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Kenma was pretty, beautiful even. Everyone knew it, when Hinata met him, it was one of the first things he mentioned. Bokuto constantly told him every time they had a combined practice. He remembered Akaashi told him he was pretty once before turning away, blushing.


He was told by his mom, or team mom, Yaku that he’s prettier than any of his children.


KEnma was pretty. But he was also hot. So hot, many girls, and guys, have tried to make a pass at him. He’s so hot, if he even showed a little skin, guys and girls would get turn on.


Kenma remembers one time he was in gym, all guys, and he tied his hair up. Several minutes later, a guy had wrapped his arms around his waist, causing Kuroo to punch the guy. Kenma’s not allowed to tie his hair up when not in volleyball practice anymore.


Unfortunately, the fact Kenma is both pretty and hot, he’s constantly blocked from the world, mostly because Yaku’s afraid someone will hurt his baby, partially because Kuroo kept him to himself.


Most people would hate being excluded from the world, just because of the way they look. But Kenma didn’t mind. It didn't affect his volleyball, so why should he care?


Well, it did affect his volleyball one day.


When Iwaizumi found out, Oikawa was the one being secluded. Really, Oikawa, why?


Kenma had been practicing before they went up against Aoba Johsai. When he was tossing up in the air, he felt arms wrap around his waist, and a head rest on his shoulder. At first he thought it was Kuroo, cause he always snuck up on him. But he turned his head to see oikawa’s face resting on his shoulder.


Jumping a little, Kenma pushed him off. He was used to this from strangers, but other volleyballers? Kenma speed walked away from Oikawa put Oikawa grabbed his wrist. “Ken-Chan! C’mon, i wanna talk!” Oikawa said, smiling.


Kenma shuddered. Oh, how many times has he heard that…?


“I don’t want to.” Kenma said quietly. Oikawa squealed. “Ah! Bo-Chan was right! You are cute! Your voice is even cuter. C’mon!” Oikawa yanked Kenma through the hallway and into a room. Kenma signed out. If it was any other volleyballer, he wouldn’t have minded talking to them, or being alone. But this was Oikawa…


Kenma shuddered as he remembered a story Tobio told him once, of ow Oikawa wouldn't stop if he got an idea, how if he wanted someone, he’d get someone.


Kenma was pushed against a wall. It was dark, Kenma could only make out dark lines of Oikawa. “Touro-san, don’t.” Kenma mumbled. Oikawa smiled. “No need to be so formal, Ken-Chan.”


Oikawa’s hands moved to Kenma’s waist and Kenma grabbed them, trying to pull them off him. Oikawa smiled wickedly, moving his ace so he could whisper in Kenma’s ear. “Y’know, Bo-Chan said you were cute but,” Oikawa’s hands slid under Kenma’s shirt. “He never told me you were hot .”


Kenma’s face was sweating, the room was very warm. Sweat fell down his face, hair stuck to his face, golden eyes wide but glistening in fear, cheeks flushed. Oikawa smiled at the sight and smashed his lips against Kenma’s. Kenma pushed Oikawa’s chest, trying to push the older boy off him.


Oikawa bit Kenma’s lower lip and the younger squeaked out, pushing even harder on Oikawa’s chest, trying to get him away.


“Kenma!” Kenma’s eyes widened as he heard a few people yell his name. He wanted to scream, wanted to call out to them, but Oikawa narrowed his eyes, shoving his tongue int Kenma’s mouth, taking away any chance he had of talking.


Kenma heard people opening doors, checking in them. “KENMA!” the yelling sounded closer, but not close enough. Kenma reached out to the door but Oikawa grabbed his arm and pulled the pudding haired boys pants down. Kenma squirmed and tried to scream again, but Oikawa’s hands covered his mouth.


“Quiet.” Oikawa growled, pulling down Kenma’s underwear. Oikawa stared at Kenma’s manhood, flicking it bored. Kenma flinched as he heard another door somewhere close shoved open.


Keeping his hand on Kenmas mouth, Oikawa licked Kenma’s dick. Kenma squeaked again as he heard the next-door door shoved open. Oikawa took all of Kenma into his mouth just as the door opened.


Kenma’s eyes widened and he reached out to Yaku and Kuroo. The two accessed the scene quickly, running up, Kuroo punched Oikawa square in the jaw. Kenma sank to the floor in tears and Lev, along with Mattsun and Makki, came running in.


Yaku sat next to Kenma, petting his hair and whispering comforting words into his ear, letting the younger boy curl into him. Meanwhile, Lev had to pull Kuroo off Oikawa, Mattsun and Makki dragging their captain off with a bored look.


Kruoo, still being held back by Lev, yelled at the door a the Aoba Johsai-ians left. “OIKAWA I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!” Oikawa just smiled and winked at Kuroo, which pissed him off even more.


“Ku-” a yell from Kuroo. “Kuro--” a kick at the air. “KUROO!” Lev yells at his captain before tossing him onto the ground. “HELP YOUR BOYFRIEND!” Lev yelled, pointing at the crying Kenma. Kuroo’s face flushed. “He’s not my--” Lev pushed Kuroo, well, more kicked Kuroo towards Kenma and grabbed Yaku’s hand.


The two boyfriends walked out of the room, Yaku wrapping his small arms around his gigantic boyfriend as they walked.


Kuroo ran over to Kenma, who was trying, and failing, at putting his clothes back on. Kuroo sighed an helped him. Once he had finished getting KEnma into his clothes, he pulled the smaller boy onto his lap sideways, tangling his fingers in Kenma’s hair.


Kenma curled u into Kuroo’s chest, arms wrapped around Kuroo’s sides. “I, I don’t want to, to com-compete.” Kenma stuttered out, he looked up at Kuroo, eyes shining from tears, wide with pleading. Kuroo smile and hugged Kenma to his chest.


“I won’t let you. And i can guarantee, Iwazuimi’s not letting Shit-Kawa either.” Kuroo said. KEnma flinched at the name before wrapping his arms tighter around Kuroo. “Okay.” he muttered.