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Phineas and Ferb in Dimmsdale: Odyssey into the Mind of Trixie

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Sunset at a Hawaiian beach. Timmy and Trixie are sitting at the sandy shore, watching a red sun slowly sinking under the horizon under a beautiful, yellow-purple sky. They were wearing pink swimming trunks and a purple bikini, respectively, and also wore leis with beautiful red roses around their necks.

The two lovebirds have wrapped their arms around each other. As the sun was only half visible, they decided to look eachother in the eyes, while embracing themselves even tighter.

Timmy noticed how beautiful Trixie's sky blue eyes were, and how luscious her pink-colored lips were as well. As their faces drew nearer, Trixie whispered with the most seductive tone: "I love you", at which Timmy whispered back: "I love you too."

The two grabbed each other's head, locked their lips onto each other and kissed passionately. The feeling was so intense, they could go on kissing forever, never wanting it to end.

And then it was morning.

Alas, it was only a dream. It was of course impossible to see the two end up as a couple, due to their stances on the popularity chart, and of course Trixie's disinterest in Timmy. A scenario like this could only happen in Timmy's wildest dreams.

However, this isn't Timmy's dream.

Sure, Timmy may have dreamed this at one point. Chances are he had dreamed it this night as well. But this particular dream didn't come from Timmy's subconscious.

This was Trixie's dream

And she has no idea why she got it in the first place.

Or found it so pleasant, not screaming out of it as if it were a nightmare. Just dreaming on with a big smile on her face, until she woke up.

"Why?", the asian girl thought.

Trixie often had a recurring dream of Timmy getting sucked into some black void, with her and Timmy's friends mourning over it or something. This always struck as a bit peculiar to Trixie, because when she began having those dreams, she didn't care much for Timmy.

But apparently, her unconsciousness seems to care for the bucktoothed kid.

Ever since the day she lost to that bet with Phineas and Ferb, however, Trixie got more than just the same old 'black void' dreams.

…Alright, only two nights have passed so far, but it is very odd that both dreams she had were a bit more romantic and involved Timmy.

In the dream on the night before, she and Timmy were riding together in a ferris wheel. Presumably the London Eye, seeing how it's large and white, and the view they had included the Big Ben.

Oh, and Ferb was at the booth of the ferris wheel. It was an odd dream, after all.

Trixie wouldn't have passed this dream really as romantic, if it weren't for the fact that she and Timmy were hugging tightly during the entire ride.

Trixie was sleeping so fondly that she kind of overslept. Her dream was interrupted by a call from Candace.

Trixie thought nothing more of the dream as a rather embarrassing one-off, but her dream on the beach made apparent that there's some pattern going on, although she wouldn't be too sure until the next night was also romantic and Timmy-centric.

She was thankful it didn't make her oversleep this time, though.

Trixie was unable to think about anything else but those peculiar dreams, even at the breakfast table with her parents. Because of that, she wasn't eating much of the lobster that was served to her, concerning her father.

"Is there something wrong, Trixie?", her father asked.

"Huh?" Trixie just got out of her thoughts. "Um, no Daddy. Just thinking about a strange dream I had"

"It better not be about that Turner kid", her mother responded. "You know our stance against those filthy unpopulars. It's already bad enough that you need to be nice to them because you lost some irresponsible bet."

"Honey, that's enough", Mr. Tang said to his wife. "Trixie can decide herself with who she hangs out with."

"Please, not this conversation again", Mrs. Tang complained to her husband.

As her parents quarreled, Trixie decided to eat her meal and finish her drink, before announcing: "I think I'll go upstairs, being at my room."

"Oh, that's okay, darling", her father said. Her mother added: "Just don't think about dating unpopulars, sweetie, and everything will be alright."

Unfortunately, that's all Trixie could think about right now.

She went inside her pink-walled room, still curious about that dream she had.

"What does it all mean", she thought. "Am I... beginning to... LOVE Timmy Turner?"

"Nah, that's ridiculous", she continued thinking. "But still, why did I have those dreams, then?"

She should discuss about this to Candace and Isabella later today, in a chat session. There literally was no other time because Phineas, Ferb and the gang would be going to a nearby town called Echo Creek. But maybe she can tell Veronica early on.

Trixie's ringtone sounded right then, notifying that Veronica was calling her.

"Hello", Trixie answered her phone.

"Oh hi, Trix", Veronica spoke. "Hey, remember from last night that we could go visit that lounge bar that opened today? Turns out Tad and Chad invited us over to visit it with them. Does that sound OK to you?"

"Uh, sounds good", Trixie said.

"Great, I'll meet you at my place shortly", Veronica responded. She ended the phone call.

Despite what she told Veronica, Trixie was a little disappointed that she couldn't have alone time with her BFF, with Tad and Chad in close proximity. She wasn't sure what those two would think of the peculiar dreams she had lately.

She also was unsure how Tad and Chad would react to Trixie and Veronica actually had fun at Phineas and Ferb's, but that's an entirely different discussion altogether.