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Cherīburossamu Ni Chūdoku

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A/N: Hey ya'll! It's Kuro-chan here with a new story! Hehes, so I'm branching off from yaoi to do other ships with one of my ultimate favorite female characters of the Naruvere known as Sakura. Hopefully I revise this well. Pardon me if there are any mistakes remaining, but they will be fixed at a later date in time when I have more time on my hands. No flames or negativity is allowed, but what will be allowed is positive and constructive feedback. This is AU. If you want something to be included or have suggestions for what to happen next then please put it in your comments. Hehes, please enjoy and R&R!

Adopted From: purqatorigod

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.

Pairing: SakuAkatsu, but others may be implied and/or added like usual.

Cherīburossamu Ni Chūdoku

Chapter 1

"Stay away from me!" Sakura shouted.

Her voice betrayed her unfortunately. It echoed her fear. Her rosette colored hair is wet from the rain and the mud she'd been running through to avoid these men. It didn't make sense, they should all be dead. There is absolutely no way for them to be alive right now. One of the men shuffled their feet slightly in her direction. Sakura's head snapped to attention then. Her green jade eyes locked on the men before her.

"You know, I can't do that, Sakura," the puppet-no, the newly formed man tilted his head to the side with a dazed expression. "It's like you're a drug."

Sakura felt sure she killed him. She DID kill him then how is he here before her? Why is she on the forest ground covered in mud, shaking in her very boots before them? Was Chiyo-baa's sacrifice meaningless then? The men in cloaks had her surrounded with her backed up against a tree in the forest surrounding Konoha. The shivering rosette had nowhere to run. Sakura glared at Sasori with all she's worth, trying and failing to show them their appearance didn't scare her in the slightest.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, nor do I care. Just leave me the hell alone!" Sakura's hand crept slowly to the kunai pouch strapped to her med-skirt although Pein caught this from the corner of his eye to lift his head up to look at her.

"It's like you're a demon I can't face down," he muttered softly, his eyes penetrating her like a kunai.

Sakura's head whirled towards the pierced man. She dropped into a defensive position. Perhaps, if she could find a distraction for these men, she could leap up the tree she's currently backed against. Oh, but she's so tired to do so. She didn't think she had enough chakra left in her to outrun the Akatsuki. Sakura lowered her head slightly to cause her bangs to shadow her eyes.

She whispered helplessly, "It's like I'm's like I'm running from you all the time."

She's tired of hearing their names. Glacing over her shoulder every now and again for the men who were trying to capture her best friend, she felt paranoid. She also felt scared and trapped. Sakura whimpered as the other Akatsuki members inched closer to her. No, she can't give up now. She wouldn't dare to these demented men. She'd be letting her village, herself, and even Naruto down.

"I know I let you have all the power...But that's going to change. I'm not going to let my fear of you get in the way of what matters to me...I won't let you have Naruto!" She shouted as her resolve strengthened due to her determination.

Hidan scoffed, adjusting the scythe on his shoulder. This stalemate standoff is getting more and more tense. It seemed to be happening whenever she's on her own. It's like the only company she sought is misery all around with the way she's always in trouble. It's not her fault of course. Kami along with the other deities just decided to hand her a bad set of cards.

"Fuck, if we were here for Naruto, then what would be the fucking point of chasing you? Like seriously," he muttered.

"Besides," Hidan looked up from under his eyelashes which had darkened with an unreadable emotion. "It's like you're a leech, sucking the life from me. It feels fucking amazing."

Sakura shuddered at the husky tone of Hidan's voice that he had used against her. She couldn't help herself as she noticed some of the other Akatsuki members glaring at Hidan then. While their eyes were diverted to Hidan the rosette shoved her hand into her kunai pouch, grabbed a kunai before she threw it directly at one of the members. However, the member she blindly threw the kunai to was none other than her ex-teammate's brother. Itachi's tomoe spun slowly, tantalizingly at the kunai rocketing towards his face. He lifted up his hand as he caught the kunai swiftly. It proved to be effortless for someone of his status. Closing his eyes briefly, he shook his head side to side.

"You truly have no clue how much you're worth. You don't know how we can't function, how we can't be motivated, or how I can feel anything without you inside of me," purred Itachi in his silky voice, dropping it an octave or two for her ears alone.

Damn it, Sakura's body seemed to be betraying her as it shivered at the words the Uchiha threw in her direction. Could she really blame her body that is no stranger to the charms of an Uchiha? Her knees were knocking. Her hands trembled while her breathing came in short gasps. This couldn't be happening. This is just too damn impossible, but she knew denying the truth wouldn't do her any good right now.

Deidara, sick of everyone just waiting around at this point, took a few more steps towards the frightened kunoichi, "I know I let you have all the power un, but you're a drug, a fleeting work of art! The biggest bang that could ever be created, yeah."

Itachi stepped in, cutting off whatever it was the blonde was going to say next, " I realize I'm never going to quit you over time."

The bomber glared at the Uchiha for always getting in his way. Sakura is really having a hard time now. Her body is pushed to overexertion. She's trembling in exhaustion.

"It's like I can't breathe," she seemed to be able to gasp out to herself, but it's loud enough for Itachi's partner, Kisame to hear.

The ex-mist nin saw Sakura beginning to show signs of a severe panic attack. The short gasps, the trembling, and the mud soaked clothes weren't doing her any favors either. If the Akatsuki were going to go through with their plan, they were going to have to do it fast. Tobi, who was unusually silent through the whole thing, shushiined right next to Sakura, causing her to recoil back violently. His hand reached up brushing the rain-soaked hair out of her eyes.

"It's like I can't see anything. Nothing but you, pretty Sakura," he cooed at her.

Sakura had only met Tobi once but he was hyper and annoying, but this Tobi was dark, more sinister compared to the first meeting they had. Sakura quickly tried to move away from Tobi but was held in place by black threads. Stomach filled with dread she looked up over her shoulder to the other Zombie Brother behind her.

"I'm addicted to you, so much strength in such a tiny fragile body," Kakuzu uttered in a husky voice.

His green eyes locked with her own. It's clear that Sakura had lost. Zetsu emerged from the base of the tree behind her then, wrapping his arms around her in a strangling embrace.

"It's like I can't think without you interrupting me," both Zetsus finished the sentence.

Sakura could do no more then let out a few tears in defeat and let out a choked sob in horror. With her unspoken submission, the rest of the Akatsuki members surrounded her.


Murmurs had been all she could hear when she's tryig to stir from unconsciousness. She couldn't understand them for the life of her. She didn't know if she even could. Her head is pounding and her body is on fire. It's probably a fever due to running in the rain. It's possibly also caused by chakra exhaustion. Great, not only is she captured by the Akatsuki, but she's also sick too. That's just going to make escaping a hell of a lot worse. She wished whoever is mumbling would shut the hell up. Groaning in agitation, she shifted slightly. She felt like she's being carried. Judging by the pressure on her abdomen and all the blood rushing to her head, she could deduce that she had been thrown over someone's shoulder. So, she is soaking wet, sick, and now being man-handled by her enemies. The day is going so great too before all this shit happened. She shifted again, releasing a moaned in pain at the pressure. The rosette could just barely make out words from the left of her position.


That made absolutely no sense to her. Knock what again? Sakura cursed softly as she felt rough fingers pinch the back of her neck. It caused her to fall unconscious once again. Right before the darkness swallowed her whole, she heard one more voice even thugh she couldn't make it all out. Guessign they were taking her to the Akatsuki base, she'd have to wait and see what fate would be handed to her.



The dream she fell into could hardly be called a dream. Nightmare fit it more accurately. She is back in Konoha woods, running through the rain. She's trying to avoid her pursuers. The trees were black and rotting with bugs festering up from the roots. They were eating away at the dead bark. The sky is a sickly green with dark gray clouds that were showering the earth with inky black drops of rain. Sakura ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Gasping for air, she couldn't get enough of it into her while attempting to succeed in outrunning what's chasing her. One of the rotting branches snapped of the tree to land in front of Sakura's foot. She tripped, being sent into the murky maggot infested mud.


Sakura prayed she'd wake up soon as the sounds around her began to fade away into what she hoped is reality. Sure enough, she could feel the wind whipping across her face which had to have meant she is up high. She heard the bangs and booms of bombs going off just below her. She figured that meant she's with the man that killed Gaara or otherwise known as Sasori's partner. What is his name again? She couldn't think about that now. What if he is throwing bombs at her friends? She needed to do something, but she still felt so weak. She hated this feeling with all of her being. She opened her mouth to lick her dry cracked lips, trying to prepare them for the throat ripping scream she planned to give. Unfortunately, that throat ripping scream is interrupted as someone or what she assumed is the bomber no doubt who raised a kunai to her throat.

"If you scream.....I'll ensure I give you something to scream about, un," promised Deidara, his words sounded sugarcoated with malice.


With that said, he through Sakura back into the darkness. It tossed her back into the nightmare. She is running again. That damn branch caught her foot, tripping her up in her mad dash. There is a sickening snap that reached her ears. She screamed in pain, tumbling to the forest floor in a heap of limbs. The shivering rosette looked down at her ankle to find the bone is sticking out of the skin. The black rain mixed with her blood as she lay on the forest floor. Sakura didn't have any chakra. She also didn't think she would be able to heal it. Kami, did it fucking hurt. She couldn't run away. The bugs were starting to crawl over her skin to nestle in her hair.

A deafening roar could be heard a short distance away that raised the hair on the back of the her neck. It sounded demonic. No human could scream so loud to cause the ground to tremble. The maggots that slithered over her broken ankle scurried back into the mud. They were clearly afraid of whatever seemed to be coming for her. Rightfully so, they should be petrified. A figure emerged from the trees in a torn Akatsuki cloak caked in blood. It also seemed to be tarnished by something that sickly resembled guts and entrails. Sakura's hands flew up to her chest as her mouth fell open in a silent scream.


"Did you bring her?" a deep masculine voice oozing of authority rang in her ears which brought Sakura back to the real world once again.

Thank Kami for that too. She's sure that she is screaming in her sleep. That dream is just terrible. Sakura could open her eyes again. Although it didn't do her any good as someone had decided to blindfold her. She found her hands were bound behind her back as well.

"Yes, but I noticed the poor girl kept whimpering in her sleep, un. Probably having a nightmare," piped up Deidara.

Probably? That seemed to be the understatement of the century. The rosette haired woman could tell she is stuck with the bomber again, but that new voice is a surprise. She hadn't heard that voice since... Chiyo-baa died. Refusing to believe what her ears picked up on, she wondered why they exactly wanted her. She had thught they were after Naruto. They had no reason to kidnap a medic nin.

"Then let's get going, brat. It's another two day travel back to the base.... I don't want to waste any more time than I have waiting for you," said the other masculine voice which probably belonged to Sasori, sounding bored.

"But danna!" complained the blodne bomber.

"Enough, brat. Do something useful and knock her out while you're at it. She's awake again," snapped an irritated redhead.

"I don't want to do it this time, un. You have better methods," pouted Deidara.

"Indeed I shall," grumbled Sasori as footsteps neared where Sakura is before they stopped right in front of her, hearing the sound of a cork popping and a disturbingly familiar scent hit her nose. "Heh, yu emember this, don't you? While it isn't the one I used in our little fight, it'll have the same effects. Don't worry, it won't kill you, princess."

Sakura could practically hear the shit-eating grin the man is wearing on his face. If he is a man at all. There is no doubt in her mind of who is talking to her. She could feel the needle biting her skin along with the poison entering her blood stream. The kunoichi swore by everything that she is that she would kill Sasori again.

"Not again," whimpered Sakura pitifully as she is sucked back into the nightmare for the final time, but at least that's what she hoped.


The figure is standing behind the tree line again. Her ankle is on fire. The mud is getting into her wound. She clumsily crawled to a standing position with all of her weight balancing on her one good foot. What good would that do? She is completely defenseless. Whatever seemed to be waiting behind the tree line knew it. Slowly stalking towards its prey, the figure emerged in a torn Akatsuki cloak covered in blood and grime. She brought a hand to her chest as she tried to scream in utter terror of what she is faced with. Red hair dyed an even deeper sinister color by blood hung around a pale face with bits of decayed flesh hanging from it. His mouth is full of long black fangs. They're so big that his jaw detached slightly at the hinge. His eyes were sunken in with piercing black pupils. Red veiny sclera could be seen. Fingers were gnarled horribly to the point where each knuckle looked broken. This...THING is a monster if she had ever seen one. The worst part is that this thing almost resembled Sasori.

"Enjoy your nap, sleeping beauty....."


Sakura is hungry, cold, and STILL sick. She must've been traveling for days, but she could still feel rain pelting her already shivering skin. And Somehow, she had remained asleep the whole time. She's still blindfolded and bound. Had she even moved from Konoha at all? She had no clue where she is while she also doubted her captors would be oh so kind enough to hint at her their location. Rough gravel dug into her cheek, letting Sakura know she is face down on the ground. At some point in time, her captors had dropped her to the floor. She heard footsteps move away from her to stop a little ways away. The pressure of chakra being released into the air told her someone had formed the hand signs to a jutsu. Which one? Well, she isn't able to tell, but a heavy rumbling and scraping sound led her to believe a huge heavy door had been moved. A hand yanked Sakura up by her shirt collar to throw her over the owner's shoulder.

Two sets of footsteps walked down a seemingly endless hallway, their foot falls echoing throughout what sounded like a room with metal floors. Is this the Akatsuki base? If so, she could find out her location and reveal this very important information to her shishou. First, an escape plan needed to be formed. After what seemed like an hour of walking, whoever is carrying her dumped her onto what felt like a medical bed.

"Kakuzu, Leader-sama wants you to take care of whatever sickness she contracted while we were traveling here," said Sasori before rough stitched fingers poked and prodded her body while she laid there in a prone state.

"She smells sour. It's a lot like one of your poisons, Sasori," the man now known as Kakuzu rumbled in a displeased voice.

"Well, you didn't do a good enough job of knocking her out. So, I had to utilize other means. If you all hadn't dispersed the second the Kyubi vessel shouted for her, Deidara wouldn't have to fly around for days trying to get Anbu off his ass. I wouldn't have had to been stuck bored waiting for him," huffed the Puppeteer.

Sakura could picture the glare marring the puppet master's face. Kakuzu grumbled before he returned to poking Sakura's body in various places. She could feel the familiar pull of her conscious slipping away. She could only pray she wouldn't revisit that horrible nightmare. The kunoichi wouldn't be able to handle it. She faded in and out of consciousness. During these moments, she felt the sharp prik of a knife lightly touching the base of her neck. It lightly trailed down to her navel. Cold air hit her stomach which caused her to assumed whoever had done so had cut her clothes off. Curling inwardly, she felt humiliated. She remembered being carried on someone's shoulder again. The sound of a door opening and shutting could be heard as well. When her head hit a pillow on a makeshift bed, her battle with fighting off the encroaching darkness became lost as she sunk into a deep sleep. Red eyes stared down at the sleeping rosette's face.

"That's right, sweetheart. Get all the rest you need," the voice opened the door behind him until he paused in the doorway, licking his lips in such a sinful way that the Shinigami would be proud of.

"You'll need it."

A/N: Yays! Done with chappie one! Hehes, I had fun revising this. I really hae a lot more fun when I'm doing Naruto fics. It's porbably bcause there's a ton of characters to work with. I'm hoping this story I adopted will be oen people may enjoy. If not, then oh welps. Let me know what you thought if you don't mind that is. Hehes, please remember to review lovelies!