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Oikawa huffed out breathlessly as he drank from his water bottle. Suddenly, someone hit the back of his head and he choked on his water, wiping his mouth and turning.

“Iwa-chaaan. You almost made me choke on water.” Oikawa said, pouting. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “That was the point.”  Oikawa frowned. “Iwa-Chaaaaan~ i don’t wanna die.” He whined and their coach clapped their hands, signaling for Oikawa to come over and give instructions.


Oikawa sat down o the bench, head against the wall as he watched his team members. He was sweating like crazy and he couldn’t stand it so he took hs shirt off, setting it down next to him. He stood up and rejoined his team.

“Ok, guys, we have a tournament against….. Shiratorizawa…. Next week and we have to be in our A-game! Okay! Practice serves!” everyone lined up in the back, practicing serves while Iwaizumi covered the lower half of his face, picking up a volleyball with one hand.

“Iwa-Chan. Just ‘cos you’re my friend, doesn’t mean you don’t get t do warm-u--Mattsun, a little higher up---ps okay?” Oikawa raised an eyebrow as Iwaizumi’s eye flitted over him quickly and Oikawa smirked.

“Wait, don’t tell me. Is IWa-Chan turned on by me being shirtless?” Oikawa asked, ignoring Mattsun in the background asking for a cheeseburger.

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “‘Course not Trashykawa.” but his voice sounded nasally as if something were blokcing his nose. “Well, get practicing!” Oikawa yelled, oving IWaizumi’s hand from his face only to freeze.

His smirk grew wider. “Did Iwa-Chan get a nosebleed from me?” he asked, grabbing a few tissues from the coach and handing them IWaizumi. “No, this is just coincedental.” he said. Oikawa nodded before whispering into Iwaizumi’s ear.

“Because for your infortmation, this body is alllll yours.” the captain and turned to his team and had them partner up for spikes.

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Yamaguchi laid his head on his desk smiling.he was always smiling, even during travesties.


He thought it was weird, no matter the situation, he always smiled, even at funerals. I dunno, maybe he was a sadist or something. He’s never not smiled, unless he was stressing out.


He buried his smiling face into his arms and someone flicked his head as they passed. Yamaguchi’s head shot up, beaming even brighter. “Tsukki!” Yamaguchi shouted and Tsukishima rolled his eyes.


Yamaguchi smiled a little more before class started. Of course, no one else knew why Yamaguchi smiled so much, or smiled even more when Tsukki very carelessly acknowledged him.


But in middle school, some kids ad this sort of bet, whoever made him cry or stop smiling, go everyone’s lunch money for the rest of the year. But when Yamaguchi heard this, he only smiled brighter when he was punched in the face, kicked to the ground and coughing up blood.


Yeah so e might be a sadist, or maybe even a masochist, it doesn’t really matter. Because whenever Yamaguchi’s with Tsukki, even if they’re fighting, he’ll always smile.




“Wake up.” a stern voice called out to the sleeping Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi’s head and body jumped up. “Tsukki!” Yamaguchi cred out, hugging the taller boy. Tsukishima rolled his eyes, pushing the smaller boy off.


“We’ve got practice.” Tsukishima stated. Yamaguchi nodded and the two walked out together. Yamaguchi started humming a song, it sounded sweet and loving, but at the same time, it had a dark edge to it.


“Stop smiling. It’s annoying.” Tsukishima stated. Yamaguchi turned. “I-i’m sorry,” Yamaguchi looked at the clouds, a soft smile on his lips. “I dunno how.” Tsukki rolled his eyes and grabbed Yamaguchi’s cheeks, pulling them down and Yamaguchi laughed.


“Tsukki!” Yamaguchi said, laughing. Tsukki put his hands down, frowning. “Maybe we should teach you how to smile.” Yamaguchi said, reaching up and poking Tsukki’s cheek.


“I smile.” Tsukishima said, the gym finally in view. “You smile about as much as KAgeyama-san does.” Yamaguchi stated. Tsukishima rolls his eyes again. “Sure.”




There’s a secret t why Yamaguchi’s always smiling. Crying.

He cries every night.


He cries for for his mom, for hs dead cousins, for his dad, for the team, especially for Tsukki.


Always for Tsukki. He never crid for himself though, no, he was too useless and t undeserved to be pitied over even by himself. He considered killing himself. More times and once.


He wears long sleeves everyday because of that thought, he wears short that always cover his thighs because of it. He wears the long sleeve volleyball uniform even on hot days. People asked him why and he’d just smile.


Yamaguchi clutched his pillow to his chest, tears falling down at the speed of light when he heard the door of the house open. Mom isn’t supposed to be home yet , Yamaguchi thought and his eyes welled up even more. If she’s here because i worried her….


The door to his room opened and he had no time to wipe away tears as a certain blonde stepped in. he was glaring like usual but when he saw the tears on Yamaguchi’s face, heard the strangled breath, saw the razor on his dresser, his expression softened.


“I, you left your bag after practice.” Tsukishima said, placing down a bag.


Yamaguchi nodded and buried his face in his pillow. Leave leave leave … “Yamaguchi, are you okay?” Tsukki asked, the bed creaking as he sat down next to Yamaguchi.


Yamaguchi laughed a little, suddenly smiling brightly despite the tears falling down his face and the blood staining his shorts. “Define okay.” Yamaguchi said and Tsukki was taken aback b the smile and question.


“Yamaguchi,” Tsukki looked at Yamaguchi’s legs, jumping up, noticing the blood. “Omigod Yamaguchi. You-Where’s a first aid kit?” Tsukishima asked, standing up. Yamaguchi laughed and Tsukki’s eyes widened as it sounded like a crazed maniac.


“I hid it, i don’t deserve to live Tsukki. Why would i keep a first aid kit?” he started laughing again until he choked on his tears. Tsukki sat down and hugged him, eyes wide as he “secretly” shoved the razor out of view.


“Yamaguchi, Tadashi, you deserve way more than living.” Tsukki said. Yamaguchi shook his head. “No, no i don’t. I can’t play as well as you or the others, in fact the first ame i was put in i screwed us over. Everyone plays games to try and break me. I’m useless Tsukki. You’d be better off without me.”


Tsukki slapped Yamaguchi. Hard. Yamaguchi froze and Tsukki’s glare returned. “If i ever hear you say that again, i’m slapping you twice.” Yamaguchi had more tears falling down his face but he laughed, he laughed hard, he laugh so hard and crazy he sounded like Nagito Komaeda crazy times ten. (danganronpa reference)


“You’re funny Tsukki. I’m not worth anything. I’m worthless!!!!! I don’t deserve to live or breathe!!! I deserve to be shot or murdered. Beaten to death!!! No one likes me and no on--” Yamaguchi clutched his chest and started coughing and and passed out. Tsukishima’s eyes widened as he remember Yamaguchi had been bleeding for who knows how long.


Tsukishima ran to the bathroom, running into a woman on the way.


“Oh Kei dear! I didn’t know you wer--” “Where’s a first aid kit?” Tsukki interrupted. Her eyes widened and she ran to her room, throwing her keys on her bed and handing Tsukki a red box. “MAke sure he’s okay, he doesn’t listen to me.” she said and Tsukki ran back to Yamaguchi’s room.

Tsukishima grabbed gauze and pushed Yamaguchi back onto the bed so he could access his legs easier. He pulled out some wipes and cleaned off the blood. That’s a lot of blood , Tsukki thought, heart speeding up.


He wrapped gauze around his thighs and tied it off. He and got up and ran to the kitchen, looking for food. When doctors take your blood, they give you apple juice and cookies, right? Tsukki grabbed some cookies and juice he found, running back up to the room and opening the door.


Yamaguchi laid staring at the ceiling, awake or at least, conscious now. “Tsukki, you hid my razor, that wasn’t nice.” Yamaguchi said silently, subconsciously picking at the bandage around his thighs. “And you stopped my bleeding. You should’ve let me bled out and die.” Tsukishima sat down next to Yamaguchi shoving a cookie into his mouth.


“Shut up.” Tsukki said, eating a cookie himself. HE lsat on the bed so his legs were pressed against Yamaguchi’s side vice versa. “Tsukki?” Yamaguchi aid after swallowing the cookie. Tsukki turned his head up. “Yeah.”


“I’m sorry i’m such a--” “If you say burden, i’m slapping you again.” Tsukki said, glaring at Yamaguchi through his glasses. Yamaguchi flinched and shifted a little. “Sorry i’m causing you so much trouble.” Yamaguchi decided on. Tsukki glared at him a little before settling back on the bed board.


“Tsukki.” Yamaguchi asked quietly, grabbing a cookie slowly. Tsukishima looked up. “There’s…..voices.” Yamaguchi said, staring at the cookie in his hands. Tsukishima straightened. “The-they tell me i’m worthless.”


“That i’m not as good as the other first years. I’m useless to the team, i’m failing english, my freckles are like dirt, i can’t ever go a day without harming myself. Tsukki, they tell me i should kil myself, that i’m better off dead.” Yamaguchi looked up and met eyes with Tsukishima. “But, i don’t wanna leave you, Tsukki. You’re making it hard for me to kill myself.”


Tsukki leaned over on the bed and enveloped YAmaguchi in a hug, petting his hair to calm him down. “Don’t be stupid. If you ever kill yourself, i’m going to raise you from the dead just so i can sla you.”


“Tsukki, i’m sorry.” Yamaguchi cried out, hugging Tsukishima. “It’s okay. Just, sleep.” Tsukishima said, moving on the bed so they were next to each other and curled up.


“But Tsukki,” “Shut up Yamaguchi.” Yamaguchi laughed and snuggled into Tsukishima’s arms. “okay.”

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“Ah! Hinata! Stop tickling me!” Yamaguchi yelled, doubling over in laughter. Tsukishima growled as he continued watching the two. Hinata smiled and Yamaguchi tried to push away. “Hinata!”




“Yamaguchi! That’s an awesome serve!” Suga yelled. Yamaguchi beamed. “Thanks Sugawara!” Yamaguchi yelled, smiling brightly. Tsukishima stared at the ground in annoyance




Tanaka and Noya linked arms with Yamaguchi on either side. “Hey Yams!” they shouted in unison. Yamaguchi laughed. “You guys are like twins!” he said and his face flushed with happiness. Tsukishima dropped his bag hard on the club floor.


Tanaka, Noya, Asahi, and Hinata all turned to look at him. “Ah! Tsukki! You dropped your bag!” Yamaguchi ran over and picked it up, handing it to Tsukishima. “Shut up Yamaguchi.” Yamaguchi laughed. “Sorry Tsukki.”




“Yamaguchi, wanna come over?” Hiroto asked. (<<One of my fabulous o/cs) Yamaguchi smiled. “Sure! What are we gonna do?” Hiroto shrugged. “Play video games? I dunno, you’re really cool to hang out with.”


Yamauchi’s smile brightened crazily. “Really? Thank you!!” Tsukishima glared at his pencil in anger before standing up and walking out of the classroom. “Tsukki?” Yamaguchi asked before he stood up and followed.


“Tsukki?” Yamaguchi asked again as he followed Tsukishima down the hall. “Tsukki!” Yamaguchi caught up to the blonde. “What?” Tsukishima growled out. And Yamaguchi frowned.


“You’ve been acting off lately. Are you okay?” Yamaguchi asked, tilting his head to the side. Tsukishima looked at him and turned his head. “I’m fine.”


“No Tsukki, you’re not, can you tell me what’s bothering you?” Yamaguchi grabbed Tsukishima’s hand. “Tsukki?” Tsukishima pulled back his hand and stared at it, looking up at Yamaguchi, and the floor.


“When you smile….at someone that isn’t me. When you laugh and talk to other people, that makes me mad.” Tsukishima said, side-eyeing Yamaguchi.


“Tsukki?” “When you talk about someone else or talk to someone else or go with someone else anywhere without me, i feel jealous. When other people touch my best friend i want to aw all their hands off.” Yamaguchi’s eyes widened. “Tsuk--”


“I love you Yamaguchi. I’ve come to that conclusion and i don’t want you with other people.” Tsukishima said, turning to look right at Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi tilted his head again.


“Even teammates?” “Even teammates.” Tsukishima said, Yamaguchi laughed. “Tsukki, you’re an attention hog.” “Shut up Yamaguchi.” Tsukishima interrupted. Yamaguchi laughed and hugged Tsukishima’s waist. “Okay Tsukki.”


Tsukishima hugged him back before pushing him off. “Uh, don-don’t go over to Hiroto’s house later.” Tsukishima said and Yamaguchi laughed, grabbing Tsukki’s hand and smiling. “Okay.”

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“Kageyama, i want a kiss.” Hinata said, sitting in his boyfriends la. Kageyama moved so his arms were around Hinata but he could still read his book.


“No.” Kageyama responded. Hinata pouted and pulled on his sleeve. “But Kageyamaaaa!” Hinata whined, placing his head on Kageyama’s shoulder.


“I’m trying to read.” Kageyama answered and Hinata turned around. “Read what?” Hinata’s eyes scanned the page. “Is that in English?” he asked and KAgeyama nodded.


“What’s it about?” Hinata asked. Kageyama stared at the pages for a little longer. “I dunno.” Hinata laughed. “You can’t read it?” Hinata asked.


Kageyama frowned. “One of the tests I failed were English, Dumbass.” Kageyama said and Hinata laughed again. “Want me to read it to you?” Hinata asked. Kageyama nodded. “Ok, first off, we’re reading Magnus Chase, The Hammer Of Thor.” Kageyama nodded for Hinata to go on.


Hinata smiled and adjusted so he was sitting properly on Kageyama’s lap, Kageyama holding the book around them.


“‘Lesson learned: if you take a,’ Valkyrie, I think it says, ‘out for coffee, you’ll get stuck with the check and a dead body.’....”




“That was a weird book.” Kageyama said afterwards. Hinata shrugged.  “I got a few words wrong but not enough to change the story. Can I have a kiss now?” Hinata whined, placing his head on Kageyama’s back. Kageyama sighed and turned around.


“Why are you so persistent over these things?” Kageyama asked. Hinata frowned. “We’ve been dating for six weeks, I should be able to kiss and hug you whenever.’’


Kageyama smiled. “Alright. Fine.” Hinata smiled and wrapped his arms around Kags, Kageyama wrapping his arms around Hinata’s waist.


They connected their lips together, moving their heads to the side so they could kiss easier. Hinata tightened his grip on Kageyama as their tongues connected.


Hinata made a small noise in the back of his throat as Kageyama’s tongue retreated. Hinata put his hand softly on Kageyama’s chest and pulled back slowly. “Kageyama, your heart.” Hinata whispered.


Kageyama smiled softly and held Hinata’s hand that was placed on his chest. “I love you Hinata.’’ Kageyama said.


Hinata smiled. “I love you too Kageyama.” he and wrapped his arms around under Kageyama’s arms, resting his head on his chest.


Kageyama wrapped his arms around Hinata’s waist and the two sat there, on Kageyama’s floor in his bedroom, until Kageyama’s mom came home.

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Yamaguchi ran up and grabbed Tsukishima’s hand, smiling up at his blonde boyfriend.


“Hey, Tsukki!” Yamaguchi said, smiling brightly. Tsukishima smiled slightly, looking at him. “Hey Yamaguchi.” “Are you going to the volleyball party tonight?” Yamaguchi asked.


All the volleyball teams were having an end of the year/graduation party. Nekoma, Fukurodani, Aoba Jonsai, Shiratorizawa and Karasuno.


Tsukishima shrugged. “Maybe.” Yamaguchi smiled at his boyfriend as they entered the gym.


“Tanakaaaaaa!” Ennoshita yelled and threw a volleyball at him. “WHAT?” Tanaka yelled as he caught the ball. He looked at it, and up at Ennoshita, and at the ball again. “Whoaaaa!” Tanaka yelled, eyes glowing and looking at Ennoshita. “Yeahhhh!!!! Totally!” Ennoshita smiled a little before going back to practice.


“BAKAYAMA!!!!” Hinata yelled as a volleyball collided with his face. “Just read it Dumbass!!!” Kageyama yelled back. Hinata turned the volleyball over and his face turned red as he blushed.


“Whaaaa?” Hinata looked up. “Yes or no?” Kageyama yelled back. “YEAAA!” Yamaguchi ran up to Noya, who was spinning a volleyball in his hands. “What’s happening?” Yamaguchi asked. Noya smirked.


“Suga and Daichi came up with this idea. Since tonight is our last dance, party, meeting whatever, we should have dates. So they came up with thing called “Volley-Grams.” you throw a volleyball to someone, or give it to them with a note written on it. The other schools are doing it too. It’s sorta waste of volleyballs but,” Noya turned the ball in his hands to show Yamaguchi what was written on it. “I like it.” he said and tossed it to Asahi.


Asahi caught it, looking up in confusion to see Noya smiling and nodded his head. Yamaguchi smiled. “Ahhh! That’s cool!” Yamaguchi said. Noya nodded.


“C’mo, let’s get ready for the last practice game together!” Suga yelled as he walked into the gy,. Everyone smiled. “YES!”




“Hey, Iwa-Chan! Catch!” Oikawa threw a volleyball at Iwaizumi who caught it and stared at it. “Sure, whatever.” Oikawa smiled and winked.


“Ay, Makki!” Mattsun threw his own volleyball and almost laughed as Makki  struggled to catch it. Makki smiled at Mattsun who just smiled slightly back.




“Hey Akaashi!!!!!” Bokuto yelled excitedly. “What?” Akaashi asked, bored. Bokuto spun around and then jumped, handing the ball to Akaashi. Akaashi took it, not looking down. “You know you can just ask, right?”


Bokuto pouted, throwing his hands up. “Just read it!” Akashi try to hand the ball back to Bokuto. “I’ll go just take this back.” “Read it!” Akaashi rolled his eyes and looked down at the volleyball, eyes widening as he read it. His left eye started to twitch.


“Now i’m not so tempted to go with you.” Akaashi said, tossing the ball behind him. Yamato leaned over to read the volleyball, covering his mouth, laughing. “Omigod Bokuto.”




“Hey Kenm-” “Sure.” Kenma interrupted Kuroo, who was trying to hand him a volleyball.


Kuroo sighed. “Kenmaaaa. You didn’t even let me finish!” Kenma shrugged as he continued with his game. “Kenmaaaaa!” “I said i’d go, what are you complaining about?” Kenma asked.


Kuroo frowned. “But you acted like you knew i was gonna ask.” “I did.” “Kenmaaaaa!”


“Hey, Yaku-San!” Lev yelled, running after the third year. Yaku turned. “What?” Yaku asked. “Wanna go to the party with me?” Lev asked, smiling a bright smile. Yaku shrugged. “Sure, why not?”




“HEY USHIWAKA!!!” Tendou yelled, chasing after Ushijima. Ushijima turned slowly to face the red haired teen. “What?” Tendou smiled and handed him a volleyball. “Wanna be my date to the volley-party tonight?” Ushijima looked at him, and the volleyball. “Sure.”


Tendou smiled and jumped up in the air. “Whoo!”




“BAKAYAMA!!!!!” Hinata yelled as the two ran up the hill. “Calm down you guys!!!!” Daichi yelled, sweatdropping. Suga put his hand on Daichi’s shoulder. “They’re too hyped up.” Suga said.


Karasuno all walked into the hotel they rented out for their party. A woman ran up to them. “Hello! You guys are for the party? I’ll show you to your rooms and the party room.” a woman said.




“Woah!!!!! It’s huuuuuge!” Hinata yelled as he jumped into the party room.


“Hey Chibi-Chan!” Oikawa yelled, waving to Hinata. Hinata froze. “Eh, hi Oikawa.” Hinata said. Kageyama wrapped his arm around Hinata.


Hinata’s face turned bright red. “Eh, Kageyama.” Hinata muttered and Kageyama dragged Hinata away.


“Hey hey hey! Guess who brought drinks!” Bokuto called out, holding around four bottles of assorted liquor. Kuroo stood next to him holding five more.  “Uh,don’t you think that’s a little much?” Suga asked.


Yaku frowned. “I’d really rather not take care of an entire drunk team.” Kuroo rolled his eye as he set up cups and the drinks. “Calm down, it’s not we’re forcng people to drink them but,” Kuroo poured himself a cup if alcohol. “Not my fault if it gets a little crazy.”


“Hinata no.” Kageyama said, pulling Hinata back into his arms. “I was gonna say hi to Kenma.” Hinata pouted. Kageyama shook his head. “You can talk to Kenma when he isn’t next to Kuroo or Bokuto. I don’t want you getting drunk.”


Hinata’s eyes lit up. “Ah! Kageyama, you’re so nice!” Hinata said. Kageyama’s face flushed. “S-Shut up.”


Tsukishima opened his mouth to say something to his boyfriend when Bokuto ran over to him. “Ay Blondie! Want a death drink?” Bokuto asked, holding out a cup. Tsukishima scrunched his nose in dissaproaval. “No, i don’t like aclcohol.” Tsukishima said.


Bokuto puted. “I’ma get yo to drink at some point, just you wait. Tadashi sir, would you like one?” Yamaguchi jumped when Bokuto started speaking. “Uh n-n-o thank yo-you. I’m fine.” He stuttered out.


Bokuto sighed. “What has Suga poisoned you guys with?” he muttered and walked away.


Suddenly there was a crash heard from the other side o the room. Yaku crossed his arms and roolled his eyes. “And this, Lev, is why i told you you aren’t allowed to drink.” Lev tried stading up, but his knees were weak and he fell.


Lev just started laughing hysterically as Yaku tried to pull him up. “Sit, in this chair, and stay.” Yaku said, placing the Halfer into one of the few chairs set up. Lev, sloppily, saluted him. “Aye, aye Cap’n.” Noya, who was in the chair next to Lev, covered his mouth, holdig in laughter.


Noya stood u and grabbed two cups offered to him by Bokuto. He handed one to Asahi. “Stop, befoe you say anything. This is your last party in high school, you are going to drink this, don’t argue it’s against the law.” Noya said.


Asahi jumped. “I-it’s against t he law?” “Awe geez, just, drink!” As Noya said “Drink,” e tilted Asahi’s cup back into Asahi’s mouth. Asahi’s eyes widened but he sswallowed. “I-it’’s not bad tasting.” he said and Noya nodded.


“See?” and he dumped his entire cup in his mouth, making Aahi jump.


Suga huffed out a breath of air. “Three minutes and they are already drunk.” He complained to Daichi. Daichi smirked as he pulled Suga’s arm. “Ain’t nothing wrong with that.” Daichi whispered in Suga’s ear. Suga shivered and hugged Daichi.


“As their captain, you should tell them drinking isn’t good for them.” Suga said as Daichi sat down, pulling Suga onto his lap. “As their mom, you shouldn’t have let them ever near the drinks.” Daichi muttered, kissing Suga’s neck. Suga laughed.


“Whatever. Let’s just blame Kuroo and Bokuto for even bringing the drinks.” Suga decided. Daichi nodded as he kissed Suga.


“Am i the only normal one here?” Ennoshita asked, turning away from the DaiSuga make-out session. Tanaka, who was holding his hand laughed. “Unfortunatley! Yes! You are!” Tanaka yelled, making Ennoshita roll his eyes. “Remind me again why i asked you to go with me.” Ennoshita muttered.


Tanak shrugged. “Beats me.” the two laughed. Suddenly, there was a loud rying sound and a thump. The room turned to find Nishinoya and Lev crying, leaning over a chair.


“There leaving us!!!” Lev cried. “Asahi’s leaving me all alone.” Noya cried and looked accusingly at Asahi. “N-noya, you’re drunk. Calm down.” Asahi said, trying to calm Noya down. Noya wailed. “You’re leaving me!” Noya cried.


“Noya…” Asahi turned to look at Suga for help, but Suga was too busy….uhm, with Daichi… to help.


“Calm down Lev. this is why i didn’t want you drinking.” Yaku said, placing his hand on Lev’s shoulder. The lion looked at the hand as if he was going to bite it off. “You’re leaving me.” he accused. Yaku rolled his eyes. “I have to. It’s called graduation.” Yaku stated and Lev sighed, pouting.


Kenma looked up across the room at th two pairs, and back at his game. “Kenny, Kenny, Kenma~” Kuroo sang. Kenma made a face before turning to face the very, very drunk Kuroo. “What?” Kenma asked, bored.


Kuroo leaned over the chair so he was right in Kenma’s face. “Wanna dance?” “No, you’re drunk.” Kenma answered. Kuroo scoffd. “Am not.” Kuroo said. Kenma raised an eebrow.


“Count to ten.” Kenma said. Kuroo rolled his eyes. “Um, ok. Ten, Nine--” “I said to ten. Not from ten .” Kuroo frowned. “One,...... two , three…” Kuroo trailed off as he tried to think. “Six?” “You’re drunk.” Kenma said and Kuroo pouted. “Let’s danccceeee!” Kuroo whined, throwing himsself over the top f chairs.


Kenma frowned as he looked aroud the room. “I’m gonna talk to Shouyou.”  Kenma said, pushing Kuroo off him. Kuroo pouted and tried to stand and follow Kenma, but fell on the floor.


Kenma pressed his psp to his mouth in an atempt to cover his laughter. He ran up to Hinata and Kageyama. “Hey Shouyou.” Kenma said. Hinata smiled and hugged Kenma. “Hey! So uh, everyone’s drunk.” Hinata said and laughed.


Kenma nodded and looked around. Bkuto was passed out and Akaashi was dragging him to their room. Kuroo, who had fallen not too long ago, was on the floor just staring at the ceiling. Ushijima and Oikawa were in a conversation and Oikawa loooked like he was about to hit him if it weren’t for Iwaizumi holding him back.


Yaku was trying to calm down the cryng Lev along with Asahi tryng to shush Noya. Tanaka was in the corner with Ennoshita, horribly drunk and trying t kiss him. Daichi and Suga were no where to be seen but Suga’s shirt was in the spot they’d been in before. Tendou was sining as he walked around from group to group. Mattsun an Makki were playing little pranks on people around them.


“Maybe we should just go.” Tobio said to Hinata. Hinata nodded and looked at Kenma. “Sorry!” Hinata yelled and dragged Kageyama the their room. Kenma sighed and walked over to Kuroo, who was muttering something while staring at the ceiling.


“Kenma, when a bus driver gets out of a bus, who closes the bus door?” Kuroo asked as Kenma helped him get up. Kenma sighed as they walked up stairs to their assigned room. “I dunno, maybe there’s a remote?” Kenma answered.


“What would happen if Pinochoio said ‘my nose will now grow.’?” Kuroo asked, his head resting against Kenma’s. “Stop asking me questions.” Kenma growled out.




“Wait, what would happen?” Kenma said, looking at Kuroo as they arrived at their door. “If everything’s possible, is it possibel for something to be impossible?” Kuroo was thrown onto one o the beds.


“Stop asking paradoxes.” Kenma said as he got Kuroo soe clean, not covered in beer, pyjamas. “What if reality is just a halluciation caused by breathing in oxygen?” Kuroo asked, staring at the ceiling again. Kenma tossed him the clothes as he changed into his own.


“Stop making me question life.” Kenma said as he tried helping Kuroo get into his own clothes. After struggling to get Kuroo into his shirt for five minutes, he gave upon chaning Kuroo’s pants. “Go to sleep.” Kenma said, standing up to walk to his bed.


Kuroo grabbed Kenma’s wrist. “Cuddle with me.” Kenma sighed but crawled into the bed next to Kuroo. Kenma puhed Kuroo’s face to the side as he shuffled next to him so Kenma’s back was against Kuroo’s stmach. “You’re breath smells like beer.” Kuroo luaghed as he buried his face in Kenma’s back.


“I like you, Kenma.” “You’re drunk.”




“...But i like you too.”




“Bokuto! Co-aperrate!” Akaashi yelled as he dragged Bokuto by his foot t the elevator. Bokuto kicked the leg Akaashi was holding in complaint. “No! I wanna go back!” Bokuto turned on his side, grabbing at the ground. “Bokuto!” Akaashi yelled as they entered the elevator.


“Pull your arms in before the door closes!” Akaashi yelled, pulling Bokuto all the way in. Bokuto whined, his balck and white hair matted down fom sweat. “Akaaaaashi! I wanna go back!!!” Akaashi sighed, leaning against the elevator wall.


‘Bokuto, you’re drunk.” Akaashi stated. Bokuto tried to tan u but fell right back down. “Your point?” Bokuto asked as the elevator doors opened.


Akaashi slung Bokuto over him. “This is why i don’ take you places.”



Chapter Text

Kuroo looked over to his side at Kenma, who was staring at his phone blushing and smiling. Kuroo raised an eyebrow and tried to look over at what Kenma was doing, but Kenma turned away from him.


“What?” Kuroo asked when Kenma started laughing a bit. Kenma just shook his head, waving his hand at Kuroo. “It’s nothing.” Kenma answered as he pressed something on his screen, smiling wider a few seconds after.


Kuroo tried to look at Kenma’s phone again, and before Kenma pulled away, Kuroo caught the sight of what looked like texting. Once again, Kuroo raised an eyebrow. Kenma was texting someone?


Kuroo ignored it the rest of the day, or at least, until he dismissed everyone from practice that day. Kenma and he walked home together, being neighbors and all they did everyday.


Kuroo peaked a look to his side at Kenma as he was on his phone again. “Oh, who’s Zen?” Kuroo asked and Kenma jumped, face turning bright red and shoved his phone in his pocket. “Noth-No one.” Kenma said and for the rest of the walk, Kenmaa didn’t take out his phone.




Kenma was lying on the bench after practice, phone above his face as he was playing on it. Kuroo looked at him in question from the other side of the gym but continued talking to Yaku.


When Yaku was dragged away by Lev, Kuroo walked over to Kenma, grabbing his phone, making Kenma screeched and reach for his phone back.


Kuroo smirked, holding the phone above is head, way out of Kenma’s reach. “Who are you texting and?” Kuroo asked and Kenma pouted. “I-it’s a game. Give it back.” Kenma’s quiet voice said. Kuroo nodded slowly but still held the phone above his head.


Kenma wrinkled his nose and kicked Kuroo in the crotch, making the older boy drop Kenma’s phone and fall on his side on the floor. “Kenmaaaaaaaa.” Kuroo whined as the pudding haired boy gently picked up his phone.


“It’s a game, Kuroo.” Kenma said, annoyance obviously in his voice as he spoke. Kuroo rolled his eyes. “Called what?” Kuroo asked. Kenma’s face turned pink. “If i tell you, you’re gonna look it up, and laugh at me.” Kenma said, sitting back on the bench, on his phone again, blush still there.


Kuroo sighed and sat up on the floor. “I won’t laugh.” “You will.” Kenma argued.







“Kenma i’m telling you i won’t laugh. Trust me, i only laugh at Bokuto.” Kuroo said, cracking a smiled. Kenma sighed before putting his phone away. “It’s a, a dating simulator….thing. It’s called ***” the last part of the sentence Kuroo couldn’t hear. “Called what?” Kuroo asked.


“Mystic Messenger.” Kenma said, face red. Kuroo smiled, and his face lit up. “Isn’t that that texting thing with like, eleven days r something and you can choose different people you want to end up with?” Kuroo asked.


Kenma buried his face in his hands. “Oh god you’ve heard of it.” he muttered. Kuroo laughed. “You realize about half of the team has it right? Lev, Yamamoto. I know Bokuto has it too, he wouldn’t stop talking about it. And Glasses friend has it too i think.” Kuroo said.


Kema peaked through his fingers to look at Kuroo. “Really.” Kenma said, more of a statement and a question. Kuroo laughed. ‘Yeah. why would i judge you? I ean, this is me we’re talking about,” Kuro said laughing and moving next to the bench next to kenma.


“And why have a dating simulator when you have me?” Kuroo asked, slinging his arm around Kenma. Kenma rolled his eyes. “Because unlike you, people like Luciel are actually pretty funny.” Kenma said, taking out his phone again.


Kuroo snorted. “Luciel?’’ he asked but Kenma just smiled as he started again with his chat in Mystic messenger, leaning into Kuroo.

Chapter Text

Bokuto was sitting on Akaashi’s couch. He’d come over after practice, just to find Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukki, Kenma and Kuroo there too. Bokuto sat on the couch in between Kenma and hinata and frowned.


Something was….. Off.

Now you may not believe it, but Bokuto was actually very good at people reading, even if he sucked at read blocking. Anyway, he can look at a person for a few minutes and just by their body language, their tone of voice and their expressions, he can tell exactly what kind of person you are.


Or better yet, tell who you like.


Now Bokuto, being this very observant person, also noticed how much Kenma discretely tried to get Kuroo’s attention, whether it was simply a level u in his game, or asking Kuroo for a different device of his, Kenma would keep Kuroo’s attention on him and not Tsukki.


Bokuto also noticed how brightly Hinata talked to Kageyama, and how Kageyama would frown and argue, but this arguing was different. Different and the fights he and with Tsukki, different tone of voice, calmer expression, his body leaned towards Hinata.


A wide grin broke out onto Bokuto’s face. No one noticed Bokuto’s sly grin, his planning face, how he looked like he was ready to rob a bank without getting caught. Well , Akaashi and Tsukki did, but they figured it didn’t involve them so why bother?


Bokuto scooted on the couch so he was right next to Hinata and dramatically draped his arms over his shoulder, burying his face in Hinata’s shoulder. Hinata laughed at Bokuto’s behavior and his face was split in a huge grin. KAgeyama glared.


“Chibi-Chaaaaan!” Bokuto moaned, poking Hinata’s cheek. Hinata giggled and poked Bokuto’s cheek back. “Yeah Bokuto-San?” Hinata replied. Bokuto almost grinned when he saw Kageyama’s fists clench.


Bokuto looked back up at Hinata before burying his face in Hinata’s neck.


“Why are you so cute?” Bokuto wailed, making Hinata blush. “I-what?” Hinata asked, red tinting his cheeks as he bit his thumbnail. Bokuto sat up brightly, ignoring the way KAgeyama glared daggers at him.


“I said, ‘Why. Are. You. So. Cute?’” Bokuto repeated and Hinata’s face grew red. “I-uh, I am?” Hinata asked and Bokuto grabbed Hinata’s face, making him look at him. Bokuto nodded brightly. By now, even Kuroo and Kenma had stopped their conversations, everyone watching to see how this played out.


Before anything could happen next though, Bokuto’s shirt was pulled from the back, sending him flying off the couch. Bokuto looked up in confusion before realizing Kageyama had pulled him off the couch.


Bokuto looked up at him with mock concern. “Kageyama? Why’d you throw me off?” he asked in a questioning voice. Kageyama rolled his eyes and sat where Bokuto had been, next to Hinata. ‘That was disgusting.” was all he said before grabbing the now blushing, Hinata’s hand and pulling him out of Akaashi’s house.


Silence was broken by Kuroo zero point nine seconds later with his over-dramatic hyena laugh. Bokuto looked at him from the floor before sitting back on the couch. Sighing he looked at Kenma who was tugging on Kuroo’s sleeve, trying to get his attention.


One down, one to go.


Bokuto rested his arm so it laid behind Kenma on the couch. Kuroo looked at it questionly but went back to texting, Lev maybe?, on his phone. Bokuto leaned over a bit to look at Kenma’s game.


“Kozume, is that Kirby?” Bokuto asked. Kenma looked up and nodded. “What world or level are you on?” Bokuto asked. “Last one.” Kenma said quietly before the screen lit up, fire spewing out of the pink blob’s mouth. Kenma smiled as he opened three treasure chests at the end before saving it and turning it off, turning to Kuroo.


But before Kuroo could give him a new game, Bokuto reached down to the floor, where a few cases of games were, and handed the asked one to Kenma, who quietly thanked him.


Kuroo’s eyebrow knit together.


Bokuto smiled and little and as Kenma played his game, switching for a new one every five minutes, Bokuto was there, switching the game for him, changing devices, and the more Kenma ignored Kuroo, the more restless he got.


Bokuto could see Kuroo staring, just staring, at Kenma, almost trying to will his attention on him. But alas, try as he may, KEnma was only talk to Bokuto, not ever noticing that they were now touching from feet to hips, from hips to shoulders, and that Bokuto’s arm was now around his waist.


Because Bokuto just that smooth.


At some point, Tsukki got a phone call, his face flushing and him get a very strange look on his face. Tsukki straightened his glasses and adjusted his pants.




“I-uh. i need to go home now. ByeAkaashiAndOthers.” Tsukki ran out of the room, probably to a horny Yamaguchi.


Bokuto rested his head on Kenma’s shoulder and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Kuroo’s head snp up.


Kenma didn’t seem to mind though, probably used to people touching him with a team like Nekoma, *cough cough* Lev *cough cough*.


Bokut rested is head so it sat on Kenma’s shoulder but his head leaned so it touched the side of Kenma’s. Bokuto had both arms wrapped around Kenma now, and was very comfortable actually. Kenma was a very cuddly person.


“Mmm,” Bokuto moaned as he closed his eyes snuggling against Kenma. “You’re a very cuddly person, Kozume.” Kuroo let out a strange sound, close to growling. Bokuto opened on eye and looked at him, sticking his tongue out slightly.


Kuroo’s eyes widened, and narrowed, glaring at Bokuto. Bokuto just smiled and reached for a new game for Kenma, but and a sly smile appeared on his lips.


As Kenma tried to reach for the new game, Bokuto held it above his head, making eye contact with Kuroo first, and with Kenma. “You can have it for a kiss.” Bokuto said. Both KEnma’s and Kuroo’s face showed surprise. KEnma’s face flushed right after and he bowed his head a little, his hair covering his face.


Bokuto made a mall whining sound, but smiled. ‘’Kenmaaaa.” Kenma looked up at the use of his first name but his eyes widened as Bokuto moved at lightning speed, connecting his lips to Kenma’s.


Kenma’s face flushed as Bokuto’s hand held Kenma against his lips. Bokuto smiled as he felt something pull Kenma away from him. Looking up, he saw Kuroo holding Kenma on his lap, glaring at Bokuto.


Bokuto faked a frown and whined. “Kuroo, why’d you ull Kozume-san away?” Bokuto complained. Kuroo’s face reddened and he pulled Kenma up so he was standing, they started t walk out but Bokuto stopped them.


Bokuto held out the three cases of games out to Kenma, who walked up, blushing and grabbed them. Kuroo pulled Kenma out of Akaashi’s house, glaring at Bokuto before he left.


Akaashi frowned, sighing as he sat on the couch next to Bokuto. Bokuto immediately snuggled into Akaashi’s chest, wrapping his arms around Akaashi’s waist. Akaashi frowned, turning on his t.v, ignoring Bokuto.


Bokuto frowned as he was ignored, looking up at Akaashi questiongly. “What did I--” “Just now,” Akaashi interrupted. “Everything you did just now.”


Bokuto smiled a little before moving them both so they were laying on the couch next to each other. “Ah~, I forget even Akaashi gets jealous.” Bokuto said, his head on Akaashi’s chest, staring at him.


Akaashi frowned again, trying to focus on the t.v. but his hand started to play with Bokuto’s spiky hair. Bokuto smiled and hummed as Akaashi’s hand rubbed his scalp.


“I love Akaashi, and only Akaashi.” Bokuto said, making Akaashi’s eyes flick to him but and back to the t.v. “Uh-huh.” Akaashi replied.


Bokuto smiled even more and moved up, placing his lips on Akaashi. Akaashi pushed Bokuto off him. Bokuto whined and wrapped his arms around him tightly, kissing him again. Sighing, Akaashi returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around Bokuto’s neck to pull him closer.


Bokuto smiled and kissed Akaashi deeper until Akaashi pulled back. Akaashi blew on Bokuto’s face, making the owl smile even wider.


“I love you Akaashi~” Bokuto said. Akaashi rolled his eyes. “Yeah okay.”




Bokuto smiled at his phone as he looked at his sent texts to Hinata and Kenma

You’re welcome .

Chapter Text

Tsukki was talking to Kuroo, bouncing a volleyball back and forth in his hands. Kuroo smiled at something Tsukki said and playfully punched his shoulder. Tsukki’s face flushed and he pressed the volleyball to his face.


Yamaguchi watched them from a distance, sitting on a bench as he watched. His chest tightened and his lungs felt fuzzy. Tsukki turned to Kuroo and they started practicing, Kuroo shouting something to Tsukki, making him blush bright red and drop the volleyball.


Yamaguchi sneezed and flower landed in his hand, Yamaguchi’s eyes widened. “No,” he whispered and looked at Tsukki, who was being ambushed with a hug from Kuroo. Yamaguchi sneezed again, a few more flowers falling out.


Yamaguchi stood up and ran out of the room, slamming the door shut. Collapsing around the corner of the gym, he wrapped his arms around his legs, crying. Instead of tears falling down his face, small, light blue cornflowers fell down, landing in a pile around him.




When Yamaguchi went to school the next day, his voice was strained. Whenever he coughed, he would shove his had in his pocket right after. Tsukki asked him about his behavior, but only got “It’s nothing.” in return.


After practice when everyone left, Yamaguchi and Suga stayed after to clean up. They were almost done cleaning when Yamaguchi started to have a cough attack. Dropping his mop, he covered his mouth, but it was in vain as zinnias and hydrangeas fell out of his mouth in large groups.


Suga turned around and his eyes widened when he saw the falling flowers. Running over, Suga rubbed Yamaguchi’s back. “Yamaguchi, are you, are you okay? Who is it?” Suga asked, voice laced with concern.


Yamaguchi opened his mouth to speak but fell to the flower as large camellias fell out and Yamaguchi gasped for air, falling to the ground. Suga sat next to him, pushing aside the flowers as he rubbed Yamaguchi’s back. Slowly, the flowers stopped falling and Yamaguchi was left crying, this time with bellflowers falling out.


“Yamaguchi, who is it?” Suga asked, more concerned this time. Yamaguchi shook his head and Suga sighed, looking at the large pile of flowers already dying around them. “I used to, i had Hanahaki disease once too. I was in love with Daichi, at the time he’d been dating someone else. He found me one day, coughing, crying out flowers and asked me what was happening. I told him that it happened because i was in love with him. I told him that he didn’t need to worry but he told me he loved me too. And you see how happy we are. Akaashi used to have it too.”


Suga stopped talking as Yamaguchi raised his head, not a single trace of him crying on his face. ‘‘Really?” he asked. Suga chuckled and nodded. “Yeah. Yamaguchi?” his voice softened again. “Who is it? Maybe they love you back and you don’t know it.”


Yamaguchi shook his head and rested his head on his arms. “HE doesn’t love me back, i know this.” Suga shook his head. “You never know. Maybe he really loves you an---” “It’s Tsukishima.’’ Yamaguchi said.


Suga face fell and his eyes softened. “Oh, Yamaguchi.” Yamaguchi choked and started to cry bellflowers again. “IT hurts, Suga. I can’t, I CAN’T breathe, i cry out these flowers, it hurts Suga. It, it hurts.” Yamaguchi broke down half way through his sentence, crying out giant blue hydrangeas.


“Yamaguchi. I don’t, i’m sorry. I don’t know how to help.” Suga said, frowning. Yamaguchi nodded. “You don’t have to help, Suga. i i die because i love him, i’d rather die because he loves someone else and is happy, than die of old age and with him unhappy. Sug, i’ okay if die this way.” Yamaguchi said, turning his head and smiling at Suga.


Suga nodded, tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry Yamaguchi.” Suga hugged Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi wrapping his arms around him, crying his blue flowers into Suga’s shoulder. “It’s okay Suga.”




Yamaguchi sat out for volleyball practice today, coughing into a bucket. No one questioned him, they were too busy practicing. Tsukki raised his eyebrow a few times, but was mostly invested, not really, in the game.


Yamaguchi’s shoulders were shaking as he coughed into the bucket, non stop. He had to run out at some point to get a new one.


While he was out, Hinata turned to Suga. “What’s wrong with Tadashi?” he asked. Suga sighed and everyone went quiet. “Everyone promise to never mention to Yamaguchi, or act different around him once i’ve told you.” Suga said.


Everyone nodded. Suga inhaled, holding the volleyball in his arms like it was a child. “Yamaguchi has Hanahaki disease. And no, i cannot tell you who it is or why. Please do not ask him either.” Gasps were heard around the room and Ennoshita rubbed his throat, also being a former victim to the disease.


“He loves someone, but they don’t love him back.” Hinata said sadly. Tsukki’s eyebrow smushed together. “Why wouldn’t he tell me this?” he looked at Suga accusing, as if the older boy was lying. “I’m his best friend, if that were true, he’d tell me.” Suga shook his head as Yamaguchi walked into the room, coughing into a new bucket.


He was letting out choked sobbing noises now, and now they could see, see the small cornflower resting at the corner of his eyes, waiting to fall. “Suga…” Yamaguchi said quietly and Suga turned.


Yamaguchi looked like he was about to break down. “I’m sorry. I’m going home.” Suga nodded sadly and Yamaguchi turned to the others, cornflowers lined along his eyes. “I’m sorry you guys. I’ll, no, goodbye you guys.”


That confirmed it. Everyone knew, just by Yamaguchi saying “goodbye” instead of “See you guys tomorrow,” what Suga had been saying, was true. Hinata ran over to the pinch server and hugged him, enveloping him in a warm hug. “Bye Yamaguchi.” Hinata cried out. Yamaguchi smiled, hugging him back briefly before walking out, choking and coughing all the way home.


When Yamaguchi got home, he curled up in a ball on his bed, coughing out the biggest flowers he’s ever seen, he couldn’t even name some of them. Cornflowers fell down his face rapidly, sobs were heard along with wheezing.


No one could help him. No one. No one was coming to help him anyway, he lived alone. This was it, Yamaguchi was going to die, heartbroken, alone, with no one coming to save him. He was okay with that, he was dying for Tsukki, that’s he cared about.


That was his last thought as he coughed out one final flower, before his lungs stopped working, full of flowers.


Yamaguchi Tadashi died, all the flowers rotting away, except one.


When Tsukishima came over the next day, already knowing what he’d see, he stopped, stared at his best friend’s dead body. His heart dropped when his eyes fell on one flower, a small, dark blue, five petal flower that supposedly resembled true love.


A forget-me-not lay on Yamaguchi’s floor, right next to his dead face. And Tsukki cried, he cried for the first time in years. He cried because his best friend was dead, he cried because he’d never know who it was that made him feel this pain. He cried because Yamaguchi was supposed to be with him, forever.


Tsukki promised to himself that when he found out who made his best friend hurt this much, he’d make sure the’d hurt just as much.


The irony was painful.


And no one would ever know who broke Yamaguchi’s heart, because Suga refused to tell them. Refused to let them lash out on this person, because this person had no idea and was in his own love world. He wouldn’t do that, he didn’t want to watch Tsukki or Kuroo die next from Hanahaki’s disease. So, he never told.



Chapter Text

Today was the worst, everyone on Karasuno could agree with that fact. Hinata blamed himself, Kageyama blamed himself. It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.


Hinata just forgot he was going into heat that morning is all.


It happened so suddenly. One moment, everyone was practicing serves, tosses, receives etc. The next, Hinata was on the floor sweating and moaning, Daichi trying to hold back the other Alphas and Kageyama was forced back by Tanaka and Ennoshita.


“Someone get him out of here!” Daichi yelled to the two Betas. They nodded and dragged Kageyama out of the gym. Suga helped Daichi and had to force Tsukishima and Narita out of the room. Asahi, who had become the master of suppressing his hormones, followed the others outside.


Noya, Yamaguchi and Kinoshita tried to calm Hinata down, all talking in soothing voices. Hinata’s heat ad scent was too strong, it even attracted some other Alphas arriving to school that morning.


Suga motioned for Daichi to get out, knowing his mate wouldn’t be able to last longer either. “Go try and calm Kageyama down.” Suga yelled as he walked over to Hinata.


Daichi was outside and told Tanaka and Ennoshita to get to class. Kageyama let out a low growling noise in throat. Daichi grabbed his shoulders and walked him away from the gym. “Kageyama. Hinata really needs to be alone right now.” Daichi said.


Kageyama scrunched his nose up, trying to suppress the urge to push Daichi away and run to Hinata. It was hard for the other Alphas to not just pounce Hinata right and and there, but since Kageyama ad he had bonded, it was even harder for him to suppress his urge.


“B-but he--” “Kageyama, calm down. Hinata needs to calm down. You have no idea how hard it if for Omegas during heat.” Daichi interrupted, remembering all the times Suga’s complained about cramps and being hot, and how many times he’s had to turn him down when Suga jumps in his lap, nuzzling his neck.


Kageyama closed his eyes and inhaled, through his mouth mind you, he didn’t want to smell Hinata from here. “I’m, fine now.” Daichi nodded and took his hands off Kageyama.




“Hinata, it’s okay, can you stand?” Suga asked. Hinata shook his head as he waved his hand in his face. Yamaguchi handed him a small electric fan, Hinata taking it and setting it on full blast on his face. Kinoshita looked warily at the door.


“We need to hurry, there are Alphas out there.” he said. The other Omegas eyes widened as they smelled the scents of at least four very unfamiliar Alphas. “Asahi’s struggling.” Noya noted, feeling distress through his and Asahi’s bond.


“So is Tsukki.” Yamaguchi noted. “We need to hurry.” Suga said again. “Hinata, darling. I know you're in pain, but we’re all about to be in trouble soon if you don’t get up.” Suga said, using a soft motherly tone. Teas fell out of Hinata’s eyes as he nodded, realizing how much trouble the other Omegas would be in.


“YOU GUYS, HURRY PLEASE!” They heard Tanaka and Ennoshita yell outside. The Omegas in the room suddenly realized the situation. The two Betas, being the only ones unaffected by the whole situation, were now trying to fend off the team Alphas and some other, maybe stronger, Alphas.


Suga froze. They needed to get Hinata out of here, now .


“Hinata, please , we need to leave now.” Hinata nodded faster, sitting up and groaning in pain. “We’ll go out the back door.” Kinoshita suggested. Noya and Yamaguchi helped Hinata stad, both supporting one of his sides as they walked.


There was a loud thump on the door, making everyone jump. They ran to the back door, grabbing one of Daichi’s, sorry Daichi, scent covered shirts to give them some brief cover as they ran to Suga’s car.


“Place him in the shotgun seat.” he told Noya and Yamaguchi. They nodded and set the orange haired spiker down on the chair. Suga hopped into the driver seat.


“You guys, run to the school and tell them what happened, i'll drive Hinata home and practice is cancelled, i’m over ruling anything Daichi says. Also, be safe, please .” Suga said. The three Omegas nodded and Noya saluted.


“Don’t worry, once Hinata leaves, everyone will calm down.” Noya said enthusiastically. “Hopefully.” Suga nodded and started driving away from the school.


Noya and Yamaguchi looked at each other, and at Kinoshita. “How do we get to the school?” Noya asked softly. Before anyone could answer, Asahi ran up to them, picking Noya up in a hug. “Omigod, you’re safe! Did Sugawara bring Hinata home?” he asked. Noya smiled up at his Alpha.


“Yep!” Noya said brightly. Kinoshita and Yamaguchi stared in wonder at Asahi. “How is he---” “Unaffected?” Noya interrupted Yamaguchi’s question. Yamaguchi nodded.


“Noya’s heats used to be bad, so i have a lot of practice restraining myself.” Asahi said, face flushing. Noya smiled brightly, like have a self-controlled Alpha was the greatest, which it kinda was.


“Can you help us get to the principal? Tsukki’s the worst at restraining himself so…” Yamaguchi trailed off. Asahi nodded. “Yes, first gotta get Tanaka and Ennoshita,” Asahi said and ran off the get the two Betas.


The Omegas waited for Asahi to come back. Yamaguchi broke the uncomfortable silence. “I just realized but,” Kinoshita and Noya looked at him. “Isn’t what Ennoshita and Tanaka do, their relationship, against the law?”


Noya cocked his head to the side. “Yeah, i think. Alphas are allowed to be with same sex and opposite sex Omegas. Omegas are only allowed to be with Alphas. But Betas are only allowed opposite gender partners. They technically can’t have same sex partners because they can’t reproduce.”


Kinoshita scrunched his face. “I hate second genders.” the other two Omegas nodded as two Betas and an Alpha rounded the corner. “So, we gotta run.” Tanaka said, he and Ennoshita sprinting down the dirt path. The Omegas followed into the school.




“Sugawara-san?” Hinata muttered quietly, gripping his stomach, pressing his face against the cold window.


“Yes?”  Suga asked softly. “I’m sorry, for all the trouble i caused, i forgot i went into heat today.” Hinata’s voice cracked half way through his sentence.


“Hey, hey. It’s okay Hinata. Asahi will, well, he’s good at restraining so the other Omegas’ll be fine.” Suga said brightly. “I hope.” he whispered quiet enough Hinata didn’t hear.


“Next time, please remember your heat schedule.” Suga asked softly. Hinata nodded and let out a soft moan. “I hate second genders, so, so much. I hate how Omegas are just sex toys to Alphas, how we’re looked down upon, how we have to not go to school just because we go into heat. I wish i was a Beta, their normal.” Hinata whined.


Suga pressed his lips together and nodded. “I know, we all wished we were a Beta. but just think, Betas aren’t allowed with Alphas, if we were a Beta, we wouldn’t end up with who we’re with. You wouldn’t end up with Kageyama, and I, Daichi.” Suga’s voice cracked as he said his mate’s name. “I bet you though, sometimes Alphas wish they weren't Alphas, that they weren’t so affected by just our smell alone. And i bet Betas, like Tanaka and Ennoshita, wished they were Omegas or Alphas, because they can’t have same sex relationships.”


Hiata frowned, remembering how last week the two had been almost beaten to death just for dating. “The world sucks.” Hinata complained. “Yeah, the world freaking sucks!” Suga yelled, slamming his hand on the wheel, smiling.


And, smiling even wider, he looked at Hinata. “But so do we.” he said. Hinata groaned at the bad joke but smiled. “Sugawara-saaan.” he whined and Suga laughed.

Chapter Text

Kenma was pretty, beautiful even. Everyone knew it, when Hinata met him, it was one of the first things he mentioned. Bokuto constantly told him every time they had a combined practice. He remembered Akaashi told him he was pretty once before turning away, blushing.


He was told by his mom, or team mom, Yaku that he’s prettier than any of his children.


KEnma was pretty. But he was also hot. So hot, many girls, and guys, have tried to make a pass at him. He’s so hot, if he even showed a little skin, guys and girls would get turn on.


Kenma remembers one time he was in gym, all guys, and he tied his hair up. Several minutes later, a guy had wrapped his arms around his waist, causing Kuroo to punch the guy. Kenma’s not allowed to tie his hair up when not in volleyball practice anymore.


Unfortunately, the fact Kenma is both pretty and hot, he’s constantly blocked from the world, mostly because Yaku’s afraid someone will hurt his baby, partially because Kuroo kept him to himself.


Most people would hate being excluded from the world, just because of the way they look. But Kenma didn’t mind. It didn't affect his volleyball, so why should he care?


Well, it did affect his volleyball one day.


When Iwaizumi found out, Oikawa was the one being secluded. Really, Oikawa, why?


Kenma had been practicing before they went up against Aoba Johsai. When he was tossing up in the air, he felt arms wrap around his waist, and a head rest on his shoulder. At first he thought it was Kuroo, cause he always snuck up on him. But he turned his head to see oikawa’s face resting on his shoulder.


Jumping a little, Kenma pushed him off. He was used to this from strangers, but other volleyballers? Kenma speed walked away from Oikawa put Oikawa grabbed his wrist. “Ken-Chan! C’mon, i wanna talk!” Oikawa said, smiling.


Kenma shuddered. Oh, how many times has he heard that…?


“I don’t want to.” Kenma said quietly. Oikawa squealed. “Ah! Bo-Chan was right! You are cute! Your voice is even cuter. C’mon!” Oikawa yanked Kenma through the hallway and into a room. Kenma signed out. If it was any other volleyballer, he wouldn’t have minded talking to them, or being alone. But this was Oikawa…


Kenma shuddered as he remembered a story Tobio told him once, of ow Oikawa wouldn't stop if he got an idea, how if he wanted someone, he’d get someone.


Kenma was pushed against a wall. It was dark, Kenma could only make out dark lines of Oikawa. “Touro-san, don’t.” Kenma mumbled. Oikawa smiled. “No need to be so formal, Ken-Chan.”


Oikawa’s hands moved to Kenma’s waist and Kenma grabbed them, trying to pull them off him. Oikawa smiled wickedly, moving his ace so he could whisper in Kenma’s ear. “Y’know, Bo-Chan said you were cute but,” Oikawa’s hands slid under Kenma’s shirt. “He never told me you were hot .”


Kenma’s face was sweating, the room was very warm. Sweat fell down his face, hair stuck to his face, golden eyes wide but glistening in fear, cheeks flushed. Oikawa smiled at the sight and smashed his lips against Kenma’s. Kenma pushed Oikawa’s chest, trying to push the older boy off him.


Oikawa bit Kenma’s lower lip and the younger squeaked out, pushing even harder on Oikawa’s chest, trying to get him away.


“Kenma!” Kenma’s eyes widened as he heard a few people yell his name. He wanted to scream, wanted to call out to them, but Oikawa narrowed his eyes, shoving his tongue int Kenma’s mouth, taking away any chance he had of talking.


Kenma heard people opening doors, checking in them. “KENMA!” the yelling sounded closer, but not close enough. Kenma reached out to the door but Oikawa grabbed his arm and pulled the pudding haired boys pants down. Kenma squirmed and tried to scream again, but Oikawa’s hands covered his mouth.


“Quiet.” Oikawa growled, pulling down Kenma’s underwear. Oikawa stared at Kenma’s manhood, flicking it bored. Kenma flinched as he heard another door somewhere close shoved open.


Keeping his hand on Kenmas mouth, Oikawa licked Kenma’s dick. Kenma squeaked again as he heard the next-door door shoved open. Oikawa took all of Kenma into his mouth just as the door opened.


Kenma’s eyes widened and he reached out to Yaku and Kuroo. The two accessed the scene quickly, running up, Kuroo punched Oikawa square in the jaw. Kenma sank to the floor in tears and Lev, along with Mattsun and Makki, came running in.


Yaku sat next to Kenma, petting his hair and whispering comforting words into his ear, letting the younger boy curl into him. Meanwhile, Lev had to pull Kuroo off Oikawa, Mattsun and Makki dragging their captain off with a bored look.


Kruoo, still being held back by Lev, yelled at the door a the Aoba Johsai-ians left. “OIKAWA I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!” Oikawa just smiled and winked at Kuroo, which pissed him off even more.


“Ku-” a yell from Kuroo. “Kuro--” a kick at the air. “KUROO!” Lev yells at his captain before tossing him onto the ground. “HELP YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Lev yelled, pointing at the crying Kenma. Kuroo’s face flushed. “He’s not my--” Lev pushed Kuroo, well, more kicked Kuroo towards Kenma and grabbed Yaku’s hand.


The two boyfriends walked out of the room, Yaku wrapping his small arms around his gigantic boyfriend as they walked.


Kuroo ran over to Kenma, who was trying, and failing, at putting his clothes back on. Kuroo sighed an helped him. Once he had finished getting KEnma into his clothes, he pulled the smaller boy onto his lap sideways, tangling his fingers in Kenma’s hair.


Kenma curled u into Kuroo’s chest, arms wrapped around Kuroo’s sides. “I, I don’t want to, to com-compete.” Kenma stuttered out, he looked up at Kuroo, eyes shining from tears, wide with pleading. Kuroo smile and hugged Kenma to his chest.


“I won’t let you. And i can guarantee, Iwazuimi’s not letting Shit-Kawa either.” Kuroo said. KEnma flinched at the name before wrapping his arms tighter around Kuroo. “Okay.” he muttered.

Chapter Text

 Kenma was sitting at his desk, playing some game on his phone. Kuroo, who was on the floor, “studying”, looked over at him. “Whatcha playing?” he asked.


 Kenma looked over briefly, and back at his game. A few seconds passed and Kenma flinched in his chair. He sighed and took out his earbuds. “It’s a popular game in America.” he stated, turning to face Kuroo. He rested hi chin on the back of the chair.


 “What’s it called?” Kuroo asked. “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” Kenma said. Kuroo’s eyebrows furrowed. “What do you do in the game?” Kuroo asked. “Well it’ a hor--” KEnma stopped mid-sentence, a sly smile taking its place on his lips as he grabbed his phone. “You stay overnight at a pizza place, you have to just watch over the workers there.” Kenma said, handing his phone to Kuroo.


  Kuroo nodded, crossing his legs on the floor. KEnma moved so he could sit next to Kuroo, leaning against his shoulder. The game started. “Woah, 100$? That’s cool.” Kuroo said. Kenma laughed a little.


 “Hello, Hello?” Kuroo cocked his head to the side, moving the camera in the game. “This is…. Creepy.” he stated. “Uh, i just wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Uh, you'll do fine.” Kuroo looked to his side at Kenma.


“I feel like he’s lying.” Kuroo said. Kenma shrugged. “ So, let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay?


Uh, let's see, first there's an introductory greeting from the company that I'm supposed to read. Uh, it's kind of a legal thing, you know. Um, " Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced."


 Kuroo frowned even more. “ What? ” Kenma giggled a little as the game continued through instructions. “ What? ” Kenma laughed a little and Kena pushed his head a little more on Kuroo’s shoulder. “Just play.” Kenma said and giggled again. Kuroo inhaledand looked at im.


“You’re being like, evil, but you’re also being cute so i don’t know whether or not i should trust you.” Kuroo said, bopping Kenma’s nose. KEnma’s face flushed and he buried his face in Kuroo’s chest. “Just play.” Kenma muttered.


Kuroo smiled and rolled his eyes. “Fine.” Kenma sat back up normal, resting his head on Kuroo’s shoulder. “So…, I just click on the cameras to check on these robots?” Kuroo asked. KEnma nodded, smiling.


Kuroo clicked on the left door camera and screamed when he saw Bonnie’s face. Kenma laughed. “Now you have to closed the left door.” Kenma said and Kuroo went back to the office to close the left door.


“Shite, it’s right there.” Kuroo said, pressing the close button. That’s how kuroo went, the whole game. Turning the lights on and off, closing the doors, until…


“Shit.” Kuroo whispered. “You ran out of battery percentage.” KEnma stated. “Shitshitshitshitshit.” Kuroo muttered.


Music started playing, eerily pausing. Kenma smiled a bit, turning his head away from the game. Freddy jumpscared Kuroo, making the older boy throw Kema’s phone. Kenma was on his side now, laughing.


Kuroo looked from the game to Kenma, heart still beating fast, and a smile appeared on his lips. “KEnma!” he yelled, grabbing the smaller boys sides. Kenma gasped out as Kuroo started to tickle him. Kenma squealed in delight and turned, trying to worm away.


“This is your punishment!” Kuroo yelled, tickling Kenma harder. Kenma laughed out loudly, along with screaming for Kuroo to stop. Kenma’s smile was wid, lighting u the room as he tried to use his foot to push Kuroo away.


Kenma whizzed out as Kuroo finally finished tickling him, pulling the smaller boy into his arms. Kenma smiled, wrapping his arms around Kuroo’s tors, he rested his head on Kuroo’s shoulder, legs wrapping around on his either side.


Kuroo wrapped his arms around Kenma, too. Kenma pulled away and looked at Kuroo with shining eyes, smiling brightly. “You asked to play~” Kenma teases. Kuroo smiled and pecked Kenma’s cheek, making the smaller boy’s cheeks flush.


“Kuroooooo!” Kenma whined, hugging the taller boy tighter. Kuroo laughed and buried his face in Kenma’s hair. “Don’t make me play that again.” Kuroo muttered. Kenma hummed, nodding into Kuroo’s chest.


“Can’t promise.” Kenma said. They laughed and soon fell asleep, Kuroo’s studying forgotten.

Chapter Text

“Oikawa?” “Hmm?” “What are you doing?” Iwaizumi asked, looking at Oikawa. Oikawa was sitting in the grass, notebook on his lap, glasses on along with a few sweaters and he had a blanket. He was staring up at the moon.


“I’m watching the Super Blood Blue Moon, lunar eclipse, duh .” Oikawa said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “The what?” He asked, shivering and pulling his jacket around him tighter.


“Super, Blood Blue Moon. Super moon, when the moon is the closest to Earth. Blood moon, when the sun reflects on the moon, making it seem red, Blue moon, when it’ the second full moon in a month. It’s all of the above along with the eclipse.” Oikawa stated, smiling up at Iwaizumi.


Iwaizumi sat next to Oikawa. “Okay,” he said. “And you’re here outside watching it why? ” Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa.


Oikawa smiled. “ Because , for those three moons to happen at once , aliens are obviously involved.”  “Not this again…” Iwaizumi groaned. Oikawa tapped his head with his pencil.


“Hey, they could be out there. You never know. Scientists have discovered other planets with frozen water, and they found that one planet that resembles Earth. If life-forms exist elsewhere, that means there could be other, living, talking, breathing things out there. Such as aliens. And now, i know they aren’t going to be green, that’d be too obvious. If aliens wanted to come down here, they’d figure out some sort of cloaking device or maybe, like, a shape shifting thing to look like a human. Any one around us could be an alien.” suddenly Oikawa gasped and looked at Iwaizumi, eyes bright.


“What if i‘m an alien?” he asked happily. IWaizumi rolled his eyes and smacked the back of Oikawa’s head. “Dumbass. although that’d explain, a lot .” Iwaizumi muttered. Oikawa stuck his tongue out. “Rude, Iwa-Chan.”


Oikawa gasped again, jumping a few feet in the air. Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s arm. “What if you’re an alien that’s trying to stop e from finding out your secret information?”


“I’m not an alien.” Iwaizumi muttered, pulling his arm away. Oikawa rolled his eyes. “That’s what you would want me to think. You wouldn’t want me to find out about your secrets, and if your cover got blown, you’d fake it. *gasp* you’d want me to fall in love with you just so you could break my heart!”


Oikawa frowned, making puppy eyes at Iwaizumi. “Mean Iwa-Chan! How dare you make me fall in love with you, you alien!” Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, again . “One, i didn’t make you fall in love with me. Two, your stupid moon is turning red.” Oikawa gasped, reaching for his notebook, looking up at the sky.


“Y’know Iwa-chan.” Oikawa said after writing down the time. “The last time a moon like this happened was 1866. cool , huh? We, out of centuries of people, get to witness this awesome event. Just think of all the people who died in between and and now who didn’t get to see this! We’re lucky.”


“I’m cold.” Iwaizumi argued. Oikawa smile, shuffling on the grass next to him, draping the blanket around both of them. “Still cold?” Oikawa asked sweetly, resting his head on Iwaizumi’s shoulder.


Iwaizumi moved his arm and wrapped it around Oikawa’s waist. “No.” he answered and Oikawa hummed, snuggling into Iwaizumi.


The moon slowly started to disappear and Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa, whose gaze was stuck on the moon. Iwaizumi smiled as Oikawa’s eyes lit up, a thin crescent shining in his eyes, along with a few stars. He smiled brightly, cheeks pink from the cold, hair ruffled up, glasses crooked as he leaned on Iwaizumi.


Iwaizumi smiled to himself and watched Oikawa as Oikawa watched the moon.


While Oikawa came up with a ton of different theories about the moon and had realized so many things, Iwaizumi only realized one thing


Oikawa was beautiful.

Chapter Text

“Hana M aki Disease”


Hanamaki disease. Very different from Hanahaki disease, which was known to kill.


A boy, Hanamaki Takahiro, had a power. An annoying one at that. Everyone knew about it too.


His power was, well, he was like a rip-off of cupid.


If you made eye contact with your crush in front of him, he knew immediately and his eyes changed to red and he would started making siren noise.


More than a few occasions had happened in the last month among volleyball players.




Mattsun, Makki, Iwaizumi and Oikawa were all walking home. Mattsun and Makki were making some joke while Oikawa and Iwaizumi were talking to each other. Suddenly, Makki’s eyes stung a bit and he grinned, turning to face Iwaizumi.


“Wee-woo, wee-woo, wee-woo.” Makki whispered in Iwaizumi’s ear. Iwaizumi’s face flushed and he punched Makki’s stomach. “Shut up!” Iwaizumi whisper growled at him.


Makki smirked and wiggled his eyebrows before grabbing Mattsun’s hand and running away from the IwaOi pair, leaving them alone.


Makki looked around the corner at the two, grinning as he watched Iwaizumi try to explain what just happened when Oikawa just laughed, slinging his arm around iwaizumi’s shoulders.


Makki smiled and turned to Mattsun, who quickly looked away.


~~UshiDou~~(<<idk the actual ship name)


Makki was walking down the hall after the competition, sighing as they had lost the Shiratorizawa, again .


Turning the corner, he slammed into someone, stumbling a few steps back. He looked up to see Shiratorizawa’s pride and “joy”, Ushijima. Makki growled up at him and a red haired boy walked around from behind Ushijima and Makki looked at him curiously.


“You were the one singing.” Makki said. The red haired boy smiled and it looked evil. “I am Sa-To-Ri! And We, Kicked. Your. Ass!” Tendou sang out, swaying his hips side-to-side with each word.


“You’re Oikawa’s friend, right?” Ushijima asked in mono-tone. Makki sighed, remembering Oikawa going on and on about how annoying “Ushiwaka” was.


“Unfortunately, yes.” Makki replied. Tendou frowed and grabbed Ushijima’s arm. “Don’t fraternize with the enemy.” Tendou muttered, looking up at Ushijima and Makki felt the familiar sting in his eyes and he grinned widely.


“WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO!” Makki yelled and Tendou’s eyes widening, turning to Makki. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He yelled and looked at Ushijima again.




“BUD-UM-BA. WEEEEE-” A hand was slapped over his mouth, kicking him. “I forgot who you were.” Tendou growled and pushed Makki down the hallway. Makki just smiled as he ran back to his team. He didn't even care he probably had a few bruises on his legs now, he got his point across and made the all mighty Tendou afraid of him.


He laughed as he ran up to Oikawa to tell him.




The third years of Aoba Johsai and Karasuno were all hanging out. This was their last week of school before college and they wanted to celebrate. Daichi was talking to Asahi, Oikawa laughing with Suga, Mattsun talking to Iwaizumi when Makki got an idea.


Makki grabbed Mattsun arm and pulled him to the side. Makki looked at Mattsun who quickly turned his head to look at everyone else. “Yu noticed it too?” Mattsun asked, nodding to the other third years.


Makki grinned. “Yeah, but i can’t just, make the alarms. We need to get them each in groups. Pull Asahi-san away and and pushed our idiots together along with the other idiots.” Makki directed. Mattsun nodded, he bored lips liting up a bit in a smile/


“Daichi-san!” Makki yelled, sauntering over. Daichi smiled at the pink haired boy. “Hey Makki!” he smiled but and he slowly frowned and his eyes went wide. “Wait, uh, nev-nevermind. I-m going to, i’m gonna stand over here. Away from you and your powers.” Dachi muttered, side-stepping away.


Makki threw his arms around Daichi’s shoulder and smirked. “Well, Well Daichi. You needn’t not worry unless the person you like is here.” Makki said and smiled. Daichi’s face flushed and he shrugged. “Uh, yeah. I guess.”


“Hey! Daichi!” Suga yelled, walking up to them. Daichi’s face paled and Makki smiled as Daichi looked at the ground.


“Hey Sugawara!” Makki said, smiling. Suga smiled at him, practically glowing. “Hey Makki! Make any couples recently?” he asked innocently. Makki laughed and shrugged.


“Nah, but hey! You know that freaky red-head from Shiratorizawa?” Suga nodded. “He’s got a little crush on Ushijima!” Makki said, smiling. Suga smiled too. “Aw, that’s cute!”


Suga looked at Daichi and smiled. “Hey Daichi!” Suga said again and on impulse Daichi looked up. Makki smiled, arm still around Daichi, and whispered in his ear. “Wee-woo.” he whispered and rubbed his eyes a little.


Daichi glared at Makki, and pushed him away. “It’s not unrequited y’know.’ Makki whispered to Daichi and walked away, leaving a blushing Daichi and a confused Suga.


Noting that Mattsun was talking to Asahi, and Iwaizumi to Oikawa.


Makki ran up to the two, eyes glowing red. “WEE-WOO!” he shouted in their faces. They both jumped, shock on their faces before their faces both turned bright red.


“I-uh, he’s-just--”


“I-he means-i don--”


The two stumbled over their words with Makki watching. “You both like each other, shut up.” Makki said and walked away.




Makki was walking home with Mattsun, like always. Their conversation was normal, except Makki was getting more and more frustrated as Mattsun didn’t look at him once.


Makki likes Mattsun and is to in love with the other boy to think that maybe, possibly the other wasn’t looking or making eye contact for a specific reason. Makki was getting annoyed with it, he felt like Mattsun was ignoring him.


Makki huffed out angrily and attsun turned to look at the side of his face. “You okay?” Mattsun asked softly. Makki looked up Mattsun quickly and before the other could look away, Makki’s eyes turned bright red.


Makki’s eyes widened and he looked behind them, in front of them and all around only to realize they were alone.


Makki smiled brightly and looked up at Mattsun, whose face was now red and staring wide-eyed at the ground.


“Wee-woo.” Makki said, smiling. Mattsun looked at him sideways, only to see him grinning widely. “Hey, Mattsun~” Makki sang, looking at him.


“I like you too.” MAkki said and intertwined their fingers together.


And the two walked home, after passing two girls and Makki screaming “Wee-Woo.” at them.

Chapter Text

Bokuto hugged Oikawa, who hugged him back. “Hey, hey, Oikawa, how are you?” Bokuto asked, arms still around Oikawa’s waist. Oikawa smiled.


“Im fine. Your hairs a mess though.” Oikawa said, grabbing the sides of Bokuto’s face and letting the tips of his fingers rest in Bokuto’s hair. Bokuto laughed and pressed his forehead against Oikawa’s.


“Hey, i just wake up with it like this.” Bokuto said laughing. Oikawa pouted and ruffled his boyfriend’s hair up. “But it’s weird, it’s like a, like a, like a fashion cure or something. Seriously, how long do you spend on this, Jesus.” Oikawa said, making Bokuto laugh once more.


“At least my hair isn’t a giant curl like yours.” Bokut said. Oikawa faked a dramatic gasp. “How dare you insult my curl.” Oikawa said, making the owl laugh again .


Bokuto pressed a quick kiss to Oikawa’s cheek before hugging him.




Akaashi sat on Tsukishima’s lap, texting on his phone while Tsukki was reading. Akaashi turned his head and tried to read what Tsukki was reading.


He smiled. “Is that in english?” Akaashi asked and Tsukki hummed in response. “What’s it called?” Akaashi asked, turning so he was straddling Tsukki’s lap. “It’s called To Kill a Mockingbird . It’s by Harper Lee.” Tsukki put his paper in the book to mark his place before closing it and setting it to the side.


Tsukki looked up at Akaashi’s face who smiled at him. “What’s it about?” Akaashi asked, leaning forward and resting his head on Tsukishima’s shoulder. Tsukki tangled his hands in Akaashi’s black hair, his other hand resting on his waist.


“This girl, Scout, her father is like an attorney and he’s defending this person, Tom Robinson, who was accused of rape. And everyone is mad at Scout’s dad because Tom is black, and this was written in the time where americans were segregated. They were mad because Scout’s dad was going to try and prove he was innocent.” Tsukki said smiling.


Akaashi listened in peace a Tsukishima continued to describe the book, massaging his head as he talked until Akaashi fell asleep. Tsukki snorted once his boyfriend started snoring. Tsukki adjusted his position so he could continue reading while Akaashi’s head rested on his chest.




“USHIIIIII-” Hinata jumped onto Ushijima’s back. “WAKA!” Hinata yelled and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulders.


Ushijima grabbed Hinata’s akles so he didn’t fall off. “Hi Shouyou.” he said in his usual monotone voice. Hinata smiled as he and Ushijima walked down the sidewalk.


“So, whatcha doing?” Hinata asked hapil. “Running errands for my mom.” Ushijima said. Hinata smiled. “We’ll run them together!” Hinata shouted happily. Ushijima nodded as he entered a store, ducking so Hinata didn’t heit his head.


“Oooh! Those are pretty flowers.” Hinata said, pointing to a few orange tiger lilies. Ushijima looked at them and set hinata down on the flower, walking over a grabbing a bouquet. He and walked up to the cashier and bought the bouquet.


After he paid he handed them to Hinata, who smiled while blushing. “Tha-uh, thanks Ushijima!” Hinata said and was given a soft smile in return.




“Daichi!  Just, it’s i can’t do this!” Ennoshita whined, sinking in his chair. Daichi turned and looked at hi. “Do what?” he asked, concerned. “I can’t be captain! I mean, i could hande Noya and Tanaka, I could stop KAgeyama and Hinata from fighting. But the new first years!”


Ennoshita buried his face i his hands and Daichi moved to sit next to him. “What about them?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around Ennoshita’s shoulder. Ennoshita signed and rested his head on Daichi’s shoulder.


“So, Yuuma, right? He won’t stop attacking Hiroto with hugs, and yeah sure, i’m not against it, but it’s in the middle of practice or a game. And Aishi, he’s not good at hiding his jealousy. He fight Hiroto the moment Yuuma leaves his side for a second. I mean, Aishi’s a really good spiker, being tall and fast like he is. So i don't want to kick him off the team, but he sent Hiro to the nurse last week.” Ennoshita groaned.


Daichi laughed and squeezed Ennoshita’s shoulder. “Just, tel Aishi that if he doesn’t stop, he’ll get kicked off the team. Either he really likes volleyball, or he just joined it for Yuuma. So if you threaten to kick him of, i’m sure he’ll shape up. And for Yuuma, just talk to him about how he needs to focus on the game and that he can spend any other time with Hiroto. That way he’ll spend more time with Hiroto, giving Aishi less chances to even think about beating Hiroto up. And for Hiroto, congratulate him for putting up with all this.”


Ennoshita laughed and wrapped his arms around Daichi’s waist. “You make it sound so easy.” he muttered.



“Suga.” Kageyama said, leaning back so he was laying on the older boy. “Yeah Kags?” Suga asked, wrapping his arms around the younger boy. Kageyama tilted his head to look at the older boy. “Are you mad at me for becoming a regular and taking your spot?”


Suga turned his head worried. “What? No! I could never be mad at you!” Suga said. Kageyama bit his lip. “But it’s your last year playing and since i’m the regular, that means you won’t get to play as much.”


Suga signed, turning so he could talk face-to-face with Kageyama. Suga grabbed the sides of his face and looked at him sternly.”That doesn’t matter to me. I will still play in college. As long as you are happy KAgeyama, as long as Karasuno gets to continue playing is all that matters.


Kageyama smiled and tried to give Suga a kiss. Suga squished Kageyama’s face together and held him back. “Nope, no kisses unless you understand i’m not mad.” Suga said.


Kageyama pouted, which looked ridiculous with his face squished. “Suga.” he whined and  Suga settled for hugging him.




“I’m telling you, Dinosaurs are better.” Tsukki argued, shifting on his bed to face Oikawa. Oikawa rolled his eyes. “Puh-lease. Can your dinosaurs travel through galaxies? Can you dinosaurs probe people? Are your dinosaurs alive ?” Oikawa said and smirked as the usually silent Tsukishima gasped.


“Oh yeah? Well at least we know dinosaurs existed. There’s factual evidence and fossils of dinosaurs. Is there any evidence of aliens existing?” Tsukishima smirked as Oikawa frowned. “There’s lots of evidence…. Just… not enough.” Oikawa said and pouted.


Tsukki snorted at Oikawa’s reaction before stretching his arms behind his head. “I’m telling you, dinosaurs are better than aliens.” he stated. Oikawa huffed out but draped himself across Tsukki’s long, spread out legs.


“Fine,you win.” Oikawa said and poked Tsukishima’s cheek. “This round at least, Glasses-Chan.” Tsukki snorted again and tapped the sides of Oikawa’s glasses. “You’re Glasses-Chan too y’know.” he said and Oikawa smiled.

Chapter Text

HipsDOLie= Oikawa, DieTonite=Iwaizumi, CleverOne_Liner=Mad Dog/Kyountani, SexyThang1=Makki, SexyThang2=Mattsun, Yahubba=Yahaba, Turnip_Kun=Kindaichi.




Yahubba added HipsDOLie, DieTonite, Turnip_Kun, SexyThang1, SexyThang2


Yahubba: Help


Yahubba: Me.


HipsDOLie: well hello my dear kouhais


DieTonite: shut up


SexyThang2: IT’S DAT BOI


DieTonite: Don't…




DieTonite: i said don't


Yahubba: I NEED HELP


Turnip_Kun: why do you need help?


Yahubba: i think i’m in love….


DieTonite: So…?


Yahubba: with Kyoutani




HipsDOLie: WHY


Yahubba: I don’t


Yahubba: KNOW


Turnip_Kun: but…..


Turnip_Kun: why?


DieTonite: It’s fine Yahaba.


DieTonite: i still don’t know why either.


Turnip_Kun: ?




Turnip_Kun: am i missing something?




Turnip_Kun: What???


HipsDOLie: So back to why Yahababy is crushing on Mad Dog-Chan


HipsDOLie: when did you first notice you liked him


Yahubba: You sound like a therapist. Omigod….


DieTonite: when DID you start liking him?


Yahubba: maybe, around the time…


Yahubba: That he…


Yahubba: Came back?


HipsDOLie: again….. WHY?!?!?!


DieTonite: Shut it Trashykawa


SexyThang2: whait, is this like when you pinned him against the wall?


SexyThang1: Kinky


Yahubba: IT WASN’T LIKE THAT!!!!


SexyThang2: Mmhm.


Turnip_Kun: so anyway Yahaba. Why are you freaking out?


Yahubba: because…. uh/


Yahubba: certain...dreams… have made me realize how bad this is


SexyThang1: YOU HAD A WET DREAM ABOUT MAD DOG?!!?!!?!?!?


SexyThang2: hey Makki.




SexyThang2: I’m gonna add him




SexyThang1: im gonna do it….


HipsDOLie CleverOne_Liner


Yahubba: OIKAWA!!!!!


SexyThang2: XDDDDDD


CleverOne_Liner: what do you guys want?


Yahubba has kicked CleverOne_Liner from the chat room


SexyThang2: awe


SexyThang1: what you do that for?




Yahubba: WHAT DO I DO????


HipsDOLie: idk


HipsDOLie: Iwa-Chan. What did you do when you found out you like me?


DieTonite: i screamed into my pillow in agony for three days straight






DieTonite: fine


DieTonite: well let’s see


DieTonite: i guess i kinda told him right away. You know how Oikawa is, i thought if i went on too long w/o telling him, he’d find out on his own.


DieTonite: but now that i think about it he’s too stupid to ever recognize someone had a crush on him




DieTonite: anyway Yahaba. I think you should just tell him before he meets someone else, or before he finds out on his own


Yahubba: but how do i tell him? How did you tell Oikawa?


HipsDOLie: he smacked me in the face with a volleyball while screaming “i like you” at the top of his lungs.


DieTonite: i recommend NOT doing that btw


Yahubba: well how should i tell him?


SexyThang2: not over text btw


SexyThang1: that’s a bad idea yes.


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 Yahaba signed and fell backwards on his bed. How, do you, confess your feelings, to someone, like Kyoutani?


Groaning loudly and rolling over in his bed, Yahaba looked at his phone again


Kyoutani: what was that just now?


Yahaba groaned loudly again and picked up his phone, texting Kyoutani to meet him outside. After ten minutes of internal yelling at himself and preparing what to say when Kyoutani got here, when he heard a knock on his door.


Bolting up in his bed, he an downstairs and flung open the door. “Hey Kyoutani!” Yahaba said, a little too enthusiastically in his opinion. Kyoutani raised an eyebrow. “Hi. Can I come in?” Kyoutani asked and Yahab moved out of the way, letting Kyoutani in.


“So why did you want me to come here?” Kyoutani asked, sitting n Yahaba’s living room couch like he owned it. Yahaba bit his lip and looked at the ground frustrated. This was so much easier talking to his KPOP posters than it was in real life.


“Uh you see I,” Yahaba bit the inside of his cheek and sat in the armchair opposite of Kyoutani. Kyoutani looked at Yahaba, noting the anger and struggle he was having trying to speak.


Kyoutani looked up, his yellow and black hair moving fast as he looked at Yahaba. “Are you okay?” Kyoutani asked in a kind voice he only ever used around Yahaba. Yahaba’s face flushed at the kindness.


‘Uh yeah, i just, i thought i should tell you that i, i mean,” Yahaba groaned in frustration and looked up, only to find Kyoutani’s face five inches away from his. Yahaba’s face turned red and Kyoutani’s turned pink.


“Uh,” Kyoutani backed his face away a little and Yahaba signed out. He mumbled something fast and Kyoutani looked at him. “What?” he asked and Yahaba inhaled and exhaled slowly.


“I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU!” Yahaba yelled and Kyoutani’s face turned bright red. Yahaba’s eyes widened and he bit his lip. “Shit, Iwaizumi said to not do that.” he muttered and turned away from Kyoutani, embarrassed.


“I’m sorry. You don’t have to accept my feelings or anyth---” Kyoutani cut Yahaba off by wrapping his arms around his shoulders and hugging him tightly.


“Idiot.” Kyoutani muttered. “I like you too” Yahaba looked over his shoulder, face still bright red. “Really?”  he asked in a soft voice that didn’t fit his face. KYoutani nodded and the wo shifted in the chair so Kyoutani’s arms were wrapped around Yahaba, who was now curled up on his lap.


“I thought you wouldn’t like me, i mean. I thought you were straight.” Kyoutani said and Yahaba turned to him. “Wait, why?” he asked and Kyoutani snorted.


“I saw you making lovey-dovey eyes at KArasuno’s managers last tournament. I could literally see hearts in your eyes.” Kyoutani said and Yahaba flushed. “Uh, that’s because, uh. Because, they. That was when i was in denial. Of liking you. I thought you’d think i was joking or disgusting or something.” Yaaba admitted.


Kyoutani snorted. “I had to deal with Oikawa for two years. Trust me, i’m not a homophobic asshole.” They both chuckled at that.


“That time you pinned me to the wall.” Kyoutani said. “Even though you were yelling at me, i was flustered. Like, i had, thoughts. I wanted to kiss you but you pulled back.” Yahaba blushed and buried his head in Kyoutani’s shoulder.


“I did..too.” Yahaba said quietly. Mad dog smiled a creepy grin and he looked down at Yahaba. “I’m sorry what was that?” he asked teasingly. Yahaba glared at Kyoutani. “I did too.” Yahaba said and MAd Dog held Yahaba’s face in place, his own only a few inches away.


“Did what?” Kyoutani asked. Yahaba smiled softly and growled. “To kiss you.” he said, placing his hands on Kyoutani’s waist, gripping it. Kyoutani grinned as Yahaba grew more aggressive and he pulled Yahaba’s face closer so their noses were pressed against each others.


“Anything else?” Kyoutani asked, voice lowered deeper and Yahaba smiled wickedly, moving around a little so he was straddling Kyutani’s waist. “I wanted to kiss you so hard you’d start moaning, to make you want me as much as i want you with a simple kiss.” Yahaba said, voice lowered and husky and Kyoutani growled.


“Can you do that now?” Kyoutani whispered and Yahaba grabbed his face, pulling him by his cheeks, and connected their lips together hungrily. Yahaba tilted his head and the two kissed hungrily, not breaking apart for air and instead taking air from each other.


Yahaba let his tongue slide across Kyoutani’s li and the bumble-bee haired boy moaned as he opened his mouth slightly, letting Yahaba’s tongue slide in.


They didn’t know how long they sat there, tongue colliding, teeth clashin, lips moving against lips, moans filling the air. They do know they pulled apart slowly, looking into each other’s eyes, dazed and lovingly.


Kyoutani wrapped his arms around Yahaba, who wrapped his arms around Kyoutani’s waist, pulling each other impossibly close and resting their foreheads against each other.


“So, hey. Will you be my boyfriend?” Yahaba asked and Kyoutani snorted. “No, i just made out with you and told you i didn’t ask you out because i thought you were straight because i don't want to go out with you and be your boyfriend.” Yahab giggled and Kyoutani pressed a soft kiss on his lips.


“Absolutely you idiot.” Kyoutani said.




“What’s your two’s ship name?” Oikawa asked the two at practice the next day. Yahaba growled at him angrily while Kyoutani rolled his eyes.


Makki smiled. “Well, who tops?” Kyoutani and Yahaba bth scowled at that one.


“How about….” Oikawa froze and looked at the ceiling in thought. “YahabaDog!” Iwaizumi scrunched his nose.


“No.” Iwaizumi said and Oikawa pouted. Mattsun laughed. “And anyway, when would Yahaba ever be top?” Kyoutani gave a knowing look to Yahaba who just put a finger up to his mouth.


“KyouHaba?” MAkki asked and Mattsun nodded his head. “Kyouhaba.”

Chapter Text

Mistakes have been made in the past.


But this was by far the worst mistake they’ve ever made.


Iwaizumi and Oikawa were in the club room, along with everyone else on the team. Practice had been long and they all just wanted to get home.


Everyone was changing and as Iwaizumi changed, he felt like he was forgetting something. Like there was a voice nagging him to not, one hundred percent not take off his shirt.


Ignoring that voice was a mistake.


His and Oikawa’s back were to the team, so the two didn’t know what their team was laughing about as they took off their shirts.


Oikawa looked over his shoulder and glared at Mattsun and Makki, who seemed to be the loudest laughers.


“Well, now we know who tops.” Makki said, obnoxiously loud and att that moment, Oikawa’s face flushed and he looked to his side, at Iwaizumi’s back.


Iwaizumi’s back was all scratched up.


Iwaizumi heard them, and without turning around, he knew what had happened, why he should’t have taken off his hirt.


Looking to the side, he saw Oikawa’s back was littered in dark purple and black hickeys. Iwaizumi slammed his face against one of the lockers as the laughing erupted from the two’s embarrassment.


“Wow ikawa. You’re not even top? That’s kinda pathetic for a captain.” Makki said and snckered. “Yeah, what do you do? Sit there and obey?” Mattsun added


Oikawa, face now red, turned to his team. “AW SHUT IT! Esecially you two!” Oikawa yelled, pointing at Makki and Mattsun. The two laughed until Oikawa lifted the backs of their shirst, showing scrathes and hickeys on both of them. The two fell silent as the laughing was turned on them.


“EVERYONE FORGET THIS!” Oikawa yelled, hastily pulling his shirt back on and running out of the room. Iwaizumi follwed suit and the team started whispering.


“Does Oikawa beg for realease?” “i bet you Oikawa rides Iwaizmui.” “what if they do it, but like. Publically?


Everyone would’ve been dead if the two had heard them.

Chapter Text

Hinata is Hide, and Kags is Kaneki. Suga is Rize. Tsukki is Nishiki, cos why not. Yams is Kimi b/c she was in love with Nishiki no matter what so suck on that KurooTsukki. And other charcters are just, whatever.


“Hey, KAgeyama. I saw Suga.” Hinata said and grinned widely at KAgeyama who blushed. “Sh, shut up.” Kageyama muttered. Hinata laughed and bounced as he walked next to KAgeyama. “You’re going on your date now, right?” Hinata asked.


Kageyama blushed again. “Not really a date. I mean, he’s just showing me some setter tricks.” Kageyama answered and Hinata whistled appreciative.  “You know how to pick ‘em.” Hinata said and Kageyama smacked the back of his head as Suga came into view.


Suga walked up to the too, hoding his stomach.. “U, hey Kageyama.” Suga said, smiling brightly. He smiled at Hinata. “Hey, Hina-Chan. Can i borrow Kageyama for a few seconds?” Suga asked and Hinata grinned at KAgeyama, and at Suga.


“Sure, borrow him for as ling as you like.” Hinata said, pushing KAgeyama forward. Suga laughed and linked his arms with KAgeyama. “Well, see you laer Hina-Chan!”


Suga and Kageyama walked away, arm-in-arm. Suga turned to Kageyama. “C’mon! I know the perfect park where we can ractice alone!” Suga said happily and Kageyama’s cheeks flushed, nodding as Suga lead the way.




They finished practicing after around four hours, KAgeyama messing up a lot and Suga having to show him how to toss the ball properly. Though he’d never admit it, Kageyama already knew everything Suga was teaching, he just didn’t want him to feel bad.


It wass dark as they walked home, so Kageyama offered to walk Suga home. Suga smiled. “Thank you Kageyama!” Suga said as the two walked down Suga’s home path.


They passed Ennoshita and Tanaka from school, Ennoshita staring at the two before Tanaka pulled him away to go meet with Noya.


“You know, Kageyama.” Suga said softly and Kageyama turned, arms still linked together. “I really enjoyed today.” he said and smiled softly up at Kageyama. Kageyama smiled back. “Me too!” he said.


Suga stopped walking. “I think it’s funny,...” Kageyama tilted his head as Suga trailed off. “What?” he asked and Suga looked up at him, moving so he was standing in front of him.


“Well, we had the same lunch period. And i’d wath you play volleyball with Hina-Chan. I think it’s funny because everytime i’d look at you, i’d find out you were already looking at me.” Suga said and Kageyama blushed.


“Wait, are you saying---?” Suga nodded, smiling even more. “Yes,” Suga hugged Kageyama. “Yes, you like me and i also… want….you.” Kageyama blushed way more and hugged Suga.


“Really?” he asked and Suga nodded, inhaling.


He bit Kageyama’s shoulder. Kageyama’s eyes widened as he looked at the older boy, only to see his eyes black with his pupil red. “Sug-ah.” Suga let out a shrill laughter as Kageyama pushed him off of him.


“You, you’re a--” Kageyama’s voice cracked as he tried to shuffle away. Suga eyes widened with hnger and he summoned his kagune. “KAGEYAMA!” Suga shouted. “COME HERE! I’VE WANTED YOUR FLESH FOR SO LONG!”


Kageyam screamed and he stood up, trying to run. Suga tackled him, his Kagune wrapping around Kageyama. KAgeyama tried to push Suga off but couldn’t for his one arm that was usuable was trapped under his body.


“Suga-” Kageyama breathed out and kicked his leg, kicking him off. Kageyama got up and ran, turning the corner and lauching himself at a wall. A beam settling on top wiggled and his eyes widened as Suga came running around the corner.


Kageyama slammed his body against the wall once more, shaking to beam once more and he slammd one more time.


Suga smiled creepliy and was about to jump forward just as the beam fell on top of him.




Kageyama woke up in a hospital. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. His eye felt weird and he was hungry.




Once Kageyama got home, he collased on his bed. He was hungry. And thirsty. But he didn’t want to move. Finally, groaning, Kageyama sat up and went into his kitchen.


He noticed a white bag on his table, a note next to it written in big sloppy letters, telling him it was from Hinata. “Come back to school!!!!!! Tsukki’s being all weird and stuff. Anyway, brought you your favorite, yogurt and milk. Fresh off the market too! -Hinata”


Kageyama rolled his eys and scrunched his nose up as he opened the bag. He sat on his bed with the milk and yogurt cup and turned on the news.


“---more frequent ghoul attacks. There is some suspicion as to why the binge eater suddenly disappeared.” Kageyama frowned at the news as he got up to get a spoon. As he walked into the kicthen, he passed his window, which allowed him to look at himself. Kageyama’s eyes widened as he looked on, seeing one f his eyes blac and red.


Kageyama turned t the news, which was still boradcasting. “-and ghouls tastebuds are different, not letting them enjoy human food. Which is why they eat humans.” Kageyama gasped out and he ran to his cabinet, pulling out crackers and other foods. He took a bite of a few crackers, fearing the worse as he uked o his floor.


Kageyama’s eyes widened at the disgusting taste and he took a spooonful of the yogurt Hinata gave him, throwing it back up before it had time to go down.


Agter a few minutes of eating and throwing up, Kageyama collapsed to the grund, crying and heaving.


“No…. why?” e choked out.




“Bakaaaaaaaaaaa,” Kageyama turned around, only to be attacked by Hinata. “YAMA!” Kageyama groaned and threw Hinata off him.


“What do you want?” kageyama asked annoyed, walking next to the energetic orage haird boy. Hinata smiled up at him. “You’ve been gone for weeks! Come back to school! Please!” Kageyama rolled his eyes.


“‘Ll come back soon, just stop bothering me.” Kageyama said and Hinata smiled. “Good! Because Tsukki keeps getting weirder. Like, the other dy he denied hanging out. With Yamaguchi .”


Kageyama shrugged. “Who is Tsukki? You keep talking about him.” Kageyama said and Hinata raised an eyebrow. “Oh, yeah. You haven’t met him. He’s in college. He’s pretty chill and stuff but lately he’s been acting stange. And he never eats anymore. Speaking of.” Hinata turned and poked Kageyama’s stomach. “When’s the last time you ate?”


Kageyama’s eyes widened slightly, his one eye shifting under his eyepatch. “Oh, uh. I ate breakfast this morning.” he lied. Hinata pouted and shrugged, turning back around.


“OH! Look, that’s Tsukki there!” Hinata started waving at a blonde and when he turne around, Kageyama’s ghoul blood went cold. Tsukki’s eyes narrowed when he looked at Kageyama, approaching Hinata.


Kageyama ran down the alley, finally smelling good food. Maybe he didn’t need to eat a human, he could just eat whatever this amazig smell was coming from.


As Kageyama turned the corner though, he froze, seeig a blonde, glasses werainf man eating another human. The man turned his head, looking straight at Kageyama. His eyes were black and red.


The blonde sauntered over to Kageyama. “Oh, are you new? Well it doesn’t matter. What are you doing on my feeding grounds?” the blonde asked, looking down at Kageyama, his kagune whipping out around him. Kageyama gulped. “I didn’t--i’m not trying to--” Kageyama stuttered out, walking backwards.


“I always kil everyone who comes on my feeding grounds. Why should i make you an excetion?” The blonde walked closer to Kageyama, but something, no, someone kicked the blonde’s head, pushing him ver.


Kageyama ran away, locked himself in his room.


“Who’s this?” Tsukki asked, nodding to Kageyama. Hinata smiled. “This is Kageyama Tobio! Greatest setter ever!” he joked and Kageyama would’ve rolled his eyes, if not for the circumsatnces.


“You’re Tsukishima?” Kagyama asked, voice cracking and Tsukki grinned. “Yeah.”




(okay, so im just skipping to the art where hide dies. Have fun with that)




Hinata sat on his knees, grinning a sadistic smile while Kageyama watched with wide eyes.


“I…. screwed up…..just a little..out there.” Hinata groaned. He fell forward but Kageyama caught him, eyes wide and teary.


Kageyeam hugged Hinata, tears falling more freely. “Kage...yama. Let’s,” Hinata turned his head arms gripping Kageyama’s waist. “Go home.” he hands tighetened and loosnd on Kageyama’s waist.


“Let’s go home.” Hinata’s hands fell to his side and Kageyama let out a long sob, Bringing Hinata’s body closer to his.


The end because i ran outta ideas.

Chapter Text

Oikawa loved his Iwa-chan. How his Iwa-chan got mad at him, how his Iwa-Chan would call him names, how his Iwa-Chan would sneak into his room at nights just to talk, how his Iwa-Chan was there when Oikawa injured his knee, how his Iwa-chan is always there for him when he break down, crying over his knee. Oikawa loved his Iwa-Chan.


Except, no.


Not his Iwa-Chan.


Oikawa remember crying some nights, the nights Iwaizumi couldn;t be there, oer said boy. He remembers watching in pain and agony as Iwaizumi would get surrounded by fangirls and fanboys alike.


Yes, Oikawa had his own fans, people he admired too. But he felt pain in his chest as Iwaizumi smiled at his fans, how some of them got to hug him, be closer to him than Oikawa got to be.


But did Oikawa ever think about how Iwaizumi felt? How maybe Iwaizumi has felt like this for longer, because Oikawa gets fans just from entering a room? How even though they graduated and are now both in college, done with volleyball, girls still walk up to him? Boys still ask him out?


Does’ Oikawa now Iwaizumi’s jealous too?


And would that stab of jealousy, that suffocating air of envy, those horrible thorns of hate, ever go away? Even if they started dating, would Iwaizumi ever be happy, would Oikawa ever be okay with others talking to Iwaizumi?


Iwaizumi had it far worse. Far, far worse. Iwaizumi hardly had fangirls now, just normal people who got a crush on him. But Oikawa, Oikawa had fangirls, fanboys, hot people who flirted with him, cute people who talked to him, shy people who asked for help, confident people who asked him out.


Those people would never go away. Because eve if they started dating, it’s not like they could tell anyone. Why?? Because being gay is ‘a sin,’ it’s ‘not right.’ so if they didn’t want to be harassed, get in trouble, they couldn’t tell anyone.


Which is why Iwaizumi had it worse. And one day, as he watched a guy with dark brown hair, bright green eyes lean over and whisper something in Oikawa’s ear, making the smaller boy blush, Iwaizumi lost it.


He stormed over to the two, punched Mystery Guy in the face, grabbed Oikawa’s hand and pulled him to their shared dorm in 5.7 seconds.


Iwaizumi threw Oikawa into the room, slammed the door shut and locked it. Oikawa looked up at Iwaizumi, whose eyes were dark and stormy, and took a step back, only to be met with a wall.


“H-hey Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa said happily as Iwaizumi stormed over. “Oikawa, do you love me?” iwaizumi asked, ow in front of Oikawa.


Oikawa’s eyes widened. “Do I--I mean, do y-” “”I asked first, answer first.” iwaizumi interrupted and Oikawa’s face paled as the slightly shorter boy trapped him against the wall.


“I-yes.” Oikawa said and stared at the ceiling. Iwaizumi grabbed his chin and forced him to look at him. “Okay, then.” Iwaizumi said and kissed him.


That was four months ago.


Oikawa smiled fondly at the memory from his bed. Things weren’t like that now. He never knew Iwaizumi, his Iwaizumi, he could say that now, would ever be so possessive.


Oikawa wasn’t allowed to leave the house, he wasn’t allowed his phone, for he could text people or post pictures of himself. He wasn’t allowed to leave the bedroom, unless he was getting something to eat.


Most people would’ve gone crazy, would’ve refused to listen to these demands, but not Oikawa. No, Oikawa convinced himself it’s ‘cos Iwaizumi loved him, because he wanted Oikawa t himself.


That’s what he told himself at least.


There was one more rule too, that Oikawa oten forgot and it always lead to a punishment. It was such a small thing too, but, the rule…


“Never say Iwa-Chan.”


Oikawa didn’t like that one. It was almost like he didn’t have his freedom of speech. Like he was restricted.


Oikawa rubbed his wrists as he sat on their bed. Their bed. There were some “fun” memories on this bed, along with ones that were painful. One’s Oikawa would rather have forgotten.


He head the house door open, heard Iwaizumi put down his keys and he had a small panic-attack.


Oikawa wasn’t undressed. He was always supposed to be, always so that when Iwaizumi got home, he could have his way with Oikawa.


But right now, Oikawa was fully clothed, sweatshirt, long sleeve, pants and socks. Too much to take off quick enough. Oikawa wrestled out of his sweatshirt and shirt before Iwaizumi came into the roo.


Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa, and at the pants on socks on him and frowned. “Tooru,” Iwaizumi said, darkly and Oikawa flinched. “Why are you dressed?” he asked.


The question was ridiculous and if the circumstances had been different, Oikawa would have laughed. Oikawa couldn’t remember the last times he’s laughed.


“I forgot, I‘m sorry I’ll--” Oikawa stopped talking when Iwaizumi sat on the bed next to him. “You’re supposed to always be ready for me.’ Iwaizumi said, standing up and grabbing something from a nearb box. Oikawa hated that box.


Iwaizumi pulled out a belt folded in half and looked at Oikawa. “Turn around.” he said and Oikawa did, not wanting to get in even more trouble. Oikawa wishes he didn’t live in this fear.


Oikawa shrieked when he felt the leather smack his bare back. “Be quiet, you weren’t obeying my instructions.” Iwaizumi said, hitting Oikawa again. Oikawa missed the old Iwaizumi, the ace of Aoba Johnsai, his best friend.


“I’m so-SORRY!” Oikawa yelled as he was hit again, this time hard enough to break skin. Oikawa’s skin was always damaged.


“How could you be sorry? I went out to work, to make sure you have food, to make sure you can eat, so you live and all you have to do is obey a few simple instructions, but did you?” Iwaizumi hit him twice more in a row on that broken area of oikawa’s back.


“I’m sorry!” Oikawa cried out.


That night, Iwaizumi made him sleep on the floor. Oikawa was fine with it though, it was much colder on the floor, giving him cool air to help soothe his back.


Iwaizumi loves him, Oikawa said in his mind, over and over again until he fell asleep.


When Oikawa woke up, he had a blanket wrapped around him and Iwaizumi was gone, having left for work. Oikawa sat up and rubbed at his dried tears. He could leave.


Oikawa could leave, it would be so simple, the door wasn’t locked, he wasn’t too crippled. Iwaizumi wouldn’t find him. He could go to the police and they’d arrest Iwaizumi. Oikawa let out a choked gasp.


No, he didn’t want Iwaizumi to go to jail. Oikawa still loved him. And he didn’t want to leave, because Iwaizumi could be nice. Suddenly, he heard a small, light vibration.


His head popped up at the familiar tone of his phone. He’d thought Iwaizumi had throw it out. Raing under the bed, Oikawa pulled out a box and opened it, seeing a ton of his old things. He pulled out the vibrating and ringing phone and almost cried at the contact name.




Answering it, Oikawa put the phone against his ear, “Oikawa-san?!” a voice shouted on the other end. Holding back tears, Oikawa answered. “Yes?” he asked and hoped his voice didn’t show signs of pain.


“What’s happened to you! You never call and no one’s seen you for months!” Kageyama yelled on the other end. He could hear him running on the other end. “Oh, i’m just--i just, uh,” oikawa couldn’t think of an answer.


“Why did you call?” Oikawa asked and he heard Kageyama stopped running. “It’s, uh. Iwaizumi was accused of murder, he’s been arrested.”

Chapter Text

The five times Oikawa says “i love you.” And the one time he says “i hate you.”



They were kids and playing around outside. Oikawa and Iwaizumi were chasing bugs when Oikawa tripped.


Iwaizumi had started laughing at him while Oikawa started to cry. Once the first tear fell, Iwaizumi stopped laughing and sat next to his friend.


“Where does it hurt?” Iwaizumi asked, puffing out his small chest, acting like a knight he’s read about.


Oikawa giggled at Iwaizumi’s deepened voice and pointed at his scraped knee. “It hurts on my knee, Mr. Knight.” Iwaizumi frowned at the scraped knee and pulled out a big band-aid his mother made him carry.


“Don’t worry Mr. Princess! I’ll make it better!” Iwaizumi placed the band-aid on Oikawa’s scrape and kissed the band-aid and Oikawa hugged him. “I love you Mr. Knight!” Oikawa said and Iwaizumi laughed.



They were in middle school.  (*actual scene btw, well the beginning part is)


“Please teach me how to do a jump serve.” Young Kageyama asked. Oikawa looked at him surprised but put his hands on his hips.


“Huh? What’s this? You want to hear my motto?” Kageyama shook hi head. “That’s not it. I want you to show me a serve toss.” Oikawa raised his hand in a peace sign next to his face, rolling his eyes and ignoring Kageyama.


“‘If you’re going to attack, then do it ‘til they break.’” Oikawa said, much to Kageyama’s frustration. “Is that so?” Kageyama asked and Oikawa signed. “Could you do a jump ser--”


“DON’T WANNA!” Oikawa yelled. “Why do I, with my own hands, have to help someone who’ll be a threat in the future?” Oikawa asked angrily.


Oikawa stuck his togue out and pulled at the bottom of his eyelid. “You’re an idiot, idiot!!” Kageyama frowned and Iwaizumi interrupted. “Oikawa! Don’t pick fights with first years!” Iwaizumi yelled.


Oikawa frowned and stormed off into the changing room. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes and followed him. The angry middle schooler turned and hugged Iwaizumi. “IWA-CHAN! HE’S SO MEAN!” Iwaizumi rolled his eyes and hugged him back.


“It’s not his fault. Or yours.” Iwaizumi said and rubbed Oikawa’s back. Oikawa nodded into Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “I love you Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa said and Iwaizumi blushed, rolling his eyes. “Yeah.” Oikawa laughed as he pulled from the hug.



It was his love confession, at first Iwaizumi didn’t understand, though, didn’t get that Oikawa was confessing to him.


“IWA-CHAN! I LIKE YOU!” Oikawa had screamed, bowing his head. Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow. “I know?” he replied as Oikawa straightened up. Oikawa pouted.


“I mean like, l dream of you, l think about you, l want to be with you kind of love Iwaizumi. I. Love. You.” Oikawa said grabbing Iwaizumi’s arm. It finally sunk into Iwaizumi’s brain what Oikawa meant and Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around him.


“I love you Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa said into the hug. Iwaizumi buried his face in Oikawa’s shoulder





It was their first date and Oikawa was beaming, holding Iwaizumi’s hand the whole way to the movie theater.


“Can you stop bouncing Trashy-kawa?” Iwaizumi asked, his hand had been shaking along with Oikawa’s and it was getting annoying.


Oikawa laughed and smile. “Sure thing Iwa-Chan!”




After the movie, they went to a local cafe and got hot chocolate and bagels. “This was fun Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa said, smiling softly into his cup.


Iwaizumi’s cheeks were pink and he nodded. “Yeah.” “I love you Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa said and Iwaizumi hid his now red face by taking a long sip of hot cocoa.





It was now their one year anniversary. Throughout the year, the IwaOi duo has been through a lot, romantically. They had their first kiss, their first make-out session (in the club’s changing room too and Mattsun had found them), their first dates, their first fights, their first make-ups.


Those fights had become more recent, recently. The two always made up in the end though, no matter how big the fight.


“Oikawa, please. I’m coming back in a few days, you need to let me pass.” Iwaizumi said, sighing as his boyfriend refused to move from blocking the doorway. Oikawa shook his head and pouted. “No! Iwa-Chan might find a pretty lady in America, a foreign lady and leave me. All alone!”


IWaizumi rolled his eyes and smacked the side of Oikawa’s head slightly. “Listen Shittykawa. We’re together because i like you and you like me. I’m not going to just leave you for some American bimbo, understand?”


Oikawa beamed and jumped up, wrapping his arms around his now slightly taller boyfriend. “YEs, yes yes. I understand. I love you IWa-chan!” Oikawa said brightly as pecked Iwaizumi’s lips. Iwaizumi scoffed but kissed him too.


“I’ll be back soon. Don’t die.”



Oikawa’s eyes widened as he walked into his bedroom, tears still falling as he saw a stranger and Iwaizumi making out on his bed, their bed. Iwaizumi shot up, putting his hands up and pushing the stranger off. “Oikawa it’s not what it--” “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Oikawa yelled, throwing his shoe at Iwaizumi.


The other guy, a nameless face that Oikawa didn’t care about, ran out the door to get out of the mess. “I LOVE YOU, I WAS LOYAL TO YOU! AND I WANTED TO TRUST YOU, wanted to think Mattsun and Makki were joking when they said you went out…… HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS AND TELL ME THE ACTUAL ANSWER!” Oikawa yelled, tears creating a mini river down his cheeks.


Iwaizumi looked down at his bare knees. “Four weeks.” Oikawa let out a heartbreaking choked sob and he fell to his knees, covering his face with his hands.


“Iwaizumi.” Oikawa whispered and Iwaizumi bit his lip. “Yeah?” he asked quietly.


“I hate you.” Oikawa muttered through tears. Iwaizumi signed, letting a few of his own tears fall.



Chapter Text

Tsukishima was a calm, cool, collected person. The type of person who  only talked to his teamates on the volleyball team. The kind of person who refused to particpate in group projects. He was that person who didn’t believe i love. Or at least….


Would never admit to believing in it.


You see, when Tsukki was in grade school, when he was very young, he saw a boy. This boy had many freckles and at first Tsukki had thought the boy had dirt o his face. This boy’s smile could light up the entire solar system, his eyes bright when he talked.


Tsukishima admired him, admired how easliy he could make friends, how he got along with everyone while Tsukishima had been a loner. This boy was everything and was more than perfect in Tsukishima’s eyes.


So why would anyone bully this kid? Why was it that one day when Tsukishima was hangig outside, he saw three kids teasing the boy, calling his freckles dirt? Why, no, how could someone tease and pick on someone so [erfet.


Tsukishima was mad but played it off as he cool as he stood by the boys. “Tha’s so uncool you guys. Geez, talk about lame.” Tsukishima said and out on his head phones, pretending to walk to the teacher’s office, hoping they would get the message. They did, for they immediately left the boy alone.


They boy giggled happily as he stood up, ignoring his cuts and bruises just given to him, and ran up to Tsukishima. “Ah~ thank you Tsukishima-san!” the boy said greatfully. Tsukishima looked at the boy.


“How did you know my name?” Tsukishima asked and the boy giggled again. “You’re so cool and calm, of course I would know you're name! You're amazing Tsukki~” the boy said, sticking his hand out in greeting.


Tsukishima was taken aback by the nickname. “Tsukki?” he asked and Yamaguchi’s eyes widened. “Oh, i’m sorry, do people not call you that? Uh, I’m sorry if you don’t like it--” “No!” Tsukishima shouted and the boy’s eyes widened.


‘I mean, iI like it.” Tsukishima said and the boy smiled again. “Yay! Tsukki it is! I’m Yamaguchi!” the boy said and stuck his hand out again. Tsukishima took it and they shook hands.


That night Tsukishima coughed out a petal, a small, light purple flower. He didn’t understand it, so he asked his brother. Akiteru just smiled sadly at it while he threw bloodied flowers out the window.


“I’m sorry.” Akiteru said and Tsukishima didn’t understand.


He understands now though. Understands why he coughs for hours on end after volleyball practice, understands why it’s becoming harder to breathe. Akiteru had gotten better, because the person he loved had rejected him, and Akiteru had slowly realized he couldn’t have their love. They were still friends and the flowers were n longer part of their story.


Tsukishima asked Akiteru ometimes why he hadn’t died when he was a kid.


“It’s because back then you just admired him but now…” Akiteru trailed off and Tsukishima understood.


He was in love with Yamaguchi. Tsukishima felt he should be mad, if anyone else knew, they’d expect him to be mad too. But Tsukishima could never bring himself to hate the wonder that is Yamaguchi. Could never hate the cheerful friend that cheers him on in games, that tries his best for Tsukishima, who sticks by his side even when he changed.


When Tsukishima had started teasng other kids, Yamaguchi had been a little upset, for he knew how it felt to be on the recieving side of those comments.


But now Yamaguchi cheered him on, adding comments like “yeah,” or “Don’t mess with Tsukki.’ because he knew that Tsukishima was just prtecting himf rom harm. Tsukishima still gt surprised by Yamaguchi every now and then.


Like when Yamaguchi had perfected his float serve, when Yamaguchi had helped out Yachi when she’d been nervous, when Yamaguchi called him lame.


That one still hurt, because Tsukishima tried to be the best in front of Yamaguchi, making it a point to listen to him only, to only ever let him know secrets, to know he hated Kuroo with a fiery passion. So Yamaguchi yelling at him, calling him name felt….




He wasn’t emotionally hurt, nor pyshically. His heart hurt and he couldn’t stop the pinching feeling at his heart.


He coughed up his first bloody rose that night. He couldn’t even be mad at Yamaguchi.




Because yamaguhi is in his eyes, and will always be, the most perfect human being.


When Tsukishima found out in his second year of highschool that the flowers only showed up if the person with the disease thought their feelings were unrequited, not if they were actually. Which made Tsukishima have a little hope, because maybe, maybe, Yamaguchi liked him back.


But that hope went away when Yamaguchi was coughing up his own flowers on Tsukishima’s bed one night. They’d been hanging out, like they normally did, Tsukishima had just come from the bathroom after throwing out a few full flowers and saw Yamaguchi, crying, coughing on his bed.


When  Tsukishima asked who it was…. “Yachi-san.’ Yamaguchi said through tears. Tsukishima’s heart broke and he had to leave, for a six inch hydrangea was coming out of his mouth the moment he entered the bathroom.


Tsukishima picked the floor up slowly, looking at the bloody flower. mayb e it had been beautiful for a moment, he thought, but he ruined it.


Akiteru knocked on the bathroom door and Tsukishima opened it. Akiteru grinned weakly. “Your buddy is coughing n your bed. I just, I’m sorry, I really am.” Akiteru said, sitting next to Tsukishima.


Now Tsukishima isn’t one to cry, but as Akiteru let Tsukki rest his head on his shoulder, as Akiteru wrapped his arms around his shoulder, mummuring comforting words, Tsukki let the tears fall, let the flowers come out freely, for he knew he may never wake up again. Tsukki could feel the vines twisting in his bones, could feel the flowers in his throat.


Tsukishima wasn’t ready to die, he didn’t want to. He didn’t care if Yamaguchi didn’t love him back as long as he got to be with him a little longer.


“You know, you could always get the flowers removed….” Akiteru muttered. Tsukishima shook his head fast, his glasses slipping down his nose. “I don’t want to do that. You remember Mika, she did that and completely forgot who Aoi was, and in the end when the two got to know each other again, Mika ended up dying anyway.”


“I don’t want to forget Yamaguchi and I don’t want to hurt him by forgetting him and then dying. I’d rather just die first then hurt him i the process.” Tsukishima said and Akiteru nodded. He patted Tsukki o the head and stood up.


‘I’m sorry, maybe it’ll get better.” Akiteru said before opening the door. Akiteru froze and so did Tsukishima as they saw Yamaguchi standing i the open doorway. He had tears in his eyes and was covering his mouth.


“Tsukki--” Yamaguchi started but then ran off. Tsukishima bit hiss lip and buried his face in his hands, crying harder than he’s eer done in his life.




The next day Tsukishima Kei died, alone in his bed, roots sprouting from his chest and bloody flowers surronding him. Akiteru had found him when he went to wake him up, cried as he got their mother. The two cried, Tsukishima-San crying harder than Akiteru because her son died and Akiteru had expected it.


Yamaguchi found out next. It was a normal day, well, a normal day for him except for everthing. He didn’t go to Tsukishima’s house in the morning, got chased down by Akiteru at school, was told his best friend died, was confessed to by Yachi, and had a cough attack of flowers and flower petals after realizing he had loved Tsukki.


And now he was gone.


Unfortunaetly though, Yamaguchi had gotten the flowers removed and forgot all about Tsukki. Only remembered Yachi as his girlfriend and the volleyball team as his school family. He never thought about why bullies didn’t bully him, never thought about why he had the urge to go to the Tsukishima family’s house when he didn’t even know them, never thought about why Hinata had become the regular middle blocker.


Because he never knew Tsukishima, so why would he think that’s strange?


Chapter Text

As per request by Cardfighter_By_Maple , here is another Hana”Makki” disease story, along with some happy, *Finally*, IwaOi,




Hanamaki sat on his bed, Mattsun laying across his legs  on his DS, when Makki grinned his “i have an evil plan” grin. Mattsun noticed and smiled back, closing his game. “What, what’s your idea?”


Makki smiled and sat up, effectivly pushing Mattsun off. The two crossed their legs and faced each other. “Iwaizumi has a crush on Oikawa, but he hasn’t told him, and Oikawa has a crush on Iwaizumi, but hasn’t told him.” Mattsun smiled.


“What’s the plan?” Mattsun asked eagerly. Makki leaned forward and whispered in his boyfriend’s ear, both of their grins growing with each word.




“Hey, Iwaaaaa-Chan.” Makki says mockingly, walking u to the ace. Iwaizumi freezes and turns.


“Yeah?” he asks nervously, because he knows, he knows that Makki knows that he has a crush on Oikawa, because he does’t know Oikawa does too. Makki smiles at the tension in Iwaizumi’s voice and shrugs. “Hey, ease up, ace , i was going to ask if you wanted to come with me and Mattsun to get meat buns after practice?”


Iwaizumi breathed out but shook his head. “No, i don’t want to be the third wheel.” Makki grinned and slung his arm around Iwaizumi dramaically. “Want me to invite Oikawa?” Iwaizumi’s face flushed.


“You know what? I don’t mind third-wheeling.” IWaizumi said quickly and Makki laughed.




“Hey, Kawa-chan.” Mattsun said calmly, walking up to their captain. Oikawa turned and winked. “Hey Mattsun! What’s up?” Mattsun grinned and Oikawa’s smile faltered.


“Shit. did he, Did Makki…?” Oikawa trailed of as Mattsun nodded. “Hey, don’t worry. Want to come with me and Makki after school for meat buns?” he asked.


Oikawa rolled his eyes, but smiled. “I don’t want to be a witness to your guyses pranks and pocibly get put under investagation by the cops, thank you very much.” Mattsun smirked. “Well, guess i’ll just invite Iwaizumi, but who knows what Makki’ll say to him?”


Oikawa threw the volleyball in his hands at Mattsun’s head. “NO! *ahem*, don’t do that, i’ll come.” Mattsun smiled. “Great.”




Oikawa glared at Mattsun, and Iwaizumi glared at Makki. “Liars.” the two said in unison and Makki and Mattsun snorted. “Well, what can l say? I invited Iwaizumi, and Mattsun went behind my back and invited Oikawa.” Makki said, fake glaring at his boyfriend.


“No, l thought the plan was to bring Oikawa and then you went behind my back and invited IWaizumi.” Mattsun said, also fake glaring at his boyfriend. “Shit. we both screwed up, don’t hate!” Makki said jokingly and Oikawa flipped him off.


“Well, l mean, now we can’t tell Iwaizumi---” “SHUT UP!” Oikawa interrupted and Mattsun raised an eyebrow. “I was going to say, we can’t tell Iwaizumi our plans for your birthday.” Makki said matter-of-factly.


Oikawa ears turned red and he looked at the floor.


“But we can’t tell Oikawa that Iwaizumi secretly---” “FUCK YOU!” Iwaizumi yelled loudly, making bystanders around them jump or send them dirty looks. Makki smirked. “I was going to say that he secretly sings in the showers after you leave.” Mattsun finished.


Iwaizumi’s cheeks flushed and he smacked the back of his head. “Uh-, YEAH, like l said, fuck you.”


Makki snickered and linked arms with Mattsun. “Shall we go?” he asked and Mattsun snorted at his boyfriend. “Absoulutley.” the two started walking, leaving Oikawa and Iwaizumi to awkwardly walk behind them.


“So, you sing?” Oikawa asked and Iwaizumi roled his eyes. “Shut up Trashykawa.” Iwaizumi said, slapping the back of his Oikawa’s head. Oikawa pouted and he looked at Iwaizumi with puppy dog eyes. “Iwa-Chan~” Oikawa said and Iwaizumi looked him in the eyes.


Makki turned around, eyes beaming red and he smiled. Both of Oikawa’s and Iwaizumi’s face paled. “Wee-woo.” Makki said mockingly.


“Uh---I’m--he I just it’s---”


“What he means is---because he---he’s just--”


MAttsun and MAkki started laughing at the two blushing third-years try and explain they didn’t have a crush on the person who had a crush on them. Iwaizumi stopped talking and just looked at Oikawa blushing.


“Oikawa….” Iwaizumi started softly. Oikawa stopped alking and looked at him. “I like you…. And more than a friend like.” IWaizumii muttered quietly and ignored the screaming Makki in the background.


Oikawa smiled a smug smile, like he wasn’t just about to do the same thing, and put his hands on his hips. “Well, IWa-Chan~, i know people can’t help but fall in love with me, but even you? Woah, i didn’t know my powers were so stro--” “If you don’t shut up  i’m going to punch you.” Iwaizumi said, growling and pinching Oikawa’s cheek, hard.


“Ow… Iwa-Chan! Rude! And l thought you had a crush on me!” Oikawa whined. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes frustratedly and Makki laughed.


“Yeah, but Oikawa. You have a crush on him too so don’t even.” Oikawa’s face flushed as Makki talked. Iwaizumi smirked. “Can’t deny it now, can you Trashykawa?” Iwaizumi asked and Oikawa rolled his ees before enveloping Iwaizumi in a hug


“I love you Iwa-Chan~” Oikawa shouted happily and IWaizumi rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”

Chapter Text

Tendou put on the shirt and smiled, re-reading the words and laughing to himself. One of his American friends had told him there was a really popular movie going on in America called “Suicide Squad” and so Tendou had watched it and found he liked one of the characters the best.


HE laughed to himself in the mirror again as he tugged on the shirt, and walked out his dorm room.


“Find Wakatoshi.” Tendou said to himself, grinning so terrifyingly, Oikawa would claim he’d get ugly just standing around it.


“Where are you Miracle boy~” Tendou sang out as he walked into the gym. He smiled as he saw the tall boy and ran over to him.


“WAKA-CHAN!” Tendou yelled, jumping onto his back. Ushijima looked over his shoulder slightly confused.


“Tendou?” he asked and Tendou slid off his back and posed. “Like my shirt?” HE asked and the captain looked down and read the shirt written in english.


“‘Daddy’s Little Monster?’ Tendou you shouldn’t call yourself a monster.” Ushijima said as he pulled Tendou’s shirt down to cover his stomach.


Tendou laughed at his boyfriend’s cluelessness and screamed out as Ushijima tried making the shirt stay down and cover the redhead’s stomach.


“Ah! Waka-chan’s attacking me! Wah!” Tendou yelled out jokingly, grabbing Ushijima’s hands. Ushijima pouted, an expression he hardly uses. “Tendou, cover your stomach.” HE said in mono-tone.


Tendou smiled and wrapped his one arm around Ushijima’s shoulder. “But Daddy~” Tendou whispered and Ushijima shivered.


After a few moments, Ushijima picked Tendou up and sat him on the bench, sitting next to him, then moving him onto his lap.


Tendou turned so he could look at his tall boyfriend and he smirked. “Awe, doe Waka-Chan not like me showing my skin?” Tendou asked, using his hand to move his shirt up a little.


Ushijima tore his gaze away from the pale skin being show and looked into Tendou’s eyes.


“No because showing your skin means anyone could see it.” Ushijima said and Tendou snorted. One thing he loved about Ushijima was that he was never one to lie and more or less just said what he thought.


Tendou smirked and lifted his shirt up even more, enjoying the look of confusion, jealousy and lust twist onto Uhsijima’s face.


“Tendou, anyone could walk in a see you.” Ushijima said upsettingly, pulling the shirt down once again and Tendou shrugged, leaning forward to whisper in his ear. “Then why don’t we go somewhere private?” Tendou asked, running his hands up Ushijima’s sides.


UShijima sighed out as he picked up Tendou, Tendou immediately wrapping his legs around Ushijima’s waist as he carried Tendou to the club changing room, locking the door and Tendou smiled, lifting part of his shirt up again.


“Waka-chan~” Tendou sang and Tendou was pushed against the wall, legs still around Ushijima’s waist. Ushijima leaned down and kissed Tendou, making the redhead smile into the kiss.


Tendou’s legs found the floor again and his hands found Ushijima’s neck, dragging the taller boy down to deepen the kiss. Ushijima gipped Tendou’s waist and dragged him closer into his body.


Tendou reached up and ran his finger through Ushijima’s hair, gripping it when Ushijima’s tongue started to dance with Tendou’s.


The dance was short, Ushijima immediately taking the lead and shoving his tongue down Tendou’s throat.


Tendou let out a small noise, a cross between a sequel and a whimper, as he rolled his hips forward, grinding it against Ushijima’s.


UShijima pulled away slowly. “I don’t think we should do this in the clubroom.” Ushijima muttered, breathing heavily. Tendou pouted. “You’re the one who brought me in here.” Tendou said and rolled his hips forward again, making Ushijima let out a stuttering breath.


“C’mon Miracle Boy. please?” Tendou said, looking up at UShijima with lustful eyes. UShijima moved in closer to Tendou and sighed onto his lips.


“But if we get into trouble,” Ushijima started but Tendou wasn’t having it and re-connected their lips, grabbing the back of Ushiijima’s head tightly. Ushijima was surprised by the sudden forcefulness put gripped Tendou’s waist.


Tendou rolled his hips against Ushijima’s more forceful and more times and Ushijima gripped his waist hard. “Tend-” Ushijima started to say but Tendou deepened the kiss so the taller boy could’t speak.


Ushijima’s grip on Tendou tightened and his breathing started to pick up as Tendou rolled his hips forward again, hard .


“Tendou I’m--” But Ushijima couldn’t finish his sentence as Tendou slammed their hips together and Ushijima groaned out, grip tightenig and slackening on Tendou’s waist.


Tendou smirk as Ushijima rested his head on Tendou’s shoulder. “Tendou…” Ushijima whispered and Tendou ran his fingers through Ushijima’s hair, Ushijima relaxing into the touch.


“For a captain, you sure do get submissive fast.” Tendou said and laughed gently and Ushijima wrapped his arms around his waist. “That’s because,” Ushijima inhaled a shaky breath. “You’re so good at it.”


Tendou smirked and wrapped his arms around UShijima. “Well why thank you, Wakatoshi.” Tendou said in a deep voice and Ushijima shuddered.


“You’re going to change that shirt.” Ushijima said and Tendou laughed.



Chapter Text

Suga sat on the couch while Daichi, his husband, leaned against him, reading a book. Kageyama and Hinata ra around in circles, chasing each other. Hinata was Daichi and Suga’s child, while Kageyama was Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s.


“HINATA-BOKE!” Kageyama yelled, kicking his tiny leg out. Hinata whined as Kageyama kicked him and Suga gasped. “Kageyama! Such language!” Suga said, putting his hand on his chest. Daichi snorted.


Kageyama turned to Suga. “But Daddy and Papa say things like that all the time! Aso things like “うるさい,” “ばか” and, Papa mostly says this, “ひどい”” Kageyama smiled at himself for knowing different phrases and Hinata stood up.


Suga sighed, “Oh well.” he muttered. “Wow Baka-yama, i didn’t know you knew so many phrases! What does うるさい, mean?” Hinata asked, jumping up and down. Kageyama smiled. “It’s what you say when you want someone to be quiet” A/N translation is: Shut up “But that’s mean.” Hinata said.




Hinata and Kageyama wanted to go to the park. “Daddy, please?!?!” Hinata yeled, pulling at Daichi’s pant leg. Daichi rolled his eyes. “No, Hinata. It’s too far a walk and you always get hurt.”


Hinata pouted. “Please Daddy?!?!” Hinata yelled. Kageyama stood behind Hinata for moral support. “PLEASE DADDY!” Hinata yelled, as if yelling would help.


Suga smiled slyly and draped himself over Daichi’s shoulder, placing his mouth so he could whisper in Daichi’s ear.


“Daddy, please?” Suga whispered, his lips brushed softly against his ear. Daichi stood up, picking Hinata up in one arm and Kageyama in the other. “We’re going to the park!” Daichi yelled.


うるさい-urusai-shut up (noisy) ばか-baka-idiot ひどい-hidoi- you're mean

Chapter Text

It’s quiet, too, too quiet. No sounds, a pin could drop. It was volleyball practice, and it was too quiet. Akaashi wasn’t used to it, wasn’t used to the only sounds coming from the slamming off the volleyball hitting the floor and sneakers running to hit that ball. Wasn’t used to zero-enthusiathm from his teamates.

He was a third-year, and catain of Fukordani, and it was too quiet. Only a few people Akaashi knew where left on the team, most of them having been third years last year, such as Tatsuki, Yamato, Komi, Konoha and…


It was quiet, way too quiet.

None of he first years found it strage, just accepted it. But Wataru and Akashi found it weird for their team to be so calm, quiet. Kaori found it strange she didn’t need to encourage anyone, or threaten anyone. The new second and third years wouldn’t understand, because only Wataru and Akaashi were left on the team.

The quiet was sickening.

Akaashi misses Bokuto’s “hey hey hey’s” as he entered the room. Wataru misses Yamato long talks. Akaashi misses the way everyone would laugh and tease Bokuto. Akaashi misses the way Bokuto cheered after getting a point in a mock-game.

Akaashi misses Bokuto.

He thnks they all did at least. Bokuto, even when down, found a way to lead the team the right way, to make sure everyone cheered up and paid attention to the game, no matter what would happen. He made sure Akaashi knew what to do as captain next year, seeing as he had been the only second year on the team.

Bokuto always smiled and would shout, would make sure eveyrone heard his voice and made sure everyone paid attention to him no matter the situation.

Akaashi misses Bokuto.

After Bokuto had graduated, he had gone to a college all the way in Kyoshu, on a different Japanese island then him. Bokuto didn’t text Akaashi or notify him in anyway how he was doing. Akaashi had texted him multiple times, simple questions, like “what’s up” or “your mom says hi.”

Akaashi misses Bokuto.

Akaashi will wonder every night why Bokuto stopped reponding to him, especially when he’s in the time of need. Akaashi does’t know how to captain! Last year he was only co-captain, vice-captain whatever you want to call it! Akaashi needed Bokuto.

Akaashi misses Bokuto.

Bokuto ran off without notice or anything for a few reasons. He didn’t want to try and go back to Tokyo because of Akaashi. Didn’t want to see that beautiful calming face and not be able to kiss it. Didn’t want to be alone while he watched Akaashi get surronded by loved ones. Bokuto told Kenma to hang out with him, told Kuroo, who had stayed in Tokyo for Kenma, to watch out and protect Akaashi.

Bokuto misses Akaashi.

Chapter Text

“Hey, hey, Iwa-Chan.” Oikawa whispered, poking Iwaizumi’s cheek. Iwaizumi slapped his hand away as he tried to pay attention to their class.


“Iwa-chaaaan.” Oikawa whisper-whined. Iwaizumi growled at him as he tried to pay attention. “Iwa-Chan!” Oikawa whisper yelled.


“Is there a problem?” The teacher asked, staring at the back. Iwaizumi shook his head. “No Ma’am.” The teacher nodded and Iwaizumi glared at Oikawa. “What?” he whispered.


Oikawa laughed. “I got another girlfriend~” Oikawa whispered. Iwaizumi frowned and rolled his eyes. “That’s what was so important?” he whispered.


Oikawa frowned at the lack of reaction but nodded. “You should meet her! Her name is Ina-Chan, kinda like Iwa-Chan!” Iwaizumi growled a little at his hand before looking up.


“Sure, i’d love to meet her.” Oikawa pouted and poked Iwaizumi’s cheek. “Iwaaaa-Chaaan.”


“Mister Touru, if you have something you’d like to say, kindly tell the class.” The teacher growled out. Then Oikawa, being the fucking stud he is, stood up and pointed at Iwaizumi. “IWA-CHAN’S IGNORING ME!” He complained and the teacher sighed.


“Touru, sit back down.”




Iwaizumi walked next to Oikawa, who was skipping around. “Hey hey, Iwaaa-chaaan!” Oikawa sang as he skipped in circles. Iwaizumi smiled and laughed a little. “Oikawa, you’re gonna fall doing that.”


Oikawa rolled his eyes as he spun in mutliple circles and skipped higher. “I’m not gonna fa-” Of course, at that exact moment, Oikawa’s foot hit a rock and he went flying forward. Invoulantarily, Iwaizumi reached out, grabbing Oikawa’s arm.


Oikawa looked up at Iwaizumi and his eyes widened as he realized their closeness. If he leaned forward, even the slightest….


“Uhm Excuse me?” A small voice said and Iwaizumi jumped back, straightening Oikawa up on his feet. Iwaizumi turned to look at a girl who looked….. Familiar.


Oikawa smiled and ran up to the girl, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. The girl smiled at him but her smile fell as se looked at Iwaizumi. “Who’s that Touru?” The girl asked and Oikawa smiled even brighter.


“That is the infamous and fabulous, Iwa-Chan!” Oikawa yelled, pointing at Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi laughed a little and Ina frowned, glaring at him.


Oikawa noticed and frowned at his girlfriend. “Hey, we should go. Later Iwa-Chan!” Oikawa walked away, Ina yelling at him as he argued back. Iwaizumi laughed a little.


As the two walked away, that’s when Iwaizumi realized why she  looked familiar.


Ina looked like him.


Iwaizumi stopped in his tracks as he mentally went over every girlfriend Oikawa’s ever had and realized they all more or less look like him. Iwaizumi shook his head. No, no, it’s just a coincident . He thought.


He then mentally went over how they all acted and realized they had all been more or less,....Tsunderes. Iwaizumi shook his head.


‘No, that can’t be right.” Iwaizumi said to himself and conintued walking. He went over every moment he and Oikawa had ever been alone. How Oikawa had reacted, what Oikawa’s next step had been. As Iwaizumi did this, he realized evverytime he and Oikawa were ever alone, he’d rush away, anytime the two would become to pyschically close Oikawa turned away.


Iwaizumi stopped once again and scratched his head. “Shit…” he muttered as he came to his final conclusion.


Oikawa had a crush on him

Chapter Text

Asahi Azumane is my hero. He is also my best friend and I have no clue what I would do if he wasn't here. He is also the best ace in existence, and like, the coolest person alive.

He is super kind, nice, cool, fast, smart and awesome. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do. Well, I mean, he can’t fly , but I bet he’d be the first human to. Asahi is a great piggy-back giver, a great cook, and an amazing ace.

Sometimes though, I forget I’m not the only one who sees how awesome he is. I liked it better when everyone was afraid of Asahi, too scared of his looks to get to know him. I mean, that is a little rude, wishing everyone was still afraid of him. It’s just, everyone talks to him.

I never have time now to hang out with him like I did before. And Asahi’s graduating soon, with Suga and Daichi. Those three have been hanging out a lot.i don’t care about him hanging out with those two though because they are great people. The people I’m worried about him hanging out with are girls.

Girls will try to date him, and kiss him, and other gross girly stuff. Not that all girls are gross because Kiyoko-san definitely isn’t gross. I went up to Suga the other day and told him how I don’t like girls around Asahi and you know what he said?

He said I have a crush on Asahi. I mean, yeah, the guy is cool, but there’s no way I’d have a crush on a guy, much less Asahi.

I mean, it’s not like I love his long hair, or like it when he wears it down. It’s not like I always walk him with him everyday and listen to things he says, waiting so I can tell him everything I did so he can know the most about me. It’s not like I got suspended because he wouldn’t just let me let him be cool. It’s not like we’ve known each other since I entered high school.

Except, it is like that. Maybe Suga was right, maybe I do have a crush on Asahi, but does that change the fact Asahi is going to graduate, much less, go to college soon? No, because I’m not going to let my feelings affected Asahi’s choices.

Yes, I will miss Asahi when he graduates, but he’s my best friend and I know he’ll come back, maybe then I can tell him my feelings. I will hang out with him for now as much as possible, and I’ll let Tanaka have Kiyoko. That way Asahi can get my full attention and we can be best friends for the time being.

But the next time a girl speaks to him, I’ll cut off each of her fingers.