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Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.

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The thing is, Scott is that one friend who thinks he can do everything, and nothing he does is wrong. He is that one friend who thinks it’s okay for him to ignore you, but when you ignore him, well, that’s a different story. You can’t do that to him, you’re not allowed to. After all, you are his friend, right?

Stiles had to live with all of this for a long time when Scott was dating Allison, the wonderful new girl at school. He had to be okay with him cancelling their plans, special bro-nights, and their usual stuff that they do every fucking year. Allison just had to smile and Scott would throw everything aside to make her happy. And Stiles had to endure it all.

He had hoped that Scott’s behaviour would change after Allison had left with her parents for France. But no, of course not. The peace had remained only for a month, because then Scott found a new best friend/boyfriend-to-be. Isaac Lahey, a guy with amazingly soft curls and the most beautiful smile and eyes, according to Scott. And Stiles was once again put on the sidelines.

This time it doesn't even hurt. Stiles is just disappointed and tired of all the shit. He had tried making new friends in the first two weeks after Scott started hanging out with Isaac; It didn’t work out. It was already summer before their senior year. Stiles and Scott were always considered “The Weird Kids”. Capital letters and all. It isn't easy to find friends in a small town like Beacon Hills after all these years. Everyone knows him because of his clumsiness, weirdness, and his father the Sheriff. The latter doesn't help at all. Most of the kids from his high school think he is going to snitch every time he see something wrong.

So yeah, Stiles is once again left all alone. At least when Scott was with Allison, it was the school year and Stiles could distract himself with homework and extra work for his AP classes. But now? Stiles is bored as fuck. He did every assignment from his teachers within the first weekend. Then he binge-watched Supernatural, X-Files and Star Wars. His ADHD was worse than ever. Stiles feels like he is going to bounce off the walls pretty soon.

He tried calling Scott, to see if he has at least an hour to just talk to him, but nope. Isaac this, Isaac that. Stiles has nothing against Isaac, really, he somewhat likes the guy and his little sassy ass, but every time Scott says his name, Stiles wants to strangle someone.

Stiles doesn’t cope very well…

When the calendar marks the third week of the summer break, Stiles just can’t deal anymore. He is slowly going insane from sitting inside his house, trying to find stuff to do. Sure, he sometimes visits his father at work, but his dad hates when he tries to read files and talk with the guys behind bars. When Stiles walks alone around the town, people look at him with pity, like they know that Scott abandoned him and now he is all alone. So he decides to go into the forest which surrounds Beacon Hills.

He wakes up around 10 am, takes a shower, eats a quick breakfast and walks out of the house. He doesn’t take his Jeep; The forest is close enough.

Stiles just walks around—first at the edge of the forest, then deeper. He stumbles a few times, making his jeans and palms dirty. But he doesn’t really care. He is enjoying his walk, the way the forest smells and sounds. Yeah, he almost shit his pants when a rabbit ran right in front of him, but, hey, he didn't expect that, okay? He was too lost in his thoughts. Whatever.

He only comes out of the forest because his stomach started rumbling and his clenching throat made him uncomfortable. When he reaches his house, it is almost sundown. He didn't even realize how much time he spent in the forest.

The Sheriff isn’t home (as usual). Stiles understands his father has an important job, but because of him being at the station all the time, he was neglecting his own son. Stiles can’t remember the last time they ate a meal together. Even when he had brought dinners for his father to the station, the Sheriff always grimaced when Stiles suggested that they eat together. It hurt. But day after day, the pain lessened. They aren’t close anymore. Stiles starts to just not care.

This way it is way more difficult to hurt him for real.

Stiles eats cold chicken, not even bothering with warming it up. After he ate, he neatly cleans his dishes and goes to his room. He undresses to black boxer briefs and sits down by the desk, opening his laptop. He checks his mail, deletes spam and useless information from sites that he is following. He stayed up later than usual. Like the true idiot he is, he waits, hoping that maybe, just maybe, Scott will call or text him, asking how he is. Nothing comes. Stiles really should just give up.


The next day and the day after that, Stiles spends his days in the forest, exploring even more. Thankfully, he remembered to pack his backpack with some snacks and water so he can be surrounded by trees even longer without needing to worry that he is going to become hungry or thirsty.

Four days after his first trip to the forest, Stiles meets a man. A man older only by a few years. He is… breathtaking.

“This is private property.”

Those are his first words to Stiles who stands with wide eyes and jaw hanging low. He should say something. Like a simple “sorry”, for example. He truly had no idea that this part of the forest belongs to someone. So yeah, it is appropriate to apologize for trespassing. But guess what? Stiles brain to mouth filter isn’t having it so instead of an apology, what comes out is:

“Oh my god, your eyes are beautiful.”

The stranger's eye widen in shock and Stiles face goes completely red. It is embarrassing. Seriously, he should buy himself a gag and just wear it every time he's outside to prevent situations like that. He really hopes that that man isn’t going to kick his ass or something. In fact, he looks kinda scary. A little bit like a serial killer. A very beautiful and hot as hell serial killer. Oh shit. He is going to die, isn’t he? Oh well. At least his killer is very good-looking.

“I- um, thank you,” the guy says. Stiles gapes at him and notices that the tips of his ears suddenly became red. It is adorable.

“Y-yeah,” Stiles mumbles in response, with a still very red face. “I’m serious, though. Your eyes are… Wow.”

The man nods slowly, probably wondering what the fuck is going on. And Stiles really should go. It is embarrassing not only for him, but probably for the hot guy too.

“I-I’m gonna go now, before I say something even more… yeah, okay, bye!”

He quickly turns around and all but runs from that place. His face and neck are hot, his hands are trembling and his heart is racing.


Stiles doesn’t go back to the forest after that. A week had passed and he still feels embarrassed as fuck. Not to mention the wet dreams that suddenly appeared. The guy from the forest was hot as hell. But he was also beautiful. His eyes, brows, nose, oh god, that jaw with a light stubble. Stiles wants to fucking pet it and rub his face against it. And maybe other places too…

He tries doing other things to forget about the guy, but he quickly gets bored.

One day Stiles decides that he wants to eat pierogi. A Polish dish which his mother always made to cheer him up. He needs to go grocery shopping for ingredients, so he takes his money and goes to the mall.

The shopping trip goes smoothly up until he bumps into someone when he takes a sharp right turn to the next aisle.

“Oh shit, sorry!” he says, hearing the pained groan that came from the person he had hit with his shopping cart.

“Don’t worry about it.”

Stiles eyes widen when he realizes who he had hit: The guy from the forest. Oh shit, he groans internally with his face suddenly burning red.

“It’s you!” the man blurts out and blushes after a second.

“Yeah… it-it’s me,” Stiles mumbles. “I’m Stiles. And I’m sorry for what I said… Not that I was lying! Your eyes are really beautiful, but, you know, you probably didn’t want to hear it from a guy like me.”

“It’s a compliment,” the guy shrugs. “Who doesn’t like compliments?” he laughs awkwardly.

Holy shit, he has an amazing laugh.

“Thanks.” the guy says shyly.

He said it out loud, didn’t he?


“Kill me now,” Stiles moans.

“Nah, you’re too pretty.” the guy says and then immediately proceeds to blush even harder. He closes his eyes and mumbles a horrified ‘oh my god, what the fuck’. It makes Stiles grin.

They stand silently for almost half a minute before Stiles clears his throat and speaks up.

“So… I’m sorry for trespassing. I didn’t know that part of the forest belongs to someone.”

“It’s fine. At least you weren’t doing anything bad,” the guy says, but then furrows his brows, which makes him look totally even more like a serial killer, and asks, “You weren’t right?”

“Nope. I was just walking around. Was bored of sitting at home alone, playing games and just being bored, so you know, I decided to go to the forest, ‘cause why not, right?”

“Why alone?” Derek asks. “None of your friends like forests?”

Stiles grimaces, feeling faintly a pain deep inside his chest.

“I don’t… I don’t have friends, not really,” he confesses. And what the fuck, why the hell is he telling this to a total stranger? One more person was going to know what a huge loser he is. “I had one friend, best friend, since we were,like, in diapers, but he found a new friend and I was tossed away, you know? No one wants to talk to me, the spastic loser, who can’t shut up and stop moving.”

He shrugs lamely and looks down, not sure why, but probably because he doesn't want to see the guy’s face when he calls him a loser or something.

“I don’t have friends either.”

Stiles looks up at him with a ‘bitch please’ face. There is no way the guy is telling the truth. And he has to know what Stiles is thinking, because he huffs and continues.

“Seriously. I don’t have friends. Mostly because everyone I know wants to get into my pants, but it’s also because my face… well people often think I’m…”

“A serial killer?” Stiles prompts when the guy stops. He snorts, but nods.

“Yeah. So it’s only me and my sister.”

“It must be nice to have a sibling.”

“God, no. She’s older and her purpose in life is to embarrass and torture me.”

Stiles laughs.

“She loves you, dude.”

“Yeah, I know,” he sighs like it pains him to actually agree. Then he glares and Stiles. “And don’t call me dude.”

The teenager snorts and rolls his eyes.

“So since we established that we’re both friendless, how about we try to be friends?” And here goes his no-brain-to-mouth filter. Honestly, he is going to die from embarrassment one day. He is sure of that. “I-I mean- You don’t- we don’t- God dammit, please ignore me. I’m very socially awkward and I don’t have brain-to-mouth filter, so… Just kill me.”

The guy laughs, showing his bunny teeth. Stiles wants to coo at them, they are so fucking adorable.

“Okay,” he says still laughing. “Let’s be friends.”

“Wait- really?”

“Yeah, why not? You seem like a really cool guy.”

It is really hard not to do a victory dance. For real. But he does hiss out loud, “Awesome”.

“Okay, gimme your phone,” Stiles says.

The man takes out his mobile from the back pocket of his jeans and hands it to Stiles. He doesn’t have a password or anything like that, which is weird, because nowadays everyone has a password for everything.

Stiles quickly saves his number and hands him the phone back. The guy is smiling softly and Stiles really wants to cuddle him. Holy shit, what the fuck is happening to him?

“So I need to finish my shopping and then make myself dinner, so I’ll be going, dude. Text me later, so I’ll have your number as well.”

“Yeah, sure..

“Okay, awesome,” Stiles grins and moves his shopping cart. “Bye, dude.”

“Don’t call me ‘dude’,” the guy calls after him.

“Okay, dude!”

Stiles finishes his shopping with a huge smile on his face. When he is driving back to his house, he realizes that he doesn’t know the guy’s name and that makes him pout a little, because he can’t call him in his head ‘the guy’ or ‘dude’ all the time. Thankfully, right when he parks in the empty driveway, his phone buzzes. He has a new text:

By the way, my name is Derek.


It is a nice name.

Stiles likes it.

He likes it a lot.