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Total Drama Couples

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Originally From: A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones (whatever you want to call it)
Age: 11 or 17 (depending on whether it’s the show or the books)
Title: The Nameless
Bio: Born into the Stark family of Winterfell, Arya was the third of five children for Eddard and Catelyn Stark. One day, her brother Robb and “brother” Jon bring home some direwolf pups, one of which Arya adopts and names Nymeria. Soon after, she leaves Winterfell with her father and sister to go to King’s Landing, taking with her a sword Jon gave her and her wolf…who she had to chase away because of an incident involving Joffrey being a douchebag (or as they call them in Westeros, Joffrey). While in King’s Landing, she gets trained in sword fighting, since having a weapon like that is pointless (metaphorically, not literally) unless you can use it. Towards the end of her time in King’s Landing, her father is executed for “treason” because again, Joffrey was being a Joffrey. Luckily, one of the Night Watch snuck her out as a boy. Since then, she harbours a dangerous grudge against anyone who has wronged her or her family.

Originally From: Portal
Age: Unknown
Title: The Mute
Bio: Not much is known about Chell prior to her time at Aperture Science, however she may have been the daughter of a scientist there (or, if you believe the fan theories, Cave Johnson and Caroline). However, she somehow ended up being a part of the Portal Gun testing group, and was frequently ridiculed by GLaDOS…until she destroyed her. Unfortunately, on her way out of the lab, she was caught by a robot and dragged back in and put in a relaxation chamber for an undetermined amount of time (possibly centuries). Chell never says anything, but will never give up…ever.

Originally From: Fairy Tail
Age: 18
Title: The Naked
Bio: Gray used to live in a village to the North, but like all good anime characters, his home was destroyed by a demon named Deliora. A wizard named Ur and her student Lyon find him in amongst the ruins of the village, and Ur decides to train Gray in Ice-Make magic…which involves getting naked. A lot. As a result, Gray developed a habit of unconsciously taking his clothes off for no reason. After training for a while, Gray decides to challenge Deliora and get revenge for all the people it killed, because a child challenging a giant monster was always going to end well. By the way, it didn’t: Ur got killed (sort of) and Lyon blamed Gray for it. Gray went off for a while before joining the Fairy Tail guild of powerful wizards, hoping one of them could help him revive Ur, but they couldn’t. Over the years, Gray grew to be one of the most powerful members of the guild, and works well with its members (Natsu excluded) to complete missions sent to the guild.

Originally From: Baka and Test
Age: 17
Title: The Silent Ninja Pervert
Bio: Kouta is a student at Fumizuki Academy, a school where students are placed in classes based on their test scores, and get better facilities based on how high their score is, but can upgrade their stuff by challenging higher classes with their avatars and winning. As a member of Class 2-F, their stuff sucks. Not that that’s overly relevant here. Kouta’s notorious among his classmates as being a major pervert, managing to have a camera ready for every potential panty shot no matter how quick the opportunity is. He’s also probably lost more blood through nosebleeds than any anime character ever.

Originally From: Bob’s Burgers
Age: 9
Title: The Psycho Child
Bio: Louise is the youngest child of Bob and Linda Belcher. Louise is incredibly intelligent for her age, and uses this intelligence to her advantage, often manipulating people into her way of thinking. However, she is still very loyal to the people she cares about, and may use her cunning to hurt them instead. She’s so adorable, so her crazy side is viewed as more harmless than anything…most of the time. She prefers conflict over peace, and is frankly just a little monster with pink bunny ears. Yeah, that’s pretty much it about her.

Originally From: Fairly Odd Parents
Age: 10
Title: The Wishmaker
Bio: Timmy is an average kid, that no-one…wait, KrispyBaconator already made this joke. Anyway, one day Timmy’s parents left him with an evil babysitter named Vicky. The awfulness of having her around caused the Fairy Council to assign two Fairy Godparents to Timmy: Cosmo and Wanda. Because of this, Timmy’s life became much more tolerable (though he still had to put up with Vicky), since he could make almost any wish he wanted, including one wish that allowed him to keep his fairies for over fifty years (though most of his wishes tend to get reversed, for various reasons).