They don't go far, still attached to a line hanging out of Yaoyorozu's window and likely secured to her four poster bed. Instead they hover, two stories above the UA dorms, overlooking the city and its sparkling night lights. In the tiny wicker basket that tilts each time they shift, Midoriya leaned his shoulders against Todoroki's right side, even as the wind blows chilly up here.

"We could go anywhere at all." Midoriya says, watching Todoroki learn finesse before his eyes, sweating but looking so, so pleased.

Midoriya could watch him all night.

"There are scissors in my belt." Todoroki mutters and Midoriya sneaks his hand onto Todoroki's waist, just to confirm. There are, in fact, scissors and Midoriya laughs at the echo of a joke. Todoroki's waist is warm through his shirt, pleasantly so. Only his hand sears with the blazing fire that keeps them aloft. Midoriya knows if he cuts the line, if they drift too far, that fine control would only falter for a second before Todoroki guides them safely back to earth.

"I'm good just being up here." Midoriya says instead and leans against the edge of the basket. He presses the line of his body against Todoroki's.

Todoroki shifts to accommodate him, steadying Midoriya with a hand on his back, and the wicker basket wobbles a little. Then it's quiet as the two of them stare out to the city they've promised to protect.

"It's nice up here." Todoroki says, looking down at Midoriya. Even as his hand remains outstretched over the burner and his fire surges from his fingers, he finally relaxes. Midoriya smiles. They float in the night sky together, and Todoroki's flames keep them warm from above.