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All of you (Gang Story/ Mafia)

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Your fingers glided over the keyboard as you tried your hardest to crack the last wall of security. Sighing as you anticipated the police to have upped their game since private information has been flying around thanks to you.

This was the first time you had ever struggled to crack a line of defence. Over your shoulder, you could feel hot breath on your neck as a drop of sweat trickled down your forehead. Song Mino was getting on your last nerves as he looked over your shoulder. You glance back at him as you took in his handsome face, black hair pushed back, nervously chewing on his lips. He smiled in apology noticing you glare at him. You tried smiling back at him, he smiled a little as his eyes flicked to your lips drinking them in.

“(F/N) I don't mean to rush you but I think someone tipped off the feds.” You heard the voice to your right as you spared a glance at Jackson. The blond was looking down at the radio that was calling all units for back up. He looked out the window he was currently leaning against as he squinted worriedly into the distant.

“Fuck you, any of you wanna take my place?” You yelled back as the last of the security was disabled. You sighed in relief as you plugged in the flash drive into the computer.

“Shit, SHIT!” Jackson yelled as he started packing his stuff. You eyed him questioningly as he and Mino Started packing the equipment.

“ BTS always has to make an appearance don't they,” Mino Grumbled as he zipped a bag. “Fuckers probably led the cops here.”

“That's the new gang that giving you guys trouble?” Jackson and Mino both grunted in reply as you smiled. You weren't part of any gangs, you were more of an independent agent. Known as one the best fucking hackers out there. You had nearly ruined the US when you outed many senators and some of the most prestigious judges. You were on one of the most wanted women, both for your skills and body, literally your head was currently worth a pretty penny.

You pulled the flash drive into your pocket, turning around to meet Jackson's eyes. Shots rang out outside the buildings, sighing you made your way to the window.

“Tell your boss I want double for this shit you guys are making go through.” You muttered as you position yourself on top of the ledge of the window looking back at the two men. Mino and Jackson looked at you with guns in their hands, grinning widely as they looked you up and down. You guys were so used to danger I didn’t affect you anymore, talking as calmly as ordering coffee.

“Sure but when are we going to repeat the other night,” Jackson said with hooded eyes as he looked at your ass. You saw Mino nod in agreement as he bit his lips, you laughed looking back at the men studying you with a hungry gaze. You smiled flirtatiously at them remembering back to the night your spent with both men. Your body shivered as you anticipated repeating that night. Having two men worship your body and making you cum was always fun.

“Let's get out of this alive and then we can talk about this again.” You winked at them as you heard the door being kicked open. Before the door gave away, you took the last breath before jumping onto the building next door. Landing softly on the ball of your heels, you readjusted yourself as you began to full out sprint as you jumped from building to building.

You made your way down the escape ladder sliding down it easily. You looked at your watch, 30 seconds before the pickup car would appear. You heard the clicking of your heals as you made your way to the entrance of the alley pulling your coat closer to your body. Your ears perked as you heard soft footsteps close behind. Stopping in your tracks you looked behind you seeing a shadow hiding in the alley. Your eyebrows raised as you heard a car pull up in front of the alley. Turning around you spotted a black SUV with tinted windows.

Ignoring the figure you kept walking you weren't getting paid to eliminate anyone tonight and you sure as hell weren't going out of your way to do that. Plus you liked creating a little trouble for everyone so why not. Your footsteps picked up as you made your way into the car. Immediately the car took off before giving you the chance to buckle in. You glanced at the people in front of the car spotting Taeyang and TOP. They nodded in acknowledgement, TOP sending you a wink thought the rear view window, smiling in return you looked to your side as you looked at the leader of the gang.

You could see his tattoo peeking out of his coat, the dragon tail wrapping around his thumb. G Dragon, one of the most powerful gang leader in Korea, he was a scary SOB and you knew not to mess with him. He always paid in full and you liked the trouble his gang brought. Everything was more like a game to you. It amused you when you knew information they didn’t. You could share it sure but you liked when things got interesting. It was like playing chess, you were in control and you never lost. Ever.

GD looked at you expectantly as you handed him the flash drive. His grin widens as he held the flash drive.

“Mino relayed your message to me, you'll have double the payment in your account by midnight.” GD tucked the USB into his coat as he looked down at his phone. You nodded at him slipping further into your seat as you glanced out the window. As you came to close to your home base you looked at GD from the corner of your eyes. No one knew where you stayed, you made sure it was kept that way.

“You can let me off here, I have some errands to run.” TOP glanced at his boss waiting for his approval. GD looked at you nodding his head a little as the car pulled over.

“(F/N), why don't you join us. Officially, you'll never have to do side work if you join us, you'll be taken care off.” Your eyes crinkled at the side as you smiled at Taeyang, he didn't look back at you, but you could imagine his face. He had a soft spot for you, they all did.

“She… would have wanted you to have a family… to be with us.” He whispered out.

“I'll think about it” You smiled cheesily as you opened the door hoping out. You glanced at GD as he looked at the opposite direction. His jaw clenched, there was a part of you that wanted to pledge your loyalty to them because god knows Taeyang had saved your ass.

But it was because of him you didn't except. He lost the only woman he ever loved, and you promised to bring the snakes head on a silver platter. And to do that you would have to leave them. You have seen so much blood spill but hers…. Her death broke you. It broke him. And because of this, you made your mind up. To dance with the devil.

You actually cared for him. If you dared to ever call someone close to you it would be Tae.
He was like an older brother you always wanted, you would never tell him that but you did care for him.

GD made you look into the snakes were about, even you were having a hard time tracking him. But in the end, you found him. And now you were going to betray the only people you actually cared for….

You waved good bye to them as you made your way down a poorly lit street. Turning into the alley where your motorcycle was hidden. Something about danger had always attracted you, you were cynical and you knew it.

As you looked down stroking the seat you heard a light footstep. But this was what you were waiting for, wasn't it? You sighed reaching into your pocket spinning around as you fired your revolver, missing on purpose as you cocked your head.

“That's the only warning I'm giving you, do you want to come out of the shadows or do you want me to shoot you?”.You pointed the gun at the persons aiming directly to their head.

You knew who it was or rather you knew the group. Bts, you looked into them when you were doing research

By the looks of it, the person you were faced with was Park Jimin. His hair was the colour of fire, and you knew to be careful against him. He looked lean but through closer examination, you could tell he was built. Your eyes closed for a moment when you heard a slight movement from behind you.

You knew the leader went by RM, and if the rumours were true, he sent out his dogs after you. You could take care of yourself, you always had. Your head inclined just an inch when a movement was heard from behind you.

You held your breath as you swung back around punching the men behind you square in the jaw. He staggered back that's when you recognized his face, he went by JK. His eyes flashed in anger recovering quickly as he kicked in your leg. You let out a small gasp falling backwards quickly swinging your leg out to his head. You heard your foot connect to his side as he grunted staggering back, you pushed yourself off the ground. Looking at both Jimin and JK you slowly backed away until your back hit the wall.

“Jimin I don't think it's fair that your friend here came to interrupt us.” You smiled sweetly as his face changed to that of a surprised one before he hid it. JK shot him a surprised glance before he covers his eyes with his hair. You noticed he still had his natural hair color. From the corner of your eyes, you saw a third figure appear and then a fourth. Laughing you swung your head back. He did send his dogs. You looked at the two new figures, smiling at them.

“So he sent his best, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jung Hoseok, and let's not forget the youngest Jeon Jeong-guk.” They looked at each other momentarily surprised at how much you knew.

“What does your leader want from me exactly?” You hummed in amusement. Leaning against the wall trying to get semi-comfortable. Hoseok nodded at Taehyung. He came forward as you took him in. His hair was a light brown parted in the middle, he wore a dark blue bandana, the colour of his gang. He was handsome, they all were.

Your eyes drifted to Hoseok he was in command of them you noticed. He dyed his hair from the last photo you saw of him, he wore a beanie but you could see black hair protruding from it.

“We were ordered to bring you to see him.” Taehyung finally said as your eyes met his. You were surprised at how deep his voice was but showed no emotion as you took the information in. Shifting your weight from one foot from another you noded. You weren't stupid you could take two of them on maybe even three. But curiosity got the best of you, you looked into each of their eyes as they tensed for a fight. Your eyes made it back to Taehyung as you nodded kicking yourself of the wall.

“Let's go see him then.” You said walking toward him. He looked back at Hoseok not sure what to do. You gestured for them to lead you as you felt a hand on your wrist. You looked down to it and then to the owner of the hand as you tilted your head up looking at JK.

“I don't trust you.” He muttered looking into your eyes. You gave him no shit expression you rolled your eyes.

“That makes two of us.” You said snatching your hand out his grip. You walked ahead of Jimin and JK. As you were lead to a black Escalade by V and Jay (I like calling Jhope this), they were all ready for you to run off but you just got into the back buckling your seat belt. Raising your eyebrows as they hesitated.

“Either you're really stupid or really stupid,” Jungkook muttered as he got into the passenger side. Jay nodded as he got into the driver's side. V slid into the left side as you felt Jimin open the door to the right. You rolled your eyes as you slid into the middle of the men.You could feel Jimin's eyes on you as you glance back at him.

“So you're the infamous hacker we heard so much about. And you can actually throw down.” He said in wonder.

“I didn't expect you to be so attractive.” You laughed as you looked back at V he smirked flirtatiously looking at you.

“Why did you come with us so willingly.” J-Hope looked at you curiosity seeping into his voice. Even Jungkook who had been ignoring you turned his head to hear your response.

“Honestly.” You started feeling all eyes on you, “I had informants tell me you guys were looking for me. I knew it was a matter of time, and Jimin kept following me everywhere I would go and it was getting on my nerves.” You said glancing at Jimin. It was true that you knew Jimin was following you for about a week but you didn't think it had to do with you more about the people you worked for. You always lost him before heading home, you liked teasing him thinking he actually got you but you lost him when you got bored.

They all burst out laughing, you even heard a chuckle from Jungkook. Jimin ducked his head embarrassment.

“How much do you know about us?” Finally, Jungkook asked what was on everyone's mind.

“Enough.” You answered shortly shrugging to his annoyance. “Jimin is the tracker slash assassin of the group, he usually good at it but,” You said wondering off as he grunted in annoyance.”If RM wants someone killed fast and quietly it's usually jimin.” You looked at Jimin as he looked away with a smile on his face.

“V over here collects the money, he's like the face of his boss delivering messages, Unlike Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope are sent when the boss wants a messier painful tactic. Anything with fighting or taking care of a target would be you four.” You mused as you laid your head back.

“Jin owns some clubs down a Gangnam and other questionable places. You guys are actually gaining revenue fast.” You closed your eyes tiredly. “Suga handles the drug, distribution into clubs, the money, financing. I also heard rumours of a whore house starting up.” You scrunched your eyebrows at that hoping it wasn't against their will.

“When Sir Yoongi comes out to play I hear that when its bad, almost as a last result, it's sad your boss insulted me by not sending him instead.” You muttered.

“ And Of course RM the leader and the brain of the organization. I'm surprised such a promising mind ended up in this type of world” You hummed, “ He was in the top percent in Seoul school system passed and aced every test given to him.”

It went silent as you thought about what you were doing. Normal people wouldn't put themselves in this position but you weren't normal. You were groomed to be a hacker, one of the best at that. Forced to take hand on hand combat. You actually believed you were working for the right people until you discovered otherwise. So you went rouge and leaked the information to the Korean media. You even hacked into the United States files to get one of your highest bidder dirt on every single powerhead.

You had no remorse for how many lives you ruined, you sought justice through your acts. The people you outed were underground child predators and sex traffickers. You did things that convenience you more to anyone. You did not oblique by the law, not as long as you can bring people to justice. You helped people who couldn't reach justice through the legal way.

You stopped doing such heroic acts when you had almost been caught. When the Cops had captured you, word got out quick. Help came in a weird shape of the second strongest gang in Korea.

Exo….. it was a funny story really.

You laughed loudly at your own stupidity, causing Jimin to look at you questioningly. You shook your head remembering the moment.

You laid on your hard ass concrete bed as you hummed as you started to think about how fucked you were. As loud commotion was heard outside your cell, you slowly got up eyeing the grunts outside your door questioningly. The metal door was air tight shut so you couldn't see what was happening.

"(F/N), find cover" A gruff voice yelled at you. You looked around as you saw how empty and tiny your cell was. Looking back at your bed you flipped your bed over shielding yourself against it. A loud explosion rang through the cell sending you back into the wall bashing your hard in, falling back on the ground you covered your ears. The explosion had your ears ringing in protest. As you laid on the floor you felt blood trickle down your face. You groaned trying to get up looking at the outline of three people, you squinted trying to see who it was.

They were all masked but something struck you as one of the figures held its hand out to you. A sense a familiarity. You looked down at it as the person took off their mask. Your breath hitched when you saw him in all his breathtaking beauty.

Exo’s Sehun, the youngest most beloved member.

And your ex.

You Never had the intention of starting a relationship with someone but….

If you believed in love he was the closest thing you had.