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Mother Nature

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The Earth was still young, plants grew healthy, animals thrived, and Nichole watched her kingdom of the planet grow beautiful.

Tending to the flowers, a red coral snake with black and yellow bands slithered closely to the woman. “How intriguing.” Muttering, she placed her hand on its small head, beady eyes staring back at her. It arched its body up then down, like some sort of greeting.

“Why, salutations to you too, sweetheart.” Giggling, the snake stretched far, coiling around her arm and connected fully. Under her dirt covered feet, the soothing grass tickled her soles and the mud massaged her toes. Walking, her golden eyes watched the animals go by. A loud growl echoed, calmly, the woman turned around. “Calm down there, hon.” Raising her hand in front of the panther.

“No need to fear.” Assuring the large black feline.

It’s amber eyes became gentle, yet stiff. It walked closer, and settled down near my side. “A token of your gratitude, huh?” Smiling to him, his ear twitched. Softly petting his black coat, Nichole sat down at the edge of a rocky cliff, staring at the vast ocean of blue.  

A gust of wind from behind blew some of her curly dark locks, as it danced in the wind, but this wind was detected as a flapping of wings. A figure behind her stood tall, intimidating, and brooding.

“Such a queen of nature. Oh, mother nature, is supposedly correct. Apologies, Nichole.”

The woman’s expression fell sour once she took a glance at him. “Hello Damian. Why are you on Earth? Have you come to kill more of my children?” Nichole quickly turned, already pestered by his presence.  He brought his hand to his heart and showed a mocking hurt. “Why, Nichole, I am quite hurt that you think I might kill my father’s creations.”


The woman growled,“You killed off almost half of the unicorns!”


The angel chuckled, holding a proud smirk. “Those horned foals? I would never. I just rested a tiny quarter of the species.”


“Well, I know you and your siblings ‘rested’ the entire dinosaur era.”


Damian walked towards to Nichole, circling her. “It was by accident. I just stood back and watched it happen. I thought those reptile creatures were pretty cool, Gary believed those gigantic lizards crossed the line when that tall spiky lizard brutally killed the giant, hairy, infant elephant.”


“It’s called a mammoth, Damian. But that does not mean you guys have to throw an asteroid to the most disliked population and see if it’ll die’.” She deadpanned, along with a small hiss by the red coral snake.


He adjusted his white toga and cleared his throat. “I liked the little creatures. Wendy and I would place bets which dino would win.”


Nichole furrowed her eyebrows. Standing up, she leveled with Damian’s attitude. “Is this a game to you? Are you just trying to push my buttons? Placing bets on lives or-or killing off an entire era because you guys didn't like that an animal died?” Nichole’s anger rose. The panther beside her glared and growled at Damian. The wind became stronger, the oceans beneath them seem to crash heavier, waves grew bigger, the clear sky turned grey and became darker when Nichole would speak. “Because of you and your siblings, I had to create animals all over again, restore the balance of predator and prey. Since you were the older brother, I thought you would be mature enough to stop your childish brothers and sisters from destroying a continent!”, the skies grew darker, and thunder struck from above, she continued saying, “Sometimes I even wonder why bother with you celestial runts.”

Damian had a smug smile, and sighed. “Oh Nichole. I can’t stop my siblings from doing what they are doing. They have to learn by themselves, they...just need a small guide”, Damian over towered Nichole by a few inches, and with smiling red eyes, he said, “though we may be celestial runts, we have more control over the future. You will just be a legacy that will soon be forgotten. A being that will no longer have purpose. You may be a mother, but you will never suit to be a creator like Father.” Bright flaming scarlet orbs shone as the atmosphere became darker, his toothy grin widened.

Nichole’s eyes face darkened. “You watch your tone with me, boy. I am more capable of this planet than you are. You may cause tsunamis and storms, but with one swift move, I can cause volcanoes to erupt, ash and molten rock to splash so high that it can burn the heavens, oceans levels rise that it can drown every living thing, every disaster I can think of. I am the Mother of Nature. All elements bend on my will, every animal, insect, obey by my command. My masters bestowed a beautiful gift yet a powerful curse and I can give a direct thought to all elements to this world, to all living and nonliving,” Nichole’s eyes held a great electricity, glimmer and shine, “Do not test me, you arrogant child. I am more patient than my masters, really I am, but your attitude is just pissing me off.”


“I would love to see you try.” Damian taunted. 

Thunder roared and the black panther jumped on Damian, causing him to fall on his back. The panther bared its sharp pointed teeth at the archangel.

“Father will not like the sound of what you did to me.” Damian cautioned, looking up.

“No, he will not like that he raised a brat instead of an archangel.” Nichole’s starry eyes stared down, she walked past him, with the panther leaving a final growl at the angel, hopping off and following the woman.

Damian laid on the rocky floor. Looking up at the grey sky, thunder and lightning crashed, ocean waves splashed, and rain poured.


“If you decide to rile me up because it’s one of your sick kicks, I will not hesitate to even harm your spiritual form. To your father and your siblings, you are a prized archangel, but to me, you are no angel,” She walked passed him and stopped, “You are a creature that learned to love but loves to hurt, very much like a serpent. Though I cannot allow you to step foot on my earth, do not rest your wings onto the same area as me. I very much dislike pests.” Nichole finished, vanishing within the jungle with her accompany.


Damian stayed still. Thinking. Once he got finally stood up, it drizzled, clouds were white and the winds were calm along with the ocean waves below.


When he was about to leave, he spotted a Black Mamba, a very poisonous cobra. He inspected it closely, seeing as it coils its pry slowly. Humming he thought what Nichole said.


“Just like a serpent, huh?”