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Christmas 1473

Her breasts heaved with every breath, her smile wide and skin radiant. She had ever been the most beautiful woman he knew. Elizabeth sat beside him on the window seat, her hand resting in his. He hardly paid attention to the words which came from her lips. She spoke of something, something important he was sure. Yes, important, but positive.

More recently they had begun to once again enjoy each other’s company. Were as close as ever they had been and Indeed he enjoyed it.

She continued with her words as he watched her breaths, watched intently. “If you look long enough, my dress may disappear.”

He blushed, she grinned, her hand going from his hand to his thigh, fingers toying with his upper thigh as her spare hand raised her skirts to her knee. “Oh look what we have.” She licked her lips as she looked to his groin. “Well then, what are you waiting for?”

In truth he did not know. No. He didn’t. He leaned forward, lips connecting with hers his hands about to cup her breast when the sound of a door opening made him jump to a stand. “What in Gods name - have you not heard of-“ he stopped his words dead as he looked to Richard. “Dickon have you not heard of knocking?” His voice was softer.

“Get me away from that woman. Can I hide here?”

“Hide? From whom?” Edward retorted, one hand covering his groin as he sat, pulling down Elizabeth’s skirt.

“Anne. She will not leave me alone. I had to ride from Yorkshire by her side and my god you do not know the pain Ned.”

Edward tried to smile. “The thing is, this isn’t a good time Dick-“

“Oh.” The younger man blushed. “I can see.” Richard winked

Edward frowned, though a he wanted to smile. “Who are you hiding from?”

“Anne. Christ Ned she’s quite insufferable.”

“Not long ago you’d have torn england apart to have her.” Richard glared momenatily.

“You tore England apart to have Elizabeth.”

“But you don’t see me running away from her.”

“Except when I’m right in an argument”. Elizabeth piped up.

“Except then.” Edward grinned. “Women can be ferocious, but I sense that’s not why you run.”

“No. If only she was ferocious at least there would be passion. As it is? She gives me nothing. She is so dull. I cannot stomach it.”

“A dull one? I did get such an impression at Middleham.”

“Yes, well you could have given me warning.”

“You knew the girl better than me.” Ned shrugged. “Besides you do not have to see her much. An occasional bedding to ensure you have heirs-“

“But how do I avoid her?”

“Not by interrupting my time with my wife.”

“Don’t mind me, close the curtains and-“

“Forgive if we are no longer in the mood.” Elizabeth spoke gently.

“Suit yourselves.”

“An occasional trip to court, some state visits, I can give you more duties.”

“More duties?” Richard paused. “That sounds interesting, tell me more.”

“Well you’d have less time on your hands-“

“Then I accept. It will mean I am away from Middleham more?”

“But of course.”

Richard only grinned, doffed his cap
and with a mock bow, he left.