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“Hana M aki Disease”


Hanamaki disease. Very different from Hanahaki disease, which was known to kill.


A boy, Hanamaki Takahiro, had a power. An annoying one at that. Everyone knew about it too.


His power was, well, he was like a rip-off of cupid.


If you made eye contact with your crush in front of him, he knew immediately and his eyes changed to red and he would started making siren noise.


More than a few occasions had happened in the last month among volleyball players.




Mattsun, Makki, Iwaizumi and Oikawa were all walking home. Mattsun and Makki were making some joke while Oikawa and Iwaizumi were talking to each other. Suddenly, Makki’s eyes stung a bit and he grinned, turning to face Iwaizumi.


“Wee-woo, wee-woo, wee-woo.” Makki whispered in Iwaizumi’s ear. Iwaizumi’s face flushed and he punched Makki’s stomach. “Shut up!” Iwaizumi whisper growled at him.


Makki smirked and wiggled his eyebrows before grabbing Mattsun’s hand and running away from the IwaOi pair, leaving them alone.


Makki looked around the corner at the two, grinning as he watched Iwaizumi try to explain what just happened when Oikawa just laughed, slinging his arm around iwaizumi’s shoulders.


Makki smiled and turned to Mattsun, who quickly looked away.


~~UshiDou~~(<<idk the actual ship name)


Makki was walking down the hall after the competition, sighing as they had lost the Shiratorizawa, again .


Turning the corner, he slammed into someone, stumbling a few steps back. He looked up to see Shiratorizawa’s pride and “joy”, Ushijima. Makki growled up at him and a red haired boy walked around from behind Ushijima and Makki looked at him curiously.


“You were the one singing.” Makki said. The red haired boy smiled and it looked evil. “I am Sa-To-Ri! And We, Kicked. Your. Ass!” Tendou sang out, swaying his hips side-to-side with each word.


“You’re Oikawa’s friend, right?” Ushijima asked in mono-tone. Makki sighed, remembering Oikawa going on and on about how annoying “Ushiwaka” was.


“Unfortunately, yes.” Makki replied. Tendou frowed and grabbed Ushijima’s arm. “Don’t fraternize with the enemy.” Tendou muttered, looking up at Ushijima and Makki felt the familiar sting in his eyes and he grinned widely.


“WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO!” Makki yelled and Tendou’s eyes widening, turning to Makki. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He yelled and looked at Ushijima again.




“BUD-UM-BA. WEEEEE-” A hand was slapped over his mouth, kicking him. “I forgot who you were.” Tendou growled and pushed Makki down the hallway. Makki just smiled as he ran back to his team. He didn't even care he probably had a few bruises on his legs now, he got his point across and made the all mighty Tendou afraid of him.


He laughed as he ran up to Oikawa to tell him.




The third years of Aoba Johsai and Karasuno were all hanging out. This was their last week of school before college and they wanted to celebrate. Daichi was talking to Asahi, Oikawa laughing with Suga, Mattsun talking to Iwaizumi when Makki got an idea.


Makki grabbed Mattsun arm and pulled him to the side. Makki looked at Mattsun who quickly turned his head to look at everyone else. “Yu noticed it too?” Mattsun asked, nodding to the other third years.


Makki grinned. “Yeah, but i can’t just, make the alarms. We need to get them each in groups. Pull Asahi-san away and and pushed our idiots together along with the other idiots.” Makki directed. Mattsun nodded, he bored lips liting up a bit in a smile/


“Daichi-san!” Makki yelled, sauntering over. Daichi smiled at the pink haired boy. “Hey Makki!” he smiled but and he slowly frowned and his eyes went wide. “Wait, uh, nev-nevermind. I-m going to, i’m gonna stand over here. Away from you and your powers.” Dachi muttered, side-stepping away.


Makki threw his arms around Daichi’s shoulder and smirked. “Well, Well Daichi. You needn’t not worry unless the person you like is here.” Makki said and smiled. Daichi’s face flushed and he shrugged. “Uh, yeah. I guess.”


“Hey! Daichi!” Suga yelled, walking up to them. Daichi’s face paled and Makki smiled as Daichi looked at the ground.


“Hey Sugawara!” Makki said, smiling. Suga smiled at him, practically glowing. “Hey Makki! Make any couples recently?” he asked innocently. Makki laughed and shrugged.


“Nah, but hey! You know that freaky red-head from Shiratorizawa?” Suga nodded. “He’s got a little crush on Ushijima!” Makki said, smiling. Suga smiled too. “Aw, that’s cute!”


Suga looked at Daichi and smiled. “Hey Daichi!” Suga said again and on impulse Daichi looked up. Makki smiled, arm still around Daichi, and whispered in his ear. “Wee-woo.” he whispered and rubbed his eyes a little.


Daichi glared at Makki, and pushed him away. “It’s not unrequited y’know.’ Makki whispered to Daichi and walked away, leaving a blushing Daichi and a confused Suga.


Noting that Mattsun was talking to Asahi, and Iwaizumi to Oikawa.


Makki ran up to the two, eyes glowing red. “WEE-WOO!” he shouted in their faces. They both jumped, shock on their faces before their faces both turned bright red.


“I-uh, he’s-just--”


“I-he means-i don--”


The two stumbled over their words with Makki watching. “You both like each other, shut up.” Makki said and walked away.




Makki was walking home with Mattsun, like always. Their conversation was normal, except Makki was getting more and more frustrated as Mattsun didn’t look at him once.


Makki likes Mattsun and is to in love with the other boy to think that maybe, possibly the other wasn’t looking or making eye contact for a specific reason. Makki was getting annoyed with it, he felt like Mattsun was ignoring him.


Makki huffed out angrily and attsun turned to look at the side of his face. “You okay?” Mattsun asked softly. Makki looked up Mattsun quickly and before the other could look away, Makki’s eyes turned bright red.


Makki’s eyes widened and he looked behind them, in front of them and all around only to realize they were alone.


Makki smiled brightly and looked up at Mattsun, whose face was now red and staring wide-eyed at the ground.


“Wee-woo.” Makki said, smiling. Mattsun looked at him sideways, only to see him grinning widely. “Hey, Mattsun~” Makki sang, looking at him.


“I like you too.” MAkki said and intertwined their fingers together.


And the two walked home, after passing two girls and Makki screaming “Wee-Woo.” at them.