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i've snow idea how this is happening

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“It’s snowing!”


“It’s summer.”


“It’s still snowing.” Breen’s standing in the waiting room, gesturing wildly at the road outside, looking not unlike an excitable, very ginger puppy. It’s three days before Christmas and by all accounts, unless something very bad has happened to the climate since she got to work this morning, it shouldn’t be snowing.


Kristen sighs. “You want me to go outside, don’t you?”


“It’s snowing. In summer. In Brokenwood. Come on, Kristen.”


She really shouldn’t leave the desk… but it’s the middle of summer, there’s no-one around and… she does kinda want to see the snow.

(Whatever the snow might be.)


To her absolute surprise, there is snow, wafting like a giant white cloud as far as the eye can see. It’s not real snow - because, come on, it’s thirty degrees out - but it falls like it is. “What on earth is this?” She asks Breen, who’s staring at the snow with more wonderment than she’s ever seen on him.


“They’re filming an ad down there.” He points down at the road, where the main bulk of the snow seems to be coming from. “Wind’s fun.”


Well, that makes sense.


Still, it’s strange and weird and ...even magical to see snow falling in the middle of summer in Brokenwood.


“I somehow never expected a white Christmas when I came here…” She says dryly and reaches out a hand to one of the snowflakes. It’s not real snow, because of course it’s not, but it resembles the real thing well enough.


“It’s neat, isn’t it?” Breen says, and grins.


Later, she goes inside and just manages to shake the worst of the snow out of her hair. Unlike real snow, this stuff sticks.


Mike comes in an hour or so later when she’s halfway through a sudoku. He looks about as bewildered as she’s ever seen him.


“I just drove through a snowstorm. In summer. In Brokenwood.”


Kristen laughs and laughs.