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Into Hiding

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Jensen always hated the club scene, he doesn’t appreciate the bluntness of most club goers. Of course that's exactly the kind of behavior one expects from some people that enjoy gay clubs a little too much and people who are somewhat on the wild side. Which is why he avoids them, at all cost.


Regular bars are more comfortable for him, even though it's so much more difficult to find a bedmate to blow off some steam with, in a bar that is mostly crowded with straight guys. But he's used to it. Especially used to his right hand. Doesn't mean he isn't longing for warm and strong hands roaming over his skin or wet lips trailing along his own and of course it's so much better to have another man's fingers stroking him, filling him in places he needs it the most. Usually he settles for a bar and enjoys a few beers before he makes his way home to bring himself to completion.


Tonight isn't one of the usual nights. Now he is specifically searching out one of the many gay clubs in Dallas. It's hidden, in a dark alley barely anyone knows. But Jensen does. Of course he does. There isn't a single corner of Dallas that Jensen doesn't know like the back of his hand.

He's dressed in what he guesses doesn't scream who and what he is. Nothing but a normal outfit; dark jeans, white button down shirt and old sneakers that could well say hobo. But there are still eyes on him when he's seated in a booth in the far corner of the club.

It's far into the night and Jensen has drowned enough beers to feel the pleasant buzz of alcohol running in his blood, his body relaxed and yearning for contact, when a young man approaches him. The guy probably thinks Jensen was oblivious to his approach but what kind of cop would Jensen be if he doesn’t know what's happening around him before it actually takes place. His eyes and brain are trained to scan his surroundings, see and analyze every little movement.

"Mind if I sit with you?" The low rumbling voice of the guy goes straight to Jensen's cock and he's suddenly hit with nerves. Jensen has watched the guy, unobtrusive, and is aware of exactly how long the young man's sharp eyes lingered on Jensen before he finally decided to walk over to Jensen's booth. Exactly fifty-two minutes.

"Not at all." Jensen answers and scoots over to make room for the mop of hair on legs. The blinding and dimpled smile he receives in return has his insides boiling with want. And the fact that this guy is build like a fucking house is something fiercely toxic for Jensen's libido.

"How come you're all alone here?" The guy asks him, sitting down right next to Jensen. Close, so close Jensen can discretely take a sniff of the guy’s soap that’s still lingering on tanned skin.

"Well, my plans for tonight don't include company from any of my friends." Jensen's smirk lays his plans flat out on the table. The sad truth of him not really having that many friends is swallowed down by another sip of his beer. Jensen has always been somewhat of a loner, throughout High School he rather earned good grades than hanging out and causing trouble. The academy didn't give him much time to socialize either and work, well that's just work and sure he gets along with his fellow officers just fine but he doesn't feel the need to include them too much in his private life. But, of course, there is Chris, who he hangs out with on a regular basis and it's fun to shoot the shit with him but Jensen is always happy to go back to his house and dwell in the loneliness that is the rest of his life. Hey, at least it means he's got more time to visit his family. His momma is probably smiling somewhere right now if she knew what his thoughts are.

"Is that so?"

Jensen nods, sure of himself.

"Your plans, by any chance, include tall, dark and handsome?"

Before Jensen can say anything as embarrassing like 'God, yes and please', there's a muscular hand on his thigh, agonizingly slow wandering up and so close to his crotch his dick is twitching and beginning to harden. The guy leans closer then, his warmth almost burning through Jensen's shirt and shallow puffs of breath ghosting over Jensen's ear. "Because I'm all of the above."

Jensen wants to agree, but he's sure that all that's coming out of his mouth is a strangled moan. When the guy's tongue starts licking along his jaw Jensen's eyes fall closed and his breath is hitching several times. Fuck, it's been forever since anyone was having him so close of shooting in his pants by barely doing anything. That’s probably why he’s not far from shooting in his pants, because it has been forever. But this voice is doing things to him, to his for intimacy starving body, it's not even funny anymore.

"God, do you have any idea... so beautiful." The guy breathes against Jensen's pulse point and that hand, Jesus. Any other time Jensen would shoot a guy for calling him any girly shit like that but he doesn't have it in him to do anything except take whatever the young man's willing to give him. And boy, does Jensen raise his hopes that the guy wants to give him a hell of a lot.

Jensen is barely aware of what's happening, and that is a surprise in itself because he doesn't lose control like that, ever. The guy's so obviously skilled hand creeps under Jensen's shirt then, pinching his nipples one at a time while sweet pink lips keep sucking on his throat, collar bone and everywhere else the guy can reach. And then, holy shit, there is some fumbling with Jensen's belt and all of a sudden his dick's springing free, cold air hitting his heated flesh and Jensen is just sitting there, too far gone already, not doing anything but praying for more. Somewhere in the back of his mind he’s thankful that he picked a somewhat secluded booth, because prying eyes are the last thing he needs in this moment.

The cold around his cock is gone and replaced with incredible wet hotness and Jensen opens his eyes just in time to see this stranger going down on him, leaning awkwardly over his crotch to suck Jensen down to the hilt.

"Fuck!" Jensen yelps and his hands close around the guys head, not pushing him down but definitely holding him in place enough to make him keep going.

What's happening shouldn't be legal, and it isn't, Jensen knows the law by heart but he couldn't care less in this moment, even though he should stop this he doesn't have it in him, only whips his head left and right to make sure nobody is watching; his fingers never leaving the fine silky strands of hair.

Then the heat is gone, the guy lifting his head and his lips leaving Jensen's dick with a wet pop. Jensen wants to scream and protest, his dick is so achingly hard he's about to combust but all he can do is blink at the stranger. The fucker just smiles at him mischievously.

"Bathroom. Follow me in ten minutes."

Jensen is too stunned to answer. He doesn't even know the guy's name and still he doesn't want anything more than to do whatever the stranger tells him to.

He tucks himself back in his jeans and scans the room after the guy left for the bathroom. Everybody is minding their own business and obviously unaware of what just happened. His cock is digging painfully against the zipper and when he gets up to follow the handsome mystery man he's sure everyone can see the raging hard on in his pants.

He's barely inside the bathroom when his stranger pulls him into one of the stalls and it is so on. One second Jensen's standing there like an awkward virgin, not moving and the next second his jeans are pulled down to his ankles and a pre-lubed condom is rolled over his dick.

And then reality kicks in, he's fumbling with the stranger's button and zipper and the guy kicks his shoes and pants off, leaving him standing completely nude from the waist down. Fuck, the guy is gorgeous, all lean muscles and definitely the most delicious cock Jensen's ever seen. Jensen grabs the guy then, lifting him up by the back of his thighs and backs him up against the stall door. Long legs are wrapped around Jensen's waist and he hoists the guy up a little further until his dick comes in contact with the guy's already prepped hole.

"Couldn't wait, huh?" Jensen hears himself asking and then he lines himself up, guiding his dick to the guy's entrance and pushing in. When he breaches the first resistance the guy's head falls on Jensen's shoulder, arms clinging around Jensen's neck and he pushes in further, burying himself inch by inch deeper into the tight heat.

This is so not what he wanted. Jensen would have preferred taking someone home, spreading them out on his massive bed and getting to know every ridge and curve of the man's body and maybe even wake up next to each other for another round but yeah, he's not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

The guy is moaning and groaning his pleasure against Jensen's neck, beautiful big cock rubbing against his abs and Jensen thrusts up faster, harder, screwing the guy in earnest and he knows it doesn't take much longer until he'll come. Jensen's hands spread the stranger's ass further, giving him more room to fuck into him and he still wants more, wants to capture those sinful lips of the guy with his own and suck every mewl out of him and into his own throat but he doesn't let Jensen, pulls his head away whenever Jensen's mouth comes close. There's no time for Jensen to question the action because there's this burst of white hot heat crushing through his very core and he's only fast enough to see that the guy is stroking himself furiously, stripping his cock blindingly fast until he curses strings of nonsense and spills his orgasm all over their stomachs, and his ass clenches tight around Jensen, forcing Jensen over the edge as well.

They breathe heavy and eventually Jensen lets go, pulling out carefully and flushing the filled condom down the toilet. It's a little awkward then and a sad smile on the stranger's face hits Jensen like a slap to the face.

"That was fun." The guy says then. "What's your name?"

"Jensen." Shaking hands after fucking in a dirty bathroom seems a little weird so Jensen doesn't even attempt on doing so. They silently dress again and when the stranger reaches for the lock Jensen stops him.

"Wait. What's your name? If you want we can go back to my place."



"Listen, I don't do this."

"Don't do what? Fucking people you don't know?"

"Fucking for free." The stranger cocks an eyebrow at him like Jensen is a little slow; offering a court nod on top to make Jensen understand.

Jensen is confused for a second and then the words click into place and he feels like being hit by a Mack truck or a bullet. But then again a bullet to the chest knocks you unconscious almost immediately so the pain isn't as devastating as what he's feeling right now. This guy, whatever the hell his name is, is a prostitute and Jensen had no fucking clue. He feels used and dirty and all kinds of screwed and not in a good way. And yet he's still standing here, watching the guy's face crumble and he wonders what such a great-looking, and previously all happy-smiles-guy drives to lead this kind of life. People don't end up whoring themselves out for fun and it's obvious on the man's face that no matter how mesmerizing his dimples had lured Jensen in, there's a painful story to the guy.

"You fuck as good as you look, wouldn't mind another round," the young man starts again and produces a business card from his pocket, "but it's gonna cost you." He pushes the card in Jensen's hand and unlocks the stall. On duty or not, Jensen should arrest the guy, call for his partner and take the young man in. But he doesn’t. And it’s not because he would get himself in some trouble as well, his reasons for not revealing himself as a cop are unknown even to Jensen himself.

"Bye, Jensen." He says and then he's gone.

Jensen is still staying where the guy left him, arms hanging to his sides and he's staring at the door his stranger just left through then lifts his arm to look at the card between his fingers. It's a simple white card, a phone number and the letter 'J' printed in neat and small letters in the center.

Jensen shoves the card in his wallet and tries to still his nerves. He should dispose it and never look back because he's never going to dial those ten digits. No way in hell will he take on the offer from J. And already he wonders what the letter stands for. No, he has to remove this night from his memory and forget how amazing J's fingers felt on his skin and it's stupid in epic proportions to dwell on thoughts of those lips that so well sucked on his cock.

Of course J knew how to suck cock. Damn it. A prostitute, Jensen’s been fooled by a damn hooker.