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Do I Disgust you?

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Regina loved this. The feel of her girlfriends body laying next to hers, her soft breath tickling her neck were her head is resting. The way the light from the TV illuminates her blonde hair, the way her lips come together in a slight smile when she’s comfortable. Regina loves this feeling, but she really could do without the tightening in her pants.
Regina swallows hard trying to think of something other than the ever growing appendage between her legs, and how wonderful it would feel if Emma’s soft pink lips were to kiss the tip. Damn it, not helping.

Regina tries shifting her hips ever so slightly to remove Emma’s body from her lower region, but that backfires when Emma shifts too and places her thigh directly between Regina’s legs. A whimper could just barely be heard coming from the back of Regina’s throat. Regina could do nothing but praise and curse Emma Swan right now.

Regina tried counting, thinking of family members, even thinking about the algorithm to solving a Rubik Cube, nothing was working. With no options left Regina carefully slides herself from Emma’s grasp and lays her on the couch where her body previously was.

Regina quickly and quietly made it to Emma’s apartment bathroom. When the door was closed and locked Regina sighed with a hint of relief.

The bathroom was fairly big, it had a lovely shower and the walls were painted a calming light grey and white. As surprising as it is Emma has an eye for decor, from the pictures hanging to the hand towels.

Regina turned her back to the door and looked down at her slacks, her member was straining against her custom made underwear, making a rather large bulge in the otherwise flat pants. Regina thanks the heavens that she invested in these undergarments. Since Regina’s been dating Emma she has experienced more boners that she cares to even think about; honestly it hadn’t been this bad since the beginning of puberty.

Knowing she has to be quick Regina unzips her slacks and takes them off folding them and placing them on top of the hamper, to avoid any accidental messes.
Regina groans when the cool air hits her member as she pulls her underwear down. Regina knows she’s fairly well endowed but she doesn’t think she’s ever been this hard.. ever…at least so far in her adult life.

Her pre-cum is dripping and is making a natural lubricant. Regina slowly collects some on her fingers and massages it around her head, making her toes curl in pleasure. Regina couldn’t help the moan that escaped past her lips.

Regina thought about Emma. Oh god, she’s sleeping on the couch and I’m jerking off in her bathroom. Then the thought of sex with Emma came to mind. Fuck. Lube nor saliva is needed, as Regina has enough pre-cum at just the thought of sleeping with Emma. Emma. Emma and her perfect lips, lips that would look great wrapped around Regina’s cock. Regina can only imagine the feeling of Emma tasting her, feeling her tongue run along her sensitive head as she slowly takes her into her mouth. Deeper. Oh the feeling of her dick hitting the back of Emma’s throat, seeing her dick disappear between those perfect pink lips.

Pink. Pink lips, tongue, nipples. Oh god. Regina’s only seen Emma partially naked a handful of times and every time she does she loses her breath. Regina thinks about those nipples, how sensitive they can be, how if she were to rub and lick them just right they would pebble and harden.

Regina knows she’s not going to last much longer so she leans forward and grabs some toilet paper.
Regina somehow catches a whiff of Emma’s perfume and groans. Emma. Regina knows the sex with Emma is going to be fantastic. Emma and her lithe, strong runners body, muscular toned arms, and rock hard abs. Regina wants those arms wrapped around her body, nails digging in leaving scratches as she fucks Emma into oblivion.

Yes. She wants Emma’s legs wrapped around her flexing as she hits all of Emma’s pleasure spots. Regina wants Emma. She wants her on the bed until the wall is missing paint from where the headboard has hit it, she wants her on the couch with Emma biting the cushions to muffle her screams, on the floor until they feel pain of hard floors against their soft bodies, on the counters while feeling the cool granite under hand, against the wall until their legs can’t hold them any longer, in the shower until the water runs cold. She wants her hard and fast, but also slow and meaningful. She wants to see Emma’s face when she cums, she wants to feel Emma clench around her when she reaches her climax, she wants to wrap her in her arms when they are sweaty and sated.

Regina’s almost there, she can feel it in her stomach, her movements are more sporadic, and she almost can’t catch her breath. Regina can only imagine what it would be like to have this feeling and get to cum, with Emma.
That thought alone shoves Regina over the edge. She’s almost late in moving the toilet paper in front of her cock to catch the streams of cum. Regina clenches her teeth and tries to stifle her groans. Soon the tightness in her stomach begins to relax and she can finally take a deep breath. Regina tosses the toilet paper into the toilet, grabs some more and cleans herself up as best she can, before flushing and washing her hands. Regina gets redressed and takes a deep breath.

When Regina opens the door she sees Emma has shifted slightly, she is now curled up on her side. When Regina looks at her her heart flutters and her lips turn up into a smile. Regina bends down and kisses Emma’s temple, while pushing blonde hair out of her face.

Emma wakes at the touch and moves closer, “mmm.. Gina”

Regina smiles, “Baby, come on. Let’s get you into bed.”

Emma whines but sits up stretching. Emma looks around the room and notices the movie they were watching is long over. Emma stands and leans into Regina’s front, wrapping her arms around Regina’s neck, “ ’m sorry I fell asleep.”

Regina shakes her head, “It’s ok. I like watching you sleep, and snore” Regina laughs at Emma huff. “I don’t snore.” Emma replies.

Regina chuckles and wraps Emma into her arms giving her a chaste kiss on the lips, “Sorry darling, but you do.”

Emma turns from Regina’s arms but takes her hand intending to lead her to the bedroom, “Come on. You can listen to me snore.”

Regina is so tempted, so so tempted, but she doesn’t have her usual nighttime underwear and there is no way she’s not going to be hard sleeping next to Emma. So Regina shakes her head, “I’m sorry baby, I need to go home. I have a super big meeting in the morning. I need my clothes and my notes from home.”
Emma can tell there is more to it than that, she wants to persuade Regina but something about the nervous energy coming off of her makes her concede, “Ok. But this weekend my friend Ruby is going to be in town visiting, she’s dying to meet you. Will you schedule us in for Friday night?”

Regina chuckles, “Of course Miss. Swan, I’ll put you on my calendar.”

Emma smiles, “Good Ms. Mills.”

Regina kisses Emma and says goodnight. Emma walks Regina to the door and kisses her a few more times.
Regina is putting on her jacket when she sees Emma leaning against the doorframe in her oversized sweatshirt and skimpy running shorts, smiling at her. In that moment Regina wants nothing more than to stay the night. Stay the night with Emma wrapped in her arms and wake up in the morning to Emma’s beautiful face. Regina sighs at herself wishing she could just tell Emma, just tell her ‘I have a penis, but I love you.’ Maybe not exactly like that but to just tell her the full truth.

Regina steals another kiss before heading down the stairs to the indoor garage where her car is parked. Regina sits in her car and puts her head against her steering wheel feeling like she is missing a part of herself.

Regina looks at herself in the mirror and thinks, ‘Don’t ruin this Regina, tell her.’ ‘but it’s disgusting, what will Emma think?’ ‘she needs to know’ ‘she’s gonna leave me, I don’t want to disgust her.’ ‘don’t doubt her’.

Regina sighs as she starts her car and heads home. She’s gonna have to tell her.