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The kinky kitty kit and others kinky stories

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 He’d done it again!

The Righteous One, the high and mighty Leader had struck again! Raph cursed when he realized that the hideout where he kept his alcohol and cigarettes was empty. Leo had seized his supply. It was impossible for it to be someone else, because Master Splinter never entered their rooms, Donnie didn’t care what Raphael did and Mikey wasn’t suicidal enough to have fun hiding Raphael’s relaxants. Only Leo was arrogant enough to do it. Besides, it wasn't like it was the first time, nor was Raph Captain Leonardo’s first victim. Leo had seized Mikey's water pipe and porn mangas several times. In addition, he’d banned junk food. Donnie was affected too, because he’d confiscated drugs to Donnie that Raph didn’t even know about, which kept the genius awake at night and Leo also rationed Donnie’s coffee.

His brothers had submitted and suffered the law of Leo’s prohibition, but the motherfucker could kiss Raph's ass if he thought he was going to let himself go again. During the last month, Leo had done this about 9 times already and Raph was starting to feel dangerously irritated.

The dictator of purity being absent, Raph decided to get revenge. But first, he was going to recover his property, which he thought must be hidden under Leo’s mattress or in his wardrobe. And by searching his room, Raph might find something to use against Leo to teach him not to touch his stuff anymore.

Raph entered in the room, surprised that the door wasn't even locked. Leo was really the worst pretentious son of a bitch on Earth. He obviously thought that the "respect" that his brothers had for his authority would ensure his privacy and that no one would go into his room. Raphael laughed at that. He wasn't a sucker, like his little brothers. Leo should have known that. It was far too easy.

The impeccable room made him want to fuck it up, while he looked for his stash, but Raph preferred a subtler approach. While searching for his personal belongings, he wondered what he could confiscate from Leo. His meditation candles? His incense? His tea? His treatise on the art of war? The guy really had to find less annoying hobbies! Leo was so predictable, boring and insipid, Raph said to himself, while he was opening Leo’s wardrobe. Then he saw a large box.

“Ah ah! Gotcha, bitch!"

Raph opened the box, thinking that the Fearless Leader kept his stash in there, but he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.
"No fuckin' way!" he exclaimed, eyes wide.

He saw a blue dildo in the box. Hooks, rope, tape, gags, stuff he'd seen in porn magazines that gave electric shocks, rings, DVD’s with evocative names like "Cockminator" and lube. Raph’s eyes bulged. It had to belong to another of his brothers, because there was no way it could belong to prim and proper Leonardo. Then Raph saw the costume that was made of leather and metal and the words "Master Leo" that were on the back of the costume, which removed any doubt about who owned the impressive collection. Raphael suddenly felt very warm, though he didn't know why. He convinced himself that this was due to the excitement of his discovery. He couldn't wait to tell Don and Mikey, so that he could laugh at the pure and righteous Leo.
"Why does he even own such things?" It's not like Leo had a partner with whom he could have fun! Did that mean that their leader electrocuted himself and tied himself up? Raph snickered and thought that he’d give his balls to see that.

He discovered a package underneath called "Kinky Kitty kit: how to train your favorite kitty.” Raph opened it and his smile died. There were other sexual objects of the same fetish type inside. A cat mask, handcuffs with feline print, a cat-type whip of nine tails and a collar attached to a leash. It wasn’t the nature of the objects that troubled Raphael, but their color. Everything was scarlet red. He felt immense dread, but the worst was to come and it would eradicate his doubt and hope that the red was only a coincidence. It was a medallion with the name Raphie engraved on it and it was attached to the collar of Master Leonardo's pet. He hurriedly closed the box, totally forgetting why he’d come there in the first place.

Raphael would have stayed in his room for ever if he could, but a few hours later, he had to leave it to dine with his brothers. He’d wondered if the whole thing wasn’t just one of Leo's machinations. A psychological game to weaken the opponent's morale? He felt the collar tighten on his neck, preventing him from breathing, as a handful of iron was pulling on the leash, submitting it, while his brother behind him ... Nauseous and nervous he spilled his soda a minute later. When Leo offered him another one, Raph replied, as he avoided his brother’s eyes, that he wasn’t thirsty.

"Raph,” Leo said. “Are you sulking, because I took your beers and your cigarettes?” Leo asked. “No need to look for them. I threw everything into the tank. I don't know when you're going to learn your lesson! I don't want this here. The punishment will be more severe next time, so don’t test me.”

Tamed, Raph nodded. He had a new respect for Leonardo and he’d never disobey him again. The heat in his lower abdomen pooled again and Raph blinked, unable to stop thinking about the image of the feline. Or maybe he wouldn’t be obedient, just so he’d know what punishment Leo had in mind to train his kitty.