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Normie DRV3 Requests

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Messed up kid. Dark and pessimistic, with a twisted personality and a lot of weird kinks. He has something of a fetish for the morbid, and is bullied heavily for his eccentric behavior and strange interests. Majorly masochistic. Loves both physical and emotional pain. Neglected by his parents, and has a history of suicide attempts and self harm. His parents are neglectful, leaving him mostly to his own devices. Signed up for the killing game in a misguided attempt to get attention… and join his favorite TV show in the process.


A poor boy from a large family. Always short for money, to the point of often not knowing where his next meal will come from. Ostracized and bullied for his disheveled appearance and obvious poverty, and generally bad at making friends. Kindhearted and easygoing at his core, but a little too jaded when it comes to the hardships he’s been through. Convinced that there’s nothing better for him, thinks that he has no hope at living any better, and joined the killing game in order to make money for his family.


A delinquent who, after a few mistakes in life, wound up hated and feared by the people around him. An unwilling loner who dreams of having people love and look up to him, but has no idea how to go about getting that. He’s convinced that no one will ever like him, and his own pessimism tends to bring him down. He lives in an abusive household, where he’s beaten regularly to try to knock the bad behavior out of him. He signed up for the killing game in the hopes that it would make him famous and loved.


The pet project of a certain inventor. A thinking robot famed for his “humanity”, and used almost exclusively for tests and scientific exhibitions. Despite his near-human level of consciousness, he’s treated like nothing but a machine. Accustomed to being seen as subhuman, with a shy, skittish personality and a tendency towards the eager to please. High levels of anxiety, mostly due to the threat of being dismantled. Forced to be the camera of the killing game as publicity for his creator.


An average teenager, almost to a fault. Often forgotten by those around him, with his unusual appearance the only thing that stands out. Shy, with a reserved personality and a lot of social anxiety. Often bullied for his height and passive nature. He dreams of being someone special and tough but does very little to help himself. His family life is distant, and between that and an utter lack of friends, he struggles a lot with depression. Signed up for the killing game in an attempt to become popular and noticed.


Harsh and stern, and feared by the people around him for his size and strength. His parents are distant, practically abandoning him to his own devices as soon as they were able to. The neglect did his mentality no favors. Sees himself as unlovable and frightening, with dangerously low self-esteem. He has an extremely gentle side buried underneath everything but is too consumed with insecurity and misery to show it. Signed up for the killing game in what amounted to an indirect suicide attempt.


A nervous, frail boy with a massive amount of anxiety. Horrifically abused by his peers and family, and left convinced that the only attention he’ll ever have is pain. Extremely dependant on others, with a strong fear of being forgotten or abandoned. Clings to what little attention he gets, no matter how negative, and will do almost anything to get someone to acknowledge him. An easy-to-manipulate sort of person who can never manage to stand up for himself. Signed up for the killing game on the whim of someone else.


A painfully introverted, weak-hearted boy who lives under the constant control of his domineering older sister, who socially isolates him in an attempt to make him depend on her. Denied all friends and social contact after their parents passed away, and taught to have an extremely negative view of himself. Sexually abused by his sister, and sees himself as unworthy of any affection anyone could offer him. Forced to sign up for the killing game after his Sister got tired of the few threads of rebellion showed.


Cold and unfriendly, with a tendency to isolate herself from any potential friends. Sees herself as worthless, and has an abysmal self image. Her home life is abusive and strict, something which has done nothing to help how she views humanity as a whole. Convinced that the world is a cruel place, but secretly dreams of having friends that will prove otherwise. Pushes people away because she refuses to trust them, then longs for attention once they’re gone. Signed up for the killing game after giving up all hope.


Plain, but disturbingly submissive. Accustomed to being hurt by others, and too convinced that she deserves it to ever fight back. Bullied throughout her life, and has a strong tendency to take on the traits that people want to see in her. Neglected by her parents, and mostly left to suffer on her own. Sees herself as too weak and useless to ever earn being treated any other way, and deep down, sort of enjoys whatever attention she can get. Signed up for the killing game in something of a suicide attempt.


Quiet and rather shy, but jaded into a hatred of the world by poor circumstance. She grew up in an abusive, neglectful orphanage, and suffered through a lack of care and an abundance of abuse all through her childhood. Sensitive and easily frightened, and downright paranoid when it comes to adults. Used to being unwanted, and considers herself unlovable due to never being adopted. She signed up for the killing game when the orphanage decided that she could make them money through it.


A frail, sickly girl whose health left her unable to make friends or have a normal life. A victim of Munchausen by proxy, with a mother who mistreats her in order to fake her symptoms, despite rarely allowing her real medical care. Her body is weak, and she’s grown exhausted and depressed due to the things her body is put through. Dreamed of magic that could make her well all through her childhood, and tends towards the childish and delusional. Signed up for the killing game in an effort to get away from her mother.


Shy, anxious, and reserved, with a perpetually nervous outlook and a dangerously low opinion of herself. Sexually abused by both family members and boys at school, and developed a hatred and fear of men because of the abuse. An easy person to take advantage of, and almost painfully naive. Doesn’t trust easily, but when she falls for someone, she falls hard. Low-energy and rather apathetic. She signed up for the killing game when the abuse got bad enough that she decided that she’d rather be dead.


An upbeat, cheerful sort of person who covers up her pain with a smile. Despite being depressed and anxious on the inside, puts up a happy front in the hopes that she’ll someday believe it. Bullied for being dark skinned and “looking like a foreigner”. Her parents are cult members, and she lives on the verge of being pulled out of school and isolated from the world. Twisted from her upbringing, with a strange, dangerous view of the world. Signed up for the killing game in an attempt to get away from her family.


Horribly bullied, with a long history of physical abuse from her family and peers. Suffers from severe anxiety and dangerous panic attacks. Struggles to believe that anyone could ever want to treat her kindly, and has massive trust issues when it comes to any offered kindness. Expects to be hurt and taken advantage of, and resents everyone that’s harmed her, but can only dream of being brave enough to do anything to help herself. Signed up for the killing game when her life got bad enough that death seemed better.


From a wealthy household, and raised in a strict, unloving environment. Expectations have been piled on her since childhood, and despite her best attempts to seem confident and unaffected, tends to be almost breaking from the stress. Poor at taking care of herself, and tends to prioritize schoolwork and other obligations over her own health. She’s a disaster socially, and terrible at making any kind of connections. Signed up for the killing game in a misguided attempt to gain fame for her family.