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Harry Potter and the Unknown Family

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Harry was overwhelmed. Not a month ago a giant had come to the Dursley's and explained that he, plain old Harry Potter, was a wizard. And not just any wizard, a famous one. His parents hadn't died in a car crash, they had been murdered by a wizard so evil no one would speak his name. Harry was famous for stopping that wizard, though no one knew how. It had been a whirlwind day, and by the end of it Harry had forgotten to ask Hagrid how to get on to the platform. It was just as well he had gotten to Kings Cross Station thirty minutes early.

He had just been about to ask a station attendant when he heard a boy shout.

"Come on Dora, we're going to miss the Hogwarts Express!"

Harry saw a platinum blonde boy dart towards the pillar between platforms nine and ten. He was followed by a teenage girl with vibrant pink hair.

The teenager laughed, "Drake, slow down. Let's wait for mum and Auntie, we're half an hour early. No need to rush."

The blonde boy, Drake, pouted and said "I know but Hogwarts."

Just then 2 ladies came around the bend. They were obviously sisters, though one was dark haired and the other blonde.

The blonde one turned to Drake and said, "What have we told you about wandering off? And shouting about Hogwarts?"

"We have to be discreet because muggles don't know about magic." Drake said sullenly, "Sorry mum."

Muggles? Hogwarts? These had to be magical people, thought Harry.

He pushed his trolley towards them and said, "Excuse me? Do you know how to get to the platform?"

"Oh Merlin." Said the pink haired teenager, Dora.

"Yes we can help you on the train, Harry." Said the dark haired woman.

"You know who I am?"

Then he muttered to himself, "Of course they do, I'm famous."

The dark haired woman laughed, "Well yes, you are famous. But that's not how we know you."

Harry looked at her closely, "How is it exactly you know me then?"

Dora laughed incredulously, "Come on, you're our cousin of course."

"Dora." Reprimanded her mother.

"Sorry mum. Just a bit excited. It's little Harry. I haven't seen him since I was five."

Harry was astounded, these people were his relatives? How was this possible? Why hadn't he known them his whole life?

"You're my cousins?"

"Yes," said the blonde haired woman, "Harry, I'm Narcissa Black, this is my sister Andromeda Black Tonks. You may call us Aunt Cissa and Aunt Andi, if you wish. This is my son Draco, and my niece Dora. Your grandmother on your fathers side was Andi and I's aunt. Your father James was our first cousin."

Harry almost felt like crying. He had family in the Wizarding World!

"So you knew my parents? You knew me when I was a baby?"

"Yes, we did." Said Aunt Andi.

Harry smiled.

"Come on, let's get the kids on the train." Said Aunt Cissa.

"Okay Harry, all you have to do to get on the platform is walk straight through the wall between platforms nine and ten." Said Dora.

"It's best to run when you do it." Added Draco.

Harry ran through the wall that separated platforms nine and ten. When he opened his eyes on the other side, he saw a beautiful scarlet steam train that had 'Hogwarts Express' written on the side. Behind him came Draco, Dora, Aunt Cissa and Aunt Andi.

Andromeda and Narcissa loaded the three kids, and their things onto the train. To Harry's surprise, his aunts gave him a hug goodbye.

"Now Draco, Dora, we expect you to explain things to Harry here. Dora look out for your younger cousins. Don't forget to write us, that includes you as well, Harry." Said Aunt Andi.

The whistle blew, and the train started down the tracks. Harry was off on an adventure. An adventure that had already changed his life.